The Devil’s Violinist – The Movie

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David Garrett is “The Devil’s Violinist”

The official trailer of the movie!

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  1. Posted by YachyLintuSolid    18/04/2015 05:00

    Wonderful movie! I just love your work, David! :)

  2. Posted by rosy    13/04/2015 22:17

    i just saw the movie were you play as Paganini, i love your music

  3. Posted by Irina    01/03/2015 09:26

    Здравствуйте! Смотрела фильм, слушала ваше музыкальное исполнение. Вы – талантливый человек. Я восхищаюсь вами! Это замечательная и гениальная идея донести любовь к классической музыке молодёжи, через исполнение рок музыки. В нашем мире стало мало людей, которые ценят искусство. Поэтому то, что делаете вы – меня восхищает! У молодых людей должен быть яркий пример того, как занимаясь своим любимым делом и отдавая все силы, для достижения задуманного, достигаешь цели. И этот пример – вы. Спасибо вам огромное !!! Пусть вам всегда и во всём сопутствует удача !!!

  4. Posted by Andressa Leto    18/01/2015 22:24

    I’m already in love with this movie!!! Please bring the DVD/Blu Ray to Brazil!!! XO :)

  5. Posted by pariya    03/12/2014 15:08

    Hi David! I know u after this film! And i’m very happy about this…after this film i listen your fabulous music…and i love ur music,your music make me relax and when i listen to ur music , i feel i am in another world. they are perfect and wonderfully! I hope to can meet u one day!!! This is little Impossible for me.because u never come to iran! And it is hard to i can come to germany!!

  6. Posted by Elena    18/11/2014 15:53

    Давид,Вы чудо планеты Земля! Глядя на Вас,слушая Вас,во мне распускаются цветы,забывая все на свете,я тону в красоте Вашей музыки!Фильм бесподобен! Вы лучший из лучших,Давид..

  7. Posted by Anamar    16/11/2014 22:16

    Cuando podremos ver la película “El violinista del diablo” en Buenos Aires.? . Gracias por tu arte David, me ayuda a vivir feliz.

  8. Posted by Barbara Evans    17/10/2014 15:31

    Saw you in New Hampshire and Boston couple years ago–Tremendous , as you well know. Coming to States again I HOPE Could you squeeze in a visit in 21015??? I am envious of your talent…but thank God for it. Peace

  9. Posted by brigitte Muller    13/10/2014 14:21

    Ce film sera-t-il distribué au Canada ?

  10. Posted by Nadia    30/09/2014 16:15

    Fell in love right away. What a great music and what a great movie.

  11. Posted by veronica    08/09/2014 08:56

    So a week ago, watching movies, I came across the Devil’s Violinist and decided to watch. I love classical music so I loved the movie and decided to google who Niccolo Paganini was and i was surprised to learn about him. I then went on to google the cast of the movie, and boy was I in for a very big surprise to see who David Garrett was. Been watching all his videos on youtube now..fell immensely in love with his music immediately and falling uncontrollably in love with David Garrett…such a beautiful talented human being…the world is a better place with you in it, love you man.

  12. Posted by Antonia Seiser    07/09/2014 09:20

    Ich liebe diesen Film!!! Sehr authentisch gespielt – vor allem die Geigenszenen! Die Filmmusik gefällt mir auch sehr gut!

  13. Posted by Katelynsaywut    03/09/2014 15:56

    I love this movie, I hope see you live again, as I once did when I was younger, I do love you, and thank for making my studies better with your music.

  14. Posted by Elena    02/09/2014 16:58

    unbelievable movie !!!! David is very handsome and fascinating …. It is impossible to forget … I’m in love with his music and his attractiveness

  15. Posted by Reiko Akanuma    01/09/2014 09:01

    Hello David, this movie is running in Japan now. I’ve seen it four times ! It is marvelous,splendid,and fantastic !! I’m fascinated with you. You are gifted and talented artist. I missed your concert that was held in japan in June. i want go to your live concert. Please come to Japan again! Sincerely

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