(English) The Devil’s Violinist

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David Garrett is “The Devil’s Violinist”


The official trailer of the movie!

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  1. Posted by Beata    30/11/2016 14:56

    I saw this film yesterday and… as Paganini was a Devil’s Violinist David is an ANGEL’S VIOLINIST :d This was my first thought and impression when I saw him when his playing… he’s the music :)

  2. Posted by    28/11/2016 14:20

    Why my comments are not shown?

  3. Posted by    31/08/2016 16:05

    Hello I´m from CHile and I haven´t seen the film…..and I´m dying to see it!! I didn´t know about your work in violin and music and I´m really really in shock!!! You are really great!!! and I envy you……….I would love to play the violin in that way!!! but I don´t know!!…….:(
    Hope to see you here in my country in a near future.
    You are amazing!!! I´m sure chilean people will have the great pleasure to listen to your violin and music. Hope you come soon!!!

  4. Posted by    26/07/2016 17:06

    Excellent film, elegant design. BRAVO MAESTRO !!! Your talent of violinist – a gift from GOD !!!

  5. Posted by    20/07/2016 21:55

    Lieber David’re schön du eine große Inspiration sind die Geige zu spielen, ich inspirastes auch für mich selbst schlagen zeigte Sie mir, wie man, obwohl sie Schwierigkeiten haben, immer auf Hoffnung allein mehr Siege in Ihrem Leben bewegen ziehe ich hoffe, eines Tages, Sie zu sehen in Person von Nicaragua durch Küssen.
    Ich gehe, jennifer.

  6. Posted by    18/07/2016 16:49

    Gratitude Letter
    Dear David,

    First of all, wish you the soonest recovery!!! Have read about the ear infection you have. Take care! People will understand.

    Now the gratitudes))
    very greatful for what you do and who you are. What you do and give to people is something bigger than you. It is not just your genuine and unique manner of performance (some scientists even claim that inventing your own unique manner of doing something is a sign of a genius), it is years of creative experience, work of soul and mind.
    Have seen the movie “The Devil`s Violinist” and, finally, felt enough courage to start up taking lessons on composing music. I`m doing good, going to take part in a contest named after Prokofiev, actually. I wanted to wait till I write a music piece to devote it to you as a thank-you, then thought why to wait, expressing gratitude and appriciation itself is important. What you created helped me to become the happiest person in the world!
    You do a wonderful job!
    Wish you to have all the blessings in life and courage to be who you are, in spite of what others might say!

  7. Posted by    20/06/2016 20:24

    Completamente maravillada , e visto el film y sin conocer de este genio del violín David Garret, quede estasiada enamorada e intrigada por el actor ya que existía mucho realismo en la interpretación musical, me envían un vídeo donde el interpreta vive la vida del coldplay y seguidamente observo que es el,indago y mi sorpresa ese bello actor es David Garret violinista excepcional , me e convertido en una admiradora a capa y espada que genialidad virtuosismo que personalidad tan llena de sencillez ,que dulzura al tocar tu violín que dulzura de sonrisa y que expresiva mirada se nota en su rostro la satisfacción que le produce la música y su amado instrumento ,estoy profundamente llena de admiración y respeto por la hermosa fucion que hace entre géneros respetando siempre la esencia de las piezas obras de arte por demás decirlo, le deseo larga vida para poder beneficiarme espiritualmente de su música e interpretacion. felidades y Dios siga llenándote de éxitos y gloria. Dios te bendiga aun mas.

  8. Posted by    30/05/2016 01:53

    bellisima la peli. buenisima la interpretacion del violinista. lo qye se logra cuando se toca con el alma y la vida. ojala pueda verlo algun dia que vuelva a la argentina en vivo tocando

  9. Posted by    22/05/2016 20:38

    David eres una persona que ha robado mi corazon con los efectos de jugarese volin un toque es como un sonar angelical usted es mi inspiracion desde aqui nicaragua estamos lejos pero tengo la profunda esperanza de verlo algun dia ❤❤❤❤

  10. Posted by Adriana Vieira    10/05/2016 22:27

    Dear David. Hello…! I’m not sure if you’ll read my message, but I want to tell you I loved the movie, I am very happy to see that you chose you to star in the character of Paganini, someone as talented as you, since I met you I fell in love the way you play the violin and seeing your interviews I could see someone wonderful and a great human being, a simple and unpretentious guy and that and other things I think I fell in love more and more of you, I would like to meet you in person and you to dedicate me a full concert for me sitting on couch would be simply Wonderful, I love you ..! I hope someday come to give a concert in Dallas Tx. God bless you big kisses.

  11. Posted by    10/05/2016 22:02

    Bello, I’m not surge if you’ll read my Message, but I want to Telmo you, I Loved the movie, I feel very happy to see it was you who starred in the character of Paganini, someone as talented as you, since I met you I fell in love the way you play the Violin and seeing your interviews could know a little more about you I could see someone wonderful and great human being, a simple and unpretentious guy and other think Fell Love more and more of you, I would like to meet you in person and you to dedicate me a full concert just for me sitting on couch would just wonderful, I love U …! I hope someday come to give a Concert in Dallas, Tx. God bless you, Big Kisses.

  12. Posted by gabyMx    11/04/2016 00:13

    Where can I find the movie in Mexico?

  13. Posted by emna    03/04/2016 20:10

    best movie ever 😉
    quand la musique nous possède ,il y a rien de plus fort , sa me honte sa me touche et sa m’envahie et enfin j en devient dépendante

  14. Posted by    19/01/2016 08:17

    Love this movie!!!

  15. Posted by    27/11/2015 13:11

    Der Teufelsgeiger was für ein klasse toller Film und Movie ich bin ein sehr grosser Fan davon. Der David spielt so überzeugend dort seine Rolle im Film, einfach super!!!!

  16. Posted by Lena    27/09/2015 20:38

    Hello, can somebody please tell me what is the name of the composition that is played by Paganini son in the movie?

  17. Posted by Sarah Caroll    13/09/2015 02:22

    “Wow, David you are wonderful, and beautiful.”
       A talented violinist, sympathetic and rock lover. This positive energy you spend on concerts is contagious. <3
      Respect and admiration, and infinite love! <3 <3

  18. Posted by Fabiola Yamasaki    28/08/2015 12:30

    Renato Amorim, você pode adquirir o filme na livraria Cultura. Os idiomas disponíveis são o alemão e o inglês, mas há legendas em Português. A capa é um pouco diferente, mas vale a pena, e o preço é bom. Comprei essa semana e estou ansiosa para ver o trabalho. Grande abraço!

