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  1. Posted by TatyanaR    29/07/2014 04:33

    Hi, David! I certainly understand that You have thousands of fans like me around the world. And to pay attention to each. I’m also not sure what you are actually due to time constraints read messages here. But still in my heart hope that you will read my true admiration for your talent. You are a sorcerer, a magician. Your music and violin works wonders. Thank You for being there and let Your talent gathers around the World thousands of fans.

  2. Posted by Laurie M    23/07/2014 04:12

    Has anyone here had David or his team respond to our
    heart felt and true feelings of wanting to experience his magical and enchanting
    live performances? I must see him perform but is a true response a rare gift?

  3. Posted by Laurie M    18/07/2014 07:38

    You must get thousands of fans that write all the same things to you. However, I must write you and tell you that when I fell in love with your musical style, I also fell in love with your personable way of connecting with your fans. You seem humble, personable, down to earth and just plain kind hearted. I could kick myself for missing you play in the U.S. and can clearly see that you will not be returning for some time. It will be a priority to make sure that when and if you play in the U.S. (NYC) I will be there to experience your amazing and what I’m sure would be an unforgettable performance!!!! I can clearly see that you will be abroad for some time. I truly hope you come back! I’m sure you know that there are so many that find your music spiritual, culturally connectable and by that I mean that it is appreciated by all, no matter the language barrier. It is absolutely beautiful.You are unlike any artist that I have found to be uniquely talented in this way for me! I would travel far and wide to just experience your performance if only I had the opportunity! Is it crazy to ask you if you will be returning back to the States for those of us that missed you the last time you toured here? I think the nearest would be Mexico in November, and as a teacher that would be near to impossible to make that show. Please let us know how to see you again as soon as you return. I can’t speak for your other fans but I know that I wouldn’t miss it for the world! You are amazing and I will continue to keep the faith in being able to see you perform someday! Do you think you will be returning in 2015? It would be a chance of a lifetime (for me at least) to see you perform your beautifully and soulfully magical performance. A true dream come true! I write this from the heart because your music has touched me as none other. I have never written a fan letter before as they have always seemed cheesy. But you David, are worth telling this to. – Laurie M

  4. Posted by Fabiana    07/07/2014 17:35

    Hello David, I live in Brazil and I very much appreciate your amazing work. Congratulations! It’s possible you play “Fear of the Dark” by Iron Maiden?

  5. Posted by monika lodh    03/07/2014 21:58

    Hello, Though I am pretty sure that you do not read the comments posted here, but i would still like to try. I would like to send adulation your way all the way from India. I do not play any musical instrument; however after hearing some of your music pieces, I was enthralled. Your music is captivating, enchanting, mesmerizing, spellbinding; all at once..
    I have to say that your music, touches the heart and pulls at the heart strings. I seriously would love to hear you live some day. And I hope the ’some day’ is soon. Please do keep up the amazing work you are doing. Regards, Monika

  6. Posted by Rosangela Muller    02/07/2014 02:59

    Hello David, I live in southern Brazil. I went to your recital in Napoli, was wonderful, but my biggest dream is to attend crossover. I always hated flying and I lost my fear when I decided to go to your show in Napoli. I’m organizing my holiday and need to know if you have tour dates in 2015. Please answer this email, the realization of a dream that is a crossover watch your show in Europe or U.S. depends on it. My day is filled with happiness when I hear you. I admire you very much. To me you are the greatest violinist of recent times!

  7. Posted by Jang Jee-Yeon    28/06/2014 12:12

    Hello, David!
    I’m lived in South Korea.
    I saw your concert Busan in Korea.
    I like your music very much.
    I want to play violin with you:)
    Pleas come Korea one more time.
    I want to see you everyday:(
    Bye bye david !!♥

  8. Posted by Maria Magdalena Danaila    28/06/2014 10:54

    I have just seen the movie and, of course, the character Paganini is extremely facinating. It was only natural to see who the man behind the character is and that is how I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the actor is actually the best violinis alive. I am an actress and a singer songwriter. I couldn’t help noticing that, as an actor, you have some imperfections in your performing – but it is all forgiven by the obvious perfection of the violin playing. I am very happy because everything about you is inspiring and – even if you’re diffrent as a man from the fascinating character Paganini I must thank you for a very rich period for me as a composer. Thank you for helping me hearing the music again. :-)

  9. Posted by sandra escareño avila    26/06/2014 02:55

    hola………. mi hija jimena es fan tuya de hecho esta tomando clases de violin ,,,,, yo quiero pedirte que tengas tu paguina de internet que se pueda traducir en español ya que mi hija todavia no entiende bien el ingles gracias
    pronto te esperamos en mexico te vemos en el auditorio nacional en noviembre
    por favor plis traduce tu paguina de internet en español bay

  10. Posted by Mihir Dalvi    25/06/2014 22:21

    Hello, I’ve heard nearly all the tracks you have recomposed. However, I would love to know, what makes ‘Air’ such a lovely track to listen? I listen to this track almost more than a ten times in a day, yet find it so mystical and soothing, that i feel like listening to it a ten times more. I would definitely like to hear more of Bach from you…

  11. Posted by Oksana    25/06/2014 08:29

    Sehr geehrter David! Haben Sie die Möglichkeit, aufzuzeichnen DVD mit den Werken aus dem Repertoire Ihrer Tournee der Klassik (zum Beispiel, «Le quattro stagioni» Antonio Vivaldi)?

  12. Posted by Claudia Spina    25/06/2014 00:47

    Dear David Garrett, I am from Brazil and here in Brazil there are so many people who really love listening to your performance. Please consider a tour in Brazil – Sao Paulo!!!!
    Thank you very very much!
    With kind regards
    Claudia Spina

  13. Posted by Mina Maria Bernadett Ito    24/06/2014 13:46

    Thank you David that you played wonderful amazing cross over music in Japan.
    Your music is delicate and powerful, to touch the heartstrings.
    Thank you that created a great sound!
    My heart is trembling.
    God bless you and your presious members.

  14. Posted by selma gülen    17/06/2014 23:27

    Hi David :) we want to see in Turkey. İstanbul is very magnificent place for classical concerts.I think you like this historical place for your concert.I hope that you will come in 2015.

  15. Posted by Carla    16/06/2014 17:11

    Please, please,please consider coming to Canada, there are so many people in Ontario that are enthralled by your incredible talent and all aspects of your performance.

  16. Posted by chul wan park    16/06/2014 15:02

    Hello, David!!
    I;m very appreciate to you about giving great music to all of your fans.

    Actually, i played your music in my little concert.
    and i keep practicing many your music to become like you.

    We will see in South Korea tomorrow.
    I bought your concert ticket and i also sent e-mail to your managers who are resisted in this WEB site.
    I know it is very hard to play with you in your concert, that just my hope. that’s why i sent e-mail to your managers.

    Anyway, i’m very very excited to see you and hear your music.

    See you~ david garrett!!

    from your biggest fan in Korea

  17. Posted by Oksana    16/06/2014 13:24

    Sehr geehrter David! Danke für Ihre Musik!

  18. Posted by HeeJeong    13/06/2014 07:43

    Hello, David
    Please, think about playing the ‘Der Erlkönig’ by Franz Schubert !!!
    It will be Beautiful.

  19. Posted by juliet    11/06/2014 18:49

    I know this is just crazy wish thinking but is it possible for someone like David Garrett to play at a wedding?

  20. Posted by Paris    10/06/2014 05:45

    Hello – just wondering if anyone knows what Rosin David Garrett uses on his bow for rehearals & performances? Thanks – Hopefully David & his Tour wil come to Australia soon x

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