(English) David Touring the US in 2014

Thursday, July 25th, 2013 at 21:04

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David is gladly informing his fans about his upcoming US-Tour in January and March 2014.
He will also perform in Mexico for his many engaged fans, details will follow!


Listen to David and his band in the following cities and concert-halls:

10 JAN 2014 – St. Louis, MO – Fox Theater
12 JAN 2014 – Kansas City, MO – Midland Theater
14 JAN 2014 – Dallas, TX – Winspear Opera House
15 JAN 2014 – Houston, TX – Cullen Theater
18 JAN 2014 – Portland, OR – Aladdin Theater
19 JAN 2014 – Seattle, WA – Paramount Theater
21 JAN 2014 – San Jose, CA – San Jose Civic Auditorium
22 JAN 2014 – Sacramento, CA – Crest Theatre
23 JAN 2014 – Anaheim, CA – The Grove
26 JAN 2014 – San Diego, CA – Balboa Theater
28 JAN 2014 – Mexico City

12 MAR 2014 – Minneapolis, MN – State Theater
13 MAR 2014 – Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theater
15 MAR 2014 – Chicago, IL – Chicago Theater
18 MAR 2014 – New York, NY – Best Buy Theater
19 MAR 2014 – New York, NY – Best Buy Theater
21 MAR 2014 – Pittsburgh, PA – Benedum Theater
22 MAR 2014 – Wallingford, CT – Oakdale Theater
23 MAR 2014 – Worcester, MA – Hanover Theater
27 MAR 2014 – Atlanta, GA – Symphony Hall
28 MAR 2014 – St. Petersburg, FL – Palladium Theater
30 MAR 2014 – Coral Springs, FL – Coral Springs PAC

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  1. Posted by Katrin    02/02/2014 19:16

    Lieber David,

    gute Musik kann nicht nur den Alltag verzaubern sondern auch heilen!
    Ich habe im letzten Jahr meinen geliebten Dad, der auch mein bester Freund war, verloren.
    In tiefer Trauer beinahe erstarrt hat mir Deine wundervolle Musik geholfen meine Lebensfreude wieder zu finden!
    Tausend Dank!
    Deine Musiker sind auch fantastisch!
    Ich sehe Euch in München und vielleicht schon in New York oder Chicago.
    Hab noch eine Idee: wäre das wünderschöne Nights In White Satin von The Moody Blues nicht interessant für Dich?

    Liebe Grüsse Katrin

  2. Posted by Viri Villalobos    30/08/2013 02:29

    Hello David, I’m very excited to hear your music live. See you soon.

  3. Posted by Ivonne is Lorie Yves Garrett    29/08/2013 19:40

    My Love David Garrett ;D

    Thanks from Mexico 🙂

    I hope see you soon 😀

  4. Posted by Anabel Ayala    21/08/2013 07:27

    My dream came true, David in México, I’ll be there yeah!!

  5. Posted by Raymitten    15/08/2013 14:51

    Please come back to the Birchmere or somewhere else in the Washington DC area!

  6. Posted by Viri Villalobos    13/08/2013 03:17

    Hello David, I hope you perform wiht Mariachi band whe you visit Mexico, It would be great !!! Regards

  7. Posted by Viri Villalobos    11/08/2013 06:09

    David Garret in Mexico !!!! I can’t belived, I will waiting to see you. 🙂

  8. Posted by angelica    10/08/2013 18:20


  9. Posted by Sal    02/08/2013 17:25

    Just told my mom the other day that seeing David in concert was on my bucket list – get to cross that one off when I see him in PORTLAND!!!! It’s gonna be a long 5 month wait…

  10. Posted by Lorib    31/07/2013 19:50

    Yes!!! Can’t wait. This time I’ll be in front row!

  11. Posted by Ivonne is Lorie Yves Garrett    31/07/2013 06:51

    I love David Garrett 🙂

    Please visit Mexico.

  12. Posted by angelica    31/07/2013 04:11

    I cant wait to see him in México!!!!!!!!

  13. Posted by Silmara Silveira    30/07/2013 12:50

    Oh well, I hope one day I come to this page and see an announcement of David’s show in Brazil.

  14. Posted by Dayana S    29/07/2013 18:13

    I am very happy to come to México. in that place you showed?

