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Violin and Orchestra

Johann Sebastian Bach
Concerto No. 1 in a minor, BWV 1041
Concerto No. 2 in E major, BWV 1042
Concerto for two violins in d minor, BWV 1043

Ludwig van Beethoven
Concerto in D major, op. 61
Triple Concerto in C major, op. 56
Romance in G major, op. 40
Romance in F major, op. 50

Johannes Brahms
Concerto in D major, op. 77
Concerto for violin and violoncello in a minor, op. 102

Max Bruch
Concerto No. 1 in g minor, op. 26
Scottish Fantasy, op. 46

Ernest Chausson
Poème, op. 25

Jules Conus
Concerto in e minor

Antonin Dvorak
Concerto in a minor. op. 53

Edward Elgar
Concerto in b minor, op. 61

Alexander Glazunow
Concerto in a minor, op. 82

Edouard Lalo
Symphonie espagnole

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Concerto in e minor, op. 64

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Concerto No. 1 in B major, KV 207
Concerto No. 2 in D major, KV 211
Concerto No. 3 in G major, KV 216
Concerto No. 4 in D major, KV 218
Concerto No. 5 in A major, KV 219
Concerto No. 6 in d minor, KV 217a
Sinfonia Concertante in E-flat major, KV 364

Niccolò Paganini
Concerto No. 1 in D major
Concerto No. 2 in b minor “La campanella”
Le Streghe

Sergej Prokofiev
Concerto No. 1 in D major, op. 19

Maurice Ravel

Camille Saint-Saens
Concerto No. 3, op. 61
Havanaise, op. 83
Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, op. 28

Pablo de Sarasate
Carmen Fantasy
Navarra for 2 violins and orchestra, op.33
Zigeunerweisen, op. 20

Robert Schumann
Concerto in d minor

Jean Sibelius
Concerto in d minor, op. 47

Peter Tschaikovsky
Concerto in D major, op. 35

Henri Vieuxtemps
Concerto No. 4 in d minor, op. 31

Antonio Vivaldi
The Four Seasons, op. 8

Franz Waxman
Carmen Fantasy

Henryk Wieniawski
Concerto No. 1 in f-sharp minor, op. 14
Concerto No. 2 in d minor, op. 22
Polonnaise in D major, op. 4
Legende, op. 17
Scherzo-Tarantella, op. 16
Fantaisie brillante, op. 20

Solo and Chamber Music

Johann Sebastian Bach
Sonata No. 1 in g minor, BWV 1001
Partita No. 1 in b minor, BWV 1002
Sonata No. 2 in a minor, BWV 1003
Partita No. 2 in d minor, BWV 1004
Sonata No. 3 in C major, BWV 1005
Partita No. 3 in E major, BWV 1006

Béla Bartók
Romanian Folk Dances

Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonata No. 1 in D major, op. 12/1
Sonata No. 3 in e-flat minor, op. 12/3
Sonata No. 4 in a minor, op. 23
Sonata No. 5 in F major, op. 24 “Spring”
Sonata No. 7 in c minor, op. 30 No. 2
Sonata No. 8 in G major, op. 30 No. 3
Sonata No. 9 in A major, op. 47 “Kreutzer”
Sonata No. 10 in G major, op. 96

Johannes Brahms
Sonata No. 1 in G major, op. 78
Sonata No. 2 in A major, op. 100
Sonata No. 3 in d minor, op. 108
Scherzo in c minor

Antonin Dvorak
Sonatine op. 100

Claude Debussy
Claire de Lune

Edward Elgar
La Capricieuse, op. 17
Salut d`Amour, op. 12

Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst
Solo Sonata No. 1 in F major
Solo Sonata No. 2 in A major
Solo Sonata No. 4 in C major
Solo Sonata No. 5 in E-flat major
Variations on “The Last Rose”
Grand Caprice op. 26 “Erlkönig”

César Franck
Sonata in A major

Edvard Grieg
Sonata in c minor, op. 45

Jascha Heifetz/Foster
Jeanie with the light brown hair

Jascha Heifetz/Rimsky-Korsakoff
Flight of the Bumble Bee

Jascha Heifetz/Dinicu
Hora Staccato

Fritz Kreisler
Schön Rosmarin
Caprice Vienois
Sicilienne and Rigaudon
Variations on a theme by Corelli
Tempo di Menuetto
Recitativo and Scherzo
Preludium and Allegro
Largetto / Weber

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
Sonata in F major

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sonata in G major, KV 301
Sonata in e minor, KV 304
Sonata in F major, KV 376
Sonata in B-flat major, KV 378
Sonata in B-flat major, KV 454

Niccolò Paganini
Sonata in e minor
Variations on a theme by Rossini’s “Moses”
Caprices 1 – 24
Nel cor più non mi sento
Moto perpetuo

Sergej Prokofiev
Sonata No. 2, op. 94

Maurice Ravel
Sonata in D major

Pablo de Sarasate
Romanza Andalusa
Intruduction and Tarantelle
Spanish dance No. 8

Camille Saint-Saens
Havanaise, op. 81
Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, op. 28

Franz Schubert
Ave Maria
Arpeggione Sonata in a minor

Robert Schumann
“Märchenbilder” op. 113

Giuseppe Tartini
Devil’s Thrill Sonata

Peter Tschaikovsky
Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt

Eugene Ysaye
Sonata No. 3, op. 27

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  1. Posted by Zane    15/03/2017 10:48

    Dear David, you are an Angel sent by heaven to give so much joy to people.

  2. Posted by anoush v    11/02/2017 18:30

    My very fav contemporary pop is “Ain’t No Sunshine”.
    Thank you

  3. Posted by anoush v    11/02/2017 18:27

    Love,love your extraordinary music for all ages. Are you planning to come to the USA, New York?
    Please keep us posted. You are very busy touring all over the world.
    Bravo to you David and your orchestra ! ❤️ from Anoush New York USA

  4. Posted by    06/02/2017 13:14

    I m 48, a female in Mumbai, India, I saw you perform at the 50th Jubilee concert under Mr. Zubin Mehta, some 10 years ago. I love the violin and the guitar and Rock and Classical are what I swing to! Listening to you is such a pleasure! I have been listening to your oeuvre on YouTube for the entire day. I love the sublime passion you put into the songs! Many blessings on you!

  5. Posted by    04/01/2017 23:08

    Dear David
    When i hear your music i feel that i am in paradise!!Thank you so much

  6. Posted by    18/09/2016 03:20

    You are so cool…

  7. Posted by    12/08/2016 20:23

    Can I just say what a comfort to uncover a person that truly
    understands what they are discussing over the internet.
    You definitely realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
    More people have to look at this and understand this side of the story.

    I can’t believe you are not more popular given that you certainly possess the gift.

