(English) What kind of child have you been? David in interview with Ulrike Döpfner

Monday, March 3rd, 2014 at 17:19

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What kind of child have you been? Which values have your parents teached you? What are your first reminiscences of your childhood? These and many more questions psychologist Ulrike Döpfner has asked David Garrett and 14 others well known people. You can read the touching and fascinating answers in the (German) book
“Was für ein Kind waren Sie?”.

The book with a 23-pages interview with David is available at book-stores or online, for example on Buecher.de


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  1. Posted by Anya    20/03/2014 23:41

    Dear David and aDear David and all the wonderful musicians!
    I visited your concert yesterday, at the Best Buy Theater, and must say it was unforgettable! Thank you!
    While I was at the concert I realized that I must tell you about an annual festival which takes place in Spain called Cap Roig. Have you heard about it? If not, here is their site: http://www.caproigfestival.com/en/
    You will see that many well known musicians come to this concert to play and sing. It is world known, and very popular. I truly believe this is a place where you would be most welcomed! The fact that it takes place outside, in an ancient castle, on open-air stage! The acoustic is unbelievable!!! Can you imagine how your music will sound there?! Breath-stopping!!!
    The reason I know about this festival is because every year we spend summer in Spain with our kids, and whenever we get a chance try to go see our favorite singer or musician.
    Please look into this opportunity. I know you will be loved there!
    ll the wonderful musicians!
    I visited your concert yesterday, at the Best Buy Theat

  2. Posted by Maja Niesner    18/03/2014 08:16

    Lieber David,
    Ich bin ein riesen Fan von dir du spielst so schön Geige so gut will ich auch mal sein mein
    Libligslied von dir ist Viva la vida deine Musik haut mich um. Ich möcht
    Dich mal Persönlich sehen mein wunsch ist das ich mal mit dir Geige spiele ich bin 10jahre alt
    Mach weiter so mit der Musik
    Gruß Maja

  3. Posted by Suely    13/03/2014 01:31

    Yes, we need it in English, please! Portuguese would be good as well!

  4. Posted by Classic Callie    07/03/2014 19:24

    Please, I hope there will also be an English version published. :-)))

  5. Posted by kristin    07/03/2014 07:52

    Hallo,David, habe dein Interview gelesen und finde es immer wieder mutig, wie ehrlich du dich auseinandersetzt und was du von dir preisgibst. Kann mir vorstellen, dass viele, deren Seelen in der Kindheit verletzt worden sind, sich mit dir verbunden fühlen. Dass du deinen Weg so energisch gehst, bewundere ich! ….und in der Mannschaft meiner Lieblingsmenschen würde ich dich unter den ersten wählen! Wünsche dir viel Glück und Freude für dein so wunderbar musikalisches Leben! Kristin

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