Live shows

1st March 2016 20.30
Auditorio Nacional - Mexico City - Mexico

Greatest Hits Tour

David with his band

4th March 2016 21.00
Auditorio Banamex - Monterrey - Mexico

Greatest Hits Tour

David with his band

5th March 2016 21.00
Auditorio Telmex - Guadalajara - Mexico

Greatest Hits Tour

David with his band

10th March 2016 20.00
Roy Thomson Hall - Toronto - Canada

David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Terra Cotta Financial Group presents

Join world-renowned rock star violinist David Garrett and his band for the evening as they push the limits between rock, pop and classical music. Accompanied by the Orchestra, the rare multi-genre artist will awaken your senses with a precisely arranged set of sensations.
31st March 2016 20.00
Charles Bronfman Auditorium - Tel Aviv - Israel

David Garrett - Violin
Andrés Orozco-Estrada
The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra


Peter Tchaikovsky - Romeo and Juliet_,_ Fantasy Overture
Sergei Prokofiev - A selection from the ballet Romeo and Juliet

Peter Tchaikovsky - Violin-Concerto op. 35 D-Major (David's performance)

1st April 2016 11.00
Charles Bronfman Auditorium - Tel Aviv - Israel

David Garrett – Violin
Andrés Orozco-Estrada
The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra


Sergei Prokofiev – A selection from the ballet Romeo and Juliet

Peter Tchaikovsky – Violin-Concerto op. 35 D-Major (David’s performance)

2nd April 2016 17.00
Museum of Art - Tel Aviv - Israel

David Garrett - Violinist
Semion - Gavrikov - Violinist
Saida Bar-Lev - Violinist
Yevgenia Pitkovsky - Violinist
Amir van der Hal - Violist
Dmitri Ratush - Violist
Roman Spitzer - Violist
Felix Nemirovsky - Cellist
Iakov Kashin - Cellist
Dmitri Golderman - Cellist
Nir Comforty - Bass player
Iris Globerson-Hirsch - Harpsichord

Bach - Brandenburg Concerto no. 3_,_ BWV 1048
Bach - Concerto in C minor for violin and oboe_,_ BWV 1060 (arr. for violin and viola_,_ D.Ratush)
Bach - Concerto in D minor for two violins_,_ BWV 1043
Vivaldi - Concerto for 4 violins
Vivaldi - 2 Concerti from The Four Seasons

3rd April 2016 20.00
Auditorium - Haifa - Israel

David Garrett - Violin
Andrés Orozco-Estrada - Conductor
The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Stravinsky - Suites no. 1 and no. 2 for chamber orchestra
Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto op. 35 in D-Major (David's performance)
Rachmaninov - Symphony no. 2

5th April 2016 19.00
Charles Bronfman Auditorium - Tel Aviv - Israel

David Garrett - Violin
Andrés Orosco-Estrada
The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Stravinsky - Suites no. 1 and no. 2 for chamber orchestra
Tchaikovsky - Violin-Concerto op. 35 in D-Major
Rachmaninov - Symphony no. 2

6th April 2016 20.00
ICC International Convention Center - Jerusalem - Israel

David Garrett – Violin
Andrés Orozco-Estrada
The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Stravinsky - Suites no. 1 and no. 2 for chamber orchestra
Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto op. 35 in D-Major (David's performance)
Rachmaninov - Symphony no. 2

10th April 2016 11.00
Alte Oper - Frankfurt - Germany


David Garrett - Violin
Andrey Boreyko - Conductor
Frankfurter Museumsorchester


Michail Glinka (1804-1857) - Ouvertüre zur Oper Ruslan und Ludmila
Peter Tschaikowsky (1840-1893) - Konzert für Violine und Orchester D-Dur op. 35 (David's performance)
- Intermission -
Sergej Prokofjew (1891-1953) - Sinfonie Nr. 5 B-Dur op. 100


11th April 2016 20.00
Alte Oper - Frankfurt - Germany



David Garrett - Violin
Andrey Boreyko - Conductor
Frankfurter Museumsorchester


Michail Glinka (1804-1857) - Ouvertüre zur Oper Ruslan und Ludmila
Peter Tschaikowsky (1840-1893) - Konzert für Violine und Orchester D-Dur op. 35 (David's performance)
- Intermission -
Sergej Prokofjew (1891-1953) - Sinfonie Nr. 5 B-Dur op. 100


14th April 2016 20.30
Teatro Carlo Felice - Genoa - Italy

David Garrett - Violin
Andrea Battistoni - Conductor
Orchestra del Teatro Carlo Felice


Marco Lombardi - Delle Acque per Orchestra e voce recitante su testi tratti dai Codici di Leonardo da Vinci

Peter Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto op. 35 (David's performance)
Peter Tchaikovsky - Sinfonia No. 3 op. 39 "Polacca"

15th April 2016 21.00
Teatro Ponchielli - Cremona - Italy

David Garrett - Violin

Andrea Battistoni - Conductor

Orchestra del Teatro Carlo Felice



Peter Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto op. 35 (David's performance)

Peter Tchaikovsky - Sinfonia No. 3 op. 39 "Polacca"

17th April 2016 17.00
Kursaal Auditorium - Interlaken - Switzerland


David Garrett - Violin
Zakhar Bron - Conductor
Zakhar Bron Festival Orchestra

Schubert: Symphonie Nr. 8 C-Dur D 944 "Große"

Tschaikowski: Violin-Concerto op. 35 D-Dur (David's performance)





18th April 2016 19.30
Kursaal Auditorium - Interlaken - Switzerland


David Garrett - Violin
Zakhar Bron - Conductor
Zakhar Bron Festival Orchestra



Wieniawski: Variations on an Original Theme_,_ op. 15
Paganini: I Palpiti_,_ op. 13 (arr. Kreisler)
Saint-Saëns: Havanese

Tschaikowski: Violinkonzert D-Dur op. 35 (David's performance)

8th May 2016 20.00
Congresshalle - Saarbrücken - Germany

David Garrett – Violin

Julien Quentin – Piano



Works by Kreisler, Sarasate, Paganini

Tickets go on sale at a later date
9th May 2016 20.00
Meistersingerhalle - Nürnberg - Germany

David Garrett – Violin

Julien Quentin – Piano



Works by Kreisler, Sarasate, Paganini

10th May 2016 20.00
Philharmonie - Munich - Germany

David Garrett – Violin

Julien Quentin – Piano



Works by Kreisler, Sarasate, Paganini

12th May 2016 20.00
Palais de la Musique et des Congrès - Strasbourg - France


David Garrett – Violin

Julien Quentin – Piano



Works by Kreisler, Sarasate, Paganini

13th May 2016 20.00
Rosengarten - Mannheim - Germany

David Garrett – Violin

Julien Quentin – Piano



Works by Kreisler, Sarasate, Paganini

15th May 2016 20.00
Beethovensaal - Stuttgart - Germany

David Garrett – Violin

Julien Quentin – Piano



Works by Kreisler, Sarasate, Paganini

16th May 2016 20.00
Philharmonie - Berlin - Germany

David Garrett – Violin

Julien Quentin – Piano



Works by Kreisler, Sarasate, Paganini

18th May 2016 20.00
Frauenkirche - Dresden - Germany

David Garrett - Violine
Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Omer Meir Wellber - Conductor

Peter Tschaikowsky: Konzert für Violine und Orchester D-Dur op. 35
Michael Wolpe: »The Return of the Jackals«
Dmitri Schostakowitsch: Sinfonie Nr. 6 h-Moll op. 54

Das Konzert ist ausverkauft - The concert is sold out

19th May 2016 20.00
Laeiszhalle - Hamburg - Germany

David Garrett – Violin

Julien Quentin – Piano



Works by Kreisler, Sarasate, Paganini

23rd May 2016 19.00
Tchaikovsky Concert Hall - Moscow - Russian Federation

David Garrett - Violin
Vladimir Spivakov - Conductor
National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia

Tchaikovsky Violin-Concerto op. 35 in D-Major


26th May 2016 20.00
Philharmonie - Essen - Germany

David Garrett – Violin

Julien Quentin – Piano



Works by Kreisler, Sarasate, Paganini

27th May 2016 20.00
Kuppelsaal - Hannover - Germany

David Garrett – Violin

Julien Quentin – Piano



Works by Kreisler, Sarasate, Paganini

28th May 2016 20.00
Theatre des Champs-Elysees - Paris - France


David Garrett - Violin

Julien Quentin - Piano


Programme: Works by Paganini, Sarasate, Kreisler

30th May 2016 20.00
Konzerthaus - Freiburg - Germany

David Garrett – Violin

Julien Quentin – Piano



Works by Kreisler, Sarasate, Paganini

31st May 2016 20.00
Beethovenhalle - Bonn - Germany

David Garrett – Violin

Julien Quentin – Piano



Works by Kreisler, Sarasate, Paganini

17th November 2016 20.00
Volkswagenhalle - Braunschweig - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

18th November 2016 20.00
Arena - Leipzig - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

19th November 2016 20.00
SAP-Arena - Mannheim - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

21st November 2016 20.00
Arena - Nürnberg - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

22nd November 2016 20.00
Westfalenhalle - Dortmund - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

23rd November 2016 20.00
ÖVB-Arena - Bremen - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

25th November 2016 20.00
Barclaycard Arena - Hamburg - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

26th November 2016 20.00
Mercedes-Benz Arena - Berlin - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

27th November 2016 20.00
TUI Arena - Hannover - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

29th November 2016 19.00
Gerry-Weber-Stadium - Halle/Westfalen - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

1st December 2016 20.00
Lanxess Arena - Cologne - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

2nd December 2016 20.00
Olympiahalle - Munich - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

3rd December 2016 20.00
Stadthalle - Vienna - Austria


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

6th December 2016 20.00
Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Halle - Stuttgart - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

7th December 2016 20.00
Festhalle - Frankfurt - Germany


David Garrett with his band & orchestra

Progamme: TBA

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  1. Posted by    29/11/2015 12:29

    Please come to Japan.
    I love your music
    I love listening to Paganini Caprice Nr.24.

  2. Posted by    27/11/2015 23:49

    bon soir….David…when are you coming to Spain???. Danke, lots of great vibes and success.

  3. Posted by    24/11/2015 18:26

    I hope that you will come to Poland, we are waiting for you here!

  4. Posted by    20/11/2015 20:20

    Please DAvid on day visit South America, i will be so exciting to hear from you.
    I love you and your music.
    CArmen from Lima- Perú

  5. Posted by    20/11/2015 20:17

    Hello dear DAvid, really hear from you is like the happiness to my soul. I hope one day you came to visit South América. Send you my regards and love from Lima Perú. I will be so happy if you response my mail.
    Really i wanna know you one day.

  6. Posted by    19/11/2015 20:24

    Come to Lisbon, Portugal

  7. Posted by    18/11/2015 04:33

    Hi David….What a musician you are. The way you play means peace and happiness to this world. It will be so great to have you here in South America specially in Colombia. We´ve a lot of great musicians that will be pleased to accompany you in one of your great concerts. God bless your talent and give you long live so millions can have the honor to ear and watch you playing your violin. Than you.

  8. Posted by    17/11/2015 11:59

    David, you are amazing! Ukraine is waiting for you! Please, know it! I hope, that you will include Ukraine in your tour!

  9. Posted by Elizabeth    05/10/2015 18:43

    Hello David, Ich liebe dich!!! ♥♥♥
    When are you coming to Houston??? Its been 2 years :) please do a Tour in America and Plssssssss come back to Houston with your awesome new Album!
    Love U!!!

  10. Posted by Marcela Marques    05/10/2015 13:47

    Hi David, I’m worried about your concert’s scheduled.How doe it work to bring you to a city? Does we have to invite you or does your managers has to do it? We, from Brazil, hope you come back soon. You’re invited to come next year to the Olympics games and also can sleep at my home. Kisses

  11. Posted by Tatiana    03/10/2015 21:08

    Lieber David! Schoen, dass Du wieder unser Land im May besuchst. Wir sind gluecklig, dass Du Tschaickovsky spielst! Hoffentlich bist Du in Russland verliebt oder wirdst verliebt sein :-)

  12. Posted by carolina    01/10/2015 01:32

    i am worried that so few concerts within the next year and you are supporting so MANY people. i am so hoping for a concert but that’s for my own selfish self.

  13. Posted by Mer_delacruz    30/09/2015 19:36

    Dear David, it´s a really pleasure listen your music, anyone can feel it!!!!! please please add in your tours to Mexico !!!!!!

    thank you for this passion! i love it!

  14. Posted by Àngela    23/09/2015 18:48

    Hola David!!

    It will be greatul if you come to Barcelona, we are waiting for you here!!!!!! Thank you!!!

  15. Posted by Grethelm    23/09/2015 02:25

    please come to Argentina again….!!!!

  16. Posted by carolina    22/09/2015 20:43

    How does it work? does venue have to invite you? or is it your managers that get them to invite you? I would think this is job of managers. but I am very ignorant how it works. I, just like most people, want to attend a concert.

  17. Posted by carolina    19/09/2015 05:31

    Your tour schedule seems so sparse compared to last year. Will there be more concerts, or are you taking more time off? Maybe you are in love. If that’s the case, all is forgiven. Love conquers all. I can’t travel to random places for a concert, but Brazil, NYC, Denver YESS.

  18. Posted by Tatiana    18/09/2015 21:25

    Lieber David! Es ist toll und schoen, dass Du Russisch sprichst! Unerwartet und wunderbar war es, wann Du jedes Stueck in moskauer Konzert mit den russischen Phrasen begann! Damit hast Du unsere Herzen unwiderruflich erobert. In alles, was Du nur machst und sagst fuelt man Deine tiefe und breite Seele! Das ist so Russisch! Russische Melodie in Deine Verarbeitung war leidenschaftlich und witzig gleizetig. Du bist Ueberraschungenvoll!
    Es war schwer ohne Dich. Danke, Das Du gekommen war! :-)

    Hoefentlich kommst Du noch mal nach Russland!

  19. Posted by Jenise Wimbs    16/09/2015 04:54

    You ALWAYS come to Pittsburgh, Pa every other year and next year was the year I was expecting you to be here and I see that you aren’t coming this year! :( I REALLY hope you’ll be coming back to Pittsburgh!!! I always look forward to your shows! You are soo talented. My mum and I buy the tickets as Christmas gifts to us to see you. Hope to see you soon!

  20. Posted by Lily    16/09/2015 03:31

    Hi David, it would be wonderful if you would decide to come with a crossover show also to Israel :-)

  21. Posted by Mabella    15/09/2015 16:47

    Lieber David,
    ein dickes Dankeschön dafür, dass ich heute Nachmittag dein Konzert in Bukarest miterleben konnte, online. Unverhofft kommt oft. Das war eine sehr sehr große Freude für mich. Es war wundervoll, du warst wundervoll, – ganz einfach wundervoll!!
    Ich wünsche dir eine gute Zeit!
    Bis auf bald. Liebe Grüße von Herzen von Ulrike.

  22. Posted by carolina    14/09/2015 14:20

    what’s happening between november 2015 and end of march 2016??? no concerts?? it doesn’t seem like David to NOT be performing. He just finished an album,, working on another? many fans in many locations longing for live concerts, including myself.

  23. Posted by Es Kay Es    14/09/2015 08:31

    Dear David
    Good morning from southeast US.

    I look at your tour schedule often to see if there are any concerts listed for US. *fingers crossed* I keep reminding myself that with new music just now being released, you might come and perform here. Bless you for staying the course and by doing so, you are continually showering the world with love, peace and joy the we so desperately need. Take care of your gentle, amazing self.

  24. Posted by Stephanie    13/09/2015 21:23

    Hi David,
    I am a big fan! Please come to Tennessee =)

  25. Posted by MariaTopuria    10/09/2015 10:57

    Thank you, David, SO much for the show in S.Peresburg, Russia. It was absolutely great. You are amazing!!! I have incredible feelings, just wow! Thank you!

  26. Posted by Rosemary Tur    08/09/2015 05:21

    Come to St. Louis MO – please ! I have the Brahms CD and absolutely LOVE it !

  27. Posted by green1301    07/09/2015 06:33

    David, please come to Malaysia. I really want to see you performing live here in Malaysia.

  28. Posted by paulina    06/09/2015 16:38

    COME TO MEXICO PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Posted by Cristinamariacarla    05/09/2015 18:16


  30. Posted by Cristinamariacarla    05/09/2015 18:13

    Buon 35 ^ compleanno, David!

  31. Posted by lisiane    05/09/2015 06:03

    come back to Brazil!!!!!! I love you and i love your band!!!!

  32. Posted by Dania    05/09/2015 00:42

    Come to MEXICO!! Please!

  33. Posted by Kimeridze, Nino    04/09/2015 08:56

    Lieber Maestro,
    alles Gute und viel Glueck zum Geburtstag. Wenn Sie musizieren, kann man in Ihren Augen tausend winzige blinkende Sternchen sehen, die Waerme, Liebe, Musik austrahlen. Es ist nicht schwer, diese funkelde Emotion zu bemerken, was dem Publikum zusaetzliche Minuten, Tage und sogar Jahre des Lebens schenkt.
    Grossartig, dass solche Menschen uns noch umgeben, sie verschoenern unser Leben!
    Ich bedanke mich ganz herzlich fuer zwei schoene Abende, die das Publikum und darunter ich in Istambul und Moenchengladbach erlebt haben. Danke fuer Ihre Kunst, Ihre Meisterschaft, Ihre Zauberei!

  34. Posted by sandra    03/09/2015 19:52

    I’m an English elementary school teacher in Mexico and I love playing your music in class while my students work. We love your music and would like to invite you to do a performance in Veracruz, Mexico. Our home is your home.

    Can’t wait to see you live!

  35. Posted by Scarletfiscious    03/09/2015 17:39

    PLease come Singapore! Been asking for 5 years already >< PLease!!!

  36. Posted by Cristinamariacarla    03/09/2015 12:09

    Dear David, even without Neue Philarmonie Orchestra, without special light effects or dancers, You and Your band have been FANTASTIC in Milano last night. Many congratulations and best wishes for your next artistic success.
    Always on my mind, cri

  37. Posted by Kimeridze, Nino    31/08/2015 17:46

    Lieber Maestro,
    schade, dass es mir nicht gelingt am 18.November 2015 nicht in Duesseldorfer Tonhalle Ihr Konzert nicht besuchen kann. Obwohl ich zwei Konzerten in diesem Jahr (am 20. Main in Istambul und am 12. Juni in Moenchengladbach) beigewohnt habe, wuerde ich gerne in live auch Brams Violinkonzert hoeren.
    Viel Erfolg Maestro

  38. Posted by Heloisa Helena Sampaio    31/08/2015 14:24

    David assisti seu show em Nuremberg 2014 e em São Paulo ,Brasil 2015 .Amo su performance .Sua arte bem da alma e preenche as de quem te ouve. Espero um dia poder revê-lo tocando um concerto Clássico.Desejo que sua música ajude a transformar esse mundo levando sempre notas e harmônicos de paz e esperança por onde você passe.Sou sua fã incondicional e evocê está sempre em minhas orações.Deus te abençoe e te proteja.Beijo grande.

  39. Posted by carolina    30/08/2015 00:43

    please Bruch core classical in London end of February. HOPE HOPE

  40. Posted by Cristinamariacarla    29/08/2015 13:44

    ♥Hi David! It would be fantastic if you and your band could play “Oh mia bela Madonina” (the typical milanese song written by Giovanni d’Anzi in 1934) during your next concert in Milano…..a tribute to the city that loves you‼♥♥♥♥♥✴✴♥✴♥✴‼ Please please!! An extra performance !!!!

  41. Posted by Anna    26/08/2015 22:26

    Chiaramente, la vostra riflessione è la tua musica. Un bellissimo specchio in cui tutti noi riflettiamo
    Musica e ritmo….. trovare la loro strada nel luogo segreto dell’anima. Platone non era semplicemente un filosofo, lui fossi un amante della natura, nel silenzio ,aspettava come appare l’universo prima di lui. E quello che il suo capolavoro fá……
    Ci vediamo a firenze …. Grazzie tante …

  42. Posted by Chiara    26/08/2015 17:54

    Hello David,
    see you in Verona!! :) :) I can’t wait to hear your beautiful music!!

  43. Posted by Tanya Tati    25/08/2015 17:27

    David, we need you in USA! San Jose and San Francisco will be so thrilled to hear your divine tunes :) Thank you for being so talented! Hugs from sunny California

  44. Posted by Linda    21/08/2015 23:09

    I am a relatively recent fan, since seeing The Devil’s Violinist, and now I cannot get enough of your music. I own six of your CD’s and listen to them probably more than any other music in my large collection. I am looking forward to seeing you live because I find watching videos of your playing absolutely mesmerizing. The expressions on your face completely reveal the passion you feel for what you are doing and make your performance breathtaking. It is the passion in your playing that speaks to my soul. I have shared your music with friends and family who are equally impressed. Please schedule tours in the U.S., preferably California, soon! No nosebleed seats for me! :o)

  45. Posted by Alma    19/08/2015 14:06

    Hello Maestro of Violin ! I and a large group of your fans dare to invite you to Poland. It will be a honour for us to admire your Virtuosity! Welcome!

  46. Posted by yanette    18/08/2015 17:59

    Hello David
    Muchas gracias por tu musica espero que tu proxima gira por Sur America vengas a Chile, hermosos concierto en Brasil y Argentina.Si no es asi espero disfrutar de tus concierto en Berlin 2016.
    Gran persona musico de exelencia, muchas gracias

  47. Posted by carolina    16/08/2015 22:28

    My first comment about LONDON seems to have disappeared. I hope I am not repeating something hidden. Anyway, hoping for core classical in LON end of Feb or beginning of March. I want to show you off to all my friends.

  48. Posted by carolina    16/08/2015 22:23

    I feel sorry to be one of those trying to pull you in every direction. But my desire is greater than my “sorrow”. I forgot to mention about my LONDON hope…i hope there will be a core classical. i will have lots of friends to take.

  49. Posted by ines maria    16/08/2015 15:06

    Hola te escribo de nuevo para correguir algunas frases que se tradujeron mal como wet y y otra farse q no entiendo ni yo jajaja .Espero que vengas pronto a mi pais España para poder asistir a alguno de tus conciertos q me encantaria.Mientras te segire por mi computador me encanta lo que haces.Espero que ahora el traductor tracmita lo q te digoo.besos

  50. Posted by ines maria    16/08/2015 12:23

    Hola David Garret desde españa ya tienes otra nueva segidora te he descubierto hace poco la verdad tocando viva la vida y me encanto increible como transmites!! Nada besos y espero que no muy lejano por ejemplo el año que biene tengas un huequito para visitar mi pais y poder axistia uno de tus grandes conciertos.Mientras me conformare siguiendote por la wet,.besazos

  51. Posted by Daniela Mori Branco    15/08/2015 21:24

    You are pure Love

  52. Posted by Lisette Baca    14/08/2015 09:02

    Hi David,
    I most recently discovered your music as a result of searching for songs I can PASO to! I’m competing in October-
    When are you putting LOS ANGELES in your schedule? I’m also a Los Angeles based Fitness Trainer (15+ yrs)…
    If you need to TRAIN…I’m pretty tough!
    Think about LA–ok!

  53. Posted by Lisette Baca    14/08/2015 08:52

    Hi David,
    I most recently discovered your music as a result of searching for songs I can PASO to! I’m competing in October-
    When are you putting LOS ANGELES in your schedule? I’m also a Los Angeles based Fitness Trainer (15+ yrs)…
    If you need to TRAIN…I’m pretty tough!
    Think about LA–ok!

  54. Posted by Viviana Donis    13/08/2015 20:54


  55. Posted by Galina Galanos    13/08/2015 07:50

    Freada Dillon is absolutely right. “…The pleasure, joy, ecstasy, sadness, mournfulness, bliss of the music plays out upon our countenance as surely as if it is writ in words on a screen….” and yes, when you play, you and your violin seem to be united in a mystical way that, somehow allows those who are listening to share your emotions.

  56. Posted by giovanna garay    12/08/2015 21:45

    When are you coming to miami???i hope soon!!!

  57. Posted by Luciana    11/08/2015 20:08

    Olá, David! Estou completamente apaixonada pelo seu trabalho. Parabéns! Por favor, venha conhecer o Brasil. Quero muito ir à uma apresentação sua. Mais uma vez, parabéns por seu talento. Abraços.

  58. Posted by ana lucia    10/08/2015 18:05

    Olá David estive com minha familia no espaço das americas no dia 24/07/2015,foi tudo maravilhoso,vc é uma pessoa muito especial,sua música entra na alma ,tenho toda coleção de cds e dvds inclusive autografados por vc na fnac do shopping morumbi,estou ansiosa pelo seu proximo evento,venha logo para o Brasil te amamos muito um grande beijo e obrigada por nos oferecer momentos unicos e inesqueciveis.

  59. Posted by shelc    09/08/2015 04:40

    David, when will your tour come back to the United States and play northern California again!!! We loved your show!!!

  60. Posted by adri    08/08/2015 22:20

    Come to Mexico City

  61. Posted by Freada Dillon    08/08/2015 12:49

    I listen to your music often. (My parrots love it.) But I most love watching you play on videos. I heard you once say in an interview that you don’t look at yourself in a mirror when you practice – when asked about your good looks as they may add to your appeal as an artist. It isn’t your ‘looks’ but your expressions that make you beautiful. I wonder if it has to do with the way a violin is held when played. The instrument touches your carotid artery as well as sits upon your clavicle part of the time. Your entire body must thrum with the life of the music as it literally flows through your bloodstream. The pleasure, joy, ecstasy, sadness, mournfulness, bliss of the music plays out upon your countenance as surely as if it is writ in words on a screen. That is your beauty – that you not only play music on the violin, but that in some mystical way, you become the violin as well as the music – all of a piece. You become the joy you feel and share. How much a miracle you are to the world, you may not know. But those of us that feel your emotions and see your music on your face, and for a few moments, become a part of something greater than ourselves — we know.

  62. Posted by maria de jesus sahagun reynoso    07/08/2015 07:04

    David maestro virtuoso cuando regresaras a Mexico? la ocasión anterior me fue imposible acudir a tus conciertos,pero la próxima no me lo pierdo!!!ahora me conformo con escuchar tu música en cd o youtube para mi seria maravilloso escucharte en vivo adoro la música clásica y me fascinan tus arreglos!! eres genial de mirar tierno y sonrisa hermosa pero tu talento es lo que mas admiro!

  63. Posted by carolina    06/08/2015 19:53

    this is week old news, but it’s still in my head I attended the concert in RIO on 28Jul, and was just as expected WONDERFUL WUNDERBAR,

    Almost comical in the beginning. as soon as band on stage. entire audience stood up and looked towards back.. They knew what was coming. And it was so crowded David could barely battle his way through to stage while playing. Even that was charming and lovely. AND I introduced 7 new Brazilians who are NOW FANS. A great concert. so glad i went. Flight a very long one and started getting sick in plane, cough etc. but now better. I’d do it again in a flash!

  64. Posted by Matthew Deans    06/08/2015 17:12

    The following in Australian has escalated great to see you back.

  65. Posted by Kasia Pokorski    06/08/2015 16:38

    Would love to see you in Canada!!!

  66. Posted by Carole    04/08/2015 19:54

    Hello David, I would like to say what a wonderful musician you are and how much I enjoy listening to your music. I would like to also say my son who is 11yrs old plays the violin, Who is actually practicing as I sit here and type, Such a beautiful sound. He has a MMA Fight show coming up this weekend that he performs the national Anthem for, plus of course his regular practice. :) Anyway, now I’m blabbing, LOL! We both enjoy your music very much. I also enjoyed your Movie, was wonderful, great acting and wonderful Violin. You are a great inspiration for My son Tommy, your style and love for your violin is a wonderful thing to watch and listen to. I have one request of you, I wish you would come to America in Michigan and honor us with your wonderful talent, We would enjoy seeing you live! Take Care!

  67. Posted by Larizza Enríquez JIménez    04/08/2015 18:43

    I didn’t know angels could play the violin…a pleasure to listen to your marvellous music. Larizza

  68. Posted by Cintia    03/08/2015 17:22


  69. Posted by Incantellaria    02/08/2015 09:19

    David Poland is waiting for you !!!!!!

  70. Posted by Sarah Miryam    01/08/2015 07:19

    Hello David, My Wish to see your Live Concert with my own eyes, all this time i only watching your performance via Internet. my wish my dream to see your next performance somewhere or waiting for the Next one in Singapore. i also playing Violin and you are my Great Inspiration to keep on my play in the instrument. Thank you very much for All your efforts to make your music lovable and enjoyable. Blessed David!

    My Best Regards,

    Sarah Miryam

  71. Posted by Alicia    01/08/2015 05:46

    Hello David,please come to Malaysia to have tour!! I am a big fans from Malaysia

  72. Posted by Rosemary Tur    31/07/2015 00:05

    We are waiting for you in St. Louis MO (USA) – Don’t forget us please.

  73. Posted by Katarzyna Waśniowska    28/07/2015 15:02

    Hi David
    Could you please visit Poland ? A lot of fans are waiting for you! :)
    It doesn’t matter which city you will visit, we will follow you anywhere :)

  74. Posted by deise sobral    28/07/2015 02:04

    David , thank you for coming to São Paulo , I loved the show ( 25/07 ) and come back soon , please !!!! His music is wonderful !!!!!