  8. Posted by STAEDLER ESTHER    03/04/2016 09:40

    Dear David,
    I have been an enthusiastic music lover all my life (I am aged 50) and you are one of my all-time favourite musicians! I love your repertoire very much (must confess, though, I have not listened to all of it yet, but am actually collecting all your recordings…. ;)) As I listen to all kinds and styles of music internationally be it classical, ethnical, traditional, jazz, rock, progressive and pop… and my favourite music has actually always been film sound tracks…. I also do really appreciate your cross-over programme and repertoire very, very much! The pieces and songs you choose and arrange and perform are brilliant – for me, you have got THAT GOLDEN EAR indeed, BRAVO!!! Maybe you are asked for all kinds of musical wishes and requests by your fans… and I would love to so too… sorry, but you are such a grand maestro and virtuoso, one cannot help imagining you playing anything you just like, fancy or dream of…;) Regarding classical music, I have just had a chance to listen to a marvellous masterpiece of music, you will most likely know it: Antonin Dvorak, Romance in F minor Op. 11 – for Violin and piano or Violin/Orchestra. Looking through your repertoire, I am not sure, if you have recorded it. But every time I listen to this marvellous masterpiece, I imagine you playing it would just sound so heavenly…! Regarding rock music, I do have favourites in progressive rock/metal such as musical projects by Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, the Bozzio/Levin/Stevens projects e.g. “Situation Dangerous” or “Liquid Tension Experiment”… Most of these guys have had a classical education too, and it also is incredibly fascinating and impressing how they arrange and improvise with the progressive rock/metal music on a truly impeccable high level of musical talent too… you probably know them all already… in my wildest dreams I imagine you making projects with them too… would be terrific! I hope I am not bothering you with my writing too much…;) I am already looking forward to your concert in Zurich in December very much! I wish you real success in all what you do in your life and most of all, I wish you lots of love and health! Luv, Esther from Switzerland

  9. Posted by    01/04/2016 08:48

    Hello dear David! Your music is truly amazing and awesome! I love your repertoire, be it classical or crossover, very very much – you’ve simply got THAT musical ear and talent! I am a great music lover and enthusiast, aged 50. I am very proud ofyou for haviing that enormous talent and outstanding personality at your still very young age! Carry on your fantastic work and take care of yourself! I am really looking forward to attending your concert in Zurich in December with my friends ;)….
    Luv from Switzerland, Esther

  10. Posted by    01/04/2016 08:44

    Hello dear David! Your music is truly amazing and awesome! I love your repertoire, be it classical or crossover, very very much – you’ve simply got THAT musical ear and talent! I am a great music lover and enthusiast, aged 50. I am very proud for you for haviing that enormous talent and still very young age! Carry on your fantastic work and take care of yourself! I am really looking forward to attending your concert in Zurich in December with my friends ;)….

  11. Posted by Atira    24/03/2016 18:21

    Absolument superbe ce répertoire !! BRAVO !

  12. Posted by    13/03/2016 13:50

    Vive la vida me encantó soy mexicana y es la primera vez que escucho tu música me encantó me declaró tu fans..!!!

  13. Posted by Emilia Santos    03/03/2016 21:55

    Dear Mr. Garrett,
    First of all, I’m very glad I’ll get to hear your music live tomorrow, I consider it an honor.
    Second, you are a very virtuous musician! I truly admire you. From one violinist to another, it takes courage to do what you’re doing; practicing each day harder, fighting with amazingly difficult master pieces, getting to know many countries thanks to your passion, sharing with thousands of people the beautiful person you are.
    I wanted you to know I started my way into music (through the violin) thanks to you. I sincerely hope we get to know each other someday, here in Monterrey or in Germany, so you could hear me and my violin. Thanks to everything you have taught me, indirectly, I’m a better musician. You have a unique charm, dont let anyone take ir away from you.
    Tomorrow, I’ll send you a letter, I truly hope it gets to your hands:)
    Good luck tomorrow Mr. Garrett!
    Best regards,
    Emilia Santos

  14. Posted by Susan Howard    21/02/2016 08:13

    When you mentioned that “Groovy Kind of Love” came from Clementi. It sparked a mad treasure hunt on my part. I grabbed my Clementi music books, first trying the first movements. Then I realized it was a RONDO and soon discovered it!! I grabbed my husband out of his office and dragged him into the parlor to hear it. He too, loves classical music, but was not as impressed with my treasure trove. How about Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue? I cannot play it on the piano as my hands are not big enough. I still think they should have pianos for women, so that we can more easily span those octaves+! LOVE YOUR MUSIC! ALL OF IT! Give us another treasure hunt! That was so much fun!

  15. Posted by    01/02/2016 10:14

    Ich hätte da noch einen Komponisten, der selten aufscheint, aber zu seiner Zeit einer der am häufigsten gespielten Komponisten war:

    Ignaz Joseph Pleyel – Schüler Haydn´s, Komponist, Verleger, Instrumentebauer und Begründer der Salle Pleyel

    Er ging vom kleinen Niederösterreichischen Ruppersthal, über Esterhaza, Strassbourg nach Paris. Seine Musik wurde gespielt von New York bis St.Petersburg. Er gab Konzert mit Haydn in London und weil er so beliebt war zu seiner Zeit, wurden ihm mehrere tausend Werk angedichtet.

    Besonders bekannt wurde er für seine Kammermusik.

    Genauere Infos sind der Homepage zu entnehmen –

  16. Posted by José Luis Hernández Ramírez    15/01/2016 02:57

    magnific, David, you are the master

  17. Posted by Susan Howard    28/12/2015 03:31

    Please come to Cleveland ,Ohio. We have a music hall, Severance Hall, that has great acoustics! When I was in elementary school, all the elementary schools in the city took their students each year to classical performances there.
    That is where many of us first learned to LOVE classical music. I had many a date in the upper balconies of the hall, where the sound is superb!!

  18. Posted by Martina    26/12/2015 00:21

    Lieber David-herzlichen Dank für die persönliche signierte Autogrammkarte zu deiner neuen CD-“Explosiv”. Ich habe sie von meinen KIndern zu Weihnachten, mit der CD bekommen und mich riesig gefreut:))- Nein ehrlich-ich war zu Tränen angerührt:) Deine Musik macht mich einfach glücklich!! Danke für deine Musik!! unbeschreiblich schön und ein purer Genuss -DANKE:)

  19. Posted by Alla    30/09/2015 02:06

    My profession is closely connected with music and children. I teach at a music school, but also teach in a regular school. It is very difficult to tell Teens about classical music. The younger generation is not easy to invite to the concert hall or the Philharmonic. And that’s talking about a particular composer, a particular piece of music I sometimes include video David. Children with great interest perceive music in your performance. They say you don’t look like a classical musician. Begin to ask – Who is this? What’s his name? David you give some people the opportunity to touch this wonderful world of classical music. And that’s fine! Thank you very much for this.

