(English) Movie-Premiere & Album Release in Japan

Thursday, June 12th, 2014 at 18:37

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David has released his new album “Garrett vs. Paganini” in Japan on 11th June!
He also celebrated the premiere of his movie “The Devil’s Violinist” in Tokyo.


More info you’ll find on the website of Universal Music Japan

Watch David on Japanese TV asaichi

Photos from the rehearsals:



David at the movie-premiere in Tokyo.

A short Video of him and guitarist Marcus Wolf performing Io Ti Penso.

More info on the movie you’ll find on the Offical Movie Page


Japanese press about the movie and album:

Japan Billboard
Cinema Topics
Cinema Today
Photo Gallery on Cinema Today

David will start his Asia Tour on 14th June with concerts in Japan More Info Here, Taiwan and South-Korea Info and Ticket-Links.

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  1. Posted by Ms.Devi Kavitha@Malaysia    28/08/2014 10:56

    Dear David,
    Am not sure you actually read these. but here goes… I wish you plan to come and perform in Malaysia or Singapore soon. Attending your show is on my life’s goal board. ; )

  2. Posted by yerinchoi    11/07/2014 07:17

    I’ve seen you are the best.
    two months of my spare time you were hooked up to YouTube.
    Happy hour, respectively.
    Interest in the future you will see more and more of the music.

  3. Posted by Nadja    04/07/2014 06:33

    Cher David: So when will you do a concert for us at Red Rocks in Colorado? It’s one of the most beautiful places for romantic music! I’m collecting more fans for you….your talent is incomparable and I’m so glad you picked, or it picked you! This is what you were born to do…make us dream! Thank you!

  4. Posted by Yuko    29/06/2014 12:07

    Thank you very very much for coming all the way down to Japan. You guys are so amazing. we had wonderful time, Please make sure to be back again with the victoria fainting couch for stop crying your heart out. ! I am already very much looking forward to seeing you again.
    Take care and best.

  5. Posted by Cristina Mascioni    28/06/2014 14:00

    Carissimo David, come stai ? Io bene, quando posso ascoltarti e vederti. Purtroppo capirti è già più difficile….perché non stabilisci che traducano le tue interviste sui video di YouTube? Basterebbero dei sottotitoli, anche in inglese. Grazie, a presto (esattamente, al 23 ottobre…..).

  6. Posted by Manuella    26/06/2014 17:38

    David your music is wonderful. I’ve never seen someone playing anything like you do. You should consider coming for a Concert in Brazil. We would be delightful for having you here.

    looking forward for this day!

    all the best,

  7. Posted by Denise M    23/06/2014 00:46

    Would live to hear David play Sibelius’ Violin Concerto (in D minor, Opus 47); any chance to hear this?

  8. Posted by Leonor    15/06/2014 23:40

    David you are fantastic , you should be thinking in coming to southamerica, we have a profound respect for good music and you will be a delight for our souls. Waiting for you.

  9. Posted by hisako sato    12/06/2014 22:34

    I also went.

    They were a very superb performance and a movie!

    I have also received the poster。

  10. Posted by Kristina    12/06/2014 22:03

    Neuigkeiten!!! Das sind wunderschöne Fotos und ein herrliches Cover für Japan! Wünsche viel Erfolg und ein begeistertes Publikum!

  11. Posted by Andrea Loehr    12/06/2014 21:49

    All the Best to you in Japan!

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