  19. Posted by Renato Amorim    28/07/2015 02:31

    Parabéns David Garret pelo trabalho, quem dera estivesse em português o seus filme, para que nós brasileiros pudéssemos ver, kkk, mas creio que em breve estará disponível. Parabéns pelo trabalho, te admiro muito.

  20. Posted by Marisa    04/07/2015 04:56

    Love u David, I’m Marisa. Kisses

  21. Posted by Freida    09/06/2015 20:12

    Hi, I finally got to see the movie, and really enjoyed it! I have the same wall paper as some of the paper used in the movie–nice to see that. I hope to see more movies. Take care of your self and thank you for your videos of such dedicated and passionate music. Byefornow~

  22. Posted by Anna    10/05/2015 00:46

    The movie soundtracks are very good. Thank you!

  23. Posted by Meg    09/05/2015 14:22

    Dear David, we know you have a very busy life., but without good health, everything is like building on the sand. Sorry to say this. This was the biggest lesson I have learned from life. Everything overdrew from health will be eventually paid back.

    Here I posted a book that totally changed my life for the very best way I can image. All your contacts in this website are related to business, so I simply wish you can eventually get this information from here. I will pray!
    This book is called The China Study by renowned Professor in USA called T Colin Campbell. The author has been considered Einstein in the nutrition area. It is not a diet book. This is a book that my families and I have benefited the most from to maintain good health (also good body shape young looking) effortlessly. This book has been translated into many languages including German.

    My father has been 30 years brain surgeon before he retired and he has huge respect for T Colin Campbell and his great work.

    My very best wishes !

  24. Posted by Meg    09/05/2015 13:15

    Dear David, Before I watched this movie, I heard some bad comments about it from a friend. She knew I have been very critical towards movies, so she tried to persuade me not watching this movie. To her surprise, I enjoyed it very much. I loved it from the moment you started playing violin in London. It’s a triumph of music and your great interpretation of Paganini’s music. I am a huge fan of the soundtracks of the movie and you have done a brilliant job. Thank you!

    I just watched A Day in the Life of David Garrett from youtube. I used to travel a lot because of a job. After 5 years, my health was totally destroyed. Please look after yourself and try to eat enough fresh food (mainly plant-based whole food). If you can not eat enough fresh food especially green food, you may take some good quality spirulina daily which is actually a kind of whole food. You can buy it from a health food store. This food saved my life.

  25. Posted by Ally_Dragul    08/05/2015 16:15

    Hi David!)) When I started to listen your music I didn’t know about the movie and imagine my delight,when I saw your name in the titles!!))) I realy like the way you played the role, it’s very unusual to see great Paganini’s live like this… Without you the movie wouldn’t be as half good as it is. Thank you)))
    P.S. it would be great if you played a duet with Alexi Laiho, I realy wish to see that ^^

  26. Posted by Cathy    05/05/2015 06:03

    Being a 64 year old Grandmother of 6 I was astonished when I heard you play the violin in “The Devils Violinist”. You are an amazing violinist! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. I plan on sharing this newfound love of violin music with my family!!

  27. Posted by Tyerra    30/04/2015 17:39

    David is my first and always favourite violinist,I believe you will come to Guangzhou,China in the near future,looking forward to seeing you and hearing you live.

  28. Posted by Carol    30/04/2015 07:21

    I just received the Devil’sViolinist DVD in the US format. Thanks!!! I couldn’t wait to see your interview in English as I had seen the movie in English but was missing the interview. This DVD is really a great product. And of course,the movie is spectacular!
    Love, Carol

  29. Posted by YachyLintuSolid    18/04/2015 05:00

    Wonderful movie! I just love your work, David! :)

  30. Posted by rosy    13/04/2015 22:17

    i just saw the movie were you play as Paganini, i love your music

  31. Posted by Irina    01/03/2015 09:26

    Здравствуйте! Смотрела фильм, слушала ваше музыкальное исполнение. Вы – талантливый человек. Я восхищаюсь вами! Это замечательная и гениальная идея донести любовь к классической музыке молодёжи, через исполнение рок музыки. В нашем мире стало мало людей, которые ценят искусство. Поэтому то, что делаете вы – меня восхищает! У молодых людей должен быть яркий пример того, как занимаясь своим любимым делом и отдавая все силы, для достижения задуманного, достигаешь цели. И этот пример – вы. Спасибо вам огромное !!! Пусть вам всегда и во всём сопутствует удача !!!

  32. Posted by Andressa Leto    18/01/2015 22:24

    I’m already in love with this movie!!! Please bring the DVD/Blu Ray to Brazil!!! XO :)

  33. Posted by pariya    03/12/2014 15:08

    Hi David! I know u after this film! And i’m very happy about this…after this film i listen your fabulous music…and i love ur music,your music make me relax and when i listen to ur music , i feel i am in another world. they are perfect and wonderfully! I hope to can meet u one day!!! This is little Impossible for me.because u never come to iran! And it is hard to i can come to germany!!

  34. Posted by Elena    18/11/2014 15:53

    Давид,Вы чудо планеты Земля! Глядя на Вас,слушая Вас,во мне распускаются цветы,забывая все на свете,я тону в красоте Вашей музыки!Фильм бесподобен! Вы лучший из лучших,Давид..

  35. Posted by Anamar    16/11/2014 22:16

    Cuando podremos ver la película “El violinista del diablo” en Buenos Aires.? . Gracias por tu arte David, me ayuda a vivir feliz.

  36. Posted by Barbara Evans    17/10/2014 15:31

    Saw you in New Hampshire and Boston couple years ago–Tremendous , as you well know. Coming to States again I HOPE Could you squeeze in a visit in 21015??? I am envious of your talent…but thank God for it. Peace

  37. Posted by brigitte Muller    13/10/2014 14:21

    Ce film sera-t-il distribué au Canada ?

  38. Posted by Nadia    30/09/2014 16:15

    Fell in love right away. What a great music and what a great movie.

  39. Posted by veronica    08/09/2014 08:56

    So a week ago, watching movies, I came across the Devil’s Violinist and decided to watch. I love classical music so I loved the movie and decided to google who Niccolo Paganini was and i was surprised to learn about him. I then went on to google the cast of the movie, and boy was I in for a very big surprise to see who David Garrett was. Been watching all his videos on youtube now..fell immensely in love with his music immediately and falling uncontrollably in love with David Garrett…such a beautiful talented human being…the world is a better place with you in it, love you man.

  40. Posted by Antonia Seiser    07/09/2014 09:20

    Ich liebe diesen Film!!! Sehr authentisch gespielt – vor allem die Geigenszenen! Die Filmmusik gefällt mir auch sehr gut!

  41. Posted by Katelynsaywut    03/09/2014 15:56

    I love this movie, I hope see you live again, as I once did when I was younger, I do love you, and thank for making my studies better with your music.

