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  1. Posted by janeth    30/12/2013 08:40

    David eres el mejor!! Gracias por dejar este mundo con un poco mas de cultura! GRANDE DAVID! GRANDE!

  2. Posted by LycéttEreefé    18/05/2012 21:47

    Hallo, mein Name ist Lycett’m aus Mexiko .. aber ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch folgte ich ihr von Anfang an sprechen sehr schwierig, Ihr CD-oder Original-Videos zu bekommen, aber noch möchte ich sie dazu zu bringen mir ein paar Tipps, um besser spielen Geige. .. Grüße, die Sie sehr gut sind nach wie vor ..♥.♥ I♥U David

  3. Posted by Nat    03/01/2012 12:23

    You are really handsome, but I have wisecrack, You don’t need black eye pencil :)))) I like you…I love your songs…

  4. Posted by Mariana    09/10/2011 00:47

    Hola! Soy de Buenos Aires y amo tu música!!!!!! Para cuando ROCK SIMPHONIES en Argentina????????????? No sabes el público que tendrías aca….

  5. Posted by Petra Leichum    01/07/2011 20:09

    Hi David, Dein Konzert im der Festhalle Frankfurt letztes Jahr war schon das ABSOLUTE, jedoch gestern in Mannheim ” Rock Symphonies” ist der reine WAHNSINN. Einfach Super!
    An meinem Geburtstag den 19. 09. spielst Du in der Alten Oper in Frankfurt, nur leider habe ich keine Karten mehr bekommen. Wäre ja ein schöner Geburtstagsfeier in der Oper gewesen.
    Danke für die Wunderbare Musik die, die Seele tief berührt.
    Herzliche Grüße aus Frankfurt

  6. Posted by ana    16/06/2011 21:55

    Eres real??Es imposible, no creo que exista un hombre de carne y hueso que sea un genio, que a la vez sea sexi, que sonría continuamente, y QUE TENGA LAS MANOS MAS bONITAS QUE JAMAS HAYA VISTO! que sea tierno, cálido, cercano, trabajador incansable…….eres un sueño!!!!!

  7. Posted by Karina Eveline    02/06/2011 22:35

    Rephrasing, if I may : to me these are the restless ones, like walking by the rough sea and watching one’s steps among edgy shells. I guess intriguing would be the right word. All in all, even rough waters have got soft foam, haven’t they? Best wishes.

  8. Posted by Marci    27/05/2011 20:12

    Amazing! I am 51 yrs. old & didn’t even know I liked violin music, but you make it magical, fun, beautiful & exciting all at the same time. And you certainly are easy on the eyes…..:) So glad I ‘found’ you.

  9. Posted by Debz Nicklinson    30/04/2011 00:23

    David, these are absolutely AWESOME photos ~ you look amazing. I am slowly finding more and more beautiful photos of you thro another fan, who I connected with on facebook 🙂 You are an amazing man !!!

  10. Posted by LENTO    29/04/2011 19:24

    A GREAT TALENT!!!!!!

  11. Posted by Karla Alva    28/04/2011 09:32

    You have to have a darkness…
    for the dawn to come.
    That’s exactly what Rock Symphonies remind me of.
    I love love black & white pictures awesome.
    Thanks for that amazing album, and adding 2 of my all time favorite songs.

  12. Posted by Mona Berger    09/04/2011 00:34

    Hi David,
    I am 48 years old and I am teaching music in a german High School – yesterday, I bought your CD “Rock Symphonies” and I think it’s AWESOME!!! It shows me, that there is NO reason, why classical music should look down on rock music – it’s so great how you combine both and let the world know this ONE important thing: that music and rhythm is life and that you can live that life only if you break down old animosities! THANK YOU so much for your example! Big hug from Munich

  13. Posted by tash    27/03/2011 20:12

    hi i really like your music,style and your hot,just wondering when your coming to the uk.:)

  14. Posted by Jem Garrett    22/03/2011 08:08

    David you rock! Your music is food for the soul! By the way I just happen to have the same surname as you, I am not some psycho stalker!! When are you coming to the UK? 🙂

  15. Posted by Rich    24/02/2011 19:56

    I recently discovered your music and i fell in love its soo awesome i always wanted to learn to play the violin and now after hearing your music i am inspired to learn. i would love to see you live that would be the best. You should definitly come to Hershey, Pennsylvania and play at the Giants centre i really think it would drive a huge crowd. i hope you can come out this way sometime. Keep up the Phenominal job!

