(English) More Crossover-Concerts added in Fall 2014 in Germany and Austria

Sunday, December 15th, 2013 at 21:16

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David adds more concerts to his crossover-tour in fall 2014!
Ticket-sale has already started, please follow the links in the tour-list.

04 October 2014 Frankfurt Festhalle – Additional Concert!
05 October 2014 Frankfurt Festhalle
06 October 2014 Mannheim SAP Arena
08 October 2014 Stuttgart Schleyer Halle
09 October 2014 Nürnberg Arena
11 October 2014 Berlin o2 World
12 October 2014 Braunschweig VW Halle
14 October 2014 Leipzig Arena
15 October 2014 Leipzig Arena – Additional Concert!
16 October 2014 Hamburg o2 World
18 October 2014 Hannover TUI Arena
19 October 2014 Halle/Westfalen Gerry Weber Stadion
21 October 2014 München Olympiahalle – Additional Concert!
22 October 2014 München Olympiahalle
25 October 2014 Köln Lanxess Arena
28 October 2014 Dortmund Westfalenhalle
29 October 2014 Düsseldorf ISS Dome
31 October 2014 Innsbruck Olympiahalle – Additional Concert!
01 November 2014 Wien Stadthalle – Additional Concert!

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  1. Posted by gaby rojas    28/01/2014 15:43

    I coudn’t bought tickets to Auditorio Nacional in Mexico i’m so sorry I lovo his music

  2. Posted by Breyonna Harbin    26/01/2014 16:54

    Oh and on my comment I didn’t mean cell I meant CD

  3. Posted by Breyonna Harbin    26/01/2014 16:51

    Thank you for coming to Anaheim on Thursday January 23,2014 I had a great time it was the first time I have ever been to a concert and if it wasn’t for my best friend that would of never happened. I’m only 15 years old out in Victorville CA were most 15 year old teens listen to rap music but I after I heard you play violin was to viva la vida I became interested in violin so I listen to your music all the time cause I have your cell called music so thank you.

  4. Posted by D A R    23/01/2014 18:16

    I am so happy! Thank you for coming to Sacramento! Your concert was even more amazing than I had imagined it would be! I have told all my friends to check out your music on u-tube and your popularity is growing very fast.

  5. Posted by Karen Harwell    22/01/2014 09:07

    Gratitude for generously bringing immense energy, gifted and earned mastery, inspiration, storytelling, humor, kindness and respect into our San Francisco Bay Area community for one wonderful evening. Thanking each one of you musicians for giving so much and we feel enriched. You are demonstrating ways we can come together in integral wholeness with one another.

  6. Posted by Katrina Toretto O'Conner    05/01/2014 18:44

    Desde que lo escuche me a cautivado esa energía y pasión que le pone a cada interpretación me fascina estoy sumamente extasiada con David Garret. No dejo de escucharlo realmente me trasporta a otro mundo. Increíble talento. Que Dios lo siga bendiciendo en todo lo que haga. Soy de Ecuador

  7. Posted by Andrea    05/01/2014 14:49

    Freue mich schon heute darauf, dass es auch in Wien ein Crossover Konzert geben wird und habe auch schon eine Karte dafür.

    Liebe Grüße aus Wien 🙂
    Andrea G..

  8. Posted by Andréa Souza Carmo Pignaton    03/01/2014 03:20

    I’ll be very happy when Brazil in his script.

  9. Posted by hisako sato    31/12/2013 23:02


    I need your help well this year also.

  10. Posted by janeth    30/12/2013 08:00

    David Garrett, soy gran fan, muy buenos tus proyectos, felicidades por tus exitos, recuerda a tus fans de latinoamerica para tus proximas giras o por lo menos un poco de español a la pagina, para seguir disfrutando de escucharte <3

  11. Posted by hisako sato    26/12/2013 09:19

    Your card containing a sign reached Japan today!


    It is hoped your live is performed in Japan!

  12. Posted by meltem    23/12/2013 15:47

    Hello david why not come to Turkey offer

  13. Posted by hisako sato    22/12/2013 12:57

    Your message from Israel was read.

    Thank you for everything.

    I will go to the concert of your Chicago from Japan in March, next year.

    Please do not forget to have been to Japan, either.

  14. Posted by fiammarina    21/12/2013 19:26

    Merry merry Christmas for all of those people who work hard for giving us the joy of good music!! David and his Team!! I really hope to have the chance to meet David once in my lfe, and to have the possibility to assist to one of his concerts!! Thanks so much for helping me to deal with my sadness and depression, your music has made me stronger… to David!! Cheers!

  15. Posted by Lori    19/12/2013 19:59

    David – Wishing you and your team a very, merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!! Lori

  16. Posted by Cristine    19/12/2013 17:10

    Ich hoffe sehr die Schweiz kommt ebenfalls in den Genuss eines Besuchs bei dieser Tour. Freue mich bereits sehr auf Luzern im April 🙂 liebe Grüsse

  17. Posted by hisako sato    18/12/2013 21:07

    Would you construct from Japan the tour which can participate in your concert?

  18. Posted by Nicole    18/12/2013 20:38

    Ich habe eben gelesen, daß die ARD die Jose´ Carreras Gala, die alljährlich für die Leukämie-Stiftung sammelte wegen zu geringer Quoten absetzen möchte. Ich bin wirklich sehr irritiert. Die Stiftung ist das Lebenswerk von Jose´ Carreras und hat sehr vielen Menschen helfen können. Hier sollten keine Quoten gelten. Ich habe versucht den Sender zu motivieren die Gala beizubehalten. Nur so kann die Forschung weitergehen und finanziert werden. Vielleicht möchten hier weitere Fans auch motivieren. Vielleicht schaffen wir etwas gemeinsam. Ich würde mir das für die Betroffenen sehr wünschen. Einen lieben Gruß Nicole

  19. Posted by Justine    18/12/2013 09:54

    And again without Poland 🙁 How long we must waiting for you?…

  20. Posted by Andrea Loehr    17/12/2013 18:51

    I look forward to see you at the concert in Frankfurt October 4 for the first time!
    Kind Regards from Andrea 🙂

  21. Posted by sissy    16/12/2013 14:09

    Hi David, it`really a busy schedule! I saw you have the last concert in Viena. If you want to relax a bit after the shows,I can offer you a house for your own in the nature,1 hour away from viena where nobody would disturb you. I have horses ,dogs,cats and donkeys there and you don’t see even a house! Of course I would make your staying as comfortable,and respecting your privacy! you can also bring girl friend or friends with you!
    I offer this because you have helped me with your music so much while I had to do chemo therapy because of cancer!
    Thank you so much!!

  22. Posted by Nicole    16/12/2013 11:59

    Ich wünsche Dir, Deiner Familie und Deinen Fans frohe Weihnachten!
    Einen lieben Gruß an Euch

  23. Posted by Lori    16/12/2013 09:25

    David – Looks like another busy schedule for you in 2014…no sign of slowing down! 🙂 So glad that you’re coming to Seattle on Jan. 19…its been 2 years almost! We’re very excited at the opportunity to see you perform and to hear your exquisite music!

  24. Posted by hisako sato    15/12/2013 21:24

    Please come also to Japan!

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