  20. Posted by Télégraphine    09/09/2015 14:01

    “you’re simply the best…”

  21. Posted by Freada Dillon    08/08/2015 12:59

    Good Lord, is there anything you can’t play? And wouldn’t it be simpler just to say ‘he is perfection’ and leave it at that? What more could anyone say? I have watched many of your symphonies on videos and never yet seen you glance at a piece of music. You are no lest that a gift to the world. And by the way — rock on! I saw one of your last concert in USA in Florida and we all screamed like crazed teenagers! I’m pretty sure you heard me. I was 6th row back, 8th seat in stage left, and I am still raspy from screaming. BRAVO!

  22. Posted by R. M.Ward    25/07/2015 18:44

    Thursday night I was looking to relax and take my head elsewhere when I stumbled upon The Devil’s Violinist. I watched with my whole being. I have never heard such beauty in my whole life, I cried on Lo Ti Penso Amore. I needed to know that beauty was still out there. I needed to know that my taste for…not typical flavors wasn’t a passing fancy. I played the violin but changed to the Cello because, at that time, it was bottom heavy like me so naturally I gravitated towards deeper tones. It also helps that my singing voice is deep and a bit raspy, I digress. This movie touched me in a way I thought was dead. I feel that fire again to play and play with my whole person, I haven’t explored such depths but am inspired because of this movie.
    If i may be forward, the sexuality tension, the journey, the impossible raw emotions that bled through your violin spilled into my aching soul, which I also thought was broken. What I’m trying to get at is, Thank You. Thank you for giving me space to hear, feel, reminisce of what came natural to me in music and in dance. To not be afraid of what others may presume I “should” look or sound like. To always make my own way and follow my complete passion. You are truly a gift sir. Thank You.

  23. Posted by Toby    14/07/2015 01:52

    On your next US tour, I hope you play in the Osawa Symphony Hall at Tanglewood. It is considered to be one of the acoustically best there is, and I think you would be phenomenonal there. And it’s only about 1.5 hours from me, so I would be sure to be there!

  24. Posted by Carmen    02/07/2015 00:36

    Hi David:
    When are you returning to Washington, DC??? I saw you when you performed at Birchmere and George Washington, and actually met you and took a photo of you. Please, please, please come back to the DC Area.
    All the best,

  25. Posted by sonyajoy    29/06/2015 23:46

    Hi David………I am really enjoying seeing all your performances on U-Tube! I have been trying to find out if you have performed or recorded one of my favorites……Saint Saens Violin Concerto No.3 Havansaise? Have you ever done this piece……..if so……….where can I find it? My dad had Jascha Heifetz and Fritz Kreisler records from the 40’s and when I was 12 I listened to them all the time over and over. Love the violin and all those beautiful pieces. I would love to hear you play the ones I learned from my dads old records……..Hope to see you when you come to the USA. Will be looking for that certain one I spoke of earlier………Keep playing forever for all of us…….Keeps me alive! Thank you so much………Sonyajoy

  26. Posted by Sophia    20/06/2015 11:49

    Hallo David, ich bin ein großer Fan von Dir und Deiner Musik. Es ist Wahnsinn, wie du Klassik und Rock verbindest. Von Mozart bis Michael Jackson, einfach alles. Du berührst mich und viele andere mit deinen wunderschönen Interpretationen und hilfst damit durch schwere Stunden. Deine Konzert, egal ob Klassik oder Crossover, sind der Wahnsinn. Ob Lichteffekte und Megashow oder “weniger-ist-mehr” nur mit Klavier. Du bist immer wieder toll und ein Highlight. Ich danke dir, dass du trotz deines Erfolges bodenständig geblieben bist und nicht abhebst. Du gibst dich wie der beste ” Kumpel von neben an”. Mit Dir kann man sich identifizieren. Bitte bleib so wie du bist, denn so lieben dich Deine Fans. Ich wünsche dir Gesundheit und dass noch viele deiner beruflichen Träume in Erfüllung gehen und du mit deiner wunderschönen Musik noch lange Menschen erreichst.
    Liebe Grüße,

  27. Posted by Galina Galanos    15/06/2015 17:13

    You play with such mastery and displaying such sensibility that listening to you is a wonderful experience. Better than making love I would say.

  28. Posted by silvie    29/04/2015 01:37

    Lieber David, Keiner spielt soooo zauberhaft die Violine wie Du !!! Mit deiner grandiosen energiegeladenen emotionalen Sound – Begeisterung machst du uns alle super super happy !!! Nimmst du vielleicht mal das wundervolle harmonische Violinlied “The Lark ascending” von R.Vaughan Williams in dein Repertoire auf ? Es würde supergut zu Dir passen ! Bitte erhalte unbedingt weiter die erfreulichen kleinen netten Classic-Kammerkonzerte in der Phiharmonie Cologne, der Sound ist 1000 mal besser als in der miesen großen Arena !! Vielen vielen herzlichen Dank Dir , Beste Gesundheit wünscht Dir Herzlichst Silvie…

  29. Posted by Sylvia Martinez    10/04/2015 23:01

    Hello, David,my husband passed away 10 years ago, he was the best mexican violinist, Mtro Manuel Suarez 1943- 2003, he was in Julliard, prodigy boy Moscu, teacher David Oistrak. Since I met you my life change, I really admire you , I know the perfection you have, You are tehe best in the world, unique , with a beautiful sound, you have the beauty , and the charm of you Mother.I cant live without, hering you every day , i almost have all.I Love you , my Classic and Rock Star.Dont work too much, take care.You really are a gift from heaven.I love your smile.And I love your Violins.San Lorenzo Strad.I write from Guadalajara Mexico.

  30. Posted by AngelS.    11/02/2015 21:58

    I am bad in classical music, but your idea has born fruits … stupid ordinary persons started to love it… great business you do. And it sounds very clear, very enthusiastic.. da ist das Herz dabei. DANKE.
    Humoresque, obwohl ich Dvorjak sonst nicht mag, ist wahnsinn. die ganze Classic Romance ist sehr gelungen, wenn auch schon lange auf dem Markt…

  31. Posted by tugce_15    03/02/2015 16:13

    i feel the music in my brain and in my body when you play that song

  32. Posted by ramona85    20/01/2015 21:05

    My dear Maestro,
    I want to say to you that i’m proud to have you in my life.Since i discovered you my life has changed in good.Your music is like a drug for me that i need all day long.I apreciate all your music projects and i’m excited to see what’s comming next.If is possible, i would like to see you play Tzigane by Ravel or Sicilienne by Teresia von Paradise.Also I’m dreaming at one album with all your own compositions including that Fugue(in the style of Bach) wich made you win that Juliard Competition.I will be honored to hear that piece.Wish you all the best Maestro..
    With Love and Respect,
    your biggest fan ,Ramona

  33. Posted by sunny han    29/10/2014 11:45

    H, David !
    You’re a genius and amazing man! You make me appreciate the beauty of classical music. Classical music was not my cup of tea before ( Actually , I was outsider about that) Thanks to you and your music, now I’m hooked on it. Every day I start and finish with Bach, Vivaldi, Paganini and every piece you play. Besides them, the other kinds of music you’re playing are also awesome and impressive. People would be happy if you play “music” ( Jone Miles’, I saw you played it on Jose gala show, it was stunning ) during the concert. I love vocalise, meditation, nocturne, gypsy airs which are played by you. And I remember the love theme of Korean TV drama created by you. It was so beautiful, sad and emotional. How could you understand and describe Korean’s emotion so perfectly. It’s incredible and mysterious. You and your music are alaways breathtaking, thrilling, gorgeous and sublime. My dear, David , it would be honoured to me if i could help you in any way when you visit my country, Korea sometimes in the future. God bless you and stay healthy !

