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  1. Posted by    17/06/2017 01:35

    Me encanta ,t pongo un10 como violinista,cuando vas a venir a tocar a Argentina?

  2. Posted by    12/06/2017 21:57

    Toller Musiker, der absolut tolle Musik macht. Frage mich ob er auch so gut singt..?
    Eine Collaboration mit den Jungs von 2Cellos wäre auch nicht schlecht. ; )

  3. Posted by    12/06/2017 00:56

    Dear David,

    I leave in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I would like to know when will you be able to perform in Buenos Aires. Your music is a blessing for all those who love your music. it gives me a lot of peace. It is peace for the soul. It helped me go thru my cancer.
    Best regards.

  4. Posted by Elsa    06/06/2017 20:37

    I really like your music, and you inspired me to learn to play violin, but i wants to know which violin it looks more like the Stradivari, but cheapest logically.

  5. Posted by mam moderna    02/06/2017 14:13

    David you are a superb musician …. and a handsome man!
    Beauty is also a blessing. I’m sure beauty has taught you that there is nothing too much about being vain. Building your manhood beyond a box with boundaries and rules must have been an invitation to freedom. After all, man is not born. Become a man. A man with long golden hair, a beard of three days, cool clothes, tamed eyebrow, mint breath, lovely smile, perfect teeth, treated skin, healthy body, soft muscles, deep look, firm handshake, delicious smell, shoes of those who are in control of the situation, everything always according to your temperament and way of being. Your beauty is singular and in addition to your talent, it awakens intense feelings and inspires actions ranging from reverential and silent contemplation to daring of all kinds.

  6. Posted by Courtney    01/06/2017 19:00

    You have long been an inspiration to me. I have always wanted to play violin and hearing you play with the passion that you have…it invigorates me to just want to run to a music store and buy a violin and express myself through violin playing just like you do. Now I know that that the way you play probably takes you sleeping and playing your violin in order to establish the talent you have. But your music especially your new album Explosive has caught my attention and has also helped me through a lot of dark times in my life. I hope you create more albums like Explosive…its a work of art in itself.

  7. Posted by    01/06/2017 18:07

    David your music is your love in the form of melody, your love in the form of prayer waiting to be reciprocated, your love in the form of the memory of all that will still be. I love when your music is soft and you look like a breeze of paradise on stage, and I love even more when your music is vibrant and you turn into a breath of hell burning everyone. Seeing you and listening to your violin is delicious, it leaves me rapturous!
    You are the only one!

  8. Posted by Daiane    27/05/2017 13:18

    Essa sua solidão interna que atravessa os seus olhos, atinge e mexe com minha alma. Admiro seu trabalho sua beleza, mas, por mais que eu tente te enxergar como o David Garrett estrela violinista renomado, não consigo. Na realidade eu olho pra cada vídeo cada foto ( daquelas raras onde você esta despenteado de meias e jogado e dessas que gosto) e só consigo ver um homem que me diz com os olhos o quanto enxerga o místico e intuitivo do mundo. Enxergo em você um humor deliciosamente irônico. Um mistério e um silêncio no coração que talvez somente alguém que observe atentamente e com sensibilidade possa enxergar . Acho graça esse seu jeito que me passa uma natureza de não ser o companheiro dos sonhos mas que passa uma segurança ,de alma refinada, sensível e complexa .Parece o tempo todo esconder o Caos e confusão dentro de si esperando até ter segurança pra tomar a decisão certa . Sei lá David te enxergo como um ser humano notável… Admirável mas só um homem que me faz sentir um imprinting .Loucura isso né? Não sou sua fã numero 1 passo longe disso mas ouvir você tocar me abriu uma janela na alma que eu mesma não conhecia o que você não diz com a boca é passado em cada nota tem paixão é isso não se explica se sente . Ficaria muito feliz em ter a oportunidade de conhecê-lo, não sei se você um dia vai ler esta mensagem… Não é uma declaração ou algo do tipo é só alguém que admira seu trabalho mas que enxergou um pouquinho além.
    Beijos .
    De alguém que torce por suas realizações não somente Como Star Garret, mas como o David pessoa comum.

    This inner solitude that pierces your eyes, strikes and touches my soul. I admire your work its beauty, but as much as I try to see you as the David Garrett star renowned violinist, I can not. In fact, I look at each video each photo (of those rare ones where you are disheveled and so played and I like) and I can only see a man who tells me with his eyes how much he sees the mystical and intuitive world. I see in you a deliciously ironic humor. A mystery and a silence in the heart that perhaps only someone who watches closely and with sensitivity can see. I enjoy this way that gives me a nature of not being the companion of dreams but passes a security, refined soul, sensitive and complex. It seems all the time to hide the Chaos and confusion inside itself waiting to have security to take the Decision. I do not know David can see you as a remarkable human being … Brave but only a man who makes me feel imprinting. I’m not your fan number 1 step away from this but hear you play opened me a window in the soul that I did not know myself what you do not say with the mouth is passed on every note has passion is this is not explained if you feel. I would be very happy to have the opportunity to meet you, I do not know if you will ever read this message … It is not a statement or something like that is just someone who admires your work but who saw a little bit beyond.
    From someone who twists by his achievements not only like Star Garret, but as the common David David.

    Sorry for the bad english…. rsssssss

    • Posted by    28/05/2017 15:12

      Words have enormous power, when used for good there are no limits. I think I feel the same as you!

    • Posted by mam moderna    02/06/2017 14:20

      Words of goodness are powerful and smart: they always find a way to reach their destination.

  9. Posted by    21/05/2017 15:45

    Translating the soul into melody is no simple task. Composing good music is not only art, it is also science and self knowledge. Composing must be like sprouting water from the source, it forms a thread that thickens, turns into a small stream, opens a path to become a river that glides quietly through a free bed, but which gradually becomes full of stones and obstacles, forcing the current to flutter, to flip and explode in spray, splash and dewy, plunging into impetuous rapids and then to emerge again in a tranquil stream … or else to plummet in an impressive waterfall. Either way, after it begins to flow nothing can stop the water, giving birth to a pleasant and intense melody, which expresses what can not be said in words, but also can not remain silent. David, this is the kind of music you compose, beautiful, exciting, irresistible … and particularly to me, because I’m synesthete, with taste of chocolate!
    You are the only one

  10. Posted by    13/05/2017 02:36

    I would love to have you in my Magazine a little interview. I love your talent is amazing. Congratulations.
    Wishing you came to USA. My Magazine besides my program. Hollywood International Magazine. first special edition June first.

  11. Posted by    25/04/2017 06:31

    I’ve read several comments about people wanting you to come play in the U.S. I think you should give the people what they want. If you EVER stop by our way, please don’t forget Houston, TX.

    Thank you.

  12. Posted by    24/04/2017 20:08

    Lieber Maestro ! Ich war vor kurzem in einer magischen Stadt. Diese Stadt ist in dem Wasser wie Venedig, und wo in der Mitte April es schneit … eine Möwe fliegt über Flüsse und Kanäle, die die Paläste und die goldenen Kuppeln der Kirchen spiegeln sich … Und doch es war Ihre Musik gespielt …)))
    Lieber Maestro, ich wünsche Ihnen so viel Freude und Glück, wie Sie schenken …
    (Entschuldigen Sie bitte! Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut))

  13. Posted by    18/04/2017 06:31

    Dear David,

    I heard that your “Air” has the tension more than anyone else in the world. I think that Mr. Garrett’s way of playing the disappearing sounds softly at the end of the phrases and so on with the violin seems to be truly very easy for him, and I have thought of such a technique as “like breathing”. Someone kindly corrected my way of thinking of the technique as “the technique like breathing”. Have a nice day!



  14. Posted by    11/04/2017 10:19

    Lieber David ,
    ich komme aus dem Iran .Ich spiele Geige seit 6 Jahren.Sie sind mein Idol.Ich mag Ihnen sehr.Ich wünsche mir sehr , dass Sie einmal mein Vorspiel hören und beurteilen .Darf ich Ihnen eine Datei senden?

    Viele Grüsse

    Radman ,aus Shiras

  15. Posted by    10/04/2017 21:40

    i love

  16. Posted by    04/04/2017 23:44

    Lieber, lieber Maestro David, DANKE ! Sie sind ein fantastischer Musiker! Ihre Musik und Sie hilft mir jeden Tag! Heute, zum Beispiel – Dueling Banjos (Dueling Strings) mit Marcus herrlich )))) ….Ich liebe… )))

  17. Posted by    01/04/2017 10:23

    Dear Sir,
    I seek your assistance !!!
    I accidentally made a double purchase of tickets for the show in Vienna on 23 April 2017
    There is a way to sell two tickets that I find myself surplus?
    Who can I contact ?
    thanks for listening to my request
    Best Regardes

    Cristina Marzaioli

  18. Posted by    24/03/2017 14:12

    Hi dear.I’m Sara Its 5years that I play violin.Can you help me with vibration????

  19. Posted by    13/03/2017 19:46

    Dear David,
    it is true that the DG book will not go on sale until next October?, What is the new date?, Could you inform us?
    Advanced thanks.
    Emi from Barcelona

  20. Posted by    13/03/2017 19:00

    What is the purpose of a headset only in the right ear?
    Will David return to BRasil? When?

  21. Posted by    07/03/2017 23:41

    Hi from Middle Earth New Zealand

    Any chance that David will have a show in NZ? Wellington if that is possible 😀

    Much love!

  22. Posted by    06/03/2017 18:17

    Come to Canada!! It would be a dream to see your performance live!! 🙂

  23. Posted by    05/03/2017 23:38

    Lieber Maestro David,
    vielleicht könnten Sie noch Antonio Vivaldi Sonata No. 7 in C minor RV 8 in ihrem Programm enthalten :o)

  24. Posted by    04/03/2017 15:50

    Oh my goodness! an incredible write-up dude. Appreciate it Nonetheless Im experiencing problem with ur rss
    . Doont know why Unable to registrer for it. Perhaps there is everyone obtaining identical rss dilemma?
    Anybody who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

  25. Posted by    25/02/2017 15:51

    Good day. My name is Irien and I write for the admiration of my 10-year-old nephew Diego Hnayk, a fourth-year violinist at the Conservatory of Music in Carabobo, Venezuela. Currently a scholar for academic excellence in all his subjects, Concertino of the Orchestra of the Conservatory of Music of Carabobo, he has participated in 7recitales, belongs to the string club Vivaldi of the same conservatory and in the Juvenil of the same conservatory for his musical maturity. To talk about Diego is to talk about a child with incredible maturity, responsibility and rejoicing in what he accomplishes. Admirer of you who follows the steps. Currently Diego requires a 4/4 violin for professional use and we do not have the money to buy it. So I come to see if you guide me in Venezuela where you can find one that is not so expensive ô donation Diego’s dream is to come to accompany him with his violin.

    • Posted by    04/03/2017 14:47

      Dear David,
      Your music and passion with it has inspired me as a musician, music teacher and writer. Many thanks

      Will strummed his guitar and tuned the strings. A deep groan came from Will turning into a very loud wailing sound. Will’s voice rose up over the noisy cars and passersby as if some unseen power was shaking the older man’s body. He played wildly on his guitar singing a song of life, joy and pain. Alexander didn’t know this particular song before nonetheless; it was calling for him to join. His body flooded with warmth, feeling alive and determined to meet the music’s challenge. As Will finished the first verse, he looked over to Alexander nodding toward him to join. Alexander ‘s finger’s tingled as he placed his beloved violin under his chin.

      Lifting up his bow, Alexander found a melody to match Will’s song. Cadenzas flew through the air back and forth from their instruments. The performance bantered and inspired Alexander to greater heights of improvisation. He moved his violin to mirror Will’s motions, listening intently to his chords, creating melodic patterns even longer and more complicated. Will stomped his feet around on the pavement, singing his song over the chords. Alexander lifted up his knees, alternating tapping his feet wildly to the beat. Soon, he was dancing a crazy, almost orgasmic dance with the Will.

      Alexander noticed a crowd of listeners gathering around them. His long blonde hair flew over the violin’s strings. While continuing to sing, Will shuffled in and out of the audience. Some of the younger people swayed and clapped to the song. More stopped, some women danced. Joy filled the spaces between them all, something which feels like electricity weaving fine chords of sparks around everyone’s sex then moving up to all their hearts. Alexander felt this connection looking at the audience. The on-lookers’ eyes sparkled as they watched him.

      Two girls holding each other’s arms twirled around, laughing. A couple kissed each other. A mother held her baby, in front of her, rocking to the music. Then the song slowed down, and ended with loud chord. Alexander held his breath staring at Will hearing clapping and yells from the crowd. He bowed…

      …to be continued. A story inspired by violinist David Garrett.

      Excerpt from the short story “The Beggar and the Violinist”

  26. Posted by Astruth Pramita    20/02/2017 15:47

    Hello David,

    My name is Astruth and I’m in Indonesia.
    I’m amazed by your playing. I just watching and enjoying your playing via youtube. I’m waiting for any chance to see your concert in live. So when will you come to Indonesia…? Having a concert here or just a little escape for tour break or a vacation. I’ll be honour to be your guide here.
    Hope you read this and consider about having a concert in Indonesia.
    Success for you and your Explosive Tour. God Bless You.

  27. Posted by Valeria    17/02/2017 09:56

    Are you somehow a wizard?;) I found you 4 days ago and since then I listen only to your music. Usually I do not listen to classical music but you are simply wonderful!!!

  28. Posted by    14/02/2017 18:27

    Dear David,
    In my little but wonderful Bulgaria we also love divine music….
    Music…you are the music! Come…we wait for you

    Bili, Montana city, Bulgaria

  29. Posted by    14/02/2017 09:18

    Dear David,
    in our small but wonderful Bulgaria also love divine music.
    And the music…the music is you! Come…we wait for you!

  30. Posted by    13/02/2017 04:43

    Hola David
    Soy María. Te he conocido por una página de Facebook y me gustaría saber si no se han planteado nunca un concierto en España
    Sería algo espectacular disfrutarte en España acompañado de los grandes artistas de este mi país e incluso que compaginaras con algo flamenco.
    No soy persona de escribir a nadie, puesto q no soy fan de nadie más q de mi familia, pero desde que te he descubierto sé que algún día iré a uno de tus conciertos, que si no es en España, pues iré a disfrutar de tu buena música en otro lugar.
    Un saludo y enhorabuena por tu talento

  31. Posted by    12/02/2017 01:44

    Hi there, I know that you are a very busy person so am I. but I would like to tell you that I live in Frederick Maryland a small place I call home. but it is very hard for me to get out and see you play. I just hope that you get this and we can chat! you seem like a great guy! and you look like you are full of life. so am I. I like to do fun things also. and I think that your music is coming from your heart! not many can say that! you look like a decent guy. that works very hard every day for his dream like I do.. and by your pictures you look full of life! I love to see them when they are posted! so I do hope you get back to me even though we are both busy people…. NIa,

  32. Posted by    01/02/2017 16:21

    Hello. It has long been looking for the true joy of creation … which comes from the heart and in the eyes and which infects the world! Thank you :))) I’m very happy right now;) Your music is an inspiration to me 🙂

    Katarzyna Kania

  33. Posted by    26/01/2017 23:51

    When will you come to Belgrade (Serbia)?
    I’m going to the Vienna to listen you in april (it is about 600km). 🙂
    And, I hope, that we will come here, in Belgrade, sun…

  34. Posted by    25/01/2017 19:15


    Dear David, we need the publication of a “visual album” with images of you.
    For example could be done together with a CD of some concert, CD of the concert plus the “Visual Album”.
    I think it would be interesting !!!

    Advenced thanks,
    Always with you,
    Emi Calatayud . Barcelona

  35. Posted by Eyke    21/01/2017 11:13

    Lieber David, ist schon eine Weile her, dass wir in deinem November-Konzert in Hamburg gewesen sind. Wir waren dir sehr nah, nämlich 6. Reihe und es war für uns ein Ohren- und Augenschmaus, dich zu hören und zu sehen.
    Meine Mama Renate und ich sind sehr begeistert!
    Foto folgt an die Agentur. Argentinischer Tango würde uns auch begeistern!
    Lieben Gruß von Renate und Eyke aus Itzehoe

  36. Posted by    20/01/2017 20:00

    Dear David,

    Your are extraordinary. Thank you!!!
    We (I’m and my wife Maryna) are appreciate every moment of your concert in Kiev… We are looking forward to meet you again… the ways of God are inscrutable. May we will meet in the House Of The Rock (Wisconsin, USA). It’s worthwhile challenge for You to play with or agains juke-boxes of past centuries… We are on you side… forewer!

    Sincerely yours,
    Sergey and Maryna

  37. Posted by    14/01/2017 12:02

    Wonderful year 2017 David Garrett, your family and your community. Whether beneficial private and professional.Take care of yourself you look like really tired.

    In 2016 I’m glad that you have included Furious in your Great Explosive tour.

    Anecdote of end of the year my son gave me a HI – FI channel for better listening to good music, you know what, it is called “GarretBox” he mocks me affectionately.

    Angels exist, but often they don’t have any wings… then we call them FRIENDS

    Lol, Lots of love maestro

    Et toujours une pensée amicale à tous nos amis du Monde

  38. Posted by    31/12/2016 09:58

    Dear David,

    You are amazing talented and free spirit! God bless you and your life!

    Inga Garniere, designer and artist.

    • Posted by    05/01/2017 00:56

      Hallo David,
      ich wollte mich bei Dir bedanken – von ganzem Herzen – für die Musik, die Du uns bietest.
      Deine Musik, die wahnsinnige Exaktheit und Tiefe der Klänge Deiner Geige berühren mich zutiefst.
      Ich bin Dir unglaublich dankbar – denn Du musst auf viel verzichtet haben, um dieses Instrument so perfekt zu beherrschen.

      Ich danke Dir sehr. Du hast wirklich in dieser Welt etwas erreicht – Du berührst andere Menschen – mich rührt diese Musik zu Tränen – weil unheimlich viel Gefühl darin enthalten ist.

      Ich wünsche Dir, dass Du alles zurückbekommst, was Du der Welt gibst.


      • Posted by    14/01/2017 21:35

        Bendiciones David…gracias por esas melodias tan hermosas…ya qu en si lo mio siempre ah sido los instrumentos…(Algo frustrado en mi vida)…igual me deleito acompañada junto a tus melodias y haci la vida la siento mas descomplicada….AUNQUE JAMAZ HAGO NOTAR MIS DEPRECIONES aajjajaja….pues con tu espirutu y mas con ese elegante imnovador violin mi Garret….gracias!!…desde Ecuador✌Vicky

    • Posted by    14/01/2017 21:28

      Bendiciones David…gracias por esas melodias tan hermosas…ya qu en si lo mio siempre ah sido los instrumentos…(Algo frustrado en mi vida)…igual me deleito acompañada junto a tus melodias y haci la vida la siento mas descomplicada….AUNQUE JAMAZ HAGO NOTAR MIS DEPRECIONES aajjajaja….pues con tu espirutu y mas con ese elegante imnovador violin mi Garret….gracias!!

  39. Posted by    24/12/2016 18:58

    Dear David,
    Thanks for all good moments shared with all of us with Explosive Live Tour this year. Hard work made perfect, always with an smile.
    Always with you, Emi Calatayud – Barcelona

    • Posted by    03/01/2017 10:02

      The m ost great artist in the world !!! We love you!! Thanks for YOUR genium….YOU ARE GOD

  40. Posted by    20/12/2016 04:04

    Have you considered a collaboration with Ottmar Liebert?

  41. Posted by Helen    13/12/2016 09:03

    Dear David,

    I would like to thank you and your team for amazing performance in your recent concert in Poland, Lodz.
    It was the first time I attend your concert and it was worth to come across the countries to catch so much wonderful emotions for one evening! Thank you for the energy and feelings you provided through the music.
    I was really happy to be in your concert and hope to see you in the next tour in Baltic countries.

    Warm regards,

  42. Posted by    11/12/2016 23:04

    Thank you for the countless hours of practice and many sacrifices you must have endured. I am in awe of your talent.

    • Posted by    02/01/2017 02:10

      Estimado David garrett le expresó esta palabras mediante este comentario . Lo admiro mucho sus melodías son tan perfectas y maravillosas , lo felicito por su arduo trabajo y preparación . ! Y cuanto me gustaría tener el cabello con usted !

  43. Posted by Ksenia    08/12/2016 11:41

    Dear Mr.Garrett,

    First of all let me assure you the letter brings no offense or rudeness. it is a message of appreciation.
    It took a lot of time to collect my courage and sit down to the words. It is not in my nature and character do such things, but i though it might be pleasing as to any talented genius it is necessary receive warm words.
    Let me speak my heart and soul that sing when i hear the music you present to all of us. Let me say that blood starts moving the pace your violin speaks with all its pauses and speed-ups. Every note is going through the skin and stays in forever. The heart beats the tone of the melody you are making. it is impossible to do anything but listen as it conquers the mind.
    I would like to thank you for the energy and inspiration you give me, though i am very far from music and concert life. It is always when a man fully engaged into the work of his life is around, i receive that feeling that moves me further in my life.
    The music that seems to be born inside you and the violin feels like air for living. Please accept my appreciation and admiration of your talent and hard work.
    Wish you always have a «marigold» or Muse to keep enlightening the hearts of people around the world.
    Have a great time in Moscow during the upcoming concert.

  44. Posted by    06/12/2016 18:38

    Lieber David
    Ich war am EXPLOSIV Konzert in Zürich! Grandios!
    Herzliche Gratulation!
    Du bist atemberaubend! Die Musik ist atemberaubend!
    Es vergeht kein Tag ohne dass mich deine Musik begleitet.
    Sie gibt mir so viel Energie und Motivation.
    Ich denke Crossover hat echt suchtpotential!
    Aber auch die klassische Musik hast du mir nah gebracht.
    Man fühlt deine innige Leidenschaft in jedem Stück.
    Ich bin von deinem Können beeindruckt und verzaubert.

    und ich freue mich auf alles was noch kommt!

    Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz von Andrea

  45. Posted by Martine Aerts    05/12/2016 14:52

    Dear David and band
    Wir (ich und mein Sohn) waren dabei in Köln (aus Belgien) Es war ein super Konzert.
    We loved seeing you playing live. It is obvious that you love what you are doing. I like people who are openminded.
    You can have your style of music, but there is so much more. And that is what you do, you search in that great
    basket filled with musicand do your thing.
    We are pleased that we were there,for your music that’s for sure, but also because I could spend this evening
    together with my son.
    Hope to see you another time, maybe in Belgium or Holland.

  46. Posted by    03/12/2016 08:56

    Please come and visit Athens or Thessaloniki at the MEGARON THE ATHENS CONCERT HALL. Our 7 years old son and we, realy love to see you performing, actually you are a kind of motivation for him. We whish one day to listen your music live here in Greece!Thank you!!

  47. Posted by    02/12/2016 09:30

    Hi David,

    gestern, den 01.12.2016, war ich auf dem Konzert in Köln!
    Die Show war klasse, tolle Auswahl der Stücke, optisch wirklich toll in Szene gesetzt und sehr nette Moderation zwischen den Titeln!
    Aber…… ,- der Sound!!! Wie ist es möglich, in der heutigen Zeit mit den unbegrenzt technischen Möglichketen, einen solch schlechten Sound zu kreieren?
    Okay, die Geige war „Gott sei Dank“ gut zu hören und gewiss kann man bei einer solchen Veranstaltung, ohne entsprechend akustische Rahmenbedingungen,- akustisch optimierter Raum und Großmembranmikrofone, es nicht umsetzen, dass der Zuhörer die Stradivari von einer Geige aus dem Regal vom Großhändler zu unterscheiden vermag. Mit diesem Anspruch hatte ich auch nicht das Konzert besucht! Jedoch wäre eine präzisere, akustische Abbildung des Instruments wünschenswert gewesen! Ich habe selbst schon Rockbands mit sporadischem Einsatz einer Geige beigewohnt, wo das Instrument deutlich mehr Nuancen zeigte!
    Doch dann waren da noch das Orchester, die Band und die Sängerin!!!
    Das war wirklich nicht mehr state of the art! Ein akustisch inhomogener Brei, wobei wirklich keins der Instrumente wirkliche Konturen zeigte! Das Schlagzeug noch extra akustisch abgeschirmt und dennoch einen Sound, als würde sich das Set aus leeren Waschpulvertonnen zusammensetzen! Kein Kick der Bass Drum, kein Biss der Snare und die Becken zeigten nur manchmal einen Ansatz, dass es sich nicht um Kochgeschirr handelt! Der Bass war ohne Körper,- einfach nur verwaschen. Die Gitarre war noch an der Grenze authentisch zu sein und das Klavier neigte zu leichten Verzerrungen, wenn ganze Akkorde gespielt wurden! Und dann war da noch die Sängerin mit einem gnadenlos schlechten Mix, der das wirkliche Spektrum ihres Könnens nur erahnen ließ! Wäre ich nicht selbst Sänger, so wäre es mir auch wohl unmöglich gewesen, die Perfektion dieser Sängerin zwischen den Tönen herauszuhören….
    Fast hätte ich das Orchester verdrängt! Wahrscheinlich wären die Tontechniker oder / und die PA nicht so überfordert gewesen, wenn man statt einem Orchester ein Keyboard mit entsprechenden Samples genutzt hätte! Doch bei der Masse der Musiker war es wohl nicht mehr möglich einen räumlich gestaffelten Mix hinzubekommen und die Instrumente als solche abzubilden und in homogener Staffelung zu präsentieren!
    Einzig wenn David solo oder in kleiner Besetzung gespielt hat, dann war der Sound recht okay!
    Leider fällt daher meine Kritik so aus, dass zumindest die akustische Abbildung einen 3-stelligen Eintrittspreis nicht wert gewesen ist, obwohl die Show an sich gut in Szene gesetzt war!
    Ich kann für zukünftige Konzerte nur hoffen, dass es hier noch zu deutlichen Steigerungen kommt! Sicherlich war die Masse begeistert, aber das wohl auch nur, weil man seinen Star live vor Augen hatte und die visuellen Effekte den Konsumenten beeindruckten!
    David ist wirklich ein exzellenter Musiker, doch sollten ihm die Rahmenbedingungen ebenbürtig sein 🙂

    • Posted by    11/12/2016 18:14

      In Stuttgarts Schleyer-Halle war leider der Sound auch nicht überzeugend. Die Geige schrill und verzerrt, manchmal auch durch das laute Schlagzeug und Begleitband zugedeckt. Und dass da ein großes Sinfonieorchester saß war zu sehen – aber davon zu hören war so gut wie nie etwas. Das muss nicht sein !!! Das lässt sich so mischen und aussteuern, dass ein homogener Gesamtklang über die Soundanlage in die Halle übertragen werden kann. Aber nur, wenn auch die Wiedergabeanlage an den Raum und die Akustik angepasst ist. Nicht mit einer standard-Tour-Bühne. Da bleibt sehr viel Klangqualität auf der Strecke. Und das ist schon ärgerlich bei “Konzert-“Karten für über 80 Euro. Das bißchen Bühnenshow entschädigt dafür nicht. Dann lieber die CD und eine hervorragend balancierte Aussteuerung (wobei auch da das Sinfonieorchester leider zu wenig präsent ist gegenüber der Rythm-Section). Schade, schade, schade ! Dabei ist die Virtuosität und die permanente Leistungsfähigkeit durch den gesamten Konzertabend wirklich erstaunlich und bewundernswert ! Aber Publikum sein heißt nicht nur bezahlen und dabei sein, sondern auch genießen – und dazu gehört ganz wesentlich ein wirklich hervorragend abgemischter und wiedergegebener Sound, nicht der “Brei” aus der Schleyerhallen-Konzert vom Nikolausabend 6.12.2016. Leider eine große Enttäuschung. Hupfdolls aus dem Ballett brauchts da nicht. Lieber einige auflockernde Kommentare und Geschichtchen wie im letzten Konzert.

  48. Posted by    01/12/2016 19:22

    Love the way you play ! the way you put your soul in the music when you are playing!
    Is amazing to see how your music touch our heart and soul.
    Not everyone specially in the current days play or sing with soul.
    Most music today seems made to sale not to be heard and felt.
    thank you for providing that !

    • Posted by    03/12/2016 19:36

      Lieber D.Maestro konzert in Berlin war GRANDIOS das ich schon fürs nächste Jahr Ticket gesichert habe und noch dazu Kreuzfahrt 2mit Dir gebucht das wird sicher schön und interessant LG❣ LIDIJA

  49. Posted by    28/11/2016 14:09

    Dear Mr. Garrett
    My name is Ivanna. I am a violinist and a violin teacher from Lviv, Ukraine. I know about Your concerts in Kyiv and i would like to propose You some notes of ukrainian genius Volodymyr Ivasyuk. It`s two songs “The red flower” (“Chervona ruta”) and “Invite me in your dreams” (“Zaprosy mene u sny svoi”).
    It will be amazing if You try to play it in your concerts in Kyiv
    As a violinist, I know that You are very talented
    If you interested please contact me

  50. Posted by    27/11/2016 11:25

    Einen schönen 1. Advent!
    Gestern auf der Rückfahrt vom Weihnachtsmarkt.
    Radiokommentar: “David Guetta hat einen Song mit David Garrett aufgenommen.”
    Er: Ahh, ja…
    Sie: Jetzt macht der auch noch Musik.
    Er: Hmm, der ist doch Musiker.
    Sie: Wer?
    Er: David Guetta, dieser Geiger:
    Sie: Nee, heißt der Geiger nicht Garrett?
    Er: Ja, stimmt, David Garrett.
    Sie: Ich meine aber den anderen Garrett, wie heißt der noch, Garrett, ne Garreth, Garreth Bale, den Fußballer.
    Er: Auaaa…, dass war jetzt ein Eigentor!

  51. Posted by    27/11/2016 09:26

    Hallo David Garett,
    Ich bin ein riesiger Fan von ihnen selber spiele ich Klavir und Schlagzeug .Ich und meine Eltern waren gestern am 26.11.2016
    bei einem spiel von ihnen es war sehr faszinirend wie der Ferde Schweiv auf der Geige hin und her ge glitten ist.Es würde
    mich sehr vreuen wenn sie mir ein Autogramm per post schicken würden nach Kleinmachnow Eichenweg 20 und wenn
    möglich nur mit einer unter schrift denn ich möchte das auf ein T-shirt von ihnen bügeln . 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

  52. Posted by    26/11/2016 00:27

    Hallo David, am 21.11.16 hast Du mich in Nürnberg mit Deiner Musik mal wieder gefesselt. Es war, wie immer, ein unvergesslicher Abend, der nie zu Ende gehen hätte dürfen. Ich würde mir ein Meet & Greet mit Dir echt mal wünschen. Leider gibt es keine Möglichkeit, diesen Wunsch zu erfüllen, da es in Nürnberg solche Tickets, nie zu kaufen gibt. Ich hoffe Du bist auch 2017 mit Deiner Rocktour wieder unterwegs. Ich würde mich freuen, Dich in Nürnberg wieder zu sehen. Alles Gute für Dich und ganz liebe Grüße von einem ganz bezauberten jungen Frau 😉

  53. Posted by    23/11/2016 23:13

    Sehr geehrter Herr Garrett,
    Ich möchte mich bei Ihnen für das Konzert eben in Bremen bedanken. Zudem möchte ich mich noch bei Ihnen für das Meet and Greet letztes Jahr im Oktober in Hannover bei ffn bedanken. Sie sind super sympathisch!
    Falls Sie mal wieder in Bremen und umzu sind, revanchiere ich mich gerne mit Kaffee/Tee und Kuchen bei Ihnen 🙂
    Herzlichste Grüße
    Laura W.

    • Posted by CAZAUX    26/11/2016 14:10

      Bonjour Maitre David GARRETT,
      la France n’a pas la chance de vous voir pour la tournée EXPLOSIVE mais je vous suis à travers les vidéos sur facebook et instagram…Magnifique tournée à travers le monde, prenez soin de vous et bravo à tous le staff pour la partie lumière et décors!!! Amitiés à FRANCK, et MARCUS…EXCELLENTE TOURNEE!!!! et si un petit créneau reste…..dans l’agenda d’ici fin 2017!!! prévoyez la tournée EXPLOSIVE!!! en FRANCE!!!


      CHRISTINE fidèle à votre musique..
      prenez soin de vous cher ange David et encore merci pour votre musique qui me fait chaud au coeur ..
      je vous embrasse très fort ainsi que vos deux compères Franck et Marcus

  54. Posted by    23/11/2016 18:17

    Hola David!!!

    Tenemos en común la edad 36 años, te puedo decir que tu música toco mi vida de una forma excepcional y desde que te vi por primera vez en el Auditorio Nacional, he regresado las mismas veces que tu has venido a México, me salvaste en todas las formas posibles en que se puede salvar a alguien a través de tu majestuosidad en el violín, ademas de que eres un super guapote. Gracias por existir.

    My beautiful David.

  55. Posted by    23/11/2016 00:38

    I have started violin for you
    Thank you for being active even from far away in turkey I offer my respects

  56. Posted by    20/11/2016 08:26

    Hallo David, bin ein rießen Fan von Streichinstrumenten, möchte mich in diesem Sinne für das tolle Konzert in Leipzig 2016 bedanken und hoffe, dass ich bald wieder eines erleben darf.

    Da ich auch ein großer Fan von 2Cellos bin, hab ich mir gedacht, machen Sie doch mal was gemeinsam…2Cellos und Sie mit Ihrer Geige….wie wärs…

    Lieben Gruß aus Chemnitz von Mandy

  57. Posted by    17/11/2016 22:50

    Lieber David,
    Das war ja mal ein gelungener Tourauftakt hier in Braunschweig!
    Alle Songs perfekt arrangiert, tolle Mitmusiker, passende Licht- und Pyroeffekte, dazu deine bewundernswerte Spieltechnik und Intonation und sowieso deine ganze Bühnenpräsenz.
    Ich bin so glücklich, das miterlebt zu haben und dass es dazu auch noch der erste “richtige” Konzertbesuch meines 7-jährigen Sohnes gewesen ist. :-))
    Herzlichen Dank für diesen unvergesslichen Abend und eine erfolgreiche Tour!
    Liebe Grüße,
    Martina 🙂

    • Posted by    20/11/2016 22:13

      Lieber David,
      Liebes Team auf der Bühne und hinter der Bühne,

      Ich war bereits mehrfach bei deinen klassischen Konzerten und war immer schwer begeistert. Bei einem Besuch beim Crossover vor längerer Zeit war ich eher enttäuscht, da neben der Musik soviel “Firlefanz” präsentiert wurde. Luftzug von unten und hochfliegendes Hemd, Haut zeigen… eine Dame auf die Bühne holen usw. ich fand immer das du das nicht nötig hast und das deine Musik, dein Charisma und die Energie auf der Bühne völlig mitreißend und einnehmend sind. Ich weiß natürlich das dieses “sich zeigen”, “nahbarsein”, “sich öffnen” heutzutage von den Fans gefordert wird.
      Nun habe ich die Karte für Leipzig kurz vor deinem Konzert bekommen und habe mich sehr gefreut. Und ich bin wirklich durch dieses Konzert überrascht worden, du warst unglaublich echt und wirktest entspannt, gut gelaunt und das wichtigste für mich es ging um Musik… sie stand im Mittelpunkt im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes mit der Bühne.
      Ich wünsche dir und deinem Team weiterhin viel Spaß und Erfolg auf der Tour und für dich alles erdenklich Gute, bleib bei Dir!

      Liebe Grüße

      Ps: zwischendurch war es eher wie beim Rockkonzert, man möchte aufspringen und tanzen, leider fanden das meine rückwärtigen Nachbarn nicht so toll… denn ich wurde immer ermahnt mich zu setzen… also ganz brav wie in der Klassik … da fehlte mir ein wenig das Verständnis

  58. Posted by    13/11/2016 01:20

    Hello mr. Garrett!!!!!
    My name is Abril, i´m a mexican, and I love your music. You are my inspiration for play the violin and i only want say thank you for this.

  59. Posted by    08/11/2016 02:10

    Desde Venezuela, he visto los videos y solo puedo decir…”Sublime”

  60. Posted by    26/10/2016 07:53

    Hello Mr Garret

    I am in Grade 11 music class and i have to do a performance on Riffs, Ostinatos and loops. The piece i chose to perform is your version of Viva- la – vida on the Violin and was wondering if by any chance i could require your sheet music (if you had any). I would be most happy to send a recording of my performance to you, if you wanted.

    Thanks for your time


  61. Posted by    23/10/2016 00:00

    Hello David,

    Please come to Argentina Buenos Aires, is beautiful listen your music,
    I love see you in person

  62. Posted by    16/10/2016 10:48

    Hey, David Garret! Please, come to Portugal! You’re the best violinist ever! Portugal need a show like yours.

  63. Posted by    08/10/2016 15:12

    Perhaps David can play this chinese song San Bao – Finale from the film My Father and Mother

  64. Posted by    05/10/2016 23:28

    Vuelve a Mexico 🙁
    Ver un concierto en vivo es un sueño

    • Posted by    06/11/2016 04:28

      porfavor vuelve a mexico quiero que me firmes e violin 🙁 eres una estrella david porfavor espero que vegas <3

  65. Posted by    04/10/2016 15:47

    Dear David, thank you for using your classical music training in the rock/pop genre. While playing flute, I have encountered numerous classical musicians who refuse to play nonclassical music. You inspire me to keep playing.

  66. Posted by    03/10/2016 15:49

    Dear David,

    My friends & I are big fan of you. We are living in Vietnam. It’s very difficult for us to come to EU or Canada to attend your concert. Could you please please please hold a concert in Singapore, Thailand or in any Southeast Asian country? It would be a huge jubilation for us if you do that. We can fly there for the concert. Please!!

  67. Posted by    23/09/2016 13:36

    Hi mr David!
    I’m from Brasil, I’m a huge fan of yours. My father plays violin as well and he introduced me to your music, i felt in love. I have a question, have you ever going to play “Thousand Years pt 2” by Cristina Perri? Is the music I want to walk in into my marriage. I would ask to my father plays but, he must walk the bride. It would be a great pleasure if I could walk in with your own version of this music.
    Thanks for making my days better, your music inspire me.
    My best wishes.

  68. Posted by    14/09/2016 16:08

    Hi David, I`m a big fan…when are you coming back to México??, plese consider to do a concert here, I`ll love to go.

  69. Posted by    11/09/2016 16:31

    Hola Maestro David, te felicito en tu cumpleaños, un poco tarde, no pude hacerlo antes. Te deseo lo mejor en tu vida y tu carrera. Te ví en el Auditorio Parco della Musica en Roma,viajé para verte en Julio, con Alondra de la Parra, fue un sueño cumplido, Maestro David, fue emocionante verlo en directo. Pasó a mi lado para subir al escenario, lamentablemente no dejaron tomar fotos, solo una la logré pero muy oscura. Cuando nos ofrecerá unas imágenes para fondos de pantalla del PC. Dios bendiga su talento. Disfruto siempre escuchándolo, encuentro paz y serenidad . Cuando nos visita en España.Un beso y un abrazo fuerte.

  70. Posted by    06/09/2016 13:36

    Lieber David,
    ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute zum Geburtstag, und dass Sie diese schweren Prüfungen genauso mit Bravour bestehen wie die an der Juliard School o.a. Denn wenn jemand die Entschlossenheit und den Mut besitzt, nicht von seinen hohen Zielen und Werten abzuweichen, dann Sie. Jeder Mensch, der sich auf die Bühne des Lebens traut und Verantwortung für sein Leben übernimmt, sieht sich leider irgendwann seinen Neidern gegenüber und wird diffamiert. Jene, die von dem Ruhm der anderen leben wollen, weil sie selbst nicht an sich glauben, haben keine Macht über die Herzen der Menschen. Bleiben Sie stabil in Ihrer Selbstachtung und vertrauen Sie auf Ihre Qualitäten, denn die Wahrheit wird sich von selbst zeigen. Viel Glück, Sonne im Herzen, Zufriedenheit und danke für Ihre wunderbare Musik und Ihr ehrliches Wesen, happy Birthday wünscht Elke aus Stuttgart

    • Posted by Petra    12/09/2016 12:07

      Lieber David,
      für das neue Lebensjahr nachträglich von ganzem Herzen alles erdenklich Gute. Ich wünsche dir viel Mut und Kraft für alles, was in nächster Zeit auf dich zukommt und lass dich nicht unterkriegen. Deine Fans stehen hinter dir und glauben an dich. Ich freue mich auf deine neue Tour und das Konzert in Leipzig!
      Wer Erfolg hat, der hat auch Neider, das ist im Leben leider so.
      Liebe Grüße Petra

  71. Posted by    05/09/2016 11:25

    Feliz cumpleaños David.
    Tu arte nos iluminas.
    Vuelve a Sud América.

  72. Posted by    04/09/2016 13:12

    Happy birthday.
    Just a few words to say thank you for your music. You make my family’s life more beautiful everyday. My son who is nearly 3 is one of your greatest fans. Whenever he hears music on the radio, he says “no mummy, the violin please, real music” and then he can listen to your music for ages. My little girl who is 15 months old can cry, laugh or sing listening to your violin. The power of music. The language of feelings.
    My boy, Gaël has started saying “I want to see the man” not knowing life is not so simple. So now we’re saving up hoping we can make a trip (we’re French) so he can see you one day. Waiting for that day to come. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  73. Posted by Delareal    04/09/2016 11:20

    Happy birthday to you David! Even if you’re in a plane, all over the world! Best wishes!

  74. Posted by    03/09/2016 23:07

    Muy feliz cumpleaños querido David.
    Vuelve a América del Sur este año. En el 2015 fuimos 5 amigos a verte con tu banda San Pablo (Brasil= a tú concierto)
    Con afecto

    Sehr alles Gute zum Geburtstag lieber David.
    Südamerika in diesem Jahr wieder. Im Jahr 2015 waren wir fünf Freunde, die Sie mit Ihrer Band San Pablo (Brasilien) zu Ihrem Konzert zu sehen


  75. Posted by    31/08/2016 12:19

    David, thanks to your unique execution on the violin, many people are beginning to listen to beautiful classical music.
    Thank you for your wonderful gift!

  76. Posted by    29/08/2016 10:37

    I take pleasure in, cause I found just what I was taking a look for.
    You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a
    nice day. Bye

  77. Posted by    22/08/2016 15:52

    Guten Abend!

    Soeben erfahre ich durch einen Zufall in den Medien von dem Ihnen bevorstehenden Rechtsstreit und bedaure das sehr.
    Natürlich kann und will ich in keinster Weise etwas beurteilen, was mir sicherlich auch nicht zusteht. Aber ich würde gerne meinen tief empfundenen Respekt und meine Hochachtung vor Ihrer Disziplin, vor allem aber meine Bewunderung und meine Empathie für Ihre Leidenschaft zur Musik ausdrücken. Als junge Lehrerin erzähle ich den Kindern in der Schule von Leuten wie Ihnen und bin schon etwas betrübt, wenn ich dann lese, welche kurzweiligen Begegnungen eine sich ergänzende erfüllende Partnerschaft ersetzen – eigentlich aber in erster Linie darüber, dass bei mir subjektiv der Eindruck von Resignation entsteht. Sie sind eine so wunderbar talentierte und viel beachtete Person – gewollt oder ungewollt. Ich wünsche Ihnen sehr, dass Sie die Kraft finden, eine verständnisvolle, liebenswerte Frau zu finden – vielleicht jemanden, der nicht nach Öffentlichkeit, Reichtum und Aufmerksamkeit lechzt, sondern primär an Ihrem Wohlergehen interessiert ist. Dafür ganz viel Kraft, Ausdauer und Glück!!