  75. Posted by Daniela Mori Branco    26/07/2015 18:58

    Hi, David! I was here in Curitiba at Teatro Positivo, in your Concert , on 22th July ! Bravo! You are magnifique! Your violin and your music is pure LOVE and FREEDOM and BEAUTY ! I love you and your music! Thank you for giving us so much ,love, peace, music and hope! Hope in a better world, full of peace, music, and love! Kisses from Curitiba

  76. Posted by ivete rodrigues da silvca    26/07/2015 13:17

    Volte logo ao Brasil, e venha na minha cidade Sáo Jose dos Campos- Sáo Paulo…bjs…

  77. Posted by Monica Lins    26/07/2015 00:16

    Estou contando os minutos para assistir seu show aqui no Rio de Janeiro …. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR SONG

  78. Posted by sabrina lentz    25/07/2015 16:17

    Hello David
    Thanks for coming to São Paulo.
    Your music is the best, and you are so beautiful!!!!
    I loved the show, and come back, please!!!

  79. Posted by Elisabet Zimmermann    25/07/2015 13:30

    David Darling, thanks for the great show in Curitiba, Brazil. It was wonderful, lindo.Grande hug and I hope you back soon.

  80. Posted by Marina Zambrano    25/07/2015 13:12

    I play violin for three months , and you are one of my inspirations. Thanks for everything, his show in Sao Paulo (july, 24) was wonderful !! I admire you very much! You are awesome! I love you!!! Thank you! <3 :*

  81. Posted by Renato dos Santos Abreu    23/07/2015 05:07

    Thanks for coming to Curitiba/Brazil. My girlfriend and I loved the show. We are waiting for the next.

  82. Posted by Cinthia Viviana    23/07/2015 02:39

    David please come to Mexico, I love your music and I know I’m not the only one
    I hope you can made it this year.

  83. Posted by Rose C    22/07/2015 18:24

    Hi David,

    I’m from Porto Alegre and I was, last night, in your concert with my mother. Thank you for being here!!! Please, come back soon!

  84. Posted by Ana    21/07/2015 06:24

    Felíz por haber disfrutado un concierto maravilloso de David! Espero volver a escucharlo este año! Gracias!

  85. Posted by Lysander    21/07/2015 01:38

    Also wanted to ask, which was the russian song you played in Buenos Aires? If you’d played Zorba after that I would’ve started dancing!

  86. Posted by Lysander    21/07/2015 00:39

    Guten Abend David,

    Since German isn’t my main language I hope you’ll excuse me using english.

    I’m writing this while listening to your Caprice album… You were simply superb, amazing, marvelous in your venue in Buenos Aires (loved when you asked if Bariloche was in Argentina).

    My hands were a bit numb after clapping so much (and I didn’t even wanted to stop), it’s been so long that I’ve seen an artist like yourself that I’ve almost cried due to your performance, you sincerely make the violin talk, hope all the rest of your venues sell out and that you’ve felt appreciated not only by your music but how you acted with the public and how we responded.

    Lastly you’ve given me the spirit and courage to retake my violin, wish all the best to you and may you continue showing us how the violin can dignify and change even the darkest days.

    gute Nacht

  87. Posted by Mery86    11/07/2015 18:39

    Please add another date in Argentina!! so many fans have not been able to get a ticket, sold out so quiclky! I love your music, it´s heaven for my soul <3

  88. Posted by Tugce    07/07/2015 14:36

    Hi David, when you ll be in İstanbul Turkey again, I missed your concert :( I have been looking forward to listen your music live.

  89. Posted by claudia torres    03/07/2015 03:11

    Please regresa a Mexico te necesitamos!!!!!

  90. Posted by Helen    26/06/2015 18:08

    23 June 2015 we been in Berlin in Waldbuhne…. incredible! Still this show in my minds….. Also we catch a luck! Mother & Gf of David sited close to me! Been very surprised & glad! Super!!!

  91. Posted by Crystal Jade    26/06/2015 09:55

    Does he not tour the US? I just discovered him when I was trying to find a good movie to watch on Netflix and found The Devils Violinist and the hot guy with long hair on the cover sucked me in immediately. I noticed that his acting on the parts where he plays the violin was magnificent. A little too magnificent. So i looked him up on IMDB and found out he was basically a prodigy of our time. I am blown await his talent and want to see him live, so SO BAD! I will travel to see him , if I must. He’s that good, that I would do that. But, just wondered if he ever tours in America? I tried to purchase France tickets just to see how much they were and couldn’t understand the website ’cause it was all in french. lol! This will be a chore trying to see him, but my god is it worth it, i’m sure.

  92. Posted by Janara Morenna    25/06/2015 05:16

    Im so happy that after years I will see David at my city Rio de Janeiro :) I remember that I wrote at this page to ask to bring him to Brasil! Now is real! I would like to stay close of him, to take a picture of him, is that possible? Im big fun, I saw him over 6 years ago at Luxemburgue Wiltz Festival. All best J.

  93. Posted by Eve R    24/06/2015 12:24

    Dear David,
    Patiently waiting since 2009 for a Concert, please come to the country briefly visited which you once missed out on your birthday.
    Kind regards, Eve

  94. Posted by Judith Creighton    24/06/2015 03:57

    I would love to see you in concert in the U.S. Hope you will be touring here soon!

  95. Posted by Paula    22/06/2015 17:40

    Please, come to Colombia! 😉

  96. Posted by Larissa    22/06/2015 05:43

    I would love to see you perform live. Will you be back in the United States any time soon?

  97. Posted by Virginia Mianuli    20/06/2015 18:30

    Hello, David !!
    I just watched Devil’s Violinist and search for your name on google then. I’m so amazed to know that you graduated from Julliard !!! And now I think I become one of your fans. Still don’t get it how you could play violin like that, while here I am, have been learning violin for 8 years and more but still not really expert :(
    By the way, hope you will make a concert in my country, Indonesia ! I have seen your show schedules and it all just in Europe and America’s area. I wish you could make it to Asia’s countries and Indonesia will be one of them :)
    Goodluck for all of your shows 😀
    With love from Indonesia !! ❤❤❤

  98. Posted by Facgi    15/06/2015 04:53

    I hope he’ll come back to Argentina soon… I wanted to see him so hard but when I realized he was coming, the tickets were sold out. It’s a pity :(

  99. Posted by Paulina Tobing    11/06/2015 03:23

    Hi David,
    i’m Paulina from Indonesia. i like Your Music verymuch. i saw your schedule is full. Break periods must be very valuable to you. is it possible you’re going concert in Indonesia? i Hope…

  100. Posted by Ana    09/06/2015 21:27

    Hi David…
    I am a fan from Sao Paulo and I’ll be there in July, 24th – Friday – at Espaços das Américas to your great show.
    I wish you played a Brazilian song called Brejeiro and Apanhei-te Cavaquinho.
    That’s no samba….it’s chorinho.
    Thank you so much.

  101. Posted by Tomasz Kloś    07/06/2015 22:01

    Hello David,

    May I suggest visit Wrocław or any other city in Poland?

  102. Posted by gray    06/06/2015 08:33

    whay u dont have mexico city?????? i want see u again!! <3 come back please <3

  103. Posted by ELIZABETH    05/06/2015 01:53

    Please come to Mexico again!!. We love you and hope see you soon whit your band!!

  104. Posted by carolina    04/06/2015 02:13

    Meg is right. Breaks are very important not to burn out no matter how strong you are and despite how many of us are clamoring for your concerts. I am very happy to see that it APPEARS you will be having a break and I hope a good rest during August, and I don’t know what after September. Your managers might schedule more work for you which means more joy for the rest of us wherever you end up. Of course selfish me, I hope there will be a concert in NYC.

  105. Posted by Dii    02/06/2015 20:37

    David, I downloaded your Bring Me To Life songs from iTunes and love this music. Dii

  106. Posted by Meg    02/06/2015 05:37

    Hi David,

    Please please please take a decent break once in a while.

    “Activity and rest are two vital aspects of life. To find a balance in them is a skill in itself. Wisdom is knowing when to have rest, when to have activity, and how much of each to have. Finding them in each other – activity in rest and rest in activity – is the ultimate freedom.”

  107. Posted by Toby    01/06/2015 22:18

    Why aren’t you coming to USA? I feel so rejected…

    Ny or Boston would be good… maybe Tanglewood? Next tour, please?

  108. Posted by ROCÍO GRANADOS    01/06/2015 03:47

    David come to Perú please.

  109. Posted by Pradeep Gamage    31/05/2015 17:58

    Hi Garrett,
    I am from a small country called Sri Lanka. why dont you travel here! here also so many people waiting for you! they wont able to travel europe. One day you can visit us! dont forget this small country!


  110. Posted by Cristinamariacarla    30/05/2015 23:43

    Milano, questa sera: fantastico, semplicemente fantastico….grande David, grande Riccardo, grandi tutti. Grazie.

  111. Posted by natalia    29/05/2015 04:50

    come to New York PLZ PLZ PLZZZZ otherwise I have to follow you all over the world!:)

  112. Posted by Cristinamariacarla    26/05/2015 15:18

    David, my dear David, wheather forecasts for next May 30th in Milan are not the best, unfortunately. But never mind! I will come even during an earthquacke…in case of rain, you and your violin will be surely protected. Take care of yourself. See you sat, bye, cri

  113. Posted by Marcia Zakaria    26/05/2015 04:44

    Please, when will come to Canada? Ottawa?

  114. Posted by Marj    26/05/2015 00:18

    Hi david. you have a lot of fans here in australia and we would love you to come!! (dint worry, we won’t make you eat vegimite)

  115. Posted by Cintia    20/05/2015 03:01

    México is waiting for Mr. Martin!! Haha

  116. Posted by paula    19/05/2015 20:13

    The first time I ever saw you was on Dancing with the Stars and did your music wow me. I went to the library to find a dvd but could only find the Rock Symphony one. I took it home and down loaded it. I have always been a huge country music fan but in recent years have not listen to it much.. I am more into your music–i absolutely love it!!! I have since bought many more albums and now have to get the “Timeless” one and the Devil’s Violinist.. I have also come to appreciate Katherine Jenkins and Micheal Buble. I have even introduced you to my daughter-she likes you to. It is so much fun checking out your web site and following you on Twitter. You are a very talented man that I am so thankful I discovered.. Seeing you and meeting you in concert would be fantastic. if you are ever in Louisville, Kentucky let me know.
    A Fan Always
    Paula Johnston

  117. Posted by patricia wagner    17/05/2015 20:42

    Dear Master of the Violin
    The Devils Violist was superb. Your mission to elevate Another master of another age was fully accomplished. I had never heard of Paganini, and now wish to go back in time. I watched your movie last night and again this morning.
    To hell with the devil. The music lifted my soul and allowed me to soar in the heavens with the Almighty.
    Damn the critics. I think the advertising fell short and people like myself were never even aware that the movie was out there. I would have went, least three times.
    Pleats come to the United States, New England for concerts. Don’t keep yourself to Europeans. If I had the financiale ability to fly, nothing would keep me, but I am on social security.
    Cusps to you and the movie.
    From an old lady, but a new fan

  118. Posted by telma rembowski    15/05/2015 18:09

    Meu sonho se realizou, David Garrett vai se apresentar em Porto Alegre-RS-Brasil. E o pior de tudo dentro deste milagre, é que não vou poder ir assisti-lo. Pode uma coisa destas? A PLateia Gold, do Auditorio Araujo Vianna já está lotada. O preço subiu de 380, reais, em março, para 410, reais em maio. É uma pena pois este espetáculo deveria ser para todos e não para uma minoria da elite. Somos amantes da musica, e da boa música,apreciamos e prestigiamos os talentos. Não deveria ser tão salgado o valor do ingressos. Tenho que me consolar com os DVDs. Com 66 anos agora, talvez quando e, se, ele vier novamente ao Brasil e principalmente em Porto Alegre eu já não esteja em condições de saúde para vê-lo , ou terei que assisti-lo do outro plano astral. Kiss in the heart, David.

  119. Posted by Milica    14/05/2015 20:08

    Hi David,
    Please come to Serbia, I’d love to see your show in Belgrade. I really admire you, sending you lots of love from Serbia.

  120. Posted by Toma    13/05/2015 21:11

    Hey, David

    Been to your Brahms in Vienna. It was all magic… thank you for making me in love with classical music, as well as with some rock staff with completely new sounding!
    If my voice counts, please come to Ukraine one day.. We would really love to listen not only to crossover, but classical pieces as well!
    Hope to hear you live again someday.

    All the best wishes,

  121. Posted by Carloncho    09/05/2015 02:09

    Hello Dave,
    I´m not sure if you are going to read this lines, but better to do it to loss the opportunity. Time ago I receive a recommendation from my young brother to listen your music, I heard you for a few minutes and time pass go by until last night, I bought your movie (The devil´s violinist); I feel shame to say this, but I bought your movie a month ago and I couldn’t have the time to see and obviously listen your music. I must say I was astonish, I was in shocked to hear and see the way you move your fingers, honestly I couldn´t believe. so today I bought I see your concert in Hannover and it is amazing. Today I started to have feelings for the violin. I just love your music and how you perform your concerts, “Bravo!”. I will not lose my faith to see you someday performing in Peru. Well I hope to see you in Aregentina in Rivadavia. Good bye and Good luck!

  122. Posted by Izabia L Primous    06/05/2015 23:35

    Many Blessing and Greeting from Ohio. I am sadden that you have decided to not tour North America within this year. I can not speak for everyone but if for any reason you felt unwelcome anywhere within the states I humbly apologize and ask the you keep us in your future places of touring in the up coming year. I would humbly enjoy meeting you and perhaps ask what is your true muse for your creations.

    May you evening/morning be peace filled and may you play with much inspiration for the motivation of your fans,

  123. Posted by carolina    06/05/2015 14:34

    Is the Brazil tour a crossover? I hope so, Many Brazilians are rock enthusiasts and not familiar with classical. I want my friends to LOVE it.

  124. Posted by Rosemary Tur    05/05/2015 21:16

    When are you coming to St. Louis MO – 2016?

  125. Posted by Niamh_violinist_violist    03/05/2015 21:41

    Where are the UK shows? Would love to go to a concert in the UK. Absolutely love both the classical music and the cross-over. I have been inspired to do some cross-over stuff by listening to recordings on youtube (I am usually solely a classical musician but have been interested in more rock tunes)

  126. Posted by Jolene Romero    03/05/2015 17:29

    Hello David,
    I would love to meet you. I recently have watched your movie “Devil’s Violinist”. You were out standing, and I must say the movie has me wanting to go to the opera and developing a better appreciation for classical music. I would also like to attend your concert whenever you make it to the USA in Colorado.
    Always Jolene Romero

  127. Posted by Adrian Gallo    01/05/2015 17:07

    David, I just saw your performance in the movie “The Devil’s Violinist” last night and became instantly intrigued by the graceful manner in which you play the violin. However, I am sure that a ‘role’ in a movie is in no way a comparison to a live musical performance. So now I find myself this morning looking into your life, your music, etc. It’s with deep sorrow that I do not see any USA tour dates. Any chance of you visiting Miami, Florida? Or performing in NYC? I will be anxiously waiting!

  128. Posted by ma leticia Divicino    30/04/2015 02:07

    Hi David , congratulations yuo are the best !!!!! saludos desde México , quiero darte las gracias por llenar mi vida con tu música eres extraordinariamente magnifico!! regresa a México please!

  129. Posted by Cinthia Viviana    30/04/2015 01:14

    David, I’m waiting for you in México 😀

  130. Posted by kitty    29/04/2015 15:25

    When do you come to the Nederlands?

  131. Posted by rockrose    20/04/2015 11:41

    Can you please come to NAMIBIA or CAPE TOWN :) We would love to have you here and see you life!

  132. Posted by Cindy    19/04/2015 04:12

    We would welcome you in Birmingham, Alabama as you have MANY fans here! You are absolutely remarkable and breathtaking!! I have never experienced anything in this life quiet like you and your amazing talent!

  133. Posted by Forrest Halford    19/04/2015 02:46

    Please come to the Southwestern United States
    New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Colorado
    Thank you

  134. Posted by Jola    16/04/2015 08:43

    David please come to Vancouver !!!!

  135. Posted by Sigrid    15/04/2015 17:31

    Wenn du Ende Juni nach Graz kommst, dann wirst du mich in deinem Konzert (erneut) verzaubern. Lass du dich von mir verzaubern, in dem ich dir meine wunderschöne Heimatstadt zeige. Eine Stadt, die
    – “aus dem Fenster stürzende Türken” hat,
    – ein bemaltes Haus vorzeigen kann
    – die verwinkelte Gassen, Arkadenhöfe und romantische Innenhöfe sein eigen nennt
    – einen Burgberg mit Gefängnissen, einem steinernen Hund, der einst eine Prinzessin rettete, hat
    – Heimat bzw. Wohnort für verschiedene Komponisten war…..

    Somit hoffe ich auf ein gelungenes Konzert in Graz!

  136. Posted by carolina    15/04/2015 14:20

    Our tickets are purchased and thank goodness SEATS. I have been told most seating is around tables with waiters walking around taking and serving orders. . people eating and drinking, talking. What disrespect to artists as well as audience members who want to immerse themselves in the music. Well, happy to say we will ENJOY our SEATS and really look forward to the concert. Hope David and band enjoy impossibly beautiful RIO, Don’t forget the sunblock!

  137. Posted by Cindy    15/04/2015 01:21

    Please come to the New York City area we can’t wait to see you live!

  138. Posted by Lau Coronado    15/04/2015 00:11

    My dear David, Come back to Mexico but to Auditorio Nacional in México City please! :) …Kisses and hugs, your are marvelous. <3

  139. Posted by Karina    14/04/2015 20:19

    What about USA? Texas is waiting for you :*

  140. Posted by Rosemary Tur    14/04/2015 05:52

    When are you coming to St. Louis MO?

  141. Posted by sabine    13/04/2015 10:43

    When will there be a tour in Asia?

  142. Posted by Andrea    13/04/2015 02:07

    David, unfortunately I couldn’t go to any of the concerts you gave last November in Mexico so please do come back this year please 😀

  143. Posted by adriana ortega    12/04/2015 21:02

    What about Canada? Vancouver! Please… Canada needs you!

  144. Posted by Cintia    10/04/2015 18:46

    Mexico is waiting for you (again) :)

  145. Posted by Crispy    09/04/2015 14:36

    David do not forget Mexico, please.

  146. Posted by carolina    09/04/2015 02:33

    as a retiree of the former Brazilian airline I have friends and former colleagues in Rio. As a gift to myself and them, I intend to fly to Rio from NYC and treat them all to David’s concert on 28JUL. David spreads such joy wherever he plays and I don’t want to miss it plus I want my friends to experience it for the first time. It will be expensive but definitely worth it. My philosophy is money is replaceable but peace of mind and joy are not. The joy on my friends’ faces will give me complete happiness, In NYC David was kind enough to come to the Quad cinema for Q&A plus a short performance, but not enough for me. So I hope to get my fill In Rio while his music and joyfulness spread over all of us. and David will have some new fans.. I am organizing this adventure early in order NOT to miss such a chance

  147. Posted by Erfan    08/04/2015 20:42

    Hello david im going to violine class in iran and you are my star.every day im listening your musics because they are so Pleasurable

  148. Posted by carolina    07/04/2015 13:21

    since i see no U.S. cities, especially NYC, I plan to fly to Rio and treat all my friends there to the Rio concert.on 28JUL. Treat myself too. But some NEW fans for David in Rio.. The joy I will see on their faces will make me very happy.

  149. Posted by Dani    06/04/2015 09:52

    Immer nur Arbeit und nochmals Arbeit! Wann denkt dieser Mann einmal an sich?

  150. Posted by Andressa Leto    05/04/2015 03:41

    Counting the days to see you in São Paulo, Brazil! This show will be EPIC!!! XOXO ♥

  151. Posted by Sina    02/04/2015 09:51

    Lieber David, lieber Julien,
    danke für die großartigen Brahmssonaten. Euer Zusammenspiel war wirklich perfekt. Und dass Ihr dann auch mal wieder den Czardas als Zugabe gespielt habt … wunderbar!!!
    Weniger wunderbar ist allerdings, dass man bei den Klassikkonzerten in ständig zunehmendem Maße durch andere Konzertteilnehmer belästigt wird, die während der gesamten Veranstaltung unablässig Ihre Handys oder Fotoapparate in die Höhe halten und fotografieren oder filmen. Es stört die Konzentration gerade auf Stücke wie die Brahms-Sonaten ganz erheblich, wenn man regelmäßig sechs bis sieben leuchtende Bildschirme im Blickfeld zwischen sich und der Bühne hat. Nicht alles, was bei Popkonzerten geht, geht auch bei Klassikkonzerten …
    Liebe Grüße! Sina

  152. Posted by Anastasiya    02/04/2015 07:27

    Hello David! Come to Russia (Moscow) with your crossover- concert please. We are waiting for you !!!!! wonderful maestro ♥♥♥♥

  153. Posted by Maria Regina    01/04/2015 21:00

    Hello I wanted to know if David will play the Arena of Verona September 5. thank you

  154. Posted by Lily    01/04/2015 11:35

    Hi David, are you planning to come to Israel? Will be happy to see you here :)

  155. Posted by Megan    31/03/2015 21:48

    My copies of your albums Rock Symphonies and Music just arrived today! Been listening non stop! I’ve just started listening to your newer pieces too. You are a true artist! Also, please come to the UK if you ever get the chance, I and my best friend would love to see you play live!

  156. Posted by Dina    31/03/2015 09:09

    Vielen Dank für den wunderbaren Abend gestern, 30. April 2015, in der Berliner Philharmonie! Deine Freude am Instrument und an der Musik, lieber David, ist ein immens mitreißendes Erlebnis – danke, danke danke!

  157. Posted by seski ramadhan    30/03/2015 04:59

    Hi David,

    You are so talented, i love your music, when you will make a concert in Indonesia?

    Keep spirit for what you are doing now

  158. Posted by Lisa    30/03/2015 02:33

    My whole family loves you. Our 3 and 5-year-old daughters ask for your Viva la Vida video all the time. Our 3 year old thinks your name is David Garrick, but we know what she means 😉 Our 5 year-old has been playing the violin for about a year and she takes breaks during her practice to pretend to play like you (really fast, and with lots of enthusiasm!). You are helping to make violin accessible and fun. Please come to the Maryland/ DC area of the US on a tour soon! Our family would enjoy it so much. Thanks for breaking down the barriers between genres- your music is a breath of fresh air!

  159. Posted by Miri    27/03/2015 11:38

    Danke für einen wundervollen Abend, gestern. Ich habe mitgefühlt, ein paar Tränchen vergossen und die Musik genossen… Ihr wart großartig!!
    Ich freu mich schon auf die nächsten Konzerte!

  160. Posted by Cristina Bowers    26/03/2015 18:04

    First of all, thank you for reminding me how much I liked classical music. Listening to you play the “Palladio” i couldn’t help but thinking how special it would be to listen you play the piece here in Vicenza,city of Andrea Palladio.
    Here is the link of the Teatro Olimpico,one of the best Andrea Palladio designs.
    Sincerely, Cristina.

  161. Posted by Manuela Flepp-Kohler    26/03/2015 14:55

    Lieber David,
    dein Konzert am 24. März im KKL Luzern war schlicht grossartig & überwältigend. Mit deiner Kunst berührst du Millionen. Die zauberhaften Töne, die du deiner Violine entlockst, gehen direkt ins Herz. Herzlichen Dank dafür <333
    ABER, dass du nach deinem fantastischen Auftritt & den drei Zugaben SOFORT das Weite gesucht hast, das hat mich dann doch sehr enttäuscht :-( Wenigstens eine Autogrammkarte von dir hätte ich mir gewünscht – wenigstens! 😉

  162. Posted by TArmbrust    25/03/2015 17:05

    Please come to the US!! I’d give anything to see you in concert. I live in the Midwest. Your the one that inspired me to play violin 6 years ago, now I’ve also taken up viola! Everyone in the Midwest loves you!! Please come some day!! And also, please bring your movie here!! I would do anything to see it!!

  163. Posted by Rosemary Tur    22/03/2015 05:25

    Please, please come back to St. Louis MO – missed the concert in Jan, 2014.

  164. Posted by Katharine    21/03/2015 14:04

    Hello David, thank you for your wonderful moments with your violin.Please please come back to JAPAN next tour!!!
    Many JAPANESE fans here!!! We are waiting for you!!!

  165. Posted by Tracy Nelson    21/03/2015 01:10

    My five year old has been asking me to take her to your concert. Please come to the west coast of the United States so she could go. :)

  166. Posted by Heike    20/03/2015 08:00

    Vielen Dank für das wundervolle Brahms-Konzert in Hamburg am 17.03.2015!!!!! Ein toller Abend , super Stimmung, Standing Ovations und drei Zugaben!!!!!!

    Thank you very much for the amazing Brahms-Konzert in Hamburg!!!! An gorgeous evening, a wonderful atmosphere, standing ovations an three extra piece of music!!!

  167. Posted by Maria Laura    15/03/2015 22:18

    I’d love to see you play in Argentina!!! Buenos Aires is waiting you!

  168. Posted by LunaBodom    11/03/2015 23:52

    Plz come to Uruguay!!!

  169. Posted by Tatiana    08/03/2015 20:27

    Lieber David! Danke, dass Du doch Moskau besuchen hast, trotz schwere Zeiten fuer dieses Besuch.
    Die Russen lieben Dich und Deine Musik unheimlich sehr.
    Fuer uns es war eine tolle Moegligkeit dich endlich zu sehen und zu hoeren. Doch waren wir ueberrast und bedruekt, warum hast Du keine Bluemen genohmen? Jedes Bluemchen war herzlich und mit dem grossen Sinn gewaelt :-(
    Jetzt koennen wir nur vermuten, warum…. (Angst vor russian Pest :-))

    Wir hoffen, Dich noch bei uns sehen. Warten ungeduldig!!!!

  170. Posted by Angelioux PM    08/03/2015 00:17

    Hello David,
    On behalf of all your mexicans fans, come back this year and make an autograph signing

  171. Posted by Anneli    07/03/2015 22:41

    Hello David,
    thank You for wonderful moments with your music. It would really be wonderful to meet you in Estonia,
    please-please come!!!

  172. Posted by Angelioux PM    07/03/2015 00:00

    Please David come back to Mexico this year!!!!

  173. Posted by Sarai Mauricio    06/03/2015 16:29

    David te admiro tanto tanto eres mi inspiración. Te esperamos en El Salvador, seria un honor recibirte. 😀

  174. Posted by Ana Paola    04/03/2015 17:18

    MEXICO, MEXICO, MEXICO, aqui te admiramos, te amamos, y nunca te olvidamos, te quedaste en nuestros corazones, no nos dejes con ganas de ti, este 2015, regresa, Attee. La fan que mas te ama

  175. Posted by Ana Paola    04/03/2015 17:11

    David regresa a Mexico, no te pierdas el amor y la admiracion que sentimos miles de mexicanas por ti, te amamos.

  176. Posted by Elena    03/03/2015 10:27

    David, thank you very much for the concert in Moscow on March 2, 2015. It was amazing. Bright, strong music. And this is different – the sun, the summer wind, summer rain and cool in the evenings…. Bright, Sunny music.
    Elena Glazkova

  177. Posted by Andressa Leto    03/03/2015 02:23

    My tix to see you in São Paulo are already with me!!! Gonna be really close to the stage!!! CYA truly soon!!! XOXO ♥.♥

  178. Posted by Maria    02/03/2015 23:07

    After the concert today David was attacked by the huge crowd. It seems this was the most difficult for him and any musician than to work full concert. David was very patient and friendly, I think he actually generous. In General, the procedure itself autographs terrible thing, they all clambered forward, they make the photo, although the photo is enough on the Internet and everyone wants to get personal attention. David would like to hope that You will return to Moscow and it will be a solo concert. Thank you !

  179. Posted by Emily    27/02/2015 20:47


  180. Posted by Ariadne    27/02/2015 18:04

    Toi,toi,toi für den Auftakt der Saison in Moskau!
    Wäre schön, wenn David in diesen Zeiten als Zugabe die “Ode an die Freude” als Zeichen geben würde, denn wie wir alle wissen, verbindet Musik die Völker dieser Welt.
    In diesem Sinne alles Gute!

  181. Posted by Andressa Leto    27/02/2015 00:17

    Crazy to see you in São Paulo, Brazil! XO ♥

  182. Posted by Luiza Melo    23/02/2015 11:29

    Hello, I wonder if it will be the concert of David Garrett in Brazil this year? Are reporting this concert here, but on the official website there is no reference to this concert. Love David Garrett !!

  183. Posted by Kathrin    23/02/2015 00:56

    I wish you would come and play in Atlanta. Bring mir die Heimat wieder näher!

  184. Posted by anna    22/02/2015 18:48

    I will be on Classic Revolution in Berlin!!!!!
    We are waiting for you in Poland, David!

  185. Posted by Andressa Leto    22/02/2015 16:17


  186. Posted by Leticia    22/02/2015 00:46

    please david come to Spain,The Spanish fans we are hoping that you come in concert, serious a dream for all of us, a big kiss

  187. Posted by Alper    21/02/2015 14:51

    David , we love you , we want to see you in Turkey .

  188. Posted by lily    20/02/2015 06:27

    please david come back to monterrey mexico again!! we love your music :) and your past show was amazing the best concert in my life …..come back soon pleaseeeee …xoxo

  189. Posted by leyla    19/02/2015 16:28

    Dear David,

    Have you ever seen Turkey? You must see! And we must hear and see you! Please come! :)

  190. Posted by dannyfress    19/02/2015 15:51

    Hi DAvid ……you are a great musician ……i like to listen your music …….can you please come to Ecuador.?…..pleaseee… would be amazing

  191. Posted by Ericka Gaona    18/02/2015 13:50

    Please David come back to Mexico, we are waiting to hear you again!! te amamos David!

