(English) David is back in Asia in June 2014

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 12:58

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David will be back in Asia in June and perform concerts in:

Pingtung – Taiwan – 14 June Tickets
Taipei – Taiwan – 15 June Tickets
Seoul – Korea – 18 June Tickets
Busan – Korea – 19 June Tickets
Tokyo – Japan – 21 June Tickets
Tokyo – Japan – 22 June Tickets
Osaka – Japan – 23 June Tickets




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  1. Posted by WF    07/05/2014 07:32

    Excited to know David in Asia… But I am looking forward for him to perform in Singapore !!

  2. Posted by Naomi    13/04/2014 21:30

    Dear David, Would you be interested in playing at the Tanglewood Music Festival in Lenox, MA next summer? It draws a huge crowd and they pay a high price for tickets. Please look into this venue.
    With love,
    Your fan forever,

  3. Posted by moha    10/04/2014 09:54

    I hope one day come to your concert., In Iran or anywhere else.

  4. Posted by Channy    10/04/2014 03:42

    soooo sad…can’t back to Asia in June…hope you gonna come to Canada…

  5. Posted by Ali mohammadpuor    07/04/2014 10:50

    please come to iran and perform concerts we can’t come to germany or other parts of this world 🙁

  6. Posted by Quynh Duong    05/04/2014 04:00

    When tickets available in busan?????

  7. Posted by Mika Hijikata    04/04/2014 14:00

    I have booked tickets for 3days in Japan !! My dream will come true:)
    I have been waiting to see you for long time. I will be able to see you soon!!
    I can’t wait !!
    I’m sooooo happy !!
    Hope to take care and have a great time in Japan xxxxxx
    With all my love to you!

  8. Posted by Scarletfiscious    04/04/2014 12:20

    Please come to SIngapore as part of your Asia tour ><

  9. Posted by Jeongbin    03/04/2014 06:50

    I just booked your concert in Seoul !!!
    I’m so excited !! and your movie ‘The Devil’s Violinist’ will be screened in Korea this month.
    that also makes me really excited !!
    I can’t wait to watch your playing
    Hope you take care and enjoy in Asia in June xx

  10. Posted by hisako sato    03/04/2014 00:24

    I am glad to come to David and Japan!

    Although it has just been to Chicago in March.

    The ticket made both-days reservation.

    It is pleasure that I can meet you.

    Please take care!

  11. Posted by Andrea Loehr    02/04/2014 19:09

    Love Japan/Tokyo <3 Wishing you a wonderful time in Asia!

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