The Devil’s Violinist – The Movie

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David Garrett is “The Devil’s Violinist”

The official trailer of the movie!

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  1. Posted by Renato Amorim    28/07/2015 02:31

    Parabéns David Garret pelo trabalho, quem dera estivesse em português o seus filme, para que nós brasileiros pudéssemos ver, kkk, mas creio que em breve estará disponível. Parabéns pelo trabalho, te admiro muito.

  2. Posted by Marisa    04/07/2015 04:56

    Love u David, I’m Marisa. Kisses

  3. Posted by Freida    09/06/2015 20:12

    Hi, I finally got to see the movie, and really enjoyed it! I have the same wall paper as some of the paper used in the movie–nice to see that. I hope to see more movies. Take care of your self and thank you for your videos of such dedicated and passionate music. Byefornow~

  4. Posted by Anna    10/05/2015 00:46

    The movie soundtracks are very good. Thank you!

  5. Posted by Meg    09/05/2015 14:22

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