  192. Posted by Andressa Leto    17/02/2015 21:32

    I can’t hardly wait to see you in São Paulo, Brazil! This will be EPIC to all of us!!! XO ♥

  193. Posted by Liliy    17/02/2015 11:47

    I hope to see you in Ukraine someday. We, Ukrainians, love all beautiful music so we are waiting.

  194. Posted by veg alessio    17/02/2015 01:21

    Como back to Mexico soon David

  195. Posted by Cristinamariacarla    15/02/2015 20:33

    Glück hat mich geküsst: letzten Oktober war ich in Olympiahalle in München, nächsten März werde ich nach Turin fahren, und am Mai wirst du zu meiner Stadt Mailand kommen!!!! Was soll ich mehr wollen?!?!

  196. Posted by Bianca Jussara    10/02/2015 03:45

    David, please don’t forget Brazil! We love your art! Do you have any plans to come to Brazil? Hugs!

  197. Posted by Meruert    09/02/2015 10:01

    Hi David, do you have any plan to Kazakhstan (Astana)?

  198. Posted by Alberto    08/02/2015 00:04

    Para cuando Argentina (Buenos Aires), tú apreciada música es muy esperada en este continente, Te queremos David no nos dejes de lado y trata de incluirnos. Saludos Alberto

  199. Posted by Maria Teresa    07/02/2015 23:45

    David just now I am enjoying the music you play. One of my favorite composers of classical music is Frederic Chopin, Nocturno it´s a great track. I would like to tell you this one, the movie Devil Volinist was so wonderful I had the opportunity to watch it here in Mexico. Let me tell you something, Niccolo Paganini would be happy to hear how his music was played for you. See you another time. Marie!!

  200. Posted by Samantha    07/02/2015 23:12

    Please please please come back to the UK for more crossover concerts! There is nobody like you over here, you really are one of a kind. <3

  201. Posted by Kide    05/02/2015 05:28

    Hi David, do you have any plan to China? My friends and I listened all your albums, and like them very much. We are looking forward your performance!!!

  202. Posted by Allison    04/02/2015 10:15

    Hi David, do you have any plans to come to the UK? My son is 8 & has just started learning violin & playing with a young orchestra. He LOVES your Rock Symphonies album & I’d love to take him to see you play!! You’re a real inspiration to him. We’d love you to come to the Uk!!

  203. Posted by EMNegrete    04/02/2015 07:26

    When will you be back in the States? Tragically I missed you on your last tour, would love to see you performing Vivaldi live <3

  204. Posted by zahrarishmawy    04/02/2015 01:44

    DAVID PLEASE DON´T FORGET MEXICO! We´ll be waiting for you! WE CANT GET ENOUGH OF YOU AND YOUR DELICIOUS MUSIC !! big hug and best wishes from Cancun, Mexico!!!!!! Te queremos, David! Stay tuned, love Zahra!

  205. Posted by hisako sato    03/02/2015 11:27

    Come back to Japan,please!!!!!!!!!!

  206. Posted by Connie    31/01/2015 05:10

    Come back to Mexico, please!!!!!

  207. Posted by Lian    30/01/2015 19:10


  208. Posted by Andressa Leto    30/01/2015 03:16


  209. Posted by simone braga barros    30/01/2015 02:02


    We received this week the news that David will perform some concerts in Brazil this year, in July. You could confirm me if this news is true?

    Thank you!

  210. Posted by Larissa Hümmelgen    29/01/2015 18:33

    You’re the best musician (alive, of course) that I have never seen before! Your music makes me feel under no boundaries, as I could touch the sky. I know that a lot of people feel the same… But it would be much better if I could see you in a concert, but you are making concerts so far away… So you could come to BRAZIL and share your unbelievable talent with us. It would be awesome! PLEASE COME TO BRAZIL! Our theaters are not as beautiful as Austria or Germany, but we can offer you the best!
    L. Hümmelgen

  211. Posted by Stefy Moreno    28/01/2015 15:58

    Please COME TO COLOMBIA!!!

  212. Posted by Anelim    27/01/2015 23:37

    Please, please, please, come to Argentina!!!

  213. Posted by isis    26/01/2015 10:49

    by the way, your music accompany me when I lost my fiance and during pregnancy my son . I always put your music , it calms down and falls asleep. I hope in Spain soon

  214. Posted by isis    26/01/2015 10:43

    I am Spanish and e taken me a disappointment to see that there was no scheduled concert in Spain . I love how you play , you put passion and finesse you transmit . I ‘m trying to get to commute to see you. but please come to Spain soon , here you have many fans wanting to see you play live .

  215. Posted by Suzy kaletta    26/01/2015 04:41

    Please come to the USA! We love you in Los Angeles, California! Please, please, please :-*

  216. Posted by Bergmann Castro Glauce    25/01/2015 02:57

    Meu sonho seria assistir David Garrett fazendo muitas apresentações aqui no Brasil, como não posso assisti-lo no exterior, ficaria encantada de vê-lo aqui, claro de preferência com uma visão privilegiada do show. Na música “Air” de Johann Sebastian Bach eu me emociono muito, sinto a áurea e a essência dela, me faz chorar muito… Parabéns David, já li tudo a seu respeito e tenho um imenso prazer em saber que existem pessoas especiais como você <3 Te espro no Brasil!!!

  217. Posted by Diana    24/01/2015 16:25

    Herr Garrett!

    Please come to the USA! A tour! Many will come! You are inspiring a young generation of musicians and older alike! Music enthusiasts need and want to hear you play live in the USA! Bitte! Bitte! Bitte! Bitte kommen Sie in die USA! Bitte! Diana & Nicolas

  218. Posted by pariya    23/01/2015 12:21

    Hi David!!♡please come to turkey…
    I love your musics!! I live with your musics!:)♡
    Please please please pleas!!:)Daviiid please!!!♡♡♡

  219. Posted by Tatyana Iv    23/01/2015 05:10

    Hello, I would like to see You in Kazakhstan! Wellcome!

  220. Posted by carolina    22/01/2015 17:28

    Have my eyes peeled for NYC . We need a good fix here!!!! Carolina

  221. Posted by Nado A hammad    21/01/2015 13:01

    Hey David would you please come to egypt

  222. Posted by Xerxes    20/01/2015 08:09

    Come to Iran please…
    You are very popular in Iran.
    … love you too much☺❤

  223. Posted by Lucie    19/01/2015 13:44

    Sehr geehrter Herr Garrett,
    ich bin Inserat die Länder Ihre Tour und so sehe ich Sie in Deutschland, in Italien, Österreich, handeln, aber ich sehe unsere schönen Tschechien, das in Ihrem Land am nächsten ist. Und während die genaue Verbindung der musikalischen Erfahrungen von Ihnen im Hintergrund mit unserem schönen Prag oder Olomouc, würde haben eine unvergessliche, magische Moment für Sie und für uns. Denke darüber nach? Vielen Dank für Ihre Zeit und ich wünsche Ihnen viele schöne und unvergessliche Töne.

  224. Posted by Eleni    19/01/2015 04:21

    Even though it’s pretty far away, I wish you could come to Argentina. We’re in serious need of some good music over here!

  225. Posted by Andressa Leto    18/01/2015 22:27

    Bring your tour to São Paulo, Brazil! We have some AWESOME venues to your show! You can contact me on Twitter (same username) for more info!!! You will LOVE here David!!! :)

  226. Posted by Natalí    17/01/2015 17:42

    Querido David Garrett,
    le escribo desde Uruguay, un país chiquito pero muy lindo ubicado en América del Sur.
    Aquí en la capital del país, Montevideo, contamos con un hermoso teatro llamado “Teatro Solís” el mas importante de nuestro país, inaugurado el 25 de agosto del año 1856, en el cual tuve el gusto de realizar una pasantia de atención al público durante un año y medio. En el “Solís” se realizan muchos conciertos de música clásica e incluso cuenta con su propia orquesta nombrada “Orquesta Filarmónica de Montevideo”
    Conocí su música a través de una amiga y a partir de ese momento lo escucho en mi trabajo dia a dia. Seria un honor para mi poder disfrutar de su música en nuestro teatro. Le puedo asegurar que el público del Solís le va agradar.
    Lo saluda atentamente,

  227. Posted by Fabio Almeida    17/01/2015 01:35

    Hey David!! Please come to Brazil or South America!!!

  228. Posted by francisca    15/01/2015 08:10

    Hallo David’m aus Chile und ich bewundere eine Menge, denn ich liebe klassische Musik, üben Violine, Klavier und Sopran-Gesang. Nun, ich sage euch, dass in Chile die Leute sind sehr anhänglich und lieben, gibt es viele Fans Club, wo sterben auf Sie zu kommen (mich eingeschlossen), wenn Sie kommen, werden Sie nicht bereuen, wirst sehr dankbar sein, und alles, was Chile auch.

  229. Posted by Juliana Esteves    14/01/2015 13:48

    Hi, David! Please COME TO BRAZIL, to SÃO PAULO. =) I’m addicted to your songs and have many cds and dvds – so amaaazing! I adore you and your songs. I’m waiting for you, ok? :*

  230. Posted by Cibele felix    13/01/2015 12:57

    Come to Brazil , please !!!!

  231. Posted by Kylie Foster    13/01/2015 03:41


  232. Posted by Natalie    12/01/2015 06:54

    Hello David, the 1st time I saw you my dad was watching your pbs special. Instantly I was hooked. I wanted to hear more and absolutely fell in love with your music. Unfortunately, I was not able to see you when you came to Sacramento, California. I would love the chance to be able to see you in concert one day. Will you be coming back? Please say yes.

  233. Posted by Christine    11/01/2015 15:11

    Wieso keine Termine in UK?
    Ich habe erst kürzlich meine Liebe zur Violine, mit 37, entdeckt! Ich bringe mir das Spielen selbst bei (soweit so gut) und bin auf der Suche nach Konzerten die ich besuchen kann. Live zu hören und sehen ist etwas Besonderes.

  234. Posted by Gracie Villariez    11/01/2015 00:53

    Mabuhay Mr.David! =)
    Hope you can also visit the Philippines in one of your Asian tours. God speed!

  235. Posted by Heike    06/01/2015 13:31

    Hallo David,
    ich wünsche dir ein frohes neues Jahr 2015, Gesundheit und ausreichend freie Zeit zum Regenerieren. Wie hat sich das Lampenfieber entwickelt? Bei den zahlreichen Tourneedaten wird es wieder zahlreiche Gelegenheiten geben, daran zu arbeiten.
    Herzliche Grüße Heike

  236. Posted by Lina Robertshaw    06/01/2015 11:54

    We love you too. You are truly a virtuoso. Love your personality very down to earth. Wish you could perform in
    Philadelphia at the Academy of Music with the Philadelphia Orchestra,
    God bless you always
    Lina Robertshaw

  237. Posted by Tatiana    04/01/2015 17:19

    Hi David,
    Would like to draw your attention to the composition “Exile Vilify” performed by “The National”. It seems this song can get interesting version for violin and orchestra. What do you think?
    Thank you for what you are doing…

  238. Posted by Diana    03/01/2015 01:21

    David .. when you come to Colombia or South America? I love your music and my dream is to see you playing live .. a big hug :)

  239. Posted by Joshua Suasnabar    31/12/2014 20:24

    Hola Garrett, acá en Lima, Perú te queremos mucho. Espero algún día puedas venir.. sería un gran honor poder escucharte en uno de nuestros teatros. Esperamos tu visita en alguna gira sudamericana que hagas y gracias por deleitar nuestros oídos con tu talento. Saludos.

  240. Posted by Ana Lucia    28/12/2014 22:54

    Te amamos en Medellín Colombia. Esperamos verte pronto en gira sudamericana. Después de ver tu película este diciembre quedé más enamorada de tu música.

  241. Posted by blümchen14    26/12/2014 20:28

    Hey David, Ich wollte fragen warum dein konzerte so teuer sind wen du mit den wiener symphonicker zumsammen spielst da kostet eine Karte ab 103 Euro ich finde schon das du das wert bist nur es ist schon etwas teuer.

  242. Posted by Ivonne Ortiz    26/12/2014 18:02

    hola mi hijo es un gran admirador tuyo, ¿cuando regresas a México?? el quiere ir a verte y deseo que el vaya, la verdad es que eres un gran violinista. x fa regresa pronto!!!!

  243. Posted by Danuta Kuleszynska    26/12/2014 15:22

    Dear David… You have a wunderful tour-plan on 2015…. But I hope, you will play in Poland too, in the future… Yours fans wait you… Me too…. All the best for you in 2015

  244. Posted by Maryam Gayfieva    25/12/2014 19:22

    Marry Christmas David and all the best the the coming New Year! I wonder if you will be planning to visit London with a concert sometime next year? We need some sparkles here too. Thank you

  245. Posted by Millieu    17/12/2014 17:36

    Thank you for coming to Switzerland. So happy to see you.

  246. Posted by Cel    11/12/2014 09:34

    Hey David – INDIA CALLING!!! 17 years since, you have got to make a ‘come-back’ to Bombay! Think it through with your Management – will be worth every bit of your time! Great Marketing Opportunity, Outstanding Audience & A Very Vibrant Country to play to. Happy to put your team in touch with some of the finest event managing companies, who have organized and hosted similar shows! You were simply ‘brilliant’ in The Devil’s Violinist! Very well done indeed! Looking forward to your performance out here…

  247. Posted by Iryna_Pianyk    10/12/2014 15:37

    David, come to Ukrain, please. Ukrainians love You!

  248. Posted by Alexandra    09/12/2014 20:16

    We need you here in Brazil , please come play for us , it will be awesome!

  249. Posted by blümchen14    07/12/2014 15:25

    Hallo David,
    Ich bin 14 jahre alt und ich bekomme seit 4 Jahren Geigen Untericht und ein großer Fan von dir. Ich liebe deine Musik besonders klassiche Stücke mein Lieblingstück ist “Humoresque “was wir auch grade nach meinem Wunsch im geigenuntericht spielen:) aber ,ich finde auch toll wen du Pop Stücke spielst und sie mit dem pedalboard verbindest besonders das lied viva la vida wen du es auf deiner Geige spielst bin ich immer sofort glücklich. Ich hoffe ich bekomme mal die Möglichkeit auf dein Konzert zu gehen. Und es wäre echt cool wen du mal in Deutschland eine Autogramm Stunde geben würdest dan würde ich meine Geige mitbringen und sie von dir Unterschreiben lassen.
    Blümchen 14

  250. Posted by pariya    03/12/2014 23:25

    Daviiid ! Please come to iran (i know this is hard)
    But if you can to have concert on turkey , that will be very good…and surely i ‘ll be there

  251. Posted by mehmet    30/11/2014 17:12

    Come to Istanbul in 2015 please

  252. Posted by Tanya    27/11/2014 04:31

    David, any chance of you coming to Toronto? Anne Sophie Mutter was just here on Friday Nov 21st – her Canadian debut – and she was very well received. And Itzhak Perlman is performing on Dec 1st. We have a big classical community that would love and adore you – please please consider it. If not, then hopefully you will plan something for New York for your Canadian and American fans. Wishing you much continued success!

  253. Posted by Dawn Bernhard    26/11/2014 22:57

    You have such passion and talent and are “truly” a gift to all who enjoy music, especially classical music! Look forward to you touring in the USA when your schedule allows. I am in Texas, please consider.
    Many Blessings

  254. Posted by Esther    26/11/2014 22:27

    Hi David Garrett, I am Esther and wanted to tell you that your Concert in Monterrey, Mexico was wonderful!!! I loved it in all espects!! Hope to have you again in the city!!! Love your music!!!!

  255. Posted by Rhonda M    25/11/2014 23:05

    @Classic Callie
    Thanks for your encouragement and perspective. Europe is very, very beautiful and I would not want to leave it either. Oh well-wish DG continued successes and all his hopes and dreams come true.

  256. Posted by Maíra Sgobbi    24/11/2014 16:05

    David!! Come to Brazil, please!!!

  257. Posted by cath    24/11/2014 11:34

    Hi David,

    Love your music, when will you come to Sydney to perform your wonderful music ? My little girl ( 9 years) is your huge fan too, can’t wait to see you perform live here in Sydney!

  258. Posted by Classic Callie    24/11/2014 08:56

    @ Rhonda M.,
    I understand exactly how you are feeling, but please don’t give up on David not touring the USA in 2015. If you follow his tour schedule in the previous years, it appears that his tours in the United States are planned at the beginning of the year, usually in January or February.

    Keep positive thoughts with an open mind and a hopeful heart and enjoy the amazing results!

  259. Posted by maryferal11    24/11/2014 05:53

    David thanks for delighting us with your music, you are always welcome in Mexico. You’re amazing

  260. Posted by Viri Villalobos    23/11/2014 03:50

    Dear David.

    Thank you for coming to Mexico the 2 concerts in the Auditorio Nacional were unforgetable, your performance of La Bamba won the mexicans hearts, we all love you, please back soon.

    Hugs and kisses
    your fan #1 Viridiana.

  261. Posted by Emelia B. Santamaria    21/11/2014 19:20

    And I can say as early as now that your very own new composition “Serenity” will reach great heights!!! It is such a amazingly awesome piece of music!

  262. Posted by Emelia B. Santamaria    21/11/2014 19:17

    Come and play your incredible violin music for us here in the Philippines, David!!! You never cease to lift me up with your impressively great talent and your MUSIC “in this world of troubles have always pulled me through!”

  263. Posted by Juliane Ferreira    21/11/2014 05:06

    We are waiting for you here in Brazil !

  264. Posted by Nelia Lake    20/11/2014 19:23

    You are a very recent discovery and passion, my friend. Your strings sing within my heart. I, too, would treasure your visit stateside.

  265. Posted by Carol Horrigan    20/11/2014 10:51

    Dear David:
    A few of us ladies are your devout fans and we really would love for you to return to the US sometime in 2015. A classical concert in Seattle would be our dream for you to perform. We really appreciate you!

  266. Posted by Crispy    20/11/2014 03:24

    I just want to say thank you for printing passion on every interpretation. I Know that sooner or later the good comments will weigh even more than bad ones. I loved the composition of your authoring with John . And I dream of a great classical concert in México. La Bamba was a compliment for Veracruz woman who admires you as a great musician that you are. Have a nice trip to Moscow

  267. Posted by luis alejandro    19/11/2014 17:21

    come to colombia please come

  268. Posted by Rhonda M    19/11/2014 02:52

    Not feeling the love in the USA….seems like the USA fans are the least important…Mexico gets TWO tours in the same year! 2015 is booking fast but nothing about a USA tour in 2015? We don’t get any classical either. Maybe he believes the USA fans don’t have enough culture to appreciate his beautiful music? Out of sight, out of ……..

  269. Posted by begum    18/11/2014 15:13

    We want to see here a concert date for İstanbul too!!!

    Loves from Turkey,

  270. Posted by Annemarie    17/11/2014 20:11

    Hello David,

    I don’t know if you actually get around to reading these, but just wanted to say that you’ve got a HUGE little fan in Calgary, AB Canada who is now 7 years old and just started playing the violin in the spring. You have inspired my little fellow so much, and we are all enjoying your music – and all your different styles. My son wanted to know if you damaged your violin when you were making the video for Viva la Vida with all the paint powder flying all around :). We really admire your artistry as well as your skill, and would love to be able to see you live if you ever get this way. Perhaps we’ll just have to travel to Europe one day! : ) Thanks for the hours of enjoyment your music has given us!

  271. Posted by Doris Yanzi    16/11/2014 01:04

    Please come to Australia. But even if your not. I’m planning to fly over there to see you anyways. I would struggle to make it in the first half of the year. But when more events come out in the second half of the year I will find a way to book one.
    Your music has supported me through some tough times and since 2008 I have been planning this trip to see you but things always get in the way, I still don’t have much time, but flying over and seeing you perform live is one of my dreams. I told my boss already if you are not coming next year he will have to give me time off to go and see you in Europe. I will find a way to make him say yes. Lol

  272. Posted by Teddy    14/11/2014 07:59

    David, you are a fabulous artist and person! Please, come to Sofia, Bulgaria for a concert <3

  273. Posted by Burtonsternli    14/11/2014 05:54

    Nur noch knappe 2h übrig bis der Vorverkauf für die Rezital-Tournee mit Pianist Julien Quentin und David Garrett m KKL Luzern startet. Bin wahnsinnig aufgeregt, hoffe, dass ich gute Plätze ergattern kann. Freu mich auf Dich bis im März. Sind ja nur noch 4 Monate <3

  274. Posted by Jelena    13/11/2014 20:35

    Pozdrav za Nadu! David je bio 2008 u Beogradu i Novom Sadu ali bi mogao opet malo da skokne do nas 😉
    Mislim, znam da sam dosadna sto to stalno pominjem but— David…please come to Serbia! I’m Your biggest PR here 😉

  275. Posted by Nada    12/11/2014 21:52

    David, all of these girls here are so into you because you are passionate about what you’re doing.
    I have 2 questions for u:
    -Have you ever asked for a phone number from any of these girls you chose to join you on the stage? :-(
    -Can you please pay attention to this cute little peninsula named Balkan? :) Please, come here! At least to explore our beutiful musical history and visit bohemian quarter in Belgrade named Skadarlija where you can hear every night tamburitza and go back several decades and learn smt about our culture. How could you have my phone number if you don’t consider this ? lol
    Hope that you will read this. :)
    Hugs and kisses, Nada.

  276. Posted by Petra    12/11/2014 13:25

    Hallo David,
    ich wünsche dir für deine weiteren Konzerte alles Gute und deinem Publikum genauso viel Spaß und Begeisterung wie ich das in Berlin hatte. Ich denke du hast noch sehr viel vor und sicher auch weiterhin viele gute Ideen für deine Projekte. Ich hoffe auf eine Live DVD zu deiner Classik Revolution Tour! Das Konzert hat bei mir einen bleibenden Eindruck hinterlassen und da vergisst man schon mal, dass man inzwischen weit ü 40 ist :-)
    Alles Gute für dich und alle die, die dich immer begleiten und unterstützen!
    Dein neues Album und die Bonus DVD zeigen einmal mehr, was für ein begnadeter Musiker du bist.
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum ECHO!

  277. Posted by Claudia Vaisman    06/11/2014 18:47

    Dear David,
    I was in your last concert in Berlim ( october ). I really plain this trip to Germany because I am your biggest fan.
    I would like to be the woman who went to the stage, lucky girl. You must play in Brazil. Love u.

  278. Posted by Andréa    06/11/2014 00:31

    Hello David, when going out to his schedule with his band? I want to schedule my trip to be able to attend. Kisses! Andréa Pignaton – Brazil

  279. Posted by Sylvia C.    04/11/2014 01:25

    David, I am just enjoying your music and hope that Canada – Kitchener Ontario may be a consideration. We have a wonderful Symphony here and during October have a 2 week Oktoberfest – the largest in North America. Maybe something can be arranged

  280. Posted by Desi    03/11/2014 22:33

    You are the greatest inspiration!Thank you!

  281. Posted by Butterblume    02/11/2014 22:57

    Alles Gute für Eure Konzerte in Mexiko, kommt gesund wieder!

  282. Posted by Bianca    02/11/2014 21:39

    Lieber David! Das Abschlusskonzert an 01.11.2014 in Wien war der Wahnsinn! Ich hatte bei jedem Lied eine Gänsehaut. Ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Mal!

  283. Posted by Barbara    01/11/2014 13:23

    Hallo David!

    Sensationelles Konzert…ich war letztes Jahr im Juni schon bei deinem Konzert in München & wollte auch am 15.05.14 in Salzburg dabei sein. Aber an diesem Tag hat unsere süsse Tochter Okivia entschieden auf die Welt zu kommen.
    Danke für den tollen Abend…leider war das Konzert viel zu schnell vorbei.

    Ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Konzert und wir wünschen dir in der Zwischenzeit alles Liebe!

    Ganz liebe Grüsse aus Lienz

  284. Posted by Katrin    01/11/2014 12:03

    Hallo David… wir waren gestern in Innsbruck mit dabei… DANKE für den tollen Abend… fantastische Bühnenshow, abwechslungsreiches Programm, tolle Musiker und ein sympathischer David mittendrin… leider war das Konzert wieder einmal viel zu schnell vorbei… wir hoffen aber sehr, dass du bald wieder in unserer Nähe bist… bis dahin wünschen wir dir viel Gesundheit und Elan… deine Mädels aus dem Tiroler Pitztal :-)… P.S.: Nur so unter uns… die Tänzerinnen und Tänzer sind super, aber du bräuchtest sie nicht….

  285. Posted by Irina    30/10/2014 23:00

    Lieber David ,
    gestern ( 29.10.14 ) war ich mit meiner Schwägerin in Deinem Konzert im ISS Dome in Düsseldorf . Du warst wie immer
    SPITZE ! Großes Lob aber auch an Deine Band , an das Orchester und an die Tänzerinnen bzw. Tänzer des
    Fernsehballetts . Diese Show war etwas ganz anderes als die bisher von Dir erlebten Konzerte . Weiter so !!!!
    Ich hoffe , wir können im nächsten Jahr wieder in Deinem Konzert sitzen und Dich Giganten erleben .Zu dem Besuch
    Deiner Mutter in Deiner Wohnung : Es ist sicher ungewöhnlich , dass man Butter im Kühlschrank lagert , die schon 1 Jahr abgelaufen ist – es sei Dir aber verziehen , da Du ja wohl mehr unterwegs bist als in New York ! Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Erfolg auf Deiner Tournee und freue mich schon auf die nächsten Fernsehauftritte mit Dir .
    Alles erdenklich Gute für Dich und Deine Anhängsel wie Band etc.
    abgelaufen ist

  286. Posted by Classic Callie    30/10/2014 18:44

    Dearest David~,

    Isn’t it time for you to come back to the USA?! Please choose me when you play “Your Song” :-)))

    Much love <3

  287. Posted by Larissa Yumi    26/10/2014 22:28

    Dear David, Brazil waiting for you.
    Your music is a dream in my mind.

  288. Posted by gudrun    26/10/2014 09:06

    Hi David,
    ich war gestern in deinem Konzert in Köln. Bin immer noch ganz berauscht von deiner Musik und deiner Show.
    Es war zwar etwas anders als im letzten Jahr beim Crossover-Konzert, mehr Klassik aber genauso gut. Deine neue CD steht schon auf meiner Liste. Bin mal gespannt, was Du nächstes Jahr in Köln bringst, ausschließlich Klassik? Freue mich als Cossover-Fan auch darauf. Dein Tourplan geht nur bis September. Und noch was, du hast gesagt, dass du “Best Of” verschoben hast, brauchst du gar nicht. Bei dir ist alles “Best Of”!!! Weiterhin viel Erfolg, und du wirst sie schon alle dahin kriegen, wo du sie gerne hin hättest. Pass auf dich auf.

  289. Posted by elisandra bernardes pereira    26/10/2014 01:10

    HALLO, wann Sie nach Brasilien auf den Sohn von 8 Jahren SHOWS.MEU wollen, dass Sie das Gefühl es ist IHR großer Fan SO begann er zu VIOLINO.ABRAÇOS fühlen.

  290. Posted by kerstin_w    25/10/2014 20:38

    Lieber David,
    ich war am 23.10. bei deinem Konzert in Zürich. Es war wundervoll!! Vielen Dank für die tollen Momente, die mir hoffentlich noch sehr lange in Erinnerung bleiben werden. Ich hatte an diesem Tag Geburtstag und der Konzertbesuch war mein tollstes Geburtstagsgeschenk. Vielen Dank für diesen tollen Abend und ich hoffe, du kommst schon bald wieder in die Schweiz!!
    Herzlichst Kerstin

  291. Posted by Val    25/10/2014 00:06

    Argentina is waiting for you!!!!

    At least, come to any country in south america!

  292. Posted by Alexandra Huber    24/10/2014 20:58

    Lieber David
    Ich war gestern an deinem Konzert im Hallenstadion Zürich. Das Konzert war der absolute Hammer, hätte Dir noch stundenlang zuhören können. Ich hoffe sehr, dass Du auch nächstes Jahr wieder in die Schweiz kommst.

    Ein Wunsch hätte ich noch: Bitte, bitte mach eine CD mit den neuen Lieder. Die sind einfach genial. Finde es schade, dass ich die Musik nicht zuhause und im Auto “nach hören” kann.

    Ich wünsche Dir auf deinem Weg weiterhin viel Gesundheit, Spass und Erfolg. Bleib so wie Du bist.

  293. Posted by Carmencita    24/10/2014 08:37

    Lieber David
    ich war gestern im Hallenstadion Zürich,…. WOW :-) ich hoffe, Du kommst bald wieder, was für eine Freude Dir zuzuhören,…… das Herz macht alles, der Rest ist wertlos.
    Alles Liebe für Dich,

  294. Posted by Burtonsternli    23/10/2014 23:58

    Wie ein Gott auf Erden!
    Super Auftritt, ich denke jede Person wünschte sich im Hallenstadion einmal im Leben “how wonderful life is” gespielt zu bekommen <3
    Die persönlichen Bilder und Witze wareb einfach nur toll und spiegeln deinen bodenständigen Charakter.

    You are Sooooo amazing! War seit langem nicht mehr so Glücklich uund erfüllt wie nach diesem Konzert. Ich weinte vor Freude!

    Danke tausendfach für den tollen Moment. <3

  295. Posted by Florencia Calvo    22/10/2014 18:48

    You are so amazing…. Please!!! When do you come to ARGENTINA?!!! You have so many fans here! I hope you come soon!!! Love you!!!!!!! 😀

  296. Posted by vero    20/10/2014 04:18

    Please come to San Antonio ,Texas !!

