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  1. Posted by    21/06/2017 03:53

    Por cuarta vez escribo este mensaje, espero lo puedan enviar: como me hubiese encantado haberte descubierto antes, tú y tu violín son dulce para mis oídos, gracias, una lejana Argentina,un saludo atento thank you David garrett

  2. Posted by    21/06/2017 03:49

    Como me hubiese encantado haberte descubierto antes, tú y tu violín son dulce para mis oídos, gracias, una lejana Argentina,un saludo atento thank you David garrett

  3. Posted by    11/05/2017 15:41

    When it comes a person that Meant Good there is nothing wrong.
    I am working on my reserved & rigid personality (ja, ja, Ja)
    It was Perfect to show my Meant good comments.

    Gracias to David Garret Web for Let us Express the more Deep Feelings may help to Transcend

    super Fan

  4. Posted by    10/05/2017 14:26

    Oh my God!!

    Well, I mean Good Always,

    super Fan

  5. Posted by    08/05/2017 20:05

    David Garrett

    As I have say before, The Universe is rare the way operate, I just know that you are super Nice person,as I am.
    Please free contact me where I live, in Los Cabos, Mexico. if some day you come for vacations, here is a nice place for vacations, you will see more American people than Mexicanos as I am.
    I work hard every day to keep my job, I have a hard working family as you have, I am very quite person, no social life, I am very close to my family 1 brother & 3 sisters,(well know in los Cabos) sometimes I fight with them but in the next day we are fine as all normal families., and I have only 2 american couple marrie people are my friends, those are my friends since 20 year ago since I came Cabo. But my best friend is my dog, I found him on the street without home I did rescue him, his name is Lucky, we need each other because a week after to find Lucky I put my 17 years dog to sleep, her name was Nona. (all was perfect) I did feel God bless me.

    I am not sophisticate, either sexy, I am very sencilla, I wont tell you my age, because you don’t need to know that because when you have a friend the age it doesn’t matter.

    I feel we have a lot on common, I not looking at your fame, I m just looking at normal David.
    I have see many of your interviews on internet.
    what motivate me to me every day is to be better person, to learned, lo help if I can, I don’t make people unhappy.
    I don’t like conflicts, I just want Peace on my life. I don’t like spotlight. Also I take courses often to be better person.
    sometimes l have to defend my self from rude people. Most of the time I am nice,

    Please don’t show this Letter because David fans will be mad at me, You have many Fans, it is not good for you, either for me.

    I am Dare to meet you even my very Reserved personality.
    But because I like you a lot, I will dare.
    Please look and meet at one of your Good Fan!!!!, the other can very very Superficial

    Please I am not sure if David read all comments, Please Hard working Assistan give this letter to David Garret,
    I will appreciated!!! I mean Good always.

    It will be and Honor!!!!!!! if you Do, give me 10 minutes to know this is truth. I will be on shocking, it will be normal on me, Obvious.

  6. Posted by    27/04/2017 07:16

    David Garrett

    I am your super fan, I do have a jerk Boss in my job, he loves to make people life miserable, I don’t know the reason, I just told him he can go to hell & look for someone new, even I know I need the job I know I will be better.

    My (Music) peace is my first Love and it will be my Last.

    My (Music) peace of the future, to live without my (Music) peace would be impossible

    because of this World of troubles, Your Music pull me through.

    I Got too See you one of your tours!! what happen today it motivate me to have fan.
    what a day Uff!!

    Your super Fan
    Los Cabos, Mexico

    Beautiful Mexico

  7. Posted by    21/04/2017 06:38

    Hola David
    I am your super Fan, from Los Cabos, Mexico! I am Adriana Cantu
    I saw this complete Livestream 2013, and I love it all what you say, I like your personality a lot. (Mucho!!)
    sometimes I am thinking you are my twin, we look like.

    Let me tell you that I am going often to school having many courses how to be better person, and one of the things my teacher teach me is that each person should take care of them self, we should not depend on the others to be happy, to be independed. no to wait for the people tell us what to do like if we were babys.

    After many school I have learned to be independed and control my Life, and take care of me, I am nice only with the people they deserved and not to have more low self esteem. I was unconscious of me.
    not to put responsibility on the other to make us happy, The happiness comes from our inside. we shouldn’t give the power to others.
    I can tell you for sure more of the half of the world are depending on the others, making their life miserable because the others.

    No Me!!!!!!!