    Liebe Grüße aus Norddeutschland!

  78. Posted by    21/08/2016 14:03

    David, your music puts a record on the Olympic Games in Rio 2016

    Synchronized swimming duets:
    Austria – David Garrett / Smooth criminal
    America – David Garrett / Rock Prelude and Furious

    France – David Garrett / Asturias


  79. Posted by JD    18/08/2016 22:02

    Hi! Mr David Garrett
    J’ai entendu et reconnu votre Gipsy Dance aux jeux olympiques de Rio lors du passage de l’équipe russe en natation synchronisée
    Un moment de pur bonheur Votre musique est partout Maestro et bien exploitée
    Bonne continuation = ^_^ =

  80. Posted by Delareal    11/08/2016 15:55

    Dear David,
    I would like to THANK YOU so much, because your music gives us a lot of joy, espacially to my young sister. She suffers from chronic disease with physical and psychological symptoms. Thanks to your music, she finds some serenity and even a sense of well-being. As for me, I think that your talent for expressing the quitessence of each kind of music is really amazing! Sincerely.

  81. Posted by Martin-Pavlov    04/08/2016 15:07

    Dear David, your real fans always believe in you, wathever the malicious rumors about your private life. We will always follow you and support you. For us, the only truth is your music and your amazing talent. We all thank you and hope you will continue to enchant us for many years.

  82. Posted by    02/08/2016 20:15

    Your performance at the concert in Rome – DELIGHT !!! PERFECT !!! BRAVO !!!

  83. Posted by    29/07/2016 14:46

    Dear David! Your music is admired, thank you! A variety of styles – Great! My dream is to hear in your performance and your music arrangement for the song – Feelings (Morris Albert). I’m sure it will be a masterpiece !!!

  84. Posted by    26/07/2016 16:49

    David, thank you for the beautiful music and amazing energy. We look forward to a concert in Moscow.
    God bless you. Good luck in everything.

  85. Posted by    23/07/2016 14:24

    I just want to thank David Garrett from the bottom of my heart because his music helped me when I was going trough a very difficult period of my life. Neither life nor love had any sense for me, and the close family could’nt help me anymore. I was close to give up when I heard David’s music for the first time, at the beginning of this year. His talent and the joy he share’s gave me the taste for life back. Sinc then, David’s music (classical and crossover) and shows are not just a therapy, but a necessary company in every day life. So a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart! And this message is not a declaration of love, but an expression of eternal deep gratitude.

  86. Posted by JD    19/07/2016 08:09

    Music is a wonderful help when emotions are overflowing.

    I cried with the violin, laughed with the sounds and then with both I am standing. My friends in the world I think you calmly…

    Thank you Maestro to your soul by playing.

    Lots of Love

  87. Posted by JD    17/07/2016 10:19

    Please maestro David Garrett write a good piece for the WORLD.

    I cry my compatriots, my friends from the world… I am suffering from anxiety attacks thinking about all children.
    I lost my voice because I can’t do anything and there political and lawyers are inefficient even with all the gold in the world. It’s too much now

    I want to stay up but today I down. Sorry

  88. Posted by    12/07/2016 12:33

    Hallo David,
    wann kann das Forum eigentlich wieder so genutzt werden wie das letzte Forum? Und wieso tauchen bei den Beiträgen immer noch die E-Mail-Adressen auf? Wo ist Birgit? Wir vermessen Birgit unser “altes” Forum. Es kann doch wohl nicht so schlimm sein, das hier endlich mal wieder auf die Reihe zu bekommen.

  89. Posted by Davida    09/07/2016 14:57

    Hallo Management,
    wann kann das Forum eigentlich wieder so genutzt werden wie das letzte Forum? Und wieso tauchen bei den Beiträgen immer noch die E-Mail-Adressen auf? Wo ist Birgit? Wir vermessen unser “altes” Forum. Es kann doch wohl nicht so schlimm sein, das hier endlich mal wieder auf die Reihe zu bekommen.

  90. Posted by    03/07/2016 16:37

    Hallo David Garrett,
    Ich wollte mein Dank an Sie für ein paar Worte zu fassen: Nur Dank.
    Sie sind ein Anreiz für viele Menschen, einschließlich mir, ich bin von seiner causa.O mein Traum auf der Geige beginnt, ist Sie wissen, so sehe ich, dass der einzige Weg, durch die Violine ist, weil es durch ihn war, dass ich dich getroffen habe und durch sie möchte ich kennen.

  91. Posted by Martine Aerts    27/06/2016 20:18

    It is very sad that some people don’t like other people being succesfull. They envie it or the hope to take advantage of it.
    In these moments you know who are your real friends and how important family is.The advantage is that to come to this
    state of popularity has already demanded lots of courage. So keep this courage to help your during this heavy period.
    Me and my son (who loves Metal, but listening to your music, added a completely new repertoire to his music library –
    by this… mission accomplished – bring classical music to the young ones) hope to attend your concert in Köln.
    Keep on playing your beautiful music. It has helped me and lots of other people, so why wouldn’t it do the same for you.
    Wish you all the best.

  92. Posted by Regina Grube    26/06/2016 21:39

    Sehr geehrter David Garrett!
    Ich wünsche Ihnen von Herzen alles Gute und dass die aktuellen Ereignisse bald geklärt sind. Ich danke Ihnen für Ihre wunderbare Musik und hoffe, dass Sie uns alle, die sich für Ihre Musik wirklich interessieren, weiterhin mit Ihrer Musik erfreuen. Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Kraft und die Musik, die gibt Kraft!!!
    Seit vielen Jahren freue ich mich auch über Ihr charmantes Auftreten, soweit es mir über die Medien möglich ist.

    Danke vielmals und alles Gute!
    Beste Grüße aus Graz, Regina

  93. Posted by    22/06/2016 22:09

    Hey David

    Lass dich nicht runter kriegen, Kopf hoch, du schaffst das.
    Bald erinnert sich keiner mehr dran.
    Melde dich wenn das Ganze vorbei ist.

    Keep up the good work

    Liebe Grüsse

    • Posted by    26/06/2016 13:42

      Sehr geehrter David Garrett!
      Ich wünsche Ihnen von Herzen alles Gute und hoffe, dass sie unbeschadet aus den aktuellen Berichten hervorgehen. Schon seit längerem bin ich begeistert von Ihrer Musik! Ich wünsche, dass Sie unbeirrt weiterspielen und uns alle weiterhin mit Ihrer Musik erfreuen! Die Musik ist ein unendliche grosser Schatz!!! Sie gibt sehr viel Kraft!!! Bitte nutzen Sie diese Kraft selbst weiterhin innig und lassen uns alle, die sich dafür wirklich interessieren, teilhaben! Ich danke Ihnen für das, was ich bisher in welcher Form auch immer, hören durfte. Und darüber hinaus danke ich auch für Ihr charmantes Auftreten!

      Mit besten Wünschen aus Graz, Regina

  94. Posted by Federica    14/06/2016 12:33

    Caro David,
    capisco tutto… ma la lingua di Vivaldi, Paganini e Stradivari ci deve essere!!!!
    Per favore 🙂

  95. Posted by    12/06/2016 09:51

    Dear (I would rather say) Angel’s Violinist, then “Devil’s”,

    I don’ you know that you have a lot of fans in Belgrade (Serbia), that simple adore your music. Giving the brightness and smile into everyday life. I would like to hear you live in the future, and tell me is there any chance to come in the Balkan region for some concerts. Are your team considering to come in Belgrade in near future. There are very nice venues for concerts, and city is very nice, people are very welcomed and worm.
    That will be a great if you can put a Belgrade at your tour map!

    With lot of greetings from Belgrade,
    Jovana Bojovic

  96. Posted by    10/06/2016 11:37

    Lieber David Garrett,
    In Zeiten wie diesen wünsche ich Ihnen die Wärme der Familie, die schützende Hand und stärkende Umarmung von Freunden, die alle zusammen die Feinheit Ihrer Seele bewahren helfen. Feine Ehrliche Seelen werden leider stark verletzt, weil sie keine Panzer haben. Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute. Die Fans stehen auf der Seite der Wahrheit, also auf Ihrer.

    • Posted by    11/06/2016 03:56

      Als eingefleischter Fan von David Garrett, würde Ich mag meine volle Unterstützung zu vermitteln und sagen, dass in Brasilien alle Fans in ihrer Verteidigung vereint sind. David ist ein einzigartiger Künstler , sensibel , talentiert und unübertroffen und seine Musik berührt die Seele , so dass es nicht verdient, durch diese Situation gehen Diese schlechte Zeit wird vergehen , und ich bin sicher, dass mit der Unterstützung von Familie, Freunden und Fans auf der ganzen Welt wird bald erholen. Es ist mir sehr klar, dass er ein guter Mensch ist , nur so Er schaffte es so viele Menschen auf der ganzen Welt zu fesseln. Sein Talent , seine Entschlossenheit , seine große Schöpfung und Freundlichkeit in seinem Gesicht ausgedrückt. David nicht traurig sein , weil wir sein Talent und sein Charisma brauchen.

      Como fã incondicional de David, gostaria De transmitir a ele meu total apoio e dizer que aqui no Brasil todas as fãs estão unidas em sua defesa. David é um artista único, sensível, talentoso e inigualável e sua música nos toca a alma, por isso não merece passar por esta situação. E por ter esta personalidade pura é que foi enganado

      Este momento ruim passará e tenho certeza que com o apoio da família, dos amigos e dos fãs de todo o mundo logo se recuperará. É muito claro para mim que ele é uma pessoa do bem, somente assim, conseguiria cativar tantas pessoas ao redor do mundo. O seu talento, sua determinação, sua excelente criação e gentileza estão expressos em sua fisionomia. David não se entristeça pois precisamos de seu talento e seu carisma.

    • Posted by    11/06/2016 03:58

      Als eingefleischter Fan von David Garrett, würde Ich mag meine volle Unterstützung zu vermitteln und sagen, dass in Brasilien alle Fans in ihrer Verteidigung vereint sind. David ist ein einzigartiger Künstler , sensibel , talentiert und unübertroffen und seine Musik berührt die Seele , so dass es nicht verdient, durch diese Situation gehen Diese schlechte Zeit wird vergehen , und ich bin sicher, dass mit der Unterstützung von Familie, Freunden und Fans auf der ganzen Welt wird bald erholen. Es ist mir sehr klar, dass er ein guter Mensch ist , nur so Er schaffte es so viele Menschen auf der ganzen Welt zu fesseln. Sein Talent , seine Entschlossenheit , seine große Schöpfung und Freundlichkeit in seinem Gesicht ausgedrückt. David nicht traurig sein , weil wir sein Talent und sein Charisma brauchen.

    • Posted by Petra    11/06/2016 04:52

      Lieber David,
      ich habe im Kuppelsaal Hannover wieder ein tolles und beeindruckendes Konzert erlebt. Du hast wieder einmal bewiesen, dass du ein hervorragender Künstler bist und ein sehr sympathischer Mensch. Das war für mich das insgesamt 4. Konzert und ich freue mich schon auf den 18. November in Leipzig. Ich bin ein absoluter Fan, auch wenn ich nicht mehr ganz so jung bin . Deine Musik tut mir gut und lässt mich die Sorgen und den Stress des Alltags vergessen. Mal ein paar Worte mit dir zu wechseln, wäre ein Traum, der sich aber leider nicht verwirklichen lässt-schade.
      Ich wünsche dir viel Kraft, um die momentan für dich nicht leichte Zeit zu überstehen und dass die Wahrheit ans Licht kommt. Ich glaube an dich und freue mich auf deine neue Tour.

    • Posted by    11/06/2016 13:06

      Lieber David Garrett,
      auch ich wünsche Dir viel Kraft für die nächste Zeit. Es ist traurig, wieviel Fake es mittlerweile gibt (unechtes Äußeres, was auch viel über das unechte Innere aussagt). Wirklich sehr, sehr schade, dass Du letztlich so einem Fake aufgesessen bist. Warum nur hatte ich immer geglaubt, dass Du selbstbewusste, sportliche und vor allem komplett fakefreie Frauen bevorzugst? Naja, egal, geht mich auch nix an. Jedenfalls wünsche ich Dir, dass Du Dich von dieser Situation nicht zu sehr verletzten lässt und am Ende gestärkt und weiterhin lebensfroh daraus hervorgehst… Beste Grüße und Wünsche.

    • Posted by    17/06/2016 20:20

      Lieber David Garrett,

      ich wünsche Ihnen viel Kraft in dieser schweren Zeit. Ich glaube jedenfalls Ihnen und kann mir beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen, dass Sie in irgendeiner Weise brutal sind.

      Alles Gute,
      Silvia L.

    • Posted by "das Marzipan der Sachertorte", Jenny    20/06/2016 19:05

      Liebster David,

      vielen lieben Dank für – Let it go!!!!!!! Ich liebe liebe liebe dieses Stück von dir interpretiert schon jetzt ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
      (und ich hab dieses Stück vor einer gefühlten Ewigkeit “damals” noch unter den “tunes” im alten Forum, was ich im übrigen sehr vermisse…..vorgeschlagen…)

      Na es freut mich sehr, das du auch diesen “Vorschlag” ganz traumhaft umgesetzt hast !!!!! DANKE ❤!!!!!!

      Und denke daran – alles kommt zu seiner Zeit, so auch die Gerechtigkeit ☺!!!!

      In diesem Sinne,

      liebste Grüße!


  97. Posted by Nimbim    08/06/2016 12:58

    Damit ich auch meinen Senf abgegeben habe: Jeder hat irgendwo Dreck am Stecken – am Besten GARNICHT dazu äußern! Mach was dir Freude macht! Hab David mal in Stuttgart Backstage erlebt – er ist ein absolut freundlicher und umgänglicher Mensch! Würde Ihn gern mal wieder sehen!

  98. Posted by Virilia    08/06/2016 12:10

    Hi my dear David, my name is Virilia, I live in Venezuela . I have been listening your music since two years ago and I love the way that you play the violin. I hope can see you in a concert here and at least I take a photo with you. Nowadays, I think you are the most handsome violionist all round the world …hahaha!!!. I send you many kisses and hugs. God Bless you.

    Pd. I Almost forget… I want give a suggestions… make this webside in spanish too please 🙂 . Te quiero mucho :-*

  99. Posted by Louise Harle    07/06/2016 11:54

    Please!!!! Come to the UK. No words on earth can describe your talent.

  100. Posted by VIVIANE    25/05/2016 12:05

    I love you

  101. Posted by Susanne    19/05/2016 17:02

    du darfst,
    deine Fähigkeiten probieren und miteinbringen

    du darfst,
    verstehen, du bist in einer anderen Lebensphase

    du darfst,
    nach deinem Lebenstempo leben und arbeiten

    Gott beschützt uns auf all unseren Wegen

    die Natur begleitet uns auf all unseren Wegen

    du darfst,
    dir vieles in deinem Kopf denken

    du darfst,
    dir indem Moment überlegen, was du bezweckst

    du darfst,
    deine Persönliche Rolle verstehn

    du darfst,
    deine Lebenshilfen erkennen, wie, Augenzwinkern, Lächeln, auf deine Körperhaltung achten, deine gute Atmosphähre, deine indirekte Begleiter, Führsorge unterstützen

    du darfst,
    dir dein Vorankommen gesundheitlich, privat, beruflich überlegen für deine kurzfristigen und längerfristigen Ziele überlegen

    du darfst,
    dir überlegen was du von deinem Elternhaus, deiner Schulzeit, deinen Nachbarn, deiner ersten Beziehung, deinen Bekannten und Verwandten mit auf deinen Weg nehmen oder was du loslassen möchtest

    du darfst,
    dir jederzeit überlegen, welche Energie brauche ich zum Leben und Arbeiten

    du darfst,
    bei deinen Hausaufgaben auch deine Gefühle regulieren

    du darfst,
    überall dazugehören

    du darfst,
    eine eigenständige Person sein

    du darfst,
    in Freiheit deine Grenzen erlernen

    du darfst,
    anfangen, deine Persönliche Rolle zu verstehn

    du darfst,
    dich mit Tatsachen anfreunden

    du darfst,
    verstehen, das ein oder andere gehört zu deiner Persönlichkeit dazu

    du darfst,
    dein Herz, deine Seele spühren

    du darfst,
    anfangen, umzudenken

    du darfst,
    an Erinnerungszeiten anknüpfen

    du darfst,
    deine Arbeit ausführen wie du sie gelernt hast

    du darfst,
    immer die gute Verbindung zueinander erkennen

    du darfst,
    einach Dasein

    du darfst,
    Gespräch bei Tee haben

    du darfst,
    dich umarmen, dich trösten

    du darfst,

    du darfst,
    immer mit Rücksicht auf Achtsamkeit

  102. Posted by Susanne    19/05/2016 15:33

    du darfst,
    auf dein körper geist seelische gute Atmosphähre achten

    du darfst,
    dir dei gesundheitlich, privates, berufliches Vorankommen überlegen

    du darfst,
    deine schritte beobachten, überlegen, umsetzen, belohnen und motivieren

    du darfst,
    deine Lebenshilfen erkennen

    du darfst,
    Einladungen annehmen

    du darfst,
    deine gruppen aufsuchen

    du darfst,
    dich auch jederzeit INFOrmieren

    du darfst,
    deine Hausaufgaben machen

    du darfst,
    deine Persönlichkeit schützen, suchen, wiederfinden

    du darfst,
    deinem Beruf gerecht werden

    du darfst,
    deinen Ausgleich umsetzen

    du darfst,
    immer mit Rücksicht

  103. Posted by Nancy    15/05/2016 21:17

    I miss the Forum!!! I enjoyed participating in the old Forum, but what is going on with the new forum?? I can never make it work! I search for obvious topics like “concerts”, “tours”, “recordings”, and I always get the message that no forums are found. Is is not functioning yet, or am I doing something wrong??

  104. Posted by    12/05/2016 09:26

    Hallo Herr Garrett ich heisse Elene.Ich bin 10 jahre alt .Ich bin in Deutschland geboren. Ich mag Sie so gern .Kann ich ihre tlefon wissen?Jetz bin ich in Georgien!
    L.G. Elene

    • Posted by    14/06/2016 09:46

      Ich verstehe einfach nicht wieso es bei euch da oben immer nur ums Geld geht das ist doch ein scheiß Leben das stelle ich mir nicht einfach vor.ich kenne sie zwar nicht aber das sie Frauen schlagen den Eindruck habe ich nicht sie tun mir leid und alle Männer die auf sowas reinfallen ich wünsche ihn in diesem Zeiten wahre Freunde die zu einen stehen

  105. Posted by Fatima    29/04/2016 13:01

    Hi David
    I will fly from Morocco to Strasbourg to see you for the first time on live 🙂 my wish: Take a photo with you, I want to keep a good memories of my first concert 🙂

    Bis bald !

  106. Posted by    29/04/2016 12:38

    Dear David
    You have not yet come to Morocco but I will come to Strasbourg to see your concert for the first time on 12 May and I am very happy 🙂 I hope so take a photo with you for good memories 🙂

  107. Posted by Davida    27/04/2016 06:39

    Wann ist das Forum wieder zu nutzen???????

  108. Posted by    26/04/2016 18:55


    wir warten sehnsuechtig wenn du mal nach London/UK kommst – in diesem Jahr habe ich keinen Termin fuer England gefunden – aber wir wuerden uns riessig freuen, dich hier zu sehen!!! Und zu hoeren natuerlich auch!!!

  109. Posted by Amy Kirby    09/04/2016 18:39

    Hello. I discovered David Garrett while listening to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra station I created on Pandora while studying. I do not know how often he comes to the United States (Arizona), but I would love to see him live. Right now I have his concert from March 2015 on YouTube playing in my headphones. Thank you so much for playing with such passion. I have been able to share a whole other genre with my kids. It is amazing!

  110. Posted by ANGELA SOUSA    04/04/2016 00:56

    I Love David Garret and his music. I’m sad because I will do a tour of Europe and would like to watch his shows but in places where it will not going to be the time that will be. I watched your show on 07/25/2015 in Sao Paulo and I want to see it again.

  111. Posted by    23/03/2016 22:42

    Wollte nur mal danke sagen, du bringst vielen die klassische Musik näher, die sonst einen großen Bogen darum gemacht haben. Deine leidenschaftlichen und emotionalen Darbietungen berühren tief. Meine Mutter hat gern klassische Musik gehört, ich habe von dir gespielt, Air von Johann Sebastian Bach, als Abschiedslied zu ihrer Beisetzung gewählt. Immer wenn sie mir fehlt und ich an sie denke, höre ich es mir an und fühle mich ihr verbunden. Ich hoffe mal live bei einem deiner Auftritte dabei sein zu können.

  112. Posted by Hristiana    20/03/2016 00:37

    I am quite happy for you living in the 21st century. If you had happened to be born at the time of Paganini’s people would surely tend to think you’ve sold your soul the the devil too..
    I also know that if the maestro could hear you playing he would feel that finally his genius has been decoded and he hasn’t been left misunderstood..
    I’m not going to ask you whether you’re saving a date for coming and playing in Bulgaria because I am quite sure what the answer would be if there were one at all.. I just want you to know that there are people in this country who admire your exquisite technique and the way you turn you passion into such a magical sequence of sounds…

    Hristiana Pelyova

  113. Posted by    11/03/2016 18:34

    Presse come and play in Sweden. I’m sure you would run full houses in both Stockholm and Gothemburg. We have beutifull laidies here aswell 🙂

    Looking forward to a Swedish consert


    • Posted by    13/05/2016 13:11

      Hi, I love David too….I’ve recently asked why does he never come to Sweden: the wheather? The cost of life too much expensive? Good questions…so let us often repeat our request: come to Sweden! Come to Sweden! Come to Sweden!

  114. Posted by    10/03/2016 03:19

    En el 2005 presentaste el Festival de Piano en Bucaramanga-Colombia, más exactamente en la UIS (donde actualmente estudio) te digo la impulsiva fascinación de entrar a ese auditorio e imaginarte tocando allí mismo, simplemente profundo. Me encantaría escucharte personalmente en el violín, si nada más en un audio se puede transmitir toda esa mezcla de sensaciones…en definitiva otro sueño por cumplir.
    Qué tanto podría llamarte la atención interpretar Payphone-Marron 5 en violín? Fue la melodía que me inspiró a iniciar mis clases con mi 4/4 y que más valioso ahora que escucharla de David Garrett no?
    No encontré manera rápida de enviar un mensaje privado diciendo esto. Desde Colombia un saludo para ti David!


  115. Posted by Bárbara    10/03/2016 01:59

    David is amasing, a genius, an angel face. Hope you came to Portugal, as sun as possible. Lots of love. Bárbara F. Chaves

  116. Posted by Daniela C    07/03/2016 03:43

    HI David,
    I have gone to your performance in Gdl, México and I really love how you play the violin, I´m 12 years old and i play the violin too. My only wish is that you signed my violin or take a photo with you. I hope the next time you can make my wish come true.
    I would like to know when you come back to Guadalajara.

    • Posted by Daniela C    07/03/2016 03:45

      HI David,
      I have gone to your performance in Gdl, Mexico and I really love how you play the violin, I´m 12 years old and i play the violin too. My only wish is that you signed my violin or take a photo with you. I hope the next time you can make my wish come true.
      I would like to know when you come back to Guadalajara.

  117. Posted by    03/03/2016 21:46

    Dear Mr. Garrett,
    First of all, I’m very glad I’ll get to hear your music live tomorrow, I consider it an honor.
    Second, you are a very virtuous musician! I truly admire you. From one violinist to another, it takes courage to do what you’re doing; practicing each day harder, fighting with amazingly difficult master pieces, getting to know many countries thanks to your passion, sharing with thousands of people the beautiful person you are.
    I wanted you to know I started my way into music (through the violin) thanks to you. I sincerely hope we get to know each other someday, here in Monterrey or in Germany, so you could hear me and my violin. Thanks to everything you have taught me, indirectly, I’m a better musician. You have a unique charm, dont let anyone take ir away from you.
    Tomorrow, I’ll send you a letter, I truly hope it gets to your hands:)
    Good luck tomorrow Mr. Garrett!
    Best regards,
    Emilia Santos

  118. Posted by    03/03/2016 19:10

    I love all your music and style since I was a child, David. I will see you at Monterrey. My dream is meet you, but is only a dream. Choose me!! my hair is silver gray! Just Kidding.

    I love you David. I´ve traveled from Spain for your concert (I´m mexican but I’m living and study in Madrid)

    TE ADMIRO!!!

    see you!

  119. Posted by Erika Montoya    29/02/2016 20:47

    Tomorrow is the day!!!

    i’m very excite for the concert. Please, please, just say Hello to my Fatherinlaw, he instroduced me to your music, and is a very fan of your talent, his name is Raul Sotelo

  120. Posted by    29/02/2016 19:15

    Hi David, My name is Azeneth i live in Saltillo near to Monterrey where you will give your concert on March 4.

    I have seen that you choose a person to be with you on stage.

    I would like to be one that you choose.

    My sit is on row F, number 22 belong 3 .

    I know that sit is not available for you but i realy wish to be that person, please..


    i love it

  121. Posted by    27/02/2016 16:06

    Estamos felices por poder asistir a Monterrey a tu concierto, es un regalo para nuestro hijo que estará festejando su cumpleaños, estaremos toda la familia ahí, felices de poder escucharte, sólo unos días más!!

  122. Posted by    26/02/2016 04:33

    Hi David, I’m going to see you in Guadalajara, Mexico, I wonder how can I give you a portrait drawing I made for you, ’cause I couldn’t get the VIP ticket in time because all of them were sold. So . For now, I can’t afford send it to Germany 🙁 Is there a chance I could give it to you there, I am not in the VIP area but I’m quite close, fortunately my friends and I got good sits 😀

  123. Posted by    20/02/2016 15:55

    MARCH 10 2016
    Roy Thomson Hall
    Accompanied by a 36-piece Symphony Orchestra
    Conducted by Franck van der Heijden
    MC Rob Christie, 96.3 Capital FM


    • Posted by    08/03/2016 16:50

      Hi David, I’m a HUGE fan and cannot wait for your concert in Toronto on March 10th. You are a truly brilliant talented artist and it would be an honour to meet you – any chance that there will be a meet and greet in Toronto for your fans???? Thank you, Tanya

  124. Posted by Erika Montoya    19/02/2016 19:21

    In 2014 I was able to see you and hear you live on your first visit to my beautiful country (Mexico).
    This time I will repeat the wonderful experience and will be twice as special as I will be ccompanied by my boyfriend and his dad who is very excited, because he is a great admirer of your work and talent, should mention that Mr. Raul Sotelo who approached me to your music.
    It would be of incomparable value that you could greet during your show and much better if you could grant us a photographer, I know I’m asking a lot, but not lose anything; and just maybe just maybe i can win the infinite.

  125. Posted by    18/02/2016 03:03

    You actually make it appear so easy together with your presentation but I to find this topic
    to be really something which I think I’d by no means understand.
    It sort of feels too complex and extremely wide for me.
    I am having a look forward in your subsequent publish, I’ll try
    to get the grasp of it!

  126. Posted by    13/02/2016 21:44

    For david
    Hello, I’m really excited about your concert in Mexico 2016,
    I have already bought tickets to come see you, I’m 13 years old , I’m a garretian, I love how you play the violin you have been an inspiration to play the violin , I also play the violin , I play the violin since I was 9 , I have really wanted to know , is there any possibility that I can see and can give me an autograph and I can make an picture with you , going to do some meet and gret I want to be there if you do one, I hope that beyond any chance , I hope your answer with emotion , I admire and I love

  127. Posted by    10/02/2016 12:50

    ich liebe dich

  128. Posted by    09/02/2016 00:33

    Hi David. Thank you. Thank you for remembered me why I love classical music and why I chose to study violin and lyric. I hope to listen you in real someday. Danke und kompliment David. Gute arbeit.

  129. Posted by    09/02/2016 00:24

    Hello David
    I’m from Monterrey, Mexico and wanted to gift you a pyrogravure I made of some of your most iconic poses, is there a way one could give you this gift?, perhaps on your Mexican leg. Not asking for a one on one just someone that can get it to you.

  130. Posted by sasha    05/02/2016 22:44

    Last year was very hard for my living.
    I suddenly realized that despite the fact that next to me close and native people in this world, I absolutely alone. All the people alone (Well that not everyone knows about it). Two weeks ago, I woke up and realized that classical music would help me. And one week ago, I saw you play Vivaldi. Then there was Brahms. Then Paganini. A film. I do not know why but that’s HOW you play and feel these approximately forty minutes seasons Vivaldi give strength to cope and live with a jump into the abyss. Thank you for “how”. Thank you, David.

  131. Posted by    03/02/2016 05:19

    Dear David, Argentina has been waiting for you so long. When i hear you playing is like anything is posible, like a moment of peace anda hapyness in the midle of caos and dayli rutin.
    Thak you for all the beautiful moments.
    I hope some day i`ll be in one of your concerts.

    • Posted by    11/02/2016 20:51

      Hello David,
      Please come to London. I think you have been before, but I didn’t know about you then.
      Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!
      Thank you
      Jane x

  132. Posted by Carol    02/02/2016 14:10

    Please come to Philadelphia,PA sometime in your future touring travels! In the meantime, I’m settling for a mini March vacation driving to hopefully blizzard free conditions into Toronto to see your performance for first time in March. Can’t wait. My son 13yrs (who plays violin) and twin girls who are 6yrs old (who I’ve been starting to teach a little violin) have memorized all you songs and compete with each other on who could name the next one. The concert is a surprise for them! I know you have heard this over and over again by many others but I can’t help but repeat it as your musical talent is truly inspiring and simply stated creates “happiness in the soul”.

  133. Posted by    27/01/2016 10:05

    Listening to Viva La Vida makes my soul soar. Thank you.

  134. Posted by    18/01/2016 18:59


  135. Posted by    15/01/2016 06:36

    Nur eine Frage: Wann werde ich Tickets für das Konzert in der Berliner Philharmonie am 16.05.2016 erwerben können?
    In ungeduldiger Erwartung

  136. Posted by    10/01/2016 18:09

    We will be delighted if you come to Dallas Tx.

    Thank you

  137. Posted by    05/01/2016 03:44

    Dear David,
    I do not know if you personally read these comments – but hopefully you do.
    Your passion in displaying your violin music to others is appreciated all over the world. Your fans feel the music in our souls, and understand your purpose. The ability you have to capture the awe of a child as young as 4 years old is because this passion and skill you exude.
    My child is one of the many young violinists who you have influenced just by being you – she is 5 years old, and has been playing violin for 1 year now. She especially loves your newest posting of the Star Wars tribute on youtube (thank you for that!) The attention spent as she is observing your skill when you play inspired me to search for tickets to take her to see you at a live concert.
    We just finalized our ticket purchase, and will be travelling from the USA to Canada JUST for her and I to see you play in Toronto, Canada. You have no idea how much joy this is bringing to my daughter looking forward to this concert! Thank you for your unique way in communicating music to young children.

    p.s (My daughter has a belief she will get to meet you while we are in Toronto for your concert. If there is any such opportunity that exists for children violinists to meet/greet with you in Toronto, it would be her most honored life experience. Those learning violin technique really relate to your skilled, fun and uplifting translation of music. If there is any way for yourself or management to reply to my listed e-mail about any opportunity to meet during your Toronto stay it would be a true honor and inspiration for my daughter!
    Wishing you a blessed year as you continue to tour and share your passion with the world. Can’t wait to see your concert in Toronto!

  138. Posted by David Vincent    01/01/2016 18:47

    Hi David, A quick question, are you going to be doing any concerts in the UK this year?? My fingers are crossed! 🙂

  139. Posted by monica g    31/12/2015 17:14

    My desire see and listen to you personally once again in a concert in Argentina this new year. Maestro, Best and warm wishes for 2016! Love you, M.

    • Posted by    02/01/2016 06:09

      David as I have bought 3 of your crossover CDs and loved them I cant help thinking that when I see you on youtube are you perhaps crossing over too far into the dark side of Rock and Roll with the clothes, the Tattoos and the projected lifestyle, perhaps it might be time to pull back especially if you wish to continue in the world of classical music at a later date. There is a proverb those walking with the wise will become wise but those walking with the stupid will become stupid. Hope this isn’t you as the music is soo good for so many people and remember the impressionable young people who may have seen your movie with the drug taking etc

      • Posted by    23/07/2016 02:01

        This anonymous comment has me upset. IT WAS A MOVIE/BIOGRAPHY not some lesson for children. Whomever you are it is a very ignorant post!
        David, I pray you never listen to this type of pure ignorance.. YOU ARE AMAZING! please come to the USA! Lots of love, Julie

    • Posted by Helga Gruschka    02/01/2016 06:51

      Hallo David,
      Weil Du mich dazu gebracht hast, jetzt neben dem Klavier auch die Geige zu lieben, habe ich heute Morgen Pelmann Beethoven Violin Romance gehört. Klingt wunderschön, aber ich habe bei Perlmann so ein innerstes Gefühl, er würde seine schöne Musik am liebsten für sich behalten. Wobei ich bei Dir zu hören glaube, Du verschenkst Deine wunderbare Musik mit beiden Händen 🙂

  140. Posted by Giftania Grace    28/12/2015 14:21

    Dashing Mr. David Garrett,
    Words can’t explain how thankful i am to discover your music.
    Years ago, my violin teacher showed your music in front of the class. He played two of your music, the “Mission Impossible” and the “Flight of the Bumblebee” ones. At that moment, for sure—i really am got amazed because i have never seen a violinist play songs without musical scores. Don’t get me wrong for the first impression but that’s what my 7th grade thought about you! my violin teacher has one of your album—the Rock Symphonies album of yours and i think you can guess what happened next—i asked him whether i can have a copy of the album and he said yes. Unfortunately, i only had the 8 GB USB and i asked my mom whether i can buy the 16 GB USB and thank God she gave me the permission to buy it otherwise i wouldn’t have any copy of one of your albums!
    I love how you put the moods and emotions into every song that you play—blue, happiness and such that make you express what the song wants to tell. And also, i really love your expressions when you are playing your violin—whether on the stage or not. They are attractive.
    I really am incredibly grateful that my violin teacher introduced you and your music otherwise i wouldn’t have known your creativity of music.
    If you ever want to come to Indonesia, let me know! it would be such an honor to see you perform live.
    Thank you for sharing such delightful and aesthetic music. Your music are stunning.
    Much love,

  141. Posted by    28/12/2015 13:15

    Hello David,
    It is such a huge honour for me to listen to your music.
    Years ago, my violin teacher played one of your songs, the “Mission Impossible” song in front of the class and at that moment i really am got so amazed. I search for your name in the youtube search bar—google as well and start keeping up with your music—until now.
    You have been inspiring me for the past few years. You inspire me; a lot. The way you play the violin, its just like you put your whole emotion into it. I really am enjoy your music not because of your looks or appearances—its because you use your feelings when you are playing it. You seem very relax on the stage and i love your expressions when you play the violin. Your music inspire me as well to be better and better in it.
    I am so thankful that my violin teacher played one of your songs otherwise i wouldn’t have known you—and your music. If you are in Indonesia, someday hopefully, let me know! It would be such a pleasure to see you live. Take care!

  142. Posted by Lidiya S    21/12/2015 08:05

    Dear Mr. Garrett!

    I only want to say thank you! All what you do are amazing! Your music, your light, your smile – make me happy! This World likes you! Give to the World your music and your smile 🙂

    Best regards
    Lidiya from Siberia

  143. Posted by Heidi    21/12/2015 00:22

    Hallo David mein absoluter Lieblingsgeiger,

    nicht beirren lassen, auch Liebhaber klassischer Musik lieben Crossover (ich). Ich bin fasziniert von der Art der Interpretation klassischer Musik auf diese Weise und ich denke, Beethoven wäre mit der Interpretation ‘Deines Scherzo heute begeistert. Ich liebe es Dein Geigenspiel so genießen zu können. Den Fluch der Karibik höre ich am liebsten von Dir, neben vielen anderen Interpretationen von “Music”. Meinen kleinen damals 7-jährigen Enkelsohn habe ich auf das Konzert 2012 Bad Segeberg zu Ostern geschenkt und er hat nachdem er über Youtube einiges von der Musik schon mal gehört hat gesagt: “ich bekomme einen Wusch erfüllt, wo ich gar nicht wusste, dass ich ihn habe und er war von dem Konzert genauso begeistert wie wir Erwachsenen. Danach hat er neben seinem Sport (Hockey) angefangen Geige zu spielen.

    Wir waren voriges Jahr in der O2-Arena und wir werden bei Deinem Hamburg-Konzert Explosiv in der Barclay-Arena im November 2016 dabei sein, haben jetzt schon Karten direkt unmittelbar Stage. Vielleicht ist ja Aeneas derjenige, der kurz zu David auf die Bühne darf. Wir freuen uns auf dieses Konzert jetzt schon und auch auf noch viele weitere Konzerte und Kompositionen von Dir. Bleibe der natürliche und liebenswerte Teufelsgeiger, dessen Musik ich liebe und stundenlang genießen kann und das auch weiter tun möchte. Danke David für das bisherige und viele gute Inspirationen für das kommende. Frohe und besinnliche Weihnachte und eine schönes und produktives 2016 wünsche ich Dir von ganzem Herzen

  144. Posted by    20/12/2015 13:00

    Me gustaría saber si se ha pensado realizar un concierto en Chile?

  145. Posted by Claudia    20/12/2015 12:51

    ¿Cuándo un concierto en Chile?

  146. Posted by    11/12/2015 08:06

    I am in love with you David.please come to Turkey.I look forward you to come to Turkey.I missed the first concert and I am very sorry about that.

  147. Posted by    05/12/2015 19:47

    Hallo, when is David coming finally to Latvia Riga??? I wery want see you in live????

  148. Posted by    05/12/2015 08:48

    David, Latvia miss You, You never been there, are you coming in our country ever? Your music is fantasticc, when you coming to Latvia Riga??
    With love Egita!

  149. Posted by    05/12/2015 08:43

    Hello David,from Latvia Riga!
    I would like met your in Latvia,your music is fantastic, my 9 years young doughter also playing violin four years.
    Is my dream met you in Riga. If it is not possible, than in Estonina Tallin, where was been Madonna, Terner and other big star.
    Our little Latvia also visited big artist like Kylie Minog, Williams and many others.
    It is my big dreams met you here in live, please think about Baltic visit.
    You music fan, Egita Lācīte from Latvia.

  150. Posted by ANDREA VILLACIS    28/11/2015 16:55

    David, mi amor!!! Come to Ecuador please!!!! I love you with my heart, soul and bones!!! YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING!!!!!! kisses and hugs for you my love!!! :* :* :**********

  151. Posted by    23/11/2015 15:48

    David Garrett,

    This might sound weird to you, but I’m just going to go ahead and share it, if it makes sense receive it, if it doesn’t flush it… No problem.

    I had a dream and you were on it. You wanted to fly, go to higher places.

    In the dream there was a hunger in your heart that’s hadn’t yet been satisfied. A cry, that wasn’t being comforted.

    I met you at a church in LA called the City Church, pastor Judah Smith introduced you and you played some pieces for the congregation.

    There was a new satisfaction on your heart after the show.

    In the dream it felt like God was wanting to show you how much He loves you and smiles on you.

    I woke up and felt like I was supposed to tell you. I don’t know you… You don’t know me. So if it makes sense take it, if it doesn’t flush it.

    Thank you for reading.

  152. Posted by Paula    01/10/2015 01:50

    Querido David: Mil gracias! porque conocerte y escucharte devolvió la sonrisa a mi alma.Lo mejor para vos!!

  153. Posted by Tinka Ray    18/09/2015 23:01

    Доброї ночі! Буду рада якось взяти участь у спільному муз проекті скрипалів, якщо головною скрипкою буде Девід або Ойстрах) Звертайтесь)

  154. Posted by Mariuxi    18/09/2015 06:06

    Besuchen Ecuador und kommen, um mit Guayaquil Symphony Orchestra and Chorus genannt Festiva zu spielen, hat eine sehr gute Musiker sang der Chor Carmina Burana

  155. Posted by Lilia Aviles    17/09/2015 16:40

    Hallo meine lieben erstaunliche David
    Ich hoffe, Sie so schön wie Sie sein können, sind, genießen alle Segnungen in Ihrer Nähe.
    Ich sicherlich genossen beobachten Sie Ihre Videos auf YouTube und teilen Sie sie, da ich liebe das wirklich Leidenschaft von Ihnen.
    Ich hoffe, Sie finden uns in der Nähe von Charlotte, NC, USA besuchen.
    Achten Sie auf dieser wunderschönen Seele von dir
    Mit Liebe, Lilia

  156. Posted by Tanya Swinton    12/09/2015 10:49

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!! Do you still practise on your birthday??? haha lol, hope u come to Australia soon!!! Happybirthday

  157. Posted by Odilia    10/09/2015 15:31

    Hello David. Aegentina is waiting for you again

  158. Posted by Liliane Pfaffenbach    09/09/2015 19:19

    Hallo David,
    Ich glaube, du hast keine Zeit die Mails/Posts deine Fans persönlich abzulesen, aber ich versuche sowieso dir zu schreiben.
    Ich bin brasilianische/deutsche , aber zurzeit wohne ich in in der Slovakei.
    Ich bin von Bratislava nach Rom geflogen um dich Live zu sehen und habe sogar einen Autograph gekriegt. Es war wünderschön ” Tico-Tico no Fubá” zu hören, ein Lied vom meinen Heimatland. Alle andere Lieder waren auch sehr schön und das Konzert hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Aber ich habe 2 Bitten: zuerst kein weisses T-Shirt….zusammen mit dem Licht auf der Buhne bist du fast in allen Fotos versteckt, wie ein Geist…:-) und die zweite ist, bitte komm mal nächstes Jahr nach Bratislava oder Wien oder in beide Städte. Sicher hast du hier auch eine Menge von Fans.

  159. Posted by Rosy Navarro    07/09/2015 17:39

    Hi David, happy birthday,I wish you had a great day , god bless you always, big hug to you

  160. Posted by Veronica de Mena    07/09/2015 03:32

    Blessed forever and thank you for what you do.

  161. Posted by Veronica de Mena    07/09/2015 03:30

    David, my four-year-old Iker, has seen one of your videos and fascinated as you play the violin and wants to play like you, thank you for this wonderful gift you have.

  162. Posted by max    05/09/2015 04:21

    sorry for the spelling I usually speak french 😉

  163. Posted by max    05/09/2015 04:20

    Hi I bough the fan box of your new album via amazon…. if you can sigh coulb be great (nb.. i don’t realy play violon, but I know ”alexandre da costa (international violinist too).. I know how it can be dificult to do waht you do!!!! great job and continue your effort!! (nb; will you come to Montreal/quebec/canada a day???? to be the first one to buy the best place!! 🙂

  164. Posted by tel    04/09/2015 17:45

    David, primeiro quero agradecer o presente maravilhoso da vinda ao Brasil, acompanhado de sua banda. Momentos inesquecíveis do seu show. Obrigada de coração. Aguardamos breve retorno. Nesta data tai especial, desejo-lhe muita paz, alegria, saúde muito sucesso e que sempre estejam ao seu lado pessoas tão queridas. Você com certeza deixa a vida mais leve. Obrigada

  165. Posted by Petra    04/09/2015 05:22

    Hallo David, herzliche Geburtstagsgrüße nach New York. Ich gratuliere dir ganz herzlich und wünsche dir alles erdenklich Gute-Gesundheit, Glück und weiterhin viel Erfolg und Freude an der Musik.

