The Devil’s Violinist – The Movie

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David Garrett is “The Devil’s Violinist”

The official trailer of the movie!

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  1. Posted by Jenness77    24/07/2014 17:09

    Being in the US I have no access to this movie , would love for you to air it in Buffalo NY or have a DVD released for the US . I’d really love to see it .

  2. Posted by Marge Mosher    09/07/2014 20:17

    This movie is AMAZING , i have watched it soooo many times and love it every time

  3. Posted by monika lodh    03/07/2014 22:21

    Hello, I am yet to see the movie. Will give the reviews once i do. Regards, Monika

  4. Posted by Midnight Star    26/06/2014 16:55

    I am also interested in owning The Devil’s Violinist . When will it be available in a America ?

  5. Posted by tkaa27    13/06/2014 16:46

    I found it on line when i was sarching about david last news
    I think its un leagle
    And i don’t know how to flag it ?
    And i don’t want to post the link here

  6. Posted by faye    11/06/2014 21:26

    want to see this movie sooo much. when will it be released to play on u.s.dvd’s?????

  7. Posted by james dreger    05/06/2014 08:26

    Please David, ask the Blu-ray manufacturer of yiour movie to make some discs in region 0 so a can play it on my Canadian Blu-ray player. I want to see your movie very much. Region A/1 should work in Canada too. Thanks.

  8. Posted by Laura    26/05/2014 22:21

    Any news on when the movie will be released in the States? I know there was a screening in Miami, Fl recently.
    I also know that to play the movie here, we need an All Region DVD player.

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