(English) New concerts for 2012! Recital-Tour through 8 German Cities

Friday, April 8th, 2011 at 06:56

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David Garrett and pianist Julien Quentin are touring together through the most beautiful concert-halls in Germany.
The Tour-Dates are as followed, we will announce the programme at a later date.
Tickets are exclusively on sale via Ticketmaster from 08. – 11. April, from 11th April via all booking-offices.

David Garrett – Recital 2012

1. May Frankfurt Alte Oper
2. May Berlin Philharmonie
3. May Hamburg Laeiszhalle
5. May Düsseldorf Tonhalle
7. May Stuttgart Beethovensaal der Liederhalle
8. May Leipzig Gewandhaus
9. May München Philharmonie
15. May Köln Philharmonie (sale from 11. April 11)

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  1. Posted by Daniela    19/04/2012 22:38

    Hallo! Wäre es irgendwie möglich ein Zusatzkonzert der Recital-Tour in München einzuplanen 🙂 Oder vl eines in Österreich? Würde so gern dabei sein und diese wunderbare Musik genießen, aber es sind ja leider schon lange keine Karten mehr zu bekommen 🙁
    Tschaikowsky live wäre auch sehr schön …
    Alles Gute für die weitere Tournee!
    Grüße aus Salzburg

  2. Posted by Karla Alva    28/04/2011 09:17

    We love you also here in COSTA RICA.
    You are more than welcome to perform here anytime. You are amazing! \m/

  3. Posted by Declan Taylor    25/04/2011 21:56

    i love davids music and the way he combines rock and classical but i can’t see him live as a live in scotland PLEASE do a UK tour

  4. Posted by juan    23/04/2011 03:24

    David, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) and I have bought both of your DVD’s. My 80 year old mother just arrived from Peru where she lives to spend a couple of nights and every night she asks me to play your DVD’s non stop…she has been watching them every night for the past week.
    She absolutely loves your music and you! Now my wife and three daughters about your age have joined the club…and myself too. I have shown your DVD’s to friends of mine who play violin in an ensemble here and they say you are better than Perelman.
    Well, I am waiting for you to come to the USA to see you in concert. If you do not come, may catch a flight to Deutschland to see you there.
    Congratulations for being such a wonderful talented down to earth musician and thank you for allowing us to enjoy such great music.
    In Cincinnati we have the large Great Music hall….please come to Cincinnati.

    Thanks a lot

    Juan Peschiera MD

  5. Posted by Edith Harket    22/04/2011 20:07

    Hallo, David! l just bought your new cd/dvd yesterday and spent the whole night watching it and listening to it. Your musik is amazing, you really made me feel very deep inside of me every single note of your performance and so it’s fair to ask you to consider coming to MEXICO, BITTE!!!!! Come to the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, we all Mexicans would be delighted to see you there!!!! Congratulations for that gift you have about music and for your new album that l’m sure will be a great success here in Mexico. Hope to see you soon, tschüs!!!!

  6. Posted by Angela    22/04/2011 10:48

    mein Ticket für den 15. Mai 2012 ist gebucht!

  7. Posted by Michelle    19/04/2011 02:50

    David and is music embraces both my heart and soul and takes my breath away!

  8. Posted by Merrily McCarthy    16/04/2011 22:35

    I do not sing or play…instruments…I do dance and I listen and interpret…someone introduced me to your music…you are spectacular. I love the cross-over between rock and classical. Thank you for developing your amazing talents and sharing them with the world.

  9. Posted by Angela    16/04/2011 10:45

    I’ll be in Cologne on 15 May 2011!


  10. Posted by Reva    14/04/2011 16:32

    Hallo David, deine klassischen Interpretationen berühren mich zutiefst und die Crossover- Arrangements wecken die Lebensgeister in mir 😉 Ich bin 61 und hingerissen von deinem Engagement! Meine Begeisterung ist auch auf meine Nichte und meinen Neffen übergesprungen. Wie schön, dass es dich gibt. Pass gut auf dich auf! Mit viel Glück habe ich noch eine Karte jetzt für den 2. Mai in der Philharmonie bekommen. Ich freue mich auf den Abend!

  11. Posted by Darlene    13/04/2011 21:00

    I saw David on Dancing with the Stars and I am in awe of his talent. He is remarkable!

  12. Posted by kj    13/04/2011 20:37

    David: I will buy your rock cd as I think you are AWESOME. What a role model to shows the younger there is a world out there to enjoy besides the rap & so much nasty lyrics. I am old to you, almost 70; however love rock, fast tempo, as well as songs with emotional high-rising crescendo pieces. I have 6 grandsons & want to show them varied musics,musicals, etc. I have a responsibility to leave a legacy, & would hope it is to expand their world a little. You are a great example. One is taking piano, one guitar – as I want them to have some music that they could enjoy alone as they age, or perform, or listen to. They they pay it forward hopefully with their children & grands. I know you won’t ever come to Tucson,Az but I can hope some time soon that you will. WELCOME,,,if you can come.

  13. Posted by Ladydaguilar    13/04/2011 17:56

    je bent prachtig!! Thank you for sharing the Beauty of your music and you!! I hope to see you in US soon!!

  14. Posted by Vicky    13/04/2011 16:26

    Hey David, been a fan since your first album, but Rock Symphonies just blows me away – your talent is incredible. Thankyou for sharing it with the world. 🙂

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come & tour the UK???!!!

  15. Posted by Heide Landouw    12/04/2011 07:02

    When are you coming back to Kalifornia?

  16. Posted by janice jennings    12/04/2011 01:41

    i am such a fan of david garretts music. i saw him at the capital of performing arts in concord,n.h. the show was spectacular. i was wishing he would come back to the n.h. area. the verizon wireless arena is a great place for concerts, that is in manchester,n.h. he has so many fans in the new enland area.

  17. Posted by Birgit K    10/04/2011 19:56

    Hallo Marina,
    oben steht, das Programm wird zu gegebener Zeit bekannt gegeben. Ist ja auch noch sehr früh.

  18. Posted by Marina    10/04/2011 19:11

    Weiss jemand das Programm? Ich bin schon mit den Klassikkonzerten im Mai 2011 so reingefallen wegen der Programmänderung, ich wollte Tschaikowsi hören und nicht Beethoven und habe meine Karte wieder verkaufen müssen, weil ich auch Kreisler gar nicht mag. Ich will nicht, daß das nochmal passiert. Aber das weiß man ja sowieso nie.
    Gruß Marina

  19. Posted by Candy Garrett    09/04/2011 10:04

    fantastic,I am looking forward to it.david

  20. Posted by Nanci M.    09/04/2011 03:52

    We saw David at Gusman theater in Miami on February 25th, 2011. We had our picture taken with him (we had special VIP tickets) but have not seen the picture, and don’t know what we need to do to access it. Please advise!

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