  297. Posted by Butterblume    19/10/2014 21:44

    Hi David,
    Deine Konzerte haben einen solchen Suchtcharakter – Sehn-Sucht – Hach – Ich war in Stuttgart und kann einfach nicht genug bekommen, aber die anderen Konzerte sind, weil ich nächste Woche arbeiten muss, einfach zu weit weg, schnief… aber ich zehre noch davon, es war so schööön! Bleib bitte so wie Du bist!

    Deine schwäbische Butterblume,
    die Deiner Limousine auf dem Rathausplatz in Stuttgart sehnsüchtig hinterherschaute und sich wünschte, dass der Geigenspieler auf der Straße um die Ecke incognito Du gewesen wärst…

  298. Posted by Martin    17/10/2014 01:43

    Hi David, when in Buenos Aires – Argentina, I just discovered your music …. Incredible!

  299. Posted by cinthya    16/10/2014 03:24

    Hi, I would like to know if there are behind the stage tickets for David`s concert in Guadalajara Mexico??

  300. Posted by sunny han    13/10/2014 11:07

    Hi, sweetie !!
    This is Sunny from Busan, Korea. I know that you had a concert in Busan in June last summer but i missed that. Becase it was a month ago that I got to know about you and your music. What a shame! Anyway, afetr that I’ve been totaly obssessed with you and your playing. I think even I’ve got a cush on you….. I hope I can see you soon in Korea! God bless you and stay healthy !!

  301. Posted by Tamijo Flickner    12/10/2014 17:27

    I would love it if you would come to Pennsylvania!!

  302. Posted by Sona    08/10/2014 10:38

    Dear David,
    It would be great if you could come to Baku, Azerbaijan, please!!!
    Your fantastic technique and your personality make your music such a wonder and pleasure!
    Please, take a good care of yourself!
    With the best wishes

  303. Posted by DolphinHo    04/10/2014 08:24

    Hello David
    Hope you can come to Guangzhou, China! I know you have been to Shanghai. And I want to tell you that Guangzhou alos is a wonderful city and many of my friends and I strongly desirous that you can have a concert in Guangzhou.
    Best wishes.

  304. Posted by lio    30/09/2014 07:29

    Hello David
    We want you to come to Israel

  305. Posted by Johanna    25/09/2014 15:26

    Hallo Herr Garrett, (Darf ich eigentlich auch du schreiben?)
    nachträglich wünsche ich Ihnen alles Gute, vielen weiteren Erfolg und Gesundheit zu Ihrem Geburtstag.
    Ich kann ihr Konzert in der SAP Arena in Mannheim kaum erwarten!! :-)))))
    Ich bin sehr gespannt auf die Musikauswahl.
    Liebe Grüße und viel Glück

  306. Posted by Julia Sanders    25/09/2014 13:10

    Ich freue mich sehr auf das Konzert am 04.10. in der Frankfurter Festhalle. Es gibt auch einige Tourplakate in Frankfurt. Der Titel “Classic Revolution” erinnert doch sehr an die Tanzsensation aus Kuba “Ballet Revolución”. Beide Plakate tragen auch den roten Sowjetstern. Bei den Kubanern passte das ja noch irgendwie – aber für David Garrett geht das gar nicht, finde ich. Sorry, David. Trotzdem komme ich natürlich gern zum Konzert:-)

  307. Posted by reiko    23/09/2014 15:33

    Hello David, I envy people in Europe and Mexico, because they can go to your concert in the near future. I rarly see the violinist like you. The performance in the crossover concert, the performance in the classic concert, both are really great !! If possible I want to fly to Italy or France to enjoy your concert. Take care !

  308. Posted by Katalin Zsoldos    20/09/2014 15:42

    David, komm bitte nach Ungarn! :) Wir möchten so gerne den Csárdás und die Ungarischen Tänze vom Brahms LIVE!!! 😀

  309. Posted by Janie Lee    19/09/2014 23:44

    PLEASE, PLEASE play ‘November Rain’ at your O2 Arena Berlin concert on 11th October! :-)

  310. Posted by Allison    17/09/2014 23:41

    WHENNNNN will you come to the United States??!?! Pleeeaasssseeeeeeee :)

  311. Posted by Zeynep    17/09/2014 17:19

    Mr.Garrett please come to turkey. I love your music and also i have your all albums. I started playing violin after i listened you . PLEASEEEEE come to turkey

  312. Posted by Elya    12/09/2014 08:07

    David, I am the happiest in the world! I’ve been waiting a very long time! and finally you come to Russia! ticket purchased! before the meeting! I wish you good health, inspiration, and a good trip! thank you for helping the music and that is on this earth! I love.

  313. Posted by Tal    11/09/2014 19:13

    David when you play in Israel? Please, let us know in 2014? in 2015?

  314. Posted by CANSIN    09/09/2014 09:25

    please please please come to ISTANBUL!!!!

  315. Posted by neelie    07/09/2014 02:08

    Happy (belated) Birthday!

  316. Posted by Nada    06/09/2014 18:07

    Oh David, please come to Serbia!!

  317. Posted by Cristina    05/09/2014 12:57

    Happy Birthday David! Do come in Romania as well, a lot of people love your music!

  318. Posted by marion meyer    04/09/2014 11:36

    A wonderful birthday to you, David, and all the best you can imagine!!!

    Have a very beautiful day today and I’m looking forward to see you in Berlin soon, also perhaps in Italy and France next year!

  319. Posted by sandy    04/09/2014 10:31

    Happy Birthday Mr. Garrett!! Hoping you will perform in AUSTRALIA soon!! No need to worry, because kangaroos are do not actually bite!

  320. Posted by Svetlana Kamburova    04/09/2014 08:48

    Happy Birthday David! Please come to Bulgaria! We are waiting for you!

  321. Posted by Kryss Leigh    03/09/2014 00:26

    Hey David, I love your work; have all your albums. I know it’s the bottom of the world, but will you come to Australia some time?
    Fingers crossed:)

  322. Posted by Lena Christoforidou    01/09/2014 16:30

    David, pleiase please please come to Greece!!!! We are waiting for you!!!

  323. Posted by Victor Maciel    01/09/2014 01:26

    Brazil is waiting for you! Garrett, please come to Brazil!

  324. Posted by Darya Valova    31/08/2014 19:21

    Wooooooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!!! David!!!! Yeaaaah!!!! You will come in Russia in spring!!!!!!!Viva la Vida!!!!!)))))))))))

  325. Posted by Jenn    30/08/2014 16:36

    Please can you say when your coming to Uk I thought it was this year but no concert

  326. Posted by Jull    30/08/2014 15:45

    please come to London..

  327. Posted by tel    28/08/2014 02:22

    Please David come to Brazil!!!

  328. Posted by Miriam    26/08/2014 23:16

    Thank you for giving us the joy of your music. Please come to Washington DC. Many fans await you!
    Many blessings and hope to see you soon

  329. Posted by ange    25/08/2014 18:13

    Dear David
    I wait you in Japan tour.

  330. Posted by Vera Macedo    25/08/2014 12:03

    I’m a big fan of your music… When can we see you in Portugal???? Pleeeeeeeeease….

  331. Posted by Ann    22/08/2014 11:26

    David, thank you!
    With your music I can make all.I understand it’s strange,but it’s truth.
    I very want consert in BELARUS I need it :)
    I hope you see it

    With big love

  332. Posted by karen    21/08/2014 20:25

    Please, come to Brazil!!!

  333. Posted by ANTONIO FERREIRA DO AMARAL JUNIOR    21/08/2014 14:02

    Please, Brazil!!!

  334. Posted by Maria    12/08/2014 09:38

    Dear David, we are waiting for you in Moscow. Wait for the start of ticket sales. Best regards, Maria

  335. Posted by tharian    10/08/2014 20:17

    INDIA!!!!! Please!!!!!!

  336. Posted by Bek    10/08/2014 18:13

    You must take a vacation in winter to Sarasota, Florida and play for us. We have lots of guitarist who you can play with Jamie Gee and others who all have passion for music.

  337. Posted by Ann    10/08/2014 09:48

    It’s breaking my heart,that I’ve never heard and seen you in alive show… I’m 16 and I can’t go to Moscow,because my parents never say YES for me . I’m from Belarus and I know that it is very small country,but I believe YOU GO HERE.
    Maybe not now,but go . I watch all your show in Internet and I want feel that energy and emotions in real !
    I believe in my dream !
    If you will see it, you should just know that in Belarus in this small country people who looking forward to you and you show !:)
    With big love and support
    Ann, from BELARUS

  338. Posted by Ann    10/08/2014 09:29

    Belarus very wants concert too !
    Maybe can you go in Minsk someday?
    Please !
    We need it !
    Not everybody can write it here,but I can and I will write in this page
    Belarusian people NEED in David Garrett’s music !!!

  339. Posted by Janika    06/08/2014 18:44

    Your talent and love for music is astonishing! Great inspiration, even for those with no musical background, and for those with a musical background – how wonderful to see how much potential music has!
    Would love to attend a concert in Cape Town, South Africa – the people will absolutely adore you here!

    “Music speaks of that which cannot be expressed by words and fill the heart and soul.”

  340. Posted by Ann St Ghazar    06/08/2014 01:57

    Please David come to Montreal. We love you and want to see you in Canada

  341. Posted by Anderson Schoen da Silva    01/08/2014 22:55

    I would like to know when you come to Brazil?
    Here in Porto Alegre, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro you have many fan.

    Thanks and congratulation, because you are the best.

  342. Posted by Danuta Kuleszynska    01/08/2014 19:52

    Dear David

    Please, come to Poland… We love you and yours music… We wait, and miss


  343. Posted by Nadia Volkovskaja    01/08/2014 10:33

    Oh, my god, why not in Minsk?

  344. Posted by Shell    31/07/2014 20:19

    I’d love to see David garrett live but i’m unsure of the difference between a concert and a recital, can anyone clear this up for me? thanks

  345. Posted by DANIA CASTELLINI    30/07/2014 22:25

    I would tell to everybody that your music is my “Rescue Remedy” ……
    Thank you so much for saving me from depression….because of you… I’m watching a new light….
    You are the power of my life!
    See you soon in Turin!!

  346. Posted by myrvat    24/07/2014 17:14

    Thank you for the wonderfull music you’re giving . Hope you’ll always have this great enthousiasm and love for what you’re doing

  347. Posted by adriana decia capecchi    24/07/2014 16:56

    Hello,….. SUDAMERICA.?

  348. Posted by HelenBlossom    24/07/2014 09:24

    Dear David,
    I’d like to express my admiration for your playing. It was a pleasure for me to watch The Devil’s Violonist, where I saw you for the first time. For that moment I thought that you’re just an actor, but when I googled, I was very surprised that such a handsome man masters the instrument so divinely! It seems to me that angels have really touched your fingers :) I couldn’t even imagine my happiness if I had an opportunity to visit your concert in Ukraine.
    P.S. Your music is recreation for the soul. And you smile so tenderly while playing that it is still more enjoyable :)

  349. Posted by Lara    24/07/2014 00:34

    Dear David! Finally in Moscow!
    That is a very good news for me, because I usually go to Europe for your concerts.
    Now is waiting for you in Moscow. You are weicome!!!

  350. Posted by Maria    21/07/2014 22:19

    Dear David! Is it true – we will be able to hear your concert in Moscow?
    I Don’t know how to be patient and wait for this happy moment. I called to my friends to tell the good news. I think your fans among my friends and relatives are quite capable make the box office from the concert. But In Russia are waiting for you and loved by thousands of fans …

  351. Posted by fiammarina    21/07/2014 20:59

    I just need one, just one concert here in Argentina, or nearby and then I can die in peace… haha 😉
    Colon theatre is so beautiful!!! , perfect for a classical repertoire (my dream). Otherwise, there are many great stadiums in La Plata, Buenos Aires, for a crossover concert with thousands of us screaming for you guys!!! incredible musicians….

  352. Posted by Amira    21/07/2014 11:04

    There will be Brahms and Tchaikovsky in Moscow ((((

  353. Posted by Amira    21/07/2014 10:33

    Finally … in Moscow))))))

  354. Posted by Dcydameinv    15/07/2014 16:21

    Welcome to China please.We are missing David!

  355. Posted by Marion Haase    15/07/2014 10:12

    ich lese gerade, dass es zwei Auftritte mit Julien Quentin in Frankreich gibt. Ist es auch vorgesehen, dass ihr in Deutschland mal wieder ein schönes Kammerkonzert gebt? Das waren für mich bisher die schönsten und persönlichsten Konzerte die ich gesehen habe.

  356. Posted by Mariana Colín    15/07/2014 04:54

    David thanks for coming to México.
    I am very happy to come ser you.
    It will be an unforgettable experience.

  357. Posted by Eliana    13/07/2014 05:59

    When are you coming to Argentina??

  358. Posted by Sane    13/07/2014 02:15

    Hi!! Enfim, quando você vem pro Brasil?!!! Aguardando com ansiedade…. Uma curiosidade. Tico Tico é um samba e não uma música cigana. Thank you!!!!!!

  359. Posted by Doris Lumma    04/07/2014 08:44

    Hallo David,

    ich wünsche Dir und Deinem Team eine schöne freie Zeit.
    Freu mich schon auf Oktober, auf das Crossover Konzert in Düsseldorf.

    Herzliche Grüße

  360. Posted by min-hui Jeong    01/07/2014 07:26

    I love you.

    Thank you for coming to south Korea!

  361. Posted by Matthew Chow    30/06/2014 11:48

    Will you plan to come to Hong Kong? I’m really love to see you perform in Hong Kong!

  362. Posted by Ann Finney-Baiddou    29/06/2014 17:27

    When are you planning to come back to the US., would love to see you perform again!

  363. Posted by leebogeum    27/06/2014 10:01

    If i saw your tour plan will be comeback korea…
    pleas come to vietnam!!!!!
    your plays make me forget stress. thank you so much,,

  364. Posted by Olesya    27/06/2014 09:32

    Wonder whether you’re planning to visit Russia? If yes, when could we see you and what city?
    Thank you!

  365. Posted by hisako sato    26/06/2014 14:36

    Thank you for coming to Japan!

    Your performance was the highest!

    I will go to perform Paris in March, next year from Japan!

  366. Posted by Lizna's    26/06/2014 00:58

    Hi David..!! Pleasseeee come back to USA.. San Diego Cal… I’m waiting for you again…!! Xoxox David..!! <3

  367. Posted by Liznas    26/06/2014 00:50

    Hi David…!!!!!!Please come back to USA.. San Diego.. Cal.. Pleasee.. I’m waiting for you again.. Xoxox David!! <3

  368. Posted by mi yeong park    25/06/2014 06:17

    David^^should come a performance to Korea every year.please~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^.^

  369. Posted by Jackie Smith    23/06/2014 14:23

    Please could you let me know when you are going to do any concerts in the UK? Would love to see you live.

  370. Posted by Karen De Sanctis    19/06/2014 17:38

    Cuándo harán una gira por Suramérica? me encantaría que viniera a Chile a dar un concierto! de seguro que enamorará a todos los chilenos con su majestuosa presentación, su carisma y su profesionalismo! por favor organicen un concierto en Santiago de Chile. Gracias!

  371. Posted by Jasmine    18/06/2014 07:13

    Dear David,
    Would you please come to Canada ? Love your music. Thank you and good luck with your tour.

  372. Posted by Timea    17/06/2014 10:47

    Hello David,

    Would you consider to give a Live Show in London, UK? I saw you on stage in Reno, NV couple of years ago and I loved every bits of the show. Please would you give a show in London, UK in the future? Many thanks, Timea Grego

  373. Posted by Elena    13/06/2014 18:31

    Mini Paula,
    I am sorry but only know that I can read in this webside and in his facebook.

  374. Posted by miniPaula    13/06/2014 04:04


    Thanks sooo much for your reply. i will wait till June 27th. this dramatically helped my trip schedule. thanks a bunch. BTW, Has David have any other tours scheduled / planned in Germany (either crossover or classical) during April 2015? or will he be having his US tours that time? thanks.

    mini Paula

  375. Posted by YoukeH66    10/06/2014 14:09

    David, your tweedle intoxicated me! Please come to China.

  376. Posted by huo    10/06/2014 04:29

    please come to China mainland please please please

  377. Posted by Elena    09/06/2014 18:21

    Hi Paula,
    To book a ticket for 22 March in Paris. you have to wait until 27 June. If you want to book before this day, you have to book a season ticket (at least five book).
    have fun

  378. Posted by miniPaula    08/06/2014 14:52

    Hello, Ticke Masters :). I am trying to book the ticket for March 22nd Recital in Paris. i went to their website, but could not figure out how i can buy the single ticket without subscriptions. Can anyone enlighten me ? Thanks very much. The one is Lyon is straightfoward. but the one in Paris, all i can see is the seating plan, but no link to purchasing. Thanks for any help!

  379. Posted by miniPaula    07/06/2014 04:32

    Hello, David, will you be speaking English for your recitals in France?

  380. Posted by Anne    06/06/2014 10:43

    David Garrett…please come to Indonesia, so I can see your great perfomance…especially classicall concert! I love the way you play the repertoire…it’s very expressive….I bought Legacy DVD, and it was totally awesome!! You seem relax, but I know, you enjoy when you play it and for you, it’s very easy!! If you come to ASIA later, please also come to Indonesia!! You never come, but if you can’t, please come to Singaore, and I will fly to come to your concert! You have a lot of fans in Singapore!!

  381. Posted by Fernanda    03/06/2014 18:51

    Fell in love from the first time I saw and heard your dvd, you play with love …. I’m trying to learn to play, the feeling is wonderful. Come visit us here in Brazil!!

  382. Posted by iceblue17    03/06/2014 11:58

    Please please come to China.

  383. Posted by Nina    29/05/2014 19:41

    Hope to have a possibility to see You in UK

  384. Posted by Jessica    29/05/2014 01:55

    Please, come to Brazil. 😀

  385. Posted by Cara Krzyzanowski    29/05/2014 01:24


    I really enjoyed your performances in Pittsburgh and Atlanta this year. No words can describe the emotional and physical state I was in after both shows. The meet and greet in Atlanta was an experience I never thought I would be privileged to have in this lifetime. Thank you for your patience, and as always, for sharing your talent with the world. Without music, life would be a mistake. Without your music, my life might be incomplete. I hope someday we may meet again – perhaps in the next lifetime, because you are so busy. I also hope beyond all other hopes that you might bring your core classical programs to the United States. I love watching you perform Vivaldi, Bruch, Bach, Mendelssohn, and of course, Brahms. It is very evident in your body language that classical music is where your heart is most happy. When I see you happy, I am happy. Your classical CDs I have are getting worn out from listening so often. I cannot wait for your next classical release, David.
    In the meantime, I wish you happiness, health, and of course a very deserved vacation – very soon. Everyone needs one. :)

    Cara Krzyzanowski

  386. Posted by Melissa    28/05/2014 00:26

    Only had the privilege of seeing the live performance once this past March in Chicago, IL. PERFECTION! I’m going to have to move to Germany!! Come back to the US. I’m dying here! =)

  387. Posted by Julia    27/05/2014 23:53

    Hallo David,

    wann können wir Fans mit dem neuen Tourplan rechnen für 2015 ?? Wenn ich mal fragen darf!!

    LG Julia

  388. Posted by Liliana Cecilia Duran    27/05/2014 07:03

    Come back to the US ASAP! Can’t wait to see you live again!

  389. Posted by azizah    27/05/2014 04:36

    you will come to ASIA so, please come to INDONESIA too

  390. Posted by cindy    25/05/2014 16:37

    Please Will you come to Belgium. We are waiting for such a long time to hear you play live. Sop please please please come

  391. Posted by Pauline Klossner    22/05/2014 04:00

    Have seen your concert on TV & was completely blown away! Fabulous!! Would love to attend a live concert! Will you come to Australia?

  392. Posted by Filipe    21/05/2014 01:25

    Please, come to BRAZIL!!!

  393. Posted by Jelena    18/05/2014 21:10

    Please come to Serbia!

  394. Posted by Sylwia    11/05/2014 11:55

    When can we expect you in UK? 😉

  395. Posted by lio    10/05/2014 22:31

    Zubin mutha need you in Israel !!)))

  396. Posted by lio    10/05/2014 22:30

    Please come to Israel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  397. Posted by indonesianboy    08/05/2014 09:33


  398. Posted by WF    07/05/2014 07:29

    So happy to hear that David is coming to asia but why not Singapore ? :(

  399. Posted by Alyona Grig    05/05/2014 08:11


  400. Posted by Bryan Kao    04/05/2014 09:48

    PLease Come to Vancouver CANADA !!!!!

  401. Posted by AnaG    03/05/2014 00:14

    Come to Canada please!!!

  402. Posted by Verona    01/05/2014 05:17

    I am looking forward to seeing you in South Korea soon.^^~!!

  403. Posted by Laila    29/04/2014 07:44

    Do you have any plans to come to Arizona, USA? I hope you will soon!!

  404. Posted by pinar    28/04/2014 11:10

    Please come to CYPRUS!!

  405. Posted by iris    27/04/2014 01:33

    Please come to CHILE!!!

  406. Posted by Emanuela    26/04/2014 00:47

    David, quando ti vedremo in Italia? Un abbraccio affettuoso.
    Emanuela, Vercelli (Italy)

  407. Posted by LHeinz    25/04/2014 23:37

    Please come to the USA, specifically Seattle, Washington would love to see you!

  408. Posted by Gus Cornell    25/04/2014 23:20

    Just saw the movie The Devils Violinist, Paganini/Garrett a perfect match.

  409. Posted by Viri Villalobos    21/04/2014 02:18

    Thank you David, here in Mexico we love you…. see you soon :-)

  410. Posted by angelica    20/04/2014 15:12

    México loves you =* see you in November!!!! Thank you for come back

  411. Posted by Naomi L.    19/04/2014 18:00

    Hello David,

    I hope sometime in the near future you will present a concert in Sydney, Australia. Actually when you are in Japan it’s not that far away. Please come and meet the friendliest people in the world!
    Naomi L.

  412. Posted by Julianne    18/04/2014 03:10

    Come to Rio de Janeiro, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  413. Posted by deisy linaldi    16/04/2014 22:49

    soy de México y fui a tu concierto el 28 de enero del 2014 y quiero volver a ir para los que daras en noviembre pero para esa fecha estare estudiando en Canadá asi que porfavor haz uno en canada para que pueda volver a verte :)

  414. Posted by deisy linaldi    16/04/2014 22:45

    when in Canada?

  415. Posted by Maria Choulet    16/04/2014 00:59

    Cuando en Argentina????????

  416. Posted by Ksenia    14/04/2014 10:26

    Your Music is truly Loved here, in Russia !! please, visit us with Your beautiful concert))

  417. Posted by Sandra Martin    14/04/2014 10:00

    David plese, come to Spain!!!!

  418. Posted by Giuseppe Toscano    12/04/2014 22:30

    David come in Italy please.. :/

  419. Posted by Екатерина    10/04/2014 16:39

    Жаль, что России нет в этом перечне. Я буду ждать, музыка она же вне политики. СПАСИБО,..

  420. Posted by helene    09/04/2014 00:56

    4/8/2014 – Forgot to mention in suggesting you come to Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to our beautiful historic playhouse, we also have an outdoor summer theatre, Blossom Outdoor theatre, which is also beautiful and has hosted may
    great performers. Naturally, only in the summer in Cleveland. We love you. Helene

  421. Posted by helene    09/04/2014 00:49

    David, Please schedule a concert in Cleveland, Ohio. We have one of the most historic playhouses in the country and people come to visit us regularly. The playhouse is gorgeous and you would love to perform there. We just went to your concert in Pittsburgh. If that playhouse met your requirements, Playhouse Square would be something to dream about. We love you in Cleveland, both pure classical and crossover. Helene

  422. Posted by Linda Lorimer    08/04/2014 10:01

    Wow – a crossover show at the Sydney Opera House – outside with the harbour and bridge as a backdrop – wouldn’t it be spectacular? Please head Downunder soon – we are not that far away!

  423. Posted by Fancesca    05/04/2014 12:56

    come to Italy please! :)

  424. Posted by Thamires Cunha    05/04/2014 03:56

    Please come to BRAZIL, BRAZIL!!!!!

  425. Posted by Anna    05/04/2014 02:34

    When Barcelona (Spain)? :)

  426. Posted by Scarletfiscious    04/04/2014 12:19

    please come to singapore during june too as part of the asia tour… i want to go to your concert on my birthday 😀

  427. Posted by Noe    03/04/2014 00:38

    Cuando vendras por Argentina David Garret….Genio, hermosa toda tú música y la pasión que pones al interpretar los temas…Felicitaciones!!!

  428. Posted by Sophie Geeraert    01/04/2014 09:26

    WONDERFULL, Thank you so much for your music ! A lot off FAN in Belgium, please come to see us in Brussels !!!

  429. Posted by AnaG    31/03/2014 00:47

    I would love to see him in Canada next year :)

  430. Posted by george rounsaville    30/03/2014 21:07

    My dear Mr. G.: You are the best…..quite simply THE BEST! A thought for you–“Bolero”? Toccata and fugue in D minor? What you and your team could do with that little ditty would make me put down my bucket of Extra Crispy! In all seriousness, David, the joy you bring to the world is immeasurable. Thank you so very, very much. George

  431. Posted by LeydaP    30/03/2014 04:28

    Are there any plans to come to Latin America?

  432. Posted by Dain    29/03/2014 15:17

    Just seen David in Atlanta…first concert for me and I am 51. Music never caught my attention even as a teenager it seemed like noise to me. My son had me listen to his beautiful music and I love it. Looking forward to going to more of his concerts. His performance was excellent.

  433. Posted by Ivonne is Lorie Yves Garrett    28/03/2014 16:21

    A mi amado: David Garrett

    La belleza no esta en el fisico,
    donde todos lo buscan,
    sino en el corazón
    donde pocos saben llegar.

    Gracias por tu visita a Mexico y por ser un extraordinario musico.

  434. Posted by Jéssica Ramalho Souza    27/03/2014 14:15

    BRAZIL!! BRAZIL!! Come Here!

  435. Posted by Jamie Salisbury    27/03/2014 13:49

    Tonight’s the night -Atlanta! While I’ve seen David perform many times both in the U.S. and Europe, tonight will be quite personal and emotional for me. . .you see my husband passed away unexpectedly in January and he was a huge David Garrett fan, as is his father. He was 41. Anyway, long story short – when he purchased the tickets in October, he did so as an early anniversary present and as an early birthday to himself. Today would have been his birthday -so I will go to Symphony Hall this evening and enjoy David’s music to it’s fullest – in memory of another great man. . .Thank you David for your beautiful music!

  436. Posted by Wendy Fisch    26/03/2014 01:48

    David my husband and I attended your concert in Pittsburgh last Friday. It was wonderful. Everything I expected and more. We went with friends and met family. All of us would go again. We hope you keep Pittsburgh on your tour dates in the future. Thank you for a wonderful night of music.

  437. Posted by Maria Smith.    25/03/2014 20:26

    as always, we loved your concert in NY March 19 but the lighting manager spoiled
    our enjoyment.
    The bright lights shinning on the audience during the concert made it extremely difficult
    to see the stage. I hope you enjoyed seeing all of us.

  438. Posted by SKhan    25/03/2014 11:55

    David it was a blessing to see you play your Music live in Worcester MA. Let me tell you one thing about me. I never been to any concert in my life. Thought it waist of time, but discovering you only this last June. I can tell for sure that i am a life long fan now. Hope you will keep coming to Boston. So we can come and watch you once again or over and over :(. Thank you David for your complement on my dress the other night!! Seeing you playing on stage was one time opportunity, but hope i will get to see you again someday!!

  439. Posted by Darya Valova    25/03/2014 09:46

    David,when will you come in Moskow for your perfomance?((((why do you make your concert just in Germany,UK,Austria????(

  440. Posted by Miu_unim    24/03/2014 10:05

    Dear David, will you come to Hong Kong ? ^^

  441. Posted by Miu_unim    24/03/2014 10:04

    Hong Kong welcomes you~~~ ^^

  442. Posted by Miu_unim    18/03/2014 01:09

    Please come to Hong Kong asr one of the Asia tour performance. We’ve been waiting for so long^^

  443. Posted by valerie stevens    17/03/2014 14:19

    First Time Seeing David Garret In Chicago,Illinois. March 15th 2014
    Beautiful performance By David I expected nothing less.
    He amazes me with his passion for music and life love Him!
    He is an awesome Violinist. I look forward to seeing him again.

  444. Posted by Melissa    17/03/2014 02:36

    Gee…my birthday is December 9th…..I’m certain you would LOVE to come and play at the Machine Shop in BEAUtiful and scenic Flint, Michigan to something like a puny 500 people. =) Probably get paid peanuts….but DANG IT…it is the thought that counts.

  445. Posted by june thompson    15/03/2014 13:38

    Hi David, Love your music,, which I have recently discovered. I admire your dedication to your art and your inherent musical intelligence. Manchester in UK is a wonderful city and we would love to see you here in the future….!! x

  446. Posted by Miu_unim    15/03/2014 07:16

    Friends and I from P.R.China all hope David would come to Hong Kong for Asia tour performance. Please come, we’ve been waiting for so long ^^

  447. Posted by Mônica Travassos    14/03/2014 16:55

    Hi, David! I hope you doing well… Brazil is waiting for you, so when are you coming? I hope to see you soon!!!

  448. Posted by perdana surya imansyah    14/03/2014 14:05

    Hi david,when u come to Indonesian?
    We waiting your tour Asia here…
    So im verry waiting for you!!