  34. Posted by Thorsten    23/10/2014 20:06

    Ich war gestern auf dem Konzert in Muenchen. War klasse, auch und gerade die Erinnerung an den Sommer mit “We are the champions”. Die Neuinterpretationen der klassischen Stuecke machten ebenso Spass.
    In der Zeitung heute lese ich, wie irgendso ein Musikkritiker das Konzert total runtermacht. So eine Nase.

    David, mach weiter so. Es gibt eine ganze Generation, die mit der Rockmusik der 70er,80er,90er aufgewachsen ist und entsprechend auch klassische Interpretationen gerne hoert. Und auch einen besseren Zugang zu den alten Schinken sucht.

    Was uebrigens interessant war: In der Olympiahalle wurden in der Pause die naechsten Konzerte beworben. Wenn man gesehen hat, was da fuer Geister der Vergangenheit (Udo Juergens, Howard Chippendale, Lionel Richie,…) immer noch herumlaufen, dann ist man froh, wenn ein etwas juengerer Kuenstler mal neue Interpretationen bietet.

  35. Posted by Johanna    25/09/2014 15:35

    Hallo David,
    deine Musik hat mir schon in manchen schwierigen Situationen geholfen. Lass das nie sein und verzaubere immer mehr Menschen mit diesem Zauber den du in die Musik legst. Ich könnte Platzen vor Glück dass ich eins von deinen Konzerten besuchen darf. Bleib wie du bist und lass dich nicht und scheinbaren Musikhassern hindern diese wundervolle Musik zu machen.

  36. Posted by Kathi    29/07/2014 21:29

    Hallo David.
    lange konnte ich mich aus gesundheitlichen Gründen nicht melden. Aber ich habe immer an Dich gedacht! Deine Musik
    gibt mir Kraft . Deine klassischen Stücke mag ich besonders gerne denn sie berühren die Seele und gehen einem nicht aus den Ohren und schon gar nicht aus dem Kopf. Obwohl ich zugeben muss das ich auch die Crossover Stücke gerne höre. Aber deine Genialität erkennt man erst wenn man Deine klassischen Stücke anhört.
    Danke für alles und bleib so wie du bist. Außerdem wünsche ich dir viel Glück für deine neuen Projekte.
    Liebe Grüsse Kathi

  37. Posted by Phyllis Weiss    21/07/2014 02:42

    Love David for his music and trying to get the younger generation to appreciate the wonders of classical music. As a retired art and music teacher, my primary goals were to institute an interest in the pleasures of good art and fabulous music. Hope you return to St. Louis, Mo. soon, saw you in Jan. would love a command performance and would love to meet you and share some of our mutual feelings concerning the arts. Much love to David.

  38. Posted by greenblue    29/06/2014 20:28

    Ich bin einfach dankbar für alles: die CD´s und DVD´s und was sonst alles zu hören und sehen ist. Es ist schön und mehr – es tut gut.

  39. Posted by miniPaula    06/06/2014 03:22

    Hello, David! i have been listening to your music ever since i found you on Pandora this March. would you consider putting Madagascar 2 – Theme Song into your repertoire? it would sound as epic as your “He is a pirate” !
    Greetings from USA.

  40. Posted by Cherine Fleyfel    03/04/2014 17:58

    Hi David
    Da ich in West Australien lebe, moechte ich gerne wissen ob Sie Plaene haben einmal hierhin zu kommen. Ebenso wollte ich wissen ob Sie Friedrich Smetana zu Ihrem repertoire hinzufuegen, da ist eine Polka im Finale des ersten Aktes. 😉
    Hope we see you downunder one day! Thanks for allowing all the YouTube videos which makes the wait a little easier.

  41. Posted by Amira    12/03/2014 12:25

    Hi David! You are an amazing musician with incredible energy. Why do not you play excerpts from operettas? It would be great to hear in your performance, say, something from “Die Fledermaus” by Johann Strauß or Mr. X’s aria from the operetta “The Circus Princess” by Emmerich Kalman. Is it too easy for you or don’t you lake this music?)))

  42. Posted by michelle duker    14/02/2014 19:24

    i heard you and was entranced as the the magic you create with your violkin

  43. Posted by Diana    12/02/2014 04:40

    Hallo David, ich bin ein großer Fan! Ihre Musik ist so erhaben … es berührt die Seele! Ich würde gerne eine Version des “condor pasa” Musik von meinem Land, das ich liebe und verehre hören … von Sie etwas erhaben sein werden.

  44. Posted by Marion    07/01/2014 07:18

    Hi David,
    It’s me again. If you ever see these comments, I would like to ask if you have thought about adding “Maleguena” by Ernesto Lecuona to your repertoire. It is not a flashy or difficult piece, but I’d love to hear you play it.

  45. Posted by Marion    07/01/2014 07:02

    I have been enthralled with your performances since I first saw you on PBS. I love your crossover music, but it is your playing of Classical music that truly speaks to my heart. Your passion is felt through every fiber of my being. Your music lifts my spirits and gives me joy, and if I need calm, I listen to “Thais”.
    I am looking forward to the time when “Der Teufelsgeiger” can be seen in America. David Garrett as Paganini is so exciting (in every sense of the word). As you must know, you are a very handsome man. You look great with blond hair, but after watching the trailer for “Der Teufelsgeiger” I think you should keep your hair dark. But that’s just my opinion.
    It is wonderful that one of your goals is to introduce the young people of today to the richness of Classical music. I have long felt they are missing out on so much, and after all, today’s music couldn’t exist without the genius of the compositions of the great composers of previous centuries. I fell in love with classical when I was about 3 yrs. old and, like you, it wasn’t until I was in my mid teens that I began listening to Rock. Rock is a nice diversion, but if I had to choose one genre to listen to for the rest of my life, it would be classical.
    I wish for you good health and happiness always.

  46. Posted by lisa faith    26/12/2013 19:25

    is it possible to purchase the english version of the devil’s violinist yet..

