(English) David presents THOMAS SABO ‘Rebel at Heart’ 2014

Thursday, January 30th, 2014 at 18:58

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For many years David loves to wear THOMAS SABO jewelry on stage and in private. Now he is presenting you the new ‘Rebel at Heart’ collection 2014.
Watch this amazing youtube video of the photo-production.


More photos you’ll find in the Gallery.

The new collection is already available in the THOMAS SABO online-store.

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  1. Posted by Lou    10/02/2014 18:10

    I started listening to you one week ago as I just started taking violin lessons a few months ago. When you play I can tell you and your violin are one being. I so admire that and can’t get enough of your playing. Hopefully one day I too will know the pleasure of making music on the violin. Thankyou for giving me the pleasure of listening to you on the internet as I may never have known you any other way. I hope someday you will come to Boston, Massachusetts and I will hopefully get the chance to listen to you in person.
    Thankyou for making such beautiful sounds come out of such a beautiful instrument.
    Sincerely, Lou C.

  2. Posted by fiammarina    03/02/2014 18:31

    You are such a unique specimen =) !!!!
    David…When are you coming to Argentina?!!!! We are expecting so much for your visit! So far, many talented musicians have come to our country…I know you did once…during 2005? probably? But… PLEASE, PLEASE COME!!!
    You have so many fans here!
    In Buenos Aires ,we are proud to say, we have great stadiums for you to amaze us with your INCREDIBLE MUSIC!!
    I really, really hope to attend to one of your concerts at least once in my life…!! Unfortunately, our economy prevents us to travel around the world and follow you… but… if I could,…certainly I would do it!
    Love you, love you, love you and admire you until heaven!

  3. Posted by Andréa Souza Carmo Pignaton    02/02/2014 20:25

    Besides the pieces are beautiful, David gives a show of sensuality.

  4. Posted by Bieri Jeannette    31/01/2014 14:52

    Die Fotos sind der Hammer ! Auch die Schmuck-Kollektion ist schön………… 😉

  5. Posted by Andrea Loehr    30/01/2014 20:06

    Ich liebe den Schmuck von Thomas Sabo <3 Hab schon mein Rebel At Heart Karma Bead zusammen gestellt 🙂

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