  449. Posted by Miu_unim    14/03/2014 02:29

    Dear David: will u come to Hong Kong in June or any other months of this year? Thank you.

  450. Posted by Miu_unim    14/03/2014 02:25

    Friends and I from P.R.China all hope David would come to Hong Kong for Asia tour performance. Please come, we’ve been waiting for so long ^^

  451. Posted by Naomi    13/03/2014 21:18

    Hello David, After all your hard work and travel bringing your wonderful concerts to the US and Europe, you’ ll need a very well deserved break. So come with your friends to Miami, we have the best weather in the world and we will make you happy and you can decompress and enjoy Miami with your friends.
    With love,

  452. Posted by Nadine    13/03/2014 14:30

    Schade … warum nicht in Dresden???

  453. Posted by Marilei Navarro Merussi    12/03/2014 02:24

    Por favor, venha ao Brasil, sonho com esse dia. Você é um anjo, te amooo!!!

  454. Posted by Marilei Navarro Merussi    12/03/2014 01:58

    David, estou totalmente encantada com você e com sua música. Espero que você venha ao Brasil e quem sabe eu possa te ver e ouvir de perto. Este é meu sonho e espero realiza-lo. Um grande beijo.

  455. Posted by Rocío Mendoza    11/03/2014 21:42

    When you come to México City? We will wait for you here. Your music is so amazing, so relaxing and helping us for difficult moments…

  456. Posted by Lian    10/03/2014 16:55

    Have a nice trip handsome !!

  457. Posted by Barrie    07/03/2014 09:49

    Hi David,
    Just wanted to say…YOU ROCK!!!!
    Are you planning to give a performance in The Netherlands in the future?

  458. Posted by keti koco    05/03/2014 13:32

    Dear David…,after listening to your music my whole life has changed. I see things clearly now and i am thanking u from the bottom of my heart. Wishing u all the best, hope to see u live in Tirana, Albania. Love u.

  459. Posted by Ugo D'Orlando    02/03/2014 17:13

    Quando verrai in Italia????

  460. Posted by roberta    02/03/2014 01:12

    Dopo il film su Paganini non puoi non venire in Italia !! Spero di poterti vedere qui presto dal vivo!!

  461. Posted by SueH    01/03/2014 16:42

    Please come to the UK, would love to see you live.

  462. Posted by Cindy    27/02/2014 05:26

    you bring so much joy . . . on so many levels! . . . with your many gifts in this life :-)

    Your presence and music make us happy!!!

  463. Posted by Lian    26/02/2014 20:16

    we love you so much in México, come back soon dear David. you are awesome <3

  464. Posted by Kseniya    24/02/2014 19:35

    It would be great to see you in Ukraine! We love you!!

  465. Posted by Belén    23/02/2014 17:28

    I just want to enjoy your music and passion, come to Argentina please!

  466. Posted by Roksolana    20/02/2014 15:40

    David, did you hear what the situation is in Ukraine? Someone heard or seen this?
    Friends, I beg you, pray for us! Many people are died…only today 100!
    It is very hard, but we can’t back down and have to win!)
    Help us your pray! Thank you*

  467. Posted by Lian    20/02/2014 01:07

    still it’s a dream for me 28 01 2014 best day EVER . ich liebe dich, i love you. come back soon to México and thank you so much for coming.

  468. Posted by Lian    15/02/2014 16:10

    Come back soon to México, we love you so much. you are awesome, amazing.
    just saying ….. 28-01-2014 my dream come true.

  469. Posted by Analía Alejandra Berretta    14/02/2014 01:36

    David Garrett, genio de la música y violín. Lo mejor escuchado en mucho tiempo. El alma se refleja en tus ojos y expresiones. Sabemos que es difícil que vengas a Argentina, pero qué placer sería verte en vivo.
    Gracias por obsequiarnos tu “don”. Impresionante.

  470. Posted by GABIELLE    13/02/2014 04:01

    Dear David thaks for coming to Mexico. back to soon. every will love you.

  471. Posted by Lika    12/02/2014 17:05

    Дорогой Дэвид!
    То, что ты делаешь это прекрасно!. Столько тепла в твоей игре, столько солнца. Удачи тебе во всем. Мы очень хотели бы услышать твою игру в живую. Ждем тебя в Москве!
    С наилучшими пожеланиями, Лика.

  472. Posted by Jeongbin    09/02/2014 22:03

    David Please come to South Korea !!!!! Love you Soooooo much!! want to hear your music. It will be certainly heaven. Ich liebe dich!

  473. Posted by katherine    09/02/2014 13:48

    Come to Ukraine!!!!we need you!

  474. Posted by Jessi    09/02/2014 02:52

    A California concert would be amazing!! I would love to see you live in concert.

  475. Posted by Anton    07/02/2014 18:55

    +1 for Ukraine. My whole family would visit your concert in Ukraine if you went in our country.

  476. Posted by Roksolana    05/02/2014 22:31

    Hello, David!) I wonder if you read all these posts) but still maybe someone will answer my query?) Have you ever been in Ukraine?) Beautiful country with beautiful girls, that one of the most beautiful in the world by the way!) ) It would be great to see you on concert in Ukraine! I think the people would be happy!)…I hope this message is read by the right people) Will I get response?

  477. Posted by Maricela    04/02/2014 18:18

    thanks for coming to Mexico, I’m still happy to your talent, you will be back soon always welcome.

  478. Posted by Elvira    04/02/2014 16:26

    Bei dem Programm der Klassik-Tour werde ich vermutlich völlig durchdrehen, wenn ich erst in der Philharmonie in Berlin sitze!
    Ganz vielen herzlichen Dank schon jetzt dafür und weiterhin viel Spaß und Erfolg bei der US-Tournee!

  479. Posted by Classic Callie    04/02/2014 08:12

    Where in the world is David Garrett?!

  480. Posted by Carmen Gloria Muñoz Ducros    04/02/2014 05:43

    Estimado David espero que venga pronto a Chile junto a su banda! Me fascina su interpretación, su trabajo es maravilloso que encanta a grandes y pequeños. En Sudamérica somos muchos esperando su venida, porfavor realicen pronto una gira por estos lados. Gracias y Bendiciones !!!

  481. Posted by fiammarina    03/02/2014 18:57

    Argentina is still waiting!! COME TO ARGENTINA!! We Love You!!!

  482. Posted by zhang    03/02/2014 05:24

    新年快乐 马到成功!dear David ,happy new year! I hope that your music will warm and powerful all the time!

  483. Posted by Alexander Darlington    01/02/2014 15:31

    Come to London!!!

  484. Posted by Karrie chey    30/01/2014 19:54

    Dear David, nach Malaysia zu kommen, wir warten auf Sie!!!!! Love from Malaysia!!!

  485. Posted by Wendy Chey    30/01/2014 19:45

    Please come to Malaysia, or any country of southeast asia, we’ll be waiting for you!

  486. Posted by Wendy Chey    30/01/2014 19:42

    Please… come to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia!!!

  487. Posted by Noemí Albarrán    30/01/2014 06:01

    vielen Dank für dein Show in Mexiko Stadt ich freue mich sehr. Ich warte auf deine Nächste besuche. Mexiko liebt dich sehr.
    Noemí A.G.

  488. Posted by Viri Villalobos    30/01/2014 04:37

    Dear David, your concert was amazing and unforgetable for me, Im impressed of you great talent to play the violín, please come back soon, México loves you. Kisses and hugs … Sincerely your fan # 1 … Viri.

  489. Posted by Ximena Solsona    30/01/2014 03:19

    My dearest David, I do not know if you will read this message, but I got to try at least!

    I am so glad for being able to see you live in Mexico City, you have no idea how much I would have loved to meet you! I love you so so so much! You are a great artist, in every sense, you are a terrific violinist and so handsome as well. I am really impressed on how you make me feel that playing the violin is so easy, (which is not) for me, that makes a great artist, the dedication and passion as well as the easyness for doing what you have to do. Thanks for coming to Mexico City, I cannot wait for the next time I can see you perform live.

    Best regards from Mexico, a huge kiss too! <3 <3

    -Ximena Solsona- :)

  490. Posted by Vívian    30/01/2014 01:11

    Come to Brazil!

  491. Posted by Karla Torres    29/01/2014 19:59


  492. Posted by Karla Torres    29/01/2014 19:58


  493. Posted by Brenda    29/01/2014 18:34

    Dear David: I really enjoyed your concert last night! You’re the best violinist I’ve ever Heard!!!! Please, come back to Mexico soon, as you can see, we love you very much!

  494. Posted by Alyona Grig    28/01/2014 10:37

    Sie der entzückende Musiker! Der unglaublich verführerische Mann! Ich bin von Ihrem schauspielerischen Talent entzückt! Danke für den Film über Paganini ist ein Schöne des Kinos, die schöne Musik! Sie der größte Musiker – der Beste in der Welt! Kommen Sie mit den Gastspielen zu Russland an, nach Moskau – machen Sie mich glücklicher als ich bin!!!

  495. Posted by Jan    24/01/2014 18:20

    Saw you in Seattle on January 19/14. Your show was better than I even imagined it would be! I like how you talk to the audience like we were one of your friends. Please come to Victoria or Vancouver, BC, Canada some day!

  496. Posted by Tais    24/01/2014 04:34

    Hello dear David ! Will it be possible to see you in Kazakhstan? Saw you in the movie-violinist Paganini of the devil,and fell in love :) good Luck to you all! Sincerely,Taisiya .

  497. Posted by Barbara    24/01/2014 00:41

    I am still over the moon after attending your performance in Sacramento last night. I hope you won’t wait another 2 years to come back. We love you here so much!

  498. Posted by valeria garcia    23/01/2014 03:00

    Please come to Texas

  499. Posted by Christin    22/01/2014 14:31

    Mr. Garrett,
    I admire you and I would be very greatful if You perform in Russia.
    With best wishes…

  500. Posted by Camila    21/01/2014 04:30

    Please come to Brazil, in São Paulo city!!! ♥

  501. Posted by Peleg Zahavy-Mittelman    20/01/2014 15:08

    Last night was a great show in Seattle, I enjoyed it very much. I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Garrett while I was playing my violin in the cold evening street of Seattle.
    Thank you for a great evening and for inspiring me to continue learning and playing the violin. I’m a young violinist and I recently started working on playing flight of the bumblebee (inspired by the YouTube of Mr. Garrett). I hope that have the good luck to play it for you next time you are in Seattle. I’ll post it on my website as soon as I’m ready.
    I hope to see you again soon in Seattle.

  502. Posted by Vito    18/01/2014 22:35

    will you be coming to New Hampshire any time soon?

  503. Posted by Sylvie Girard    17/01/2014 08:29

    Please come M.Garrett Quebec Canada.The people will experience the most extraordinary violinist in world.M.Paul Mccartney loved Québécois by their warm welcome and Madonna, M.Allyday

  504. Posted by jessie2333    15/01/2014 16:46

    Please come to Canada!!
    I love your performance soooo much and if hope to come to the tour=)

  505. Posted by Katja    09/01/2014 09:36

    Hallo David
    Gibst du in München am 22.10.14 auch Autogramme nach der Show?
    Freu mich schon riesig auf dein Konzert

  506. Posted by Victoria Liao    09/01/2014 02:02

    Dear David, Can you come to Beijing or Shanghai or…no matter what place in China. Can you come?! Please~~Give a plan~

  507. Posted by Cristina    07/01/2014 23:49

    Got tickets today! Soooo happy – floating right now :) I cannot believe I get to hear this amazing music live!

  508. Posted by ana maria silva    05/01/2014 19:29

    Nós no Brasil precisamos de uma apresentação sua. Venha por favor. Vou assistir em qualquer Estado que vc se apresente.
    Ana Maria

  509. Posted by lucia trigo    05/01/2014 00:49

    David please come to Brazil, we are a young country and our kids desperately need you as an inspiration as a musician and an artist. Please come to know our music and our culture as well ! Please think about it seriously, we would love to have you here !

  510. Posted by maura    05/01/2014 00:33

    Come to São Paulo!!
    My 2 kids and iwant to see your show,!!!

  511. Posted by Camille    05/01/2014 00:23

    Come to Brazil, please!!!!

  512. Posted by Silvia    04/01/2014 01:24

    Dear David
    Come to Brazil for a tour !!!

  513. Posted by Helen Dyachenko    03/01/2014 20:03

    Dear, David! I love you and your creativity. When will you come to Russia with majestic show? With love, Helen

  514. Posted by Ali Bec    03/01/2014 00:06

    No more available tickets for Mexico’s concert, wish you could open another date!! Please !

  515. Posted by Sandro Gonzalez    02/01/2014 15:16

    We are wating David’s in south Brazil… When will you come to Brazil?

  516. Posted by carol    01/01/2014 22:11

    Come to Brazil, please.

  517. Posted by Julianne    27/12/2013 15:07

    Come to Rio de Janeiro, please!

  518. Posted by Debora    26/12/2013 13:28

    All right, still have time left to add some dates down in South America. July and August you can take vacations, but November and December we will be waiting for you! LOL

  519. Posted by Sue Su    24/12/2013 15:22

    Dear David
    When you will come to china or dubai? i really love you music too much. Hope can see you one day!

  520. Posted by Andrea Loehr    19/12/2013 20:21

    Am 4. Oktober 2014 bin ich dabei 😀 Ich freue mich jetzt schon wahnsinnig auf deine Show!
    Liebe Grüße Andrea

  521. Posted by AnaG    15/12/2013 02:47

    Dear David

    I really love your music and every time I hear it I feel delighted. I hope you can come to Canada soon, I would be the happiest person in the world.
    Lots of love

  522. Posted by Alexandra Huber    14/12/2013 22:09

    Bitte komm mit der Crossover-Tourne im Herbst 2014 auch in die Schweiz. Das Konzert im Juni 2013 war einfach genial. Denke jeden Tag gerne ans Konzert zurück. Bitte gib wieder ein Konzert in der Schweiz!!

  523. Posted by thomas    12/12/2013 11:10

    Dear David

    When will you come to hong kong to hold a show?

  524. Posted by Eli Bruderman    10/12/2013 00:32

    Dear David

    I saw you today 9/12/13 in Tel-Aviv. Your performance brought me to tears. The intensity and lightnes of your play are a mixture of wonder. Tomorrow you play in Haifa – my home town. Bset of luck and thanks for a genuine experience of sound and performance.

    Eli Bruderman

  525. Posted by Beverley    09/12/2013 01:45

    Come to Australia, Perth! Please! I used to play trumpet as a child and have always loved the violin and wanted to learn. Now you have ispired me to start lessons! Love your music! Beverley, Australia.

  526. Posted by Ivana    08/12/2013 16:30

    lo aspettiamo in Arena a VERONAAAAA grande

  527. Posted by mobyla    08/12/2013 12:35

    David, we are waiting for you in Moscow!!!! Russian federation !!!! We are waiting for your amazing music!!!!!

  528. Posted by musica    07/12/2013 08:25

    Come to New Zealand! We would love to have a chance to listen to you! :)

  529. Posted by Camila Bruel    06/12/2013 21:46

    David, you yould come to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It would be an honor to receive you here. Take good care of yourself.

  530. Posted by Denis    06/12/2013 14:57

    David! We’re waiting for You in Russia! )

  531. Posted by natalia    02/12/2013 02:20

    Ansío el día en que David visite Colombia… Que gran artista!!!!

  532. Posted by Lily    30/11/2013 07:45

    Yeah David, you are great! I love your Music so much. I hope you can come to China one day and make sure inform me if you are here!

  533. Posted by Ailin    29/11/2013 21:22

    Hallo David!! Ich heiße Ailín. Wann können Sie zum Argentinien kommen? :) Viele Grüße

  534. Posted by Catherine    29/11/2013 20:31

    Dear David, we are waiting for you in Moscow. You play so touching and emotional, to the bottom of heart.
    IIt`s a god-given talent, please share it with russian audience!
    Hope to see you soon)

  535. Posted by SeaNasSid    29/11/2013 13:09

    Well, I hope, some day you will be in Russia in Yekateringburg. We love you :)

  536. Posted by Fernanda    28/11/2013 22:05

    Olá! Estudo violino, e particularmente admiro muito seu estilo, e aprecio seu som. Enfim… sou sua fã e não só eu, mas como muitos fãs aqui do BRASIL estão te esperando! Venha para o BRASIL! O BRASIL agradece!

  537. Posted by Naza    28/11/2013 19:55

    i hope you can visit argentina in any time YOU ARE AWESOME

  538. Posted by Tatiane Aguirres    28/11/2013 14:29

    Come to BRAZIL, please!!!

  539. Posted by ANDREA    27/11/2013 13:14

    BRASIL David, BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  540. Posted by Лиза    23/11/2013 19:34

    David, you promised to return in moscow with concert. When we can wait you?
    PS Thank you for premiere of movie =) How you like Moscow?

  541. Posted by karla vanessa diaz limon    21/11/2013 22:02

    hi my name is david garret karla vanessa and I am a super-fan of yours and just found out that you are coming to my country mexico not know how much much and waiting for this my dream is to meet you but my economic possibilities do not allow me to me would love you to help me fulfill my drteam to meet you and be able to come to yours concert.

  542. Posted by Julia    20/11/2013 08:09

    Hey David!!! Any chances to see u in KIev, Ukraine????

  543. Posted by Emirhan    14/11/2013 15:34

    please come to turkey too you are my hero at violin after i`ve seen you i`ve started to learn violin i really hope to see you in turkey , you are greatest …………

  544. Posted by Paula    12/11/2013 22:23

    David, I love your style of music, if God play violin he play like you.
    Violin is such a charming instrument, thank you for the emotions that you give us…
    Hope I’ll see you soon on stage…in Portugal!!!! :)

  545. Posted by Adriana Rozinholi    12/11/2013 19:23

    David, please come to Brazil!!!

  546. Posted by Julia    06/11/2013 12:12

    David, come to Ukraine and Russia in 2014, please! We want to hear and see u! xoxo

  547. Posted by BabeVanessa    05/11/2013 13:58

    David, come to Malaysia!

  548. Posted by derailed    05/11/2013 02:13

    Hi David!

    Firstly, I love your music veeeeerry much! But since you have absolutely no plans to come to Australia in the near future, I thought I’d follow you to Düsseldorf instead! Just got my ticket, yay! It’s a year away yet but I simply cannot wait!!! I also hope Teufels Geiger will come out downunder… Why do Australians always miss out??

    Anyway, more power to you and keep making beautiful music!

    Love from, C

  549. Posted by Natali Del Carmen    03/11/2013 19:45

    Por favor si pudieras venir a Venezuela seria genial, tu música me inspira… eres el mejor…

  550. Posted by LUCY LU    03/11/2013 17:39

    David, please come to the UK!!!!!! LONDON wants your virtuous manner and needs your creativity to refresh its mind.

  551. Posted by Kezia    03/11/2013 13:07

    Nei…gibs ja nicht und wo bitte bleibt die Schweiz? Kein Konzert…so nen Mist.
    Es wäre super den David in der Schweiz spielen sehen…
    Tja… man kann nicht immer Weihnachten haben…

  552. Posted by Marius Ivan    03/11/2013 11:32

    Why there is no tours for Australia in 2014?

  553. Posted by Jutta    01/11/2013 22:08

    Hallo David, ich sehe dich am 5. Oktober 2014 in Frankfurt. 😉 Ich freu mich wahnsinnig. ♥
    Liebe Grüße Jutta ♥

  554. Posted by camila    01/11/2013 20:09

    Hello David! Please come to Argentina. I love you music,me too play the violin and i really like. I have 13 years old and i started at 12,Now I’m the first violinist in the province of Misiones Argentina. I love you David are my favorite violinist, See you at Argentina! I love you! 😀

  555. Posted by Soraia    30/10/2013 17:26

    Hello David I’m from Brazil, and would like to know when you turn to our country enjoyed their music! Already be welcome!

  556. Posted by Vera Maria Watanabe    27/10/2013 22:24

    David come to Brazil-São Paulo, please! I love you, so much!

  557. Posted by Maria de Lurdes    25/10/2013 14:50

    How lucky to have the Mexicans listen …. They also are blessed by having Carlos Santana, a musician of great art, as passionate about music as you and well known throughout the world for pieces like Europe, Samba pa Ti , Blak woman and many others that would be wonderful to hear them played by you since I’ve seen that makes arrangements with classical pieces and modern Latin musicians. Much success there … Hopefully Santana knows, I’d love to see them play together …

  558. Posted by sandy    23/10/2013 06:29


  559. Posted by hisako sato    22/10/2013 13:55

    When is the Asia tour including Japan realized?

    I am glad if it will be next year!

  560. Posted by Veronica Pereira    22/10/2013 11:41

    I would love to see one of your shows live. But looks like you have no plans to come to India :(

  561. Posted by Patricia Gomez    20/10/2013 19:32

    Please come to South America, Buenos Aires – Argentina!!! It would like you!

  562. Posted by Luiz Gustavo Fonseca Belarmino    19/10/2013 16:35

    David, don’t you like Brazil?
    you have never done a show here, why?

  563. Posted by Jia Maxwell    18/10/2013 03:14

    I wish there were classical concerts available in the US. Even more, I wish I could go to Israel for all of those concerts. Who could resist both Zubin Mehta AND David Garrett?

  564. Posted by Iveta    15/10/2013 16:43

    Ich freue mich schon sehr auf Mai 2014 in Wien ! Nach fünf crossover, endlich ein rein klassisches Konzert …

  565. Posted by Adriana Cristina    14/10/2013 18:08

    Hello, David.
    I love your music!! I hope to see you in Brazil sonn!!!
    Come on, plese!! :)

  566. Posted by Kat    13/10/2013 21:21

    CANADA loves you ! PLZ, come and delight us with your music <3 <3

  567. Posted by Ricardo    11/10/2013 16:16

    Please open one more date in Mexico!!!!!!!! I just found out the concert for january and no more tickets are available, except so so far from the stage………….so pleaseeeee one more date in Mexico!!!!!!!!!

  568. Posted by Paloma    10/10/2013 06:18

    Why..??!!! Why just one date..??!!!! I promise you’ll like Mexico, I swear to you that you will love us (^o^)/ so pleeaseee open one more date..!! pleeeeeaaseeeeeeeeee ..!!!! (>_<)

  569. Posted by Magali    09/10/2013 01:16

    I have a Dream…a Dream that one day you’ll come to France !
    David, you’re talented and so skilled. I love your style of music, it gives me chills.
    Violin is such a charming instrument, thank you for the emotions that you give us…Thank you for sharing your passion !
    Hope I’ll see you soon on stage… :)

  570. Posted by vivienalvarenga    08/10/2013 02:27

    When will you come to Brazil??
    Please, come!!

  571. Posted by Ana Lucia    07/10/2013 13:19

    Hi David.
    Your fans in Brazil are asking for a concert in Rio de Janeiro. Please delight us with your music!!!

  572. Posted by Andrea    05/10/2013 17:02

    Ich finde es großartig, dass es jetzt nun doch auch in Wien ein Klassikkonzert geben wird.
    Habe natürlich sofort Karten besorgt und freue mich schon heute riesig aufs Konzert.
    Wäre froh gewesen, wenn man das schon eher bekanntgegeben hätte

    Nichts desto trotz
    liebe Grüße aus Wien:):):)

  573. Posted by Victor Maciel    03/10/2013 01:15

    You know what is a dream? I can tell you!
    A dream is see David Garrett live in Rio de Janeiro!

  574. Posted by Debz Nicklinson    01/10/2013 17:03

    Hi David & DG Team,
    Are there any dates yet for David to come to the UK on this tour ? I did hear last year that it was going to be around April 2014 – is this correct ?
    I would also love to know when the film “Paganini ~ The Devil’s Violinist” is going to be released here too, I cannot wait to see it. Will it also be put onto DVD as well ?
    I saw David once on the 1st December 2011 in London and it’s something I will never forget as it was such a special day as I got to meet David plus, as I’m disabled it was a very big day for me to actually get to the concert ~ Thank You David for that special day.
    Debz xx

  575. Posted by meral    28/09/2013 23:54

    Turkiye de gormek bir ruya olmali :(

  576. Posted by Nashwa    27/09/2013 18:07

    Any plans in Dubai?!
    wish to see you here <3

  577. Posted by Isabella Lopes    27/09/2013 04:33

    When will you come to Brazil??

  578. Posted by Cristiane Samarra Rodrigues    26/09/2013 23:40

    David, Brazil is waiting for you! We are looking forward to see you playing here for us!! Please, come, come, come!!!!!!

  579. Posted by Ana    25/09/2013 23:20

    Hi David! Dont´t you ever come South? Argentina is waiting for you!!! ; )

  580. Posted by Glayton Botelho Rocha    21/09/2013 17:56

    When will you come to Brazil?? We are waiting for!!

  581. Posted by Glayton Botelho Rocha    21/09/2013 17:32

    When will you come to Brazil??

  582. Posted by Svitlana    18/09/2013 22:21

    Hi David! Welcome to Ukraine.

  583. Posted by Music365    14/09/2013 03:16

    David – you rock!!! Thank you, for marrying my favourite music….rock and classical into the sound of the violin, also my favourite instrument. My friends and I can’t wait to see you again at The Crest Theatre so we’re anxiously awaiting the ticket sales date!!! By the way, Rock Symphonies is my alarm every morning!! 😀

  584. Posted by Sarah    12/09/2013 06:07

    Hi David, Hi DG management team,
    I got to know that David is going to perform in Bad Worishofen on 29/09 & 30/09. Great news for me since I will be in Europe during these time and I hope I can earn any chance to go to David’s concert. Actually I’m from Asia and going to travel Europe this September for about 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I saw all of the tickets were sold out when I was first time checking the site out in June. Obviously there are so many people who love David and his music. I have no idea what kind of concert is the one which comes on 29/09. I see some German words like ‘Festival der Nationen’, and guess it might be a classical one…
    What about the ticket? Is there any other way to get one ticket at this moment? Anyway, I’m going to be there in Bad Worishofen, and it would be my pleasure to hear from you about ANY other ways to see David perform in Bad Worishofen. Cheers

  585. Posted by angelica    10/09/2013 22:47

    I have my ticket!! México!! I am excited!!

  586. Posted by Eloise    10/09/2013 16:26

    Would really love to see David in South Africa/Cape Town! 😉

  587. Posted by Mamen    10/09/2013 15:11

    En españa te esperamos con los brazos abiertos. Ven pronto !!
    In Spain we’re waiting with open arms. Come soon!

  588. Posted by Anne    10/09/2013 06:19

    Please, please, please come to Vancouver

  589. Posted by Karla    09/09/2013 22:37

    saludos abrirán otra fecha para México….
    GrûBe nur ein Datum in Mexico? ,wâre toll,weil es keine Tickets

  590. Posted by bree    05/09/2013 16:04

    Please come to Australia!

  591. Posted by Angie Casarez    05/09/2013 05:07

    Please come out to Phoenix!!! Last time you did a US tour, I went to Seattle to see you perform.

  592. Posted by Carla Doria-Medina    04/09/2013 17:36

    Please include London in April!!!! that would be like a dream come true… I actually live in Bolivia, so I think it´s almost impossible to dream about having a concert here… but I will be in london next April!!!!

  593. Posted by chu    29/08/2013 06:54

    David please come to Taiwan! Please!!!

  594. Posted by ivonne    28/08/2013 04:04

    I m , waitin for you in Mexico I love you!!

  595. Posted by Dave    28/08/2013 01:52

    You rock. No other way to say it. I do have to accept, without being jealous, that my wife thinks you are super sexy and talented.

    We saw you in San Diego a few years ago and it was truly a great experience. My mom and dad loved it too, especially your take on Kashmir because it fit right into their age.

    We are actually thinking of making a trip from the U.S. to Switzerland just to see you. Now those would be some expensive concert tickets!

    But hopefully that shows you what dedicated fans you have. That we would even think of spending 10k USD and traveling half way around the world just to see you perform, that speaks volumes for how talented you are.

    Keep doing what you do. You’re a true artist. The world needs more people like you.

  596. Posted by Ivonne is Lorie Yves Garrett    27/08/2013 20:57

    Para Mi amado David Garrett 😀

    Sabes en lo personal amo tu alegría a la hora en que tocas tu música, considero que pocos artistas tiene este gusto por la música como tu lo demuestras. Bueno en México seriamos realmente afortunados si llegases a venir pronto a nuestro país.

    David eres y seras por siempre mi artista favorito :D, espero pronto tener la dicha de verte tocar 😉

  597. Posted by celine    27/08/2013 15:14

    What about Ottawa Ontario Canada !!! We want to see you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  598. Posted by Eileen    26/08/2013 02:34

    And México??? Please!!please!!! As we get more information??

  599. Posted by angelica    21/08/2013 20:27

    México is waiting for you!! =D

  600. Posted by Laura    21/08/2013 20:22

    Please come up to Scotland!!!

  601. Posted by Rima    21/08/2013 18:36

    I discovered David Garrett only recently. I was watching some videos of accordionist Martynas Levickis and came across of a fragment where Martynas performed with David at one of David’s concerts in Germany. I am absolutely fascinated by David’s work! Would love to see a live performance! So disappointing not to see London the tour map. Why London was not included?

  602. Posted by GiovannaDiaz    19/08/2013 00:03

    You would include Mexico right!?!? Please!!!!!
    Mexico!! Mexico!!

  603. Posted by CarolinagirlVC    18/08/2013 05:45

    Omg I’m going to the concert in Atlanta next year…#fanatic

  604. Posted by Helena Ellison    17/08/2013 10:26

    David please come to Chopin & Szymanowski birth place. We are waiting for you:)

  605. Posted by Diego    15/08/2013 00:47

    hola soy un pequeño violinsta de Santiago, Chile y seria fantastico q dieras ina gira por Ltinoamerica, porque a muchos Latinoamericanos nos gustaria q vinieras, por favor ven.