  166. Posted by Hannah Martin    03/09/2015 22:53

    Is there any possible way to buy a ticket at this late date for the Verona concert on Saturday? The opportunity came up at the last minute, and as a violin student it would be a shame to be near Verona and miss this concert!

  167. Posted by Loredana    01/09/2015 20:29

    Looking forward for the concert in Bucharest, 15/09, for the Enescu Festival!! Is there any photo/autographs session planned before, or after the event?
    Bests, Loredana

  168. Posted by Maria    30/08/2015 16:54



  169. Posted by Maribel Perez    30/08/2015 09:15

    When is David coming to California again?

  170. Posted by Tina    30/08/2015 01:15

    Dear David, I live in Brussels and i know you from two years only but my life is full of You and your music, I am in possession of all your Cds and Dvds. After the concerts in March in Paris and in Bosen this Summer, its crazy, I really addicted… When I am driving in my car, your music, classical or crossover, fills me joy, passion, emotion! It’s really magic… You know, i think that God have sent us some genius like Bach but He sent you to Earth to fill your fans and familly of Love with your passion for the music and your kindness and humility. Thank you David to be You. Tina
    Ps. When are coming to Brussels? 😉

  171. Posted by Teufelsgeigerin    26/08/2015 14:45

    Hey David & Team,
    ich finde wirklich, dass Du tolle Musik machst!
    Aber ich habe eine wichtige Frage: Auf Twitter hast Du ja einen Link zu einer Aufnahme aus deinem neuen Album gepostet. Ich fand die Aufnahme wirklich unfassbar toll und sehr gut gelungen! Ich komme zum Punkt:

    Gehst Du mit Deinem neuen Album auf Deutschland Tour?

    Ich würde mich freuen, wenn du das machen würdest!
    Bis bald, Philippa

  172. Posted by Sylvia Martinez    22/08/2015 05:12

    David,i am the widow of a great violinist,i am pianist.Szering play perfect, as well than Heifetzs, never like you , your beautiful sound , incomparable , passion memory , good taste , you are the , best before ,now and tomorrow, I Know, my life change when I met you. cannot live without listening to you, Classic , and Crossover, Genius, Love you,My husband study in julliar , too. and was in Conservatory , Tchaikosky, Moscu. Take care I am Fan number one , From Guadalajar Mexico, Sylvia.

  173. Posted by anna ganderup    21/08/2015 12:04

    Spett-le David Garrett
    Please forgive me, I’m not a your fan; still 30 days ago I didn’t know
    anything about your existence. I’ve the uncommon ability to be visited – in
    dreams – by personalities of the artistic and political world.
    You did visit me in my dream. I’m going to write you a letter with the story of the long dream.
    In this occasion I would also attach a “mini cadeaux” for your upcoming
    birthday 4 /09.
    I’ll try to send the little package to the address of your Fan Post-
    Postfach 200460/13514 Berlin. I kindly ask that the note could arrive uncut
    to you, because of the personal content .
    You’re a Fellow of remarkable human depth and especially charged inner soul
    – touching magic oleistica of higher cosmic vibrations. I send my generous
    respects also to His wonderful family and entire staff with best wishes for
    your Brilliant Career … My best wishes
    From Anna Ganderup

  174. Posted by alice pietracatella    15/08/2015 20:01

    Davidl…We miss you in NYC!!!!! When r u coming back.???? I see your apt is for sale. Will you get a new place in NYC…or is it because you are never here???

  175. Posted by lyudmila    13/08/2015 17:48

    Dear David! Thank You very much to prolong the life violin so old age. After all, it’s great that we can see and listen to the music “born” in ancient times in the original.And if the violin could speak, would be very interesting her emotions about rock music. This is so cool, you’re a genius of our generation.

  176. Posted by Francielle    12/08/2015 15:32

    Gostaria de entrar em contato com vocês, como faço? Pelo email não tive retorno

  177. Posted by Guadalupe Mont Perez    11/08/2015 20:10

    Hola David soy de México y mi admiración por ti es muy grande, algun dia se que vendrás a México y claro que iré a verte te mando un cariñoso abrazo …VIVA LA VIDA

  178. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    11/08/2015 15:03

    Dear David !
    When are you going to tell the information about Japan tour ?
    I am waiting for you everyday . I miss you, David Please come to Japan !!!

  179. Posted by katarzyna szymanowska    10/08/2015 22:00

    Hello! How are you? I’d like to find out when is closest concert with David Garrett in NY. I thought it’s coming September 5th but I can see it is concert in Italy. Please let me know if possible. Thanks a lot! Katarina

  180. Posted by Amalia    10/08/2015 11:56


    when a concert in spain?

    it will be more apreciate 🙂


  181. Posted by Jumpy    09/08/2015 21:44

    Master, my son is a beginner violin player and before start studying a new piece we look in YouTube how to should play it and you are a big inspiration for him. He is starting to study “Allegro” by Fiocco, so far we found a performance of Itzhak Perlaman. Did you ever play this song? If yes, can you please post on you tube? Thanks, Jumpy

  182. Posted by carolina    06/08/2015 23:22

    For Rick Blaskey
    I plan to be in London late February or early March 2016 and HOPE there might be a David Garrett core classical concert. If there is I will buy tickets for all my friends and there are quite a few.
    I must repeat you were super brilliant to recognize his potential. I just returned from Rio where I brought David 7 new
    fans. Thank you again for all you do.. Brgds Carolina

  183. Posted by titty    05/08/2015 16:36

    Hi David, I’m an italian fan of yours. I’m a retired who loves colours and spend much of my time painting, so for your next birthday I’ve painted a portrait oils of you.I hope you’ll like it .But how could I give you the portrait? On next September I’ll be in Rome for three days and Sunday 6 September I’ll see your performance at Auditorium della Conciliazione. Could I give you it before your show? I think it’s impossible to do it after your show because the portrait is cm 50×70 great and I can’t keep it whit me in the stall during the show… Do you prefer I send it to postfach 200460 in Berlin? Please say me how it is better for you… Dearest could you play “Moon river” for your aged and romantic fans like me? It’a a very fine song and you and your violin will make it more beautiful. I also love “La follia” di A. Corelli. Don’t you think it is fine in rock style too? Sorry for my little English. Thank you for your music and liking. See you in Rome.

  184. Posted by ana maria muniz    05/08/2015 14:51

    Fiquei muito feliz em poder vê-lo no Brasil. Espero que você também tenha gostado. Eu o vi em São Paulo e no Rio de Janeiro (pela sexta vez) O presente, para você tocar nas horas de folga, foi um agradecimento por tudo de bom que você nos dá com a sua música e o seu talento. Tente tocar Tico Tico com ele. Um grande abraço, Ana

  185. Posted by Lourdes Ortiz    02/08/2015 17:17

    Listening to you is like having an orgasm for soul!!!!!

  186. Posted by tel    02/08/2015 16:39

    David e toda a banda, obrigada pelos momentos felizes e inesquecíveis do show no Rio de Janeiro. Aguardamos a volta de vocês. Não imaginam o quanto me fazem feliz!!!

  187. Posted by carolina    02/08/2015 16:06

    As a senior citizen it’s not easy to make such a long flight NYC RIO especially in economy class combined with long delays, going southbound a delay from one day to the next. BUT I did make it and was reinvigorated seeing friends in RIO and introducing them for the first time to David Garrett. The anticipation leading up to the concert was exciting, but the concert itself absolutely marvelous. I am so happy that DG has 7 new Brazilian fans and if he does go back to Brazil, I’ll go again. Right now resting and recovering from that long trip north, but with the pleasure of visions of the concert in my mind, as well as the music still in my head. THANK YOU DAVID AND BAND.

  188. Posted by Odilia    31/07/2015 18:01

    Hola David: Soy una gran admiradora de tu música, tanto la clásica como el crossover.La verdad que te conocí a partir de la película y a partir de alli comencé a escucharte y consegui todos tus discos(Por lo menos los que se consiguen en mi pais, Argentina).Hace poco asistí al show que hiciste aca y lo distruté muchísimo . Quisiera saber si hay posibilidad de que vuelvas con este tipo de show y tambien un concierto de música clásica. Ojalá vos o alguien lea ésto y me respondan. Te deseo toda la suerte del mundo, sos un gran violinista y una gran persona.. SALUDOS DESDE ARGENTINA

  189. Posted by Rosemary Tur    31/07/2015 03:23

    You are on my “bucket list” – to see a concert would be the greatest joy of my life! Come to St. Louis MO – this would make it possible for me to see a concert as I live across the river. There are many “seniors” out this way that would love to have an opportunity to see you live in concert. Your music is the greatest – your talent, professionalism, entertainer skills, marketing is off the charts and makes you NUMBER ONE! By the way, I liked the way you dressed when you performed the PBS special, Music. I have all your CDs and play Music so much I think I will need a new CD soon! Would like to know if you will be doing a PBS special on Classic Revolution?

  190. Posted by Mariana Alonso    29/07/2015 14:34

    Hey David and awesome band! I am still astonished and amazed at your performance from last night in Rio! It was incredible enough to send a chill down anyone’s spine! I am such a huge fan! I used to play the piano, but you inspired me so much that I started learnig how to play the violin because of you! You and your band are sensational! Cariocas love you! Brazil loves you! Please, please, please, do come back soon! Best concert EVER! Thank you for that opportunity! Danke schön! Muito obrigada!

  191. Posted by Barbara Braga Barbosa    28/07/2015 18:22

    David, I’m really a fan a long time. I’ll be in your presentation in Rio de Janeiro! Please call me on stage My daughter unborn, and is a fan. She kicks a lot in my stomach when I hear your CD. Please take a picture with me to show my daughter when she was born. We are a fan!

  192. Posted by nathabei    27/07/2015 19:39

    I’m really in love!!!

  193. Posted by Talita Cervone    27/07/2015 05:53

    How don’t fall in love with this guy??? A piece of heaven on Earth!!!
    David, thanks for gift us with your tallent and this memorable show!!!
    You should come always back to Brazil!!!
    Thanka you so much for this two hours on Paradise!
    Hope to have the opportunitie to see you soon!!
    Kind regars and best wishes!!
    Talita Cervone , São Paulo – Brazil

  194. Posted by Claudia M. Terrón    26/07/2015 01:58

    David, por favor…VEN A MÉXICO!!!!
    bitte nach Mexiko kommen,
    pelase, come to México

  195. Posted by Bernadetta    26/07/2015 00:56

    David, Poska czeka na Ciebie 🙂

  196. Posted by sabrina lentz    25/07/2015 15:48

    David, nunca via tamanha perfeição! Seu show é espetacular, e você…sem palavras, só a pessoa mais linda que já vi! Seu carisma, sua simpatia, estou ainda mais apaixonada por violino e por você!!!
    Venha mais vezes para o Brasil, nós brasileiras agradecemos imensamente!!!
    I Love You

  197. Posted by Sylvia Martinez    24/07/2015 04:56

    I am really , so so happy, I just received the autograph, of my Dear and so great David Garrett, from Berlin.I send the foto from Toronto.My family lives there, I live in Guadalajara Mexico.I am a widow of a great violinist, and I really appreciate and admire David, because, He is the greatest violinist I ever met, the glizandos , the beautiful sound , from all his amazins instruments,His technic, and good taste is out of this world.His smile, he is so lovely, Thank you David, you make the world better.Take care, come back to Guadalajara, here we love you. your music goes directly to the heart.I cannot live without listening to you.

  198. Posted by monica g    24/07/2015 01:52

    Pls, come back to Argentina. I´m one of the blessed persons who attended last Sunday to Gran Rivadavia Theatre in Buenos Aires. Without discrediting this theatre or the organization of your visit, I have a dream of seeing you play at our Colon Theatre or Luna Park stadium. You fill my soul!!

    • Posted by    25/11/2015 15:17

      Sehr geehrter David Garrett,

      ich finde Dich und Deine Musik vor allen Dingen das neue Musikalbum Serenity Titel so besonders gut, mit der Nicole Scherzinger, da höre ich mir das aus der Ferne auf dem Laptopp Computer an!

      Ich bewundere euch Stars beide. Eine super tolle spitze Komposition des Musikstücks. Du spielst simply the best auf der Violine, eine super suesse Familie hast Du ja auch.Wuensche Dir von ganzem Herzen eine Menge Erfolg und Küsschen. Meine Familie bzw. meine beiden Eltern sind Sänger gewesen, wir haben vor da Sie alle Rentner sind und ihre Rente im Ausland erhalten könnten, wieder wohl ins Ausland nach Bulgarien zusammen weg zu ziehen raus aus Deutschland, da ja sowieso sehr viele Flüchtlinge hier leben wollen in Zukunft und wir als Ausländer gesehen werden! Ach ja danke für den recht kurzen Besuch in Bad Hersfeld, habe kurz Dein Gesicht gesehen, Du könntest mich mal in Sofia besuchen fliegen und fahren.

      Mit freundlichem Gruss,

  199. Posted by Aline    23/07/2015 21:01

    Hallo David und production 🙂

    I´m looking forward too see the show in São Paulo tomorrow night.
    He was the musician that i choose to listen when i was pregnant… result: my delivery was like his music, perfect!
    I would like to know if it´s possible take a picture with him after the show at Espaço das Americas tomorrow. It would let me very happy 😀

    Hope you see my message in time.

    Thanks and have a great show!

  200. Posted by Violeta    23/07/2015 12:38

    David Garrett, como se puede conseguir que usted de conciertos en España? Usted nunca viene a este pais, por que? Tienen que ser los productores españoles quienes soliciten a usted un tour o concierto ? Si es de ese modo, como pueden saber los productores que usted es un famoso y gran violinista, si en España no hay informacion suya, ni en tv, ni en prensa, no se distribuyen Cds de usted en ningun sitio, no hay publicidad de David Garrett . Los fans que tiene usted aqui,como yo, lo conocemos de casualidad a traves , de Youtube. La 1@ vez que vi un video de usted fue en 2011, desde entonces, le he seguido fielmente, oirle tocar el violin, me da paz, usted trasmite bonitos sentimientos con su musica, sensibilidad y simpatia. Me da tristeza ver que da conciertos en todos los paises del mundo, pero no lo hace en mi pais, no podre ver un concierto suyo nunca? En Granada ( sur de España ) hay un Festival Internacional de Musica y Danza, seria un lujo verle tocar el violin aqui. Haga promocion aqui,que toda España conozca a David Garrett, y podamos verle en concierto. Mucha suerte Maestro, y felicidades por ser como es, virtuoso, carismatico, sencillo y simpatico. Soy gran admiradora suya, de su arte.

  201. Posted by Eduardo    22/07/2015 03:47

    Dear David, next saturday, me , my wife and daughter we will see you in Sao Paulo at Espaco das Americas ( like a space of Americas , something like that. By the way did you know that your stick of violin is maded from our tree, specially in Amazonas ? This tree is knowed by this name – Pau Brasil and is the only one that produces sound from the wood and all sticks are maded from this tree. Please refer this comment at show next Saturday and my family will be very happy. We see you on next saturday and have a good presentation for you. My name is Eduardo, my wife is Claudia and my daughter is Giovanna.

    Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!

  202. Posted by Diego Farina    21/07/2015 14:09

    Hi, about show in Porto Alegre, today… My little son RAFAEL CHIARANI FARINA, 4 years old, your fan… He’s going from Caxias do Sul to Porto Alegre, distant 150 km, for see your show. He’s have a dream of seeing you; He he a vionlin and studient musical.

  203. Posted by Patricia Gomez    20/07/2015 20:49

    David, so many thanks to you and your band for the Buenos Aires show, it was wonderful! You do magic and you are so kind! Please, try to come back soon, it was not enough, only a day … Buenos Aires is so beautiful, you have to take a time to know it a little more, and we want to see you more too!! You are so lovely!! Be back soon.

  204. Posted by TXELI    17/07/2015 13:20

    Dear David, last June we were dancing a classical coreography with your NOVEMBER RAIN!. Which song you want that I play next year? LOVE FROM BARCELONA!

  205. Posted by Toby    16/07/2015 00:52

    I have a dream of seeing you play at the Seiji Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood in Massachutts in the U.S. next time you tour here. It is supposed to have phenomenal acoustics, and with the way you play… Wunderbar! Any chance?

  206. Posted by Melissa Sánchez    14/07/2015 03:04

    Hola David!!! Amo tu hermosa música. Tu bello arte me hace la vida mas llevadera y feliz. Cuando vienes a dar un concierto en Ecuador (Quito) aquí esperamos con ansias un concierto tuyo… por favor ven a Ecuador…

  207. Posted by Ruan Marques    14/07/2015 02:14

    Hi David Garrett. I live in Brazil , Rio de Janeiro , and I saw that you will come to Rio in 07/06/15 . But unfortunately , I could not buy the ticket in time. So I would like to ask if you can make an extra show here because I admire you so much and you inspire me to continue playing the violin . I always dreamed of seeing his concert , especially when you play Winter – The Four Seasons. Thank you for everything. I ‘m a big fan.

  208. Posted by Galina Galanos    13/07/2015 20:36

    No other musician I’ve ever known conveys the emotions he feels when playing a musical instrument as you do. It is not just your facial expressions but your whole body, and the way you seem to be making love to the violin. You’re not just a musician, it is as if music lives within you.

  209. Posted by Beverly Summers    12/07/2015 15:55

    Dear David, When will you have a new DVD? I live in the United States and can not attend your live concerts.
    Have all your CD and DVD’s. You are an exceptional violinist and dedicated performer. Very handsome to say the least. When you played “Music” , I had tears in my eyes. “Music” is the story of my life.
    In Love and Light
    Beverly Summers

  210. Posted by ANNA MARIA    09/07/2015 13:32

    Every time I listen to your violin and your music, every time I look at your pictures, my lips curving into a huge smile. Thank you.
    I have a request: In Italy in September, could you please play the Adagio of T. Albinoni ? It is one of my favorites. Thank you . With love.

  211. Posted by Galina Galanos    05/07/2015 04:43

    Dear David, sorry, but being younger than my youngest son I can’t bring myself to address you formally. I love music, whether it is classic, pop or rock, and I’m a great fan of yours. After listening to your extraordinary rendition of the Bruch and Brahms concertos, I feel as if I took a trip to heaven and back. You’re an amazing musician, and the passion you put into your performances is contagious. Thank you.

  212. Posted by claudia torres    03/07/2015 03:03

    Y Please ya contestame en twitter o en facebook. Gracias!!!

  213. Posted by claudia torres    03/07/2015 02:59

    Hola David!!! Amo tu hermosa musica y porsupuesto que a ti. Tu bello arte me hace la vida mas llevadera y feliz. Gracias por existir.
    Daria lo que fuera por un autografo tuyo para tatuarmelo, pues estoy segura que siempre seras mi maximo idolo. Besos desde Matehuala S.L.P Mexico.

  214. Posted by Patricia    30/06/2015 15:26

    Hola David, te escribo desde Madrid. Me encanta tu musica, desde que te descubrí no dejo de escucharte. Has hecho que en unos meses escuche mas musica clasica que en toda mi vida. Me emociona oir como tocas el violín. le pones tanta pasión!!! Me encantaria oirte tocar en directo , he visto varios conciertos tuyos en youtube. Por favor , ven a tocar a Madrid !!!! O a otra ciudad de España…. Nunca has venido a España? te va a gustar.
    A ver si el próximo año te podemos ver por aquí. Te esperamossss!!!

  215. Posted by carolina    26/06/2015 15:39

    Well I am ashamed o say I am almost always behind the times, but not usually THIS far behind. But I suppose better late than never. Of course I knew the name AC/DC but knew nothing. But now I can’t stop listening to and watching THUNDERSTRUCK. Like Scherzo, it is mesmerizing, repetitive thrilling. Major minor major minor. major minor adrenalin. It is brilliant. I even youtubed AC/DC playing it. That guitar unbelievable and I do know how difficult guitar is even though the greats make it look easy. Sounds exactly like David////or is it the other way around. Anyway THANK YOU for waking me up. Really AWAKE now!!!

  216. Posted by ANNA MARIA    24/06/2015 12:38

    Dear David,
    I accidentally discovered you May 5, 2015 and I am hopelessly in love with your violin and you!
    You’ve arrived at the right time ……. I was looking for thrills, passion, intensity, joy, love , longing and here’s your violin and your person.
    Thank you for making me feel alive again.
    Something inside me has been rekindled and shook me the soul.
    Thanks with all my heart.
    Thank you for the way you are.
    With love.

  217. Posted by sahise souza    24/06/2015 02:28

    Oiii !! Sua musicalidade é intensa e muito emotiva, estou cada vez mais apaixonada por seus videos na internet, infelizmente não poderei estar presente no seu concerto no Brasil, mas ja sou fã. Você colca paixão e muito sentimento nas musicas que toca, é muito lindo de ouvir, muito obrigada por compartilhar i seu dom.
    Um super abraço.

  218. Posted by Medea    22/06/2015 22:07

    As I listened to you this evening I thought how useful it would have been to a spread the Jesus’ words and deeds by directed your gift towards his work. The gifts are given by the God and it depends how we will put it to use. You definitely are gifted with many talents and I am sure that I am not the first and the last person you will hear it from.
    For example Lucifer the angel of God became arrogant and fell from his grace, he got kicked out of heaven, he was also gifted with perfection though he decided to use his gift for his own agenda instead of doing God’s work.
    Time to time you are referred as a demon’s violinist, that is probably because of the role you have played before. Nothing happens on this earth just because, may be this has a reason too. I would not worry about it though, everything can be fixed.
    Give place to God in your work and dedicate your gift to him,
    “The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever” (1 John 2:17)
    May God bless you and we will meet again on September the 2nd in your concert in Milan. Medea

  219. Posted by Ulrike    20/06/2015 17:18

    Hallo lieber David,
    wie zu lesen ist, suchst du gerade einen geeigneten Titel für deine neue Cd, die du im Herbst veröffentlichen willst. Du hast dazu aufgerufen, dir Vorschläge zu schreiben. Dem komme ich sehr gerne nach. Da ich mich nicht kurz fassen kann, schreibe ich dir nicht auf Twitter, sondern hier. Du hast mir früher einmal gesagt, dass alles, was für dich bestimmt ist, auch den Weg zu dir findet. So bin ich zuversichtlich, dass du diese Zeilen auch wirklich lesen wirst.

    Spontan kam mir sofort “Paradise” in den Sinn. Durch den herrlichen Goldregen bietet sich das für mich als Name für dein neue Cd nahezu perfekt an. Aber das ist dir sicherlich zu einfach, oder? Nun gut, hier kommen meine anderen Vorschläge, die wie ich finde, sehr gut zu dir passen.
    – Untamed
    – Lucky guy
    – Hungry heart
    – My choice, my voice.
    – My pleasure
    – Everything changes.
    – Joy of living
    – Mikado ( ja, das Wort ist mir wirklich mehrmals in den Sinn gekommen. Keine Ahnung, warum. Hihi. )

    Was sagst du dazu, gefallen dir meine Ideen? Das wäre schön. Vielleicht sind sie dir ja wirklich eine kleine Hilfe bei der Namensfindung. Wobei ich sicher bin, dass du diese Hilfe von Außen gar nicht brauchst, denn du hast die Antwort sowieso schon jetzt in dir drin. Folge deinem Bauchgefühl und vertraue ihm, es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis sich der Name für dich ganz selbstverständlich offenbart. Und es wird perfekt sein, – wie immer.

    Lieber David, nun verabschiede ich mich mit besten Wünschen und lieben Grüßen von Herzen.
    Vielen Dank für deine Aufmerksamkeit!
    Deine Ulrike

  220. Posted by Kanone    20/06/2015 11:10

    Hallo David,

    sind die Noten zu deinen Kompositionen und Bearbeitungen in irgendeiner Form zu erwerben? Konkret würden wir gerne die Geigennoten von deiner Carmina Burana haben. Wäre toll …
    Ganz herzliche Grüße!

  221. Posted by Diyora    17/06/2015 19:38

    Io ti penso amore David…
    Io sono con te
    Anche se tu sei lontano
    Sei vicino a me
    Ich denke an dich, meine Liebe
    Ich bin mit Ihnen
    Selbst wenn Sie weit sind
    Sie sind mir nah

  222. Posted by Pamela Reilly    15/06/2015 03:47

    I have always loved the sound of the violin, perhaps because I was always an incurable romantic. I am still one at 66. My husband passed almost too years ago. He used to joke that he heard violins playing when we were together. Hearing your incredible music brings back my memories of him, but of course I know somewhere we will be together again. I hope you come to America again so that l and my two daughters and two granddaughters can listen to your heavenly music.

  223. Posted by Pamela Reilly    15/06/2015 03:44

    I have always loved the sound of the violin, perhaps because I was always an incurable romantic. I am still one at 66. My husband passed almost too years ago. He used to joke that he heard violins playing when we were together. Hearing your incredible music brings back my memories of him, but of course I know somewhere we will be together again. I hope you come to America again so that my two daughters and two granddaughters can listen to your heavenly music.

  224. Posted by Jeanette    12/06/2015 19:36

    Phew, what a rigamarole to go through just to leave a comment! 🙂 I found you a few months back and, of course, I’m hooked! I play the cello, the piano and anything else I can bang on just for fun. I don’t play in a band or orchestra and I like it that way. I’m writing because it’s my understanding of you and your music that it’s your wish to cross over, as well as be as reachable to as many ages of people as possible. I’ve always been a lover of classical as well as rock and roll, grunge…my problem with the classics was stepping through all that is out there to find the ones I really liked. I’ve unearthed many, but since finding you it feels as if I don’t have to search because you’ve found them all! THANK YOU for that! Listening to your music fills me with hope…something I’ve begun to lose recently. As well as all that I teach a ‘culture’ group in the place where I work with at risk teenage girls. I’ve introduced you to them and now they go to school and introduce you to their teachers and peers. When we are in the car together they ask if I have my IPOD as they love the ‘Gypsy Dance’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ the best. Most importantly, they get excited about your music because I am excited about it (your dimples don’t hurt either…we are talking teenage hormones here!). So…here I am feeling weird about leaving a ‘comment’ you may or may not read but I guess it’s for everyone who helps bring your music into the world…I am grateful…my clients are grateful that you fill the world with a fantastic energy I won’t try to put into words. If ‘crossing over’ to get your music out there to the masses was indeed your goal, BRAVO! Job well done! 🙂 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  225. Posted by Tania    11/06/2015 22:03

    Hello David, I was playing the violin in the theater orchestra for 30 years, and to be honest, I was mostly disappointed with the people of this sphere. But you, with your inspired performance and vivid emotions brought me back to the world of real music, lively, sincere and eludes dogmas. You have awakened in me the forgotten emotions and I looked at life with new, fresh look while enjoying your performance.
    In the hard times of life your music has become for me a breath of fresh air.
    Thank you for happiness to hear you.

  226. Posted by Nikki    08/06/2015 13:46

    Hi there. Mr Garrett, You’re music is absolutely awesome! I listen to you everyday. In my car and you’re always playing in the background at work. My 6 year old son tells me in my car that you rock! To watch your control of the violin and especially you’re fingers move is amazing. Sometimes when I read my kindle at night, I put on a playlist and listen to you playing through my headphones whilst reading! I hope that you will see this post and COME TO SOUTH AFRICA!!! Thanks for being a true inspiration and for giving this world we live in an amazing talent to listen to! THANK YOU!!! Nikki

  227. Posted by Sylvia Martinez    05/06/2015 19:17

    Maestro,David, i just heard sonata Kreutzer, Dusseldorf are the best in the world. I am a widow , of a great violinist , and I know , you are the best, we were friends of Henryk szeryng. He was very good, but square, you are the best, and your sound , unique. I send all my love .every day I hearyou and see you.From Guadalajara Mexico.

  228. Posted by carolina    05/06/2015 02:02

    Nicoletta, I hope you were able to attend the concert on the 30th of May in Milano. IT WAS FREE!!!!! If you were there in person, HOW I ENVY YOU. It was a beautiful location right in the Piazza. And the music so beautiful. Brilliant conductor, brilliant David as usual.

  229. Posted by Grisel    04/06/2015 03:32

    Dear Mr. Garrett

    I would like first to express my deep admiration for him and his wonderful talent, and tell my story:

    in early June of 2012, I fell into a deep depression and anguish, as time went by, I felt the hole in which I was going closer and deeper; the only thing that kept me going is my son, who could not deny a smile, a bedtime story, play and teach him to be better and live. but inside I had become an empty being, isolated from the world, friends and family. a being as describes a songwriter has Ricardo Arjona “live you said my doctor after my pulse that my vital signs announce that I’m alive. live that even breathe and that I walk. I live because such is life ”

    in that lapse I learned to make jewelry as therapy, as a stay afloat, not four months ago looking for classical and instrumental music found a video of his “living the life” of Coldplay; I can not describe the feelings and sensations I had on when he heard for the first time see the passion with which you play the violin is worthy of my admiration and envy of course. because of that moment I decided to look over his music, biography etc … I’m trying to say is that his inspiration, passion and music have given me something I thought lost or forgotten for a long time, I discovered that I am still able to a smile to someone, without fake it, I discovered that I am still able to give my heart as if it were the first time, and above all to believe and trust myself. but I never thought that music therapy was my life preserver.

    I thank God because I was born in this era, era in which you are, that maybe one day I will have the opportunity to know him and to witness one of his concert. (Although I see that hard, since I live in Honduras) and to thank you personally, because deep down I know that this humble note will not ever read; but I hope that this wrong in this.

    dismissal without but I very carefully;

    Grisel Garcia

  230. Posted by joselyne    03/06/2015 20:41

    hola me gustaria que david cuando venga a mexico podria verlo conocerlo y tomarme una foto cin el seria el sueño de mi vida hecho realidad agradesco por estar con ustedes

  231. Posted by Julie Schwannecke    28/05/2015 23:12

    Hallo David, Danke für deine Musik und die amazing performance auf der Geige. Ich war beim letzten Brahms Konzert in der Kölner Philharmonie und fand es super. Spannend, wie du Brahms den Zuschauern näher gebracht hast!
    Viele Grüsse aus Bonn, Julie

  232. Posted by Gloria Rivas    27/05/2015 18:58

    Hello, good evening, I live in America and I wonder if the concert on May 30 in Milan, are going to be transmitted by Internet .
    And if they could share the Web address Verlo paragraph, I am grateful .
    Thank you.

  233. Posted by Irène    25/05/2015 12:39

    Bonjour, pourquoi David Garrett n’est pas plus connu en France ? J’ai des CD et des DVD de ses concerts en Allemagne : Rock Symphonie, Music. Ses concerts sont très dynamiques et modernes. J’aimerais bien avoir ce type de spectacle en France, car j’adore ce qu’il fait, en plus l’Allemagne est un pays voisin il n’y a qu’une frontière à traverser… Merci de votre réponse !!

  234. Posted by ScarlettCullen    25/05/2015 00:39

    Hi I’m Scarlett from Atlanta Georgia and I must say that David Garrett is my favorite violinist. I hope that soon you will come to Atlanta!

  235. Posted by carolina    24/05/2015 20:13

    to Rick Blaskey
    THANK YOU. You have given us David Garrett, the complete wonderful way to lift one’s spirits and toss problems and troubles out of the window. You were BRILLIANT to recognize his magical abilities even though we now know through his very hard work boosted by his positive sunny personality. Thank you.

  236. Posted by OnonPioner    24/05/2015 16:28

    I booked my trip to Prague to see him in September. Is there any way i can get autograph of him after his concert?

  237. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    23/05/2015 23:57

    Hello,David ! I am always waiting for your Japan tour. You said you will come to Japan early next year.
    When do you talk about the details ? Please ,please tell me ,David.
    I met my friends who are all fun of you. I had a nice time with my friends .
    I am listening your beautiful performance everyday . So I am looking forward to your Japan tour.

  238. Posted by Paola    23/05/2015 22:28

    Hi I studied the violin for several years but now i am a doctor in italy also i continue to plaly for myself i love your music and your style and i would like you to consider the idea of a musical arrangement in your style of the Romanza in F minor of P. Ciaikowski excuse me but i think you will play that romanza in a unique waank you for the emotions that you give to your listeners .My name is GiuseppeI’m an italian fan from Modena I HOPE I WILL SEE YOU IN VERONA IN SEPTEMBER
    Hope to see you soon bye Giuseppe

  239. Posted by Zeynep Aydın    20/05/2015 12:18

    Hi! I am Zeynep from Turkey. David is coming to our country this evening. I waited it for many years but I had an operation and when I learnt that he is coming here, I was really sad. I really admire David. I am playing violin for 6 years and he is a very big inspiration for me. I am very big fan of him. I wish I could go to this concert. I would like to know that can he come again to here? It is really a big dream for me. Thank you so much..

  240. Posted by Susanne    19/05/2015 16:43

    jetzt weiss ich warum ich immer die youtubevideos von dir david anschaue. bin gerade in einer lebensphase wo ich meine persönliche rolle erlerne und versuche mir zu überlegen was ich mitnehme. du bedeutest für mich mit deiner körperlichen gestalt meine damalige klassenkameradin und ich freue mich in meiner investierten zeit ein instrument zu spielen. danke.
    LG Susanne

  241. Posted by faeze    18/05/2015 23:08

    hi david iam from iran and i love violin soooo much 🙂 one of my dreams is see you and be your violin students but i cant because here is iran! and you maybe know…i can see you in future i know that…:)

  242. Posted by nikoletta    17/05/2015 18:09

    Hello! Could you please tell me from where I can buy tickets for David Garrett’s concert in Italy on 30th of May? Thank you very much!!!

  243. Posted by Annemarie    17/05/2015 17:04

    Lieber David!
    Es wäre toll, wenn Du bald wieder ein Konzert in der Wiener Stadthalle geben würdest.
    Ich freue mich schon drauf.
    Herzliche Grüsse Annemarie

  244. Posted by Tracy    17/05/2015 06:24

    I was so sad to see David does not appear in the US. It would be so thrilling to see him live!!

  245. Posted by Ileana    17/05/2015 04:47

    Hello! I’m Ileana from Argentina and I’ll be travelling across the country to attend David’s show on July 19th and I was wondering if there’ll be a Meet & Greet. I’ve been a huge fan of his for so long and I admire his dedication and hard work, he plays the violin so beautifully! It’d be great if I could meet him and exchange a few words, it would mean a lot.

  246. Posted by valerie548    07/05/2015 22:32

    Hi, I’m valery from Argentina- It´s such a pleasure to be part of this community. I really admire David. I´m one of his fans here in my country! I bought my ticket for David´s show next 19 th of july and I would like to know if there will be “MEET AND GREET DAVID GARRET” when he comes. It would be a dream came true for me…. 🙂

  247. Posted by clara hackner bittencourt    06/05/2015 15:44

    Oi David Garrett,meu nome é Clara eu sou do Brasil.
    Gostaria de conhece-lo pessoalmente.Quando crescer quero ser como você.Gosto muito de suas musicas.Minha musica preferida é Viva la Vida,o clip ficou 10!!Assisti ao vídeo que mostra como você fez : ) Estou estudando violino para ser como você : )

  248. Posted by clara hackner bittencourt    06/05/2015 15:33

    Oi David Garrett,meu nome é Clara eu sou do Brasil.
    Gostaria de conhece-lo pessoalmente.Quando crescer quero ser como você.Gosto muito suas musicas.Minha musica preferida é Viva la Vida,o clip ficou 10!!Assisti ao vídeo que mostra como você fez : ) Estou estudando violino para ser como você : )

  249. Posted by Caroline Dul    06/05/2015 01:51

    OMG My daughter and I have only just discovered David Garrett after seeing him interviewed on BBC1 Breakfast tv…we then looked him up on youtube and were brough to tears by the emotion he evokes from the violin which is ckearly a part of him and Oh how envious we are of the ladies brought on stage. We have now both agreed that we absolutely must go to see him in concert, we hope in the UK but if nit then we are saving to go anywhete in Europe..simply beautiful music!

  250. Posted by isabelViolinist    04/05/2015 17:26

    I need you to come to Spain please!!

  251. Posted by Sharon Rose    02/05/2015 17:39

    Just have to say…Thank you, Thank you and Thank you! Your beautiful music is not of this world 🙂 As an old woman of 54…a widow and violinist…I must say that your beautiful music and obvious sweet spirit has brought love and beauty into my life….Thank you for being you!!!

  252. Posted by Rosangela Muller    01/05/2015 14:34

    Hi David , since the day that I heard the dvd rock sinfonies never stopped listening to you. I went to see your recital last year in Napoli and now I am very happy because I will to see your crossover in Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo. I’m in love with your talent and your band . I can not wait to get July 21 .

  253. Posted by TanTung    29/04/2015 06:45

    hello David.. can u come to Malaysia for concert??

  254. Posted by María    26/04/2015 08:48



  255. Posted by Adriana    20/04/2015 17:28

    We simply loved your videos, you’ re amazing and will always be astonishing! And what is better a bout you , you joined generations cause we gather to watch you, from 5 to 85 years old! In a world were internet sometimes puts everybody in the same room as distant as earth from the moon, an artist like you can promote this gatherings, with fans that stop whatever they are doing just to get together and watch you. Hope you come to Brazil soon, by the way, Tico Tico no Fubá, what was that? Fantantic, as Brazilian i could say that the composer would be delighted and proud to listen to you!

  256. Posted by carolina    18/04/2015 04:26


  257. Posted by sharon    16/04/2015 08:47

    you’re way to hard to get in touch with. from ur video interviews u seem to be approachable. but ur not
    .my son is trying to play. he loves it. im an artist. we dont’ seen to possibly come to know you.

  258. Posted by Rosemary Tur    16/04/2015 00:27

    When are you coming to St. Louis MO? I have never seen your concert and it’s on my “bucket list”. Having a bucket list means I’m no “spring chicken” soooooo – you must get to St. Lois MO in the near future. Love ALL your CD’s – both classical and rock!

  259. Posted by Lau V    12/04/2015 19:27

    I’m Laura from Colombia
    Thank you David for everything ! You’re an AMAZING violinist I admire you so much!
    Hope you will come to Colombia! We love you so much

  260. Posted by Sylvia Martinez    09/04/2015 01:07

    I Admire you because you got perfection in many ways. I have a photo with you in Guadalajara’s Airport. I like very much Preludio y Allegro Kreisler with F. of Russia. Timeless end Beethoven Concert 2nd Movement.

    Your Mother is so beautiful and you have the beauty and charme of her. I send my great love to you. Don’t work too much.

    I can’t live with out listening or looking at you every day, i have almost all your DVDs and CDs. I hope you can read this. I will send you a letter soon.

    I send my love to you.

  261. Posted by Romina    07/04/2015 02:02

    Please, COME TO URUGUAY. You’re amazing, ¡¡¡give us the pleasure to hearing you!!!

  262. Posted by Eugenia    04/04/2015 05:42

    Solo quiero felicitarte por todo lo que eres. Decirte gracias por ser la persona tan hermosa que eres. Gracias

  263. Posted by caroline    01/04/2015 07:50

    When is David performing in London in April, the concert for the children ? How do we get tickets please ?

  264. Posted by Maria Regina    31/03/2015 12:42

    Salve vorrei avere conferma se il 5 settembre all’Arena di Verona ci sarà l’esibizione di David Garrett . Grazie

  265. Posted by mitchell acosta    25/03/2015 17:03


  266. Posted by Ulrike    24/03/2015 18:36

    Liebster David,
    schön war es mit dir, gestern in Essen, atmeberaubend schön! Du und Julien, ihr seid wahrlich ein Dreamteam.
    Danke für diesen wundervollen Abend! Ich hätte dir/euch noch stundenlang zuhören und zuschauen können.

    Wirst du die BrahmsSonaten mit Julien aufnehmen und veröffentlichen? Wenn ich mir das wünschen dürfte,… das wäre geradezu himmlisch!!

    Ich wünsche dir vom Herzen alles Gute!
    Passe gut auf dich auf, bleibe schön gesund und fühle dich wohl!
    Liebe Grüße und eine herzenswärmende Umarmung von Ulrike.

  267. Posted by Irina    24/03/2015 11:37

    Дэвид, я каждый день смотрю с дочерью Ваши концерты. Она только учится играть на скрипке. Когда вы будете еще в России? Мы очень хотим попасть на Ваш концерт!

  268. Posted by Katarzyna Kærsner    22/03/2015 20:33

    David, you and your music makes my life great. I look forward to your concert in Berlin every year. I love you and your music.

  269. Posted by yamila    14/03/2015 03:30

    Hola, me encantaría que alguna vez pueda venir a realizar un concierto a la Argentina, acá hay muchos seguidores, soy una de ellas, es absolutamente hermoso su arte, me encanta escucharlo y verlo tocar el violín.
    Sería un placer tenerlo aca y poder verlo.
    Saludos cordiales.

  270. Posted by MIRIAM CATALDI    13/03/2015 17:00


    ¡¡¡Te admiro mucho y agradezco todo lo que haces por la buena música!!!
    Espero que muy pronto visites Argentina !!! vas a amar al público Argentino!!!
    Dios quiera que cuando vengas a Sudamerica y toques en Brasil puedas también venir a Argentina.
    TE ESPERAMOS !!!!!


  271. Posted by Junio Magalhães    13/03/2015 03:10

    Quero agradecer, a todos vocês que deve viram minha mensagem, pedindo que trouxesse David Garrett no Brasil, sei que em julho ele estará no meu país, e dia 28/07/2015 na minha cidade Rio de Janeiro, espero recebe-lo com muita alegria, pois é um sonho conhecer David Garrett, e eu estarei lá no vivo rio aqui no Rio de Janeiro, assistindo esse fã que eu gosto muito, tocando e me inspirando, meu nome é Júnio, tenho 17 anos, dia 24/07 é meu aniversário, e dia 28 estarei recebendo meu presente, que é conhecer meu fã, ahh e também toco violino, e é ele que tem me motivado quando paro pra assistir os vídeos dele.
    Desde Já muito obrigado mesmo, espero conhece-lo, e no dia do show ficar o mais perto possível dele..

    Até mais.. #

  272. Posted by Susanne    09/03/2015 15:13

    danke dass es dich gibt David.

  273. Posted by lula    09/03/2015 13:06

    Bravo, bravissimo! David, Your performance in Turin was absolutely wonderful and I was delighted that you played Brahms concert which is one of my favourite piece. I’m glad, I managed to send a mail to Christian Morin at the French RADIO CLASSIQUE as he was about to play it. Fortunately, he repeated what I had written about you and your next show in Paris. I’ll keep in touch with him because I want them to make young people understand that classical music is a real source of joy and I think that your are the best ambassador for it.
    Carissimi saluti da Torino. L.

  274. Posted by Ana Paola    07/03/2015 17:02

    David” please”, morimos por verte, cuando tendremos el privilegio de verte y escucharte nuevamente, aqui te amamos, Mexico no puede faltar en tu agenda, te merecemos .
    Escuchandote siempre!, Amandote siempre!
    Paola. D.G. Fans Mexico.

  275. Posted by Angelioux PM    06/03/2015 23:58

    On behalf of all his mexicans fans, I would like to know is there any news about a concert this year? Please David come back soon, Mexico is waiting for you!!!!!