  16. Posted by Marisa    11/02/2011 02:06

    Do you know frusterating it is for me to know you and to have you know of me not at all? I think most of your fans feel that way and they all say “oh but I’m different”.
    You should know I really am different. (cliche and cheesy I know) I really wish I could hang out with you for a day, not because you have money, or because of your violin, or your handsomeness. I just feel like I know you. Even though I don’t know YOU at all, not really anyways. But I want to. Maybe one day God will bless me truely and I’ll get to… I’m always hopeful. And I know you probably NEVER read these, but again I can hope you’ll just glance at this one and feel truely appreciated.

  17. Posted by Krisztina    19/01/2011 12:37

    Dear David ! I am from Hungary. Both my family and I adore You, and want You to come to play in Budapest. I have 3 kids, 2, 6 and 8 years old, and all of them love Your music very much. They asked us to bring them concert tickets of You to them for Xmas…but we couldn’t buy any, ’cause finally You would not come to Budapest to play at the Budapest Spring Festival this year. There was a huge sorrow under the Xmas tree.You should see all the kids, standing in front of the DVD player, dancing and “playing the violin” by some wooden sticks…even the 2 years old girl !!!!!! Anyway, have a nice day, recently in America.See (and Hear ) You soon: Krisztina

  18. Posted by Catt    26/12/2010 01:13

    Oh, please come to Mexico, I really love your music and I know it’s complicated, but really your music is wonderful. I have 16 years and your music is the best I heard. I have the CD SYMPHONIES OF ROCK and I would like to sign it.
    PLEASE ^ – ^

  19. Posted by camden    29/11/2010 04:03

    OMG!! i am 11 year old and i LOVE you!! you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!! plz plz plz plz come to chicago!!! <3

  20. Posted by Sophie    25/11/2010 20:18

    Hallo David,Wir haben gestern Dein fantastisches Konzert in Basel gesehen.Es war einfach FENOMENAL.
    Falls Du nächstes mal nach Basel kommst,ich nehme unbedingt mein grösseren Sohn auch mit.Er heisst übrigens auch David :))
    liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz Sophie

  21. Posted by charlotte    22/11/2010 15:22

    my cd player has never been the same since I put DG on. My 5 year old granddaughter has watched your dvd Berlin so many times I can’t count them.

  22. Posted by Lisa Freitag    21/11/2010 16:14

    Ich liebe deinen Style.
    Grüße von Deutschland!

  23. Posted by Marco Antonio    12/11/2010 17:35

    I love your clothes and fashion, I admire David, a hug from México.

  24. Posted by Jules    06/11/2010 11:06

    Everytime i listen to your music i had to close my eyes … feel the echos in my body …
    feel the beat and the emotion transfering to my soul …
    its always a journey ! Thank u for showing me that rock and classic can get together like this !
    I never thought that i can love music like u do, i always was a rock loving chick :DDD
    So CONGRATULATIONS to your work … xxx.
    PS: the photos have a mystic touch,like them … I really have to open my eyes in your concerts i think 😉

  25. Posted by Ria Frölich    30/10/2010 18:54

    Ich bin grad heimgekommen gestreßt von meinem Job und was höre ich rock symphonies….schnell gekauft, oh man der Hammer dieses Album geniel….ich bin hin und weg. Was soll man dazu noch sagen…der absoulte Wahnsinn. Und dann das Cover und die Fotos, ich bin begeistert. Im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes ich schmelze dahin. Wahsinn…mir fehlen die Worte …

  26. Posted by lisa kühnrich    30/10/2010 10:19

    wie kann man nur so verboten gut aussehen..?!?!?!?!
    das ist ach mir fehlen die worte…
    david du bist einfach der schönste mensch dieser welt…
    und natürlich ein grossartiger geigenvirtuose..
    ich glaube alle stimmen mir zu wenn ich sage es gibt niemanden der besser spielt als du..!!!!

