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  1. Posted by Katarzyna Kærsner    22/03/2015 20:33

    David, you and your music makes my life great. I look forward to your concert in Berlin every year. I love you and your music.

  2. Posted by yamila    14/03/2015 03:30

    Hola, me encantaría que alguna vez pueda venir a realizar un concierto a la Argentina, acá hay muchos seguidores, soy una de ellas, es absolutamente hermoso su arte, me encanta escucharlo y verlo tocar el violín.
    Sería un placer tenerlo aca y poder verlo.
    Saludos cordiales.

  3. Posted by MIRIAM CATALDI    13/03/2015 17:00


    ¡¡¡Te admiro mucho y agradezco todo lo que haces por la buena música!!!
    Espero que muy pronto visites Argentina !!! vas a amar al público Argentino!!!
    Dios quiera que cuando vengas a Sudamerica y toques en Brasil puedas también venir a Argentina.
    TE ESPERAMOS !!!!!


  4. Posted by Junio Magalhães    13/03/2015 03:10

    Quero agradecer, a todos vocês que deve viram minha mensagem, pedindo que trouxesse David Garrett no Brasil, sei que em julho ele estará no meu país, e dia 28/07/2015 na minha cidade Rio de Janeiro, espero recebe-lo com muita alegria, pois é um sonho conhecer David Garrett, e eu estarei lá no vivo rio aqui no Rio de Janeiro, assistindo esse fã que eu gosto muito, tocando e me inspirando, meu nome é Júnio, tenho 17 anos, dia 24/07 é meu aniversário, e dia 28 estarei recebendo meu presente, que é conhecer meu fã, ahh e também toco violino, e é ele que tem me motivado quando paro pra assistir os vídeos dele.
    Desde Já muito obrigado mesmo, espero conhece-lo, e no dia do show ficar o mais perto possível dele..

    Até mais.. #

  5. Posted by Susanne    09/03/2015 15:13

    danke dass es dich gibt David.

  6. Posted by lula    09/03/2015 13:06

    Bravo, bravissimo! David, Your performance in Turin was absolutely wonderful and I was delighted that you played Brahms concert which is one of my favourite piece. I’m glad, I managed to send a mail to Christian Morin at the French RADIO CLASSIQUE as he was about to play it. Fortunately, he repeated what I had written about you and your next show in Paris. I’ll keep in touch with him because I want them to make young people understand that classical music is a real source of joy and I think that your are the best ambassador for it.
    Carissimi saluti da Torino. L.

  7. Posted by Ana Paola    07/03/2015 17:02

    David” please”, morimos por verte, cuando tendremos el privilegio de verte y escucharte nuevamente, aqui te amamos, Mexico no puede faltar en tu agenda, te merecemos .
    Escuchandote siempre!, Amandote siempre!
    Paola. D.G. Fans Mexico.

  8. Posted by Angela Polanco    06/03/2015 23:58

    On behalf of all his mexicans fans, I would like to know is there any news about a concert this year? Please David come back soon, Mexico is waiting for you!!!!!

  9. Posted by nikki    06/03/2015 15:54

    hello can i ask something when will david garrett have a livestream im a big fan of david garrett

  10. Posted by Angela Polanco    05/03/2015 18:41

    Hello, when Davis returns to Mexico this year?? Please make a Meet & Greet for his mexicans fans

  11. Posted by ana esper    02/03/2015 17:23

    Hi! Let’s extending the Brazil-tour until Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, how about?
    We are near Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It could be awesome !!!

  12. Posted by Lina Robertshaw    20/02/2015 09:12

    Love your music very inspiring , relaxing and has a lot of feelings. Please do your concert in Philadelphia

  13. Posted by lenaonsana    19/02/2015 00:07

    hi, do you have any plans of performing in Asia?

  14. Posted by wiam    12/02/2015 14:26

    i bought and started playing the violin for two reasons, 1: because i love it. and 2: because of you .
    i just wish you’d come to Tunisia :(

  15. Posted by AngelS.    11/02/2015 21:42

    I don’t want an autograph card, no picture, no no .. I just would once like to shake your hand for 5 minutes… after listeing to classical concert in munich 5th May and cross over in kemptem 27th june… is this possible? suppose not, what a shame. Just a normal fellow would like to wish you a good concert… but if I do not, you will still have, I know.
    Timeless CD is great, best in my opinion is classic romance… showing up your skills perfectly. thanks for creating this years ago.

  16. Posted by annpeshkova    07/02/2015 08:26

    Dear David,
    I’m really looking forward to the concert in Moscow, March 2, it’s my birthday and this is the best gift! I am waiting for you.

  17. Posted by Wioletta    05/02/2015 01:56

    David is sad, but it is only now discovered your genius. O my God, and I live in Poland (and live longer than you). Literally, physically hurts my heart when I listen to a few days of your playing. You woke all the longing in my heart, all of which I would like to forget what is gone. And all the dreams I had never met. I lost hope. She came back for a moment. Maybe if I will listen to your playing and I’ll fight again. I did not believe that music can be a first love and sometimes only one. Today, I really understood. Incomprehensible and metaphysical. I wish you luck! Meet the woman who will love the music like you and never makes you choose because everything will be understood.I wish you a lot of good family who apparently really loves you! Especially your beautiful mom once great artist! Viola
    P.S. I congratulate the courage and charisma! Raise so popular is certainly very difficult. I admire the hard work too! Finally, check out the neighbors across the eastern border, and do not be afraid of the car: D! My good spirit make this invitation finally reaches you! I promise!

  18. Posted by Rhonda M    04/02/2015 03:32

    Greetings! Perhaps David would consider releasing a collection of ‘romantic’ songs….Vocalise, Air on the G String, lo Ti Penso Amore, Summertime and include some of his newer compositions. Featuring the violin in some jazz selections would be nice too! Just a thought…..Best wishes from Atlanta, Georgia.

  19. Posted by Ana Eliza    03/02/2015 21:22

    I’m a big fan Brazilian, and loved see David playing tico-tico, but would like to do a review dancers who appear are dressed and dance to Spanish style and not Brazilian. Hope to see you in Brazil soon.

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