False Information in the Internet about Concerts with the Wiener Symphoniker in Munich

Saturday, April 26th, 2014 at 10:04

Dear Fans,
Concerts of David with the Wiener Symphoniker in May 2015 in Munich were announced on several websites.
Unfortunately this is a wrong information, these concerts will not take place. We apologize for the message.

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  1. Posted by Bany Dosa    22/07/2014 21:43

    Me encanta su música es fenomenal.

  2. Posted by Maria Helena    01/06/2014 19:23

    Olá David tudo bem adoro seu trabalho voce é Maravilhoso pena que jamais vou poder ve-lo pessoalmente mas mesmo assim vou continuar sendo sua fã bjs

  3. Posted by Anastasia    14/05/2014 19:45

    Hello, David !!! have you ever been in Mink? we have the world hockey championship now)))) But seriously, thank you for your music. Music that inspires people! Music that reflects our life as it is. Thanks !!!

  4. Posted by Dr. Cornelia Harrer    07/05/2014 10:34

    Liebes Team, vielen Dank für diese Information. Mein Sohn Fabian, 10 Jahre jung, hat schon täglich auf den Ticketverkauf für 2015 gewartet! Er hofft natürlich sehr, dass auch 2015 Konzerte von David Garrett in Deutschland stattfinden. Nun freut er sich (und ich auch) erst einmal auf die Konzerte in Kempten und in der Philharmonie München. Fabian ist seit vier Jahren ein großer Fan von David Garretts klassischer und Crossover Musik, war schon in vielen seiner Konzerte und spielt selbst mir großer Freude seit 2 1/2 Jahren Geige und bestreitet fröhlich seine kleinen Auftritte samt Späßen mit dem Publikum. Ganz kleiner Geiger mit ganz großem Vorbild! Ein großer Dank von mir an Herrn Garrett für seine Vorbildfunktion für mein Kind, das kein Nintendo und keine Wii besitzt, nicht vor der X-Box sitzt, sondern lieber die Geige überall dabei hat und statt “Krieg der Sterne” viel lieber den Film “Teufelsgeiger” anschaut! Möge Herr Garrett bitte weiterhin die Kinder in seinen Bann ziehen, damit auch die klassische Musik ihren Fortbestand hat und unsere Kinder die Freude an Musik ein Leben lang begleitet.

  5. Posted by Astrid de Behr    02/05/2014 15:59

    Just booked my tickets for David’s crossover concert in zurich , oct 23 . Looking foward to my first concert .
    It’s a present from my husband for our 34 th wedding anniversary . I have several dvd’s of david , but i’m
    Sure the magic only happens “live”. Thx for making classical with a twist … Xxx

  6. Posted by AlisonXxx    30/04/2014 18:36

    Last night at the Albert hall I went to see you David.
    I was mesmerised and frozen to the spot just watching you play your violin!
    It was sensational!! Unfortunately didn’t last long enough!
    I could have listens for hours, days!!
    Many Thanks for your time. Please do this again, and soon.
    Love, AlisonXxx

  7. Posted by Lea Oliver    27/04/2014 09:22

    When are you coming to Spain? Unfortunately I only found out too late to come to the UK for your Albert Hall concert but am sure it will be absolutely wonderful. I am now going to look at flights for one of your concerts in Germany but we have wonderful venues that you could come to in Spain, especially Valencia!!!!!

  8. Posted by CYin    27/04/2014 06:03

    It is so upset that I could not go to any of David’s classic concerts in Europe for this year. I am eagerly trying to arrange the trip for the next year and so glad to get this information. Thanks.

  9. Posted by hisako sato    26/04/2014 23:59

    There was a film preview of your movie in Japan.

    It was a fine work describing the lifetime of sad love and a lonely artist.

    I cried.

    I would like to see once again.

  10. Posted by Andrea Loehr    26/04/2014 19:59

    Good to know. Thanks for the information!

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