  42. Posted by Elena    02/09/2014 16:58

    unbelievable movie !!!! David is very handsome and fascinating …. It is impossible to forget … I’m in love with his music and his attractiveness

  43. Posted by Reiko Akanuma    01/09/2014 09:01

    Hello David, this movie is running in Japan now. I’ve seen it four times ! It is marvelous,splendid,and fantastic !! I’m fascinated with you. You are gifted and talented artist. I missed your concert that was held in japan in June. i want go to your live concert. Please come to Japan again! Sincerely

  44. Posted by Kari    28/08/2014 02:36

    Can I see the movie in Canada???
    Please come to Canada!!! Ontario would work!

  45. Posted by Anna    17/08/2014 21:39

    He tenido la fortuna de poder ver el film “Der Teufelsgeiger “.
    Qué expresar! Atemporal….. Mito, leyenda que trasciende a toda conciencia.
    El maestro Paganini, un adelantado para su época, en sus composiciones, su
    Virtuosismo excede toda explicación, sólo hay que sumergirse en su música, mágica, hipnótica
    Más…. real, que eleva los sentidos hasta lo más profundo del alma.
    La propuesta de su Doble álbum Paganini Vs Garrett, no Maestro Garrett, dejemos el vs. El maestro Garrett es Paganini y viceversa.
    En éste film, donde la mezcla de sensaciones es infinita, los tiempos justos, intensa, profunda, pinceladas de un retrato de Paganini, niño desestimado, en busca de la aprobación de su genialidad, pues su composiciones perlas, perfecciones de un alma que sólo en ella encontraba su propia identidad, alejándose de sí mismo.
    La interpretación del Maestro Garrett, impecable, sin excesos, a la hora de ejecutar cada pieza, realmente es Paganini quien las interpreta.
    Este film nos permite adentrarnos en una forma muy inteligente como sentida, en cuanto a la realización, pues nos regala aspectos de la personalidad de un Hombre, con sus debilidades, su virtuosismo, en un momento crucial de su vida.
    Paganini amado, odiado, extremadamente bondadoso, admirado por otros compositores, su música: Su forma de hablar, sus composiciones exaltan, pues marcó un punto de quiebre en el ámbito musical existente de la época.
    El Maestro Garrett, C. sus interpretaciones, como sus arreglos musicales, a la hora de crear, recrear, pone de manifiesto su perfeccionismo, ve y siente más allá , pues vive en su interior como esa composición creada o recreada es posible, su nacimiento como renacimiento, como la búsqueda constante de lo nuevo dentro del pasado, y viceversa. Entregando en cada uno de sus conciertos suspiros de notas, arpegios, disonancias, acordes, quiebres, pausas, permitiendo que el espectador sienta que el alma se pierda como así también poner esa nota de humor, tan necesaria para disipar todo formalismo. Rodeándose de un grupo de personas que son de un nivel de excelencia y profesionalismo. Todo arte no es aislado y mucho mejor si es en conjunto pues se comparte… se evidencia en sus conciertos.
    Un Film… impecable desde lo artístico, escenográfico, actuaciones sutiles como intensas, provocadoras. La interpretación musical ya lo verán… enmudece.
    Por Ultimo…. Un Violín siente el arrebato del violinista, cuando éste extrae una sola nota perfecta de su corazón?….las respuesta está en cada uno de nosotros…..

  46. Posted by jessylopez    15/08/2014 06:52

    I been dying to see this movie…where can i get it at her in the US in california????

  47. Posted by Ulrike Müller    06/08/2014 18:48

    Hallo lieber David!

    Fortsetzung meiner Kommentar vom 04.12.2013

    Ich habe vor paar Monaten einen DVD über Teufelsgeiger gekauft und war sehr erfreut, daß der Film mit Unterttiel beinhaltet!

    Endlich konnte ich den Film verstehen, da ich ja von der Geburt an hochgradig schwerhörig bin und mit Untertitel angewiesen bin.

    Der Film ist einfach klasse und ich schaue schon zum 6. Mal an …die Musik ist schön!

    Herzliche musikalische Grüße
    Dein Ullimaus

  48. Posted by dalia torres vizuett    05/08/2014 18:44

    Hallo, ich danke Ihnen für die Rückgabe des kostbarsten, mein Leben, ihre Interpretationen zu hören Ich verstehe, dass macht Sinn des Lebens, um ihre Emotionen durch ihr Gesicht und ihr Lächeln sehen, erkannte ich, dass Sie, um zu genießen, was wir tun, tun Sie bitte wirklich, aber ich danke Gott dafür, dass ich eine einzelne Person in der Welt, die zeigt, dass Musik das Original und universelle Gefühl, das zusammenbricht Grenzen zu finden.

    soja mexicana


  49. Posted by Lori Johnson    05/08/2014 17:55

    When will The Devil’s Violinist be available in the US?

  50. Posted by Verónica    04/08/2014 23:43

    Anoche vi la película y quede fascinada, felicidades

  51. Posted by TatyanaR    04/08/2014 20:14

    Hello, David! Saw the film “The Devil’s Violinist. The picture is stunning. Turned out to be a true masterpiece. Great actors, costumes. The mixture of feelings. And of course music is amazing and immortal. I think Paganini in your performance is the best interpretation of the most talented violinist at all times. The film look three times and each time discover something new in your game and the way Paganini. This is fine. Accept my sincere bow your talent.

  52. Posted by Viri Villalobos    04/08/2014 04:54

    Dear David your movie is now in Mexico and has had success. I couldn’t miss the oportunity to see you in the big screen.
    See you on november. Love you …

  53. Posted by Lorena Parra Ceciliano    03/08/2014 06:19

    Hola David. Acabo de ver tu pelicula ” El violin del diablo”, me gusto mucho. Admiro a Paganini asi como me imagino que tu tambien. Muchas felicidades, hiciste una buena pelicula. Igual tu eres un magnifico violinista y te admiro tambien. Muchas felicidades!!! Desde México un abrazo y un beso.

  54. Posted by Karina Showalter    02/08/2014 07:19

    I’m pretty sure that we’ll have the movie in America, but for goodness sake!
    WHEN? :0

  55. Posted by Dii    30/07/2014 00:58

    One must be patient, I suppose.. Waiting/hoping for the film to come to AZ.

  56. Posted by Jenness77    24/07/2014 17:09

    Being in the US I have no access to this movie , would love for you to air it in Buffalo NY or have a DVD released for the US . I’d really love to see it .

  57. Posted by Marge Mosher    09/07/2014 20:17

    This movie is AMAZING , i have watched it soooo many times and love it every time

  58. Posted by monika lodh    03/07/2014 22:21

    Hello, I am yet to see the movie. Will give the reviews once i do. Regards, Monika

  59. Posted by Midnight Star    26/06/2014 16:55

    I am also interested in owning The Devil’s Violinist . When will it be available in a America ?

