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Fanpost David Garrett
Postfach 200460

13514 Berlin

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  1. Posted by Teufelsgeigerin    26/08/2015 14:45

    Hey David & Team,
    ich finde wirklich, dass Du tolle Musik machst!
    Aber ich habe eine wichtige Frage: Auf Twitter hast Du ja einen Link zu einer Aufnahme aus deinem neuen Album gepostet. Ich fand die Aufnahme wirklich unfassbar toll und sehr gut gelungen! Ich komme zum Punkt:

    Gehst Du mit Deinem neuen Album auf Deutschland Tour?

    Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du das machen würdest!
    Bis bald, Philippa

  2. Posted by Sylvia Martinez    22/08/2015 05:12

    David,i am the widow of a great violinist,i am pianist.Szering play perfect, as well than Heifetzs, never like you , your beautiful sound , incomparable , passion memory , good taste , you are the , best before ,now and tomorrow, I Know, my life change when I met you. cannot live without listening to you, Classic , and Crossover, Genius, Love you,My husband study in julliar , too. and was in Conservatory , Tchaikosky, Moscu. Take care I am Fan number one , From Guadalajar Mexico, Sylvia.

  3. Posted by anna ganderup    21/08/2015 12:04

    Spett-le David Garrett
    Please forgive me, I’m not a your fan; still 30 days ago I didn’t know
    anything about your existence. I’ve the uncommon ability to be visited – in
    dreams – by personalities of the artistic and political world.
    You did visit me in my dream. I’m going to write you a letter with the story of the long dream.
    In this occasion I would also attach a “mini cadeaux” for your upcoming
    birthday 4 /09.
    I’ll try to send the little package to the address of your Fan Post-
    Postfach 200460/13514 Berlin. I kindly ask that the note could arrive uncut
    to you, because of the personal content .
    You’re a Fellow of remarkable human depth and especially charged inner soul
    - touching magic oleistica of higher cosmic vibrations. I send my generous
    respects also to His wonderful family and entire staff with best wishes for
    your Brilliant Career … My best wishes
    From Anna Ganderup

  4. Posted by alice pietracatella    15/08/2015 20:01

    Davidl…We miss you in NYC!!!!! When r u coming back.???? I see your apt is for sale. Will you get a new place in NYC…or is it because you are never here???

  5. Posted by lyudmila    13/08/2015 17:48

    Dear David! Thank You very much to prolong the life violin so old age. After all, it’s great that we can see and listen to the music “born” in ancient times in the original.And if the violin could speak, would be very interesting her emotions about rock music. This is so cool, you’re a genius of our generation.

  6. Posted by Francielle    12/08/2015 15:32

    Gostaria de entrar em contato com vocês, como faço? Pelo email não tive retorno

  7. Posted by Guadalupe Mont Perez    11/08/2015 20:10

    Hola David soy de México y mi admiración por ti es muy grande, algun dia se que vendrás a México y claro que iré a verte te mando un cariñoso abrazo …VIVA LA VIDA

  8. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    11/08/2015 15:03

    Dear David !
    When are you going to tell the information about Japan tour ?
    I am waiting for you everyday . I miss you, David Please come to Japan !!!

  9. Posted by katarzyna szymanowska    10/08/2015 22:00

    Hello! How are you? I’d like to find out when is closest concert with David Garrett in NY. I thought it’s coming September 5th but I can see it is concert in Italy. Please let me know if possible. Thanks a lot! Katarina

  10. Posted by Amalia    10/08/2015 11:56


    when a concert in spain?

    it will be more apreciate :)


  11. Posted by Jumpy    09/08/2015 21:44

    Master, my son is a beginner violin player and before start studying a new piece we look in YouTube how to should play it and you are a big inspiration for him. He is starting to study “Allegro” by Fiocco, so far we found a performance of Itzhak Perlaman. Did you ever play this song? If yes, can you please post on you tube? Thanks, Jumpy

  12. Posted by carolina    06/08/2015 23:22

    For Rick Blaskey
    I plan to be in London late February or early March 2016 and HOPE there might be a David Garrett core classical concert. If there is I will buy tickets for all my friends and there are quite a few.
    I must repeat you were super brilliant to recognize his potential. I just returned from Rio where I brought David 7 new
    fans. Thank you again for all you do.. Brgds Carolina

  13. Posted by titty    05/08/2015 16:36

    Hi David, I’m an italian fan of yours. I’m a retired who loves colours and spend much of my time painting, so for your next birthday I’ve painted a portrait oils of you.I hope you’ll like it .But how could I give you the portrait? On next September I’ll be in Rome for three days and Sunday 6 September I’ll see your performance at Auditorium della Conciliazione. Could I give you it before your show? I think it’s impossible to do it after your show because the portrait is cm 50×70 great and I can’t keep it whit me in the stall during the show… Do you prefer I send it to postfach 200460 in Berlin? Please say me how it is better for you… Dearest could you play “Moon river” for your aged and romantic fans like me? It’a a very fine song and you and your violin will make it more beautiful. I also love “La follia” di A. Corelli. Don’t you think it is fine in rock style too? Sorry for my little English. Thank you for your music and liking. See you in Rome.

  14. Posted by ana maria muniz    05/08/2015 14:51

    Fiquei muito feliz em poder vê-lo no Brasil. Espero que você também tenha gostado. Eu o vi em São Paulo e no Rio de Janeiro (pela sexta vez) O presente, para você tocar nas horas de folga, foi um agradecimento por tudo de bom que você nos dá com a sua música e o seu talento. Tente tocar Tico Tico com ele. Um grande abraço, Ana

  15. Posted by Lourdes Ortiz    02/08/2015 17:17

    Listening to you is like having an orgasm for soul!!!!!

  16. Posted by tel    02/08/2015 16:39

    David e toda a banda, obrigada pelos momentos felizes e inesquecíveis do show no Rio de Janeiro. Aguardamos a volta de vocês. Não imaginam o quanto me fazem feliz!!!

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