  606. Posted by Renate Müller    14/08/2013 15:24

    lieber David, liebes Team, liebe Fans,
    kann mir bitte jemand weiterhelfen?
    Ich möchte 2 Karten für das Konzert am 09.12. in Tel Aviv kaufen,
    Flug und Hotel sind schon gebucht, extra für dieses Konzert,
    lt. homepage gehen Einzeltickets später in den Verkauf,
    könnt ihr mir sagen wann das sein wird?
    Über die homepage hab ich es mit Anfragen
    schon mehrmals probiert, bekomme aber keine Rückmeldung,
    jetzt mach ich mir Sorgen, dass ich keine Tickets mehr bekomme,
    wer weiss etwas? Wäre dankbar für eure Hilfe :-) herzliche Grüsse, Renate aus Graz

  607. Posted by Ximena Solsona    12/08/2013 06:46

    Hello dear!!! Won’t you come to Mexico ever??!!! PLEASE!!! 😀 You should really really really come! :) I want to be played “stop crying your heart out” so badly!! :) Oh please!! :3

    Have a beautiful day! :)


  608. Posted by CARMENCITA KINSEY    11/08/2013 19:44

    David, wann kommen Sie nach Washington, DC?? BITTE, BITTE KOMMEN SIE DC!! Vielen Dank ….

  609. Posted by CARMENCITA KINSEY    11/08/2013 19:39

    David, when are you.coming to Washington, DC??? PLEASE, PLEASE COME TO DC!!!!!
    Thanks much,

  610. Posted by aldo ferretti    11/08/2013 02:48

    I am sure david will play in the near future even in new zealand

  611. Posted by petrita    09/08/2013 21:04

    Any plans for a crossover tour in germany next year?? I live in Sweden and would loooooveee to come to germany and se you David!

  612. Posted by ivonne    08/08/2013 02:36


  613. Posted by Ana    07/08/2013 23:33

    How I wish David would come to Brazil! :(

  614. Posted by Linda    07/08/2013 18:53

    I notice that the US tours year after year tend to be in the same cities. To reach a wider audience, please spread the wealth! Come to different cities, come to Las Vegas! Lots of fans here and gorgeous venues!! I saw David in Sacramento and would LOVE for him to come to Las Vegas!!!

  615. Posted by Irene Jacqueline    07/08/2013 18:08

    come to SHENZHEN CHINA!!!!!!!!!

  616. Posted by Zuzanna    05/08/2013 13:35

    Please, come to POLAND! We’re waitting for YOU.

  617. Posted by NatalkaL    05/08/2013 04:44

    Would LOVE to see You Back in Edmonton Alberta Canada …………….. Thank You Again for coming and making Edmonton your 1st stop EVER in Canada!!
    I Will Patiently wait till the day you come back, just don’t make that tooo long though 😉
    It would be Great to see you again and maybe next time Meet You as Well!

  618. Posted by Abbie Ahler    05/08/2013 03:52

    David, please come to Arizona!!! We all love you out here, and we need some of your earth-shattering, gravity-defying music! We can’t wait!!

  619. Posted by Danielly    05/08/2013 01:31

    It would be a great idea to come to Brazil, don’t you think? Give it a try, you won’t get disappointed. (:

  620. Posted by angelica    03/08/2013 00:41


  621. Posted by Carlos López    02/08/2013 16:55

    David we are waiting for you in Puerto Rico! You need to make a concert here, please!

  622. Posted by pochi    02/08/2013 01:44


  623. Posted by Silmara Silveira    01/08/2013 13:17

    Brazil!!!! Brazil!!!! Brazil!!!! Please, come!!! As you can see David, you’ve got a lot of fans here. We’re waitting for you here.

  624. Posted by BRUNA MEMELE    30/07/2013 03:07

    Vem para Brasília – Brasil, sou sua fã, vc toca com o coração, é lindo, emocionante… adoro ouvir vc tocar

  625. Posted by Analia    29/07/2013 18:54

    when you come to Argentina for a show? please I want to see live!!! you are AMAZING!!!

  626. Posted by graciela    29/07/2013 02:59

    Hola David!!! cuando vas a venir a A R G E N T I N A ! ! ! tenemos a Maradona, a Messi, al Papa y faltas VOS ! ! !

  627. Posted by petrita    27/07/2013 19:13

    Hey David!!We miss u in Sweden! :) when Will we have the plesure to se you here?? :))

  628. Posted by Paola Sánchez    27/07/2013 07:05

    PLEASE COME TO MEXICO!! or nearest!!

  629. Posted by Élodie Monnet    25/07/2013 21:19

    When are you coming in France ? We are waiting for you !!!!

  630. Posted by monserrat bravo    25/07/2013 08:00

    Hola, tienes un gran don de transmitir la música! Y deberías dar conciertos en Mexico!! Mucha suerte, en todos tus conciertos!! Tienes un graaan talento! No tardes en dar conciertos en Mexico por favoor! :)

  631. Posted by Tiago T Lopes    23/07/2013 23:21

    Please, come to Brasil!!!! Porto Alegre, RS or Florianópolis, SC!!

  632. Posted by Florencia Pereira    21/07/2013 21:11

    Please, come to Argentina!! We are waiting for you anxiously :)

  633. Posted by Lori    21/07/2013 19:53

    David – Am I correct that you will be performing in Sacramento, CA next January? If so, please let us know, so we can get tickets. Wouldn’t miss it!!

  634. Posted by Schnell Sibylle    18/07/2013 05:30

    Hi David danke für das tolle Konzert vorgestern in Regensburg. Schade nur das keine Rockversionen dabei waren :-(. War trotzdem ein suuuuper Konzert und vielen vielen Dank für das Autogramm. Ich hab mich sehr darüber gefreut
    Liebe Grüße aus Regensburg bis nächstes Jahr in München freu mich schon :-)

  635. Posted by Daniela    16/07/2013 18:06

    Ich fand diese Tour unschlagbar toll! Ich hoffe so sehr, dass du im nächsten Jahre doch noch in der Nähe von München ein Crossover Konzert gibst!

  636. Posted by Petra    15/07/2013 05:46

    Hallo – an alle da draußen die bewußt diese Seite aufgemacht oder die nur “zufällig” hier gelandet sind… – Ich war gestern mal wieder unterwegs; – auf dem Audi-Sommerkonzert in Ingoldstadt. ES WR EIN GROSSARTIGES KONZERT!!! – Und mit großzügigen 3 Zugaben; – hatte ich nicht erwartet. Zwar hat man die Ansagen schon in der 2. Reihe nicht mehr akustisch wahrnehmen können – aber egal. Der Saal ein moderner Bau dem es an eigener Atmosphäre fehlt und die Bühne war für das Orchester schon grenzwertig eng… – Aber nicht schlimm… – hatte fast das Gefühl die sind bei mir zu Hause…(hätten auch da Platz!)
    Das Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Guiseppe Verdi hatte die die Zuschauer für mein Gefühl vom 1. Moment an gepackt; – keine Wunder: tolle Musiker, die Overtüre von Aida (für mich eine der schönsten überhaupt..), und dann Beethovens Sinf. no.5 – nach der Pause war dann David dran mit dem Violinkonzert von Brahms – SO habe ich das noch niemals gehört; – ich bin um es nett zu sagen kein Brahms-fan und den 1. Satz – da bin ich froh wenn er rum ist. Überraschung für mich: Schöne weiche Übergänge,es war ein wirkliches Fließen – kein Gekratze und ich hatte das Gefühl, das David das Konzert wirklich mag, ganz in die Musik eingetaucht ist und uns erlaubt diese wunderbaren ganz speziellen Momente, Empfindungen die nur Musik zu vermitteln mag mit uns genau an diesem Abend geteilt hat; – es war eine Reise in eine andere Welt…. Nur für den Fall, dass Du das liest: VIELEN DANK FÜR DIESES WUNDERBARE GESCHENK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ich wünschte ich könnte DIR etwas zurückgeben…
    Was auch toll – und vielleicht ein wenig ungewöhnlich für das Klassik-Publikum war: Nach jedem Satz tosender Beifall! – ENDLICH- Ich finde es immer schwierig wenn man bis zum letzten Satz druchhalten soll und dann erst klatschen “darf”; – nichts für einen Emotionsmenschen. – Gestern habe ich wieder – wie so oft – erlebt das Musik viel viel mehr ist als nur blanke Noten und deren technische Umsetzung… – EMOTIONAL FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Absolut lebenswichtig – und genau das was mich am Leben hält …
    Ich wünsche allen, die Konzerte besuchen genau das erleben zu dürfen – für diese Saison stehen noch ein paar meiner geliebten open air Veranstaltungen an (u.a. ein Picknickkonzert) – bevor es Musik nur wieder in geschlossenen Räumen gibt..
    Liebe Grüße und einen wunderbaren Sommertag!!!!!!!!!

  637. Posted by Shirlene    14/07/2013 22:07

    Hello!!! And BRAZIL?????When it’s possible ?? We’re wating. Lovelis song and you

  638. Posted by rafael cataluna    14/07/2013 12:53

    Esperamos por ti em Portugal

  639. Posted by mari    14/07/2013 12:36

    Danke für die schönste Tour aller Zeiten!
    Seit der allerersten Tour gab es immer eine Steigerung, wobei man jedesmal gedacht hat: besser geht es kaum…
    Danke für Dein unendlich hohen Anspruch und Durchsetzungsvermögen! Das ist für mich die hohe Kunst der Music!

    “Ein bisschen kommt es auch auf die Geige an, viel mehr jedoch auf den, der den Bogen führt”

    P.S.: Von allen anderen Geigern dieser Welt würde ich es immer erkennen, wenn David Garrett seine Geige spielt!

    Viele Grüße aus Hamburg

  640. Posted by maria carmen romero    13/07/2013 18:46

    We love tour pasión for music and you professionalism. The people love you for you give in each performance. Hope you LOTS OF LUCK. MARIACA

  641. Posted by sonia m braga grillo g    12/07/2013 13:08

    Você é uma grande benção…como tem talento….Deus o abençoe mais e mais….sucesso, paz e saúde e muita alegria…abraços e minha orações…sonia

  642. Posted by Ricardo    10/07/2013 22:40

    Gostaria de saber se existe planos para apresentação no Brasil.

  643. Posted by laura berbeo    10/07/2013 16:44

    Hi! Your music and performances are amazing
    What about latinamerica to be in concert?

    Wonderful music!

  644. Posted by Wild Violin    10/07/2013 15:58

    Last year was great , I’ve been in a bad situation but I didn’t want to lose that great tour ” Rock Anthems ” , I can’t forget that beautiful day , David Garrett is so talented , it was so impressive. I hope to see more gigs from him. “Parisa”

    Greetings from Iran

  645. Posted by Dawn Pagano    08/07/2013 19:19

    Dear David,
    My family saw you at the Count Basie Theater in New Jersey in 2012. My daughters were 6 and 12 at the time. My older one plays the clarinet and recently started playing the violoin. We would love to see you again. Please come back to New Jersey. The Count Basie Theater was the perfect venue. I would love if my older daughter could see you again now that she is actually playing the violin. We loved that you played classical as well as rock songs. It is especially inspiring to the younger generation.

  646. Posted by SK    08/07/2013 16:47

    Haven’t seen you in a concert before, but I own most of your CDs. Hopefully, I will see you in a concert, someday.

  647. Posted by SK    08/07/2013 16:33

    When will you come to Boston?

  648. Posted by Martina    04/07/2013 16:43

    Hi David,
    danke für das wundervolle Konzert in Aach am Bodensee. Wir waren total geflasht, so eine tolle show und soviel Leidenschaft in Deinem Spiel haben wir nicht erwartet. Die Karte in der 6. Reihe war ein Geburtstagsgeschenk vom letzten Jahr. Und weil du genau an meinem Geburtstag in Ingolstadt – quasi um die ecke – spielst, habe ich mir das spontan zu meinem persönlichen Geburtstagsgeschenk gemacht! Ich freu mich, dich nächste Woche wiederzusehen und zu hören!!

  649. Posted by selina1989    03/07/2013 07:50

    Vielen Dank für das Konzert in Kassel,ich hoffe Du bist bald in der Nähe

  650. Posted by Justine    30/06/2013 01:21

    nie będe pisała po angielsku czy też niemiecku.. ponieważ uważam,że nawet jeśli nie zrozumiesz to zobaczysz inny język i może coś dotrze do ciebie i ludzi odpowiedzialnych za twoją promocję trasę itd.
    nawet nie wiesz jak bardzo jesteś ważny dla nas w Polsce , jak bardzo marzymy o tym byś do nas przyjechał, byś nas zauważył .
    i jak bardzo nam jest smutno,że nadal nie widać Polski na liscie nowej trasy europejskiej.. ale nie poddajemy się , nadal mamy wielką nadzieje w sercu ,że kiedyś do nas przyjedziesz.. obyśmy nie musieli na ciebie długo czekać bo tego nie zniesiemy..
    twoja muzyka gra w każdym z nas, każda nowa osoba zauroczona twoją grą jest przeszczęśliwa ,że cię znalazła. ja teraz wiem,ze jestem we właściwym miejscu ,że w porę znalazłam tego kogoś kto odpowiada mi muzycznie całkowicie, kto potrafi swoją grą,emocjami przenieść mnie w zupełnie inny świat, inny wymiar, ktoś kto potrafi
    zniwelowac wszelkie smutki poprzez swój uśmiech, emocję, pasję i miłość.
    dziękuje wszystkim i wszystkiemu za to,że ciebie odnalazłam..
    wiesz, wiele osób jezdzi na twoje koncerty w niemczech, wiele osób kupuje tam też płyty , przynajmniej te co nie są dostępne w polsce .. tak więc nie tylko niemcy mają wpływ na liczbę sprzedaży..
    dlatego proszę zauważcie polskę proszę przyjedź do nas .. teraz jest najodpowiedniejszy moment , polska musi zabrzmieć twoją muzyką, twoim przesłaniem. kochamy cię bardzo i czekamy tutaj na ciebie..pamiętaj o tym.

  651. Posted by "das Marzipan der Sachertorte", Jenny    29/06/2013 12:36


    für viele schöne Momente und die wunderbaren Stunden am 19.04., 07.06. und gestern am 28.06.2013, ich habe jeden Moment genossen, was mal mehr mal weniger einfach war….
    Das Konzert in Zwickau war ein klasse Abschluss der Tour und ein toller Beginn meines Urlaubs. Kann ein Urlaub besser beginnen? Nein, definitiv nicht :D!!!!!
    Leider ging es gestern nicht wie geplant, sondern fast eine halbe Stunde zu spät los. Obwohl man das Publikum so lange hat warten lassen, gab es dazu weder eine kurze Zwischeninfo noch ein kurzes sorry – schade!
    Entschädigt, wurde man aber durch die ansteckend gute Laune auf der Bühne, dem tollen, immer wieder unterhaltsamen Programm und natürlich durch die traumhafte Musik :).
    David strahlte die ganze Zeit über – es war so schön ihn zusammen mit seiner Band so gelöst zu sehen!

    Reihe 1 Platz 7………(gut, ich hatte mich dann spontan doch für Platz 6 neben meiner Oma entschieden) und obwohl ich einen Glückscent auf dem Platz der Völkerfreundschaft gefunden hatte, wurde dann leider doch nicht mein Zettel aus dem Briefkasten mit den Fanfragen gezogen :/. Das wäre ja auch zu schön gewesen. Naja, man kann halt nicht alles haben.

    Vielen lieben Dank allen Mitwirkenden dieser Tour, auf und hinter der Bühne, Hut ab, alle haben einen tollen Job gemacht!!! – DANKE –

    Danke auch dem Wettergott, der zum Glück sowohl in Leipzig, als auch in Zwickau ein Einsehen hatte und es nicht regnete ;).

    Ich bin auf alle Fälle immer wieder irgendwie, irgendwo und irgendwann gern dabei!!!!

    Next time? 2014, Berlin! I’m looking forward to see you again!

    Bis dahin die besten Wünsche und die liebsten Grüße!!!

    “Du bist, was du warst und du wirst sein was du tust”. (Buddha)

  652. Posted by selina1989    26/06/2013 08:06

    Danke für das tolle Konzert in Kassel

  653. Posted by Claudia Lins Cardoso    24/06/2013 19:34

    Dear David, this week my husband and I are celebrating our 20th wedding aniversary. As a gift, I’ve given to him 2 tickets for your show in Zwickau at the first line. I am eager to see tha show alive, specially when you play Tico-Tico no Fubá, one of the most beautiful brazilians song! It would be wonderful if we could take a picture with you, to register this magic moment for us! See you there! Bye!

  654. Posted by mary carmen    23/06/2013 03:09

    hello i just like to know if one day are you gona have a concert in san diego ca. we love to seeyou here….

  655. Posted by Ester    22/06/2013 10:44

    I see that you will play Brahms Violin Concerto everywhere…is there any chance that you come to Serbia to play it?

  656. Posted by Viviane França    20/06/2013 21:29

    David, venha logo para o Brasil! :-) <3

  657. Posted by Paula    19/06/2013 16:50

    When will you coming to Latin America? Maybe Colombia?

  658. Posted by Piia    18/06/2013 21:01

    Dear David,
    I’ve been enjoying hearing your playing on CD’s and DVD’s for a couple of years and I love your music!
    However, a live concert would be even greater experience therefore I’m asking is there any chance you would come to Finland on your next tour? I’m sure I’m not the only one here waiting to see to your live performance.
    I hope you have a wonderful summer and lots of great concerts ahead of you!
    All the best, Piia

  659. Posted by Lilie-lollipop    17/06/2013 09:38

    hello david,

    this weekend we were in aspach…i think we were the only belgiums there!we travelled over 5 hours just to see your show! 😀 (crazy not?!) we were also already in köln and düsseldorf!it all began with zapping on our tv and seeing you perform on ZDF…we were right away in love with your music!please please please try to perfom someday in belgium or in aachen…that isn’t so far for us to come 😉 (we are living +-20km from lüttich) lots of love and please in 2015 (2014 classical tour) again a tour with rock,r&b en pop-music!!!

  660. Posted by Rebekah Anne    15/06/2013 14:34

    Hello David is there a possibility that you will be coming to Cape town South Africa?

  661. Posted by Monica Chiu    15/06/2013 03:34

    Dear David

    I’m a fan in China, having been in love with your music for years. Too bad I missed your show in Shanghai last year and still feeling sad about it :'( Will you come to China again soon coz I really hope to enjoy your passionate and contagious music on live.
    Plz come to China soon, plz plz plz~:)

    with love

  662. Posted by Ekaterina    14/06/2013 13:04

    Hello dear David Garret! My name is Makurina Ekaterina. I very much admire your music and your enthusiasm. I live in the city of Tolyatti, I am 14 years old. I learn to play a violin and a piano. I like to sing, draw, compose verses and stories still. Since the childhood, in kindergarten I couldn’t pass by musical toys. Therefore parents decided to invite to the house of teachers of a piano, I was only 4 years old. One of all who came to me home was very honest and decent woman. It took me in music school where I started singing in a polecat and to learn to play a piano. I from 5 years began to appear on a scene. To me suggested to go to the Tolyatti musical school to play on a violin. I remember when there was an evening and next day to me had to buy a violin I it I drew and I began to go on the house and on it to play. My desire to have and play a violin was very strong. The first teacher told that I leave very good violinist. Everything went well, but in the middle of 1 class she left, and me alienate to other teacher. The second teacher gave me at the end of 1 class to another because, for some reason I didn’t get on with my mother. The third taught me until the end of 4 classes, at this time I played on stage one and with ensemble, I had new ¾ a violin. At the beginning of the 5th class I learned that my third teacher went to live to America and me alienate to the former teacher. During this time I thought that I play well. Me praised, but I couldn’t receive an assessment perfectly for offset in any way. Other teacher who listened to me, wasn’t glad to my successes. I got acquainted with the boy who studied at it and learned that she suggests to take me to herself. I agreed and very much was frightened because the whole summer I didn’t play on a violin. The problem was that when I took it, hands started hurting, fingers were red, the neck hooted. When there came the first lesson, I learned that for all those years I learned nothing, it me very much upset also all dreams well to play a violin fell. I learned it in the 7th class, but for all this year I learned to play and hand pain disappeared, I found freedom. At last appeared the five, but I understood that it not the most important. I passed examination for five, played Zeyts a concert No. 3 for a violin with an orchestra in three parts, Tchaikovsky and Zhigu Auber’s lullaby. Now to me the violin became small, and money in a family isn’t present. I wanted to buy ordinary, but all of them bad, or not the ringing. The ¾ to me bought for $100. More expensively and best of all we can’t buy.
    It is all history of my life connected with a violin.
    David if you can, I ask, present to me a full 4/4 violin because it is very strongly necessary to me. I didn’t expect that it to be necessary for me whole, I chose T.Vitali’s Chaconne, but there is no freedom in the left hand and I ask from you if only you can.

  663. Posted by susana matos    13/06/2013 12:01

    hello David, I love your work! Delivering! Not get tired of thinking and tell everyone how wonderful you are. It is adorably sympathetic, beautiful ( you know :-) I am grateful to the universe meet people as committed to sharing his talent with others. I love classical music but now I see with another look at the rock. I loved seeing him in Portugal, but should not be as likely, I look forward to locura go watch a concert germany in 2014, it is the closest to my country and who knows maybe even see him up close. Accompany with the continued attention of his great career.

  664. Posted by Elżbieta    12/06/2013 18:04

    Lieber David

    Vielen Dank für Ihre wunderbare Musik, die Sie LIEBE POLEN :) :) :) WELCOME TO US:)

  665. Posted by Jojo <3    12/06/2013 17:23

    BITTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE gib nach dem Konzert in Mönchengladbach Autogramme!!!!!!!

  666. Posted by Dajimer Alacio    11/06/2013 04:37

    Hallo !!!!!

    David, woooow you are such an amazing person, is difficult believe that you are from this very same planet haha…

    I was wondering, are you comming to Mexico some day? I really hope your answer is yes, and soon 😀 😀 😀

    Thank you a lot for giving us such a treasure like your music, your creation !!!!

    There are not words, that can express my admiration to you and all that i love your music, and the feelings it wakes in me… thank you a lot, i hope one day i can have the joy to listen to you making all that magic !!!

    Thank you, LOVE FROM MEXICO… Daji 😀

  667. Posted by lcoolcool    08/06/2013 05:49

    Hi David,
    I wonder if there will be tours in China in the future. My friends and I really hope that you can come here and bring us your music again! Both classic and crossover! Hope that day will come soon!
    Take care.

  668. Posted by simone braga barros    06/06/2013 15:28

    Dear David, come touch this “tango” wonderful for us Brazilians. You enchants us! Do not leave us waiting so long! Please come to Brazil soon! We love you!

  669. Posted by Sina    03/06/2013 17:48

    Lieber David,
    danke für das wunderbare Konzert in Erfurt!!! Vor dieser einzigartigen Kulisse war Deine Musik ganz besonders wirkungsvoll. Seeehr schön der neue Tango, und hinreißend “The show must go on”, besonders wenn Freddy Mercury ganz offensichtlich vom Himmel aus seinen Segen gibt: unglaublich, dass bei diesem Titel der seit Tagen graue Himmel über Erfurt aufriss, sich hinter der Bühne ein großer Regenbogen spannte und der Himmel gegenüber der Bühne flammend rot wurde. Das hätte man nicht besser choreographieren können!!! Es war zum Heulen schön!!!
    Als langjähriger treuer Fan möchte ich aber doch mal einen kleinen Kritikpunkt anbringen. Er betrifft das etwas einfallslose Merchandising. Das Noten-T-Shirt ist zwar eines meiner Lieblingsstücke und durchaus gesellschaftsfähig, aber man würde sich gelegentlich auch mal was Neues passend zur jeweiligen Tournee wünschen, um ein Erinnerungsstück mit nach Hause zu nehmen.
    Jetzt sind wir gespannt auf die Kulissen in Leipzig und in Aach, auch wenn wir sicher sind, dass Erfurt nicht zu toppen ist.
    Liebe Grüße! Sina

  670. Posted by Katrin    03/06/2013 12:57

    Hallo David! Wir 7 Mädels aus dem Pitztal / Tirol waren auf deinem Konzert in München. Danke für deine tolle Musik, dein Lächeln, deine Energie, deine “Sonne”… du hast uns wieder verzaubert. Solltest du einmal Langeweile verspüren, wir würden dich sofort auf einen gemütlichen Grillabend zu uns einladen ;-)… Danke nochmal, deine 7 Mädels

  671. Posted by ana    27/05/2013 17:36

    hello david!!!!please come to argentina!!!!!!!please please please!!!!!!!

  672. Posted by Anya    27/05/2013 03:14

    Hi David – vielleicht solltest du wirklich mal nach Thailand. Dann allerdings nur mit einer Not- Geige privat, um dich von Asien verzaubern zu lassen…Ich hoffe du machst auch mal ne Pause, damit wir deine wundervolle beseelte Musik noch viele Jahre genießen dürfen. Danke für diese Bereicherung und Inspiration ! Have Fun :)

  673. Posted by Dri    25/05/2013 02:33

    Please, come to Brazil!!!

  674. Posted by Deva    22/05/2013 00:52

    Hi David,

    ich bin noch immer überwältigt von dem Konzert in Bad Segeberg und total gefüllt mit Energie.
    Es war mein 2. Konzert und mich berührt sehr, dass du dich jedes Mal bei deinem Publikum bedankst, dass es dir ermöglicht deine Musik zu spielen.
    Diesen Dank möchte ich dir und deiner Crew zurück geben, für das, was ich erleben und auch mitnehmen darf.
    Schön finde ich es auch, dass du dich nicht scheust, deinem Publikum nahe zu sein. Weiter so!

    Ich liebe das Scherzo von Beethoven, toll, dass du es wieder an diesem Abend gespielt hast.

    Lots of love

    Ich freue mich auf die nächste Crossover Tour, ein wenig traurig bin ich, daß es wohl nächstes Jahr keine geben soll?

  675. Posted by Natthaphong Ruengpanyawut    18/05/2013 04:33

    Please come to Thailand!!

  676. Posted by Butterblume    16/05/2013 01:15

    Hallo David,
    echt spitzen Konzert in Mannheim!!!!! Das Bühnenbild passte so ideal zur Musik, vor allem die Bilder von Freddy Mercury und die während des Earth Songs verstärkten den Gänsehautfaktor. Das Ballet ist eine prima Idee (jetzt auch mit männlichen Tänzern, finde ich gut). Natürlich war Deine Band super wie immer und ich bewunder das gute Zusammenspiel mit dem Sinfonieorchester. Es war so vielfältig, Ihr habt Euch wieder so vieles einfallen lassen, ich muss es erst mal “sacken” lassen. Schade nur, dass das Publikum nicht hartnäckig genug für mehr Zugaben war, obwohl Ihr nach so einem langen Programm doch bestimmt schon ziemlich fertig ward?!
    Ich hatte öfters das Verlangen, richtig mitzurocken und aufzuspringen, doch das ist schwierig inmitten vieler steif da sitzender Leute, die hätten ein bisschen lockerer sein können.
    Das Konzert war soo schön mit allem drum und dran, da wär ich am liebsten Mäuschen bei den übrigen Konzerten… oder Deine E-Saite…
    Ich hatte bis eben noch eine ziemlich weite und einsame Heimfahrt, jetzt brauche ich noch schnell ein Mütze Schlaf und nachher muss ich bei der Arbeit wahrscheinlich erklären, warum ich immernoch grinse wie ein Honigkuchenpferd und werde vom Konzert schwärmen.
    Ein lieber Gruß von Deiner Butterblume :-)

  677. Posted by maria teresa belloso    14/05/2013 22:54

    Hola David ,hallo !
    I love your music , amo tu música , espero poder ir a un concierto tuyo el próximo año , mi hija ha empezado a tocar el violín con 5 años y me gustara llevarla a tu concierto .
    Desde España , te admiro mucho.
    Your music is ver y good.

  678. Posted by Dora Nedkova    14/05/2013 21:34

    David’s talent is something unique. Hello David Garrett! My grandmother died, I was very sad and You comforted me with music.Thank You, David Garrett !!! Please, come to Bulgaria.

  679. Posted by simone braga barros    14/05/2013 20:40

    Please, David, do not take more!
    The Brazil loves you!

  680. Posted by simone braga barros    14/05/2013 20:37

    Dear David, please come play this wonderful “Tango” for Brazilians and we will be the happiest people in the world!!
    You are simply unrivaled!!!

  681. Posted by Roleen    13/05/2013 23:40

    We would love to attend a concert in America. Preferably Minnesota, Chicago or San Antonio would work too! Love the new album, and all the others!..

  682. Posted by Heidi    12/05/2013 13:49

    Wir waren gestern im Konzert in LInz – es war einfach großartig! Unser Sohn mit seinen knapp 7 Jahren war mit dabei, denn er wollte “unbedingt mal eine Show vom David Garrett sehen, UNBEDINGT!”. Er saß gestern mit offenem Mund da, hat mitgeklatscht und hatte eine Riesenfreude! Wir – die Eltern – natürlich auch! Die Show war echt toll, würden es uns jederzeit wieder live anschauen!

  683. Posted by Priscila    12/05/2013 00:16

    David, Please, come to Brazil!!!! as you can see a lot of your fans are brazilian…please, come to São Paulo and Rio, I’m sure that u will enjoy and your brazilian fans too!!! we appreciate your songs a lot :)

  684. Posted by Carmen    11/05/2013 23:54

    Hallo David,
    I really hope that since you will be doing the classical tour of Vivaldi and Paganini, you will release a CD/DVD combo of one of your performances. I’m so looking forward to that. Louisiana is a far cry from Germany.
    Take care.

