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  1. Posted by Nikolay Murin    24/01/2015 16:03

    David, your music is great magic…!

  2. Posted by Dalinda    23/01/2015 21:08

    Come to Belgrade, Serbia loves you..
    Untill, see you this june in Graz…

  3. Posted by Joanne    20/01/2015 20:06

    Dear David,
    I just started playing violin, you are my inspiration!! I would love to see you in Greece!! You have many fans here!!
    Lots of love

  4. Posted by Gabriel Gómez    19/01/2015 23:24

    David I apreciate yours advices at Genova Museum. “You don´t want to be a David Garrett or Paganini, you must be yourself”, ” no matter what you do, just do it with pasion”. Thats advices change my life.

    Thank you for sharing what you thing.

  5. Posted by Alla    18/01/2015 22:30

    Why you won’t visit St. Petersburg?

  6. Posted by Gayane    18/01/2015 19:07

    Lieber David,ich schreibe Ihnen aus Armenien.Sie haben bestimmt über unser Land gehört.2015 ist ein wichtiges Jahr für unser Volk.Im April werden viele berühmte Künstler aus ganzen Welt Armenien besuchen.Ich möchte Sie gerne mit einem Konzert in Yerevan sehen.Dank Ihrer Kunst haben meine Kinder klassische Musik gern.Danke sehr,sehr,sehr!

  7. Posted by Lavanya Khanna    18/01/2015 17:37

    dear david
    i don’t know wither you read these comments but your song viva la vida touched my heart made me real fan of you
    i just wanted to share this with you
    god bless you and please keep making this kind of music
    you are blessing to our music field
    thanks hope you read it and smile once
    Lavanya Khanna

  8. Posted by Stefy Moreno    16/01/2015 17:34


    Please :)

  9. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    13/01/2015 14:23

    Hello David
    When are you going to come to Japan ?
    Please teach me. Many fans are waiting for you .

  10. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    13/01/2015 08:35

    I watch your movie and listen your beautiful performance everyday.
    My son is handicapped with his body since he was born.
    But he likes your music so much.
    So please come to Japan as soon as possible.
    I am looking forward to meeting you.

  11. Posted by adriana escobar    11/01/2015 15:39

    Realmente eres increíble, ojala vinieras a Bogotá para poder tener el gran placer de verte en vivo. Ningún artista me ha impresionado tanto como tu y esto incluye todos los géneros, que fortuna es estar en éste tiempo para apreciarte, así sea en la distancia

  12. Posted by Lina Robertshaw    06/01/2015 11:33

    Hello David
    Would love to see you in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Love your music. I have all your album You are an inspiration to all.

  13. Posted by menschle    04/01/2015 21:58

    Lieber David, es gab für mich keine schönere Überraschung, als zu lesen, dass Sie nochmals nach Heilbronn kommen. Vor allem, da ich vor einigen Wochen noch sagte, “na ja, jetzt hat er es nicht mehr nötig, in unserer kleinen Großstadt zu spielen”. Es wäre nur noch zu toppen, falls Sie hinterher Autogramme geben und uns nicht wie in Baden-Baden entwischen :-) – beim letzten Mal war meine kleine Tochter so müde, dass wir leider noch während der Zugabe gehen mussten. DANKE!

  14. Posted by MATSUKAWA SHOKO    04/01/2015 08:25

    Dear David
    New year starts .
    I hope your activity this year too.
    And please come to Japan . I am waiting for you.

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