  276. Posted by nikki    06/03/2015 15:54

    hello can i ask something when will david garrett have a livestream im a big fan of david garrett

  277. Posted by Angelioux PM    05/03/2015 18:41

    Hello, when Davis returns to Mexico this year?? Please make a Meet & Greet for his mexicans fans

  278. Posted by ana esper    02/03/2015 17:23

    Hi! Let’s extending the Brazil-tour until Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, how about?
    We are near Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It could be awesome !!!

  279. Posted by Lina Robertshaw    20/02/2015 09:12

    Love your music very inspiring , relaxing and has a lot of feelings. Please do your concert in Philadelphia

  280. Posted by lenaonsana    19/02/2015 00:07

    hi, do you have any plans of performing in Asia?

  281. Posted by wiam    12/02/2015 14:26

    i bought and started playing the violin for two reasons, 1: because i love it. and 2: because of you .
    i just wish you’d come to Tunisia 🙁

  282. Posted by AngelS.    11/02/2015 21:42

    I don’t want an autograph card, no picture, no no .. I just would once like to shake your hand for 5 minutes… after listeing to classical concert in munich 5th May and cross over in kemptem 27th june… is this possible? suppose not, what a shame. Just a normal fellow would like to wish you a good concert… but if I do not, you will still have, I know.
    Timeless CD is great, best in my opinion is classic romance… showing up your skills perfectly. thanks for creating this years ago.

  283. Posted by annpeshkova    07/02/2015 08:26

    Dear David,
    I’m really looking forward to the concert in Moscow, March 2, it’s my birthday and this is the best gift! I am waiting for you.

  284. Posted by Wioletta    05/02/2015 01:56

    David is sad, but it is only now discovered your genius. O my God, and I live in Poland (and live longer than you). Literally, physically hurts my heart when I listen to a few days of your playing. You woke all the longing in my heart, all of which I would like to forget what is gone. And all the dreams I had never met. I lost hope. She came back for a moment. Maybe if I will listen to your playing and I’ll fight again. I did not believe that music can be a first love and sometimes only one. Today, I really understood. Incomprehensible and metaphysical. I wish you luck! Meet the woman who will love the music like you and never makes you choose because everything will be understood.I wish you a lot of good family who apparently really loves you! Especially your beautiful mom once great artist! Viola
    P.S. I congratulate the courage and charisma! Raise so popular is certainly very difficult. I admire the hard work too! Finally, check out the neighbors across the eastern border, and do not be afraid of the car: D! My good spirit make this invitation finally reaches you! I promise!

  285. Posted by Rhonda M    04/02/2015 03:32

    Greetings! Perhaps David would consider releasing a collection of ‘romantic’ songs….Vocalise, Air on the G String, lo Ti Penso Amore, Summertime and include some of his newer compositions. Featuring the violin in some jazz selections would be nice too! Just a thought…..Best wishes from Atlanta, Georgia.

  286. Posted by Ana Eliza    03/02/2015 21:22

    I’m a big fan Brazilian, and loved see David playing tico-tico, but would like to do a review dancers who appear are dressed and dance to Spanish style and not Brazilian. Hope to see you in Brazil soon.

  287. Posted by EMNegrete    03/02/2015 05:54

    Your music takes me to a place where my heart meets my soul. I am transported to a time before ours, I am enchanted and mesmerized. I would like thank you for sharing your gift with the world, and for leaving me in complete ecstasy. <3 from California <3

  288. Posted by Rhonda M    01/02/2015 03:14

    Is it possible to get a movie poster? (autographed possibly?) I would love to frame and hang in my office. Paganini showcased the violin and started the journey to become a beloved solo instrument. Only David could have portrayed Paganini with unquestionable musical authority and conviction. Best wishes from Atlanta, GA.

  289. Posted by Danny Corona    01/02/2015 01:24

    I play de violin and i would like that you could help me in search imagine by John Lennon, i can’t find it in violin please!
    and i would like to say that i admire you because you played excellent violin and i would like to play as you.
    i´m from Mexico

  290. Posted by Helga U Hudemann    30/01/2015 18:58

    Hallo David, Ich schreibe aus Brasilien – Rio de Janeiro, und wollte wissen ob Du vielleicht hier einen Konzert machen wirst… Ich hoffe dass es bald moeglich ist!!! Danke

  291. Posted by Artur - Brazil    29/01/2015 01:25

    As you did a very beautifull arrangement on brazilian music Tico-Tico no Fubá, we would be very happy to see your virtuosistic arrangement for violin on the Grand Fantasie over brazilian Nacional anthem.

  292. Posted by maria de jesus sahagun reynoso    28/01/2015 01:11

    solo quiero decir que eres un ser maravilloso dotado de gran talento logras transmitir el sentimiento al escucharte tocar esas notas maravillosas de tu violin tienes una sonrisa hermosa y un mirar angelical realmente tocas el alma con tu musica Dios contigo!! saludos un abrazo desde san luis rio colorado sonora mexico

  293. Posted by Nikolay Murin    24/01/2015 16:03

    David, your music is great magic…!

  294. Posted by Dalinda    23/01/2015 21:08

    Come to Belgrade, Serbia loves you..
    Untill, see you this june in Graz…

  295. Posted by Joanne    20/01/2015 20:06

    Dear David,
    I just started playing violin, you are my inspiration!! I would love to see you in Greece!! You have many fans here!!
    Lots of love

  296. Posted by Gabriel Gómez    19/01/2015 23:24

    David I apreciate yours advices at Genova Museum. “You don´t want to be a David Garrett or Paganini, you must be yourself”, ” no matter what you do, just do it with pasion”. Thats advices change my life.

    Thank you for sharing what you thing.

  297. Posted by Alla    18/01/2015 22:30

    Why you won’t visit St. Petersburg?

  298. Posted by Gayane    18/01/2015 19:07

    Lieber David,ich schreibe Ihnen aus Armenien.Sie haben bestimmt über unser Land gehört.2015 ist ein wichtiges Jahr für unser Volk.Im April werden viele berühmte Künstler aus ganzen Welt Armenien besuchen.Ich möchte Sie gerne mit einem Konzert in Yerevan sehen.Dank Ihrer Kunst haben meine Kinder klassische Musik gern.Danke sehr,sehr,sehr!

  299. Posted by Lavanya Khanna    18/01/2015 17:37

    dear david
    i don’t know wither you read these comments but your song viva la vida touched my heart made me real fan of you
    i just wanted to share this with you
    god bless you and please keep making this kind of music
    you are blessing to our music field
    thanks hope you read it and smile once
    Lavanya Khanna

  300. Posted by Stefy Moreno    16/01/2015 17:34


    Please 🙂

  301. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    13/01/2015 14:23

    Hello David
    When are you going to come to Japan ?
    Please teach me. Many fans are waiting for you .

  302. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    13/01/2015 08:35

    I watch your movie and listen your beautiful performance everyday.
    My son is handicapped with his body since he was born.
    But he likes your music so much.
    So please come to Japan as soon as possible.
    I am looking forward to meeting you.

  303. Posted by adriana escobar    11/01/2015 15:39

    Realmente eres increíble, ojala vinieras a Bogotá para poder tener el gran placer de verte en vivo. Ningún artista me ha impresionado tanto como tu y esto incluye todos los géneros, que fortuna es estar en éste tiempo para apreciarte, así sea en la distancia

  304. Posted by Lina Robertshaw    06/01/2015 11:33

    Hello David
    Would love to see you in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Love your music. I have all your album You are an inspiration to all.

  305. Posted by menschle    04/01/2015 21:58

    Lieber David, es gab für mich keine schönere Überraschung, als zu lesen, dass Sie nochmals nach Heilbronn kommen. Vor allem, da ich vor einigen Wochen noch sagte, “na ja, jetzt hat er es nicht mehr nötig, in unserer kleinen Großstadt zu spielen”. Es wäre nur noch zu toppen, falls Sie hinterher Autogramme geben und uns nicht wie in Baden-Baden entwischen 🙂 – beim letzten Mal war meine kleine Tochter so müde, dass wir leider noch während der Zugabe gehen mussten. DANKE!

  306. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    04/01/2015 08:25

    Dear David
    New year starts .
    I hope your activity this year too.
    And please come to Japan . I am waiting for you.

  307. Posted by maria    02/01/2015 23:21

    Here’s a beautiful thing, especially for you.
    “Woman, friend, is the violin. Wherever you touch her still ringing. It is made just for love. Touching its strings is not enough, you can do it with feeling. More sense embedded in it, the better it sounds. You do this, it falls into your hands, and you in her voice. And I remember one. Experienced violinists such not because they changed many violins, but because they played a long time, but with much feeling. Because they have tried everything with her. And to know that not everything is music, wants and heart. Violin wants as textbook as passion and strong hands.”

  308. Posted by Susanne    01/01/2015 17:11

    Lieber David, danke dass es dich gibt. Weißt du, neulich habe ich eine schützende Hand aus Ton gebastelt und ich stelle mir nun immer vor, das ist deine schützende Hand auf die ich meine jederzeit legen darf. Ich bin auf dich und deine Geige neidisch, weil ihr in einer Welt lebt. Ich wünschte mir, du hättest mal zeit um für mich ein passendes Instrument auszusuchen. Ich würde so gerne eines spielen, doch weiß ich nicht, was für mich geeignet ist. Deine Musik tröstet mich hinweg, kein Abitur zu haben, freue ich mich für dich. Danke. Lass dich lieb umarmen, Susanne

  309. Posted by Cathay_will    01/01/2015 12:31

    HAPPY 2015 – und auf in die nächste Runde, Mr. Garrett…..
    Wünsche Dir, dass Du nicht nur das findest, was Du willst – sondern mal das, was Du wirklich brauchst…
    *in Gedanken nochmal alle Interviews des letzten Jahres im Kopf durchgeht*
    -Vllt. jemanden, mit dem Du mal im Hotel in Paris mit einem Lächeln aufwachen kannst, oder jemand, der Deine hippe Bude in ein ECHTES Heim verwandelt – und dann von ganzem Herzen auf Deine Heimkehr wartet <=)

    PS: Nevermind me (for being too personal)

  310. Posted by Lidia    22/12/2014 22:00

    Lieber David,
    draußen heult der Wind und der Regen klatscht gegen das Fenster. Die längste Nacht des Jahres. Ich schreibe an David Garrett.
    Ich kann nicht, wie viele andere sagen, dass ich Sie und Ihre Karriere seit Jahren beobachte. Leider, oder manchmal auch zum Glück, lebe ich weit von den Großstädten, Kulturzentren, Medienwelt, Showbusiness und bis vor kurzem habe ich nicht von Ihnen und Ihrer Leistungen gewusst. Peinlich und schwer zu glauben, aber wahr. Ganz zufällig habe ich Sie entdeckt und seitdem bin ich hingerissen! Ich bewundere Ihr Talent und noch mehr, glaube ich, das was Sie dank der Verbindung, Talent und Fleiß, erreicht haben. Ich habe immer die tüchtigen Menschen gemocht.
    Was Sie mit Ihrer Geige können, ist unglaublich und wie Sie das Publikum verzaubern… und ständig dieses fröhliches Lächeln…
    So viel Geduld mit den Journalisten, wie Sie, würde ich auch nicht haben. Sie fragen stets nach dem selben: Frauen, Ihre Schuhe und wie teuer Ihr Stradivari ist? Von all diesen Interviews habe ich nicht viel erfahren, von dem, was ich wollte. Ob Sie sich für Geschichte interessieren, was lesen Sie, wenn Sie Zeit finden und ob Sie Waldspaziergänge mögen?
    Im Alltag beschäftige ich mich mit der Sprache, liebe den Klang und die Melodie des Deutschen. Seit dem ich Interviews mit Ihnen höre, ist „absolut“ mein neues deutsches Lieblingswort Absolut!
    Ich könnte stundenlang Ihr Spiel hören, den atemberaubenden mal sanften mal kräftigen Bewegungen Ihrer Hände folgen und Ihr Gesicht beim Spiel beobachten, mit dem Sie alle Emotionen zum Ausdruck bringen, sie widerspiegeln.
    Mit Ihrem Geigenspiel und selbst Sie, als Person, haben auf mich einen großen Eindruck gemacht, so groß, dass ich meine Pflichte vernachlässigt habe, nicht schlafen und mich nicht konzentrieren konnte, weil ich im Kopf nur Ihre Musik hatte. Wirklich schlimm)))) Ich bewundere viele Menschen, aber sage das nicht immer. An Sie wage ich mich zu schreiben und möchte Ihnen dafür danken, dass Sie sind und so wie Sie sind. Ich wünsche, dass das Leben Ihnen weiter so viel Spaß macht, wie möglichst und dass Sie so selten wie möglichst allein in den Hotelzimmern sitzen.
    Alles Gute an Sie, lieber David! Frohe Weihnachten!
    Ob Sie überhaupt die Briefe lesen…..

  311. Posted by Irina    21/12/2014 20:57

    Lieber David ,
    ich habe heute im ZDF-Fersehgarten Dein Weihnachtsmedley als sehr schön empfunden .
    Gibt es vielleicht einmal eine Weihnachts-CD oder gar DVD von Dir ? So etwas fehlt mir in meiner Sammlung nämlich noch von Dir . Wann gibt es denn mal wieder eine neue Crossover-DVD von Dir ? Es wäre schön , wenn das mal von Dir oder Deinem Management beantwortet würde . Du warst in der letzten Zeit in vielen Sendungen zu sehen und zu hören – ich habe bis jetzt alle soweit wie möglich verfolgt . Es ist immer wieder ein Genuss , wenn Du spielst – ich höre Dir aber auch sehr gerne in den Gesprächen zu , denn sie sind sehr aufschlussreich . Bleibe so wie Du bist und höre nicht auf Deine Negativkritiker , sondern auf Deine Fans .Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Zeit mit Deinem Bruder in New York und hoffe , Dich am Brandenburger Tor am Silvesterabend wieder einmal hören und sehen zu können . Ein gutes und erfolgreiches Jahr 2015 !
    Deine Irina

  312. Posted by simone    21/12/2014 19:31

    Hallo zusammen!
    Ich war im Oktober zum 1. x auf einem Konzert von David. Ein Zufall führte dazu… Ich bin total begeistert von Davids Musik, ein neues Lebensgefühl beflügelt mich.
    Rock Symphonies oder Music zum Joggen
    Timeless oder Legacy für meine langen Autofahrten oder abends zum entspannen!
    Danke an David und danke an das ganze Team. Schade das ich seine Musik erst mit 34 entdeckte 😉

  313. Posted by Lily    21/12/2014 17:48

    Hola David y equipo. Que tal?. Me gustaría saber cuando vienen a Chile. Para poder apreciar su música en vivo. Además, conozco a un joven que es violinista, el que es muy estudioso, a quien le gustaría asistir a uno de sus conciertos, toda vez que se realizara en Chile. Les estaríamos muy, pero muy agradecidos.
    Me encanta tu personalidad. Eres digno de imitar
    Gracias y muchos saludos!!

  314. Posted by Barbara    20/12/2014 20:38

    Lieber David,
    seit Jahren höre ich voller Genuss Deine Musik. Mein Lieblingsstück ist Deine Version von Air. Sie berührt mich tief im Herzen. In diesem Jahr schaffte ich es auf das Konzert in Hannover. Ich bin mit voller Vorfreude zu diesem Konzert gefahren und wurde nicht enttäuscht. Die Auswahl Deiner Stücke war sehr abwechselungsreich und ich habe die Freude gesehen, mit der Du auf Deiner Violine gespielt hast. Du hast mich sehr glücklich gemacht! 😉
    Vielen Dank für Deine Musik und Dein Können!
    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes und erholsames Weihnachtsfest im Kreise Deiner Lieben und einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr. Für 2015 wünsche ich Dir viele Freuden, Gesundheit und gutes Gelingen bei all Deinen Projekten.
    Herzliche Grüße, Barbara

  315. Posted by Oksana    20/12/2014 18:46

    Dear David! Have you ever been to Ukraine? Come join us! we are waiting for You with impatience!!! So I want you to hear and see))) With high hopes Oksana, Kharkov

  316. Posted by Petra    20/12/2014 05:35

    Lieber David,
    ein ruhiges und besinnliches Weihnachtsfest in New York und für 2015 alles Gute, vor allem Gesundheit und viel Erfolg für die Touren! Ich freue mich auf das Konzert im März in Kassel und im Juni in Magdeburg. :-))

  317. Posted by Bonnie Piontek-Herrings    20/12/2014 05:20

    When is David Garrett coming to the United States again? He is incredibly talented and I would love to see him in person. Thank you, Bonnie Piontek-Herrings

  318. Posted by Kayser, Alexandra    19/12/2014 12:19

    Lieber David, Ich wünsche dir wunderschöne und fröhliche Weihnachten, mit nur lieben Menschen um dich herum. Silvester dann viel Spaß am Brandenburger Tor, rutsche gut ins neue Jahr hinein. Ich wünsche dir ein frohes 2015! Danke, dass du mich mit allem was du tust und bist, durch ein, für mich, schwieriges Jahr begleitet hast. Du wirst mit deiner Musik und als wunderbarer Mensch immer einen Platz in meinem Herzen haben.
    Alles Liebe Alexandra

  319. Posted by KARLA YESSICA    17/12/2014 22:04

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015 !!

  320. Posted by KARLA YESSICA    17/12/2014 22:02

    Please come to Mexico, I feel your music in the bons.. I know that you travel around the word and sometimes you want to have time for your personal style of life. I would like if you can consider to return to Mexico, I could have a place to see you playing, may be all the world would like to see the most wonderful musician. I cant explain or express myself as you do with the music. I hope you will be in Mexico one more time. Thanks.

  321. Posted by nikki    16/12/2014 14:36

    Your such an inspiration david

  322. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    14/12/2014 14:59

    When I see the schedule of tour , I am worried when David comes to Japan .
    I believe David comes to Japan certainly.

  323. Posted by Eva    05/12/2014 21:00

    J’ai déjà laisser un commentaire et je vais le refaire encore, j’ai trop envie de contacter David Garrett j’ai tout fais mais je touvr pas moyen

  324. Posted by Suzane    04/12/2014 18:40

    Hello! I’m from Brazil and I tried to buy tickets for concerts in Germany 2015 without success. In the site “” there isn’t option “BRAZIL” for registration. How I can solve this problem and buy the tickets?
    Thank’s, Suzane

  325. Posted by Nadine    03/12/2014 11:21

    Loving Metallica shows, loving Crossover!
    The best! Thanks for the RockSymphonies
    album-:)) love that you always add some
    personality and play live. Come on, well

  326. Posted by shila    02/12/2014 21:50

    Dear david
    I love you so much. I hope I can attendened in your concert.I love your smile your voice your …

  327. Posted by Vicente Mtz    02/12/2014 03:36

    hola muy buenas noches.. soy fan y las dos veces que has venido a México eh ido a verte, quisiera saber si van a sacar el blueray del concierto del auditorio nacional en mexico ???? gracias y saludos. excelente musica. !!!!!

  328. Posted by Justine Reschowski    30/11/2014 20:51

    Liebster David !!!

    Ich bin dein größter Fan !! Leider konnte ich nicht nach Köln kommen da die Tickets so schnell weg waren…
    Ich hoffe du spielst so schnell wie möglich wieder Köln !! Es wäre mein größter Traum dich mal live zusehen !! Ich bin so fasziniert von deiner DVD und deiner Musik !! Du beherrscht die Geige einfach nur Wunderbar ! Ich liebe deine Musik . Da ich 16 bin können es nicht viele nach vollziehen !! Du bist und bleibst der beste !! Komm so schnell wie möglich nach Köln !! Ich schau mir jedes mal an wenn du im TV bist !!

  329. Posted by Jay    30/11/2014 12:19

    Dear David.
    I’m so happy to see you on Korea.
    I hope the fact that I can see you in Korea again 🙂
    감사합니다, 사랑해요.

  330. Posted by K.Hasegawa    26/11/2014 10:44

    Dear DAVID.
    You are a very splendid violinist.
    You are careful about health, and please continue a wonderful performance next year.
    Please come to Japan again. I wait.
    Thank you for a wonderful performance this year.

  331. Posted by Gaby    25/11/2014 03:25

    Mi querido David Garret:

    Muchas gracias por el maravilloso concierto realizado el 18 de noviembre de 2014 en el Auditorio Nacional de la Ciudad de México.
    Me fascinó escucharte, pero sobre todo; conocerte.
    Eres un hombre que irradia y contagia una energía impresionante!
    Fue muy placentero poder mirar ese brillo en tu mirada cuando estás contemplando a tu público en el escenario, da muestra de tu alegría por la vida. Adoro esa sonrisa que en todo momento muestras al interpretar cada melodía porque denota a un hombre pleno y, a flor de piel se puede percibir que eres una persona romántica, cálida, pacífica, sentimental y apasionada tan solo con mirar los gestos y movimientos que realizas al tocar el violín.
    Tu música ha traspasado fronteras, y no sólo me refiero a límites territoriales, has llegado al fondo de mi corazón con “Lost memory” y “You are always on my mind”; simplemente, estas dos melodías transparentan toda mi esencia como persona y como mujer; al escucharlas y vivirlas; sentí como si desnudaras completamente mi alma!
    Cuando regresas a México?

  332. Posted by Verónica Cortés Solórzano    23/11/2014 23:09

    Admirable David
    Es un verdadero privilegio el verte y escucharte.
    Tu virtuosîsimo Arte nos deleitô a todos aquellos que tuvimos el placer de deleitarnos con tu excelsa presencia en el Auditorio Telmex de la Ciudad de Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.
    Mucho se Aprecia y Agradece tu calidez y sencillez mostrada en el escenario, y de la cual nos hiciste partîcipes.
    Esperamos contar con la exquisitez de tu presencia el próximo año.
    Mil Gracias!!

  333. Posted by isabel N. B.    22/11/2014 08:32



  334. Posted by Violeta    22/11/2014 00:48

    Hola David, .admiro su talento, y esa capacidad que tiene para conectar con el publico, y trasmitir .con su musica una gran paz .Vendra a España alguna vez?, en menos de un año ha ido dos veces a Mexico, por que no viene nunca ,aqui?, no le gustamos los españoles?…….que pena por que aqui tiene muchos fans, que le admiran, y estarian felices de asistir a un concierto suyo…….y al igual que en Mexico, si viniera le gustaira nuestra tierra, el sur, Andalucia, con mucho sol , buena comida y bebida, y el cariño de los españoles
    Ojala pueda oirlo en directo alguna vez.

  335. Posted by Garrett-fanGirl    20/11/2014 13:08

    I have known of David Garrett for over a year now and to say he saved me is an understatement, before I found David Garrett’s music i was in a bad place a winter of my life with no hope. The first song I heard played by David was “Who wants to live forever” and from the first 5 seconds I was hooked. I had been in such a bad place before I knew of David. and I can wholeheartedly say if i hadn’t heard David Garrett’s music I wouldn’t be here today. This beautiful angel of a man will always mean the world to me. I hope one day I will have the pleasure of meeting the man that plays the music that saved my life. I love this man.

  336. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    13/11/2014 10:31

    Hello David !
    My son and I listen your CD everyday. Very beautiful and attractive performance !!! I love your music .
    please come to Japan as soon as possible .I will wait .

  337. Posted by Daniela    12/11/2014 23:06

    Hi David, we are waiting your concert in Brazil. I’m from Sao Paulo state. It is a pleasure for us to receive such a great, wonderfull, magical, uncomparable musician here. Too many people waiting for you. Please come soon. Daniela

  338. Posted by zahrarishmawy    10/11/2014 04:38

    HOLA! Hello David! Im so happy that soon
    you’ll be back in Mexico City! Although, im sad cuz I
    couldn’t afford a ticket this time 🙁 But I saw you on
    January, thank you for a rocking night!
    I really admire you and love you 🙂 and I want to know if
    I can somehow send you a card to Auditorio Nacional so you
    can recieve it on the 18th or 19th. I really hope I can.
    Anyway, I wish you all a great stay at MX and Im sure it’ll be 4 great concert nights! 😉
    Rock on!
    love Zahra (Cancun,MX)

  339. Posted by Christa MZ    06/11/2014 20:05

    Lieber David,

    ich habe Dein Konzert am 01. November 2014 in Wien gesehen und ich war enttäuscht. Nicht von Dir, Du warst großartig, aber von der Show. Die Show war eine extreme Reizüberflutung. Es war alles viel zu viel. Es gab wohl keinen Bühneneffekt, der nicht ausgelassen wurde. Die Show hat von Dir abgelenkt. Du kamst viel zu wenig zur Geltung. Ich kam wegen Dir, aber nicht wegen der Show. Dein vorjähriger Auftritt in Wien war wesentlich besser. Die Show war ruhiger und hat Dich in den Vordergrund gerückt. Wenn ich zu einem Konzert von Dir gehe, will ich Dich sehen, hören und erleben und keine Computeranimationen.

    Alles Liebe,

  340. Posted by Doris    03/11/2014 08:43

    Hallo David!
    Danke für das wunderschöne Konzert am 1.11.14 in Wien. Wir waren alle voll begeistert. Mein 6 jähriger Sohn hat wegen Deiner Musik angefangen Geige spielen zu lernen, und gehört zu Deinen größten Fans, seit seinem 3 Lebensjahr. Auch meine großen Söhne 17 und 18, hören gerne Deine Musikstücke. Ich finde wenn es jemand schafft junge Menschen so zu inspirieren, und Jung und Alt so zu begeistern hat das Höchstmögliche erreicht.
    Wir freuen uns jetzt schon auf ein nächstes Konzert in Österreich. Super Kombination aus Klassik/Rock/Pop.
    Mach weiter so!!! Liebe Grüße aus Kärnten Doris mit Familie

  341. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    03/11/2014 06:21

    Thank you for beautiful and amazing performance everyday,David. I am so happy..
    Please come to Japan !!

  342. Posted by Georgette Von Dort    02/11/2014 05:25

    I just want to way that David is an excellent musician, that I love how he plays the violín, How he can make magic with the music and of corsé he is a very hand soñé man

  343. Posted by Verónica    31/10/2014 23:50

    Ojala algún día venga a Chile…y ojala sea pronto.

  344. Posted by Astrid B.    30/10/2014 13:53

    Lieber David,

    meine Mama und ich sind am 01.11.14 auf deinem Konzert in Wien und wir freuen uns schon riesig darauf!
    Wir haben in den letzten Jahren all deine Konzerte in Wien besucht und waren jedesmal total begeistert!
    Letztes Jahr hast du aufgrund eines Fanbriefes eine Zuschauerin auf die Bühne geholt und für sie ein Stück gespielt.
    Falls du das dieses Jahr wieder machst wollte ich dich bitten vielleicht dieses Jahr meine Mama auszuwählen, da sie wirklich ein großer, großer Fan von dir ist.
    Sie hat mich in den letzte Jahren immer unterstützt, auch wenn es ihr nicht so gut ging, und ich wollte ihr einfach einmal Danke sagen und ihr so einen unvergesslichen Moment bescheren.

    Und bitte hör nie auf Musik zu machen!!
    Viele Grüße, Astrid

  345. Posted by Ruth    28/10/2014 20:05

    Lieber David,

    danke für das grossartige Konzert in Zürich am 23.10.14. Ich habe dich zum ersten Mal live gesehen und war einfach verzaubert von der Musik und der Preformance! Ich hoffe sehr, dass du bald wieder für Konzerte in die Schweiz kommst!!!!!?

  346. Posted by roswitha    26/10/2014 20:37

    Es war großartig gestern abend in Köln! Und viel zu schnell zuende……Ein live-Mitschnitt als DVD wäre genial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Herzliche Grüße !

  347. Posted by Maria Karaus    26/10/2014 10:41

    Wann kommt die CD classic revolution raus? Das Konzert in Köln 25.10.14 war wieder spitze. Mein 4. Konzert.
    Es wird noch weitere geben.

  348. Posted by max    26/10/2014 05:02

    but attention… quebec is realy different between the rest of the canada…. (a realy special country)… if you play country viiolon… the canada is good….but you play classical music and pop…… quebec is better for that…… why don’t try to make a success here!!!…………. please let me know!! We want to hear you playing here!!!

  349. Posted by max    26/10/2014 04:55

    If a day you pass by montreal (canada)… I’m gonna be the first one to buy a ticket (here we LOVE music (the violon is a great part of the culture ) ……………….. we speak french… and love music….. we are peaceful… (and in a good condition to pay the ticket..) PLEASE try to come here!!!!! continue like that…to see your video is a great moment….. our family love your music….

  350. Posted by Hanna    23/10/2014 08:38

    Vielen Dank für das tolle Konzert gestern in München. Es war einfach fantastisch! Danke.

  351. Posted by georgiana    22/10/2014 18:53

    hi David
    i am from Roumania,and i heard will have a concert in september 15 at George Enescu Festival 2015?real?i would like to come and see all the orchestra and you in the concert,but i dont know if i will get the ticket.i like very much your muzic and tne role in the movie DEVIL Violinist

  352. Posted by tel    21/10/2014 12:48

    Caro David, a cada dia e cada nova apresentação sua, me confirmo como sua fã. Tenha certeza que são muitos os brasileiros que aguardam uma apresentação sua aqui no Brasil. Pense nisso com carinho!

  353. Posted by กัญญ์วดี    21/10/2014 09:45

    I hope to see you in Thailand.

  354. Posted by marta    20/10/2014 12:57

    I´m register some months ago, but never received the newlester,why ?

  355. Posted by Laurie Ann    20/10/2014 05:05

    Hi from Mexico, I must confess that I haven’t heard about David Garrett before the “The Devil’s Violinist” and the sound track of the movie really captivates me. So I would like to ask to David or somebody in his team that when they come to Mexico City if he can include in his repertory “Caprice #24” really love this composition and would be a pleasure to listen it on live. I’ll be in the second concert in Mexico City. Thanks. WL.

  356. Posted by Sindy    18/10/2014 23:01

    Danke für dieses wahnsinnshammertolle Konzert heute in Hannover.Das beeindruckendste Konzert,was ich jemals hören durfte. Möchte am liebsten keins deiner Konzerte mehr verpassen. Ich hoffe,wir können noch sehr lange deine Musik mit erleben. Dir und deinem Orchester alles Gute David.

  357. Posted by margarita rozenstein    18/10/2014 09:33

    I wonder does anybody from David’s crew read these posts?

  358. Posted by Kayser, Alexandra    16/10/2014 16:24

    Lieber David, Am 11.10.2014 war ich bei denem Konzer in der Berliner O2 World,
    erst einmal vielen Dank für einen fantastischen Abend. Es war einfach nur großartig.. Als sich der Goldregen über uns ergoss, kullerten bei mir Freudentränen. Nachdem im letzten Jahr meine Mutter nach längerer Krankheit verstorben ist, war ich lange Zeit nicht in der Lage, mit Freude Musik zu hören, du hast mir diese Freude zurückgegeben, ich danke dir. Als ich nun am Sonntag im Internet die Kritik von Sebastian Blottner in der Berliner Morgenpost gelesen habe, habe ich mich so sehr darüber aufgeregt, dass ich gestern eine E-Mail an die Morgenpost verschickt habe. Ich hoffe, du nimmst dir solche Kritiken nicht zu Herzen. Bitte mach weiter so, bleib gesund und so wie du bist.
    Danke und ganz herzliche Grüße Alexandra

  359. Posted by Petra    14/10/2014 10:05

    Lieber David,
    ich konnte mir am 11.10.2014 in Berlin einen Traum erfüllen und deine neue Tour live erleben. Es war ein traumhaftes Erlebnis, das bei mir sicher noch sehr lange nachwirken wird. Ich mag deine Musik schon sehr lange, das Konzert muss man einfach erlebt haben und die Eindrücke kann man nicht wiedergeben. Ich wünsche dir auch weiterhin viel Erfolg auf deinem Weg! Du bist ein Ausnahmekünstler und zudem auch noch sehr sympathisch! Ich freue mich schon auf deinen neue CD!!!

  360. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    10/10/2014 09:21

    Hello! David .Everyday I listen your performance. I am looking forward to your concert in Japan .
    Please come to Japan.

  361. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    10/10/2014 09:07

    I want David`s autograph , so I applied as it is said . But it is difficult to get it. I live in Japan. David, I am looking forward to your performance in Japan next year. I would like to meet you soon !

  362. Posted by Nastya    08/10/2014 19:17

    Guten Tag David! Ich bewundere dich und Deine Musik! Sie ist ein sehr talentierter Schauspieler, sehr schade, dass Sie spielte in einem Film…Sie Haben sehr schöne Augen, nur der Mann mit der schönen Seele haben können solche Augen, und erstellen Sie eine so schöne Musik! Viel Glück und Gesundheit für Sie und Ihre Familie! Und ich hoffe, dass es im Leben haben mir eine Chance, Sie zu sehen Live…

  363. Posted by Fanina    07/10/2014 11:53

    Lieber David, am 04.10.14 war ich zum ersten Mal in einem Deiner Live-Konzerte. Ich bin dazu extra aus dem Schwarzwald nach Frankfurt gefahren trotz meines nicht mehr ganz jungen Alters, Du könntest mein Sohn sein.
    Von ganzem Herzen “danke, danke, danke”!!! Was Du und Deine Mitstreiter da wieder auf die Beine gestellt haben, war einfach gigantisch.
    Ich bin eigentlich ein typischer Klassik-Fan. Deine DVDs und der “Teufelsgeiger” haben mich jedoch zu “Deinem” Fan gemacht. Dein unfassbares Talent und Deine so positive Ausstrahlung(vergessen wir mal die “baggies”, die in meiner Generation nicht mehr so gut ankommen) lassen alles andere vergessen.
    Ich wünsche Dir von Herzen alles Glück der Welt beruflich und privat. Ich fand bemerkenswert, was Du über den Einfluss der Einsamkeit gesagt hast!
    In diesem Sinne, weiter so – mögest Du und Dein Talent uns noch lange erhalten bleiben!!
    Ich freue mich schon auf die nächste DVD und natürlich Konzerte!
    Ganz herzliche Grüße

  364. Posted by margarita rozenstein    05/10/2014 07:53

    Dear David! You very welcome in Israel. Come to Haifa please! Maybe next time you will come with your lovely sister Elena. She performs very nice jazz. It can be special to do music together with her. Ждем в Израиле!!! Желаем здоровья. Come please please please !!!

  365. Posted by Mariya Karakuts    04/10/2014 08:25

    WELCOM to UKRAINE, we not RICH or FAMOUS, but we LOVE MUSIC by DAVID GARRETT, as it LOVE in GERMANY, in FRANCE, or in AUSTRIA and e.t. – Let it be-

  366. Posted by Christina Franzel-Beier    04/10/2014 00:20

    And – again – thank you for the Music on 23-09-2014 in Malta;
    It was so good to See You at our Event!
    Great Gig!

  367. Posted by Christina Franzel-Beier    04/10/2014 00:18

    Hi David,
    happy Birthday and a really good, happy and successful Year!
    Yours – Christina

  368. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    21/09/2014 07:10

    Hello,David. I am happy I can watch your performance again . Please come to Japan and show me your beautiful performance.again !!!

  369. Posted by Nots Kerstin    17/09/2014 20:59

    Hallo David, du machst ja echt mega gute Musik !!! 😉 Ich schreibe dir eigentlich, weil ich dir eine kleine Sache erzählen wollte. Ganz in der Nähe deiner Heimatstadt an der belgischen Grenze , lebte bis vor Kurzem ein kleiner Junge namens Noah. Er litt an einem Herzfehler , lebte 9 Monate in Giessen und bekam die erlösende Transplantation. Leider ist es nicht augegangen wie von allen gehofft. Er war so jung (4) und liebte deine Musik. So war es offensichtlich , dass zu seiner Bestattung Davids” Viva la vida” und “Piraten der Caribic” lief! Heute haben diese Songs eine ganz besondere Bedeutung erhalten. Wenn du mal in der Gegend bist , schau doch mal bei dem kleinen Noah vorbei.Er war etwas ganz Besonderes und hat viele Menschen hier herum tief berührt. Seine Eltern sind ganz besondere Menschen. Du wärest überrascht. Ich war es!! Gib einfach mal auf Facebook Noah’s Ark ein. Dort kannst du alle Infos zu Noah bekommen. Wäre genial!!!! Danke fürs Lesen. Bye…

  370. Posted by beyza    17/09/2014 11:20

    Hello, today is my birthday,
    Would you play Kashmir for me today?
    I would be glad if you play that song ang I feel it

  371. Posted by Sharone    17/09/2014 03:19

    Hola David, me siento muy contenta de que vengas a México, ya tengo listo mi boleto para verte el 19 de noviembre! Ojalá el siguiente año vengas también, tu sabes que México te adora y tienes muchos seguidores aquí, un beso!

  372. Posted by Laura Moijca    16/09/2014 20:02

    Hi, I’m from Mexico and I’m going to see you to your concert on November 19th, I would like to take a photo with you and spend sometime. I know that you need time, that your life is so busy but it will mean a lot to me.

  373. Posted by Mía Ramirez    15/09/2014 01:34

    Hola, David. Ven a Perú. :c

  374. Posted by Arsim Gashi    12/09/2014 19:07

    Can you give me a link about how these websites are set pls

  375. Posted by bahar    12/09/2014 13:49

    hi dear david,i have been watching ur videos and albums about one year…i play violin too and after hearing ur violin i started to love my violin and practicing and playing it seriously….
    i ‘m from Iran…here in my country there are alot of fans of u…
    we really wish that one day u come to Iran…
    My writing in engish is not good,sorry:)

  376. Posted by beyza    11/09/2014 23:07

    yeni yıl planlarınızda lütfen Türkiye’deki müzik tutkunlarını unutmayın.
    İstanbul’da sizi dinlemek istiyoruz.
    mutlu günler

  377. Posted by Marta Pires Soares    09/09/2014 21:16

    Hello, David! I live in Brazil.I’m your fan and I would love to come here.I´ve been watching you in Italy.
    Put youir tour in Brazil.Will not regret.
    We are waiting for you.Do not delay. Kisses for you!

  378. Posted by teo    09/09/2014 09:31

    hello. Mr. Garrett you are best.I’m your huge fan. I fell in love with the violin after your hearing. i love you so much.
    I would be glad if you visit Georgia.
    teona kankia from georgia.

  379. Posted by Oksana    08/09/2014 07:02

    Sehr geehrter David! Herzlich gratuliere ich zum Geburtstag! Ich gratuliere zur Verleihung der angesehenen Belohnung Echo Classic!

  380. Posted by Reiko    05/09/2014 02:17

    Hello!! Dear David!!!
    Happy birthday to you!!!

  381. Posted by Antonela    05/09/2014 01:10

    David, I have known you just a few weeks ago, when I entered to a shop. I noted that everybody were watching the TV. They were all paying attention to a violinist. Then, I realized that people were “abducted” by your sensitiveness. Obviously, I started to feel the same and, since then, I listen to you every day. It is as a ritual. Every morning, when I go to work, the first song that I listen is The Fifth, one of my favorite songs, because it is full of energy. Well, it is not my intention to bore you, so I just wanted to tell you that you have a recent fan from Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina. And of course: Happy birthday! Feliz cumpleaños! (I apologize for my English).

  382. Posted by tel    04/09/2014 23:45

    Happy Birthday, David. May your life be a reflection of every good feeling that you and your violin translate through music. His music changed my life for the better. You deserve everything good. We are anxiously waiting for your coming to Brazil.

  383. Posted by Oksana    04/09/2014 21:22

    Happy Birthday!!! I wish, that your music played each in the soul and in a heart…:-)

  384. Posted by Svetlana    04/09/2014 19:36

    David, happy birthday! You the best!!!

  385. Posted by eleni    04/09/2014 16:36

    Hi dear David!!
    and “HAPPY BIRTH DAY” to u:))

  386. Posted by maynight    04/09/2014 15:55

    Hallo, David, wherever you are today – Happy Birthday and all the very best…
    And: Viva la vida – y viva la música… So make it live! A… y…

  387. Posted by Andrea Loehr    04/09/2014 14:18

    Ich hoffe meine karte hat dich erreicht 🙂 Alles liebe!

  388. Posted by Magagni Nicoletta    04/09/2014 10:17

    hello, I just wanted to thank you because thanks to you I have come to know and appreciate classical music, I’ve always listened to music only metal and rock … thank you very much … happy birthday!

  389. Posted by Kazu    04/09/2014 10:11

    Happy Birthday David!
    I hope you have a happy year.Please come to Japan and play your great concerts. (
    from Japanese fan KAZUE HORIUCHI 堀内一重<3)

  390. Posted by Ulrike    04/09/2014 07:40

    Lieber David,… heute ist DEIN Tag! :-))

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, lieber David!
    Ich wünsche dir von Herzen alles Liebe und viel Glück und viel Segen auf all deinen Wegen
    – möge das Leben immer gut zu dir sein!
    Ich hoffe, du genießt deinen Tag und verlebst ihn nach Herzenslust!

    Passe gut auf dich auf und achte immer schön auf dich und deine Bedürfnisse, auf dass du immer all das hast und bekommst, was du brauchst,… bleibe schön gesund, der Rest kommt dann fast von alleine.

    Ich trinke heute Abend ein Gläschen Sekt auf dein ganz persönliches Wohl: auf dich, auf die Liebe und das Leben.

    Ganz liebe Grüße und eine herzenswärmende Umarmung von Ulrike.
    Ich freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen, Ende Oktober ist es endlich soweit. *Freu*

  391. Posted by Eri Otomo    04/09/2014 03:07

    Dear David Garrett
    Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

  392. Posted by Ariadne    04/09/2014 00:05

    Zwar fühlt es sich eher so an, als würde man dem WEIHNACHTSMANN oder dem CHRISTKIND nach ENGEL-
    skirchen schreiben, trotzdem kann ich es nicht lassen, hier etwas zu posten, insgeheim hoffend, dass die Nachricht vielleicht irgendwie doch ankommt, frei nach ABBA :” I have a dream …… I belive in angels …….”
    So here we are:


    die besten Glückwünsche, lieber David. Genieße Deinen Tag, so wie es Dir gefällt.
    Happy Birthday und ein glückliches friedvolles Leben!

    Mit lieben Grüßen

  393. Posted by Darya Valova    31/08/2014 19:26

    David will come in Russia!!))) yeeeeah!!!!)))

  394. Posted by Andréa Souza Carmo Pignaton    27/08/2014 17:36

    In October had planned to accomplish my dream and watch the two shows of David in Frankfurt. I bought the tickets, but, unfortunately, I can not go due to health reasons. I’ll have to postpone the fulfillment of my dream. I’m very sad about it.I love you and your music really moves me. I would love to watch your show. Do you have plans to come to Brazil?

  395. Posted by Catello Pagano    25/08/2014 13:19

    Dear David
    We are several fans of you, and we agree to find DVD Live of you and your group, as we can see on internet.
    We all bought Legacy and we hope, pretty soon,to find what we wish. Thanks any way love and
    Mariuccia e Lino

  396. Posted by Sharone    23/08/2014 05:46

    Hi David, I wish you read my comment, you really are fantastic as a man can achieve so much in a woman with the touch of a piece of music … you know? I love the violin is beautiful, there is no word to describe it, I know you love him too, is your partner at all times, and I still am not a great expert on the instrument, but I know that soon I will be as good like you, I’m grown up, I have 20 years, but even so going on the right track, and I hope to meet you in person someday, I will succeed, even if it is the best violinist I will find the way to meet you, and maybe … better yourself, why not? 😉 So while I will practice with the goal always fixed, and you will go to the National Auditorium of Mexico, best wishes, keep it up, you’re like a new Paganini… A kiss.