  47. Posted by Ruth    15/12/2013 21:11

    Erholsame Feiertage und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2014!!! können wir uns mal bei einem Konzert sehen, sprechen, treffen.. es wäre ein Traum! LG Ruth

  48. Posted by Barbara Santler    08/12/2013 23:48

    Hallo David, Hoffentlich bist du zu den Feiertagen zu Hause . I ch wuensche dir und deiner Familie ein gesegnetes Weihnachten und ein weiteres erfolgreiches Jahr. Wir freuen uns sehr auf dein Konzert in Seattle und ich hoffe, dass ich dein Autogramm bekommen kann. Ich wuenschte ich haette deine Konzerte in Israel hoeren koennen. Wirst du wieder einmal ein klassisches DVD machen? Viele Gruesse aus dem schoenen Nordwesten von Amerika. Tschues, Barbara.

  49. Posted by Michelle Suarez    07/12/2013 19:03

    Hello David,

    I’ll be attending to your New York’s concert on March 2014, and I’d like to hear songs from the Rock Symphonies please!!!! Like “Toccata, Asturias, Walk this way”, and also your song “He’s a Pirate” Please!!!!

    Thanks for coming to New York and can’t wait to see you on March!!!!!!! =D

  50. Posted by Liznas    06/11/2013 02:41

    Eres grandioso David… te admiro muchisimo… me encanta todo de tu musica… y de tu persona…. muy contena de saber iras a la Cd. de Mexico…. y yo te vere en concierto en Balboa theatro… millones de besos por tu gran aporte nos das con tu musica que me hace vibrar!!.. Tqm… see you !! Xoxox. David!!

  51. Posted by adriana.miau    03/11/2013 02:49

    David Garrett es usted una grandiosa persona, lo adoro soy su fan número uno lo amo me encanta que toque el violín creo que es lo mas hermoso que existe en este mundo, la música y gracias a usted seguirá viva por mucho tiempo, aunque no alcance boletos para su concierto en enero dentro del auditorio nacional en la cuidad de México, no me importa porque yo seguiré escuchando su música hasta el día que yo me muera, solo ese día dejara de sonar su música en el exterior pero dentro de mi siempre existirá.
    Con amor y muchísima admiración.

    Adriana De la Cruz

  52. Posted by Barbara Santler    24/09/2013 00:18

    Hallo David, Viele Gruesse aus dem schoenen Nordwesten von Amerika. Ich bin aus Ansbach in Bayern, lebe aber schon viele Jahre in Amerika. Habe Dich vor ein paar Wochen hier auf dem PBS-Sender gehoert und gesehen und Du bist unvergleichbar. Darauffolgend habe ich Deine DVDs-Live in Baden-Baden, Rock-Symphonies und Music gekauft. Dein Vater hat Recht gehabt, Du hast etwas Spezielles. Solch ein Talent wie Deines lernt man nicht, man ist damit geboren. Ich bin seit vielen, vielen Jahren eine klassische Musikliebhaberin und Deine Arrangements und Variationen sind phenomenal. Ich war zu Konzerten in Carnegie Hall, Philadelphia, Chicago und hier in Seattle, aber Deine Musik ist bezaubernd. Always play the classics. Tschues, Barbara.P.S.:Love your boots.

  53. Posted by sherlyn    09/08/2013 03:22

    Super Excited that you will be performing in Minneapolis, MN in 2014. My friends and I are going to have a wonderful evening. You are such a great and talented artist and, of course, easy on the eyes. 🙂

  54. Posted by Olivia    14/07/2013 22:33

    I have become totally hooked on your playing and would love to see you perform live. It would be amazing if you came to Belfast or Dublin, but I guess It’ll have to be some European city some day! 😉

  55. Posted by Nadine    10/06/2013 11:44

    “Comptine d’Un Autre Été” … Davids Interpretation zu diesem Stück würde ich sehr gern mal hören…

  56. Posted by Ana    20/04/2013 20:37

    Considere Señor Garrett, la posibilidad de visitar Argentina. Le estamos esperando ….
    Anna Biseaux

  57. Posted by Ana    20/04/2013 20:35

    Considerado Señor Garret, ante todo, quiero agradecerle como terapeuta clinica , mi especialidad, por el aporte que usted humildemente , sumado su magia, porduce en los niños con capacidades diferentes. Su interpretacion va mas alla de la musica en si misma , los niños cierran sus ojos, es una brisa que impulsa sus alas , sus sensibilidad mas profunda. El trabajo con niños especiales , combinado con su interpretaciones ha tenido un efecto en ellos , que supera las expectativas de todos los que juntos trabajamos en ësto. Musica donde la fuerza , delicadeza, improntas que hacen que sus sentidos despierten y sigan a esa musica , a ese tema , como su alma les permita, permitiendonos esa ansiada conexion con el mundo.
    Gracias David Garrett, por permitir que la musica sea de todos y no del tipo de Musica. Gracias ! por ser para los niños el Viento que empuja sus alas….
    Anna Biseaux.

  58. Posted by Julio Iglesias    04/04/2013 18:12

    Hey David!! Come to Venezuela!!!

  59. Posted by Selina Julia Wagner    09/02/2013 09:21

    Hero!!!Deine Interpretationen sind ein weites blühendes Rosenfeld! Du solltest einen goldenen Lorbeerkranz bei all Deinen Konzerten tragen 😉 !

  60. Posted by Dagdags    22/01/2013 03:18

    Das Repertoire ist beeindruckend. Es gibt so viele schöne Werke, die man gern von David hören würde. “Die Moldau” aus dem Zyklus “Mein Vaterland” von Bedřich Smetana gehört für mich auch dazu, genauso wie “I Was Born To Love You”, “It’s A Hard Life” und viele, viele andere Titel von Queen. Aber wenn David jeden Musikwunsch erfüllen wollte, der an ihn herangetragen wird, fände er sicher in den nächsten 1000 Jahren keine einzige Minute Ruhe. Zudem wäre es sehr traurig, wenn er keine Zeit finden würde, sich seinen eigenen Kompositionen zu widmen, denn “Chelsea Girl” und “Winter Lullaby” sind so unbeschreiblich berührend, dass man sehnsüchtig auf weitere Werke von ihm wartet.

  61. Posted by AlejandroCasanova    09/01/2013 02:48

    Hallo David, Grüße aus Venezuela, ich weiß, Sie wollen, und Sie zu einem Konzert hierher zu kommen. Ich bin dein Fan und ich wollte das Album MUSIC Anmeldung

  62. Posted by Kathi    26/12/2012 22:50

    Hallo David,
    deine Musik ist Genial !! Sie gibt mir Kraft wenn es mir gesundheitlich nicht so gut geht. Ich habe mir auch deine neue CD Music geholt die supertoll ist, ein echter Ohrenschmaus 🙂 !
    Ich wünsche dir viel Kraft für deine neuen Projekte und erholsame Feiertage und ein gesundes neues Jahr 2013.

