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  1. Posted by Andrea Loehr    19/12/2013 20:24


  2. Posted by Shivani    02/07/2013 12:19

    David, you are the first violinist i listened to. And you are incredible. I adore your style of playing and wish i could meet you and learn violin from you.

  3. Posted by Anna Seiffert    13/05/2013 17:53

    Hello David,

    You are the first “star” i got interested in. When i hear your music i start to cry, because your music is really going under my skin, and you are a beautiful man. I hope you will play in norway one time. If yes, let me please know :) Keep doing your great work! Hugs, Anna Seiffert

  4. Posted by Tania    30/03/2013 08:19

    Davidd, please, I want one, signed it by you! Lol :)

  5. Posted by Iza    16/01/2013 04:09

    David congratulations this album is amazing…wow when i listened you playing ” tico tico no fubá” (Zequinha de Abreu) I felt you were here in Brazil I hope you can come to here soon if not my family And I will have to go to Germany to see your show….lol…thanks for your music, my kids love to watch your DVD.

  6. Posted by Karen Mitchell    11/01/2013 13:52

    Thank You for sharing your passion with such grace and joy!!! Makes me full of good vibes listening to and watching you play your violin. I enjoy all of your music, I’ve always been a fan of all music too and it’s great to hear a varity of styles on one album…Please keep it comin!!!!You’re the best!!!!

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