    I have my own Light until I can. I do have big Carisma that is natural. It cost me many School and Estudios to find it!! and I am doing Super!

    Hope my words help many people who are reading my experiences words.

    Good Luck at your nexts Germany Explosive tours, your will have many this month of April, I will be looking at you by internet, I will try to fly to Germany if I can to see you this year, it will Tremendous Shine!! f I go and see.

    Te quiere y admira

    Your super Fan

  8. Posted by    06/03/2017 09:04

    Hi David>>>>> I joined everything that was available on your blog…David you have a Very Special place on my Facebook. I love your ‘Face”, your music, your personality, So I have your face on my Facebook Timeline Cover, and my Profile photo next to you looks just gorgeous. I visit my my Page and feels good about everything.
    It is absolutely beautiful how your Presence on my FB brings out the magic and beauty that is rare. I love it.!! Please come and visit my Facebook and I will be thrilled to have your signature, a kiss or a flower left on my FaceBook. I will “Treasure it”. Thank you and love you and Bless you dear David. I am in love with your violin and music you create. Thank you for allowing me here. Juliana Tocade.

  9. Posted by    13/06/2016 18:18

    Hi david Im narges from iran you’r veryyyyyyyyyyyyy good

  10. Posted by    22/03/2016 20:23

    David Garrett keep doing what makes you the most happy. Stay to your sight and loves.-USA-Deborah Green Boaze wish u will call (434) 228-9118 xxoo u complete me.

  11. Posted by Gloria Rivas    20/05/2015 23:59

    David, ame esta entrevista eres un hombre muy especial. Cuídate siempre… Y mientras ames hacer música no lo dejes por favor… escuchar tu música es lo que me hace más feliz en el mundo. Besos, abrazos y que Dios te bendiga…

    David , love this interview ‘re a very special man. Beware … and as always love Making music please do not let him listen to your music … it is that makes me happier in the world. Kisses, hugs and God bless you …

  12. Posted by Erfan    08/04/2015 20:31

    Hi david my name is Erfan from iran.we love you so much and i hope meet you in my country.please excuse me for my poor english.thank you be successful.

  13. Posted by Fer    28/03/2015 06:17

    Ich liebe seine musik David!.

    Kommen sie nach Argentinien!

    Grüße …. 🙂

  14. Posted by Estefania Favela    17/04/2014 02:30

    Hey David greetings from mexico, actually i dont want to write what everyone says, that “you’re a great musician, who has managed to transform classical music and contemporary music in a beautiful way” hahahahahaha lol ok I already wrote it , but I hope to have the chance to see you on your next visit to Mexico, because I enjoy your music, and I love the simplicity with which you communicate with your audience, hope you like to visit mexico.

  15. Posted by gracie    25/03/2014 01:44

    David, I love your music. My favorites are your Chopin and cry me a river. Also Beethoven sherenzo. You are truly amazing and captivating. I attended your recent Pittsburgh show and was awed. You are my idol and I look forward to seeing you again and I wish to meet you. I was wondering how to send autograph requests to you? I’m not sure how to get it to Germany and how to make a self addressed envelope to send it back. Nonetheless, you are an exquisite artist so keep doing your thing. 🙂

  16. Posted by Patti    10/09/2013 02:02

    I don’t know who sees this post, but I wanted to say that I heard Marcus say (when watching the recording of this year’s Livestream) that they should cover Sweet Home Alabama. I agree. And I think they should do some Allman Brothers too. I don’t know if that’s possible, but I’m sure that a talented David Garrett would love the challenge.

    Also, I tried to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to get an autographed photo, but the Post Office in Greensburg Pennsylvania (USA) said they didn’t know how to do postage back to the USA from Germany. How would I do that? Or don’t you send any pics outside of Germany? Thanks!

  17. Posted by Lotus    07/09/2013 04:48

    Hi David. I was truly pleased to listen to your music and discover that you are an exquisite artist. It inspires me. I am a visual and spiritual artist; a shaman, lightbeing and healer and have to tell you that it makes me happy when people can do what they truly dream about. I feel more capable of stepping up and doing my thing now. hank you for being you.

  18. Posted by oscar palomares    23/08/2013 17:07

    David, im not to good whith my english, but i have to tell you …you are a explendid musician..your music its a light on my life…….i really want to thank you for your music its help me to make my day……..god blees you and your team …..(musicians and everybody)

    Recibe un Saludo desde México…….

    Oscar Palomares

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