  63. Posted by Kathrin Kollmer    11/12/2012 20:02

    Hey David, erstmal habe ich großen Respekt von dir Hut ab ich liebe deine Musik sie hat mir nach meiner Op (Blinddarmdurchbruch) geholfen die Angst ein bisschen zu mildern. Allerdings will ich gerne dich mal Fragen ob du mal in den Gedanken Schwebst mit dem Finne Tuomas Holopainen(Nightwish, Ex-For my Pain Ex Darkwoods for my Bethoryd) mal ein Album mit zu machen er an den Keyboards du an der Strativari rawr ich komm ins schwärmen. Ich freu mich aufs Konzert am Königsplatz in München 🙂
    ganz liebe Grüße und Frohe Weihnachten

  64. Posted by Uli =D    30/11/2012 13:42

    Hey David,
    Könntest du versuchen “Du kannst das” von Max Giesinger zu spielen?Das ist wirklich ein tolles Lied!

  65. Posted by Yvonne    09/11/2012 04:26

    Thank you for being you!

  66. Posted by Jacqueline    04/11/2012 01:51

    is fantastic !

  67. Posted by Rosi    29/09/2012 17:03

    Olá! Eu gostaria de escutar VIVALDI LARGHETTO ct 9 op 3; é a mais linda música e gostaria de ouvi-lo..Obrigada!!!
    Hi! I would like to listen VIVALDI LARGHETTO ct 9 op 3. t’s a most beautiful music. Thank you very much! (Sorry my english)

  68. Posted by Tania Leuro    28/08/2012 01:02

    David, mi hijo y yo hemos encontrado un concierto de rock sinfónico no es menos que MARAVILLOSO, aún lloro cuando escucho las canciones de MJ y tu, por supuesto, eres genial en la interpretación de Smooth Criminal.
    El motivo de mi mensaje además de felicitarte es contarte que en Bogotá (Colombia) Hay un Festival de Rock gratuito, el más importante de Latinoamérica. Está a mi alcance gestionar una invitación para este festival, así que estaré en contacto.
    Asistirían unas 75 a 80 mil personas, en ese escenario se han presentado Metálica, Megadeth, Apocalíptica, Kiss, Aerosmith, en otros escenarios Elton John, Paul McArtney, Guns And Roses, Plácido Domingo, Pavarotti. Tu eres la combianción perfecta para este evento. En Bogotá eres bienvenido siempre.
    Un abrazo de admiración. Tania

  69. Posted by Ruy_Pereyra    09/08/2012 23:16

    David come to Portugal, please! lol 😛 😀

  70. Posted by jamile nogueira    20/06/2012 06:29

    Amazing! When are you coming to South Florida. USA? I would love to come to your concert….you are a genious! I am in love with the energy you put into your interpretations….not easy what you do and how you do it. God blessed you twice …So much dedication….congratulations!

  71. Posted by Reiko    29/03/2012 00:21

    Hello. You are expanding the capability of violin.
    your amazing creativity brings me great joy.
    And I think,Violins are delighted too!  

  72. Posted by Carol    20/03/2012 06:40

    Hello David! I was hoping to see some of your other genres listed here. I love your classical music best, but ALL of it is great and I’d like to have a recording of the popular songs you played on your US tour. “Groovy Kind Of Love” was especially sweet. Love, Carol

  73. Posted by lavilafferty    19/03/2012 14:20

    oh my goodness, you’r so gorgeous with your violin ! and you’re my inspiration for me to be a violinist too 🙂
    Keep your spirit david, I look your video every day and unbeliveable that its make me wanna learn a violin deeper and deeper , hope someday i can meet you, master 🙂 🙂

  74. Posted by Connie Bach    08/02/2012 02:31

    David, I absolutely LOVE your work, I listen to your violin all day every day, I wake up to your 5th alarm tune and gym, office, driving, everything I do… you make my day, you make me happy that I am in this life to enjoy such great work by someone like you! And enjoyed like no other in DC and NYC last week and great meeting you again! Thank you thank you and thank you! Music is a vacation from life!” You said it and I love it!
    Connie Bach

  75. Posted by Maritza    25/01/2012 06:51

    hello david im born in september to and i play violin i have 19 years old and man youre a leyend in my life and in my repertorie, well how has at know im a grea fan of youre music and youre way to see the life , i said the same , the biggest motivation its seen a little kid watching you play 🙂 i hoper youre so good and happy greattings from Mexico Durango , its a small city but some day im gonna see you live 😉

  76. Posted by RafaelR    25/01/2012 04:43

    Olá, gostaria de saber em qual albun vcs tem gravado Poemme Op 25, de Chausson. Deve ficar lindo tocado por David.

  77. Posted by cynthiasorensen    19/01/2012 07:54

    Saw your concert in L.A. tonight….it was great fun and wonderful to hear!!! Thank you for your beautiful playing and your music.

  78. Posted by REACHSAVER    18/01/2012 22:06

    Oh!And also for Mission:Impossible. You are a great violinist!

  79. Posted by REACHSAVER    18/01/2012 22:01

    Please, i play violin and i´d love to have the notes for Hey Jude and Smooth Criminal, thanks

  80. Posted by Thais    04/01/2012 22:29

    Please, come to Brazil!

  81. Posted by Susana    02/01/2012 17:26

    Hi, David !!! Hope you come to Brazil soon !!! I´ve just learning how to play the violin and when I see you playing, it looks so easy !! You´re really great and I´m one of your Brazilian fans !!

  82. Posted by Andreia Costa    02/01/2012 13:43

    Big mistake – “I live closer to Porto”, I’m sorry… That’s the right sentence.
    Have you ever considered playing tracks from the film Gladiator or Braveheart ? ( It would be so beautiful played by you….) I do have lots of questions that would take an eternity but i’ll stop right here 😉

  83. Posted by Andreia Costa    02/01/2012 13:32

    Hi David ! Mr. “Kool Guy with the Violin” !! ( love your style by the way! )
    I’ve been listening to you all the time for quite sometime and I was wondering if you’ll ever come to play here in Portugal, Porto or Lisbon… I leave closer to Porto, but either way just post if are considering coming here and I’ll run as fast as I can to buy my way in ! 🙂
    Oh ! And Happy New Year and all the best from me to you !

  84. Posted by Murat    17/12/2011 00:16

    David und seine Neigung an Musik ist mit meinen Worten nicht zu beschreiben. Das wäre zu wenig.

    Er ist ein “vertieftes Ozean”, sozusagen. Sein “Innerstes und Tiefstes” zu erreichen, scheint aktuell nicht ganz möglich.

