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Fanpost David Garrett
Postfach 200460

13514 Berlin

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  1. Posted by Mía Ramirez    15/09/2014 01:34

    Hola, David. Ven a Perú. :c

  2. Posted by Arsim Gashi    12/09/2014 19:07

    Can you give me a link about how these websites are set pls

  3. Posted by bahar    12/09/2014 13:49

    hi dear david,i have been watching ur videos and albums about one year…i play violin too and after hearing ur violin i started to love my violin and practicing and playing it seriously….
    i ‘m from Iran…here in my country there are alot of fans of u…
    we really wish that one day u come to Iran…
    My writing in engish is not good,sorry:)

  4. Posted by Marta Pires Soares    09/09/2014 21:16

    Hello, David! I live in Brazil.I’m your fan and I would love to come here.I´ve been watching you in Italy.
    Put youir tour in Brazil.Will not regret.
    We are waiting for you.Do not delay. Kisses for you!

  5. Posted by teo    09/09/2014 09:31

    hello. Mr. Garrett you are best.I’m your huge fan. I fell in love with the violin after your hearing. i love you so much.
    I would be glad if you visit Georgia.
    teona kankia from georgia.

  6. Posted by Oksana    08/09/2014 07:02

    Sehr geehrter David! Herzlich gratuliere ich zum Geburtstag! Ich gratuliere zur Verleihung der angesehenen Belohnung Echo Classic!

  7. Posted by Reiko    05/09/2014 02:17

    Hello!! Dear David!!!
    Happy birthday to you!!!

  8. Posted by Antonela    05/09/2014 01:10

    David, I have known you just a few weeks ago, when I entered to a shop. I noted that everybody were watching the TV. They were all paying attention to a violinist. Then, I realized that people were “abducted” by your sensitiveness. Obviously, I started to feel the same and, since then, I listen to you every day. It is as a ritual. Every morning, when I go to work, the first song that I listen is The Fifth, one of my favorite songs, because it is full of energy. Well, it is not my intention to bore you, so I just wanted to tell you that you have a recent fan from Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina. And of course: Happy birthday! Feliz cumpleaños! (I apologize for my English).

  9. Posted by tel    04/09/2014 23:45

    Happy Birthday, David. May your life be a reflection of every good feeling that you and your violin translate through music. His music changed my life for the better. You deserve everything good. We are anxiously waiting for your coming to Brazil.

  10. Posted by Oksana    04/09/2014 21:22

    Happy Birthday!!! I wish, that your music played each in the soul and in a heart…:-)

  11. Posted by Svetlana    04/09/2014 19:36

    David, happy birthday! You the best!!!

  12. Posted by eleni    04/09/2014 16:36

    Hi dear David!!
    and “HAPPY BIRTH DAY” to u:))

  13. Posted by maynight    04/09/2014 15:55

    Hallo, David, wherever you are today – Happy Birthday and all the very best…
    And: Viva la vida – y viva la música… So make it live! A… y…

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