EXPLOSIVE Live in the Baltic States in December 2017

Monday, March 13th, 2017 at 07:26

I’m glad to finally announce my EXLPOSIVE Live Tour with my amazing band in the Baltic States.
You can join us for three concerts in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn.


Esmu patīkami satraukts paziņot, ka savas koncerttūres “EXPLOSIVE-LIVE” ietvaros jau 8. decembrī viesošos Latvijā, Arēnā Rīga – no labākajiem rokmūzikas hitiem līdz pat izsmalcinātai klasiskajai mūzikai!

Hea meel on teada anda, et jõuan oma “EXPLOSIVE-LIVE” tuuri raames esmaskordselt ka Eestisse! 9. detsembril kuuleb Saku Suurhallis nii rokihitte kui ka võimsat klassikalist muusikat!

07 December 2017 – Vilnius Tickets
08 December 2017 – Riga Tickets
09 December 2017 – Tallinn Tickets




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  1. Posted by    21/04/2017 23:34

    Fantástico. Sueño con un día poder estar presente en Sus conciertos. Y espero que usted y su banda musical visiten mi país #Ecuador para ir a todos los conciertos que presente. Éxito a en todo @DavidGarrett muchos éxitos le desea su fan numernúmero 1 Saludos desde Ecuador. Besos

  2. Posted by    21/04/2017 08:00

    David Garrett

    Good Luck! in your next April Explosive tours! I will be looking you by internet since all your tours 2017 are now in Germany. It will be Tremendous Shine if I fly to Germany to see one of your tours. I am thinking about.

    Good Luck on all your Explosive Tours this year 2017 & All years Coming

    SHINE LIKE A STAR **********************************************************************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your super Fan.,
    Los Cabos, Mexico

  3. Posted by    20/04/2017 02:04

    You are a true gifted star. Your music is wonderful and fills my heart with joy. Never stop. Your loyal fan.

  4. Posted by    19/04/2017 11:12

    Great news! We’ll be waiting for you in Vilnius!

  5. Posted by    17/04/2017 16:45

    Un bello mi Garrett

  6. Posted by    16/04/2017 03:18

    David Garrett

    I Hope to see you in Mexico, I will fly to see you since where I am from is a beautiful small place where people come to relax for vacations, there is no many Art events. I have see many artists walking around Cabo for vacations only.
    There is not Impossible for me!

    Te quiere tu super, super Fan
    Los Cabos. Mexico

  7. Posted by    11/04/2017 09:32

    Congratulations, dear Maestro David Garrett, for Your recent award Frankfurter Musikpreise 2017!
    You are a brilliant Star! Music is Your Love and Passion.
    Your are endowed by God with outstanding talent, combined with persistent hard working abilities. Your indubitable success and craftsmanship is a natural phenomenon. Your special extraordinary high spiritual requirement, keenness and passion for music makes Your executions exceptional and gorgeous.
    Your unique talent, elegance, modesty, intelligence and charisma bring people to adore You and your music deservedly.
    Thank You for choosing Lithuania for an “Explosive” tour – it is a great honour and luck for a small country.
    All Your fans are so excited about it!
    We are also looking forward to admire a classical performance of David Garrett in LT.
    Best regards! See You soon!

  8. Posted by    10/04/2017 10:12

    Thanks a lot! You are the first.)

  9. Posted by    06/04/2017 08:26

    Hola David Garrett, Thank you because;

    I Love when you play Air, Johann Sebastian Bach, Oh God I feel I am going to heaven!
    Thank You David to give us & play that Music on this Crazy Trouble World we need that.
    Dios te Bendiga.

    Amor, Amor , Amor mucho Amor to this World.

    Los Cabos, Mexico

    Beautiful Mexico

  10. Posted by    04/04/2017 20:41

    Please come to the States! Boston, MA may be able to accommodate nicely . Your music is inspirational. I may get a passport just to see you perform live ! Amazing talent. U don’t just play the instrument. U command it.