  397. Posted by Cheryl the scorpion trader    22/08/2014 00:18


    I saw your performances on YouTube for the first time today and your ability to enhance great classical, rock, and pop songs with your amazing talent is so great to see. I am always encouraged to see a great looking young individual achieving great things. Beauty is often misused and misguided but in your case it has been a compliment to your gift for music and dedication to the craft of being a violinist.

    A very sincere “thank you” for being an example of the principal that hard work pays off!!!! May you continue to enjoy the experience of being an accomplished musician. I hope you will come and perform in the US.


  398. Posted by Lorena    20/08/2014 18:27

    I was really sad last January, I wasn´t able to asist to the performance in Mexico City… but now I´m so happy!!! I´ll be there in November. My children admire you, my kid is 10 and my princess is 7, both are having violin lessons… they we´ll be amazed!!!

  399. Posted by Daryanaz    20/08/2014 07:34

    Dear David;
    Please come to US , specially to southern California. I had an opportunity to see your performance on January 2014 in Anaheim (CA) . You were brilliant as always!
    I am an Iranian fan. I love your music.
    Love & Light
    Looking forward to see your performance in Southern California soon!

  400. Posted by Ramiro German Schmal    11/08/2014 19:02

    Hola David. Seria de mi agrado poder verte aca en Argentina. Te felicito por tus obras, la verdad que son dignas de mirar. Un abrazo fraterno

  401. Posted by rifka    10/08/2014 05:40

    would you come and perform in Indonesia??

  402. Posted by Kris Colotskovic    08/08/2014 00:32

    hey david. im very happy to fnd this site i will be mailing you shortly. i just wanna say that you are my violin idol. and that i will be learning to play violin styarting next week. thansk for making my life awesome bro!

  403. Posted by David McCarthy    05/08/2014 22:09

    Hello, Are there any plans to visit and perform in the UK please?

  404. Posted by Anaid G    31/07/2014 23:31

    This november in Guadalajara, I will finally have the amazing opportunity to enjoy, listening and feeling your beyond awesomes interpretations alive… I´m gonna go with the man who had stolen my heart in so many ways (Damian)… and we´re hoping to hear you playing “winter” or “io ti penso amore”. Maybe the program is already planned but if it isn´t planned yet… I plead to you to consider one of this, like the huge favor which could be the start of our greatest adventure together. I thank you no matter what, because thanks to your love and passion reflected when you play… you have inspired me, to put the same feelings to live my life again enjoying every single moment.

  405. Posted by cwatson    31/07/2014 03:18

    You should schedule a concert in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

  406. Posted by hera garrett    30/07/2014 18:32


  407. Posted by TatyanaR    29/07/2014 04:33

    Hi, David! I certainly understand that You have thousands of fans like me around the world. And to pay attention to each. I’m also not sure what you are actually due to time constraints read messages here. But still in my heart hope that you will read my true admiration for your talent. You are a sorcerer, a magician. Your music and violin works wonders. Thank You for being there and let Your talent gathers around the World thousands of fans.

  408. Posted by Laurie M    23/07/2014 04:12

    Has anyone here had David or his team respond to our
    heart felt and true feelings of wanting to experience his magical and enchanting
    live performances? I must see him perform but is a true response a rare gift?

  409. Posted by Laurie M    18/07/2014 07:38

    You must get thousands of fans that write all the same things to you. However, I must write you and tell you that when I fell in love with your musical style, I also fell in love with your personable way of connecting with your fans. You seem humble, personable, down to earth and just plain kind hearted. I could kick myself for missing you play in the U.S. and can clearly see that you will not be returning for some time. It will be a priority to make sure that when and if you play in the U.S. (NYC) I will be there to experience your amazing and what I’m sure would be an unforgettable performance!!!! I can clearly see that you will be abroad for some time. I truly hope you come back! I’m sure you know that there are so many that find your music spiritual, culturally connectable and by that I mean that it is appreciated by all, no matter the language barrier. It is absolutely beautiful.You are unlike any artist that I have found to be uniquely talented in this way for me! I would travel far and wide to just experience your performance if only I had the opportunity! Is it crazy to ask you if you will be returning back to the States for those of us that missed you the last time you toured here? I think the nearest would be Mexico in November, and as a teacher that would be near to impossible to make that show. Please let us know how to see you again as soon as you return. I can’t speak for your other fans but I know that I wouldn’t miss it for the world! You are amazing and I will continue to keep the faith in being able to see you perform someday! Do you think you will be returning in 2015? It would be a chance of a lifetime (for me at least) to see you perform your beautifully and soulfully magical performance. A true dream come true! I write this from the heart because your music has touched me as none other. I have never written a fan letter before as they have always seemed cheesy. But you David, are worth telling this to. – Laurie M

  410. Posted by Fabiana    07/07/2014 17:35

    Hello David, I live in Brazil and I very much appreciate your amazing work. Congratulations! It’s possible you play “Fear of the Dark” by Iron Maiden?

  411. Posted by monika lodh    03/07/2014 21:58

    Hello, Though I am pretty sure that you do not read the comments posted here, but i would still like to try. I would like to send adulation your way all the way from India. I do not play any musical instrument; however after hearing some of your music pieces, I was enthralled. Your music is captivating, enchanting, mesmerizing, spellbinding; all at once..
    I have to say that your music, touches the heart and pulls at the heart strings. I seriously would love to hear you live some day. And I hope the ‘some day’ is soon. Please do keep up the amazing work you are doing. Regards, Monika

  412. Posted by Rosangela Muller    02/07/2014 02:59

    Hello David, I live in southern Brazil. I went to your recital in Napoli, was wonderful, but my biggest dream is to attend crossover. I always hated flying and I lost my fear when I decided to go to your show in Napoli. I’m organizing my holiday and need to know if you have tour dates in 2015. Please answer this email, the realization of a dream that is a crossover watch your show in Europe or U.S. depends on it. My day is filled with happiness when I hear you. I admire you very much. To me you are the greatest violinist of recent times!

  413. Posted by Jang Jee-Yeon    28/06/2014 12:12

    Hello, David!
    I’m lived in South Korea.
    I saw your concert Busan in Korea.
    I like your music very much.
    I want to play violin with you:)
    Pleas come Korea one more time.
    I want to see you everyday:(
    Bye bye david !!♥

  414. Posted by Maria Magdalena Danaila    28/06/2014 10:54

    I have just seen the movie and, of course, the character Paganini is extremely facinating. It was only natural to see who the man behind the character is and that is how I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the actor is actually the best violinis alive. I am an actress and a singer songwriter. I couldn’t help noticing that, as an actor, you have some imperfections in your performing – but it is all forgiven by the obvious perfection of the violin playing. I am very happy because everything about you is inspiring and – even if you’re diffrent as a man from the fascinating character Paganini I must thank you for a very rich period for me as a composer. Thank you for helping me hearing the music again. 🙂

  415. Posted by sandra escareño avila    26/06/2014 02:55

    hola………. mi hija jimena es fan tuya de hecho esta tomando clases de violin ,,,,, yo quiero pedirte que tengas tu paguina de internet que se pueda traducir en español ya que mi hija todavia no entiende bien el ingles gracias
    pronto te esperamos en mexico te vemos en el auditorio nacional en noviembre
    por favor plis traduce tu paguina de internet en español bay

  416. Posted by Mihir Dalvi    25/06/2014 22:21

    Hello, I’ve heard nearly all the tracks you have recomposed. However, I would love to know, what makes ‘Air’ such a lovely track to listen? I listen to this track almost more than a ten times in a day, yet find it so mystical and soothing, that i feel like listening to it a ten times more. I would definitely like to hear more of Bach from you…

  417. Posted by Oksana    25/06/2014 08:29

    Sehr geehrter David! Haben Sie die Möglichkeit, aufzuzeichnen DVD mit den Werken aus dem Repertoire Ihrer Tournee der Klassik (zum Beispiel, «Le quattro stagioni» Antonio Vivaldi)?

  418. Posted by Claudia Spina    25/06/2014 00:47

    Dear David Garrett, I am from Brazil and here in Brazil there are so many people who really love listening to your performance. Please consider a tour in Brazil – Sao Paulo!!!!
    Thank you very very much!
    With kind regards
    Claudia Spina

  419. Posted by Mina Maria Bernadett Ito    24/06/2014 13:46

    Thank you David that you played wonderful amazing cross over music in Japan.
    Your music is delicate and powerful, to touch the heartstrings.
    Thank you that created a great sound!
    My heart is trembling.
    God bless you and your presious members.

  420. Posted by selma gülen    17/06/2014 23:27

    Hi David 🙂 we want to see in Turkey. İstanbul is very magnificent place for classical concerts.I think you like this historical place for your concert.I hope that you will come in 2015.

  421. Posted by Carla    16/06/2014 17:11

    Please, please,please consider coming to Canada, there are so many people in Ontario that are enthralled by your incredible talent and all aspects of your performance.

  422. Posted by chul wan park    16/06/2014 15:02

    Hello, David!!
    I;m very appreciate to you about giving great music to all of your fans.

    Actually, i played your music in my little concert.
    and i keep practicing many your music to become like you.

    We will see in South Korea tomorrow.
    I bought your concert ticket and i also sent e-mail to your managers who are resisted in this WEB site.
    I know it is very hard to play with you in your concert, that just my hope. that’s why i sent e-mail to your managers.

    Anyway, i’m very very excited to see you and hear your music.

    See you~ david garrett!!

    from your biggest fan in Korea

  423. Posted by Oksana    16/06/2014 13:24

    Sehr geehrter David! Danke für Ihre Musik!

  424. Posted by HeeJeong    13/06/2014 07:43

    Hello, David
    Please, think about playing the ‘Der Erlkönig’ by Franz Schubert !!!
    It will be Beautiful.

  425. Posted by juliet    11/06/2014 18:49

    I know this is just crazy wish thinking but is it possible for someone like David Garrett to play at a wedding?

  426. Posted by Paris    10/06/2014 05:45

    Hello – just wondering if anyone knows what Rosin David Garrett uses on his bow for rehearals & performances? Thanks – Hopefully David & his Tour wil come to Australia soon x

  427. Posted by jinyiviola    09/06/2014 15:48

    Hi! david! I’m Jinyi Choi .
    How have you been?
    We emailed each other 12years ago.
    and I’m a violist in Busan, Korea.
    12years ago, we were so young, students of music school,
    we are just email friend!!
    your email is not working?
    your viisitng korea is 2nd??
    It was announced tv ads that you’re coming to Korea for a concerto tour.
    Can I go to your concerto at Bexco in Busan?
    I wanna meet you, and tell you thank you.
    if we meet, you remember me?
    I will support you forever in korea.
    you are always on my mind, just as my friend.
    I hope you’ll write me soon.
    If anyone, manager of David seeand read my word, tell David “I wanna meet you as your friend , first korean big fan.”

  428. Posted by Flávia Mariano    08/06/2014 20:22

    Olá, David!
    Parabéns pelo seu trabalho, é lindo!
    Por favor, coloque o Brasil na sua lista para shows, pois precisamos de música com qualidade como a sua.
    Curto demais e lhe escuto em volume bem alto. Adoro!!!!
    Fique com Deus!

  429. Posted by lilya    08/06/2014 11:05

    David Russia is waiting for you!! very very much!We love you.

  430. Posted by vasiliki chrysikaki    05/06/2014 18:17

    June 5, 2014. Dearest David, my son Andreas and myself, we are crazy lovers of your playing as well as of your personality. We thus decided to come and see you LIVE in Berlin, for a first time, in your October’s next concert. We are so excited because of this decision of ours and are looking very much forward to this event… Will you ever come to play in Athens, Greece? We won’t miss your performance at that time and that is certain!!!. We’ll also buy better seats. Just consider our desire to see and probably meet you. It’s the absolute reason of our travelling to Berlin. May God bless you, dearest, and keep you doing your excellent playing.

  431. Posted by Maria Helena    01/06/2014 21:14

    olá David voce é Maravilhoso vem para o Brasil Por favor bjs

  432. Posted by Marina Zanetti    01/06/2014 16:12

    David, your music is amazing! PLEASE come to Brazil!

  433. Posted by Nataliia_Ukraine    30/05/2014 09:38

    It would be so great if you find a time to visit Ukraine, Kiev. Thank you for your music performance.

  434. Posted by Diego    28/05/2014 02:11

    David, Any chance you get to play anytime soon at Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires??? All the best.

  435. Posted by Elena Petrova    24/05/2014 21:10

    Yesterday I did not know your name (excuse me for this) but now I can’t wait to see and hear live.
    Is there any chance to come sometime in the wild and beautiful Bulgaria? You are amazing!

  436. Posted by Frank N    23/05/2014 15:13

    Hallo David, falls du das lesen solltest. Mein Sohn (10) ist ein großer Fan von dir. Er würde auch gerne ein Streichinstrument lernen, aufgrund seiner motorischen Störungen ist das aber kaum möglich. Trotzdem ist er ein großer Musik-Liebhaber und hat angefangen Keyboard zu lernen. Aber auch das ist nicht einfach für ihn und Lehrer, die mit einem Handicap umgehen können scheinen rar zu sein. Derzeit liest er deine Biographie. Auf jeden Fall hast du es geschafft, aus ihm einen Klassik-Fan zu machen. Er wird auch am Sonntag in Lübeck in deinem Konzert sein, dass war ein großer Wunsch von ihm dich einmal Live auf der Bühne zu sehen. Ich danke dir das durch dich die LIebe zur Musik in ihm entstanden ist die ihm Kraft im Alltag.

  437. Posted by Justina    20/05/2014 08:08

    David. I will watch your concert in Seoul, South Korea. When will you release the set list ?
    I have known you for few years. After I watched the movie,
    ‘The devil Violinist Paganini ‘ I realized yet again how you are tremendous. I will really really really look forward to see you there in Seoul. Also, can I have a chance to come across you before or later the concert even from a distance?

  438. Posted by Emily Erickson    09/05/2014 00:25

    Herr David Garret, You are my absolute favorite musical artist of all time. Your violin playing is absolutely beautiful and I’d be able to recognize your violin’s voice anywhere at any time. I know how busy you are, what with your tours and all, but I’ve wanted to hear Für Elise on the violin for a long while. I’ve heard plenty of versions from other people on the internet, but after hearing your playing of Beethoven’s 5th and other wonderful symphonies, I know that I need to hear it from you, otherwise it just wouldn’t sound right. If you already have a video or recording of any sort of you playing it and it’s posted somewhere in the far corners of the internet, it would make me the happiest person alive if I could have the link.
    Once again, you’re an absolutely wonderful and amazing person, I love you, I love your violin, I love your music, and I hope there will be plenty of new material coming from you in the upcoming years.

  439. Posted by Jamie Salisbury    05/05/2014 22:17

    A friend of mine who lives in Germany was kind enough to send me German postage (the American Postal Service has discontinued the only way we had to do return postage from a foreign country). Needless to say my day was made when my autographed card arrived over the weekend! Thank you!

  440. Posted by Carla Santos    05/05/2014 18:33

    Hi David,
    I have been following your work for a while and I wonder when you are coming to Brazil? I live in Sao Paulo and I’d like very much to see your concert live. According to your tour dates you will be in Latin America (Mexico) in november. Why not stretch to Sao Paulo?
    Wishing for a positive answer.
    Kisses. Carla

  441. Posted by newyork63    05/05/2014 17:33

    Hallo David und Team,
    ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Konzert-Zeit und viel Spass und Energie in der Vorbereitungszeit. Freue mich schon auf Stuttgart
    bis dahin

    P.S. War gerade in Hamburg in “Phantom der Oper”, falls du mal in Hamburg bist, geh hin, es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall, es ist fantastisch!

  442. Posted by Shannon    02/05/2014 03:27

    I hope that Canada can become one of your stops while on tour. Toronto would be nice 🙂 it would be incredible to see your concert and I know you have plenty of Canadian fans.

  443. Posted by Susanne    29/04/2014 20:45

    Hallo David, jeden Tag denke ich an dich, danke für dein Lächeln du hast eine nette Art die ich an dir mag. In meinem Bett hab ich ein großen Teddybär den ich beim einschlafen umarme und mir vorstelle du wärst es. Danke dir für deine indirekte Begleitung, dies gibt mir die Warmherzigkeit damit ich meine realistische Wahrnehmung erkenne. Aber du hast wohl deine Geige neben deiner bettseite und diese als deine liebe. ich hab mich damit angefreundet mein eigener Begleiter sein zu dürfen. Deine musik nehme ich als inspiration uns Arbeitsmotivation, danke. Tschüs, Susanne

  444. Posted by jess    29/04/2014 04:49

    Hi !!!! yeah when you are coming to colombia?, i really hope you come, your music is so beautiful and so sensitive; I am so happy with you as Niccolò Paganini ohh a beauty movie ,aganini’s my favorite musician and composer and you’re interpreting it perfect,you’re a genius I admire a lot of violin david.

    I share with you your birthday , I was born on September 4/ 1993 please visit to Colombia you have many fans here,You are exceptional and only man in this universe i love you :3 <3

  445. Posted by marcela    28/04/2014 04:00

    Hllo i wanna ask, when you are coming to colombia? or if you plan to come?
    thank you so much and i really hope you come… you´re one with the universe

  446. Posted by Mindy Loftus    26/04/2014 00:52

    David, I am probably one of your biggest fan’s since the beginning. Having been a musician myself and a son who played violin for years…I attended a concert of yours, with a broken ankle in a wheelchair in Charlotte North Carolina about 4 years ago… Where have you been ???? When are you coming back down south???. I am a New York-er living in the south. So I really appreciate the arts..But we miss you down here, Need to get you here for another performance..Just want to thank you for the beautiful passion that you have and the joy that it brings to people like me… Many blessing and keep bringing us your beautiful music….xo

  447. Posted by Eduardo Amadeus    21/04/2014 07:45

    This letter is to David

    David , dying to meet you, you are a god of the violin, you listen Martynas at the National Auditorium in Mexico on January 28, 2014 , travel from the distant lands of Yucatan to listen to both , I will return on November 18 to Mexico DF see them, and hopefully we can know , I’m a violinist.
    I leave my biography.

    Eduardo Amadeus.
    Born in the city of Merida on August 18, 1999 .
    He is the first son of Eduardo Cervera and Aurora Perez .
    I Began his musical studies at the age of 4 , singing opera arias in a chorus of SI Cathedral.
    In 2009 a national tour employs the core states of the republic, including Michoacán , Jalisco and DF
    In the same year I Began studying violin at the music center under the tutelage of Wallis Schirp Edwin Magana .
    In 2010 Edvin Marton Known to virtuoso violinist who teaches a small part of violin technique , In That year auditioned for a place in the National Youth Orchestra of Yucatan with José Luis Chan Sabido, who says I does not Have the required age to enter the group , but if the level giving private violin lessons you give to enroll your State Youth Orchestra System Yucatan.
    That same year I met the pianist and violist, Dora Flores Pale who teaches orchestral music .
    In February 2011 I auditioned to be in the prejuvenil Yucatan Symphony Orchestra, and I was ADMITTED , being the first four violinists holders living in Merida.
    In July of the same year I was invited by FIFA to play in the inaugural Hall of Fame in FIFA world football in the state of Hidalgo.
    Playing for former President of Mexico Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, President of FIFA Joseph Blatter and President of Chile Sebastián Piñera.
    In September of That year I was selected to join the National Youth Orchestra of Yucatan.
    In March 2012 Known violin virtuoso violinist orchestra on 17 international and 5 times Doctor Honoris Causa, Christopher Collins Lee, who offers to give private violin lessons .
    In October 2012 I was invited by Christopher Collins Lee to take classes for his part in Julliard School ( U.S.) and Trinity College of Music ( London) .
    In February 2013 the Agency under the Southeast Music baton of maestro Antonio Espinosa Integrates Canto.
    In March 2013 I founded the String Quartet I Viñao Which is director and first violin .
    In May 2013 Accompanied by the Youth Orchestra of the Classical Ballet Yucatan Yucatan and Oziel Viengsay Valdez and Gounod .
    In 2014 , he received master classes from Susan Siman , creator of the Venezuelan Orchestra System .

    I have currently is a student of violin maestro José Luis Chan Sabido, Gocha Skirtlatze , Tim Myall and Christopher Collins Lee.
    It has-been under the baton of conductors : such as , Mitchel Luthc , José Luis Chan Sabido, Dora Flores, Jonathan Renteria , Silvia Alcantara , Enrique Barrios, Luis Luna and Mahonri Aban , Emilio Bueno , Among Others .
    I ‘ve Accompanied international singers like tenor of the Austrian – Yucatan , Lion Castle and designers : such as Maya Hansen, Benito Santos, Mario Morgado, Macario Jimenez , Lydia Lavin and others .
    In April 2013 Began studying oboe with master Alexander Ovcharov .
    In October 2013 I travels to the city of Guanajuato to the 41 th International Cervantes Festival .
    He has played for international artists : such as Yanni pianist or composer Julio Estrada and multiple national bands including Zoe and Jenny and The Mexicats .
    I have PARTICIPATED in world premieres of works : such as Rhapsody Mexicana de Carlos Islands , Elijah Puc Those Yesterdays , Arthur Day Fantasy Flowers and overall re -release of The Creation of Man Maya Daniel Ayala Pérez
    Currently belongs to the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra Children’s Luis . Garavito G , Yucatan Symphony Orchestra prejuvenil Hoil Pedro Calderon Yucatan Youth Orchestra Daniel Ayala Perez , Symphony Orchestra of the School of Arts of Yucatan Gustavo Escalante River and Amadeus Orchestra in all its versions .
    Their repertoire Consists of five concerts , 4 books of studies , more than 500 pieces , and five Masses.

  448. Posted by Ksasha    20/04/2014 04:43

    Dear David,
    Your music is amazing; your band is awesome as well. When you play violin you fill the space with magic! I love your concerts and always bring my dear friends and parents to your shows when you are in town. Can’t wait to have you back, but may I just ask for one favor! Could you please get a girlfriend or let’s go out on a date next time you are in Chicago. 🙂 Who knows maybe you’ll get inspired and write a happy song about a woman.. besides the sad one you wrote for the infamous ex-girlfriend – you’ve been playing it for the past five years (I can’t hear that story for another 5 more years) 🙂 🙂 🙂 … are awesome! Keep on shining and bringing beautiful music to various parts of the world!

  449. Posted by Francy Paternostro    18/04/2014 19:17

    Hii David,

    I have 13 years and are your great fan!! I’m in love with your music,listen often. Always look at your videos and photos. Follow you and I admire you very much. I hope you’ll make some concert in Italy, so will see you and listen to your wonderful music. I love your normal and the way you send people your emotions through music. You are wonderfulllll.
    I love you very much David. Please come to Italy.

  450. Posted by Sandra Martin    14/04/2014 09:58

    Hola David, soy una fan española, que esta desesperada porque vengas por estas tierras, simplemente decirte que me encantas tu, tu manera de tocar el violin, es magica!!! Tienes algo que engancha!!! y yo estoy enganchada a ti !!!! eres mi musico favorito!!! Mi gran pena es que no se si te vere alguna vez por tierras españolas…pero yo no pierdo la esperanza de poder ir a verte en alguna ocasion…ojala se cumpla. Y por cierto, para cuando un cd de Brahms!!!! No paro de ver esos conciertos tuyos en youtube…..son apasionantes!!! Muchos saludos desde Malaga, y no te olvides de España que por aqui tienes muchos fans!!!!!!

  451. Posted by gracie    11/04/2014 03:09

    I went to your most recent concert in Pittsburgh and came back mesmerized. You are amazing! Please please please please come back soon!

  452. Posted by Lamyaa    07/04/2014 21:00

    Thank you David for being an inspiration when I needed one.

  453. Posted by michelle duker    02/04/2014 17:39

    i first heard david on a fellow djs radio show and was hooked. its pure magic it touched even my dark soul

  454. Posted by Tanya    01/04/2014 00:34

    David, my husband and I attended your New York show on March 19, 2014. The show and trip was my husband’s birthday gift and it was his best birthday yet. The show was spectacular! Even the long walk back to our hotel in the pouring rain didn’t dampen our spirits. We’re from Toronto, Ontario Canada. Please consider coming north of the border. You have many fans here that would love to see and hear you.
    Hoping to find a way to Germany to attend one of your classical concerts.
    Love you!

  455. Posted by Juanita    30/03/2014 16:20

    I was sitting in the Palladium Theatre in St. Petersburg, FL USA listening to you play, never having heard your music before, and it was so beautiful I felt it in my heart! Your charisma and artistry is amazing! Then you came down of the stage and walked the isles, and then sat down next to me and I could have died! There were so many emotions going on at once – I felt so honored! Thank you so much for the serenade, it was beautiful – and something I will not soon forget! I hope you find someone – and make a life for yourself – you have so much to give – and so much to pass-on!

  456. Posted by Karinn    29/03/2014 15:40

    Come to China please! We are waiting for you at Guangzhou.Miss you and your violin so much !

  457. Posted by Izabel    28/03/2014 23:28

    When will you come to Brazil?? We are waiting for you DAVID! BRAZIL NEEDS YOU SO MUCH! We realy need your presentation here, you are so fantastic! Your music is like a music of angels, and you are a God of Music, I adore you SO MUCH. You are violinist most fantastic in the World, and our Country need feel your soul, your passion, your miracle like musician.
    Here in Brazil have many fans too, we love you too. Why you don’t came to Brazil still? Why? Because I realy realy realy need you!
    As you can see a lot of your fans are brazilian. We appreciate your songs a lot!
    You need to read our comments here to know that we really love you! You are amazing!
    Please come to Brazil! Please! YOU NEED COME HERE.
    We are so excited with you!
    You make me happy when I listen your songs. Now you make my day so much better as the others before I knew you. You make me cry with a smile in my face, you make me feel emotions that i’ve never feel. You are wonderful!
    Love Izabel. Your simple fan of Brazil.

  458. Posted by Connyro    28/03/2014 09:42

    Na endlich!!! Die deutschen Fans in Seoul/Südkorea freuen sich, dass DG im Juni kommt. Warten darauf, dass die Tickets in den Verkauf gehen.

    Viel Erfolg und VIVA LA VIDA!

  459. Posted by antonio piffardi cajiao    26/03/2014 20:42

    david Dank für die Musik, die wir liefern, ich glaube, ich identifiziere mich, wenn ich sehe, Sie spielen, Sie sind, was ich nicht tat. Großmeister

  460. Posted by Elisabetta Guerrini    26/03/2014 12:48

    Every night I used to listen to classical music,
    before closing the book I’m reading at the moment (when I was a child my grandfather instead of telling stories, telling me Opera Romanze!) … so I found you on Youtube!
    Your approach to music is wonderful and innovative, as well as talented and you have the ability to introduce young people to classical music in a cool way … and not as a boring thing.
    Of course the look is important in an age where it’s easier to be in evidence through the fast and pervasive communications media, but I think this has made more fun to discover this kind of music and aimed at a wider audience. Just a question, but important … when will you come to perform in Milan?


  461. Posted by Gladys    25/03/2014 21:26

    13 Children and I will going this Thursday to the Atlanta Symphony Hall to support David Garrett, our favorite violinist and our motivation. We are big fans and very excited to watch him. May we meet David and take a picture with him? This is very important moment to children’s lives, since last October we are waiting for this big Concert and this will enrich their lives, and see the musical life from a new perspective. David Garrett will inspire them so much more to love and practice their instruments, and make their lives better. Thank you so much. Gladys.

  462. Posted by Andi    25/03/2014 16:05

    Hey David!!! Please come to Montreal!! Please please 😉
    I just went to your show in Wallingford. Took me 20 hours of driving, but really was worth the trip!!
    I play the violin since I am really young , but got injured so had to stop for a while. It was hard For me because it really was my passion. But I had to continue so…Now I teach it and I have a band! I love showing the kids that classical music is everywhere and that they can play any songs they like. Thanks for showing people that violin is awesome and can be sexy as hell ;)… Don’t forget …. come to Montreal!!!! If not I’ll have to go in Germany I guess!!! :p
    Thanks for the great performance on Saturday night.
    Hope to see you in Quebec really soon

  463. Posted by Andi    25/03/2014 16:05

    Hey David!!! Please come to Montreal!! Please please 😉
    I just went to your show in Wallingford. Took me 20 hours of driving, but really was worth the trip!!
    I play the violin since I am really young , but got injured so had to stop for a while. It was hard For me because it really was my passion. But I had to continue so…Now I teach it and I have a band! I love showing the kids that classical music is everywhere and that they can play any songs they like. Thanks for showing people that violin is awesome and can be sexy as hell ;)… Don’t forget …. come to Montreal!!!! If not I’ll have to go in Germany I guess!!! :p
    Thanks for the great performance on Saturday night.
    Hope to see you in Quebec really soon

  464. Posted by gracie    25/03/2014 01:49

    David, you are very inspiring and I was wondering how to send autograph requests to you? What stamps would I need and by how do I send it? How does the IRC thing work?

  465. Posted by Dianne M.Walker    24/03/2014 18:22

    My Son and I were at the concert in Worcester,MA on 3/23/14. The tickets were a gift from my Son for my 65’th Birthday. This was the Best Gift that I have received to celebrate this landmark Birthday. I have two Daughters who played the Violin from ages 5 to 17 and I had always hoped to have a virtuoso in the family. Unfortunately,that was not the case. I have always loved classical music and my Daughters were very talented,but lacked the absolute passion that is vital to a life dedicated to music. I have watched you David ,for a couple of years on WGBH and am hooked on your music. I hope you will be coming back to Boston. The concert was the Greatest.


  466. Posted by dilinie    23/03/2014 13:36

    Hi David,

    We are excited to attend your concert today (March 23, 2014) in Worcester, MA. Our two kids (10 and 8) are great fans of yours. They have been playing the violin for over 8/5 years and are very inspired by you. I was wondering if you have any optional encounter before or after the concert where they could ask you questions and maybe get your autograph on their violins.

    Thank you David and look forward to the concert.


  467. Posted by Javier Sánchez    23/03/2014 12:07

    Querido David:
    Me impresiona y me causa un impacto terrible dentro de mi corazón al escucharte. Haces feliz a la gente con tu música. Nunca dejes de hacer feliz a la gente. Espero poder verte alguna ves aquí en Argentina. Soy de la ciudad de Villa Mercedes, provincia de San Luis y mi tierra es de guitarras. Si vienes conocerás la belleza de mi tierra. Espero que algún puedas venir y conozcas el calor de la gente Argentina. Te deseo lo mejor y gracias.

    Javier Sánchez

  468. Posted by Stacy    23/03/2014 05:56

    Hello David –
    My mom, aunt, sister and I were at your show in CT tonight. Amazing!! Thank you for such a wonderful night out.. I am going through some difficult changes in my personal life and tonight, watching you perform, was the most enjoyable evening I have had out in a long time. Thank you!!
    If you are in CT again, would love an opportunity to see you.
    You are an amazing violinist and I enjoyed your sharing of life experiences in between too!!
    Stacy (CT)

  469. Posted by Clara    22/03/2014 11:12

    E’ possibile far arrivare una buona musica attraverso il tuo violino in Italia?
    Studio da 5 anni il violino e mi piacerebbe molto vedere dal vivo un tuo concerto.

  470. Posted by Mauricio van Cleef    21/03/2014 14:15

    Hi, my name is Mauricio. I would like know, when you will come to Brazil-São Paulo?

    Mauricio van Cleef

  471. Posted by Suzie    21/03/2014 10:36

    Very excited for show at Oakdale Theater on 3/22!!!!!!! It is my birthday and my friend’s birthday!! It would be the perfect birthday to sit onstage with you, we both can fit on the couch!!!!!! Suzie and Rene, Orchestra, Row J, section 104. Two blondes with feather boas, birthday would be perfect if David saw us! This is the best birthday ever to see Davidi Garrett live!!!! SUZIE AND RENE!!!!!!!!!!!

  472. Posted by Bruna Pelegrini dos Santos    20/03/2014 20:32

    Good afternoon.

    I’from Brasil, my father has two DVD’s David, but he wants others too. Can you send me a list with all his DVD’s that are for sale? Please, send me by email.

    Thank you very much.

  473. Posted by Ana    19/03/2014 14:29

    Hello David,
    We are so happy to go to your concert in Coral Springs, FL and counting down the days as they pass. We bought the tickets the first day they were for sale to the public and got the best sits available. Our two kids (15 and 11) have been playing the violin for over 8 years and are very inspired by you. I was wondering if you have any optional encounter before or after the concert where they could ask you questions and maybe get your autograph on their violins.

  474. Posted by June    19/03/2014 02:46

    Dear David,
    My son Haymon Haffner(8years) playing ’80’s Anthem’ one of the tracks on ‘ROCK SYMPHONIES’ from your CD.
    Here is the youtube address. He hasn’t got any music notes from this song. The play might be wrong, but you definitely can see how enthusiastic 8 years old boy could be in this homemade video. It’s just 3 minutes. Enjoy! Thanks for your existence and your great music!!

    From Augsburg,

  475. Posted by Maja Niesner    18/03/2014 08:28

    Hallo David,
    Ich bin ein riesen Fan von dir du spielst so schön GEIGE ich bin noch lange nicht so gut. Mein
    Traum ist mit dir mal GEIGE zu spielen mein Lieblingsmusik von dir ist via la vida
    Deine Musik haut mich um
    Mavh weiter so David
    Gruß Maja

  476. Posted by Cláudia Betioli    18/03/2014 03:30

    Hi, I’m from SPaulo Brazil and I came up to NYC only for your show on March 18…please I would be so happy if I may take a picture with you…is it possible? Thank you so much!!

  477. Posted by Mary Lee    17/03/2014 16:54

    Hello David,
    My friend and I just saw your concert in Chicago and we love your music so much. I had been watching you Live in Berlin from 2009 I think, and listen to it while I work. I am a licensed massage therapist and I play your beautiful music during my massage therapy for my clients. You are truly a gift to the world and I play your music for everyone I can including children. They all love you and your band. My friend and I were going to throw our business cards on the stage in hopes one would get to you all. We noticed Franck is bent over a bit when he plays and your neck!! You need work too. We drove all the way from Detroit area suburb to see you play. Could you come to Detroit next year. There are beautiful theaters here. You tell funny stories we laughed all the way to our hotel that night. Thank you for the stellar entertainment.
    With love & appreciation,
    Mary Lee

  478. Posted by cecilia villarreal    17/03/2014 05:41

    Hello! I’m from Mexico. Today (16/03/14) I buy the latest CD about David Garrett ( Garrett vs Paganini) when I try to save the songs in the computer to MP3 format it looks like rock symphonies album and the name of the songs are the same but if you listen the music sounds like Garrett vs Paganini album and when I save it, I lost rock symphonies album because have the same name 🙁
    I wait for your answer.

  479. Posted by Jane    16/03/2014 17:08

    I first saw David perform on the local PBS station in St. Louis last year (2013) when visiting my special needs sister. She’s a fan of all kinds of music and we thoroughly enjoyed David’s performance. It was the last time my sister and I spent time together. She passed away two weeks later, and one of the songs we played at her memorial service was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” My husband and I were at the concert David played in Chicago on March 15, 2014. So, when David played that song at the concert we attended, I was very touched. It was like having my sister there one last time. Thank you, David for whatever inspired you to play that song at that concert.

  480. Posted by Olga    14/03/2014 21:14

    Hello, David!
    My name is Olga, I’m from Russia. I recently watched a movie Paganini, I was amazed and still under impression. All these days I scour the Internet, I read your interview and watch the concerts, enjoy your divine play the violin. My life has changed, it’s unique. I dream that you come to Russia! With great hope!!!

  481. Posted by MelWood    14/03/2014 04:31

    Hello David,
    I must say that watching you perform in Milwaukee was, to say the least, quite a treat! With a wide variety of music and your rockin’ violin playing, you really made my jaw drop in amazement and wonder. It was my mother and my first time seeing you perform and definitely not our last, I hope. Keep on keepin’ on. You are one talented violin playing madman!

    With much adoration,
    Your Raven Haired musical admirer

  482. Posted by ray    13/03/2014 17:20

    ola david…
    creio q ainda não viu um brasileiro por aqui…
    amo melodias em violinos …na verdade amo musica
    qria a sua opniao …qual o melhor violino 3/4 ????

    me surpreenda !

  483. Posted by Natali    09/03/2014 20:22

    Dear David, my name is Natali and I’m from Russia, Moscow. Yesterday night I saw your film about Paganini. It was like a miracle. I can’t belive that someone can play like this master. You are a gift from the God. Thank you for your heart in the music. We are waiting you in Russia. With a great hope…

    Natali, with my heart

  484. Posted by Eva Tjaden-Neetz    04/03/2014 13:28

    Sehr geehrter Herr Garrett,
    mein Sohn Leonard, der morgen 12 Jahre alt wird, ist schon viele Jahre ein großer Fan von Ihnen, hört Ihre CDs herauf und herunter… Er ist selbst schon ein recht guter kleiner Geiger (spielt gerade “Scene de Ballet” von Beriot) und hat Sie auch schon life erlebt.
    Irgendwann im letzten Jahr hat er, auf die Frage, was für ein besonderes Erlebnis er einmal in seinem Leben erleben möchte, gesagt, dass er gerne einmal mit Ihnen sprechen oder eine Geigenstunde bei Ihnen haben möchte. Die Vorstellung davon hat ihn zutiefst berührt!
    Daher versuche ich es mal auf diese Weise zu erfahren, ob das irgendwie möglich ist, vielleicht im Zusammenhang mit einem Konzert in Hamburg, wo wir leben? Gibt es irgendeine Möglichkeit?
    Das wäre ganz großartig und ein ganz besonderes Geschenk und riesige Motivation für ihn.
    Mit herzlichen Grüßen
    Eva Tjaden-Neetz, Mutter von Leonard

  485. Posted by Jacqui    04/03/2014 00:25

    Hi David, 
    My name is Jacqui and I live in Australia. My fiance and I love your style and listen to your music every day! It is truly unique and beautiful.
     We are getting married next year, and it has always been my dream to walk down the aisle to the classic “Pachelbel’s Canon”. Is there any possibility that you will be recording your own version?  It would be very special to both of us if we could incorporate your music into our wedding. 

    I really look forward to seeing you in concert in Australia one day! 

    Many thanks,

  486. Posted by juan martin    02/03/2014 15:42

    hola david soy martin de colombia y tengo 9 años me encanta como tocas para mi eres el mejor violinista del mundo

  487. Posted by Katrin B.    28/02/2014 10:48

    Hallo DG Webseiten Team,
    da ich mich aus verschiedenen Gründen bei fb abgemeldet habe, wäre es möglich, die Berichterstattung der z.B. US Tour – Fotos, Video z.B. Hey Jude … – auch hier auf der Offiziellen Webseite parallel einzustellen? 🙂 ich und sicher viele andere Nicht-fb-Nutzer würden sich sicherlich freuen. Vielen Dank, Katrin

  488. Posted by aurore    28/02/2014 00:52

    Vous perdez des clients! Venez en france et qu’on en parle plus!

  489. Posted by Priscila Souza    22/02/2014 18:22

    David Garrett Hello My name is Priscilla I am 11 years old and live in Brazil.I’m your fan, I play violin and dance Ballet, I draw very much on you as on the Violin Ballet, and I would very much that you would make a concert in Brazil I like you very much! And I would love to meet you.

  490. Posted by Priscila Souza    22/02/2014 18:19

    David Garrett Hello My name is Priscilla I am 11 years old and live in Brazil, Santa Catarina, Blumenau. I’m your fan, I play violin and dance Ballet, I draw very much on you as on the Violin Ballet, and I would very much that you would make a concert in Brazil I like you very much! And I would love to meet you.

  491. Posted by SinemOnur    20/02/2014 21:04

    Hi David!! I’ve been watching you since ever I guess…. I play the violin for 7 year (I am 16) and you are my idol! When I listen your songs I close my eyes and just feel it. Deep in my heart. your every note every vibrato means so many things, efect so many feelings of me. Sometimes I just wanna cry when I listen to you. How can something, someone can be so purfect so beautiful. The only thing that I want is YOU TO COME TO TURKEY, ISTANBUL!!! This is my lifetime wish. Please please see this comment and return to me. You are my only dream only idol. I love you my Hero….

  492. Posted by Ulrike    20/02/2014 14:17

    Lieber David!
    Danke vielmals, dass wir dich heute über den Lifestream im Konzert in Genua miterleben dürfen! Das ist soooo ein wundervolles Geschenk, was du mir damit machst! Ich weiß das sehr zu schätzen!!
    Zur Feier des Tages werde ich ein Gläschen Sekt trinken: Auf dich, auf die Liebe und das Leben. Prosit! :-))
    Lieber David, danke für alles und alles Beste für immer!
    Mache es gut und habe es fein und vor allem… freue dich des Lebens!
    Herzlich liebe Grüße aus Düsseldorf,

  493. Posted by Andante con brio    19/02/2014 23:26

    Thanks, really.
    your talent, your genius.. are presents for us all, of course
    really thanks for keeping working so hard.

    Keep composing!
    great work your music in Paganini’s movie. a brilliant miscellanea of Paganini’s notes and yours, perfectly equilibrate.
    It makes us dreaming. Your music in our brain is keeping playing, we are enthusiastic.
    See you tomorrow,
    from Lucia ’79
    Genoa, Italy

  494. Posted by bibi banu    18/02/2014 23:11

    To Whom It may concern,

    I am Banu Dagcioglu, a soloist dancer at Izmir State Opera and Ballet and planning to perform my first choreography trial. The plan is to perform commencing April 29th, 2014. I would like to use the Music of David Garrett`s album “Free” (under Decca, Universal Music Company protection) along side my Coreograpy. I found your addresses on the internet.

    Here is the list of the music i would like to use:






    This will be my first Choreograpy trial for Izmir State Opera and Ballett and it is really important for me that`s why i picked him and his music.Those songs and his music inspires me a lot. I really would like to use those songs to express myself with my Choreograpy.

    My colleague, who works for our copyright committee, got into contact with a Turkish representative 2 months ago but still could not get any answer for the price of the songs I would like to use. This puts me in very difficult situation because my first performance with be in 29 th of April and my colleague has to know the price before March 7th, 2014 for the copyright meeting. I do not want to find myself in a position that i have to change the music that inspired me.

    We are not a very big company but we are good. You can get more information about us under

    Our seat capacity is 340 and the approximate ticket price 20 Turkish Lira.

    I will really appreciate if you can help.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Warm Regards
    Bibi Banu Dagcioglu

  495. Posted by Jeongbin    17/02/2014 22:07

    Hello David. I’m from South Korea. I love your music soooooooo much. Your playing makes me happy. Whenever I’m depressed, I listen and watch your music. then It feels so like heaven.. so beautiful..
    I have to say Thank you David !! I hope to see you soon

  496. Posted by Cristiana Guimaraes    17/02/2014 22:04

    Hello David! This is a fan fm Brazil.
    I am trying to find best date to finally watch you playing this year, either in the United States or in Europe. But Im wondering if you hv any plans to come to South America. Hope so!
    You are fantastic! Thanks for the music and for your talent.
    With kind regards, Cristiana fm Rio de Janeiro!

  497. Posted by Maria Cristina    17/02/2014 21:57

    Hi David, my name is Maria Cristina and I am 13. I play violin in the JuniOrchestra of Santa Cecilia in Rome. I went to Naples on Saturday to see your concert. You have been great !!!! I liked it very much!!!!
    But I was a little disappointed because I was waiting in the output of the artists for an autograph, but you never arrived.
    …BYE BYE

  498. Posted by Chiara    17/02/2014 07:11

    Hi David..! I saw you at San Carlo theater in Naples two days ago.. You’re an incredible artist and I’ve to thank you for your music! please come back soon in Italy for a crossover concert..! Your music, my life!