  685. Posted by Анастасия    10/05/2013 17:49

    Здравствуйте уважаемый Дэвид!
    Когда же Вы приедете к нам в Россию? Вас ждут толпы поклонников Вашего творчества! Мы ждем с нетерпением :)

  686. Posted by simone braga barros    10/05/2013 12:35

    Dear David, do not forget to include Brazil in their next tour … We love you and your music!
    His smile, his friendliness and his precious music enchant more and more to we Brazilians!
    You are amazing!

  687. Posted by Karina    07/05/2013 22:44

    David, you are amazing!! We love your music here in Brazil! We are waiting for you!!

  688. Posted by Thais_Matheus    05/05/2013 17:16

    I Love your music! Please come to Brazil! Please!

  689. Posted by Rayza Medeiros    04/05/2013 23:00

    Please come to Brazil, we would love it. I love your music !

  690. Posted by Marco Antonio    02/05/2013 17:15

    David, please, come to México City !!! There are a lot of fans in meixco.! I love your music!

  691. Posted by angelina79    01/05/2013 07:24

    Lieber David, vielen Dank für den zauberhaften Abend am Montag in Luzern! Es ist faszinierend, wie 1 Mensch einen ganzen Saal voller Menschen auf eine so wunderbare Art verzaubern kann… Thank you!!!! ILY***

  692. Posted by Joanie K.    01/05/2013 06:05

    David when are you coming back to the USA. I saw you perform in San Diego, California.

  693. Posted by Yelithza Palacios    27/04/2013 19:28

    I’m from Venezuela and I would love to do a tour in America to live to enjoy such talent. I love it

  694. Posted by mw75    27/04/2013 10:46

    Hallo David!

    Ich komme auf Dein Konzert in Wien im Mai und freue mich schon sehr darauf! Besser gesagt, ich kann es kaum erwarten! Deine Musik versetzt mich immer so richtig in eine andere Welt, ich könnte Dir stundenlang zuhören. Schade, daß bei einem Konzert die Zeit viel zu schnell vergeht. Aber Deine Konzerte geben mir immerwieder neue Energie. Ich komme dieses Jahr zum 4.mal nach Wien und finde Deine Show einfach toll!
    Meine absoluten Lieblings-Songs sind New Day, Childs Anthem, Who wants to life forever, und vom neuen Album Scherzo und Sandstorm. Ich muß aber auch betonen, daß ich alle Deine Songs einfach toll finde.
    Und ich bewundere Deine Energie: Du bist das ganze Jahr unterwegs, Konzerte, TV-Show’s, dazwischen Pressearbeit, üben und proben! Wie schaffst Du das alles? Aber wenn man den Job mit großer Leidenschaft macht, so wie Du, dann geht das.
    Ich wünsche Dir, daß Du auch in Zukunft immer wieder neue tolle Musik und Shows machst und daß Du weiterhin diese unglaubliche Energie hast.

    Liebe Grüße, Martina

  695. Posted by karakerek    26/04/2013 06:25

    Hello.. when will you be in NYC.. 2014?

  696. Posted by Jacci    24/04/2013 19:44

    Ich bin am 8. Juni in Dresden auf dem Konzert. Wie toll wäre es wenn ich Childs anthem live hören könnte … denn kein anderer Song könnte die Hoffnung, das doch der schönste Traum irgendwann in Erfüllung gehen könnte, besser wiedergeben. Die Leidenschaft wie man genau um diesen Traum kämpft … egal wie sehr auch die anderen einen ansehen … nie die Hoffnung verlieren und immer wieder an das gute denken … dann geht auch dein Traum in Erfüllung …………. dies empfinde ich dabei. CHILDS ANTHEM AUF DER MUSIC TOUR 2013

  697. Posted by Vesta    24/04/2013 05:01

    David, please, come to Moscow!!! There are a lot of fans in Russia! We love your music!

  698. Posted by Jojo <3    21/04/2013 15:38

    Ich war schon zweimal auf einem Crossoverkonzert… Das war echt super geil!!!!!!
    Bitte mach bald mal wieder eine neue Crossovertour!!

  699. Posted by Renan Sena    20/04/2013 04:43

    hello david, I play the violin a little time and you are my inspiration to one day be able to play as well as you, or at least get close, really like your music, especially the rocks you make versions with the violin, and also like as are their shows that are totally different from the ordinary, I wish I could see a show her, would be a dream to see an idol, shame that I can not afford to go abroad to see, but if you could come to Brazil I would sure to show your thanks and best wishes to you = D

  700. Posted by mariana    20/04/2013 01:02

    David, your talent is amazing. I listen to you every day. Come to Brazil, you have many fans here!

  701. Posted by Gisa    19/04/2013 17:53

    David, I really hope to realize my dream to see you live one day, when you play conveys feeling, joy and I feel completely happy when I hear your music, you are simply wonderful. Come to Brazil, you will be received with much love and affection, you have many fans here. Love you, kisses!

  702. Posted by labi    18/04/2013 13:03

    Lieber David, was für ein grandioses Konzert gestern in Köln. Selten habe ich solch ein begeistertes Publikum erlebt. Du bist über dich hinausgewachsen. Spielerisch und technisch auf höchstem Niveau. Aber was für ein Engagement, was für ein Einsatz und was für eine Freude. Dir zuzuschauen ist das größte Glück was man erfahren darf. Vielen lieben Dank. Du, das Orchester und der Dirigent waren eine Einheit und Harmonie. So etwas habe ich wirklich noch nie erlebt. Ich war sehr traurig als es nach dem wunderschönen Andante zu Ende war aber wie sagt man so schön. Nach dem Konzert ist vor dem Konzert. Wir sehen uns auf dem Königsplatz und dann wieder in der Philharmonie München im nächsten Jahr. Viel Spaß weiterhin und lass es dir gut gehen. Deine labi

  703. Posted by Trix    17/04/2013 22:59

    Welch grosse Vorfreude auf Mai 2014! Vivaldi und Paganini – wunderschöne Musik ausgewählt. Und wenn von David gespielt, dann muss es ein Hochgenuss werden. Wau, wie ich mich freue! Wird das Konzert auch in der Schweiz zu hören und zu sehen sein?

  704. Posted by Ginger Jones    16/04/2013 04:50

    Absolutely love your music!!! Would love for you to come to Huntsville, AL in the U.S.A…..

  705. Posted by aurore    16/04/2013 01:01

    La france connait andré rieu, qu’attends- tu??? Je serai volontier cliente pour une place de concert jeune blond.

  706. Posted by asaito    14/04/2013 22:31

    David, Please come to Brazil!! We love your music!

  707. Posted by Steve P    14/04/2013 21:31

    We were so lucky to see David in Minnesota. I constantly watch his dates and all I do is hope he returns. I would go see him anywhere if he returns, heck I even thought about going to Germany just to catch a show. Thanks for stopping by and turning me into an addict for your music.

  708. Posted by Julyana Lino    14/04/2013 16:27

    David, come to Brazil! 😉

  709. Posted by Júlia Hartmann Fernandes    13/04/2013 23:10

    Hey! Come to Brazil, please. I’d love to see you live.

  710. Posted by magda    13/04/2013 12:13


  711. Posted by Asli    11/04/2013 06:17

    Please come to NYC!! Pretty please.

  712. Posted by andrea    10/04/2013 23:19

    Hi,David Garret,i am Andrea Isabelle Baka , brasilian and i went to your concert Nokia , LosAngeles 2012, i gave a present for you . In my opinion your show and your friends was amasing , congratilation .
    I hope see you playing again . Come to Brasil .
    Andrea Baka

  713. Posted by sonia m braga grillo g    10/04/2013 12:00

    devo dize-lhe que é muito precioso para Deus…sua vida está em suas mãos…que Deus te proteja e te ilumine…que seus dias sejam de muita paz e segurança em Deus…e que possa ser sempre sensível a sua voz….vitórias para ti….e queremos que venhas no nosso país,,,graça e paz

  714. Posted by Fernando    10/04/2013 06:07

    why do you play this beautiful music only in Europe? i¨m from Argentina and here have a lot of people that want to see you. please coming to as country. we would waiting for yo


  715. Posted by Semiramis Sena    09/04/2013 18:57

    Hi David!!! Whe you coming to NEW YORK CITY or around NYC …. Don’t let me dye out see you in live!!!! Please, let me know…Love you!!! Semiramis.

  716. Posted by andrew edwards    09/04/2013 16:36

    Do you have any intention to do a show in the UK at an time in the future?

  717. Posted by Gisa    08/04/2013 19:50

    David, when you come to Brazil? I love you and your music, are simply breathtaking! Kisses!

  718. Posted by montserrat    08/04/2013 03:34

    and mexicoooo? :(

  719. Posted by Julianna Girardi    07/04/2013 19:32

    PLEASE COME TO BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!! please, please, please!!!

  720. Posted by Denise Aparecida Nascimento    06/04/2013 16:50

    Quando viras para o Brasil?? quero muito ouvilo pessoalmente…
    amo suas musicas…
    I Love

  721. Posted by Scarletfiscious    06/04/2013 14:25

    i’m a violinist too and I like your violin style, the way you play the violin is very different then how i and many others play. It’s like you have a complete control over that piece and you could transform it into your own. .. Really want to be like you when I grow up. :p Though i only started the violin at 9 years old… About twice your starting age. Well, i have a long way to go ^^ only at grade 5 now hahaha n i’m 15 this year!!! Anyway, really hope you will come to Singapore! Oh, and the songs that i’ve played before in any of your album songs were humoresque and ave maria. I love your humoresque, you played it very differently from how I and others do. Your version was lovely, it sounded really light and how do i say…. Just wonderful… So as your ave maria, your version is awesome! It’s like, the sound echoes in my heart and head, i can totally memorise that whle song and version of yours. Really awesome, my all time favourite. Really loveeee your violin playing. Haha and i admire how you are so creative in playing pop on the vilin. It’s really cool! SO PLEASE COME TO SINGAPORE!! <3 THANKS!

  722. Posted by Scarletfiscious    06/04/2013 14:16

    PLEASE COME TO SINGAPORE!!! I WANT to go to your concert very much!!!!!!><

  723. Posted by Monica Louzada    04/04/2013 22:42

    Please David come to Montreal.

  724. Posted by MelMG    02/04/2013 23:26

    Please come to Mexico! Your visit would make me and my cousin the happiest people in the world! I love your work, you have shown the world that the violin isn’t just for classic music, you can play whatever you want or like with it. Thank you very much for doing an excellent work, it makes happy not just one or two souls, it makes happy to millions souls who like and know how to appreciate good music and your marvelous work.

  725. Posted by Jacqui    02/04/2013 18:46

    Only discovered you and your brilliant work yesterday, watching a brief concert on British TV! Extraordinary, breathtaking! Please come to England – preferably Birmingham or Manchester (London 3rd choice). Really look forward to it….

  726. Posted by Lucas Grubba    01/04/2013 18:58

    Please come to Brazil!!

  727. Posted by issy blake    01/04/2013 13:44

    David please come to Birmingham, UK!!

  728. Posted by Emma    01/04/2013 02:16

    Will you come to Argentina or Brasil? Please!!!!!!!

  729. Posted by Abbas Saleh    31/03/2013 23:25


    2. Rang Süd, TOR ORANGE Reihe 9, Platz 47+48

    Es hat sich leider herausgestellt, dass ich an diesem Tag keine Zeit haben werde. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn mir jemand die Karten abkauft. Der Platz ist auch nicht schlecht! 😉
    Bei Interesse einfach eine E-Mail an die Adresse schicken.


  730. Posted by Maria Graf    31/03/2013 19:08


    Parterre Süd, Osttribühne 3, Reihe 5, Platz 68

    Ich hab das Ticket schon seit Herbst, aber es hat sich herausgestellt, dass ich am nächsten Morgen meine Mathe-Matura schreiben muss. Also würd ich mich freuen, wenn mir jemand die Karte abkauft. Der Platz ist auch nicht schlecht! 😉
    Bei Interesse einfach ein Kommentar hinterlassen (ich schau eh regelmäßig nach), oder eine E-Mail an die Adresse schicken.


  731. Posted by Ana Fernandes    30/03/2013 20:56

    Please, come to Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  732. Posted by Tania    30/03/2013 08:10

    Ahhhh, Daviddddd, please come to Texas,US! OXOX

  733. Posted by rafael cataluna    29/03/2013 13:27

    Por favor venha a Portugal

  734. Posted by Cristina    28/03/2013 22:04

    Wait for you in México cita, i love your music

  735. Posted by Alanda    28/03/2013 09:19

    Welcome to Moscow! I hope someday it will happen …

  736. Posted by Jolie    28/03/2013 09:07

    I have heard your performance recently and really fond of it。Welcome to China!

  737. Posted by Danyla Pires    28/03/2013 00:15

    When are you coming to Portugal???? I love your music!!!

  738. Posted by Sylvia    27/03/2013 17:57

    Welcome to China!

  739. Posted by Gerda Leithgöb    27/03/2013 15:30

    When are you coming to South Africa????

  740. Posted by Anne    27/03/2013 11:33

    Please come to Manchester or Yorkshire

  741. Posted by Paola.d    26/03/2013 23:50

    Ich liebe Dich David!!! come to Mexicooooo we love you here!!

  742. Posted by Flávia Abreu de Paiva    26/03/2013 13:06

    Please come to Brazil!!!!!
    I am passionate about her work and her music.

  743. Posted by Mollie    24/03/2013 09:54

    Dear David
    We have only recently discovered your music and are so disappointed that we missed you when you were in Australia last September. Please come visit us again – we live in Perth but would visit any other capital to catch a concert. Loving your work.

  744. Posted by Dorothy Kopczynski    21/03/2013 04:26

    Please come to San Francisco!

  745. Posted by Xeniadono    21/03/2013 04:25

    Uk needs you! No matter where you play but please keep us on mind when you arrange your next tour. We are expecting you here!!!!

  746. Posted by Gisa    21/03/2013 03:30

    David, come to Brazil, we love you and your music! Kisses!

  747. Posted by Paula Vincent    20/03/2013 12:47

    David Please arrange a Tour in the UK. My son is 10 years old and he says you put the Cool in Violin. He is on You Tube every day watching you play Viva La Vida. We would love to see you in concert.

  748. Posted by Nanette    19/03/2013 14:16

    Please come to Houston, Texas!!!! Love you!

  749. Posted by JaneEden    19/03/2013 14:11

    David please arrange a tour here in the UK we love you and your wonderful music!??

  750. Posted by daniel    19/03/2013 08:31

    Como to Mexico City david please

  751. Posted by alice    19/03/2013 07:14

    Come to mexico, los angeles or whatever close to mexico city

  752. Posted by Fabiana    19/03/2013 03:14

    Brazil, Brazil….. Please!!!!!!!!! <3

  753. Posted by Scarletfiscious    17/03/2013 14:43

    David please come to Singapore!!!><

  754. Posted by Jimmy    17/03/2013 09:25

    Hi dave will you be putting a show on in uk in the near future take care great music

  755. Posted by Barbara Penna    17/03/2013 04:32

    Come to Brazil, please!!!

  756. Posted by priscilia    14/03/2013 19:30

    david morimosd por tenerte en argentina algun dia tu talento y tu virtuosismo es apreciado en estas tierras ,

  757. Posted by can    13/03/2013 16:56

    david there are a lot of fans in istanbul one of them is me can you come to istanbul

  758. Posted by Ina    13/03/2013 13:30

    Jane und Ina freuen sich auf dich in Magdeburg am 19. April ;o)

  759. Posted by candy    12/03/2013 03:30

    I would love a concert in Mexico, or at least in the Americas

  760. Posted by Beatriz Cabral    11/03/2013 14:37


  761. Posted by ümmühan    09/03/2013 21:56

    türkiyeye de gelmeyi düşünüyor mu ?

  762. Posted by jonathan    08/03/2013 14:38

    David when are you coming to tel aviv-israel for a concert???? we are waiting, you have a lot of fans here

  763. Posted by Cheryl    06/03/2013 21:09

    David, When are you coming to Dallas, Tx for a concert??? We are waiting!! We love you

  764. Posted by demeter    05/03/2013 18:47

    David when are you coming to İstanbul-Türkiye for concert? we are waiting

  765. Posted by Deidra    05/03/2013 14:11

    Seriously…when David Garrett will come to Brazil????

  766. Posted by Jhon Barret    04/03/2013 20:16

    Come to Mexico please!!!

  767. Posted by Beatrice    04/03/2013 08:10

    David, please, in Music Tour could you include some old pieces like “Master of puppets”, “Smooth criminal”, “Csardas”?
    I’m looking forward to see you in Italy for classic concerts too. We love you and we’ve been missing you!
    Thank you, You make every day in my life!

  768. Posted by Ellen<33violinister    03/03/2013 08:55

    Wie schön <33 halle westf. *-*

  769. Posted by Yoruby    01/03/2013 17:54

    David come to México…!!!

  770. Posted by rafael cataluna    01/03/2013 13:52

    Por favor venha em Outubro a Lisboa Portugal todos estamos a espera.
    Wir sind in Lissabon Portugal wartet auf Sie

  771. Posted by Eduardo Yair    01/03/2013 00:20

    Hello, is there going to be any concert in Mexico City??? At least in this year?

  772. Posted by Nikasa49    28/02/2013 21:13

    Davidd come to Macedonia,Skopje again we miss you so much,in 2008 we didnt see your concert so please come back again.

  773. Posted by CarolNikkie~0;-)    28/02/2013 17:19

    Dear David, Your music brings me such joy! I am so thankful my Daughter shared you and your music with me, several years ago. I enjoy many genres of music as long as it’s well-performed; and you, David, NEVER disappoint! Looking forward to your next visit to the Los Angeles/Orange County (So. California) tour date! God Bless you and be with you in your travels! Carol Worth ~0;-)

  774. Posted by Marcelo Carlson    27/02/2013 17:28

    Hi! Is there any chances for David Garret perform a concert in Brazil? I know that here classical music is not so famous but I think that he has a lot of fans in here! Thanks

  775. Posted by claudia lucia    27/02/2013 15:43

    Depois que conheci sua musica comecei a ter aulas de violino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  776. Posted by claudia lucia    27/02/2013 15:40

    Por favor Shows no Rio de Janeiro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  777. Posted by Jennifer Kinney    23/02/2013 17:38

    Will you becoming to the US this or next year?

  778. Posted by Hannah    23/02/2013 17:19

    Please come to Taiwan again! Really miss you!!

  779. Posted by Marta    21/02/2013 12:05

    Kommt bitte wieder nach Frankfurt/M !!! Ich möchte dich gerne live hören und sehen…
    ich habe Karte für Music! Tour in Kassel 18.06.2013, aber mein Sitzplatz ist in 18 Reihen, ganz weit von Bühne.

    Ich glaube es wird ein unvergesslicher Moment für mich…

  780. Posted by Luciana    21/02/2013 03:26

    PLEASE, come to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!! :)

  781. Posted by Raymitten    20/02/2013 23:46

    David, come back to Washington DC! Your biggest fans here miss seeing you!

  782. Posted by Flávia Serino Fantinatti    20/02/2013 09:59

    Come to Brazil! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

  783. Posted by Natalia    19/02/2013 12:48

    PLEASE Come to Taiwan! i AM A GREAT FAN OF YOURS!

  784. Posted by merve gündoğdu    18/02/2013 16:33

    David you are amazing virtuoso.
    Please come to Turkey. I like your music and I play the violin. We’d appreciate you watch your concert live.

  785. Posted by andyc123    18/02/2013 01:52

    I would not know about David Garrett if not for flipping through channels and finding a concert of him on Maryland PBS 2 years ago. The problem is, everyone in Europe is much more cultured and his shows attract large audiences there. I missed his last show in DC last year, but saw some clips on youtube and, while good, were not the same as his incredible shows in Germany. How to duplicate that in USA? It’s too bad people don’t know about him here in America, but I’m hoping David has some marketing manager/plan to get the word out. We got our MUSIC dvd a few weeks ago and are mesmerized; the orchestra, the fusion of styles, the songs we heard on diamond commercials (Clementi, for one), and songs that were in our subconscious but never knew what they were until we watched this dvd all are excellent. The MUSIC tour would sell out here in the States if somehow more people knew and got a sample of what David does. Sadly, it’s not catching on yet here. David, you’re on the right path, your music appeals even to me, a former “heavy metal LORD” who would never think of the violin as being interesting to anyone other than my grandparents. You rock!! Now if you could find a way to get the word out….

  786. Posted by Claudia    18/02/2013 01:30

    David, please come to Brazil just to do a concert for Brazil Mundial Soccer FIFA in 2014. You can came to Sao Paulo and Rio . You will enjoy here ! I beat you will love here !!!!!

  787. Posted by JEYSSON RODRIGUEZ MATEUS    17/02/2013 18:05


    please come to united states please.
    my daughter plays the violin and i wanna bring her to see you in concert if you come to united states. so please come soon. you are amazing…………………………………………………..

    thank you.

  788. Posted by Marcela Bernal    17/02/2013 17:41

    Pelase come to México, my kids of 4 and 6 years old loves your music and want to see your concert

  789. Posted by Jutta    17/02/2013 17:00

    Hallo David,
    wir sehen uns am 15. Juni in Bayreuth.
    Ich freu mich wahnsinnig.
    GLG Jutta

  790. Posted by linda    16/02/2013 20:56

    Come to mexico please!!!!

  791. Posted by Carla    11/02/2013 23:56

    Music save my son, your music is for him a little hope to see umanity in a different way.
    Thank you. We’ll aspect you in Italy.

  792. Posted by manu.alvrib    10/02/2013 16:28

    And Come to Brazil!!!

  793. Posted by manu.alvrib    10/02/2013 16:26

    David you are amazing!!!
    I don´t have words to describe the feeling when i listened you for the first time!! You are like a angel! God Bless you ever!

  794. Posted by BRAZILIANFAN    09/02/2013 03:52

    The fans from Brazil would love to have the chance to watch your concert with this amazing orchestra! Marvelous job, David! ! ! :)

  795. Posted by Andrea Ponce    09/02/2013 00:25

    David You are an amazing musician!!!
    please come soon to Mexico!!!
    we want to hear your music in a live concert!!!

  796. Posted by jonathan    09/02/2013 00:17

    David you have to come to israel

  797. Posted by Jhon Barret    08/02/2013 05:58

    When do you come in mexico?

  798. Posted by Gabls    05/02/2013 00:42

    David, I’d love to hear you play some other rock classics, one of those many is “I Remember” from Skid Row. Would be incredible!

  799. Posted by Gabls    05/02/2013 00:22

    Hello David! I am really in love for your music and your way to represent these classics that have made our moments so special. Thank you very much for this gift. I am in love with you. Please, come to Brazil. God bless you!

  800. Posted by guido    04/02/2013 10:00

    When do you come in Italy?

  801. Posted by Stephanie Havir    02/02/2013 21:06

    Why dont u come to Brazil, my dear??
    We’r crazy for ur music!!

  802. Posted by justine    02/02/2013 10:57

    come to greece david !!!!

  803. Posted by    01/02/2013 15:40

    The Best! please come to Venezuela! would be an honor to meet you! here are many fans who are waiting

  804. Posted by Alzerni Etna    01/02/2013 01:17

    You’re really an amazing violinist!
    We’d appreciate o watch your concert live
    Pls cometo Brazil at least once!

    Thank you for share with us your light!

  805. Posted by Eili    31/01/2013 13:51

    We really miss you in Norway! Please com back here. Your music is so amazing :-)

  806. Posted by Krystina Kalapothakos    31/01/2013 06:01

    Please come back to Sacramento California or Athens Greece. :) Thx much love! You rock and your music is amazing!

  807. Posted by Mika Hijikata    30/01/2013 05:46

    Hi ! David,
    Please come to Japan !!

    lots of Love, Mika

  808. Posted by daria_1606    29/01/2013 23:00

    David proszę cię przyjedź do Polski. Twoja muzyka zapiera wdech w piersiach. A w dodatku Polska graniczy z Niemcami. :)

  809. Posted by Gisella Toso    29/01/2013 04:32

    Dear David I love your music please let us know what is needed for you to make a tour in South America!

  810. Posted by jay p    27/01/2013 20:26

    come to colombia
    or get me a damn visa so i can go see you

  811. Posted by DANIELLE RENATA DE ALMEIDA    24/01/2013 11:35

    Come to Brazil!!!!!!!! please!! if you don’t, I’ll go to German next year!!!!!!! :)

  812. Posted by Debz Nicklinson    22/01/2013 22:15

    Hi David, I am hoping and praying that you may come back to the United Kingdom soon ? I saw you live for the very 1st time 0n the 1st December 2011 in London and it was the most amazing concert ive ever been too plus I was extreemly lucky to meet and speak to you a when you arrived inside The Stage Door. :) xx

  813. Posted by Maria Mercedes Romero    22/01/2013 20:24

    Mr. Garrett? Everyone said to you……COME TO……. So I’ll repeat the same old same !
    Could you please come to ARGENTINA?

  814. Posted by Misa    22/01/2013 13:21

    Dear David
    Please come to Taiwan again!!!
    I was going to your concert in 2012.
    U r so amazing!!!
    I totally enjoy your music every time.
    I keep listening your albums everyday.

    I love your music!!!
    So beautiful, Fantastic!


  815. Posted by K.E.    21/01/2013 23:54

    PleasepleasePLEASE come to Australia!

  816. Posted by simone braga barros    21/01/2013 22:21

    You impress us because you can play the same song thousands of times and have each one is also unique, in that moment … You’re amazing Mr. David Garrett!

  817. Posted by simone braga barros    21/01/2013 22:08

    David, David all you want! We would like you we could hear all our prayers, is not it? But you are unique in every way … you mess with our feelings, filling our eyes, ears, our hearts with the power of his music, its beauty and sympathy … And then everyone wants a bit of you .. . you make us very well. I know there is a whole marketing that revolves around you, but still, you’re bigger than all that, because you have a star that was born with and that you would shine anyway. You’ll still shine much and will always be remembered as a great musician who charms and charm crowds … I love you and hope to see you again soon … Simone.

  818. Posted by Fanie Tijerina    21/01/2013 06:58

    PLEASE come soon to México City! It would be an honor to hear ur great music! WE LOVE U! <3 Blessings. :)

  819. Posted by Yair    20/01/2013 22:40

    SSSSi Ven a Mexico pronto yo suy tu idolo y Aces mucha Magia con el Violin

  820. Posted by timeless    20/01/2013 06:42

    Dear David, your music is very much like the last Shanghai concert missed learning and hope that the next show in China, I will not miss

  821. Posted by simona ameduri    20/01/2013 02:50

    Devi assolutamente fare un concerto all’Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma!!!!!

  822. Posted by Edmundo    18/01/2013 06:42

    David please come to San Diego we really apreciate you and want you to come

  823. Posted by Cynthia    17/01/2013 03:24

    David please come to mexico! your music is amazing i really loved

  824. Posted by Lady Angel    17/01/2013 03:14

    Hola! Sólo quiero decirte que eres increíble!!! Y que amo aun más la música cuando cuando tu tocas el violín, haces magia :)

    Por favor ven a México PRONTO!!!


  825. Posted by Jennifer    16/01/2013 01:44

    I wish so much you’ll come in France. We love so much your music here. Please, please, please! Love x

  826. Posted by Sharon Schlam    14/01/2013 00:17

    You need to come to Mexico!! You’ll love it!! and we want you here!! =)

  827. Posted by zeynep    13/01/2013 20:17

    Hello David
    Come to turkey, lütfen gel,please…

  828. Posted by Sabrina    13/01/2013 00:41

    David needs to come to America !

  829. Posted by telma    12/01/2013 06:04

    Caro David, depois de ler os comentários de, Japão, Polonia, Mexico, Africa minha esperança de voce vir ao Brasil é tão pequena! Mas não vou desistir. Estamos esperando voce e Marcus Wolf, Maestro Franck e todos os musicos maravilhosos de sua banda, de braços abertos. O show poderia ser em São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro ou Porto Alegre, preferencialmente em Porto Alegre(RS), quem sabe patrocinado pela Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul(UFRGS), vou tentar entrar em contato com o Reitor de lá e sugerir. Serie um grande presente cultural a nossa população Porto Alegrense eu ficaria muito honrada, quem sabe este milagre acontece!

  830. Posted by simone braga barros    12/01/2013 04:33

    The more I read your interviews and to watch their performances, the more I admire you! You’re a big star that is getting brighten the lives of thousands of people with his music unique. It’s lovely that your way of managing your success with humility, discretion and respect for people. You are a very special person that God brought into the world. Thank you for sharing with us his music and his joy. You are amazing and unique! And do not forget, the Brazilian people love you… kisses and hope to see you again soon …

  831. Posted by Manuella Couto    12/01/2013 02:20

    David, vem para o Brasil, por favor! (Come to Brazil, please!)

  832. Posted by Iceland    09/01/2013 18:20

    Hallo David,

    wird es demnächst auch mal Tourdaten in Island geben? Dort gibt es fantastische Locations, z.B. die Harpa in Reykjavík und gaaanz viel Open-Air-Locations in grandiosen Naturlandschaften. Island ist immer eine Reise wert 😉

  833. Posted by Monique    09/01/2013 17:54

    Dear David ! I love to listen and see you play violin. I bought your dvd Legacy and Rock Symphonies. But MUSIC is not yet available at Do you know when it will be ? Do you expect to come to Canada before 2015 ? Pouvoir aller vous voir en spectacle chez moi, à Montréal ou Québec, serait vraiment formidable :) Wish you a very Happy New Year to you and your band. Take care David !