  60. Posted by tkaa27    13/06/2014 16:46

    I found it on line when i was sarching about david last news
    I think its un leagle
    And i don’t know how to flag it ?
    And i don’t want to post the link here

  61. Posted by faye    11/06/2014 21:26

    want to see this movie sooo much. when will it be released to play on u.s.dvd’s?????

  62. Posted by james dreger    05/06/2014 08:26

    Please David, ask the Blu-ray manufacturer of yiour movie to make some discs in region 0 so a can play it on my Canadian Blu-ray player. I want to see your movie very much. Region A/1 should work in Canada too. Thanks.

  63. Posted by Laura    26/05/2014 22:21

    Any news on when the movie will be released in the States? I know there was a screening in Miami, Fl recently.
    I also know that to play the movie here, we need an All Region DVD player.

  64. Posted by SILVINA MAGDALENA RESIALE    26/05/2014 11:53


  65. Posted by German kuhnert    25/05/2014 05:29

    Excelente película, muy bien lograda, Urbani es terrible.
    Excellent movie, good Job, Urbani is Terrible,

  66. Posted by Carol    24/05/2014 06:47

    Hello David, Just wanted to tell you the interviews with the cast of the movie were a real treat! It gives another dimension to the production to hear how the various members of this project viewed it. Great idea to put these on the DVD as an extra bonus! Thanks.
    Love, Carol

  67. Posted by Ret    20/05/2014 03:54

    I purchased the movie & soundtrack from amazon.de. Heads up–you must also learn how to “fix” your DVD player to play a European movie–(different zones). It’s in English with German subtitles, or German voice over. Enjoy!

  68. Posted by faye    19/05/2014 22:47

    i also am in us, in virginia. i would love to find out how to get this movie. any info is appreciated thanks

  69. Posted by Kimmy    19/05/2014 00:34

    Loretta…I also am from the US (Florida). How are you watching the movie? I was told that the DVD is not available in the US yet?? I am so very much wanting to see it!!!! Thanks for any info, Kimmy

  70. Posted by Ret    17/05/2014 04:10

    I’m from the US & I have watched the movie 3 times and it gets better & better–the music is awesome of course and I have also listened to the soundtrack non-stop for a month. Wish this would come to American theaters (love Franck’s cameo!) Can’t wait to see you all again–Loretta

  71. Posted by Paola    10/05/2014 02:09

    Hola!!! Quisiera saber si existe alguna posibilidad de ver la Película acá en Argentina ya que pude ver el tráiler y me parece alucinante. Adoro la música clásica, especialmente la de cuerdas y hace unos años descubrí a David por casualidad y me he convertido en seguidora de su arte. Es increíblemente talentoso!!! Ojalá tengamos alguna vez el privilegio de oírlo tocar por estos pagos.

  72. Posted by laura    07/05/2014 03:15

    Hi, I’d like to know if the movie is coming to Argentina? I saw pieces of it on internet and I liked it very much. The music is wonderful and David`s performance is fantastic!

  73. Posted by telma    06/05/2014 20:19

    Oi David, teremos a chance de ver teu flilme aqui no brasil, com legenda em portugues? Já saiu em DVD? Como comprá-lo? Existe uma maneira de recebermos respostas as nossas perguntas?

  74. Posted by Sandra Tofalo    03/05/2014 23:25

    La pelicula se vera en Argentina? Soy muy admiradora de David. Avisenme por favor

  75. Posted by Sandra Tofalo    03/05/2014 23:23

    Hola , quisiera saber si la pelicula se vera en Argentina? y cuando?

  76. Posted by anna-mae    03/05/2014 17:01

    hi david i want to watch the movie but we didn´t found the time jet.

  77. Posted by faye    02/05/2014 21:34

    when can we get this movie in america? and where?

  78. Posted by Lizandra Pereira    28/04/2014 23:09

    Hi David!! I have just finished watching the DVD “Der Teufelsgeiger” and I simply LOVED everything! The movie itself is wonderful! Your acting was amazing and you really convinced me you were “Paganini” for a while! :) The music, the story…. Alles Perfekt! Also I have another reason for enjoying it…. my brother (Gustavo d’Ippolito) played the second double bass in the orchestra!!!
    LG aus Wien!
    Und bis Mai.26!!!!!!

  79. Posted by telma    23/04/2014 01:40

    O filme Violinista do Diabo terá legenda em portugues? Quando poderei adquirir o DVD?

  80. Posted by Ian    21/04/2014 18:53

    Does the movie have English subtitles? Or is there an Engilsh language option. Also, when is it on DVD?

  81. Posted by Johanna    21/04/2014 18:08

    der “Osterhase” hat mir “den Teufelsgeiger” gebracht. Seit ich ihn gesehen habe geht er mir nicht mehr aus dem Kopf.
    Mich beeindruckt die Geschichte sehr. Und ich finde es schändlich das es so viele Kritiker gibt die den Film herunter machen.
    Ich finde ihn a) sehr berührend b) gut gespielt (auch von dir) und c) ist er voll wunderbarer Musik. Auserdem hast du den exzentrischen Frauenheld Paganini sehr gut verkörpert! Also hör`bitte gar nicht auf diese bösen Zungen und bleib so wie du bist!!

  82. Posted by Adnana    20/04/2014 11:20

    Just finished watching The Devil’s Violinist… Very theatrical, Joely Richardson looks a teeny bit like The Mad Hatter, but it suits her well… David’s acting, to be so very kind, needs work, but the music is great and I had a very good time watching the movie, so all in all, not bad.

  83. Posted by sara flores    12/04/2014 21:07

    hello I want to know on what date the movie comes to Ecuador, and congratulations for your work :)

  84. Posted by gracie    11/04/2014 03:05

    Mr. David,

    Your music is such a joy and I love how you embrace and bring emotion when you are playing.
    I attended your concert on Pittsburgh 2014 and I was so moved……you brought me literally to tears. Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing such art with your fans.

  85. Posted by Michelle Palmeri    29/03/2014 05:07

    Mr. Garrett, I, so, thoroughly enjoyed your concert visit in Atlanta. Thank you for coming to our fair city. You are an amazing artist. And, I look forward to many years as a fan to your artistry. Again, thank you for taking the time after the concert to take a few photos that I will treasure. Your newest and loyal fan, Michelle Palmeri

  86. Posted by Izabel    28/03/2014 23:49

    Brazil is waiting exciting to you David!