  85. Posted by Lisa C.    06/12/2011 08:02

    David, Thank you for sharing your passion and talent with all of us. You have a beautiful soul, and from it comes the most wonderful music! Your hard work has paid off in more ways than you might imagine. I hope to be able to see you in concert someday. It is getting close to Christmas, and I was thinking that you could make an incredible Christmas CD! Perhaps this might be on your “to do” list? Thank you for inspiring and amazing me and millions of others! Love, Lisa

  86. Posted by Jelena011    19/11/2011 15:18

    oh God!!…I’m playing violine for 7 years but now I’m finishing the school and i can’t do the both so i took the break until i don’t finish the school…and when i turn back into the past i see that you were my idol all the time..your passion is amazing and you’re playin it with a lot of love..I’m really impressed !!..especially because you’re playing with your own style..and i will really like to go on one of your concerts,but i’m from Croatia and i think it’s not possible so i’ll keep listening your playing at youtube….the best thing that i can say to you is congratulations!!!

  87. Posted by norbert llorca larrotcha    20/10/2011 08:48

    David Garrett es el mejor violinista del mundo esto que quede claroo!!!

  88. Posted by MRS GARRETT    30/07/2011 15:43

    ich würde dich mal wahnsinnig gerne treffen!! Wirklich, das ist mein größter wunsch,
    auch wenn ich erst 14 bin!…;) Du bist so verdammt lustig, wir würden echt viel zu
    lachen haben, glaube ich!;))
    Liebe Grüße, Anna

  89. Posted by Jacqueline    17/07/2011 12:15

    David, ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn Du Stücke aus Donizetti-Opern einspielen würdest, z.B. die Wahnsinnsarie der Lucia, wäre wunderbar!

    Ausserdem dieses hier von Joaquin Rodrigo: Fantasía para un gentilhombre 3.Satz: Danza de las hachas.

    Herzliche Grüsse

  90. Posted by Oscar de las Cuevas    07/07/2011 23:26

    Hola David Garret, te escribo porque mi hijo de 3 años, te admira tanto que escucha tu musica casi todo el dia y todos los dias, el tiene una favorita Smooth Criminal‏, me gustaria que le enviaras unas palabras para el, porque le daria tanto gusto saber de ti, aun siendo tan pequeño, tiene violines y los usa imitandonte y el dice que es DAVID GARRET, se llama André. a nosotros sus papás, nos gusta mucho tu musica tiene mucha calidad, espero poder recibir contestación de tu parte directamente, saludos

    y mucho exito.

  91. Posted by Birgit K    03/07/2011 14:47

    Hello C_M.

    TBA means “to be announced”. So the programme of the concert is still not confirmed or David will announce it by himself during the concert .

  92. Posted by C_M    03/07/2011 14:29

    What is the repertorie TBA?

  93. Posted by Yuke Fadhillah Kirana    01/07/2011 11:07

    David I’m a big fan of you. I’ve been waiting 2 years for your concert. You’re talented, you got that passion and I just can’t stop listening to your Rock Symphonies. Could you come to Indonesia? I’m still waiting….I love you!

  94. Posted by Eva    15/06/2011 20:01

    viele Fans von der gaanzen Welt!
    das ist richtig cool!
    eva (13)

  95. Posted by TheMusicNerd    04/06/2011 19:58

    Pleeaasee come to Ireland! I’m developing an obsession with you. LOL. I’ve been playing violin for 7 years, since I was 7 and I’m still really bad 🙁 I’d love to be able to play like you!! Have you ever thought of play ‘Allegro’ from Sonata in Fmaj by G.F Handel? I love that song!! lol

  96. Posted by Christel    31/05/2011 18:52

    Finally – never thought it would happen! But now the Danes (and the rest of Scandinavia) have the opportunity to experience you in concert. I’m so much looking forward to 20th November (first time ever I’m looking forward to November :-).

  97. Posted by Marina    25/05/2011 11:56

    I’ve always had a deep love for music, no matter which genre I loved it all. the violin and piano have a special place in my heart because they have a way of capturing emotion and relaying it back to an audience in the most beautiful and inspiring ways. When I stumbled across a concert of yours a few days ago, i recognized Franz Shubert’s Serenade. I wanted to punch you in the face for playing it, but you played it so beautifully as i was about to turn the TV off, and i couldn’t help but stare at the screen entranced until the concert was over… for the first time in years I needed music again! Thank you for making the music magical again, Marina Pearll

  98. Posted by Rodrigo Torreblanca    17/05/2011 02:08

    te conocí por youtube y eres grandioso.
    felicitaciones y soy tu primer fans en Chile. capital de la musica en latino america.

    ojala que algún día hagas una gira por Chile.

    eres grandioso.

    necesito mas musica tuya.

  99. Posted by Joshua    09/05/2011 09:49

    hi david I only just know your talent, here in mexico and you’re doing more than famous, let me tell you, I I play violin and I have your album I would like to take a lot of your songs, and although public songs I liked your arrangements. would be good to sell a book with your scores.

  100. Posted by BiggestSmallestFan    23/02/2011 06:48

    3 years old and fascinated by Mr. Garrett…..your NYC show at Best Buy has truly inspired our son to be YOU. He walks around with a violin most of the day and wants to watch the PBS DVD or listen to Rock Symphonies in the car or while at home. Thanks for taking a moment to share a picture with my son. Thank you to Kimberly and Benjamin for making this happen. Thanks to Rick Blaskey for taking the time to answer my email and it was a pleasure meeting you. We hope there will be a summer tour to have the pleasure to see Mr. Garrett once again. He has moved my son and brings to joy to us to see him so passionate. His Speech teacher has also noticed a difference in his persona. Once again many thanks for coming into our lives. Mom to the Biggest Smallest Fan…..

  101. Posted by Donna Moore    22/02/2011 19:06

    David, What a gift! You have the ability to send audiences into a trance, certainly the two I’ve been fortunate to have been part of. We are in love my sister-in-law and myself with you, your genius, your heart, your soul, your tenderness, your passion, your face…….you are a remarkable man and look forward to be in your presence whenever you are in the area. We’ll see you in the Connecticut room at the next meet and greet. They wouldn’t let us in as hard as we tried! Yes we’re obsessed but not in a scary crazy way, more in a crazy nutty immature way. Thanks for the incredible memories, Donna

  102. Posted by DELLA VECCHIA    18/02/2011 09:37

    A quand un concert en France ?? Vous avez un talent extraordinaire….

  103. Posted by al ruraya    14/02/2011 12:30

    could you come to Kenya?…best in the world…

  104. Posted by wintersonata    11/02/2011 14:06

    What a special person in the world! Unique person!!

  105. Posted by Kris    30/01/2011 00:51

    you rock, David. Seriously……Can’t get enough. Going to see you in Portland…..

  106. Posted by Kris    30/01/2011 00:50

    you rock, David – seriously. What an awesome talent. I can’t get enough. Going to see you in Portland..

