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  1. Posted by Christin    13/04/2013 19:29

    It is clear, by watching and listening to you that you have entered that sacred and magical dimension of Music when you play. Its like being in two worlds simultaneously. That is the reason to play and the reward. Having said that, the earthly acknowledgment is also nice!
    From looking at your photos, I see tension in your jaw,upper back and forearms/hands. Have you ever considered or tried restorative Yoga? there is a supported fish pose that might help to open up and release your upper back and shoulders. You can reference it in Judith Lassiter’s book on restorative Yoga. A Chi Gung practice, if you don’t already do this, might be helpful when you tour to increase your vital energy.
    Ich freue mich das Du deine Gabe weiter gibst. Es is Heilend fuer die Erde:) Ich wuensche Dir Gesundheit und Liebe im Leben.

  2. Posted by Tania    30/03/2013 08:16

    David!! Congratulations, the best is yet to come.

  3. Posted by Andrea    24/03/2013 07:03

    Lieber David!

    Dieser Preis geht verdienterweise an Dich. Viel Energie für Deine zukünftigen Projekte wünscht Dir von Herzen

    Liebe Grüße aus Wien))))))))))))))))

  4. Posted by Obscure    15/03/2013 23:04

    Oh… smile)))))

  5. Posted by Ichrak    30/01/2013 23:22


  6. Posted by aen45    20/11/2012 04:27

    Congratulations David on your Awards. Your hard work really paid off! Thank God for your Talent, Beauty,and Modesty!!!
    Your fan from Canada.

  7. Posted by Rebecca    16/11/2012 19:47

    hi David,
    Ich finde du hast dir den Preis verdient!
    Mach weiter so.
    Lg Rebecca 🙂

  8. Posted by Anny    07/11/2012 05:27

    Congratulations on your award. Truly enjoyed your performance at the awards show

  9. Posted by Sheyla Rodrigues    04/11/2012 02:16

    Congratulations David. His music and his playing fascinate me and inspire me more and more every day. The sensitivity with which you touch makes me feel as if it were part of the work she and me. It is indescribable! You inspire me to be simply you and put your soul in music. Can not wait to see him play here in Brazil. From your fan and admirer Sheyla Rodrigues.

  10. Posted by Nancie Kokkalis    03/11/2012 17:00

    David kisses kisses hugs from Greece !!! The awards are all yours……no doubt about it …every album it’s better than previous…….;) LOve you so much. Your music makes me feel alive 😉

  11. Posted by Gis    29/10/2012 18:50

    ME ENCAAAANTAAAA!!! soy de Argentina y nunca habia escuchado de el; soy loca del violin, estuve estudiando y por razones personales no pude seguir, pero es una pasion para mi escucharlo, y tocar lo poco que se; asi, buscando en youtube lo encontre y conoci David….me super impacto, era lo que busque siempre, el estilo que tiene todo!! me gusto muchisimo!! y para completar es super lindo…asique no solo disfruto su musica sino tambien su belleza jaja es UNICO!!! AUTENTICOOO!! EL MMMEEEEEJOOORRR!!!! 😀 FELICITACIONEEES!!!!

  12. Posted by Justine    20/10/2012 19:04


  13. Posted by Gisa    19/10/2012 02:29

    Congratulations David!! Kisses from Brazil!!!

  14. Posted by Uli =D    17/10/2012 14:41

    Glückwunsch,den hast du wirklich verdient!Frei mich schon auf deinen Film.Und nochmal vielen Dank für dein tolles Album!

  15. Posted by Fatinha Alkmim    17/10/2012 09:27

    Congratulations! You deserve it.
    You’re amazing.

    Beijinhos do Brasil, Fatinha.

  16. Posted by Antonette    16/10/2012 18:27

    congratulations David! You’ve earned it.

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