  499. Posted by Amina    17/02/2014 00:35

    Dear M. Garrett & his Managers,
    I just attended the concert of Napoli, and i have to say that I am very happy but also, very disapointed.
    Happy because of cours i enjoyed the Music and the performance. Disapointed because it wasn’t mentioned that it would be just for the first part, which made me spending most of the second part waiting for your return. And believe me, after coming to Italy (& all what this trip includes) just to see you in concert, that gave me an after taste of “inachevé”.
    So please, next time dear Managers, make sure this is mentioned on the adverts. (at least for the others)
    Ane M.David Garrett, next time when you finnish, say: Thank you and goodbye.

  500. Posted by Sara    16/02/2014 08:32

    Dear David, My name is Sara and I am an eleven years old violinist with Santa Cecilia Juniorchestra of Rome. Yesterday I came to Naples with my family only to see you and to hear your wonderful music! I enjoyed the concert very very much. You are great! I was only a litlle bit disappointed because I waited for you at the artist’s exit after your performance, but you were not there. I am very sad for that! I hope to see you in Rome soon. Ciao. SARA

  501. Posted by Jackie    12/02/2014 02:53

    I have just recently learned about you. I would say within the last two months or so. It is very rare that I fall in love with a musical artist so quickly. I find the music rich, wonderful quality, and astounding. You have done amazing things with some of my favorite songs, and turned me on to new songs. I could listen to your rendition of the 5th for hours on end. I truly hope that you continue in your amazing art. I am incredibly impressed by you, and hope to hear more in the future.

  502. Posted by kerstin boos    10/02/2014 10:19

    hallo david,
    möchte dir als jahrelanger fan mitteilen, dass ich wenn ich dich sehe “gänsehaut” bekomme und wenn ich deine musik höre mein herz aufgeht und ich mir dann nichts sehnlicher wünsche als in deinen armen zu liegen, ich bin verliebt, so verliebt in dich, obwohl ich dich nicht kenne, ich fühle mich dir so nah wenn ich deine musik höre, sehe ich dich vor mir und kann mir genau vorstellen wie du dich gerade bewegst und und und…
    ich liebe dich so sehr, würde alles darfür geben dich kennenzulernen!
    in liebe kerstin

  503. Posted by Narmink@    08/02/2014 16:10

    your smile))when u`re playin…)

  504. Posted by Narmink@    08/02/2014 16:09

    your hair,glance,eyes,neck,………and your music……OMG)

  505. Posted by Narmink@    06/02/2014 19:43

    здравствуй Давид. я из Азербайджана. но пишу на русском что б было легко переводить на родной язык. хотя ты наверное никогда не прочтеш и не напишеш обратно) anyway…я хочу сказать что ты супер играеш на скрипке͵но скажу честно͵не будь твоя красота ͵шарм и страсть когда ты играеш я бы не смотрела на твои видео в день 1000 раз как я делаю ето сейчас)) всегда любила скрипку͵но слушать от твоих рук ето increadible)) всегда оставайся таким красивым͵обоятельным͵ and good luck in your profession
    я знаю у меня нет никаких шансов увидеть вас. ето печально

  506. Posted by Xana Munguia    03/02/2014 14:47

    Hi David !!
    First of all I want to thank you for the extraordinary concert that you gave us in Mexico City. It was my first time to see you on stage playing and your band alive…woweeeeee !!!! WE, mexicans, waited for long to finally enjoy of your music. I want to thank too to every member of your band, very talented guys indeed, all of you were so connected with the audience that also those who see-knew you for the fist time were delighted, singing to the top of their longs as I did too. Is there any chance that this concert in Mexico can be published in DVD???? Pleaseeee???????? Mexicans are very warm people and it is said that we are the reason of the global warming (joke :P) …..Truly, you know how to connect and engage with your audience just being you. Don’t be a stranger and come back soon!!!..
    Please not only come back soon but please keep us in your mind in your concerts program, either with full orchestra or only with your band” no matter how :D….

    Also, I want to say that your new album Garrett vs Paganini is something to comment about it, my favorite is The Score. I haven’t seen your movie yet but with the music you have transported me already, you really have sense of melody and dragged me to the drama deeply. Keep composing!!!!… Ahh and I can’t wait for your New Classical Album with Brahms music.

    Warm hugs from Mexico !!!!

  507. Posted by Linette    01/02/2014 04:42

    Please add another show while you are in St. Petersburg, FL! The tickets sold out so fast!

  508. Posted by Anne    31/01/2014 20:43

    I am a face dimmed by the light
    My mind is in air on this violin night
    The tone is surrounding ~
    it echoes my ear
    In my thought ~
    your music is all I can hear

    The sound of you thrills me ~
    as fine rhythmed prose
    It is magnetic, enchanting ~
    Your resonance flows

    I can’t help but feel happy
    My heart feels what you do
    Every nerve is on edge and alive
    when I hear you

    What you do is like magic ~
    It lifts me light as can be
    I swirl to your rhythm
    My head will float free

    This feeling I get when I hear
    your violin play
    Creates a longing for more ~
    It won’t go away

    Such characteristic style
    I am able to hear
    A Violin Ballet in dim quiet air
    So radiant you appear
    In your God given voice~
    But to smile with grace ~
    there is no other choice

  509. Posted by Khaoula    31/01/2014 13:47

    Hello David ! I’am Khaoula Ennahli, a young Moroccan writer and I want to publish a book and the main character in the story is a violinist, so, may you give me authorization to use your picture ?-If you like, because he’s -the main character- looking like you in my imagination. I’m very excited to see you on the cover ! and I hope that you will accept my proposition. I want to know if that works for you, Thank you…
    My cordiality.

  510. Posted by zrinka07    30/01/2014 19:49

    First thank you for everything you do……your music inspired me…..I like the way you mixed all kind of music with classic……have only one word beautifull…..I’m from Croatia…and I’m very sad ’cause you don’t have concert over here……I know that we are little country but I belive that you have lot’s of fans over here……hope one day you’ll be near our country……if not……thank you for your passion, we all enjoy in it !!! <3

  511. Posted by Karrie chey    30/01/2014 19:39

    Dear David nach Malaysia zu kommen, wir warten auf Sie! Love u so much!!!

  512. Posted by Patricia    29/01/2014 20:27

    El concierto de ayer por la noche en el Auditorio Nacional en el D.F. Fue de lo más extraordinario!!! Admiro mucho tú sencillez y entrega al público, gracias por venir a mi México lindo y querido!!!
    Te estaremos esperando con los brazos abiertos para cuando decidas volver a deleitarnos con tu música.
    P.D. Cuando bajaste del escenario y estabas frente a la fila donde yo me encontraba casi me desmayo de la emoción, realmente eres adorable!!!

  513. Posted by celeste    29/01/2014 06:39

    Hi David would you please add another show in the west coast? I attended to your concert in Anaheim but it all happened so fast … I would like to see you again and I am sure lots of fans feel the same! Thank you David you are amazing and I wish and pray I get to meet you some day!! Celeste.

  514. Posted by Rê Brasil    28/01/2014 02:23


  515. Posted by lauren    27/01/2014 01:46

    Hello I have tickets already for your show in CT in March and I was wondering if there was any meet and greet opportunities? I am a HUGE fan and super excited that you are touring in the USA…Please let me know thank you

  516. Posted by Cristiane Morello    26/01/2014 22:39

    Oi David, aprecio muito seu trabalho. Conseguimos trazer Yanni ao Brasil, gostaria muitíssimo de assistir a um show seu.
    Vc poderia incluir o Brasil na sua turnê? Ficaríamos muito felizes, abraços Cristiane Morello

  517. Posted by Debz Nicklinson    26/01/2014 19:35

    Hi David, I am just wondering if you may be coming to the UK this year or soon to Tour or even do 1 concert like in 2011 as I would so love to see you play Live again. Last time was very special for me as I am disabled so to get to see you in London was a very big day of travel to and from Dorset in Southern England in a comfy taxi. I would try and travel where ever you play in England, though I expect it will be in London when, and if, you return to us. I would so love to see you do “Music” live as I watch the DVD and listen to the CD most of the time, I love it so much esp as I played the violin myself for 30 years. x

  518. Posted by Ksenia    25/01/2014 18:25

    Thank you for your passion in music! Please come to Sain-Pete Russia and make concert at the most beautiful square at the world – our Palace Square!

  519. Posted by Miyako Nakamura    25/01/2014 00:23

    I was at Anaheim live tour last night. Thank you so much for sharing your love and passion to music. It was amazing experience. Oh, your nocturne… Nothing else would fill me with joy as much as it did!
    I got to know your performance through Japanese TV show El Mundo 2 years ago and checked your concert schedule right away to find out your live had just finished in my area 2 weeks before. I WAS SO SHOCKED. Since then I had been waiting for you to come back to Southern California and finally! I could listen to your live after 2 years of waiting! So Excited and I felt your music with whole my body becoming an ear. Now so sad it’s over. When is the next time? Do you have any plan of JAPAN tour? 300 days of tour in a year must be so tough. Please Please take care of yourself so that we can have more chance to enjoy your music. Looking forward to listen to you live performance again! Thank you!

  520. Posted by Hanne Maciel    18/01/2014 21:19

    You are fantastic! Came to Brazil!

  521. Posted by Sonja    18/01/2014 21:08

    Hello! In Russia they are waiting for David, there’s a lot of his fans, for his work can hardly leave anyone indifferent! Very very very looking forward to his concert! May be in 2015, he would still be able to visit Russia?!) His music is incredible! Thank Him for that gives people joy and brings the beauty of the music! This is a gift of God!!!

  522. Posted by Tatiana    17/01/2014 13:21

    Hello. I`m soorry my English. I see, David will go to tour 2014 in Germany and USA. I want know will David go to Ukraine or Russia with concerts? I think here many people who like music by David and would like to hear it live. Thank you very much? You are doing a great contribution to culture and education the beautiful people.

  523. Posted by Phyllis Weiss    15/01/2014 05:19

    Also saw David Fri. Jan 10, at the Fabulous Fox. Love David’s music but was somewhat disappointed in the concert. There wasn’t the energy shown that I have seen in concerts in Europe. No orchestra, although the canned music was ok, and no projections of him and the band behind them. Wanted to see him play Yesterday with the family album pictures. He also didn’t do any new music that I haven’t heard many many times. Was hoping for a small meet and greet from the PBS ticket holders. Would love to discuss music and art with him since we both have the same philosophy about bringing classical music and art to the masses. He certainly is accomplishing that. Also, loved Martynas, playing with him the wonderful tango, but having five pieces played on the accordion before David appeared was a bit much. Two would have been plenty. Still love David and all his music and band, but hopefully he will one day appear with our own St. Louis symphony in a classical concert. Love the bridges he has torn down with the stiffness of classical concerts. Think you are the greatest and so admire your talent and creativity. Best wishes for another great year. Thank you, Phyllis Weiss

  524. Posted by VickyH    14/01/2014 21:40

    My family attended the your concert at the Fabulous Fox in St. Louis Missouri on the 10th. The show was wonderful! I can not tell you how thrilled my daughter was when you came down the stage steps and knelt down to play for her. It was amazing! She was just beside herself. She has been playing violin since she was 4 and really looks up to you. My little violinist watches videos of David Garrett the way other kids watch Disney channel. You are always her first pick! Thank you, thank you so much for making that night so special for her! If anyone attended the St. Louis concert and got photos of this moment between Mr. Garrett and my daughter, a little girl in a plaid dress, please contact me. Thank you!

  525. Posted by Mary Lou Caswell    11/01/2014 23:30

    Thank you, David, for sharing your gift with the world. It brings such joy to hear your playing and to watch you perform. Your music moves me profoundly. Six of my family attended your concert at The Fox Theatre in St. Louis, Missouri last evening. Among them my 18 year old grandson who began violin lessons when he was 4 years old. So I know how hard you have worked (and still) do to stand before the world and share your gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God’s richest blessings be upon you throughout your life! Mary Lou

  526. Posted by Karita    10/01/2014 16:40

    Our family is very excited to see you, and hear your music at the Fabulous Fox tonight! My nine year-old son started playing violin in the fall because after playing piano for a couple of years he wanted to play an instrument that lets him move around. Seeing you on stage will really inspire him! Please play “Por Una Cabeza” with Martynas. It’s beautiful beyond words. I hope you will create some happy memories in our city, and the Fabulous Fox, even though the weather isn’t “happy” today.

  527. Posted by Dina    08/01/2014 20:53

    Dear David, I must confess I’ve practically lost any hope to come across someone whose art and talent may be as sincere and inspiriring as yours. I’m deeply impressed by your approach to any musical trend, as I find it truly creative. Best luck to you this year and best new ideas!!! Dina

  528. Posted by Helen Dyachenko    08/01/2014 17:07

    Hello, dear David! I wait you’ll go to Russia.
    I wish you good luck on your January’s concerts.
    I wait, love and hope that we meeting anytime…

  529. Posted by Junio Magalhães    08/01/2014 15:50

    Ola, meu nome é Junio, tenho 16 anos e sou Brasileiro.
    Meu sonho desde uns 3 anos atrás quando comecei a aprender violino, foi conhecer David Garrett e esse sonho ainda não acabou , eu tenho fé que irei conhece-lo, gostaria muito mesmo que ele realizasse esse sonhode vim na minha cidade, Rio de Janeiro

  530. Posted by Junio Magalhães    08/01/2014 15:49

    Hello, my name is Julio, I’m 16 and I’m Brazilian.
    My dream since about 3 years ago when I started to learn the violin, David Garrett was known and that dream is not over yet, I have faith that I will meet you, very much like him to accomplish this sonhode came to my city, Rio de Janeiro

  531. Posted by Maria Lamas    07/01/2014 14:15

    ¡Hola David! Simplemente felicitarte por tu calidad como violinista,por todo el torrente de emociones que transmites en etu música.Haces soñar,vibrar,la vida más hermosa.¡Gracias!
    Maria Lamas

  532. Posted by vladik    07/01/2014 06:48

    Hey David! Love to hear you play and can’t wait to be at your concert! Violin is a beautiful thing! I just wanted to say that your an amazing musician and that you have an incredible talent given by God! I wanted you to know that Jesus Christ loves you so much and whenever things get stressful don’t be afraid to just ask God for strength!! Because He created us for His Glory and wants to do so much in our lives!!! Just thought to share this with you bro!! Be blessed and rock on!!!

  533. Posted by Adriana    07/01/2014 01:52

    Mr. David Garret, Please, Please, come at Spain!
    It’s a great pleasure to see you touch the violin with so much feeling.
    (One little secret for you: I love you).

  534. Posted by mohammed fariq    04/01/2014 17:20

    hello David,i am your big fan, in my early days of life i am not interested in music but now very interest in music especially
    violin i never seen such a musician like you my all the very best for your future progression and Happy new year

    Mohammad Fariq

  535. Posted by Helen Dyachenko    02/01/2014 17:55

    Hello, David! I listen your composition “Viva La Vida”. It’s very wonderful. I like it.
    Dear, David! I used to think that violinist is a dull man with many complexes, but when I listened about you, everything changed. You’re just super. Such a bright, unusual. I really like Apocalyptica, but these guys are not so like you. They closed their hearts, but you’re open to everyone and it is fine. My dream is to someday meet you. I’m not going to jump on your neck and to impose some relations. I just want to touch by hand until the hand of the master-Paganini of 21st century.
    I have to teach the English language to ever talk to you in reality. How can you speak two languages? Or maybe you have any language you know, besides English and German? Of course, you don’t have to me, but it is important to me that my life has you and your music. Maybe someday we will play together. I play the piano. Always wanted to learn to play the violin, but failed. I wish you good night. See you tomorrow. I’ll write to you every day. Maybe you’ll get it too. So long. Helen.

  536. Posted by Jenny    01/01/2014 20:19

    Happy New Year David. Let Decca know that here in the US we would love your classical recordings released here. We have only amazon and ebay to purchase the imports at high prices. Which of course we pay for but your fans here are not just “crossover”. Again can’t wait until you treat us with your gift here in Milwaukee, WI!

  537. Posted by Helen Dyachenko    01/01/2014 16:04

    Dear David! Merry Cristmas and the Happy New Year! I wish you health, luck, happiness and new achievements in music, inspiration.

    I always admire you. Helen

  538. Posted by Helen Dyachenko    29/12/2013 23:26

    Hi, dear David! Excuse me, please, my English is very bad, because I’m Russian and don’t speak English or German. But I think musical language is international language. I am a pianist and really admire your creativity, your willpower, talent. It is a pity that I do not have the capacity to get to the live concert, but I’m constantly downloading all your new audio and video. Thank you, that classical music is not dying, and takes on new meaning in your hands. I’m crazy about you, David. Helen from Russia…

  539. Posted by Amelia    28/12/2013 04:26

    I want to buy a ticket for a concert in Austria or Switzerland but couldnt figure out how, I am coming from Chicago. Kindly give suggestions also for closest hotel to venue. Thank you!

  540. Posted by Jamie Salisbury    27/12/2013 19:25

    Please note – The United States Postal Service is discontinuing Interenational Reply Coupons the end of January 2014 and they are impossible to find even now. i’ve been to eight post offices trying to find! Suggestions!!
    Look forward to seeing David perform in both Seattle and Atlanta!

  541. Posted by Alexander    26/12/2013 03:23

    Merry Christmas. Is it possible to get the list of what you will be playing at the Coral Springs Concert on March 30th? I am looking forward to seeing you there. Thank you. Alexander, 8 years old.

  542. Posted by Kathi    25/12/2013 13:42

    Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein gesundes neues Jahr wünscht dir Kathi. Ich wünsche dir viel Kraft für Deine neuen Projekte, viel Glück und bleib so wie Du bist.
    PS. Der Teufelsgeiger Film war echt Klasse! Besonders die Musik und wie Du sie spielst- himmlich………

  543. Posted by Ulrike    24/12/2013 12:11

    “Fröhlich soll mein Herze springen dieser Zeit, da vor Freud’ alle Engel singen.” (Paul Gerhardt)

    Lieber David,
    ich wünsche dir ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und für das neue Jahr Glück, Zufriedenheit, Gesundheit und viel Erfolg, möge das neue Jahr viele schöne und ungeahnte Segnungen für dich bereithalten und mögest du das Beste erwarten und erhalten!
    Ich freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen, liebe Grüße von Herzen.
    Deine Ulrike

    PS: Herzlichen Dank auch von mir für deine liebevollen Weihnachtsgrüße aus Israel. Es hat mich wirklich sehr gefreut, von dir zu lesen.

  544. Posted by maria    23/12/2013 22:17

    In the middle of this year experienced personal drama and parted with the person who lived 25 years .. I lost all hope that something will make me smile, but then I discovered your music and I can not stop smiling. You’re so sun … 🙂 spraying talent charm and beauty ….. why do not more people like you? Whatever you do, do not ever change. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    PS: apologize my English

  545. Posted by Lentz Jeanny    23/12/2013 12:38

    The end of the year 2013 is approaching and I just felt like I should thank everyone who made me smile this year.
    David, you are one of them. So here’s a big THANK YOU !
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and a Happy New Year. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy
    Hugs from Luxembourg

  546. Posted by Annett0212    18/12/2013 22:28

    Hallo David, gibt es eine Chance, dich auch mal auf Mallorca zu begrüßen? Vielleicht ist ein Konzert auf einer der schönsten Inseln durchaus interessant für dich, denn ich bin mir sicher, du hast auch hier jede Menge Fans. Und vielleicht lässt es sich gleich mit einer entspannten Auszeit verbinden, die Insel bietet so viele Möglichkeiten. Ich freu mich auf ein feedback… Liebe Grüße von der Sonneninsel und einen tollen Start ins neue Jahr! Annett

  547. Posted by Neznakomka    18/12/2013 18:02

    Dear David!
    Violin in your hands is as living soul. It is romantic and tender, it cries and suffers, it loves and hates …
    When I listen the highest note, I’m flying on the sky as angel. When I listen the low notes, I fall into the abyss diabolical passions … Your music opened for me a new world unexplored. Life is boring without your music.
    I want listen very much your live concert. When you will be in St. Petersburg in Russia?
    I wish you lot of inspiration and “butterflyes” in the stomach!
    Your Neznakomka from Russia.

  548. Posted by Andrea Loehr    17/12/2013 18:54

    Liebes David Garrett-Team!

    Vielen Dank für das Autogramm was ich vor ein paar Tagen gesendet bekommen habe.
    Ich habe mich sehr darüber gefreut 🙂

    Alles Gute für das Jahr 2014

  549. Posted by Viviana Sánchez    16/12/2013 17:46

    Hola, queremos verte en Colombia. Gracias por alegrar nuestras vidas. God Bless You

  550. Posted by Hagedorn    16/12/2013 14:45

    Lieber David,liebes David Garrett-Team!
    Vielen Dank für den wunderbaren Film “Der Teufelsgeiger” sowie für die einzigartige Musik,welche immer wieder unendliche Energie überträgt.Das macht glücklich! “Der Teufelsgeiger”-ein tolles Meisterwerk mit einer Geschichte aus vergangener Zeit und ein heute so aktuell brisantes Thema:Die Fremdbestimmung. Wer hat sich nicht schon einmal mehr oder weniger fremdbestimmt gefühlt?!
    Wer durch die Fremdbestimmung zu sehr beherrscht ist ,wird krank.Somit bietet der Film eine hervorragende Lehre für uns Menschen im gesellschaftlichen Umgang miteinander.
    Die Musik im Film und Deine schauspielerische Leistung,lieber David- “Hut ab”-wir waren begeistert!Unsere Lieblingsszene:Der Auftritt in der Strassenkneipe. Wir spürten,welches Potential tolle Musik hat,Aggressionen in Harmonie und Begeisterung umzuwandeln!
    Wir sind gespannt auf weitere meisterhafte Projekte von Euch!
    Ach übrigens,wir sahen Dein Interview im Kölner Treff vor einiger Zeit.Lieber David,Deine Gesundheit stand für Dich an erster Stelle ,was Du Dir zum Glücklichsein wünscht. .Als Mediziner fühlte ich mich gleich angesprochen.Da Du mir durch Deine Musik selbst in einer schwierigen Lebenssituation geholfen hast,möchte ich gern an Dich und Dein Managerteam einige seriöse Empfehlungen geben.Dem Hochleistungssport ,den Du betreibst ,kannst Du Rechnung tragen:
    -Dein Arzt sollte Dein bester Kumpel sein und
    -Euer Koch der beste Therapeut!
    -Analysegestützte Anwendung von Mikronährstoffen helfen sowie
    _”Airnergy” Inhalationsanwendungen, und Magnetfeldtherapie(s. Internet)
    _osteopathische Anwendungen machen ebenfalls Sinn
    -Bewegung an frischer Luft,die Natur bewundern,was sie uns täglich gibt,
    -Effektive “Gammel-Pausen sind wichtig für weitere grandiose Inspirationen und Kreativität.
    Sicher gibt es noch so Einiges mehr…
    Wir freuen uns schon auf Deine nächsten Konzerte 2014.Für Dich und Dein Team wünschen wir gesegnete Weihnachten und ein g e s u n d e s Neues Jahr!
    Ein herzliches Dankeschön nochmals! Liebe Grüsse aus Gräfenhainichen!
    K. Hagedorn

  551. Posted by Burcak    15/12/2013 16:27

    Dear David, I’m sure your are so busy but I wish from my heart that you will have chance to see my small note. I and my husband really love your music and we listen what ever you play with admire and like. Our small son, whom will be 6 years old by february, also loves listening you and due to his own request we started to have him violin lessons just today. I’m sure you have many many fans in Istanbul, Turkey. And we really wish to see you here in Istanbul, I’ve seen you tour program for2014 unfortunately no Istanbul stop:( Please tell us when will we have the honour to listen your music LIVE?..Wish you all the best from Istanbul and my God bless you all through your life..
    Burcak Kaya

  552. Posted by natalia    14/12/2013 04:21

    David … esperamos con ansias un concierto en Colombia
    Que maravilloso eres!!!

  553. Posted by evelyn hilschmann    12/12/2013 10:03

    Hallo David,
    ich bin seit Jahren ein großer Fan von Ihnen – und da ich selbst Musikerin bin (Pianistin) und meine kleine Tochter gerade dabei ist, den selben Lehrer , den auch Sie hatten – Prof. Bron zu erleben, besonders interessiert und neugierig auf Ihre atemberaubende karriere, als Musiker aber auch als Schauspieler.
    Ich bin selbst gerade dabei, eine crossover-cd aufzunehmen und wäre natürlich superglücklich über ein feedback von Ihnen.
    Ich danke Ihnen aus tiefstem Herzen für die wunderschöne zeitgemäße, aber auch zeitlose Musik, für die Sie so viel investieren und die so klar und echt klingt, dass es einem manchmal die Tränen in die Augen treibt.
    besonders danken möchte ich Ihnen dafür, dass Sie uns “Klassikern” mit Ihrer Musik die “Ketten gesprengt” haben- und dies auch mit Ihrem ganzen Wesen verkörpern- ohne den Resprkt vor den “großen Meistern” zu verlieren.
    Unsere zeit hat auch große Meister- wie man sieht. Danke, David

  554. Posted by LucianaAraújo    10/12/2013 01:57

    Hi again David, I see in your schedule shows that you have marked pro until end of year 2014 I believe it is very hard for you to read these posts. But, I’m here again to say that every day I hear you touch me feel very happy. Your work is wonderful, as I said in another message is a gift that God gave you. Always wish the best for you and I wish even more that you do a concert in Brazil. Thank you for you there. Whenever I share some video with your friends for them to know my work. Always successful. Kisses
    Luciana Araujo

  555. Posted by Veronica Regina CRUTCHER    09/12/2013 00:31

    hello david i woke up this morning and i was sad but now after playing along with you at your Berlin concert on my flute , I feel so much better. you are right . play for an hour,hour and half have a break and do some more. I think personnally Playing alongside you would be amazing but for now i can only use the computer. your music has such depth,feeling ,heart and your soul in it. the in strenght you have in you is so inspiring to me and I thank you for helping me to play and just letting me be me for i am music and it is what i Know Music is apart of who i am.
    Also please thank Marcus Wolf as well .Kind Regards Veronica (Roni)

  556. Posted by LucianaAraújo    02/12/2013 20:22

    Hello, David

    The first time I had the pleasure of hearing you was playing last year, I could not believe when I heard classic rock being played in a classical way. Loved, I pointed to my sister and she also liked to listen too. Viewing your schedule, I was a little upset because I thought you would be soon to Brazil. I hope that soon you will play here.
    Just want to say how much you are blessed by God for touching that way, you play with your soul and it comes to us in a magical way. Thank you.
    I thank God for you there.

    Luciana Araujo

  557. Posted by Elenica    02/12/2013 16:12

    Dear David, I’m not sure that you read these messages, but writing them, the people who love you have the opportunity to express their feelings and stay closer to you spiritually.
    I admire your talent and skill, and I want to say “Thank you” for your music, your genius, your example. You give me the strength and inspiration to write (I’m a young St. Petersburg writer and I’m just starting my way in literature. And while preparing my first book, your music has always played in the player, charming me and not letting lose my mind when something did not work and when it seemed to me that nothing was impossible to write). I have several sources of inspiration, but the most important are my parents, nature, Goddess and you, David!

    Be blessed by the Goddess!

    With best wishes,
    Elenica Lis

  558. Posted by Elaine    01/12/2013 08:01

    Hi again! I’m very happy because I managed to find two of his DVD’s (Legacy and Rock Symphonies). It was my Christmas present to myself.
    I search for more and more and more, I will definitely find.
    Still waiting for you in Rio de Janeiro.

  559. Posted by PINAR BEHIYE CAKMAK    29/11/2013 11:13




  560. Posted by Elaine    27/11/2013 13:30

    Good morning !
    First I want to congratulate you . I am delighted with your talent , and why not say its beauty too.
    I confess , it was totally my casual encounter with their videos on Youtube
    I was looking for a video of Phil Collins when I came across my favorite song of his (A groovy kind of love ) , played for you . It was love at first sight .
    Deliciei me to hear her . And I did it several times .
    So I started looking for more . And each saw and heard several times . Not only slept listening to him play. After that , I hear his music all day.
    Spoke of his talent to everyone I know . Disclosed his work , because to me good music is essential in the life of every person .
    When I saw her concert in 2010 , Rock Symphonies , I was even more delighted. Wonderful !
    I hope its a concert in Rio de Janeiro , Brazil , in order to have the pleasure of seeing you play in person .
    Seeing you play some songs came to mind , Memory ( from the musical Cats ) , Sergei Rachimaninoff variation of Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini ( Somewhere in Time the film ) and I Dreamed A Dream ( Les Miserables ) . It would be amazing to see and hear you play these songs .
    I thank the attention and time for reading this message.
    I also thank the gods for having given him this gift, this talent .
    Lots of light and success in their way .
    A kiss from a Brazilian fan .
    May God bless you .
    ps : Sorry , some possible errors , my English is not very good .

  561. Posted by ANDREA    26/11/2013 16:02

    Hello good afternoon

    In an interview with Marrie Clair magazine, when David was in Brazil, said not knowing the Brazilian classical music. I suggest it to listen VILLA LOBOS, a Brazilian icon. Mainly Bachianas N º 02, 04 e 05. I really want to hear them play here in Brazil again. goodbye

  562. Posted by RVM    26/11/2013 01:41

    David Garrett is a true inspirational talent that uses his music to sooth the soul of the chaos. Thank you David Garrett for sharing your gift to the World! Your music puts a smile on all Hearts of Life.

  563. Posted by Ruth Endlein    25/11/2013 22:25

    Berlin oder New York! gerne! LG Ruth

  564. Posted by Noemi    24/11/2013 00:18

    Olá David, venha para o Brasil, especialmente para a capital Brasília, adoraria ver um concerto seu.

  565. Posted by Mara    20/11/2013 15:15

    Hey David, ich bewundere dich schon lange. Und überlege dauernd ob ich es probiere dich anzuschreiben. Und dein Film hat mir jetzt den “KICK” gegeben dir zu schreiben. Also erstmal vorstellen. Ich bin Mara bin 14 und meine größte Leidenschaft ist das singen! So wie deine Leidenschaft, das Geige spielen ist. Ich würde mich freuen dich kennen zulernen. Und vieleicht zusammen was aufnimmt.
    Bitte melde dich. 🙂

    Ps: Für dich würde ich überall hin kommen auch nach Berlin oder London. 🙂 Hoffentlich bis bald. :=) Deine mara aus Zittau. 🙂

  566. Posted by Emilio Oropeza Zurita    19/11/2013 22:11

    Hello Mr Garrett, i am a fan of you , the first time that i listened your songs i loved, because you transmit your feelings, well the point is that i bought a violin and i am learning to play it, yesterday i bought the tickets for the concert in México , so i have the doubt , Will it make an autograph signing? Could you give me a signature on my violin?
    Thank for your time
    Emilio Oropeza Zurita

  567. Posted by Veronica Regina CRUTCHER    18/11/2013 23:02

    hello david,how are you? my name Veronica and I have been watching you on the computer for the last couple weeks.i only came to you web site by accident but I am so glad I did . Now i must listen to you everyday if not twice to three times a have become like an addiction to me. i play the flute and have done for 31years .my parents adopted me ,they were dutch imarigants and when i was 11years old i went to Brussell’s and bought my beautiful Buescher Sterling silver flute. i Play everyday along with you . you are so passionate and give every piece your all .you bring back lots of feelings in to me i have not felt for a long time .you are the best i have ever seen on the violin. thank you for sharing your music. take care Veronica

  568. Posted by Dorit Kitschky    17/11/2013 20:45

    Ich habe mir heute den “Teufelsgeiger” im Kino angeschaut. Ich gratuliere Ihnen zu einer grandiosen Darstellung des Paganini. Sehr überzeugend.

  569. Posted by carl    16/11/2013 11:38

    Hi David,

    When can we expect to see you in South Afrca?

    Carl Geldenhuys

  570. Posted by Emirhan    15/11/2013 08:08

    congratulations about the bambi award. you are the best , keep it on 🙂

  571. Posted by Emirhan    13/11/2013 17:51

    hello mr. garrett since when i was so young i always loved violin but after i`ve seen your playing it meant to me much more and since the time i saw your performance i started to take violin lessons i hope one day i can play well as you , hope to see you in turkey, really you are like my hero when i listen your playing it feels really great i hope to meet you one day even though its impossible but at least i would like to see your show in turkey i wish you keep on these great shows , have a wonderfull life , God bless you…

  572. Posted by s    11/11/2013 19:16

    bittebittebitte spiel mit apocalyptica!!! 🙂

  573. Posted by Ana Paula Teles    08/11/2013 00:56

    David, I love your music. Come to Brazil, please!! My dream is see and listen closely

  574. Posted by Ximena Solsona    06/11/2013 00:14

    Will you be signing autographs in Mexico City?!! 😀 can’t wait for january 28th!! 😀 <3

  575. Posted by Jenny    31/10/2013 22:29

    Just found out you’ll be performing in Milwaukee,WI!!! Bought tickets right away. Can’t wait until March!! And thank you for performing 2 selections on your most recent album of one of my favorite pieces of music of all time- Symphony #9 by Beethoven. I unwrapped the cd and listened in my car driving home-beautiful…..again thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  576. Posted by Cristina    30/10/2013 23:33

    Hola David, quisiera saber si existe la posibilidad que vengas a Uruguay.
    Un gran abrazo

  577. Posted by Cristine Corbett    30/10/2013 03:55

    Love to see you disappear into your violin. The vibrations must be a.very old comfort to your soul. Sometimes it seems as though your communion with your instrument and the music is so sacred that it’s a gift that you share with us Thank you for generosity.

  578. Posted by Andréa Souza Carmo Pignaton    28/10/2013 21:05

    David, I’m anxious to see when you announce your coming to Brazil. Will be unforgettable! I hope the producers think with affection it werent. His fan base here is huge and if you can, I want to sit in that chair as desired to be closer to you.

  579. Posted by Lilian    28/10/2013 18:24

    The David´s music fly and reach each point of the soul……thank’s for inspiration!
    Lilian Vereza – poetry form Brazil

  580. Posted by Ricardo Moreno    26/10/2013 22:07

    We are waiting you in Brazil!

  581. Posted by Dani    26/10/2013 21:39

    Hey! Ich bin ein großer Fan von dir und natürlich deiner Musik.
    Könntest du dir vorstellen einmal etwas mit Akkordeon zusammen zu spielen?
    Lg Dani Binder

  582. Posted by dawn    25/10/2013 13:42

    Daivd, i just wanted to say your music without words is so wonderfull. I am deaf but to feel the vibration of the sound bring peace to me. in Nov 21 for the first time in my life i am having a colear inplant so i will hear the differents sound come to me. It a wonderful life to hear, so soon. your new CD i will be looking forward to get hold of it when i had the operation so i can actully hear. can’t wait. but thank you for bringing the sound of music no words. Dawn.

  583. Posted by elijah    24/10/2013 08:02

    Hello David garrett, I play for 10 years and wondering if your selling your broken” repaired violin to anyone I would like to play it if you ever do let fans play on your repairs violin, your biggest fan Elijah dikiy

  584. Posted by    19/10/2013 19:37

    David Garrett can tell me the commonly used E-mail let me contact you?

  585. Posted by    19/10/2013 19:07

    I need a violin teacher like you I need your help Chinese call teacher whether can you accept my request

  586. Posted by    19/10/2013 19:00

    I need to David Garrett’s contact information This is my contact information I’d like to David Garrett study violin skills develop Can try to contact me E-mail

  587. Posted by Caryto    18/10/2013 13:28

    Dear David, Please, please, please come to Argentina, we hope for you!
    You’re Great, Fantastic …I admire your talent.-
    Thank you for your music
    Caro Sain Malvicino.

  588. Posted by Iliana    17/10/2013 16:39

    … La forma sincera y apasionada en que se interpreta una melodía es lo que hace de un músico la diferencia… David no dejes que la rutina de los conciertos, los viajes o la fama te quiten la pasión con la que tu violín y tú interpretan las más maravillosas notas…

  589. Posted by Verónica Patamia    16/10/2013 01:56

    Saludos desde Argentina, soy de una provincia llamada Santiago del Estero, conocí su talento por mi hija Ayelen Patamia y realmente es extraordinario. Mi pregunta pasa por lo siguiente, quisiera saber si alguna ve a tocado A Dios Nonino, de un grande de Argentina Astor Piazzola. si es así a donde lo puedo escuchar y si no, realmente me parece desde mi humilde opinión que si puede escúchelo y vea usted si es posible que entre en su repertorio garcias

  590. Posted by alejandra    15/10/2013 07:41

    Hi, I’m from Argentina I admire the talent of David Garrett and hope to see in Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please when you come to Argentina?? david await your fans!!!!!!!
    sorry for my English is not good

  591. Posted by Sabine Dost    11/10/2013 07:40

    Hallo, ich weiß nicht, ob mir hier jemand helfen kann. David ist doch in der “TV-Total”-Sendung am 29.10. eingeladen. Wir wollen gern zur Aufzeichnung der Sendung dorthin. Aber leider gibt es keine Informationen, an welchem Tag und wann die Aufzeichnung dieser Sendung stattfindet. Kann mir jemand helfen? Weiß jemand, an welchem Tag das ist? Ich würde mich über eine kurzfristige Information ganz sehr freuen! Habt herzlichen Dank schonmal!
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  592. Posted by Monika Anthony    08/10/2013 02:31

    My comment to the most current comment is: Go to David Garret’s Facebook site and they will respond quickly. DG Facebook Team will tell you if David is coming to Poland in a timely matter.

  593. Posted by fiammarina    07/10/2013 20:52

    What about coming to Argentina??? That would be nice !! 🙂

  594. Posted by Izabela    07/10/2013 20:28


    You have so many Agents that I even don’t for who should I sens a message.
    I have only one request. Please let us know, post or anything with the information if there will be any concert in Poland. How long can you wait?

  595. Posted by Elizabeth    06/10/2013 20:30

    Hi David,
    When do you plan to come Brasil?
    Me and my family love you, give us this gift.
    We expect to see in Rio soon!

  596. Posted by Sue Strickland    06/10/2013 14:18

    Australia is a fresh ideas country with minimal regard for tradition, respect for hard work (non indigenous population all came from somewhere else!) and a love for pushing boundaries…your music is unique, classically impressive to say the least, moving fast, with beautiful arrangements and would be a joy to see in Australia…please come!

  597. Posted by Annemarie    29/09/2013 16:34

    Lieber David!
    Du kannst so ziemlich alles spielen. Aber ich vermisse auf Deinen Konzerten Stücke meiner Lieblingsband “Deep Purple”.
    Da gibt es sichere auch einiges, das auf Deiner Geige super klingt. Vielleicht kannst Du von DP auch etwas in Dein Pepertoire aufnehmen.
    Ich freue mich schon auf Dein nächstes Wien- Konzert.
    Liebe Grüße Annemarie

  598. Posted by Gisela Ziller    27/09/2013 18:25

    Ich habe mich gerader auf dieser Seite angemeldet und wollte mit diesem Post testen, ob es geklappt hat. Aber natürlich möchte ich liebe Grüße an David senden und ihm schöne Konzerte in Bad Wörishofen wünschen und auch, dass er nicht so schwitzen muss wie in Basel. Ich wünsche ihm weiterhin großen Erfolg für seine CDs und den Film – auf Beides freue ich mich schon sehr Nochmals liebe Grüße an David und alles erdenklich Gute

  599. Posted by Vanessa/Brasil    26/09/2013 17:40

    Gostaria muito que David viesse fazer uma apresentação aqui no Brasil.
    Não gostava de música clássica, mas quando meu pai me apresentou o Dvd do David Garrett simplismente me apaixonei pelo expetáculo, maravilhoso e estou anciosa para que um dia possa vê-lo tocar aqui no Brasil.
    Obrigada e parabéns pelo talento.

  600. Posted by Susan Fox    26/09/2013 05:13

    I understand that David Garrett will be in Seattle as of January 19, 2014. I am making arrangements to see him. I am presently preparing paperwork to gain the ability to go down to the USA. I will call Paramount Theatre in Seattle to register. However, as of today, what are my chancesof being upfront or at least in the middle. My paerwork requires 10 business days. Can I get within the front row or middle area? I have to go to Seattle to see an amazing performance by David Garret. I am in Vancouver.

  601. Posted by Monika Anthony    26/09/2013 01:04

    Dear David and those who handle these comments,

    Please let me clarify my last comment. Read it, and I think if I was someone else I would not have continued to read. Or not liked i, here.

    What I meant was I have never considered myself a fan of anyone because I think everyone born has unique specific talents and gifts. That is the great thing about people.

    When we come across someone like David our life is enhanced to such a degree we want something from him.

    Best way I see, to hear that wonderful music he creates, is to give him the privacy to be a person like all of us need, quietness alone, so he can better create what we love, and adds so much to our lives.

    If I can get to Sacramento for the concert there I will go, if there are still tickets. (Transmission on my Volvo is shot but maybe I can get a ride).

    But hey, David is so sweet for our souls.

    I play what I find on the internet by him every other day and feel awesome great joy.

    See a new album now, plan to get the rock, music, and the new one to fill my home with this exquisite music.

    It encourages me to paint.

    Thank you David for being such a great person and sweet as I pick up from the way you smile now and then during all your performances. I think that smile might add 1/4 to why we love you even if we don’t really know you.
    Heard Viva la Vida at the food store today but it had nothing to do with what you do with it. I think any music you put your hands on will change and enhance our lives.

    As I have said before, I could have been your mother, my sons were born after you, and finding you strengthens my love for them to be who they are, and my commitment is enhanced to encourage them to follow their dreams, (follow their bliss), and do what they really want.

    Tiny things in a day make our lives better.



  602. Posted by Tamburini    24/09/2013 21:57

    Lieber David, die Freude ist sooooo riesig, dich morgen Mittwoch in Basel von ganz nah spielen zu sehen!!!! Von vorderster Reihe!!;) Werde jede Sekunde geniessen!! 🙂
    Einer deiner grössten Fans
    Salome Tamburini aus Luzern

  603. Posted by Monika Anthony    24/09/2013 01:39

    I have never considered myself a fan. But finding David Garrett on PBS changed my life in such a sweet way. This is the first time I have joined anything like this. Eric Clapton also enhanced my life but I never got to the fan thing.

    Watching the Beatles perform, women cried, I was not one of those. I just thought it was cool. Saw my best friend and I on NBC that time just laughing and having a good time with the music.

    I just experience great joy when someone like David is so exquisite.

    Private time for the artist is very important. Music will be better which we enjoy so much if we leave the artist alone. After all he is a person just like all of us and needs private time. Respect.

    Please let me know when the next live streaming happens, enjoyed the last one.

    And I think it is time to take the last two comments off here.