  87. Posted by Gislene    24/03/2014 02:22

    Hi David!! I saw the movie on March 10th at Miami Film International. It was amazing… For two reasons:
    1st. I did love the film.
    2nd. It was the day before my birthday. Why is it so amazing? I’ll explain. Today (March 23rd) I was watching your DVD Music and when I watched the part of the track Yesterday, I thought to myself: Well, I got to know Garret “in the Yesterday of my birthday”! Hahaha


    Well… As I live in Brazil… Wishing you come soon to São Paulo!!!

    Ps: about the track Tico Tico on your DVD… You could have done a better research of the dance style! 😉

  88. Posted by Paulini1303    23/03/2014 11:41

    ein wirklich toller film :)
    Sogar die Dunkelen Haare stehen dir total :) Ich fiebere den Tag schon entgegen wann der film endich auf DVD herraus kommt :)

  89. Posted by Mary Fortin    14/03/2014 02:02

    I would love to see your film, I have not checked around the internet enough to find out the nearest place it may be shown, I am sure I will have to travel again. It was wonderful to attend the Minneapolis concert and I can’t wait to see David and the guys. If you get a chance, make sure to buy the new DVD!

  90. Posted by Kay Cantey    14/03/2014 00:05

    Why hasn’t Amazon started selling the movie? We, his fans, can’t wait to view it.

  91. Posted by Naomi    11/03/2014 18:08

    Hello David, I saw “The Devil’s Violinist” last night (March 10 2014) It was presented by the Miami International Film Festival. I’m still buzzing!! What a wonderful movie; the music was absolutely spectacular, like no other !!
    Thank you for this exhilerating experience. YOU ROCK !!!

  92. Posted by tel    08/03/2014 01:48

    Confirmo a espera de David Garrett o mais breve no Brasil. O filme parece ser muito bom, gostaria muito que chegasse ao Brasil.

  93. Posted by juan martin    02/03/2014 15:40

    hola me gustaria saber si la pelicula se estrena en colombia

  94. Posted by Alina    28/02/2014 11:20

    Pleasantly to see your commitment in music to be a virtuoso violinist. Your desire to bear to the world the beauty of classical music. Your talent and your external beauty of the magical and unforgettable. As and the movie, The Devil’s Violinist”, in which you wonderful to played the role.
    You are very beautiful in this movie. Simply not impossible to forget you. The image sensual Niccolo Paganini exclusively for you. I as took a gulp of the fresh air – so much beauty and music’s. And these unforgettable plexus sounds of the violin with beautiful voice (soprano) in the composition,, Io Ti Penso Amore” – I listen and I can’t enjoy – again and again. Now she lives in my heart as and you.
    Thank you and Bravo!

  95. Posted by Isolde LaFey    27/02/2014 14:21

    Is this movie going to be released in Ireland?

  96. Posted by alice pietracatella    24/02/2014 03:58

    We are waiting here in NYC to see the Paganini movie in English. When and where can we see it. We love David!!! We will be in Times Square in March 19th..Got tickets via wliw21 tv.

  97. Posted by Wendy Westrope    23/02/2014 20:11

    Me and my son want to see this movie when will it be in Theater. Will it be playing in the U.S.
    We’re in California… big David Garrett fans , thanks 😉

  98. Posted by Beverly    23/02/2014 02:51

    Very excited that your movie will be shown March 10 at Miami International Film Festival! Ticket purchased!

  99. Posted by Ddee    15/02/2014 06:34

    When will this movie be released in the U.S.?

  100. Posted by ines magalhaes    12/02/2014 23:22


  101. Posted by Anastasia    09/02/2014 16:57

    I saw the movie. It have a feeling like you are the new incarnation of Paganini.Мagnificent move.Thank you for your work)))

  102. Posted by Kira    06/02/2014 14:33

    I see this film. I think it’s brilliantly)))))))
    David is one the musicians who inspire me to new ideas in my music!

  103. Posted by LILIANA SPERANZONI    03/02/2014 15:04


  104. Posted by Lian    02/02/2014 03:21

    México please !!, we want to see his movie.

  105. Posted by Luis Magaña    01/02/2014 01:01

    Acabamos de ver el concierto hace poco en México pero también nos gustaría ver la pelicula

  106. Posted by ELY    30/01/2014 23:21


  107. Posted by efi    30/01/2014 18:20

    Hi David.I don’t now if you see and read this comment but I would like to ask you if your movie will has a premiere in Greece…];\ I would like to watch this movie with all my admiration for you.

  108. Posted by fatima    30/01/2014 12:46


  109. Posted by efi    29/01/2014 18:02

    This movie is so wonderfull .It is the best movie i have ever seen[i don’t have see it yet….i have watch some parts of the movie in internet].David’s play is so amazing and in this movie the best is to has music inside it.This role of Paganini is the best for david because nobody could play this role better than YOU David because he can’t feel so deep the passion of Paganini music.When you play the violin your passion and your love for it is so genius and so big where you play it you feel music to all your body.I think this movie it doesn’t exist in greece yet….i am waiting to watch it.’;[.thank you for your music.Good luck to everything you do it and will do to your life.

  110. Posted by Patricia    26/01/2014 04:55

    Queremos verla también en México!!!!

  111. Posted by pochi    24/01/2014 07:37

    Cuando podran traer la pelicula a argentina???? nos encantaria que la puedan dar gracias

  112. Posted by Tais    24/01/2014 04:38

    Один из немногих-кто смог бы,и воплотил достойным образом Паганини.Спасибо Вам за это! С любовью:)

  113. Posted by Viktoria Coombes    21/01/2014 17:06

    Ohh… this movie is really amazing! David Garrett plays fantastic, I totally love it!=))

  114. Posted by Edmundo Matus    17/01/2014 22:05

    This movie will have a premiere in the USA?

  115. Posted by Marina    14/01/2014 18:32

    When is it coming to the USA?? I can’t wait to get it!!!

  116. Posted by Meruert    13/01/2014 07:14

    Великолепный музыкант, думаю никто не смог бы сыграть роль и так в нее вжиться как Дэвид Гаррет, прекрасная игра, фильм просто супер. Очень благодарна и режиссеру и актерам за их труд. Дэвид Гаррет действительно достоин, того чтобы играть произведения Паганини и самый лучший скрипач-виртуоз, он не просто играет, он чувствует музыку……

  117. Posted by Monica Weiberg    12/01/2014 15:10

    I do hope it will be available in the States for purchase.

  118. Posted by Anna    12/01/2014 14:52

    Это замечательный фильм! Атмосфера волнующая! Дэвид прекрасен как всегда…в конце плакала :(

  119. Posted by Oksana    11/01/2014 14:54

    and now a word of admiration from Russia!! Great!! Thanks for the game … and the image, and music – all great!!

