(English) Movie Premiere of The Devil’s Violinist in Moscow

Sunday, December 1st, 2013 at 20:32

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David has recently promoted the release of his movie “The Devil’s Violinist” in Moscow.
Please watch our photos, videos and press-releases from the premiere on 19th November.

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Russian review

Photos from Anton Romanov
Photos from Lida Felina
Photos from the Facebook-Page of Luxor Films

Video-Interview with David
Video from artpalmira.tv
Another video-interview from Moscow
English video with David Schnejderov
Report from Pravda.ru

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  1. Posted by Lina    27/12/2013 12:39

    I was at the premiere of “Paganini: violinist of devil.”
    And I saw David Garrett.
    Stunning man and a great movie.
    David, I love u and always will be love you.


  2. Posted by aen45    23/12/2013 06:08

    So proud of You and your successes. Can’t wait to see your movie “The Devil’s Violinist” in North America. Wish to be at one of your concerts one of these days. It would be my biggest dream comes true !
    Wishing You a Blessed Christmas and may GOD keep you as always! He loves You so much, giving you Talent, Beauty,Passion..You’re the greatest Violinist of our time, and yet so humble!!! That’s why You are so precious to us all. Thank you for inviting us into your universe”MUSIC”. Take care !
    Love from your biggest fan.

  3. Posted by Kay Cantey    11/12/2013 23:37

    when will the movie come to the US

  4. Posted by Roseli    09/12/2013 14:57

    I am very anxious to see this movie .. and a apresentaçção DG here in Brazil, we will have that pleasure when … is more time waiting this meeting happen … Cheers .. Roseli Oliver

  5. Posted by Letícia Gonçalves    06/12/2013 00:47

    Quando esse filme chega ao Brasil??

  6. Posted by Olga    04/12/2013 07:46

    It´s just very beautiful – the violin, music, David – everything! Keep on going, David!

  7. Posted by Elenica    02/12/2013 15:40

    I have seen this movie only yesterday. And it was really something wonderful and magnificent! So, it was like something from the other world, unreal world. Two hours with the greatest violinists of the two eras, two geniuses whom, thanks for the music and David’ talent, has been embodied in one person on the screen.
    I’m deeply impressed by the movie.

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