(English) David performs at the Kissinger Summer in 2014

Sunday, December 1st, 2013 at 20:37

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David will again be performing at the Festival Kissinger Summer on 29th June 2014.
Accompanied by the Orchestre de Paris under the conductorship of Andris Poga, he will be playing Paganini’s Violin-Concerto No. 2.
Ticketsale starts on 2nd December 2013.

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  1. Posted by Elisabet Zimmermann    29/12/2013 15:11

    David, seu talento é indiscutível! Tive o prazer de ouví lo em um concerto em Hamburgo em 06/10/13.Foi sensacional.
    Também estive na premier em Hannover e fui ver seu filme. Simplesmente maravilhoso. Espero em breve poder voltar a assistir seus shows e quem sabe aqui no Brasil!! Muita saúde e paz para você. Com muitas bençãos Divina. Que 2014 lhe traga muito mais sucesso!!! Você é merecedor do que ha de melhor por seu esforço e talento. Brilhe sempre David!!!

  2. Posted by Barb Lind    19/12/2013 03:51

    David, I recently saw you on PBS and loved your music. I am looking forward to seeing you in concert in Kansas City.

    You are a very talented and work hard to be excellent at your craft!

  3. Posted by Fabiano    15/12/2013 02:12

    David Garret, You are amazing love listening to rock and classical music together now both my mind I went heights felt a peace of mind. ‘m your number one fan in Brazil and hopefully win a DVD, CD, autographed shirt, please I send you my address in Brazil. I hope to see playing here.
    Lots of health and peace.

  4. Posted by hisako sato    12/12/2013 09:50

    I would like to hear your song shortly!

    Your voice is very great.

  5. Posted by Andrea    02/12/2013 17:54

    Das ist sicherlich eine traumhafte Location und das Violinkonzert No. 2 von Paganini ist sowieso wunderschön
    anzuhören. Kann leider nicht dabei sein, schade!

    Liebe Grüße aus Wien :):):)

    Andrea G.

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