  604. Posted by Marlene Valladares    23/09/2013 23:22

    Hello, thank you for explaining everything to me, I assumed that she was part of your staff because, she was ansewring to everybody. I ‘ll continue being his fan, because I admire him and his career

    Marlene Isabel Valladares

  605. Posted by Marlene Valladares    21/09/2013 00:23

    Mr. Garret
    Last night I wrote in your official FB page, looking for The Russian Trailer of your movie “The Devils Violinist”, that someday I will like to write about you on my own pen. After a while I got a very quick response from a person named Andreia Costa , informing me, that to write a book about you had to have your approval , which I found it right . She said that you have been very emphatic about, this issue, which I understand it , it’s your private life. I am a Venezuelan journalist and one of your followers, on the social networks. Because I love the way you play your Violin, your love for the classic and rock music, you captivated me , I’m a not a writer of Best Sellers nor even books yet.
    I will like just loved to write an article about your work , and wonderful if we could interview in person , in fact I to tried to look for tickets to see you in your Germany tour this fall or in Switzerland and even if I tried to locate, everything was sold out . Of course I thought in the United States in early 2014 and even in Mexico.
    I remain very surprised with what this person wrote me after I raised The Labour of the Maestro Jose Antonio Abreu making with the National Children’s Orchestra In Venezuela , and also I wrote about , Gustavo Dudamel a young Venezuelan Master that he is the current Director of the Philharmonic Orchestra in Los Angeles, California, and he is now a possible candidate to lead the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra for the year 2015 in place , of the Master Simon Rattle, and wrote about the Proper Placido Domingo had expressed in the Salzburg Festival in 2013 , which had many like singing Along with the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela . As a professional journalist left me shocked the treatment of this person. She seemed a discourtesy that I were to try to contact you via your FB page. I quote his exact words : “Tell the wonderfull Tenor Placido Domingo, who is a singer that I happen to love, and I guess you already , know that , to contact Mr. Garret, thru his official Website Page contact (Lousy writing for a Journalist if I may say so” , and then delete the comments. If this is how your staff treats a professional from another country, it is rather unfortunate! I think you lost a fan and follower, lost contact with Latin America. If so treat their followers, that’s why is that not as many followers you should have . The staff education leaves much to be desired! And I had the precaution to take photos of what she wrote. This is very unfortunate!

    Marlene Isabel Valladares
    Venezuelan Journalist

    • Posted by Birgit K    21/09/2013 11:10

      Dear Marlene,
      sorry you were treated like this on Facebook. Excuse me, but why do you think Andreia is staff of David? She is a fan and is again blocked on Facebook (as before, but created another account).
      David’s team is always answering with his account, not with a personal account. Of course you can write an article about David without asking him. For an official interview please contact
      his management by email, you’ll find the address here on the contact page.

  606. Posted by Monika Anthony    18/09/2013 00:43

    Hi David,

    Do you read these comments?


  607. Posted by Oona Cedillo    17/09/2013 16:59

    Hello David:
    I’m 8 years old, I like so much your music, I practice Gimnastic Ritmic and I use your music for my rutines, it is so great inspiration for me, I already bought my ticket for your next concert in México, I’m very exited for see you and hear you, I would like to say you hello, may be if you give us a few minutes in your hotel. Please.
    I love you David.

  608. Posted by Susan Fox    17/09/2013 06:30

    Dear Mr. David Garrett.

    When are you coming to CANADA. YOU HAVE TO COME TO VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA. I was suprised that I never knew you till I watched the PBS Station a few weeks ago. Maybe, we are just learning about you. Yet, you are very well known in Europe, Asia and Israel. I learned a lot about you after seeing the PBS station. I bought your CDs and downloaded a lot of music. I am shocked that Inever knew you earlier. However, I am grateful as I listened to you on the You Tube. There is a lot on the Internet I learned. Sometimes you get moved by the music you hear but I have never been moved like this. I understand that you started playing when you were 4 years old, received a Strativarius when you you were 11 year old by the main political reprsenative person in Germany. I already have leanred many things about you through the Internet, mainly on YOU TUBE and the CDs I recently bought. This is a 2nd email as I need for your to know that we know you in VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA AND YOU JUST HAVE TO COME HERE. RIGHT NOW, I WISH I WAS RICH AND COULD PAY YOU DIRECTLY TO COME HERE. However, I am a middle glass person and woudl pay up to $200 a ticket to see you.


  609. Posted by Susan Fox    17/09/2013 06:05

    Dear Mr. David Garrett,

    I am from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I heard you on the PBS Station. I could not believe how amazing your music was. I could not remove myself from the programming that was presented. You play the violin in a way I have never heard. I love music. I love Robin Mark (Irish Chistian) because he is the best male vocalist I ever heard. I love you because you are the best violinist I ever heard. Since I listened to you on PBS, i had to find your music on CD.. You were sold out of many stores in Vancouver. I had to phone 10 stores to have a CD put in my name. That store, HMV, had 5 CDs of Music set aside. I claimed 1 via phone at 2:00 pm in the afternoon on Friday, September 13/13. When I got there all the others were taken. I am very impressed with your ability to play the violin. PLEASE COME TO VANCOUVER, CANADA. When I heard you i bought your CDs and listened to you on YOU TUBE. I was so impressed that I called many friends to tell them about you. Your violin playing has made a change in my life. Where ever I go I listen to your CDs, Symphony Rock and Music. I never go to see performers that come to Vancouver. However, in your case, I would pay top dollar to come out and hear you. I already phoned my friend Lin Stringer and told her about you. I said, “Lynne, if David Garrett comes to Vancouver in the next 5 years I will pay top dollar for us to see him. Mr. David Garrett you have an amazing gift. I am hoping you will come to VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA. When you were on PBS you were introduced to us. YOU ARE AMAZING. I AM DEEPLY MOVED BY YOUR GOD GIVEN TALENT FOR THE VIOLIN.


  610. Posted by ALONDRA REYES LARA    15/09/2013 20:25



  611. Posted by Rita    15/09/2013 17:09

    Would love if you could add Cleveland – The Cleveland Orchestra – and Jacksonville, FL (Amelia Island area) to your tour schedule. Cleveland is between NY and Chicago and you could visit the Rock Hall of Fame, or the Cleveland Institute of Music. Your bus has to stop for gas anyways. The Cleveland Orchestra has a beatiful summer home at Blossom Music Center – a place similar to where you filmed your video concerts in near Berlin. Pittsburgh is a bit far and doesn’t have a Lake, Chicago is colder and 6 hours further. The Cleveland Orchestra would sell out if you came to play a concert. And the concert hall is beautiful with great acoustics. The Great Lakes Brewery makes great local beer – if you band wants to know.

  612. Posted by Brenda    15/09/2013 05:21

    Cuando venis a Argentina!!!!!!! te escucho todos los dias.
    Besos <3

  613. Posted by Behnaz    14/09/2013 20:42

    lo ti penso amore…

  614. Posted by Monika Anthony    14/09/2013 00:53

    My souls sings when I hear you play. Just found you. Before that Eric Clapton’s electric guitar did that.

    I could have been your Mother. My sons were born after you. Hope your life is good and complete. Can’t imagine what it is like for you to play and hear that in your body. Reminds me me of when I was struck by lightning and survived.

    Thank you for the joy I experience when I hear your violin. Grew up with classical music until I liked Rock and roll.


  615. Posted by Donna    13/09/2013 04:54

    David, You are so sexy,, I just love you and the way you play that violin. I wish so much I could see you and meet you.. Your great…. Lots of Luck to you,, God Bless you David….. Donna Mondor from Golden Valley,AZ.

  616. Posted by Grace    06/09/2013 13:51

    David, I have just signed up. I love your music and the way you enjoy playing it, and of course your virtuosity! I want to know if you’ll ever give a show and if your film will be presented in Argentina, my country.

  617. Posted by Rosi    05/09/2013 21:05

    Hallo, David!
    Wenn ich Deine Musik höre, fühle ich mich einfach glücklich 🙂 Danke Dir !!!

    Liebe Grüße

    Rosi aus Bulgarien

  618. Posted by Lin    05/09/2013 18:49

    Wishing you a very happy birthday, David! I hope your birthday yesterday was as special as your music & talent are! Thank you for making such beautiful music!

  619. Posted by veronica larragan    05/09/2013 02:05

    happy Birthday Dave, you have one day Wonderful!!!!!!!!!! kisses and hugs from Argentina 😉 kisses and hugs from Argentina, You’re a musician immeasurable. Vero.

  620. Posted by Svitlana    04/09/2013 22:44

    With all my heart I wish you many happy returns of the day! Let all your fond dreams, hopes and expectations come true in your new year. I wish you always to have cheerful mood, good health, strength to resist difficulties and patience, big success in all your dealings and great personal happiness! Thank you for the bright light you give me! Thank you for your being in this world! Happiness and good luck! Happy birthday!With kind regards Svitlana.Ivano-Frankivsk.Ukraine.

  621. Posted by Rebecca    04/09/2013 21:02

    Hello David, I don’t know if you will ever see this message,but ,because this day is an important one for you,I would like to tell you :Happy Birthday! 🙂 I also wish you the best in your career! This is one thing that I wanted to tell you from the first moment that I heard the first accord from your music…I like your way of interpreting the music,and your sesitivity in playing violin it’s touching my heart everytime that I am listening to it:) Thank you for sharing your talent with us! And who knows? Maybe one day I will have the opportunity to listen to you live… Greetings from Romania-Rebecca

  622. Posted by Ali mohammadpuor    04/09/2013 19:11

    Hi David happy birthday 🙂

  623. Posted by Lentz Jeanny    04/09/2013 17:00

    Marcel Proust hat mal gesagt: “Lasst uns dankbar sein gegenüber Menschen die uns glücklich machen. Sie sind liebenswerte Gärtner die unsere Seele zum Blühen bringen”
    Du bist ein solch besonders liebenswerter Gärtner und Du hast es innerhalb kürzester Zeit (ich hab Dich erst vor knapp 2 Jahren entdeckt) geschafft mein Herz und meine Seele mit Deiner Musik zutiefst zu berühren. Durch Dich bin ich auf dem besten Wege ein grosser Fan der klassischen Musik zu werden.
    Zum Anlass Deines magischen Geburtstags (33) wünsche ich Dir , dass Du zahlreiche besondere Momente im Leben hast und dass Du sie ganz fest in Deinem Herzen bewahrst.
    Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag und viel Erfolg mit all Deinen zukünftigen Projekten.
    Liebe Grüsse aus Luxemburg

  624. Posted by VITALIJA_Lithuania    04/09/2013 16:39

    Dear David, Happy Birthday!!! All the best in Your life!!!

    With love from Vitalija 😉

  625. Posted by Cristina Silva    04/09/2013 15:46

    Happy New Year, David! Er führt Sie lehren, dass die besten Dinge in der Zeit zu kommen … Ihr inneres Licht scheint durch seine Musik, dass beide verzaubert, Kreativität, Schönheit und den Reichtum des Repertoires …
    Was in den Tag, erhalten Sie die Energie all der Zuneigung, die Sie bewundern und danken gibt …
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Ihrer Familie zusammen indem Sie Momente des Lebens …
    Nutzen Sie diese Gelegenheit, um einen Vorschlag zu machen, wenn Sie mich um … Es gibt ein schönes Lied von der bewundernswerten deutschen Musikprojekt Gregorian umgeschrieben, “The first time ever I saw your face”, das wäre sicherlich noch schöner, durch ihre Hände und Gefühle passieren …
    Ich verabschiede mich mit Zuversicht noch hören sein Repertoire, zu leben, hier in São Paulo / Brasilien.
    * Ich weiß nicht sprechen Ihre Sprache … Dank Google Übersetzer!

  626. Posted by Patricia    04/09/2013 14:43

    Lieber David

    Herzliche Gratulation zu deinem Geburstag!!!Alles Liebe und Gute,viele weitere Jahre für dein wunderschönes Geigenspiel.Möge die Musik immer dein Herz berühren und dir Freude bereiten.
    Ich habe am 29.Apri l2013 dein Konzert in Luzern im KKL besucht.Es war für mich magisch!
    In Zürich am 11.Juni mit Liveband und dem Fernsehballet absolut gigantisch!
    Herzliche Grüsse Patricia

  627. Posted by Janice    04/09/2013 13:30

    Hi David, I hope your day is fantastic and that your new year will bring you all the good things you wish for yourself. I`m looking forward to accompanying you in your concerts in Basel, and my son can hardly wait to hear you play in person. Looking forward to seeing -and hearing- you soon.

  628. Posted by Tamburini    04/09/2013 10:26

    Lieber David, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Das ist dein Tag und dazu möchte ich dir von Herzen nur das Beste wünschen. Mögen alle deine Träume in Erfüllung gehen, deine Freude an der Musik und an dem, was du machst, nie verloren gehen. Auf dass du dich weiter an bester Gesundheit erfreuen wirst und ganz viel Kraft und Energie für alles hast, was du tust. Du bist der beste Musiker aller Zeiten!!!
    Machs gut!

    Ganz liebe Grüsse von einem deiner grössten Fans überhaupt. 🙂

    Salome Tamburini

  629. Posted by rafael cataluna    04/09/2013 10:25

    Guten Morgen
    David Garrett
    Als Administrator der Seite in Portugal zu wollen, für mich und alle portugiesischen Fans wünschen Ihnen einen glücklichen Tag für seine 33 Jahre, die einen schönen mit Ihrer geliebten Familie Tag und Freunde sicher unsere Gelübde im Namen der Seite und in meinem Namen schon bald erhielt ein Geschenk, das von mir für Sie handgefertigt vorbereitet wird….
    Glücklich Bristhday
    Rafael Cataluna

  630. Posted by Mika Hijikata    04/09/2013 09:41

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ,DAVID !! Your bring sunshine to those who know you. That is what is wished for you today by those who love you so !!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU 🙂 With all my love and my heart , Your big fan MIKA from Japan <3 Kisses

  631. Posted by Petra    04/09/2013 09:24

    Beste David,

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag.
    Alle goeds, veel succes en bedankt voor de mooie muziek, jij maakt heel veel mensen gelukkig en blij !!!!

    liefs, Petra

  632. Posted by Ulrike    04/09/2013 09:17

    “Nichts in der Welt wirkt so ansteckend wie Lachen und gute Laune.” (Charles Dickens)

    Lieber David, herzlichen Glückwünsch zu deinem Geburtstag!
    Ich wünsche dir für das kommende Jahr alles Liebe, möge das Leben immer gut zu dir sein! Ich hoffe, du verlebst heute einen wundervollen Tag. Wo immer du bist und was immer du tust, habe deine wahre Freude an allem, was ist!
    Ich wünsche dir, dass du immer den Mut haben wirst, auf die Stimme deiner dir innewohnenen Weisheit zu hören und der Stimme deines Herzens zu folgen. Passe gut auf dich auf, sei gut zu dir und achte immer schön auf dich und auf deine Bedürfnisse… und auf dein Wohlgefühl! 🙂
    Ich denke an dich und trinke heute Abend ein Schlückchen Sekt auf dein ganz persönliches Wohl. Prosit: auf dich, auf die Liebe und das Leben!
    Eine herzenswärmende Umarmung,
    deine Ulrike.

  633. Posted by Peter Steinbach    04/09/2013 06:00

    Herr David Garrett ich bin ein riesen fen von dir ich habe alle CD´s von ihnen. Arber jetzt habe ich mal eine Frage würden Sie auch mal auf ein Benefietzkonzert spielen in Coswig Anhlt im Simonetti Haus. Ich bin bei diesem Verein Mitglied und wir sind ein gemeinnütsiger verein und müssen auch gewisse Eigen anteile erarbeiten und das machen wir underanderrem mit Konzerten.

    Ich würde mich über eine Antwort von Ihnen freuen.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Peter Steinbach

  634. Posted by Susanne Römer    04/09/2013 03:15


  635. Posted by Maria Margarida Barreto    04/09/2013 00:49

    Can’t believe nobody post a Happybirthday wish to you at midnight!….Well I will not abandon you! Today, at 1:30 at Aachen is now your day; so Cheers David ! Be happy! Be you, and may you play your music for many many years!!!
    Hip Hip! Hurray!
    Big kiss,

  636. Posted by Ariadne    04/09/2013 00:09

    Zum Geburtstag für einen ganz besonderen Menschen

    Lieber David!
    Es ist schon “a little bit funny”, Dir hier zu schreiben, denn Du wirst es wohl kaum lesen – trotzdem:
    Happy Birthday, alles Liebe und Gute, weiterhin viel Erfolg, Gesundheit und ein glückliches Leben.

    Was soll man jemandem wie Dir, der den Gipfel seines Talentes erklommen hat , noch wünschen?
    Dass es noch lange so weiter geht, Du Dir die Freude an dem, wass Du tust, erhalten kannst, ein wenig Gelassenheit, die Fähigkeit, zu entspannen und dass Du bei aller Liebe und Leidenschaft zur Musik und zum Beruf auch noch Zeit findest, für die anderen schönen Dinge, die das Leben zu bieten hat, denn Zeit ist der Atem der Freiheit.
    In diesem Sinne, David, Viva la Vida, lass Dich feiern und hab einen wundervollen Tag!

    Die besten Wünsche begleiten Dich.

    ( in WIEN letztes Jahr im Sommer)

    PS: Toi, Toi, Toi für den “Teufelsgeiger” und das neue Album!
    Nicht nur die Musik ist “oscarverdächtig”!

  637. Posted by Maria Margarida Barreto    03/09/2013 22:59

    Everybody already said everything to say! Of course a “non-stop” violinist will get a non-stop number of fans!|||…….
    Happy Birth-day!!!!
    With a Big Thank You for being the person you are! And a kiss from Portugal.

  638. Posted by musikcindy    03/09/2013 18:47

    Lieber David,
    Ich komme aus Taiwan, wo die Zeitzone Mitternacht 4 September ist.
    Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag und Ich wünsche Ihnen allen viel Glück!
    生日快樂( In Chinese…Xeng Ri Kuai Le)

    Haben Sie einen Plan nach Taipei, Taiwan für das Konzert?
    Ich hoffe, Sie bald zu sehen.

    Mein Sohn(4.5 Jahre alt) liebt Ihren Film-Viva La Vida sehr und jeden Tag er immer fragt mich:
    Mama, kann ich den Violine Musikfilm ansehen? ∩_∩

    Deine Fans,
    Klvierspieler und Flötenspieler,

  639. Posted by ceci    03/09/2013 18:19

    just to be one of the first to wish you a happy birthday…. wish you only happiness and never let anybody take over your life…..and your dreams……………….hope you have a great day full of surprises and love…. from all over the world………….

  640. Posted by Júnior Cunha    03/09/2013 06:38

    Happy birthday David… I’m from of Bragança, Pará, Brasil!!… Wonderful Music!!! God bless you!!

  641. Posted by Elisabet Zimmermann    02/09/2013 22:33

    Parabéns David!! Que sua luz esteja sempre assim forte e radiante, Para levar a todos nós , seus fans, muitas emoções e alegrias. Muita paz, amor e saúde hoje e sempre. Meu sincero agradecimento pelos momentos maravilhosos que você proporciona com seu violino e sua musicalidade. Feliz aniversário David!! Que você seja eternamente agraciado por Deus Pai Todo Poderoso e os anjos iluminados! Parabéns, parabéns, parabéns. Elisabet Zimmermann, Brasil

  642. Posted by Sergei    02/09/2013 18:47

    Ваша любовь к своему делу и преданность ему вызывает и уважение и восхищение. Вы – как драгоценный камень – самородок в прекраснейшей оправе.
    Дорогой Дэвид! Поздравляем Вас с Днем рождения!
    Искренне и от чистого сердца желаем, чтобы еще долго не иссякал источник, из которого Вы черпаете силы для своего творчества. Пусть Ваша жизнь будет наполнена радостью и счастьем! Да сопутствует Вам удача! И пусть на все оставшиеся годы главным лейтмотивом в Вашей жизни будет Любовь!!!
    С уважением – почитатели Вашего творчества.
    Республика Беларусь, город Борисов.

    Your love and dedication to your work inspires respect and admiration. You are like a precious stone beautifully chased.
    Dear David! Happy Birthday! Sincerely and with all our heart we wish source of your strenght and inspiration never dries up. Let your life be full of joy and happiness! May good success attend you! And let LOVE be leading motive of your life!
    Sincerely, admirers of your work.
    The Republic of Belarus, Borisov.

  643. Posted by rafael cataluna    02/09/2013 10:11

    Herren wollen wir David Garrett in Portugal auf Facebook Seite Frage, wo die Geschenke geben David Garrett an deinem Geburtstag wird
    Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Antwort.

  644. Posted by CarolNikkie~0;-)    31/08/2013 18:49

    Dear David, Your music brings “life” to me! I pray, always, for you health and happiness. My dear daughter (who introduced me to you and your music almost five years ago), and I have tickets to see you and the Band play at “The Grove,” in Anaheim, California, on the 23rd of January! My dream come true! Take good care, David. Your fans love you VERY much! ~0;-)

  645. Posted by Beatriz    25/08/2013 02:35

    Please come yo MÉXICO !!!!!!! PLEASE!!!
    You will enjoy my country, we love your music!!!

  646. Posted by Genevieve L'écuyer    23/08/2013 02:53

    Mister Garrett you are very amazing. I studied violon when i was 8-12 but a stop after that and i profondly regret. I ha ve a violon but i dont prctice a lot and i miss technic.

    My go you should receive a lot of love letter and demand on mariage!!!!!

    Continu your so fantastic works and at this day one of my mroe big dreams is seing you in concert.

    Sorry for my english and a french canadian and unfortunately not bilingual.

    I hope one day you will come to montreal for a concert. Its a so amazing city

    Thanks for reading me. I hope…

  647. Posted by Genevieve L'écuyer    21/08/2013 15:18

    Bonjour, j’aimerais savoir s’il y a une possibilité qu’un jour David joue à Montréal?
    Hi i want to know if one day he will come to Montreal for a concert?

    Merci de votre attention.

    Thanks for your attention

  648. Posted by Ewelina    19/08/2013 17:43

    Dear David! ♥
    You and your music are ABSOLUTELY amazing and fantastic!!! I really admire your talent.
    I hope that You will someday come to POLAND- it’s my big dream. Your music always causes deep be moved my heart and then I feel that I want to be a better person. I wish You all the best in your life! Sorry for my not perfect English 😉

    Warm greeting and kisses,

  649. Posted by nance    18/08/2013 11:51

    Hey everyone, thanks for accepting me as a member 😀 I want you to know I am a HUGE fan of David Garrett (have only recently discovered this amazing maestro) I have purchased a few cds and dvds, I have a few more items on order and of course would love to purchase more. I am desperately trying to purchase a dvd titled “David Garret Live and in Private” but unfortunately this cannot be purchased or shipped to Australia 🙁 WHY???? As a fan I cannot get enough of his music and although I enjoy watching bits and pieces on youtube I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to sit in my own home and watch him on theatre surround sound speakers, uninterrupted totally relaxed and thoroughly enjoying this. Can you please please help me out, would desperately love to own this dvd and could really use your help . Thank you so much and this is an awesome site by the way, well done and keep it up. With much appreciation and respect, Nance

  650. Posted by Nicole    16/08/2013 23:28

    Beinahe vor dem Fernseher eingeschlafen, bis ich vor ein paar Minuten auf ZDF umgeschaltet habe und von Dir dieses Konzert sehe, WOW. Nun bin ich wieder hellwach, denn es ist so wunderschön, kaum in Worte zu fassen. Mit wieviel Liebe Du Deine Musik spielst, ich bin echt beeindruckt!

  651. Posted by Catherol    15/08/2013 13:45

    actually I wish that you can play violin with maksim, maksim not really express his feeling on his face while he is playing piano (I think), but you always smile haha~and always smile to your partner~~~seems u really enjoy your music~What’s more, more light in your concert , more colorful~
    Or maybe u can play with THE PIANO GUYS, they are pretty active(其实我想表达的意思是“好玩的”),just like your style~
    Best Wishes,

  652. Posted by adri    13/08/2013 21:53

    Tu música me hace soñar…es maravillosa. Espero tener la oportunidad de escucharla alguna vez en vivo. Soy Adriana, de Argentina. Cariños.

  653. Posted by Titania Wroughton Garrett Bond    08/08/2013 14:17

    Selamat Malam David! (Good Night in Indonesia Language)
    You have many fans around the world, I know it
    Can you help me please?
    Please come to Indonesia, please show Indonesia how violinist is playing
    Most of people think that play violin is bored
    But is not!!! Is not bored! It’s fun!!! They just don’t understand how violinist feeling
    Also, they think violin just played on classicals song, they’r wrong! With violin we can play jazz,pop,rock,etc.

    Please come to Indonesia and show how fun to play violin, I beg on you!

    Thank You,

    Titania Wroughton Garrett Bond

    Violinist From Indonesia

  654. Posted by Татьяна    07/08/2013 21:23

    Hello, David! I have to you a question – whether you are familiar with a rock opera “Juno and Perhaps” the Russian composer Alexey Rybnikov? There are a lot of beautiful melodies for your violin! I understand that not so logically what a cover on a rock opera, but you listen, suddenly it will be pleasant?
    And still, you wonderfully made Chopin nocturne! And if to try the Etude опус10, No. 12 (Revolutionary”)? To me it is thought, you will be able to make very worthy kros-over! Pleasant communication with your Stradivari!

  655. Posted by Majzan    06/08/2013 10:29

    We people in the cold and dark northern part of the world *s* – need to listen to your music IRL – so – when are you coming to Sweden???

  656. Posted by Julieta    06/08/2013 00:27

    Dear David,
    We are waiting for you in Argentina!!!!
    Please, come to our country, we love you!!

  657. Posted by Debby    05/08/2013 18:47

    Hello David,
    Would you please consider touring Australia, in particular, Sydney?
    Thank you

  658. Posted by Sandra Martin    02/08/2013 10:26

    David please, come to Spain…..

  659. Posted by W Wolf Bauer    01/08/2013 15:44

    Saw the Live Stream show.Kudos,very personable,a “Refreshing Surprise!”Classical,usually,seem’s to denote,”Stuffy!”You played,”Broad Spectrum”,and made it all,”Interesting!”I am only familiar with your “Live at Tempodrom”,Klaus Badelt’s,”He’s a Pirate”,with your “Great “Orch/Band”Inspired”and a player of Six String,J-200 Jumbo Gibson,I want to translate,POC to guitar.Alas,with no words to frame the music,and poor musical math skills,It’s difficult to maintain one’s place.There are tricks,but there must be some “Easy” learning to write music tutorials?Klaus’s use of “Impulse and Dynamism”,led me to question the origin of the sound I loved “So!”Strings?,Percussion?,Horns?,Woodwinds?In other words,”Dissecting the Orchestra”And I know That’s the “Conductor’s Purview”But,just a basic tutorial book you might be familiar with.Could’nt operate Livestream messaging and see no other “Option” here to communicate Till then, “Please Advise”Thanks.Wolf

  660. Posted by John    30/07/2013 14:07

    Hi , David Garrett and his team, I am your biggest fan , the first time I listen to your album “David Garret”—-in 2009 , I just love it , I very very in love with your crossover style . I also plays the violin , I had a band , calls neo-classical band , and we play the song that you have done , we just love your performance , and wish you have a chance to come to “Taiwan” –it’s in Asia , here has a lot people loves your songs , and a lot of people enjoy the “music” ~~Sincerely !!!

  661. Posted by Raquel Martins    28/07/2013 02:55

    Olá David! Me chamo Raquel e sou brasileira.
    Assisti seu vídeo gravado em estúdio, o Viva La Vida. Simplesmente amei!
    Fui logo assistindo mais e mais e compartilhando com amigos e nas redes sociais.
    Parabéns por todo o esforço, você se tornou um excelente violinista.
    Seu talento é lindo.
    Venha ao Brasil, seria um enorme prazer e honra recebê-lo aqui.
    Dançaria ao som de Tico Tico… 🙂 E tenho certeza que você amará nosso samba.

    Abraços. Deus o abençoe.

    Raquel Martins.

  662. Posted by Alejandra    28/07/2013 02:23

    Hi, I like to Know that when you visit Venezuela? You are the best violinist of the universo, when I listen to play the violin I feel that Im in a magical world. Sorry but my english is so bad.
    congrations you are the best David

  663. Posted by Norah Gillmore    26/07/2013 01:55

    Hello, DG Team, I’m wondering if you are considering (or will you) a Croatia for David’s concert? It’s in Europe, and relatively close to Germany. He has lot of fans here. Thanks, greetings 🙂

  664. Posted by Karin Louw    19/07/2013 12:47

    Hallo David.
    You have many followers and fans and fans also playing the violin.

    We are hoping that you could visit SOUTH AFRICA. CAPE TOWN are the biggest area of people that are in classical music and also other bands.

    Could you consider to come to our land?.


    Karin Louw

  665. Posted by sonia    18/07/2013 01:41

    When are you planing to come to the Land Down Under?

  666. Posted by Eloá    11/07/2013 03:21

    Hi David, I’m from Brazil, I saw a video these days its on youtube, did not know him, and found just wonderful … the softness, the delicacy, simply amazing. Play the violin there about 6 years, but I’m not even close to his greatness. Congratulations, your work is wonderful!
    Thank you for inspiring people like me!

  667. Posted by Sandra    10/07/2013 11:25

    Hallo David,
    ich war am 28.6.bei Deinem Konzert in Zwickau und ich war überwältigt. Dank meines Bruders (von ihm hab ich das Konzertticket zu Weihnachten 2012 bekommen) saß ich ganz vorn in der ersten Reihe…:-) Ich saß ganz oft mit geschlossenen Augen da und habe deine Musik einfach nur auf mich wirken lassen.Es ging bis tief ins Herz. Besonders schön fand ich auch das du ein wenig erzählt hast und wir viel mit dir lachen konnten! Es war mein erstes Konzert von Dir aber ganz sicher nicht das letzte…Mein Bruder und ich sind uns einig—wir kommen wieder um dir und deiner Musik zu lauschen..
    Vielen Lieben Dank für diesen wunderschönen Abend!!!!
    Schade fand ich es nur das du nach dem Konzert keine zeit hattest für Fotos und Autogramme! Das wäre dann nochmal so ein Hihglight gewesen.. Ich würde mich freuen wenn dieser Wunsch dich mal persönlich zu treffen irgendwann mal in Erfüllung gehen würde.
    Ich wünsche Dir von Herzen alles alles Liebe für die Zukunft!!
    Wir sehen uns..;-)
    Ganz liebe Grüße aus Thüringen

  668. Posted by Silke    07/07/2013 13:13

    Wow, es ist immer wieder gleich! Deine Konzerte haben extrem lange Nachwirkungen. Es ist jedes mal wie ein Fieber, das einen erwischt und nicht mehr los lässt. Deine Energie und Leidenschaft nimmt mich jedes mal gefangen und lässt mich auch Wochen nach ´nem Konzertbesuch wie auf Wolken gehen. Der 28.06.2013 in Zwickau ist noch derart präsent – deine CD´s laufen bei mir den ganzen Tag rauf und runter – als bin ich süchtig nach deinem Violinenspiel!!! Ich konnte dich bisher 4x live erleben, klassisch und crossover, und es ist immer dasselbe – das Hochgefühl, was du und deine Musik in mir auslösen, ist unbeschreiblich. Dafür möchte ich dir endlich mal Danke sagen! Ich wünsche dir alles Glück der Welt und hoffe, dich 2014 wieder live zu sehen. Vielleicht kommst du ja wieder ins schöne Sachsen? Bis dahin freuen ich mich erst mal auf “Paganini” im Herbst. Also nochmals Danke und viele liebe Grüße von Silke

  669. Posted by Jacqui    06/07/2013 16:07

    Hi David,
    Are you ever going to bring your Rock Symphonies tour to the UK?. The DVD is ace (as are the others I can find) but it would be fantastic to be able to see a live show here in the UK as at the moment, I am unable to travel to Europe.

    Love n hugs


  670. Posted by Jose Paulo    30/06/2013 19:22

    Hi David! My wife is one of your biggest fan in Brazil and she can’t wait to see you here! Please come to Brazil one day! We are waiting for you!
    Much Love,
    Jose Paulo

  671. Posted by Lilly Pfeffer    27/06/2013 17:11

    Lieber David,
    Meine Freundin Anica ist heute bei mir und wir finden es toll, dass endlich mal jemand sich traut auf die Bühne zu gehen und mit einem klassischem Instrument Rock und Pop zu spielen.
    Lilly und Anica

  672. Posted by Rosangela Muller    26/06/2013 18:42

    Ich bin Brasilianer, ich liebe deine Musik seit dem ersten Tag, als ich gehört habe. Ich glaube, du bist eine komplette Künstler und will immer zu hören, denn meine Seele ist leichter und das Gefühl, dass die Welt anders sein, wenn Sie hören. Ich versuche zu ordnen, um zu Napolis gehen Sie Ihren Erwägungsgrund. David viel Erfolg.

  673. Posted by Katarzyna Kærsner    26/06/2013 17:57

    Dear David, I have been to your concert in 2012 and in 2013 in Berlin. It was an amazing experience! I want more of it. You play like a dream when I sit to mix audiences see and hear you play, I can simply not get enough. When I get home I sit in front of my computer and continues to hear and see you play on youtube. My husband is going crazy, and smiles and shakes his head, that his wife is so infatuated with you, of your old boots and pants! I hope that you give live concert in Waldbuhne in Berlin again next year! I want to buy the ticket again! And it would be nice if you would give a concert in Berlin twice! With a few days between space! So I will be able to see the concert again during the same visit to Berlin.
    When will your tickets for next year be available?
    Katia from Denmark

  674. Posted by miriam    26/06/2013 00:42

    Huhu …… Ich möchte dir auf diesem Wege für das Konzert in Münster danken. Ich habe die Karten zu meinem Geburtstag geschenkt bekommen ….. Doch da die Platzangabe falsch war hattest du für uns die Größe einer Ameise 😉 aber die Musik haben wir ja trotzdem gehört 😀 ich find es immer wieder Wahnsinn wie diese Musik mich beruhigt …. Ich höre normalerweise House Music 😉 …. Als ich im Urlaub war ist mein Herz …. Mein Opa verstorben …. Ich war ziemlich fertig und wollte dir auf diesem Wege für diesen schönen Abend danken! Wir haben uns deine Musik vorher zusammen angehört….. Und an diesem Abend konnte ich Abschied nehmen. Dafür wollten ich und mein junior einfach Danke sagen. Seitdem unser Opa/ Uropa weg ist fehlt einfach was.

  675. Posted by Anne    25/06/2013 20:26

    Hallo David,

    zuerst einmal haben mich hier die Worte von Kati Wipf (3 Posts über mir) 😉 sehr gut gefallen.

    Ich habe die Konzertkarten für dich vor dem Münsteraner Schloss zu meinem Geburtstag von meinem Freund geschenkt bekommen. Zusammen haben wir bei dem leichten Nieselregen ^^ deiner Musik “gelauscht”. Fazit meines Freundes war – er will dich in klassichen Konzertsäälen sehen (obwohl er Klassik gar nicht mag *lol*).

    Wir werden auf jeden Fall noch ein weiteres Konzert von dir besuchen.

    Auf deinen 1. Kinofilm bin ich mega gespannt und hoffe, das mein Freund sich dazu überreden lässt, mit zu kommen.

    Ob ich mir noch eine CD von dir leiste, weiß ich noch nicht, ich muß da erst einmal ein paar Hörproben erwischen. Wünschen würde ich mir, das du z.B. Vangelis für deine Geige umsetzt, oder auch einige Stücke von Simon & Garfunkel oder Mike Oldfield?

    Ich glaube, das alle gut gespielten Gitarren-Riffs auch zu deiner Geige passen würden; in Verbindung mit deinem fantastischen Orchester (besonders dein holländischer Gitarrist war klasse und der “Kleine” auch 😉 könnte auch hier ein unvergleichlicher Sound entstehen.

    Auf jeden Fall wünsche ich dir noch viel Spass und Erfolg, weil ich glaube – du hast ihn verdient mehr als jeder andere!!



  676. Posted by Vanya Weiss    25/06/2013 11:36

    Lieber David,
    Dein Konzert in Dresden hat mich wieder einmal für Deinen großartigen musikalischen Beitrag begeistert. Es war ein wahrhaftiger Genuss, genauso wie die Konzerte in Leipzig und Berlin, die ich in den letzten Jahren ebenfalls erleben durfte. Mittlerweile besitze ich alle CDs und DVDs, die von Dir bei Amazon zu erwerben sind. Deine Ausdauer, Disziplin und Hingabe inspirieren mich häufig, wenn ich selbst vor Herausforderungen stehe. Dein aussergewöhnliches Talent bewundere ich sehr und finde es manchmal schade, dass ich selbst noch nie ein Musikinstrument gespielt habe.
    David, mein Sohn Andreas ist 3 Jahre alt. Seit einem halben Jahr hört er mehrmals täglich Deine Alben an. Seine Lieblings-CDs Rock Symphonies und Virtuoso. Seit 2 Wochen interessiert er sich vermehrt für die Paganini Caprices. Morgens steht er ziemlich zeitig auf und das erste, was mich dann sanft aufweckt, sind die Klänge aus dem Kinderzimmer – Deine Musik! Ihm zuliebe habe ich im Auto auch meistens Deine CDs laufen, auch wenn ich selbst manchmal eine Abwechslung brauche. Nun geht Andreas in die frühmusikalische Erziehung und fragt mich andauernd, wann er selbst Geige spielen darf.
    Danke, David, dass Du auch ohne es zu wissen so einen starken Einfluss auf mein Kind ausübst, und dass Du für Andreas so ein leuchtendes Vorbild bist. Ich hoffe sehr, dass wir Dich eines Tages persönlich kennenlernen können.
    Herzliche Grüße von unserer ganzen Familie,
    Vanya Weiß

  677. Posted by selina1989    25/06/2013 07:39

    Hallo David,was wird aus Deiner Band ,wennDunur noch Klassik spielst?

  678. Posted by Birgit Witkowski    25/06/2013 01:25

    Hallo David !
    Ich bin noch ein ganz frischer Fan (erst seit 6 Wochen), durch Viva la Vida !!!.Habe schon 3 DVD´s und 6 CD`s von Dir-hätte nie gedacht,dass ich mir mal klassische Musik anhören würde.
    Nun habe ich viele Videos und Fernsehausschnitte von Dir gesehen und Alles mögliche über Dich im Internet und in der Presse gelesen, weil ich wissen wollte was für ein Typ hinter der Musik steckt. Ich mag deine natürliche und liebenswerte Art bei Interviews und dass Du kein bisschen arrogant bist .
    Meine 3 Männer (10;16;50 Jahre alt) rollen immer mit den Augen : Mama ist wieder bei Ihrem neuen Freund !
    Ja,die können mich nicht verstehen – wenn ich Musik von Dir höre oder Dich lächeln sehe-bekomme ich gleich gute Laune!!! Das ist doch wohl nicht schlimm. Jetzt wollte ich natürlich auch auf ein Konzert von Dir, habe alle Hebel in Bewegung gesetzt und eine Freundin überredet mitzukommen .Habe noch Karten für Mönchengladbach bekommen (über 70 Kilometer entfernt-egal).Das Konzert war echt toll. Deine Band und das Orchester-ihr habt wirklich Spaß am Musik machen,das sieht man. Leider verging die Zeit viel zu schnell und dann hast Du nur eine Zugabe gegeben,da war ich etwas enttäuscht. Mit Deiner Musik im Autoradio ging es dann wieder nach Hause.Ich war total aufgekratzt,deshalb bin ich nochmal ins Internet gegangen.Und da habe ich dann gelesen,dass Du um ca.15Uhr in Berlin für B.Obama gespielt hast und dann abends für uns – da war klar dass Du geschafft warst !
    Ich finde es ja schön Dich oft zu sehen, doch solltest Du Dir auch genügend Aus-Zeiten nehmen-wir wollen noch lange Freude an Deiner Art zu spielen haben und uns noch oft zum Lächeln bringen lassen.
    Bei Deinem Auftritt bei Andrea Bocelli warst Du ja besonders gut drauf. Dein Dauer-Grinsen ,echt der Hammer.
    Da konnte man sehen wie viel Spaß Du hattest und dass Du stolz warst mit A.Bocelli aufzutreten. Freue mich jetzt schon auf die nächste CD und Tour-bleib gesund.
    B.Witkowski aus Oberhausen

  679. Posted by Lilly Pfeffer    24/06/2013 18:48

    Ich heiße Lilly, bin 10 Jahre alt und spiele die Hälfte meines Lebens Geige. Ich war in deinem Konzert am Königsplatz in München. Es war einfach super, dein Vibrato hat mich begeistert (meine Mutter sagt meins ist auch nicht schlecht, meine Geigenlehererin treibt mich an die Frequenz zu erhöhen) die Show war mega toll und das Geigenspiel war grandios. Das James Bond Tehma (auf deinem Album Music) habe ich mit meiner Geigen-Truppe mehrstimmig auf einem Faschingskonzert auch gespielt. Jetzt spiele ich gerade das Geigenkonzert in a-moll von Oskar Rieding Op. 21,. dein Konzert war für mich als Geigenspielerin eine große Inspiration. Seitdem übe ich dreimal solange wie davor. Ich träume davon auch einmal auf einer Stradivari zu spielen.
    Liebe Grüße
    Lilly 🙂

  680. Posted by Carlos    24/06/2013 02:29

    Dear David, I hope that you can come to Brazil and make a great concert, like those in Germany. How about a concert during the World Cup in Brazil ?

    Thank you,

    Carlos Timóteo
    São Paulo – Brazil

  681. Posted by Diana    24/06/2013 02:21

    Hello, Dave!

    You look like a child having fun, discovering, creating… What a cool way to live and lead by example! I´m sure you have introduced lots people in that kind of music. Chapeau!
    Many smiles your way and a big (((hug)))


  682. Posted by Kati Wipf-van Höfen    23/06/2013 19:48

    Hallo David !
    Erst ein mal muß ich dir sagen, dass ich sehr stolz auf Dich bin. Ich habe Dein Konzert am 22.06.2013 in Münster besucht und bin heute erleichtert und gelassen wieder zuhause angekommen. Ich habe viel von den drei Stunden, die ich Dich gestern erleben durfte mitgenommen, die mir dieses Gefühl von Ruhe und Zuversicht geben.
    Ich habe mir vor 31 Jahren auf mein damals gebrauchten Renault auf mein Auto geschrieben:” Neue Männer braucht das Land ” und nun habe ich einen von dieser “Neuen Männern” leibhaftig gesehen und auch von Deinem Leben gehört, das was Du uns erzählt hast.
    Ich bin nach Münster gekommen, weil ich mir Sorgen um Dich gemacht habe. In der Presse stand viel, dass Du so viel auf Reisen bist. Ich glaube, dass jeder Mensch ob arm oder reich ein zuhause braucht oder zumindest Menschen braucht, die einem ein Gefühl von Zuhause sein geben.
    Ich bin nach Hause zurück. Ich wünsche Dir sehr, dass Du bald Dein zuhause findest. Du könntest vom Alter her mein Sohn sein. Und was wünscht man seinem Sohn mehr als ein eigenes Zuhause und Zufriedenheit. Aber vielleicht ist auch Dein Zuhause in Dir selber. Ich weiß es nicht, nur Du kannst es erspüren oder für Dich selber herausfinden. Wenn ich Dir dabei helfen kann, laß es mich wissen. Ich bin für Dich da und Du kannst mich jederzeit erreichen.
    Ich meine, dass Du vielen jungen Menschen und auch Heranwachsenden mehr geben kannst, als die Liebe zur Musik. Du hast gestern mehr als Performance und Musikgemacht. Du hast uns gezeigt, wie einfach es ist sich selber nicht zu ernst zu nehmen und trotzdem eine Persönlichkeit zu sein. Nein, nicht Du hast Dich zu bedanken, das wir drei Stunden mit Dir geteilt haben. Wir haben Dir zu danken, dass Du uns einen so tiefen Einblick in Deine Seele gegeben hast.
    Das nächste Mal wird auch mein Mann mit zu Dir kommen. Er freut sich schon riesig darauf. Es wird allerdings erst in ein paar Jahren sein, aber wir hoffen, dass wir uns dann gesund wiedersehen. Bis dahin sollen die Sonnenstrahlen, die Dich und Deine Seele berühren sagen, dass Du geliebt wirst. Und pass bitte auf Dich auf !
    Es grüßt Dich herzlich aus Meppen
    Kati Wipf-van Höfen

  683. Posted by Alex    23/06/2013 17:15

    Hallo David!
    Ich war gestern auf deinem Konzert in Münster! Ich war das Erste Mal dabei und würde es jederzeit wieder machen!!! Dein Spiel war wie immer großartig und die Show war echt toll!!! Danke für diesen unvergesslichen, großartigen Abend!
    Liebe Grüße, Alex

  684. Posted by pochi    23/06/2013 11:20

    hola les escribo desde argentina . nos encanta su musica y me gustaria que en algun momento tenga planeado venir para latinoamerica . y les queria pedir que me informen por el cual me han bloqueado de su pagina oficial . siendo que los motivos por el cual lo han hecho no lo se . gracias y un abrazo fraternal . gladys

  685. Posted by Gisela Ziller    21/06/2013 18:43

    Lieber David, danke für Deine unvergleichlich schönen Crossover- und Klassikkonzerte. Ich würde mir sehr wünschen, wenn Du innerhalb einer der nächsten Klassik-Touren einmal in der Dresdner Semperoper spielen würdest. Alles Liebe und weiterhin eine erfolgreiche Tour und dann erst einmal richtig Erholung für Dich

  686. Posted by Bobby    21/06/2013 15:29

    Hi David!
    Thanks for the great concert in Aspach!
    Enjoy your life!
    Bobby & Kids

  687. Posted by Kesia Pompeu    20/06/2013 17:05

    Oi David,
    Sou brasileira , mas moro em Miami.
    Quando voce passa por aqui ?
    Miami te espera !