  11. Posted by    02/04/2017 20:04

    Letter to David Garret Assistants *******

    Please help me;

    Thank to a person that did write down a note on David Garrett website that it will be some kind of lottery to win the possibility to be there like guess.
    Please put me on the list to Contest, since I do not use Facebook, Twitters, either Instagram, this is because I am not good on computer skills, I don’t find any fan on computer skills.

    Please put me on the list to Contest!! I will be very Appreciated.

    I feel full of Love & Passion all what it is about David Garret, Cruzo mis dedos para Ganar!

    Adriana Cantu
    Los Cabos, Mexico

    Beautiful Mexico !

  12. Posted by    01/04/2017 16:21

    Come to Los Angeles !!!!
    We need you !!!!

    love Ela

  13. Posted by    01/04/2017 04:28

    Suggest for you David Garrett, All of yours fans would like as me, to hear you play on your Violin,
    Love Me Like You Do!! it will sound great for Sure!
    I will wait to heard from you and I will be so high as you have always make us feel to All


    Los Cabos, Mexico

  14. Posted by    29/03/2017 10:34


  15. Posted by    28/03/2017 11:12

    David Garrett Is is my Inspiration, Always.
    what a strong Energy!,I feel when I see & listen his music. this is Mystical, I cant explain.

    he will be my Inspiration Always!

    Los Cabos, Mexico!

  16. Posted by    28/03/2017 08:49

    I Like David Garrett very much!! as and Artista & Person

    Los Cabos, Mexico! Beautiful Mexico,

  17. Posted by    24/03/2017 19:24

    Supper. Das ist fantastic. I wait the concert for so long.

  18. Posted by    20/03/2017 04:36

    I like David Garrette just the way it is his persona, with the good and with the bad. I don’t judge anybody.it is not my business whatever he does with his personal life.
    I like the way he dress, very sencillo. all what it matters is his music touching our hearths.
    he will be my inspiration, always! , he is my mirror. Light inside & light outside.
    Please David come to Mexico or u.s.a. I will fly to see you and heard Kashmir my favorite.

    from Los Cabos

    from Los Cabos, Mexico
    Los Cabos, Mexico

  19. Posted by    17/03/2017 18:58

    Great! Wonderful! Finally! We are waiting you in Vilnius!

  20. Posted by    17/03/2017 13:05

    I look forward to that!
    It would be the best annual musical event!

  21. Posted by    17/03/2017 09:31

    It’s a great news for your fans in the Baltic States. Hope to see you soon in Sofia, Bulgaria. There are many addicted to classical music in Bulgaria, those love to hear your perfect performance.

  22. Posted by Angélica Ocampo    16/03/2017 21:27

    Good news…!! Congratulation David…!! Best wishes to you, I hope to see you somewhere in the world. Your music is universal and wonderful. Hug.


  23. Posted by    16/03/2017 19:04

    Bonjour, je voudrais savoir si David va revenir en France car je n’ai pas pu assister à son concert la dernière fois.
    Pour info, dans ma ville, Bordeaux, se construit une nouvelle salle “ARENA” qui sera opérationnelle en Janvier 2018..
    Il y a déjà des manifestations de programmées.
    Merci pour votre réponse, et encore bravo pour être ce que vous êtes…

    • Posted by    20/03/2017 12:07

      Moi aussi j attends votre venue en France avec impatience. Je suis à Mulhouse près de Strasbourg et de Bale en Suisse.
      J adore votre musique.
      A bientôt j espère.

  24. Posted by    15/03/2017 12:35

    Sveiki,pradziuginai mane busimu koncertu Lietuvoje,noriu tiksliai zinoti,ar tavo komanda ir renginiu organizatoriai ruosiasi kreiptis del galimybes parengti interviu su tavimi,video reportaza i musu salies zyniasklaidos priemones.

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