  120. Posted by Nastya    08/01/2014 21:27

    This movie is amazing! David’s play is wonderful and flawless! he’s fabulous performer! I think all violinists will like the movie ,because David shows his excellent play and possession of the instrument! Bravo!

  121. Posted by maria    08/01/2014 19:29

    Thanks for the two hours I spent very pleasant in the company of the genius of your music and interpretation of the image of Paganini. I am confident that no other actor who could play this role better than you because he can not feel so deep and so meaningful as you. It was a pleasure to watch and listen. A great admirer of yours by a small but beautiful Bulgaria.
    PS. Excuse my English is not good, but every word out of my heart to compensate for bad language :)

  122. Posted by Cristina Crissy    07/01/2014 19:10

    I think it doesn’t exist in Brazil yet… waiting to watch it!

  123. Posted by Andrea Loehr    03/01/2014 19:33

    Looking forward to own this movie on Blu-Ray Disc!

  124. Posted by Helen Dyachenko    02/01/2014 18:37

    Oh, David! This film is wonderful, majestic, super, beautiful. I love you and your Paganini and want see you in new roles in other films.

  125. Posted by GABIELLE    02/01/2014 06:45

    cuando se podra conseguir la pelicula a la venta pues vivo en mexico city pero deseo verla. por el triller se ve que este super interesante y tambien cundo sale el dico aca. FELICIDADES

  126. Posted by Shinnky Chan    30/12/2013 09:48

    OOOOOOOOOOps!! Is there any possible David can see my words??Come to Shanghai again and give Chinese people another cencert! We love you sooooo much that words cannot describe.

  127. Posted by Lori    30/12/2013 04:17

    David –
    Everyone in American (North & South) wants to see your movie! I know…I spoke to them all…ha ha. At any rate, please let us know when it will be available to be seen in the U.S. Danke shern! :)

  128. Posted by Roumy    23/12/2013 19:51

    Hi there, I came across the movie trailer on You Tube and got intrigued to see it. Turned out it is not showing in the US and is not available on the US site on Amazon. I tried to get is off the German site, but it wouldn’t let me purchase it. I live in the US. Is it available anywhere on US territory? I would love to see it, any other ideas where I can get it from?

  129. Posted by Olga    18/12/2013 15:45

    How I could live without your music before! Thank you David for your marvelous music!

  130. Posted by Sara_Z    17/12/2013 06:45

    “You are my good morning”…
    Forgive my English… But I wanted to say thank you for performing the role of Paganini-it was awesome! Next two days did not abate music in my head. I’m impressed,I admire! This is the best that I heard in my Life.You true virtuoso of his craft! Every swing bow kept his scrip and pleasure! There is no political force that would be more music.Music is an ancient language … In my play list you worthy to occupy the first place, your albums conquered me, Thank you!

  131. Posted by Jenya    13/12/2013 20:34

    Dear David!
    I am very impressed by the film! Your play are incredible! Your hands and eyes are fascinate! After this film I fell in love with your music and listerning it all days! You amazingly talented!
    Wait you in Kiev, Ukraine with concert!!!

  132. Posted by Dasha    09/12/2013 20:42

    Just saw this moove….. I have no words in English or in Russian to discribe how I was impressed by this film, by Paganini in Davids way. And I cried for the first time in my life from the classical music. Thank you David.

  133. Posted by Terri    07/12/2013 00:32

    When will we be able to see the movie in the U.S.A.??

  134. Posted by Ulrike Müller    04/12/2013 21:36

    Hallo lieber David!

    Ich war mit meiner Freundinnen am 15.November zum Kino gegangen und haben den Film “Der Teufelgeiger” geschaut!

    Es war ein brillantes Film und uns hat es sehr gut gefallen! Du hast als Schauspieler toll geleistet!

    Leider nur einen Haken, denn der Film fehlt einen Untertitel….denn ich und meine Freundinnen sind schwerhörig, und es ist gewohnt mit Untertitel zu verstehen…

    Ich hoffe, dass im nächsten Jahr den DVD mit Untertitel erscheinen würde……
    Das würden meine Freundinnen und ich sehr freuen….

    Mit musikalischen Grüßen

  135. Posted by Yan Zlobin    04/12/2013 19:33

    David, Hi from Siberia!

    I seen movie THE DEVIL’S VIOLINIST several times. And I am still under impression. Never before I feel music so close. You are like Bruce Lee in music – you are fantastic! Your music reaches deep in the heart.

    Thank you very much!

  136. Posted by annpeshkova    02/12/2013 15:40

    Здравствуйте Девид!
    Уж извините,что пишу по-русски..
    Сходила сегодня на фильм, Ваша игра была превосходна,я буквально влюбилась! :)
    Теперь рада познакомиться с Вашим музыкальным творчеством
    Москва ждет концерта и новых ролей в кино!

  137. Posted by Liane Flammiger    20/11/2013 21:26

    With your blonde hair you look like an angel, but in the movie you’re the devil in disguise. 😉 Just saw the movie, you are a hell of a violinist and worthy to play Paganini. I am sure everybody could feel your passion…hearable over your violin and visible in your eyes. Congratulation to the movie, I really enjoyed and appreciated it.


  138. Posted by Dorit Kitschky    17/11/2013 20:47

    Ich habe mir heute den “Teufelsgeiger” im Kino angeschaut. Ich gratuliere Ihnen zu einer grandiosen Darstellung des Paganini. Sehr überzeugend.

  139. Posted by Dina    16/11/2013 22:08

    Der “Teufelsgeiger” – ein Filmerlebnis der ganz anderen Art: Die Musik triumphiert über die doch etwas dürftige Handlung und reißt am Ende – wohl ganz im Sinne Paganinis – alles an sich. Lieber David, vielen Dank dafür!

  140. Posted by Grace    16/11/2013 05:16

    I live in Argentina, and would also like to see the film.

  141. Posted by Adnana    10/11/2013 10:32

    Does anybody know where I could purchase the movie online? It’s not out yet in my country, so I would be really grateful if someone could help. Tx.

  142. Posted by Andrea    05/11/2013 11:23

    Der FIlm ist ein wundervolles Geschenk.
    DIe überaus schöne FIlmmusik, lässt über kleinere schauspielerische Schwächen gerne hinwegsehen,

    Vielen vielen Dank für das tolle Kinoerlebnis.

    Grüße aus Wien!:):)

  143. Posted by Uli =D    04/11/2013 15:30

    Ein wirklich toller Film :-)
    Ich würde ihn wieder und wieder ansehen 😀
    Der Film war it deinem neuen Album und deiner Biografie das beste Geburtstagsgeschenk <3

  144. Posted by "das Marzipan der Sachertorte", Jenny    03/11/2013 11:36

    Ich habe mich dazu zwar schon unter den News zur Weltpremiere in München geäußert, aber ich möchte an dieser Stelle nochmal los werden:

    EIN FILM MIT SEELE……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am Ende bleibt man nachdenklich mit dem Gedanken “hätte…, wäre…, könnte…” zurück.