    Kesia Pompeu
    Miami – FL

  688. Posted by Anna    20/06/2013 16:43

    Hallo David ,
    ich war letztens auf dem konzert in singen aach es hat mir sehr gut gefallen
    ich komme gerne wieder.ich hoffe sie spielen mal wieder inder nähe.
    leider saßen wir ganz hinten und ich konnte nichts sehen da ja noch ein kind bin.
    liebe grüße Anna

  689. Posted by Myriam    20/06/2013 01:04

    Hola David !!!!!!!! eres el mejor en cada una de tus canciones !!!!!!! espero con ansias que quieras visitar Argentina,
    un beso y abrazo!!!!!!!!!cariños desde Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  690. Posted by Chrystal    19/06/2013 21:36

    Talented, gifted beyond measure, beautiful, driven, down to earth and humble. How do you manage to come so close to human perfection? One of my greatest desires in life David is to have the honor of knowing you more. Chrystal

  691. Posted by Jen Bodensee    17/06/2013 00:41

    David, mit meiner Mama habe ich dein open air Konzert in Aach besucht und es war einfach nur unbeschreiblich “amazing”.
    Mit deiner Musik zauberst du ein Lächeln aufs Gesicht und gleichzeitig Tränen in die Augen.
    Vielen Dank für den tollen Abend, die großartige Bühnenshow und dein Entertainment.

  692. Posted by Daisy    15/06/2013 15:53

    Hallo David,

    Am letzten Dienstag in Zurich Hallenstadion hatte ich das Gluck, zum ersten Mal einem Konzert von Ihnen beizuwohnen. Mein elfjahriger Sohn, der Geige lernt, war auch dabei und war wirklich so begeistert. Deine Leistung war einfach hervorragend ! Es hat mir so gut gefallen, dass ich gleich deine Album Music und Encore erworben habe (ich hatte schon Rock Symphonies). Die lange Fahrt im Auto und hat sich wirkllich gelohnt und würde es wieder gerne machen. Aber es wäre noch besser, wenn Sie in der französischen Teil der Schweiz spielen würden, wie Montreux, Lausanne oder Geneva, or Verbier !!
    Ihr Musik tut mir gut ! Vielen Dank dafür !
    Beste Wünsche für Ihren Tour !
    Daisy und Familie

  693. Posted by Tina    13/06/2013 18:08

    Hallo David!
    Ich hatte das Glück, dein Konzert abends in Dresden mitzuerleben. Es war so phantastisch!
    Jetzt habe ich gesehen, dass du nächstes Jahr auf Klassik-Tour gehst, aber Dresden ist nicht mit dabei – Warum?
    Sonnige Grüße aus Dresden

  694. Posted by BIRY marcelle    12/06/2013 20:23

    Ich war gestern an Ihrem Konzert MUSIC in Zürich. Ich war so berührt und unbeschreiblich begeistert von Ihrer einfacher Art und Ihre Kunst.. Ich bin nur ein bisschen traurig, dass man Sie nie oder noch nicht auf einer französischen Bühne zu sehen bekommen hat. Wie kommt das? Sie sind doch weltberühmt. Meine Freunde warten mit Schmerzen bis Sie zu uns kommen! (zB. paris, toulouse, strasbourg, lyon) wir würden überall hinfahren….
    marcelle aus dem Elsass.

  695. Posted by Mery Mery    12/06/2013 09:40

    Daaaaavid, bitte, komm nach Kroatien!! Wir warten auf deine Ankunft. Mindestens, komm im Sommer…wir haben die schönste Meer, Kosten und Inseln auf der Welt. 🙂
    Viele Spaß für deine weiter Arbeit.

    Liebe Grüßen von Kroatien!!!!!!!! ;)))

  696. Posted by Annett    09/06/2013 21:27

    Hallo weltbesster Violinist David,
    vielen Dank für das traumhafte Nachmittagskonzert in Dresden. Du bist und bleibst der Beste … und als sich kurz unsere Blicke trafen, ganz rein zufällig natürlich, war ich wie hypnotisiert … du ganz in meiner Nähe auf dem Podest … fast wäre mir die Kamera aus der Hand gefallen (das wäre ein teures Opfer geworden). Bitte beende niemals diese wundervolle Interpretation / Verbindung von Klassik und Rock – es ist ein Traum – und nur du kannst diesen an die Menschen so vermitteln. Ich genieße die bisherigen Alben von dir und freue mich schon jetzt auf die noch kommenden.
    Liebste Grüße sendet dir Annett

  697. Posted by Lucie Demoulins    09/06/2013 19:12

    Hey David ,
    Like a lot of people here , I love what you do and i was thinking , have you ever thought to play some Iron Maiden songs ? I’m sure you will succeed to do something huge !!


  698. Posted by Luciana    09/06/2013 01:35

    Hello David!!! Come to Argentina, please!!!!!!

  699. Posted by Lori    08/06/2013 23:45

    Dear David –
    As a child, my father introduced me to Strauss waltzes, and I grew to love his music. In my young 20’s, a friend and I became Wagner opera fans. I hope someday that you will record a Johan Strauss waltz, and perhaps Wagner’s “The Ride of the Valkries”…how magnificent would that be to hear them played by you!!

  700. Posted by Henry    08/06/2013 23:40

    Hi David
    Du bist einfach der Hammer . Kannst du dir vielleicht vorstellen mit der Violinistin Lindsay Stirling ein Album zum machen, denn ich finde euch beide klasse.
    Liebe Grüße

  701. Posted by Betty    08/06/2013 22:50

    Ich war am vergangenen Mittwoch in der Waldbühne, es war gigantisch! Solch eine Atmosphäre zu deinem super Konzert, es war einfach HAMMER! Bitte mach weiter so, freue mich auch schon wieder auf die Philharmonie Berlin nä jahr! Liebe Grüße Betty.

  702. Posted by Günter Engelmann    08/06/2013 21:05

    Hallo David,
    Ich war auf Deinem Konzert am 02.06.2013 in Erfurt dabei. Vielen Dank für diesen schönen Abend. Die Mischung us Klassic und Rock/pop hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Ausserdem hat mir Deine Perfektion und Technik unheimlich beeindruckt. Da ich auch Fussballfan bin und mein Traumverein der FC barcelona st würde ich folgenden Vergleich stellen:
    Du beherrsch Deine Violine so wie Lionel Messi das fussballspielen —> einfach Weltklasse ! !


  703. Posted by kitty finnigan    07/06/2013 21:37

    Dear David, as I have waited for so long for you to come to my city of Olympia, WA. State, USA, it seems that we are just to far away for you to ever get here and probably to small of a city. Please send me to you as any city you are playing. I would be forever grateful.

    Thank you,

    Kitty Finnigan

  704. Posted by Daniela    07/06/2013 08:42

    Hallo David,
    ich war mit meiner Mama auf deinem Konzert am 1.6. in München. Nach mehreren Anläufen hatte es endlich geklappt, dich live zu sehen und wir waren begeistert! Wir haben dem schlechten Wetter warm angezogen getrotzt und die Stunden mit deiner genialen Musik genossen! Vielen Dank für diesen schönen Abend! Wir sind selbst eine musikalische Familie und lieben auch die verschiedenen Musikrichtungen von Klassik bis Rock/Pop und deshalb war deine “kleine Weltreise” für uns die perfekte Mischung. Besonders hat mir gefallen, dass das Puplikum wirklich bunt gemischt war und alle Generationen vertreten waren, um dich zu hören und zu sehen. Gerne hätte ich dir mehr “auf die Finger gesehen”, denn das ist für mich ein Phänomen! Wir hoffen, dich nächstes Jahr in der Philharmonie in München zu sehen!
    Vielen Dank nochmals für deine wunderbare Musik!
    Liebe Grüße

  705. Posted by Susanne Römer    06/06/2013 21:44

    Hallo David,

    ich war gestern 05.06.13 zum ersten Mal auf einem deiner Konzerte, hier bei mir in Berlin- in der Waldbühne,
    es war ein wunderschöner Abend, ich bin immer noch ganz begeistert !
    Gerade da es mir in meinem noch jungem Leben gesundheitlich nicht so toll geht, war dies erleben zu dürfen
    für mich Einzigartig, ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis mit Erinnerungswert was ich bestimmt nie vergessen werde….
    Merci David –


  706. Posted by Anita    06/06/2013 16:10

    Lieber David Garrett,
    ich hatte bisher leider erst die Möglichkeit Sie ein Mal live zu erleben und daher habe ich Karten für den 08.06.13 in Dresden geschenkt bekommen. Ich weiß, dass das Konzert laut Veranstalter stattfinden wird. Jedoch finde ich, dass wegen des momentanen Hochwassers in Dresden und des dortig herrschenden Katastrophenalarms eine Anreise/ Aufenthalt nach Dresden unverantwortlich und zu gefährlich erscheint, zumal das gebuchte Hotel nicht komplett nutzbar ist. Weiter ist es meiner Meinung nach nicht richtig ein Konzert zu besuchen, während einige Meter weiter Einwohner um ihre Existenz kämpfen und Helfer bis zur Erschöpfung versuchen die Stadt vor Schlimmerem zu bewahren! Leider ist es unmöglich, die bereits gekauften Karten umzutauschen, zurückzugeben oder auf ein anderes Ihrer Konzerte umbuchen zu lassen. Wahrscheinlich lesen Sie diese Mail nicht persönlich, aber ich finde es schade, dass auch Sie bisher nicht einen Kommentar zum bevorstehenden Konzert bzw der dortigen Lage abgegeben haben.

  707. Posted by Maxi    06/06/2013 08:30

    Hallo David,

    ich war gestern das 1. Mal auf einem Konzert von Dir und es wird sicher nicht das letzte Mal gewesen sein.
    Die Stimmung war bereits vor Beginn super, weil Du Sonne mitgebracht hast in die Berliner Waldbühne.
    Das Konzert selber war noch besser als ich es mir vorgestellt hatte. Es war für jeden Musik-Geschmack etwas dabei und man wusste nie was einen als nächstes erwartet.

    Besonders gefreut habe ich mich über das Stück von Vivaldi, weil ich schon selber zu diesem Lied getanzt habe.
    Unsere Interpretation des Liedes war jedoch ganz anders als Deine, denn für uns stellt das Lied das Meer da.

    Hier ist der Link mit dem Video:–videos/videos/sommerlaunen/das-meer.html

    Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Erfolg und freue mich schon auf das nächste Konzert!

    Viele Grüße

  708. Posted by Stefanie    04/06/2013 18:41

    Lieber David,
    wer braucht schon Sonne & 30℃, wenn Du auf der Bühne stehst???
    Du bedankst Dich immer so liebevoll bei Deinem Publikum – jetzt möchte ich Dir etwas davon zurückgeben.
    Nach mittlerweile 3 unvergesslichen Konzerten ist jeder Dank an Dich, Deine großartige Band, dem wundervollen Orchester & der fleißigen Crew viel zu klein.
    Jedes Mal ist man sich sicher, dass es nun wirklich nicht mehr besser werden kann. Aber dann überzeugst Du immer wieder von Neuem & man erlebt beeindruckende, unbeschreibliche Konzertmomente. Ein Genuss von der ersten bis zur letzten Minute … auch bei suboptimalen Wetter, so wie am 2. Juni auf dem Domplatz in Erfurt – vielen lieben Dank dafür!!!
    Du bist so ein wunderbarer, warmherziger & charismatischer Mensch, dem man einfach nur Gutes wünschen kann.
    Ich freue mich schon jetzt riesig auf Deine nächsten Projekte mit absoluter Gänsehautgarantie & natürlich auch auf Deinen 1. Kinofilm.
    Glg, Stefanie

  709. Posted by Mary    03/06/2013 21:56

    Kurzer Zwischenbericht, David:

    Während sich meine Freunde “die Depeche Mode Fans” glatt erkältet haben, war ich gesund&munter @work und zehre noch heute von deinem tollen Konzert am Samstag!

    Danke dafür 🙂


    Hope you do not find yourself in crowded rooms feeling all alone

    Hallo David,
    München, Königsplatz, “sommerliche” 10 Grad, Dauerregen…
    Ich sitze (im super schicken Plastiklook und meinem dicksten Woolrichmantel) Open Air, während meine Freunde ein paar Meter weiter das Konzert von Depeche Mode auf ihren überdachten Plätzen genießen und stelle mir ernsthaft die Frage “ob ich noch alle “Nadeln am Baum habe” und bereits mit 30ig mein Verstand aussetzt!?”
    Du setzt zum Spiel an und nach nur wenigen Sekunden weiß ich, dass ich mich mit meiner Einzelkarte richtig entschieden habe! Blondie hat heute zwar eindeutig die modisch fraglichere Karte gezogen, aber in Sachen Musik und Gesamtpaket des Künstlers eindeutig “den besseren Riecher” bewiesen!
    Die Zeit fliegt dahin (während sich das see-through-Ding verabschiedet), mir ist nicht mal kalt und selbst mein äußerst kontaktfreudiger Sitznachbar stört nicht – und dabei neige ich (ganz Mädchen) immer zum Frieren und bin älteren Herren gegenüber deutlich abweisend.
    To make a long story short:
    Ich möchte mich für deine Musik, deinen Witz und besonders für das gute Gefühl bedanken, mit dem ich später im “Heart” gegen alle Depeche Mode Anhänger anstrahlen konnte 🙂
    Ich wünsche dir, dass du neben deiner Musik findest was du suchst.

  710. Posted by Antonia H.    03/06/2013 12:29

    Hi David,

    vvviieellleen Dank, dass du nach München gekommen bist. Es war einer der schönsten Abende in den Ferien!! Zu Hause hören ich ständig dein neues Album und es verzaubert mich jedes Mal. Ich kann einfach nicht aufhören darauf zu tanzen 🙂 Thx, dass es deine Musik gibt!

    Viel Spaß auf deiner Tour

    PS: Ich liebe dich und deine Musik!

  711. Posted by daniela    03/06/2013 01:13

    Hello! I am from México And I am trying to contact David Garret to send him a video of my 4 year old son, Who loves his music! Everyday he performs one of his concerts. How I met David Garret? One day my son watched a video in a restaurant And just stood up And started dancing! congratulations David Garret You have a big fan in México.

  712. Posted by Sunny    02/06/2013 11:03

    Hallo David,

    meine Tochter Manja hat am 09.06. Geburtstag. Sie ist an diesem Tag bei Ihrem Konzert in Ludwigslust und sitzt in der ersten Reihe. Könnten Sie ihr vielleicht ein Geburtstagslied spielen? Das wäre eine große Überraschung für sie.

    Vielen Dank und viel Erfolg weiterhin.
    Liebe Grüße

  713. Posted by Mary    02/06/2013 11:03

    Hallo David,

    München, Königsplatz, “sommerliche” 10 Grad, Dauerregen…

    Ich sitze (im super schicken Plastiklook und meinem dicksten Woolrichmantel) Open Air, während meine Freunde ein paar Meter weiter das Konzert von Depeche Mode auf ihren überdachten Plätzen genießen und stelle mir ernsthaft die Frage “ob ich noch alle “Nadeln am Baum habe” und bereits mit 30ig mein Versand aussetzt!?”

    Du setzt zum Spiel an und nach nur wenigen Sekunden weiß ich, dass ich mich mit meiner Einzelkarte richtig entschieden habe! Blondie hat heute zwar eindeutig die modisch fraglichere Karte gezogen, aber in Sachen Musik und Gesamtpaket des Künstlers eindeutig “den besseren Riecher” bewiesen!

    Die Zeit fliegt dahin (während sich das see-through-Ding verabschiedet), mir ist nicht mal kalt und selbst mein äußerst kontaktfreudiger Sitznachbar stört nicht – und dabei neige ich (ganz Mädchen) immer zum Frieren und bin älteren Herren gegenüber deutlich abweisend.

    To make a long story short:

    Ich möchte mich für deine Musik, deinen Witz und besonders für das gute Gefühl bedanken, mit dem ich später im “Heart” gegen alle Depeche Mode Anhänger anstrahlen konnte 🙂


    Ich wünsche dir, dass du neben deiner Musik findest was du suchst.

  714. Posted by Barbara Heinzmann    01/06/2013 20:25

    Hallo! Vielen Dank für das grandiose Konzert gestern in Würzburg! Die Musik, die Show und das Orchester! Ein Traum. Bin noch immer verzaubert. Sie haben da wirklich Recht: Es gibt nichts grosartigeres als Musik! Vielen Dank! Weiterhin viel Erfolg und viele Grüße Barbara

  715. Posted by Michael Haas    01/06/2013 11:07

    Hallo David,
    habe soeben Karten für Regensburg erworben.
    Können Sie bitte als Zugabe Humoresque von Dvorak
    oder die Serernade von Schubert spielen.
    Vielen Dank

  716. Posted by Regina    31/05/2013 03:52

    Hi David,
    When will you go to Brazil? You’re a virtuous and I hope see you play your violin live.
    I get very emotional when I watch a DVD of his concerts.

  717. Posted by Elaine    28/05/2013 01:58

    I’m from Brazil and will be with my husband in Paris, 23 to 30 july.
    We’ll be in honeymoon.
    Don’t you have any show in France these days?

  718. Posted by Freada Dillon    24/05/2013 01:42

    Question ???? Please — when will Paganini, the movie be released in the US? Will it be in theatres? Can the DVD be preordered?

  719. Posted by Ali mohammadpuor    20/05/2013 20:49

    Hi,David ,I have a request from you.Please create a new violin version of Parler mon pere which is from Celine Dion please give it a try that would be great.

  720. Posted by Daniela    20/05/2013 20:12

    Hi David
    vielen Dank für das wunderschöne Konzert in Tüßling! Das war der absolute Hammer! Ich werde auf jeden Fall wieder kommen! Weiter so!

  721. Posted by Deborah    19/05/2013 17:55

    Hab meiner besten freundinn diesen Trip nach Mannheim zum Geburtstag geschenkt, es war einfach ohne Worte ein Traum, Bühnenlicht, Bilder und die Tänzer ein gute Arbeit an allen
    Grüße aus Luxemburg

  722. Posted by Maria    18/05/2013 20:25

    War auch beim Konzert in Mannheim. Musste so lachen, ein Mann mit Humor. Falls das mit der Geige nich mehr klappt…Comedian wär auch was. 😀
    Schöne Tour noch!
    Liebe Grüße

  723. Posted by Bettina Hosner    18/05/2013 18:49

    Hi David,
    vielen Dank für das wunderbare Konzert am 11.5. in Linz. Ich war das erste Mal Live dabei, werde aber sicher “Wiederholungstäterin”.
    Ich hoffe, du kommst wiedermal nach Linz.
    Liebe Grüsse aus Oberösterreich!

  724. Posted by Melanie    17/05/2013 11:21

    Hi David,
    das Konzert in Mannheim am 15.05 2013 war einfach großartig! Von Heulen bis Lachen war alles dabei… Danke, dass du deine wunderbare Musik mit uns teilst!
    Ich habe gleich am nächsten Tag Plätze für die Klassik-Tour gebucht… Jetzt habe ich ein ganzes Jahr Zeit, um mich drauf zu freuen…

    Liebe Grüße aus Heidelberg


  725. Posted by Christoph    16/05/2013 16:36

    Hi David,

    vielen vielen Dank für das wunderbar Hammer prächtige Konzert gestern am 15.5.2013 in der SAP Arena in Mannheim.

    Ich war zum ersten Mal da und hab deine CDs alle im Schrank und


    Mein größter Traum ist; mal gemeinsam mit dir auf der Bühne zu stehen.

    VIELEN DANK nochmals

    Viele Grüße aus Schwäbisch Hall


  726. Posted by Viktoriya    16/05/2013 10:47

    Ah lieber David, Du hast so viele positive Emotionen geschenkt… ich würde mich freuen, wenn ich Dir auch was schenken konnte… ich kann es per Post senden an Fan Adresse.. es ist eine CD.. mit einer Kurzgeschichte, die meine Ehemenann geschrieben hat… so mein Mann ist ein Orgelpfeiffenbauer.. er hat ein mal eine halbwahrhafte Geschichte geschrieben und wir haben ein Hörbuch daraus gemacht… ich würde mich freuen, wenn es dir auch gefallen wird! 🙂 liebe Grüße aus Sinsheim – Viktoriya

  727. Posted by Viktoriya    16/05/2013 10:43

    Hallo David! Vielen vielen Dank Dir für das Konzert gestern in Mannheim! ich war zum ersten Mal… es war ein Geburtstagsgeschenk von meinem Mann… aaaaaaahhh… es war schön! 🙂 insbesonderes hat mir das Stück MUSIC gefallen… muss mir unbedingt eine CD kaufen! und das Stück von Vivaldi, Freddy Mercury und vom Michael Jackson.. das Lied von M.J… da muss ich immer weinen… so trauriges Lied… und Sie, lieber David, haben es super gemeistert! DANKE! ich werde unbedingt noch mal zu Ihrem Konzert kommen! 🙂 alles Gute! P.S. Schade, dass sogar Ihr Kaktus die Trennung nicht ertragen konnte! 😉

  728. Posted by Ester    15/05/2013 23:03

    Dear David,
    your show in Wien was fantastic! I’m so happy that I finaly saw you! Your violin sounds awesome live and you look fabulous! 😀 I came from Serbia with my family just to see your show. Thank You for making my dreams came true!
    Love from Ester… 🙂 ♥

  729. Posted by danceprincess    15/05/2013 14:49

    hi ich war Montag auf deinem Konzert
    danke für Die Reise der Fantasie

  730. Posted by gabriel silva    15/05/2013 05:54

    queremos muito você aqui no Brasil david!!!!!

  731. Posted by maria teresa belloso    14/05/2013 23:07

    Hallo David , you are the best , from spain te admiro , tu música es bella , me encanta , estoy hipnotizada y espero poder ir a un concierto tuyo el próximo año con mi hija que tiene seis años y ya lleva un año aprendiendo a tocar el violín .
    Gracias por hacer que la música sea tan bella.
    María Teresa .

  732. Posted by barbara christine fürlinger    14/05/2013 19:33

    Grüß dich, David,

    danke für dein/euer tolles Konzert am letzten Samstag in Linz! Durch deine sympathische, charmante und v.a. allürenfreie Art, verstehst du es glänzend, Klassik und ein so “altehrwürdiges” Instrument wie die Geige ins Heute zu holen. Ebenso gibtst du zeitgenössischen Stücken, wie z.B. jenen von Metallica einen – ich sag mal – transzendierende Interpretation. Alles Gute dir und deinem Team weiterhin und hoffentlich wieder mal in Linz! GlG, Barbara

  733. Posted by lesliecm    13/05/2013 00:19

    Hola David desde que te escuche la primera vez me enamore de tu talento, de tu música y tu violín. Por favor ven a México, espero que tus managers lean esto (dudo mucho que tu personalmente lo hagas) y sepas de alguna manera que aquí te esperamos con ansias. Yo te espero con ansias. Please come to México city.

  734. Posted by Julfm    12/05/2013 23:45

    Hello David! How are you? I’m in Linz now. Me and my friend had came to this city only to see your show and we love it! We are Brazilian girls and we will wait for you there! Hope that you have a Nice show tomorrow, in Vienna. Kisses and hugs, Juliana e Ana

  735. Posted by Pavel    12/05/2013 21:18

    When you are in Russia? We are looking forward to you!

  736. Posted by Andrea    09/05/2013 09:03

    Dear Mr. Garrett, we would love to be able to welcome you to South Africa.
    Wir haben viele deutsche Fans in Cape Town:)

  737. Posted by berna    08/05/2013 20:26

    when you come to Turkey?…

  738. Posted by Lori    05/05/2013 22:10

    David –
    When I listen to your violin accompaniment to Freddie Mercury’s song, “How Can I Go On”, I realize that you were playing a wonderful tribute to a man and his music….for the gift that he had as a singer. It really touched me deeply, sad ending and all.

  739. Posted by Fernanda    02/05/2013 21:27

    David! I love you!
    You ar the best one!
    When you come to Brasil???
    We will love to have you here!
    Kisses from your great fan!

  740. Posted by Tamara    01/05/2013 16:07

    Hola, como están? Soy Tamara de Argentina. Me encanta David Garrett, es un músico muy talentoso, adoro su trabajo. Me gustaría saber cuándo se va a presentar en Buenos Aires, me encantaría verlo! Muchas Grcias

  741. Posted by Trollet    29/04/2013 14:52

    Wann komst du sum Schweden??

  742. Posted by swissliss    28/04/2013 13:05

    mein atem fehlt, bemerke ich. ein man steht auf der bühne und doch berührt er mein Herz. dieses gefühl geliebt zu werden,anonym durch eine melodie, die mit einer leidenschaft des spielers zur realität wird. ich möchte weinen, seh ich doch die pure und reine liebe in seinen zügen, die zeit wird zeitlos durch deine tiefe bindung mit den vorfahren. ich danke dafür das du es zeigen kannst. tief in dir tobt der sturm, manchmal unausgeglichen und verwirrt. und dann kommt wieder diese schwingnung und du bist ein mit deinem sein. dear mister garret, danke für ihr wesen das ich nicht einordnen kann und wünsche ihnen nur das was sie wirklich wollen. in träumerischer verbundenheit liebe grüsse aus der schweiz.

  743. Posted by Sonia Cristina    28/04/2013 06:14

    When in Brazil?

  744. Posted by Felipe Siqueira    27/04/2013 04:31

    Ontem de manha assisti o DVD Rocha Symphonies – Open Air do David Garret, e simplesmente achei incrível.
    Eu gostaria de fazer uma pergunta.
    Como consigo ingressar na orquestra dele? Eu sei tocar violino.
    E espero que um dia você venha no Brasil.
    E muito obrigado de novo.

  745. Posted by Felipe Siqueira    27/04/2013 04:30


    Me desculpe o incômodo, mas precisava mandar esse e-mail.
    Ontem de manha assisti o DVD Rocha Symphonies – Open Air do David Garret, e simplesmente achei incrível.
    Eu gostaria de fazer uma pergunta.
    Como consigo ingressar na orquestra dele? Eu sei tocar violino.
    Desde já muito obrigado.

    E espero que um dia você venha no Brasil.

    E muito obrigado de novo.

  746. Posted by Patricia    26/04/2013 18:54

    Hi David…
    Really are wonderful!,God keep you and guide you always.
    We love you!…
    Hopefully one day I can have the honor of being in one of your concerts.

  747. Posted by Giorgia    25/04/2013 09:26

    Italy is waiting for you and your wonderful violin….:D a presto!!

  748. Posted by Esteban Marquez    23/04/2013 23:36

    Hi David, I write from Argentina, maybe someday you can play a song by Astor Piazzolla, as libertango, I send you a hug and I admire you

  749. Posted by Jo Lynn Garfinkel    18/04/2013 20:37

    Hi David, I live in Rochester, New York, and first saw you on the Today Show one – two years ago and was completely blown away. I now have 3 of your CD’s and your Rock Symphonies DVD. Your music is all I listen to right now. I play classical flute and am a fan of the music, as well as a wide array of other types of music, which is one of the reasons I love your music so much, because your taste in music is the same as mine. A few of my favorite bands are Led Zep, Aerosmith and Michael Jackson. I love what you did with Smooth Criminal, and Dueling Banjos, and Hey Jude is so moving in your DVD, it brings tears to my eyes. Nobody that I have spoken to about you know who you are here in Rochester, and I want to change that. We have one of the greatest Music Schools in the country, the Eastman School of Music, and I want to get you here to blow the rest of Rochester away. I have talked with a PBS radio station here, WXXI, who said they had a special of you on that didn’t do well, and very few people called in. She is the only person I’ve talked with who knows who you are and is as impressed as I am, and was shocked the special didn’t do well. In fact, it was quite funny – she said “We couldn’t figure out if people were watching and so amazed at his exceeding good looks they didn’t want to get up and make the call!” Isn’t that funny? Anyway, I would love to get your music more known here and I’m working on it with the radio stations. Would you come here if your could fill the Eastman concert hall, or our Fingerlakes outside concert arena?
    Signed, Jo Lynn Garfinkel, a.k.a. “Blown away in Rochester.” P.S., I ‘m glad you speak English 🙂

  750. Posted by Evan    18/04/2013 02:27

    what kind of looper does david use? i have learned his viva la vida but need to know about his looper

  751. Posted by Miriam    17/04/2013 17:39

    Sehr geehrter Herr Garrett, soeben hat mein Freund Daniel für das Konzert am 19. am Kalkberg Tickets gekauft und ich habe, während er in der Stadt unterwegs war, das Interview bei Inas Nacht gesehen. Ich bedanke mich für die Offenheit, denn sie macht noch einmal deutlich, dass viele Menschen, die ihre eigenen Wege gehen möchten, um ihre Identität zu finden und danach zu leben, auf Anderes verzichten müssen – – – pay the prize . . .
    Vielen Dank für Ihr herzerwärmendes und virtuoses Geigenspiel
    Alles Gute auf Ihrem weiteren Lebensweg wünscht Ihnen

  752. Posted by Butterblume    15/04/2013 22:37

    Hallo David,
    komme gerade heim vom Konzert im Beethovensaal in Stuttgart. Es war unbeschreiblich megamäßigl!!!!
    – Deine Geige und Du – Ihr seid der Wahnsinn, Ihr seid wirklich eins. Und wie Du mit so viel Freude mitgehst, wenn Du mal Pause hast und das Orchester spielt. Übrigens eine prima Begleitung, die Festival Strings Lucerne!
    Ich liebe auch Deine Anekdoten und Deine Natürlichkeit, v.a. als das Saallicht schon anging und Du dem Publikum dennoch eine weitere von diesem heißersehnte besondere Zugabe gegeben hast, die Du ja gaaar nicht geübt hast…. 😉 Behalte Deinen Humor und Deine Natürlichkeit und schenke uns noch viele viele solcher Konzerte mit Deiner wunderbaren Musik!!!!!!
    Vielen tausend Dank für Dein Konzert heute!!!
    Liebe Grüße, Tanja

  753. Posted by Ali mohammadpuor    15/04/2013 20:36

    Hi you know what happened to me? I learned viva la vida and I can completely play it with my violin.I’ve surprised all of my friends and I don’t have any teacher I learned it my self I can’t believe it.I always watch your concerts and performance and when the camera is on you I attention to your fingers on the fingerboard and that’s the way I succeed.Thank you,by this event now I have the desire to learn more about violin.but as a matter of fact I’m dying to play viva la vida for you. love you,

  754. Posted by Anni    15/04/2013 17:51

    Hallo David,
    ich bin 10 Jahre alt und spiele seit 4 Jahren Geige. Im Moment spiele ich Kreislers Präludium und Allegro – wie du auf deiner neuen CD. In den letzten Jahren habe ich schon ein paar Mal den ersten Preis bei Jugend musiziert erhalten und durfte auch schon als Solistin mit Orchester spielen. Später möchte ich Musik studieren. Aber das hat noch ein bisschen Zeit. Ich bin ein großer Fan von dir und komme am Samstag nach Halle in dein Konzert. Hoffentlich kann ich dich gut sehen, weil wir sehr weit oben sitzen!!! Am liebsten höre ich Viva la vida von dir, aber ich freue mich auch auf das Brahms Konzert.

  755. Posted by Butterblume    12/04/2013 14:33

    Hallo David,
    freue mich so riesig auf Dein Konzert am Montag!!!!!! 🙂
    Liebe Grüße,

  756. Posted by Susan Williams    11/04/2013 09:06

    In America, missing the cross ring
    you wore for so long. Guard your sweet spirit.
    Peace, Susan ~ Sweet dreams

  757. Posted by lele    10/04/2013 11:18

    hi,david.i’m eleonora anello and i’m a italian girl.i love your music and your wonderful stradivari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i play the violin too and you’re fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please come to italy in chieti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please please please please please please!!!!!!!!!!

  758. Posted by Julfm    08/04/2013 03:50

    Hi, good night

    I’m a David Garrett fan and I’m Brazilian. Me and my friend will be travelling to Europe from April,18 to May,18. We have decided to go to a David Garrett show and we have chosen the Linz “Music” tour, on May, 12. We are so excited!

    Maybe you want to meet some happy people. We are these friendly girls!



  759. Posted by Solimany    05/04/2013 18:49

    Hallo David,
    vielen Dank für die atemberaubende und wunderschöne Musik. Sie haben die Kreutzersonate in Konzert gespielt, wird sie auch demnächst aufgenommen?
    Viele Grüße aus Hamburg

  760. Posted by bachittar    02/04/2013 20:51

    Hi David,
    ich bin ein sehr großer fan von dir ich lese gerade deine Biografie.
    ich wollte eigentlich auf dein Konzert kommen war leider ausverkauft echt schade.
    ich spar gerade auf ne geige dann werde ich vieleicht auch mal so berühmt wie du.
    ich wünsche dir weiterhin viel erfolg und glück mach weiter so
    ciau Jenny

  761. Posted by Viviana    01/04/2013 19:23


  762. Posted by Sharon Jane Corpuz Dedel    01/04/2013 11:10

    David, congratulations on your well-deserved Echo award for your amazing album, “Music”! It’s truly a masterpiece by the master virtuoso himself, you! I sent you mail to your fanpost in Germany last March 27 which you should be receiving in one or two weeks. I will also be sending you another mail to your fanpost in Germany this week. I miss you and your music a great deal! Watching you from a distance and not being able to see you in person brings pain to my heart. It’s an emptiness that can only be filled by your presence. Ich liebe dich! Please stay in touch! Kisses!

  763. Posted by Vanessa Elias    30/03/2013 22:06

    Gostamos muito do seu estilo musical e repertório.
    Venha ao BRASIL para se apresentar!!
    Será inesquecível…
    Parabéns pelo seu talento e muito SUCESSO!!

  764. Posted by gabriela    30/03/2013 17:26

    David, Veni a Argentina!!!!! welcome!!!

  765. Posted by Ali mohammadpuor    28/03/2013 16:37

    Hi David.I’m one of your big fans in first, I love you so much and that’s because of your skills in plying violin that I’ve never seen music you are the one for me and I love your performance because it’s full of emotions and your musics has the most effect on me.meeting you is one of my wishes but it will never happens cause I live in Iran and I don’t have the power to travel to Germany and I know that you can’t travel to Iran too.but this distance makes me love you more because in our country people says: distance and friendship. love you Ali

  766. Posted by Jutta    28/03/2013 13:42

    Hallo David,
    ich wünsche dir ein schönes Osterfest. Und viel Spaß beim Eiersuchen.
    GLG Jutta

  767. Posted by Zachary Turbide    26/03/2013 21:21

    Hi ! I’m a ten year old fan and my dream is to see you in concert one day. Unfortunately, you don’t seem to come in Canada. Am I right ? Never, never ? Can I hope ? I play violon since i’m 6 now. You are my inspiration.
    Thanks for reading me.
    Zachary Turbide, Quebec, Canada

  768. Posted by Sylvia McMath    25/03/2013 14:13

    Please David Garrett come back to London. David is the world’s fastest playing violinist, Playinbg classica,jazz & rock & roll. Want him to come to London…The Royal Festival Hall would be a great venue

  769. Posted by Jennifer D Gallagher    25/03/2013 14:04

    I have been searching for this recording Please.. I have sent You Tube Link

  770. Posted by Rossanita    22/03/2013 21:27

    Portugal is waiting for you David, i discovered you in last days and i’m already in love with your music, but specially by your smile and joy that you transmit in your concerts… Please come, you don’t regret… anyway i don’t write very good in inglish… i don’t bother anymore.. bye and love

  771. Posted by Cecilia    22/03/2013 20:12

    I would like to make a request for Mr. Garrett to record an album with the following music: Carlos Gardel’s Por Una Cabeza, Dmitri Shostakovich’s Waltz no 2, and Eugen Doga’s Grammofon. Thank you very much. I hope to see these on a future album

  772. Posted by sabi    22/03/2013 00:55

  773. Posted by daniel    21/03/2013 21:25

    Come to Mexico City you have more than 10000000000000 fans we love your music

  774. Posted by daniel    21/03/2013 21:22

    Come to Mexico City!!!!

  775. Posted by CB    21/03/2013 06:33

    I just heard about David Garrett so i watched his video of Viva la Vida. I consider myself a manly man but damn you David, the beauty of your talent brought me to tears. you are a beautiful light of inspiration, bravo sir! and thank you for that.

  776. Posted by Carol Adams    21/03/2013 03:01

    In hopes that this will reach Mr. Garrett, Dear David, My name is Carol Adams. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and the town I live in. I am a social worker and work with the chronically suicidal and those deeply effected by drug addiction. I am a single mother of 6 boys. Each child plays a different instrument; violin, cello, viola, and bass. I moved to Michigan from California 14 years ago without realizing Michigan would be the number one state in unemployment. With consistent cuts to the budget, the music programs here seem to be deteriorating. This comes after a housing crises in which at least a quarter of our town’s population got up and abandoned their homes in search of work somewhere else. The increase in homelessness, poverty and addiction has skyrocketed. Being a true social worker, I am concerned for the children in our town. Each year, the orchestra program puts on two concerts. With the cost of instruments, the number of children able to join the music program is declining. Anyway, I have a specific request I am hoping you will consider. Our next concert is in April or early May. If you are able to produce a small DVD addressing the kids of Jackson High School and perhaps play a piece of music to motivate these young adults I would be forever grateful. They need someone to believe in them. They need a role model. Please consider how many young men and women you could encourage with just a short acknowledgment of their commitment to music. In closing, I understand you are extremely busy and probably receive thousands of requests. I am sure it must be heartbreaking at times that you cannot get to all of them. However, if you are able to do this, please email me and I will, in return, film the kids reaction to your DVD. Thank you so much for your gift to music. Carol Adams LMSW Jackson, Michigan.

  777. Posted by Hank    20/03/2013 12:07

    Where can I get David’s sheet music?

  778. Posted by Hank    20/03/2013 12:05

    Excuse me , I would like to know where can I get Mr. David ‘s sheet music?

  779. Posted by CrisMar    19/03/2013 02:52

    Dear David (hope somebody will translate this for you)
    Hace unos meses por casualidad escuche tu música regresando de mi trabajo. Me llamó la atención un joven violinista hablando en alemán, algo para nada común en Argentina donde vivo.
    Me encontré entonces con un joven talentoso y con su música . Recordé que hacía muchos años supe de la historia de un niño prodigio alemán. (Tengo una hija de tu edad )
    Por suerte hoy puedo seguirte a través de internet. Entiendo algo de ingles y algo de alemán. Me encanta escucharte en los reportajes. Tu sonrisa y tu musica reflejan tu alma.
    Tengo la suerte de viajar a Alemania ir a ver tu recital el 16 de junio en el Aach Arena. Ahi nos veremos, por lo menos yo a ti. Te deseo todo lo mejor. Cristina

  780. Posted by sandra maricela ruiz aguirre    18/03/2013 23:03

    David : I am from Mexico, a beautiful country in Latin America. We love your music here, why don´t you come ? I´m sure you´ll love it . Maybe next year you can include it in your agenda.

  781. Posted by Ayşenur Aydin    18/03/2013 19:33

    hey David you make me love the violin, before you I hate it because it makes me sad and bored but you can enjoy with it when you play. I wish that someday you will come to Turkey for the concert 🙂 please do this 🙂

  782. Posted by sabi    10/03/2013 10:43

    Gehts dieses jahr auch nach italien?

  783. Posted by Just.    10/03/2013 10:19

    Thank you Birgid K for your answer. And sure, you are right, I should know that I’m not the only one.
    I understand.
    Best regards.


  784. Posted by pao gmy    10/03/2013 07:36

    Ich Liebe Dich David!!! I love your fantastic, amazing, awsome and beautiful music. You are one of the best violin players ever c: I really mean it. Come to México, I want to listen to your music but in person. Imagine… If I spend a a nice time in the computer watching ur videos, what am I supposed to do when I see you face to face. I hope that some day it could come true. I will be wating for you. <3

  785. Posted by Claudia    10/03/2013 03:57

    David,deseo que vengas de gira por America del Sur, sería un enorme placer tenerte aqui en Uruguay.Hazte una escapadita ok? Besos

  786. Posted by Birgit K    09/03/2013 18:57

    Hello Just,
    you cannot get in contact with David via this page. Please write to his fan-mail-address. David reads all letters, but is not able to answer or fulfil any wishes, there are just too many.

  787. Posted by Just.    09/03/2013 17:48

    Dear Mr David,
    firstly if you are reading this, thank you.
    I didn’t know where should I write my message to you, I would like to know that you get it. If it isn’t good way, forgive me.
    Next Saturday I have a birthday. My dream ( you can think that this could be silly) but for me this is something important, something what can make my dream true.
    So, could you send me just simple wishes for my birthday? Just few words but from you.That’s all Mr David.

    Make my eyes full of tears of happiness.


  788. Posted by pao gmy    09/03/2013 02:00

    David you are really amazing!!! your music is the best. I hope you come to México. I love your music and the way you talk

  789. Posted by Cheryl    06/03/2013 21:14

    David, You are an inspiration!! No matter how stressful my day, I listen to your music, and I am healed!!! God bless you, and please come to Texas some day!!! Continue on your quest…. You are touching peoples lives and hearts with your music…

  790. Posted by Camila Peña Calderón    04/03/2013 07:11

    Hi David! I did not know until you from your likeness to a friend I learned of your existence. I love your talent, continue success for you and I hope to one day attend one of your concerts. Hugs from Venezuela!

  791. Posted by