(English) David at the Festival di Sanremo 2012

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012 at 18:11

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David will be performing as a special guest at the famous Festival di Sanremo in Italy on 17th February 2012.
All info about the festival you’ll find here:
English Info about the Festival

The Italian Website:

Festival di Sanremo

The festival will be broadcasted on Italian TV RAI1!


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  1. Posted by Iveta    20/02/2012 10:55

    David Garrett und Simona Atzori – sehr beindruckend !

  2. Posted by Fran    08/02/2012 20:22

    I was privilege to see David in concert ,02-04-12 at the Beacon in New York..it was one of the greatist concerts,I have seen!David played something for everybody.He move the packed house!! ..i loved his entrance.,I told everybody,that sat near me,that was the way he enters!He has taken cassical music to another level.He makes that violin talk to you!David you are a true player of the arts,you have mastered your craft!Even even when your string broke twice,you still moveeed the crowd !Love you and keep pushing on!

  3. Posted by Connie Bach    08/02/2012 01:56

    Ah, what a treat for Italians and whoever will be there to see David performing in such atmosphere – wait, what am I saying, he will be the “atmosphere” himself! He’s simply the best!

  4. Posted by Maren    05/02/2012 16:40

    Das ist eine tolle Nachricht! Ich wünsche David auch dort einen tollen Erfolg! Vielleicht bekommen wir einige Schnappschüsse hier zu sehen. Ist immer traurig, wenn man nicht selbst dabei sein kann.
    Liebe Grüsse

  5. Posted by Nicole    04/02/2012 07:08

    Ich habe eine Karte für das Rock Anthems Konzert geschenkt bekommen – freue mich!!!!
    Mit Eurer Erfahrung der letzten Tournee und Deiner Vorfreude zur nächsten Tournee kann es nur ein
    phantastisches Konzert werden! (Bin gespannt auf Eure Stücke-Wahl.)
    Viel Erfolg für Eure Tournee!!!
    Einen lieben Gruß an alle, die hier lesen

  6. Posted by Lori    02/02/2012 23:16

    David Garratt will be the highlight!! When there, do not miss going to The Casino…it rivals Monte Carlo.

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