  15. Posted by Carol    28/07/2013 04:46

    Hello, David, This is the news I was hoping to see! Great that you are again touring the US! Can’t wait to see and hear you!
    Love, Carol

  16. Posted by Cris    28/07/2013 02:58

    I am so happy!! David Garrett in Mexico!! =) It is a dream came true! =)

  17. Posted by Fay    27/07/2013 19:50

    MIAMI LOVES DAVID! And we’re more than happy to drive an hour north to Coral Springs for another great concert! Thanks for including us!

  18. Posted by steph    27/07/2013 13:15

    No offense but Worcester? What’s wrong with Boston?

  19. Posted by GiovannaDiaz    27/07/2013 07:41

    Siiiii!!!!!!!!! Gracias!!!!!!!! México!!!!
    I’m so thankful for choosing Mexico!!! We will be waiting for you!!

  20. Posted by PAM    27/07/2013 04:57

    woooooooow! estoy super emocionada, David gracias por incluir a México en tu gira. Cuando empiezan a ver entradas?

  21. Posted by Tere    27/07/2013 00:52

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I will celebrate my birthday listening David, what a gift!!! Mexico is waiting for you!!!

  22. Posted by Tere    27/07/2013 00:43

    I NEED to buy my ticket for Mexico, where can I do that?

  23. Posted by Alexia Couoh    26/07/2013 22:32

    You are so Excellent!!! Thank you very very much!!! Muchas Gracias!!! Thank a lot for soon coming to Mexico!!! I want so much enjoy your concert!!!! I really hope be able to go!!!! =D =D Love from Mexico!!!

  24. Posted by FABIOLA    26/07/2013 19:47

    I’m so happy and excited that you will finally come to Mexico!!! I travelled to Hamburg last year just to go to your concert there and I loved it!! so I can’t wait for January 28th, 2014 😀
    When would we have more details about the venue and access to the tickets??

  25. Posted by Elzbieta Skoryna    26/07/2013 18:15

    Thank you David for deciding to come to Mexico, we really enjoy your music!!! Te esperamos!!!

  26. Posted by Andréa Souza Carmo Pignaton    26/07/2013 17:41

    Fiquei decepcionadíssima por que David não vem ao Brasil. Fiquei muito triste e fiquei a me perguntar o que ele tem contra nós. Será que não estamos a altura do pop star? Seu público é só Europa e grandes países? Será que só toca para a nobreza e a alta sociedade? O que você não sabe é como seria muito bem recebido num país como o nosso, cheio de calor humano, o que não vemos em suas plateias na Europa.

  27. Posted by Andrea Yamagawa    26/07/2013 15:21

    I saw your ‘showcase’ yesterday, it was really, really great! Please,come to Brasil !!!
    By the way, Tico-Tico is very different from Mexican music :))

  28. Posted by marie-t.leclerc    26/07/2013 13:36

    J’espère toujours te voir au Québec un jour! En attendant, je continue de te suivre grâce à internet. Bravo pour ta musique et ton incroyable talent!

  29. Posted by Georgina Rodrigues    26/07/2013 10:41

    Please Lisbon, please…

  30. Posted by Lori    26/07/2013 09:13

    At last…you will be back in Seattle!! You know, David… we love you here more than anyone else!! 🙂

  31. Posted by Carmen    26/07/2013 03:14

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Louisiana.

  32. Posted by Beatriz Cabral    26/07/2013 03:07

    BRASILLLL!!!!!!! Quando esse milagre vai acontecer??????

  33. Posted by Marce    26/07/2013 01:38

    I am very happy to know that you come to Mexico. Are you going to give a concert in Monterrey? It is close to Dallas and Houston. Here you have many fans!!

  34. Posted by monserrat bravo    25/07/2013 23:55

    Is sure to come to mexico?

  35. Posted by Anina    25/07/2013 23:53

    Very exciting! I hope to attend the performance in Massachusetts! The Rock Symphonies concert in Boston in 2011 was fantastic, I am sure the coming tour will be just as great.

  36. Posted by Maggie    25/07/2013 23:12

    He did come to the UK with his Rock Symphonies tour in 2011. I saw him in London December 1st 2011 at the O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

  37. Posted by Jacqui    25/07/2013 21:22

    Why doesn’t he come to the UK with his Rock Symphonies tour?? would be a sell out I’m sure 🙂

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