    Anders kann ich es nicht sagen.



    Liebste Grüße!


  145. Posted by Maria De Sanctis    02/11/2013 21:17

    Querido david, espero a Venezuela llegue tu pelicula, me encantaria disfrutar aca de otra de tus facetas artisticas… Una gran fan a la que llevas a otras vibraciones de existencia con tu musica…

  146. Posted by Carola Mustafa    28/10/2013 19:38

    … es lebt in mir …

  147. Posted by Andrea    20/10/2013 16:55

    Jetzt dauert es ja Gott sei Dank nicht mehr lange, bis der Film endlich anläuft und das Warten hat ein Ende.
    Freue mich schon sehr und bin schon gespannt auf die Musik und David als Schauapieler; kann ja nur gut werden.

    Viel Erfolg !
    Liebe Grüße aus Wien:):)

  148. Posted by james dreger    15/10/2013 01:42

    Please show your brilliant movie in Canada. Ask PBS if they would sponsor it. The trailer shows it is too fine to miss.

  149. Posted by trudy harper    10/10/2013 04:35

    Awe!! not understanding German, but understanding that DG is awakening a desire for the world to revisit the history of the first style of rock music and rock stars of the past…whatever the reviews are…. U did good….Good on you to for all you have done for Public Broadcasting here in USA…I certainly am so happy you are in Pittsburgh again and I will be there to energy your wonderful music and self again.

  150. Posted by Carola Mustafa    05/10/2013 18:08

    Hi, die Filmankundigung kam heute auf mein Handy. Ich putze auch gerne Klo :-)

  151. Posted by divar    04/10/2013 22:32

    Geri, it is the same date, just that some areas of the world put the day first, then the month and then the year whereas for me in the USA, we put the month first, then the day and then the year….. for me it is 10/4/2013 and for Europe and others overseas, it is 4/10/2013……..same day :-)

  152. Posted by Geri    04/10/2013 15:20

    I mean oct 4 2013 lol

  153. Posted by Geri    04/10/2013 15:20

    OK I just posted today October 4th 2913 and the date says I posted April 10 2013?!?? What’s up with that ??

  154. Posted by Geri    04/10/2013 15:18

    Will this movie be released in the US? And if so when and will it be in English?

  155. Posted by Lori    01/10/2013 05:32

    David –
    Please let your fans know when your movie will be showing in the U.S….so we can have even more anticipation and excitement in our everyday lives!!! It’s already very thrilling to know that you will be touring American next year!

  156. Posted by Noemí Albarrán    30/09/2013 02:42

    Lieber David
    wir warten gern auf dich in Mexiko. Wenn du Zeit hättest, könnte ich dir eine Spaziertfahrt durch Mexiko machen. Ich möchte auch gern in die Bühne mir dir “stop crying your heart out” spielen. Ich freue mich dass, du nach Mexiko reist. Ich liebe dich.
    Deine schönste Fan Noemí. ♥

  157. Posted by Grace    29/09/2013 02:49

    David, your music makes me fly, makes me higher my spirit, makes me feel calm. I love how you play it and how you enjoy it!!! I love your simplicity!!! You are a genious!!!! I’ live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America. Will you ever come here?? Will we see your film here?? You have many fans !! Please answer!!!

  158. Posted by Monika Anthony    27/09/2013 23:32

    Please tell us if this is coming to America in some way. Or how about HBO or PBS if not big theaters.

  159. Posted by Лиза    26/09/2013 21:57

    David, how did you solve a problem with your height in movie? You are really tall, but Paganini had low height, and it was his weak point as I know.

  160. Posted by Andréa Souza Carmo Pignaton    19/09/2013 18:03

    David, estou torcendo para que sua performance no filme seja excelente, assim como na música. Espero poder assistir ao filme aqui no Brasil. Com a legião de fãs que possuí, com certeza será um sucesso. Estou torcendo por você. Sucesso e obrigada por me emocionar muito com o seu violino e sua forma de tocar. Muita luz e paz em sua vida.

  161. Posted by Kathi    14/09/2013 21:06

    Hallo David,

    ich freue mich schon riesig auf Deinen Film ! Natürlich ganz besonders auf deine geniale Musik 😉 !
    Habe ja den Trailer schon angesehen und bin begeistert.

    PS: Deine Musik gibt mir so viel Freude und Kraft trotz meiner gesundheitlichen Probleme.

    Liebe Grüße


  162. Posted by Monika Anthony    14/09/2013 04:54

    How about playing Nessum Dorma? That also brought me to my knees, and filled my soul. Tried many but Jusse Brorling was the the one who did it, Pavarato did not.

    Or play Layla by Eric Clapton? That was sweet and so inspiring.

    I am not a musician but I can hear. (I paint and draw.)

    Emigrated from Sweden when I was ten with my family. Do like it here. My kids are half American like you. Get the part about going to the bathroom. When I came here I did not speak english and had to look up in my dictionary in order to get to the “toilet.”

    Anyway, from what I see on the internet I think you are overexposed and need more privacy. That is the Mother in me speaking.

    Found you on PBS, Better to get that kind of exposure. How about a one hour thing on US TV?

    See nothing in America about your movie. Want to see it but think it has not much to do with your talent.


  163. Posted by Cara Krzyzanowski    10/09/2013 03:51

    Dear David,
    I am keeping my fingers crossed we will see this in the American theaters. Please consider proposing this film to some independent labels. Many of your fans in the United States love you and would give an arm and a leg to see this film on the big screen. I certainly would. We look forward to the soundtrack, and the movie.
    Ich liebe dich. ♥

  164. Posted by Nancie Kokkalis    08/09/2013 14:14

    Hallo!! This is going to be fantastic movie !! I hope that we can watch this in Greece or in DVD !!!

    :)))))))) Cheers Great Paganini :)))

  165. Posted by ILARIA    08/09/2013 09:51

    Will we be able to see the movie also in Italy?

  166. Posted by Carike    08/09/2013 08:03

    Please come to South Africa!! Brilliant!!

  167. Posted by amythist    05/09/2013 14:09

    good acting..!
    when it will be shown???

  168. Posted by Ria Frölich    04/09/2013 21:17

    Ich bin schon so sehr auf diesen Film gespannt, ich kann die zeit kaum noch erwarten. Ich werde nach sehr langer Zeit mal wieder ins Kino gehen.

  169. Posted by Carol    04/09/2013 06:12

    Wow! Just watched the trailer – can’t wait to see the whole thing!
    Fabulous, David.
    Love, Carol

  170. Posted by Josy    02/09/2013 20:03

    Come to Brazil!!
    Love your music!!

