(English) Classic FM Live at the Royal Albert Hall with David Garrett

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 at 07:23

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David is invited to perform at the Classic FM Live concert at Royal Albert Hall on 29th April 2014.

Everything about the Classic FM Live you get to know HERE
Get your tickets for this spectacular night at Royal Albert Hall HERE

David will also appear on BBC Breakfast on 16th April for the launch of his album “Garrett vs. Paganini” in the UK!

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  1. Posted by Carina    07/04/2014 22:13

    Hola, desde Argentina te saludo, te he descubierto a través de youtube, la verdad, me demuestras que puedo disfrutar del violín desde otro lugar. Por fin encuentro a un violinistra sonreir, transmites el disfrute… agradezco esto. Ya que integras a tu repertorio el rock y el pop, además de los eternos clásicos, te sugiero conozcas la música de Soda Stéreo, liderado por Gustavo Ceratti, seguro lo podrás adaptar fácilmente, si quieres puedes empezar por “Persiana Americana” y darle tu ‘toque’. Ojalá algún día vengas a mi país. Tenemos mucha música que seguro podrás descubrir, además del tango… Besos y abrazos.

  2. Posted by sandra    03/04/2014 02:11


  3. Posted by Katrin B.    03/04/2014 00:52

    Was für ein Geschenk, dort spielen zu können! Der Blick von der Bühne in den Saal muß umwerfend sein 🙂 . Allen die dort auf und neben der Bühne im Publikum sind: Enjoy it 🙂

  4. Posted by katia yachmann    31/03/2014 14:27

    Full house in Coral Springs last night, spectacular and entertaining as only David can be.

  5. Posted by JULIA    29/03/2014 11:40

    Yesterday night in St.Pete-AWESOME! Thank you for your generosity and openness, David!

  6. Posted by Lai    10/03/2014 23:30

    Hope you will enjoy the performance and look forward to seeing you at Royal Albert Hall. Wish to have your own concert in London again very soon x

  7. Posted by someone nicky x    09/03/2014 02:12

    we all have a wonderful time x

  8. Posted by hisako sato    08/03/2014 23:14

    The ticket of the your Chicago public performance reached my basis at last!

    I get to know those who is called you, and it is one year.

    It can go to a concert at last.

    It was long!

  9. Posted by Andrea Loehr    04/03/2014 12:03

    Wishing you a wonderful time!

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