  107. Posted by vivaldidadi    05/01/2011 16:26

    Lieber David, zu Deiner Rock Symphonies kann man Dich wirklich nur gratulieren und man kann schlecht beurteilen, welches Lied man am Schönsten findet. Davon gibt es zu viele. Insbesonders die klassischen Stücke finde ich echt toll interpretiert und ich bin völlig glücklich darüber, dass Du meinen Lieblingskomponisten Vivaldi ausgerechnet mit meiner Lieblings-Rockband U2 kombiniert hast. Damit hast Du mir ein echtes Geschenk gemacht!

    Je öfters ich jedoch die Rock Symphonies höre, umso mehr beeindruckt mich Deine Version von Mahlers 5th. Ich kannte dieses Adagietto von Mahler vorher nicht, habe mir aber daraufhin die ursprüngliche Orchesterversion angehört. Ist wirklich ein tolles Werk. Aber Deine Interpretation wirkt sehr viel emotionaler auf mich. Deine dramatische Steigerung des Stücks geht total unter die Haut und es bleibt auch dort, da Du das Werk auf das Wesentliche und somit auf das Schönste reduziert hast, in einem wie ich finde, idealen Tempo. Man bekommt das Stück nicht satt! Du solltest es dieses Jahr unbedingt in Dein Live-Programm mit aufnehmen. Tausend Dank für diese Aufnahme!

  108. Posted by InnaJayde    31/12/2010 07:37

    OMG he’s like the cutest guy EVER!

  109. Posted by Nihad    30/12/2010 10:32

    david is fantastich

  110. Posted by Bon    12/12/2010 19:44

    Looking forward to seeing you on stage in Seattle. I hope you come down the isle as in previous concerts as I am way in the back of the theatre

  111. Posted by MK__    22/11/2010 18:09

    Es war das geilste Konzert allerzeiten, mit Tränen in den Augen lief ich aus der Halle raus.. 20.11.2010 in München, werd ich nie vergessen… David spielt so hammer Geige… mit so viel Gefühl, und zwischendurch ist er so sympathisch, in dem er Geschichten aus seinem Leben erzählt =) =) War mit Abstand der beste Abend, den ich je erlebt habe… Ich besuche nächstes Jahr aufjedenfall noch eines seiner Konzerte =)

  112. Posted by wikado    20/11/2010 14:02

    Egal was David spielt er tut es mit einer Leidenschaft und Hingabe wie ich es selten gesehen habe. Die Konzerte sind einfach genial. Wenn ich könnte würde ich ihn mir jeden Tag live anhören und hoffe auch mal eins seiner reinen klassischen Konzert miterleben zu dürfen. Es ist Gänsehaut pur, sehr entspannend einfach nur toll!!!!!!!!!

  113. Posted by Ursula Seibt    07/11/2010 09:44

    Ich habe viele dieser Stücke in meiner Kindheit und auch später gehört-sowohl Schallplatte (gab es damals noch) als auch auf Konzerten in Wien.Die Ausführung Deiner Stücke ist so umwerfend, daß ich verzaubert bin und mit Deiner Hilfe über meines Vaters Tod, der mir die klassische Musik näher gebracht hat, besser hinweg komme wenn ich Deine Musikinterpretation höre und Dich auch sehe.Danke!!!!!Danke für dieses kostbare Geschenk!Uschi

  114. Posted by vivaldidadi    26/10/2010 14:37

    Sicherlich muss jeder Weltklasse-Geiger ein solch beeindruckendes Repertoire haben. So viel kann er (leider) gar nicht auf CD einspielen. Neben dem traumhaft schönen Tschaikowsky-Violinkonzert sind es besonders 2 Stücke, die mich durch David’s Interpretation begeistert haben: Zum Einen das Andante aus der Sonate No. 2 von J.S. Bach (mein absolutes Lieblingsstück mit Suchtfaktor, leider von David nie eingespielt, hoffentlich irgendwann mal 😉 Ich habe davon aber eine sehr schöne Aufnahme von I. Perlman).
    Zum Anderen die beeindruckende Ciaconne aus der Partita No. 2, ebenfalls von J.S. Bach. Ich weiß nicht, welche Interpretation Bach selbst dafür im Kopf hatte, jedenfalls habe ich mir dieses Stück von mehreren großen Geigern angehört, aber keine ist auch nur annähernd so atenberaubend wie die Interpretation von David, die er schon in jungen Jahren eingespielt hat. Besonders der Mittelteil der Ciaconne mit den zum Teil 4-stimmigen Akkorden ist grandios.
    Ich schließe mich ganz der Meinung von Johannes Brahms an, der in einem Brief an Clara Schumann folgendes über Bach’s Ciaconne schrieb: “Die Chaconne ist mir eines der wunderbarsten, unbegreiflichsten Musikstücke. Auf ein System, für ein kleines Instrument schreibt der Mann eine ganze Welt von tiefsten Gedanken und gewaltigsten Empfindungen. Wollt ich mir vorstellen, ich hätte das Stück machen, empfangen können, ich weiß sicher, die übergroße Aufregung und Erschütterung hätte mich verrückt gemacht. Hat man nun keinen größten Geiger bei sich, so ist es wohl der schönste Genuss, sie sich einfach im Geist tönen zu lassen”.
    Zum Glück haben wir David. Danke David, für diese Einspielung

  115. Posted by Manuela    25/10/2010 23:12

    Keine Frage – was immer er spielt – er spielt mit Herz und Gefühl! Man kann süchtig werden ihm zuzusehen und zu hören!
    Er ist ein Genie und verschönert unser Leben!!!

  116. Posted by lb    15/10/2010 04:14

    Just bought “Rock Synphonies”. Amazing. Now on my give to list for Xmas for my near and dears!

  117. Posted by lb    15/10/2010 03:31

    Just picked up Rock Symphonies. Amazing material! Will be on my Xmas list for my near and dear ones.

  118. Posted by LittleViolin    26/09/2010 18:44

    Love your music.

  119. Posted by flysanders    19/09/2010 19:52

    MARVELLOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by    18/03/2017 00:11

      Nicht gut die alte Ladies in Pubertät zu versetzen…wenn’s doch gefällt :-). Musikalische “zurückerziehung” zur Klassik, ist das nicht ein crossovervolltreffer :)), viel Erfolg weiterhin, und ein klitzekleiner Körnchen Neid (nicht in böse!)… schön wenn man sich einer Kunst restlos hingeben kann.

  120. Posted by cherry    11/08/2010 03:09

    David is just fantastic!!!!!!!!

  121. Posted by Mahshid    09/08/2010 17:13



  122. Posted by ump629    08/07/2010 22:42

    Wow! I just saw Mr. Garrett perform on Oprah….terrific! Will definitely buy the album.

  123. Posted by Miss Elena"MetalliJedi"Valadez    04/07/2010 17:48

    Impressive, very impressive.

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