  27. Posted by Rebecca    29/10/2010 18:59

    I have been listening to your awesome talent for quite some time and have many of your CD’s. Thus, I have been a long time fan prior to Rock Symphonies! I would be perfectly happy to listen to your music with my eyes closed. However, the fact that your live and DVD performances are so intense (!!!) it is even more satisfying to see you execute your compositions! You are so nice to watch! But, if I had to ask you to do one thing differently please consider my request…Please don’t wear those “baggy butt jeans” any longer! I am sure they are comfortable but they really don’t do anything for your physique! Will continue to listen and Orlando looks forward to seeing you at the Hard Rock Live on Saturday, February 26, 2011. Take care, we adore you!

  28. Posted by Mohsen    26/10/2010 08:38

    Thank you very much

  29. Posted by Barbara    13/10/2010 20:29

    Faszinierende Bilder eines brillianten Musikers.

  30. Posted by Tatjana    07/10/2010 18:23

    Der Mann macht mich einfach schwach! Würde er vor mir sitzen und nichts machen, würde ich in Ohnmacht fallen! Großartige Musik, außergewöhnliches Talent und ein Mann, der verboten gut ausieht!
    Fotos: 1, 4, 12 und 13

  31. Posted by annamaria    25/09/2010 22:21

    good job! congratulations!

  32. Posted by Jen    19/09/2010 00:29

    You look great in all your photos! I’m excited to hear your new album! I have been raving about you on facebook to all my friends!

  33. Posted by Katie M.    15/08/2010 22:21

    David puts me in mind very much of a character straight out of a Dickens story. His playing is simply inspired and inspiring! One sits down to listen and just loses oneself in the brilliance of it.

  34. Posted by Mirjam Gerhold    10/08/2010 07:29

    Ich kann Marianne nur beipflichten.
    Für mich bist Du der allerschönste, sympathischste, BESTE Geigenvirtuose, den es auf der Welt gibt.
    Es gibt keinen besseren als Dich!
    Mir persönlich gefallen die Bilder: 7, 8, 12 und 13 am Besten. Wobei das letzte Bild mit dem Hut am “aussergewöhnlichsten” ist.

  35. Posted by Midnight Star    09/08/2010 19:40

    These visual compositions are a creative pairing to the darker more intense arrangements on the Rock Symphonies cd.However…… I find the beauty of the man and his music require no further adornment.

  36. Posted by Deborah    07/08/2010 20:21

    beautiful man,and beautiful violin player. Love him!

  37. Posted by ME    30/07/2010 16:25

    I saw his photos and almost fell out of my chair. I heard his music and did!

  38. Posted by Marianne    27/07/2010 09:26

    Super Fotos! Du bist das Beste und Schönste was die Klassikwelt je gehört und gesehen hat. Mehr Fotos bitte

  39. Posted by Desiree    21/07/2010 04:24

    Really nice photos. More please ! Love the roof one and the sitting pose w/ the city in the background – what a beautiful face. Sigh …

  40. Posted by Joni Terry    09/07/2010 20:51

    Ditto on Steffi’s comment. Very nice and if you wanted to have a rock star shot….this is it! I happen to love the picture on the cover of Rock Symphonies. Can’t wait to hear it….already ordered it on Amazon 🙂

  41. Posted by Mirjam Gerhold    05/07/2010 07:28

    Great shots, really!
    My favorites are pictures 2, 4 and 6. Definitively 6 most of them!
    There he really looks like a rock star. I think, it was a shame that the weather was not that nice when they did the photos on the roof outside. More photos like these, please!!!

  42. Posted by Miss Elena"MetalliJedi"Valadez    04/07/2010 17:56

    My favorites are no 2, 4, 5 and 6. I´m lukewarm with no1 and no. 2. With all due respect but I think the photographer should have thought of something else. If the pics where done in NY there dozens of interesting locations where he/she could do the session and there´s more that you could do with a subject like David (I have many ideas of shots in my head).

  43. Posted by Steffi...    02/07/2010 16:26

    Very nice shots – especially the last one!

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