  171. Posted by rafael cataluna    02/09/2013 10:27

    É pena não vir para Portugal

  172. Posted by Catherol    24/08/2013 16:41

    waha~u r on a movie~never see it, but now i prefer to listen ur music

  173. Posted by BIRY marcelle    20/08/2013 21:13

    ich warte mit Sehnsucht auf diesen film – hoffentlich wird er auch in Frankreich gezeigt!!! DAVID IST EINFACH EIN GENIE DER MODERNER ZEIT

  174. Posted by Diego    15/08/2013 00:43

    saldra esa pelicula en chile?

  175. Posted by Karen    14/08/2013 20:42

    Do you know when it will be released in the US?

  176. Posted by Hank    14/08/2013 16:05

    Is this film coming out in Taiwan or sale as DVD in the future?

  177. Posted by zahrarishmawy    12/08/2013 17:00

    HALLO! Is your movie coming out in Mexico ?

  178. Posted by Agathe    09/08/2013 19:42

    Wunderschon, wonderful, merveilleux!

  179. Posted by Jean    08/08/2013 20:48

    keep up the good work
    thanks for sharing your gift of music to the world

  180. Posted by Titania Wroughton Garrett Bond    08/08/2013 14:06

    Y’r inspiring!! Fantastico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. Posted by Nélida    02/08/2013 14:17

    n the Americas David have many fans for his musical talent and the videos we see that not only is beautiful but delivers a human quality.
    We want to know when it comes to my country Uruguay South America Paganini your film.
    Best Regards

  182. Posted by Andréa Souza Carmo Pignaton    30/07/2013 11:32

    Estou aguardando ansiosa para ver essa sua mais nova performance que me parece estar espetacular. Parabéns por este trabalho!

  183. Posted by GiovannaDiaz    27/07/2013 07:34

    Awesome!!! Awesome!! Awesome!!! 😀
    So exited!!! I can wait any longer!!

  184. Posted by Laura    26/07/2013 07:07

    Any news on a release date for the movie in the States?

  185. Posted by Andrea    25/07/2013 07:03

    Bin schon sehr gespannt auf diesen Film. Wird sicherlich wieder toll werden, kann es kaum erwarten.
    Liebe Grüße aus Wien:):):):):):):)

  186. Posted by Brigitte    22/07/2013 16:07

    Habe mir gerade die Bilder angesehen, wunderschön. Freue mich schon sehr auf den Film.

  187. Posted by CarolNikkie~0;-)    21/07/2013 01:53

    Looking forward to seeing you as Niccolo Paganini! Should be verrrrr-ry interesting!! We love you, David. Thank you for all you give! ~0;-)

  188. Posted by ERIKA    17/07/2013 19:03


  189. Posted by Katie    12/07/2013 20:56

    Oh my gosh!!!! This is sooooooooo exciting!!!! I’m so excited!!!!:D

  190. Posted by Sandra    10/07/2013 11:36

    Hab die Vorschau beim Konzert in Zwickau gesehen…Ich freu mich schon wahnsinnig auf den Film…bin total gespannt…

  191. Posted by Callum Wilde    08/07/2013 20:36

    Now this is a film i would really get into.

  192. Posted by Antonia Seiser    07/07/2013 17:34

    Bin schon soooooooo gespannt auf diesen Film!!! Der Trailer und die Fotos sind wunderschön und vielversprechend. Ich wette, dieser Film ist einfach super!!

  193. Posted by Alex    25/06/2013 18:15

    Bin total gespannt – hab die Vorschau auf deinem Konzert in Münster gesehen!! Der Teufelsgeiger-wer könnte dieser Rolle mehr gerecht werden??

  194. Posted by Thyago Silva    24/06/2013 20:13

    Come to Brazil!

  195. Posted by Antonia Seiser    22/06/2013 13:30

    Ich freu mich schon riesig auf diesen Film!!!!

  196. Posted by Desislava Ivanova    21/06/2013 22:55

    You`re a music! I like you so match and can to hear you everyway!!!…and to see you everyway!

  197. Posted by Geórgia    21/06/2013 22:07

    Davd *-* Eu sou sua fã, você toca sentindo, de olhos fechados… Eu te admiro muito, e confesso que você é uma inspiração pra mim. Eu te vejo tocar, sinto vontade de tocar mais ainda, mas duvido da minha capacidade. Enfim, eu toco há dois anos, e não sei nem metade do que você sabe, mas eu vou estudar o máximo. Um dia quero te conhecer, quero tocar contigo! São apenas sonhos, mas que podem ser realizados. Parabéns pela pessoa que você é, talentoso e com certeza muito especial. Sou uma fã brasileira, entre milhares. Admiro muito seu trabalho, mesmo! E é uma pena você ter “ferido” seu Stradivarius, hahaha. Sabe o que aconteceu comigo na minha primeira apresentação? Não foi nada demais comparado ao que aconteceu com você. Mas, eu estava muito nervosa, sempre fui tímida. Todos tocamos a primeira música, a segunda… E depois, quando íamos tocar novamente, eu fui para a posição, e deixei cair o arco, não sei como! Hahaha. Eu tinha imaginado de tudo, vomitar, cair, errar… Enfim, na hora não foi nada demais, eu simplesmente peguei o arco e começamos a tocar. Eu fui aplaudida por algumas pessoas, e ninguém riu. Isso foi muito interessante! Haha. Ah, não sei por que estou escrevendo tudo isso, você não fala português. Mas acho que alguém vai ler. Bom, é isso. Venha ao Brasil! Não sei se poderei vê-lo, mas vai ser muito bom saber que você veio conhecer meu país. E mais uma vez, parabéns!

  198. Posted by sonia m braga grillo g    20/06/2013 13:47

    david garrett….minha admiração e minhas orações pra ti…que voce venha mais e mais ser abençoado…mas arranje um tempinho para estar aqui no Brasil…gostaria muito de conhecê-lo…Abraços…

  199. Posted by Nancie Kokkalis    19/06/2013 22:59

    I can’t wait to see this film…..awesome…

  200. Posted by YDNAS    19/06/2013 14:57

    Waren am Sonntag in Singen Open Air dabei. Es war unfassbar gut gemacht und voller Energie. Was für ein Teufelsgeiger! Weiter so.

  201. Posted by Justine    15/06/2013 00:31

    can’t wait

  202. Posted by Mylinda Casbarro    13/06/2013 03:55

    The Violin is my favorite solo instrument, enjoyed hearing The Flight of the Bumble Bee!

  203. Posted by Sandra Tamara    13/06/2013 03:42

    fantastic (y)

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