  834. Posted by Justine    09/01/2013 10:06

    I’m sorry Sherry , but David was in USA last year.
    he come to USA don’t be worry.. But in other country never, and he have fans there too.

  835. Posted by Sabrina    08/01/2013 14:20

    I think David’s team has forgotten that he’s got a growing fan base in America!!

  836. Posted by Sherry    08/01/2013 01:32

    I really can’t believe there are no American dates on this list! Surely someone on your team must realize that you have a fan base in America! Wow!

  837. Posted by berenice morales    07/01/2013 22:46

    Hello David
    I just wanted to ask you a very great demand with the heart, please come to Mexico for a concert, you really have many fans here and we’re dying to see you and hear your wonderful music.
    we love you <3

  838. Posted by Christina Chan    06/01/2013 09:43

    Dear David,
    I am a teenager who love music and playing the violin. The first time you came to Hong Kong was 2009, when I was 13 years old. Unfortunately, I did not know that you had performance in Hong Kong. Since your album Encore was released, I started following you. I was surprised that classical music could be rock. I was recharged after listening to your music. Every time I watch the videos about your concert on Youtube, I wish that you could come to Hong Kong again :) I would not miss the chance next time >< !!!!!!! Hope you all the best 😀

  839. Posted by mary carmen    06/01/2013 04:33

    Hello david i would like to see you in a concert in san diego ca. i love your miusic!!!

  840. Posted by Justine    05/01/2013 21:41

    Music Tour In Poland pleaseeeeeeeee

  841. Posted by CarolNikkie~0;-)    05/01/2013 19:39

    Dear David, Thank you for the heartfelt New Year wish. Thank YOU and I wish you the same! I enjoy your music so much! It has lifted me through the most difficult years of my life and I am very grateful. In early 2009, I lost the “Love of my Life,” my dear husband of 47 years. Shortly afterward, my daughter introduced me to your music. I do not have words to tell you what a Blessing you are to me. I know my family all love you, too! I see in you reminders of my father, who also played the violin. I, too, played the violin; but of course, never anywhere near your caliber! I hope you will be returning to the United States sometime in 2014. I am saving money to buy the tickets! I also want you to know I have a dog. He’s a Havanese/Chihuahua named “Guido.” He particularly loves to hear you play Classical! May God Bless you as you Bless others, David! ~0:-)

  842. Posted by hannah    03/01/2013 09:48

    David, kommst du auch irgendwann nach Prag?

  843. Posted by Alejandro Tovar    02/01/2013 20:37

    Hello David! I would like to see you in a convert, please come to Mexico City, you have a lot of fans here…Have a wonderful 2013. Best Regards

  844. Posted by Iris Lv    01/01/2013 07:58

    Hello~ David,

    I still remember your wonderful concert in Shanghai last time. Really look forward to the “Music” Tour to Shanghai!!!! Love you!

  845. Posted by Music365    29/12/2012 17:27

    Dear David,
    My girlfriends and I drove a long way just to see your Rock Symphonies concert in California and we’ve been checking your tour schedule ever since!! We love you and can’t wait to see you – SOON, I hope!!!!

  846. Posted by Sofia Rovath    28/12/2012 16:52

    Hallo David
    We hope see you soon in Sao Paulo – Brazil
    Du bist wunderbar!!

  847. Posted by simone braga barros    28/12/2012 00:57

    Dear David,
    Come share with the Brazilian people his talent and wonderful music!! You have captivated us with their beauty and that his cheerful and lighthearted way … hope to see you shining in Brazil in 2013!! Please give us this great news … We love you!!

  848. Posted by Erik Davidsen    27/12/2012 23:16

    Dear David.
    I absolutely adore your music! I think you have an amazing talent!
    I have your concert “Rock Symphonies” on DVD and I’ve been siting the last 3 months looking at this concert trying to replicate how you play the violin… But I have only one problem… We miss you in Denmark! Please come here soon! It would bee absolutely fantastic!

  849. Posted by malka    27/12/2012 20:33

    David!! Love your music!!!! it is heavenly!!! was at your concert in nyc …. please come back soon!!!!!!

  850. Posted by liliana seturino    27/12/2012 17:02

    David come to mexico city 😀 please! iloveyou! you are the best :) !!!!!!!

  851. Posted by karina delira    27/12/2012 01:11

    Dear David
    I saw you last november in Hamburg and was amazing I live in Mexico. I hope to see you soon again at least in USA please confirm a date in america obviously better in.Mexico Love your music and you. Hugs

  852. Posted by cindy    26/12/2012 11:57

    Please come to Belgium, you have a lot of fans here. we really want to see you live.

  853. Posted by Jessica    26/12/2012 03:17

    Dear David,
    Me and my family are brazilians and we have been appreciated so much your work, we have all your DVDs and we don’t get tired of watching them many times! Congratulations for your work and it’s clear you make it with love! We are very very happy that you have chosen “tico tico” to compose your last DVD! I hope it’s a sign that you are thinking of come here soon! I’m sure that you have too many fans here waiting for your music! The DVD “music!” is just awesome”

  854. Posted by Ana Paula    23/12/2012 21:21

    I could not wait until X-mas to give my dad your DVD, we are watching it right now, and my whole family is crazy about your music. PLEASE come to Sao Paulo, Brazil, sure your fans here will not disappoint you!

    Ana Paula

  855. Posted by simone braga barros    20/12/2012 10:42

    Dear David, I am Brazilian and I learned today that demand for their DVD’s in my country is very big … more and more people, including young people, are falling for this a new way to address both classical music as pop / rock. We are very happy and thank you that you have chosen our song “Tico-Tico” to compose his new DVD. His magical hands and his talent made our music more lively and full of energy! It was the face of Brazil! I’m sure you will soon be receiving in our country … It will be a great event! Thank you, David and see you soon!!! Love, Simone.

  856. Posted by Linda Jezard    19/12/2012 18:25

    Hi David –

    Caught your concert in Orlando Florida a year or so ago. Waiting anxiously for your next US tour. COME BACK!!

  857. Posted by simone braga barros    18/12/2012 00:56

    Dear David, surprised Brazil in 2013 with his visit and make happy million Brazilians love him and have learned to love his music too! Do not delay, please! Kisses … see you soon!

  858. Posted by Madeleine    17/12/2012 22:06

    Dear David,
    Please , please, explore Europe a little bit more, try the Eastern Part as well.Maybe you don’t know so much about my country, it’s called Romania, and it’s waiting for you. I am proud to be contemporaneous with such a great master of the violin.A small fan with a big heart wishes you all the best!!! By the way,you are one of the most important reasons for which I continue to study the bloodcurdling German language grammar !

  859. Posted by GSagres    17/12/2012 15:53

    Only in Germany? Really… :( And Portugal? Come as soon, please… :)

  860. Posted by alejandra    17/12/2012 06:47

    querido david:).
    sabes? como supe de ti estaba en un centro comercial de mi ciudad y estaba tu dvd “music” tocando, yo no sabia quien eras tu te habia escuchado hablar en bocas de mis amigos “el violinista mas cool de estos tiempos” o “amo a este tipo” te busque por internet y me di cuenta que estan genial como tocas y como tu seguiste tu pasion ya que mucha gente no lo hace, le conte a mi amigo sabre ti y descubri que tengo otra cosa en comun con el lo amo por regalarme tu dvd a una samana de saber sobre ti, tu dvd suena en la mañana, tarde, noche mi mama dice que estoy loca pero es que toco guitarra y la verdad me motivas a querer mas de ella . Lo que quiero decir es que eres una gran inspiracion para el mundo, inspiras a la gente espero que alguna ves vengas a culiacan, sinaloa, MEXICO!
    eres genial!!

    con amor, alejandra.

  861. Posted by Justine    16/12/2012 20:21


  862. Posted by Ana Clara    14/12/2012 01:25

    Dear David,
    Your fans in Brazil are waiting for you!! Stop doing shows only in Germany… Come as soon as possible! Your DVD is not enough anymore… We want to see you LIVE!! In Rio de Janeiro!! Please, confirm your TOUR in Brazil!! Your fans are waiting for you! Thank you for the great music!!

  863. Posted by heather    11/12/2012 04:35

    Yes I agree your US Friends love you and miss you.
    I am half tempted to go to Germany to see you if i have to but that will be a while.
    So please come back.

  864. Posted by Classic Callie    10/12/2012 09:22

    Dear David,
    Hope to see you back in the USA very SOON– your “American Peeps” miss you! So much LOVE here for you, too!!! <3 😀

  865. Posted by Daniele    09/12/2012 20:51

    David, the violin, the strings in your hand are singing, are dancing…why you do not perform in Italy? La Scala in Milano or in Verona Arena?…..we are waiting for you…thank you for your music

  866. Posted by Ivonne is Lorie Yves Garrett    09/12/2012 04:43

    I love David Garrett :)
    I don’t know if someday I can meet you however I hope some day. You can give a concert in mexico :)

    I´m sorry My English is not good but I love your music :)

  867. Posted by Leiliane Porpeto    09/12/2012 02:29

    Dear David,

    Please, come to Brazil!

  868. Posted by simone braga barros    09/12/2012 00:15

    Dear David, I am Brazilian and I was in his concerts on 19 and 2011 in Frankfurt. Both were wonderful! There were two unforgettable nights in my life. You’re amazing because although it is a big star, you are relentless in the pursuit of perfection, is extremely friendly with your audience cares about and always provide a spectacle of the highest quality. Anyway, you are one of the great personalities of this century, because it can gather an enormous professionalism and at the same time a lightness of spirit that charms and love … You know, his music healing, works miracles in our hearts, sometimes so saddened. You deserve all the success in the world! God protect you always! Kisses and see you soon …

  869. Posted by biturbe    08/12/2012 20:30

    2013 is the perfect year for coming to Mexico 😉 We will be waiting for you here!!!!! That wuld be so exciting :)

  870. Posted by Dahyana Juarez    08/12/2012 16:22

    Hello David……. I don’t have the perfect words to describe your excellent music…… Please come to Florida-Miami to share and enjoy your talent……. Thanks and I hope to see you here soon….. Dahyana.

  871. Posted by Laydyane    08/12/2012 00:02

    David, i bought your DVD and on the week i watched 7 times.

    I watched in english, in portuguese and voiceless (to see your body language). Im like a children when i m watching you…

    Please, come to Brazil! We need your song, your love, your passion…

    You are wonderful indeed!! God bless you always.

  872. Posted by Justyna    07/12/2012 20:51

    David,Poland is waiting for YOU.We love YOUR music <3 :)

  873. Posted by Peace Art    07/12/2012 10:33


  874. Posted by edna    07/12/2012 01:51

    Dear David please come to Mexico we ‘ll love to have you with your music and we promise you that you will taste most delicious food ever !!!! Please :)

  875. Posted by Kristina    05/12/2012 21:30

    Dear David!! Please,come to RUSSIA!!!

  876. Posted by Mariana    04/12/2012 22:41

    Hi. David.
    You’re a grand musician.
    I love your passion for music and it’s amazing that you transmit your passion for music.
    Please, please, please, please… como to Mexico…please¡¡¡¡

  877. Posted by Joyce Rocha    04/12/2012 01:00

    Hey David,

    Brazil LOVES you! We appreciate your work. Please, como to Brazil! :-)

  878. Posted by Ana Thereza Rocha    03/12/2012 03:42

    Please, could you tell me if there will be any concert ” Music” in NYC in 2013?

  879. Posted by    30/11/2012 01:55

    et quand au QUEBEC? cher David, le musicien le plus doué du monde!

  880. Posted by Karla Castro    29/11/2012 15:25

    When you come to mexico? .. We are waiting for you and your music with love
    Please, come David!!

  881. Posted by Gisa    27/11/2012 01:55

    Dear David, please, come to Brazil, you have many fans here and we love you, we love your music!!! Kisses!!!

  882. Posted by Jenni    24/11/2012 23:49

    Im Mai habe ich meiner Mama zum Muttertag eine Konzertkarte von der Rock Anthem’s Tour am 23.11. in Innsbruck geschenkt. Wir beide haben uns riesig drauf gefreut… bis wir heute (24.11.) Abend vor der Olympiahalle standen und noch einen Blick auf die Karten warfen. Hab mich glaube ich noch nie so geärgert!! Wir waren uns beide total sicher, dass das Konzert erst heute wäre… während du gestern die Bühne in Innsbruck strahlen hast lassen, hab ich am Schreibtisch gelernt und Mama für heute gepackt.. Mann, könnte mir immer noch (auf gut deutsch) in den Arsch beißen! Hoffentlich kommst du bald bald bald wieder nach Tirol…. Liebe Grüße von Jenni und Mama Heike :-)

  883. Posted by Viri Villalobos    24/11/2012 06:02


    Please come to Mexico, many mexicans know your music,
    please considers Mexico on your next tour. We love you.

  884. Posted by Alexandra    24/11/2012 02:18

    Please, come to Mexico! Mexico loves you! We are waiting for you!

  885. Posted by Christina    23/11/2012 21:14

    How do I contact the administrators of this website?

  886. Posted by Rocio Gracia    22/11/2012 03:26

    Please!!! Come to Monterrey México!!!

  887. Posted by Doreen    21/11/2012 23:54

    Vielen Dank fuer den tollen Abend heute in München. Freue mich schon auf nächstes Jahr.
    Liebe Gruesse.

  888. Posted by NurGun    21/11/2012 08:20

    David please come to Turkey :) You have huge fan here … We are waiting for u

  889. Posted by Bryan Ells    21/11/2012 06:04

    The most popular requests here are for a concert tour in MEXICO! And I agree. Please come to Mexico preferably Guadalajara! Bitte !

    You will be fascinated with the Mariachi violinist who also study violin at Julliard and play a distinct style of music. It is wonderful.

  890. Posted by Justine    20/11/2012 21:25

    Please come to Poland 😉 This would be a big pleasure and honor to have u here :)

  891. Posted by Miranda    19/11/2012 18:32

    Pelase come to México! You hace a los of fans here!!!!

  892. Posted by melike garrett    19/11/2012 17:23

    Seni seviyorum, David Garrett
    Türkiye’ye gel lütfen

  893. Posted by sebastian vanegas    19/11/2012 06:22

    Aqui te adoramos eres lo mejor de la musica en Bogota te esperamos.

  894. Posted by melike garrett    18/11/2012 19:49

    Ich liebe dich, David Garrett
    Bitte kommen Sie in die Türkei

  895. Posted by paula    17/11/2012 02:50

    will u b in america anytime soon?

  896. Posted by Leticia Martin del Campo    16/11/2012 00:53

    PLESE¡¡¡ COME TO MEXICO, the mexican people need listening your music.
    I every day watch your videos, and lintenig your music, I love your music and is very important for me see you in my country, I love you. PLEASE COMO TO MEXICO, PLEASE COME TO GUADALAJARA, MEXICO. I well be waiting for you.

  897. Posted by angelina79    15/11/2012 14:07

    am Montag durfte ich Dich wieder einmal live erleben und es war, wie immer, einfach nur WOWWW…!!!!
    Musik zum träumen, geile Show und natürlich DU…;-))) Ein rundum perfekter Abend!
    Ich freue mich schon auf nächstes Jahr!!!
    Vielen lieben Dank dass Du bist wer Du bist und tust was Du tust!!!
    Bitte hör nie auf damit:-)))

  898. Posted by Carolina Vazquez    15/11/2012 01:00



    I went to San Diego last year just to enjoy your show but it would be so cool to go to your show in MEXICO.

    Come come come to MEXICOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😀

  899. Posted by 1314 david    13/11/2012 05:35

    please!!come to homgkong!!!!

  900. Posted by Kathy    13/11/2012 03:29

    Are you going to be adding any cities in the United States to your tour dates?

  901. Posted by Liliana Ramos    13/11/2012 01:48

    David you are amazing!!
    PLEASE COME TO MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  902. Posted by eliazer mayo    13/11/2012 00:12

    hope in mexico DAVID GARRETT
    i love your music!!!
    We are many
    We adore your music!!!

  903. Posted by rodolfo vazquez    12/11/2012 06:21

    PLEASE!! come to MEXICO!!
    Mèxico loves you !!!! please come here , we are waiting for you =D

    Tiene razón

    PLEASE!! come to MEXICO!!

  904. Posted by Nallely Garcia    12/11/2012 03:17

    PLEASE!! come to MEXICO!!
    Mèxico loves you !!!! please come here , we are waiting for you =D

  905. Posted by "das Marzipan der Sachertorte", Jenny    11/11/2012 13:17

    !!!!- Leipzig 09.11.2012 -!!!!

    …..ich war dabei……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..zwar LEIDER nicht wie kurzzeitig überlegt bei den Proben 😉 (was toll geesen wäre, wäre es denn möglich) aber naja……….

    Man hat mi mal gesagt Konzerte sind immer gut, da ist immer was los.
    Die Konzerte von dir David sind besser, – am besten (^.^).
    Einem Vergleich mit Konzerten von Robbie Williams, den ich zuletzt im Jahr 2003 live erleben durfte -hälst du locker stand.

    Ich war einfach nur begeistert und hin und her gerissen zwischen Melancholie bei Stücken wie Yesterday, Let it be, und den Variations on a theme of Corelli………ich liebe es………………………….
    und absoluter Freude bei Tico Tico, Sandstorm, We will Rock you, 1000 Pipers und und und und und (^.^).

    Es war einfach rundum ein wunderbarer Abend der viel zu schnell vorüber ging.
    Leider wurde auch meine Hoffnung auf ein Autogramm nach dem Konzert ziemlich abrupt beendet, schade.

    Zumindest konnte ich noch einen kurzen Blick auf dich erhaschen, als du auf dem Weg raus aus der Arena in Richtung Transporter warst (^.^).

    Für alle kommenden Konzerte wünsche ich dir und deiner gesamten Crew weiterhin soviel Energie und Enthusiasmus!!!!!!

    Liebste Grüße!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  906. Posted by anja    11/11/2012 11:21

    Hallo David,
    ich bin ein riesen Fan von Dir und deiner Band, das gestrige Konzert in Nürnberg, war großartig, man kann das gar nicht mit Worten ausdrücken, ich wäre auch gerne an deiner linken Seite gewesen. Das Konzert ist immer so schnell vorbei, und du bist auch schnell verschwunden, man kommt an Dich gar nicht mehr ran, für ein Autogramm.
    lg anja
    P.S. Im April 2013 freu ich mich schon auf dein Classic Konzert in Nürnberg!!

  907. Posted by lcr188    11/11/2012 09:12

    You must come to the o2 arena in england!!! We love your music here and loved your Shepherds Bush Concert!

  908. Posted by komarokiller    10/11/2012 20:24

    Any chance to visit Bulgaria soon?

  909. Posted by Sandile    09/11/2012 15:03

    Hey Dave,

    When you coming to South Africa… We crave your music this side… you’ll have a really nice and fun time with you and your band

    Yours in Music
    Sandile Africa

  910. Posted by E. Iervolino    09/11/2012 01:25

    Hi David,
    Ever been to Brasil? You’ll love it here…..and give us fans an opportunity to hear you live.

  911. Posted by Beatriz Cabral    09/11/2012 00:15

    Oi, quando que você vai fazer um show aqui no Brasil? Gostaria muito de ir ( apesar de que eu teria que passar um bom tempo alugando minha mãe, risos). Sou sua fã e gostaria muito de ir a um show seu. Já tentei aprender violino mas tenho uma grande dificuldade em ler partitura, não nasci com o dom assim igual a você, infelizmente, você é um grande musico (acho que você já sabe disso né, mas não custa nada falar mais uma vez), meus honestos PARABÉNS !!!!!

  912. Posted by cindy    08/11/2012 21:53

    Hello David, please come to Belgium. I would like to see you play in a concert. Hasselt is a very nice place. Please Please Please come.

  913. Posted by Bella    07/11/2012 00:00

    hi David:
    have a nice day!!
    when will you visit Taiwan again?
    feel upset for missed your show in March
    didnt know about you until i listen “November Rain” from your album 3 days ago^^
    i love Guns N’ Roses’s music & you play this song so touching!
    sure others music in your hand all so amezing!
    maybe one day can see you play “dont cry”
    hope have chance to see your show in Taiwan soon!!

    have a nice day.

  914. Posted by Diana    05/11/2012 22:56

    David, when you come to Colombia please i want to see you live at a concert are

  915. Posted by anja    05/11/2012 15:35

    Hallo David,
    freue mich schon auf dein Konzert am 10.11.12 in Nürnberg, aber du bist nach dein Konzert so schnell verschwunden. Da kann man gar kein Autogramm von dir bekommen oder dir Blumen oder Pralines überreichen. Hatte im April 2012 in Nürnberg es deiner Crew gegeben, ich weiß aber bis heute nicht, ob du es erhalten hast….
    lg anja

  916. Posted by haide vega    05/11/2012 02:26


  917. Posted by VCQ    04/11/2012 05:13

    Please, please, please come to San Antonio, Texas on your next tour!!! I’ve been dying to see you live for the last 3+ years!

  918. Posted by priscilla    03/11/2012 22:59

    Please come to Brazil!!! Your music is so beautiful! I would love to see you alive!

  919. Posted by Wild Violin    29/10/2012 05:18

    I’m a persian person that I’m going from Italy to Frankfurt for David Garrett’s performance, because his music gives me a strange feeling and I can’t explain how’s my feeling about that. I can’t wait for his live performance. his music is life for all his fans.

    Greetings from Iran

  920. Posted by Maria Carolina Cassioli    28/10/2012 20:11

    Come to Brazil !!!! David Garrett I love you

  921. Posted by simone braga barros    28/10/2012 15:53

    Dear David,

    I’m going to Brazil to Frankfurt to attend its performances on 19 and 20/11. You can not imagine how I’m happy and excited for this day. I’ll be doing a big dream when I’m face to face with you. I love his music and his way of being!!

    With love, Simone.

  922. Posted by Merrily McCarthy    28/10/2012 14:00

    When will you be performing in the United States again?

  923. Posted by Charla C    28/10/2012 00:01

    Please come back to the United States …. would love if you’d come closer to where I live, like Dallas, Tx or New Orleans, La … but would willingly fly to Los Angeles again to see you!! The concert was AMAZING this past January and I would love to see you again!

  924. Posted by Michaela    24/10/2012 20:30


    könntest du bitte am 21.Juni.2013 in Hannover eine Autogrammstunde machen?
    bitte, bitte, bitte!!!
    lg Michaela

  925. Posted by wilson andrade    23/10/2012 22:32

    hey David! Why don’t you come to Brazil? Frank Sinatra was here, so, you could give us that gift, with your show! Think about it! If you can’t come to Brazil, so come to Argentina! After all, Phill Collins was there in 1993!

  926. Posted by Giovanna Batista    21/10/2012 18:47

    Come to brazil,we would love your presence!

  927. Posted by Brittany    19/10/2012 00:22

    Please come to Savannah, Georgia!!!!!! We are an extremely artistic city overrun by art students! We need you to come and entertain us ASAP! Please, please come!

  928. Posted by Janet    17/10/2012 04:25

    David – I see you have no scheduled tour dates in the United States for the rest of 2012 / 2013. We need you! Please come play for us!!!

  929. Posted by laura    16/10/2012 14:31

    yes pleas come to mexico

  930. Posted by laura    16/10/2012 14:31

    i want that come to mexico.
    i love the music of David Garrett.
    i am the fan number one.

  931. Posted by Lamin Tamang    16/10/2012 13:51


  932. Posted by amassuo enamos    16/10/2012 00:31

    dear david ; i wish you would come to morocco plz !!!
    waiting for you

  933. Posted by Cristina Silva    13/10/2012 03:27

    Dear David
    Review your schedule and go back to Brazil… I would appreciate what you have to offer… See you soon!

  934. Posted by Priscilia Salinas    12/10/2012 22:20

    David!!! When are you comming to México??? I would be in the front line listening to your wonderful music =)

  935. Posted by Liani Maria de Sant'Ana    12/10/2012 22:14

    David, let you know: “Tico Tico no Fubá” is a Brazilian song, “chorinho”, composed in 1917 by Zequinha de Abreu.
    There’s a lot of “Choros Brasileiros” music & composers, our “classical music”, kind, alive and very rhythmic.
    Welcome to Brasil!!!!

  936. Posted by Elodie MENARD    12/10/2012 17:36

    J’aimerais que tu viennes jouer en France et si possible à Nice. Pour être sûre que tu comprennes voici la traduction en allemand et anglais : Ich wünsche, dass du In Frankreich (wenn möglich in Nizza) um Geige zu spielen kommst. I would like that you come in France (and if possible in Nice on the French Riviera) to play the violin. MERCI, VIELEN DANK, THANK YOU :-)

  937. Posted by Tomas Aviles    11/10/2012 21:10

    Dear David,
    I play the violin and I am 9 years old I have been playing the violin for 5 years I love how you play and I Would like you to come to Colombia where I live. You are my Inspiring leader and I enjoy music and plying violinI hope to see you in Bogota soon so we can play together.

  938. Posted by CARLOS BERRIOS    10/10/2012 20:50

    SR, GARRET :

  939. Posted by tatiana    09/10/2012 21:20

    Caro David,ti aspettiamo in Italia. scusami,ma non parlo inglese.

  940. Posted by Uli =D    06/10/2012 18:34

    Kannst du in Magdeburg bitte eine Autogrammstunde machen?
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen!

  941. Posted by María José    06/10/2012 00:38

    Dear David Garrett:
    you will never see this but if you see it. I want to say, please come to Chile, your music is amazing, you’re amazing because every note of your music touches the soul, and especially because I am totally in love with you, no, it’s a joke, I can’t fall in love with someone who I doesn’t know, however I am in love with your music so please come to Chile

  942. Posted by Fernanda Genaro    05/10/2012 20:43

    Hey David! Come to Brazil! We were immensely pleased with their presence!

  943. Posted by Igna    04/10/2012 21:41

    Dear David,
    Please come to Chile, we really LOVE your music!!!

  944. Posted by xora bowberry    01/10/2012 10:49

    pleasseeeee!! come to mexico, I really love u!

  945. Posted by Gisela    01/10/2012 02:49

    Please come to Buenos Aires, Argentina!!! You are awesome!!!

  946. Posted by Megan Corpuz    28/09/2012 01:07

    Please come to the Philippines! We want you!

  947. Posted by impertinent kid    26/09/2012 01:18

    Hope to see your concert if held in Asia. But why all of the concerts are held in Europe… TAT

  948. Posted by ♥·ag·♥    25/09/2012 05:25

    ♥♥♥♥ desperately need to watch your concert NYC,–waiting…. I’d love to see you in concert again.:P♥♥♥

  949. Posted by Deniz    24/09/2012 18:44

    your music has magical effects and you give people happiness and hope as a gift by your sound.-you can touch our souls.-i believe there are many people who need your warm music in different places. i’d like to see you in other countries of the day maybe here,,who knows…..

  950. Posted by EeanThoven    24/09/2012 07:39

    Hello Sir David Garrett!! 😀 I’m from Philippines, we hope you could have a live concert here.. please… our orchestra love you so much and we really want to see you in personal!! God bless you!!..

  951. Posted by Dana Sofia    24/09/2012 02:10

    When are you coming to Mexico!!! I really want to see you!!!

  952. Posted by Paola    22/09/2012 23:20

    Lovely Mr. Garrett, please come to South America! Thank you for the awesome musics!!! xoxo =D

  953. Posted by Valeria    18/09/2012 22:54

    Hello, dear David!
    We really want to see you in Russia, Moscow.
    Love you <3

  954. Posted by simone braga barros    16/09/2012 01:44

    Good night!
    I wonder if the presentation of David on 20.11.2012 in Frankfurt is confirmed, because when I query the schedule of events at Festhalle Arena, only appears to day 19.11.2012 and already got admission for the day 11/20/2012.
    Thank you!

  955. Posted by Marinda Magidson    15/09/2012 18:21

    California dreamin of a GARRETT GIG….

  956. Posted by Marinda Magidson    15/09/2012 18:19

    That’s funny, I don’t recall seeing my living room on the tour roster…hmmm

  957. Posted by Uli =D    13/09/2012 18:43

    Ich und eine von meinen Freundinnen wollen unbedingt zu deinem Konzert (und auch meine Englischlehrerin ;D)!!!!!!!

  958. Posted by paula    12/09/2012 08:51

    David. I lost my sight a couple years ago. For a long time there has been no color in my life. I am an artist color was my world. Then I heard your music, The sweet sound of your violin reached into my soul and I saw color. No I didnt get my eye sight back. But when I hear yr music I get images of color. Beautiful reds, pinks, the most vivid blues, deep purples tinged w blue. I wish that I could meet the man who has given me color again, To thank him for shareing his musics beauty w myself and the world.. I would like to know the next time you r in the states, Californa to b exsact so that i could hear your Violin in person. Thank U …PAULA

  959. Posted by Alex    12/09/2012 03:51

    You are amazing! :) i hope that you can make it to the united states for a tour! me and my orchestra would LOVE to see you! you inspire me! San Antonio, Texas! please please please!

  960. Posted by Lisa Fitzpatrick    11/09/2012 14:19

    I see a Germany theme here…. 😉
    I hope you manage to make it to the UK at some point, I’d love to see you in concert again.

  961. Posted by Conijai    10/09/2012 20:28

    ‘Do I have to come back to Germany to see you again. A hint of any concerts anywhere else in the world would be great. But if needs be I will be back in Germany if it is the only way to see one of your concerts.
    Love and Hugs

  962. Posted by Tabea    09/09/2012