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  1. Posted by Nataly    17/03/2017 19:39

    Dear David! Thank you for your creativity! Your violin touches to the core! It changed my world, my life! In the hearts of millions of people you could light a fire! What you’re doing, it’s magic! And this is perfect! Thank you for what you are! Maestro, your contribution to world culture is priceless! I hope I can see you during your visit to Moscow. Thank you for all! With love from Russia, Nataly.

  2. Posted by    08/12/2016 15:26

    Vielen Dank für das wundervolle Konzert in Stuttgart

    Wir haben die Karten vor 11 Monaten erworben und schon viel länger auf ein Live Konzert Besuch hingefiebert.
    Es war begeisternd – so viele Menschen mit einem Lachen im Gesicht!
    Euch allen Musiker, Philharmonisten und Dir, David ein von Herzen kommendes MERCI

    • Posted by    15/01/2017 01:07

      Di Shakespeare il 18 e di Bon Jovi la numero Uno.
      È un enigma i versi che dedico a te ,David !
      You are the Diamond Geiger !

  3. Posted by    28/11/2016 12:13

    David is an ANGEL OF XXI century 😉 Why? because the angels speak to us through music and his music goes straight to the people hearts, certainly to my heart.

    With love,

  4. Posted by    27/11/2016 20:28

    Hi. I always listen to David, happy my mornings and at night he takes me to a beautiful rest. Thank you for the Love of your music, it comes to the Soul. My best wishes today and always. God bless you David.

  5. Posted by    12/11/2016 20:02

    Halllo David

    ich bin ein sehr großer Fan von dir und finde deine Musik einfach klasse einfach klasse
    möchte dir hiermit viel Glück für deinen Explosiv Konzert zukommen lassen und das du viel Erfolg
    und spass haben wirst. Zu 10000% stehe ich hinter dir egal was kommt. Lass dich nicht unterkriegen
    und bleib wie Du bist ein toller Mensch und Musiker.

  6. Posted by Eleonora Duvivier    25/10/2016 16:28

    David, you are in absolute control, when playing, at the same time you are carried away. It brings to my mind the moment that Philippe Petit stepped on the wire between the two twin towers: a moment between all and nothing! This is a power of angels. I think you channel Archangel Michael. You changed my days, as I can listen and watch you on line, every morning, and “feel” Ave Maria through you. And at every other moment, feel the energy of life and spirit, with your Vivaldi’s “Summer” and ” Winter”. Through you, life and spirit are in perfect communion. Through you, one can feel this ascension. It is so much generosity, on your part! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. Posted by    09/07/2016 16:38

    You are awesome, both musically and physically! Your music gives me wings; it makes me daydream. Ich danke Gott weil Sie existieren!

    • Posted by Elena    04/09/2016 14:55

      David, I would like to congratulate on your birthday!
      I want your most cherished dream will be fulfilled.

  8. Posted by    04/07/2016 00:39

    David: Felicitaciones!!!Es usted un Maestro. Lo máximo. Me encanta. Ojalá venga algún día a Colombia a dar un hermoso concierto.

  9. Posted by Martin-Pavlov    24/06/2016 15:44

    Hello David!
    I just want to thank you for your music (classical and crossover) and your videos, which are really important in my life. You’re one of my few joys in my life of physically handicapped person.And I thank you especially for “Babushka”, because I’m russian by my mother, and I think that this tune is a great expression of modern russian spirit.
    Go on and rock on, even if some moments of life are hard to get on with! It’s a philosophy in my small life.

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  11. Posted by    20/06/2016 22:45

    David Garrett is a genious ! Saludos, AM

  12. Posted by Gigette    11/06/2016 23:24

    David, your music is AMAZING! When will you come to the U.S.? I would love to attend your concert and see you in person…. one day soon! Your fan in Texas

  13. Posted by    24/05/2016 09:25

    Hi David sir,
    I really inspire you. You’re so fantastic.It is like in heaven while hearing your music. Vittorio Monti’s Czardas is my favorite in your concerts. Hope I could see your live concert somewhere if I get a chance. You are an angel, and music is your gospel…You are awesome…

  14. Posted by JD    02/05/2016 12:51

    Votre Explosive est magnifique. Si j’apprécie entre autre How many times et Furious que dire de Lose yourself… in the music. Musique qui vous colle à la peau, aussi forte que les paroles. Bravissimo Eminem et David . Belles journées à vous M. Garrett

  15. Posted by    01/05/2016 16:16

    Me encanta lo que tocas, covers, clásico, tu inspiración, todas. Lo escucho en mi carro, y me ayuda a concentrarme en mi clase de dibujo.
    También tu estilo me gusta. Tengo 54 años, gustas a todas las edades, ya lo sabrás.

    Un abrazo. Saludos desde Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México.

  16. Posted by    30/04/2016 11:05

    mister …wichtig…besuch doch mal bitte die bachstadt arnstadt in thueringen….hier gibt es ein theater ..die bachkirche..die liebfrauenkirche ..und die oberkirche…mfg matttusch

  17. Posted by denis    27/04/2016 18:25

    You can proud of you,your music is marvelous classic or rock …!
    I love your violin after which many colors! I try to live in colors.
    I hope my English is good…
    My German is very bad…
    I am French…

  18. Posted by    10/04/2016 08:04

    EXPLOSIVE me plaît so much… Deux titres tournent en boucle dans ma tête : How many times et Furious. Merci Monsieur David Garrett. Belles journées à vous

  19. Posted by alex maro    08/04/2016 11:10

    Vu dans le rôle de Paganini SUPERBE interprète du rôle SUPERBE Violoniste j’adore Merci a vous de nous faire rêver.

  20. Posted by alex maro    08/04/2016 11:10

    Vu dans le rôle de Paganini SUPERBE interprète du rôle SUPERBE Violoniste j’adore Merci a vous de nous faire rêver.

  21. Posted by Atira    24/03/2016 18:37

    “Explosive” est un morceau superbe avec un rythme incessant et un crescendo époustouflant.
    Mais la vidéo ne correspond pas à l’intensité de la musique et à la forte interprétation de David. Les évolutions douceâtres de cette danseuse ne lui correspondent pas, c’est comme si l’on roulait une cerise sur un volcan en éruption….Pardon…mais je pense qu’il est très important que David soit mieux conseillé. Quand on a réalisé cette magnifique vidéo de “Viva la Vida” on ne peut pas retourner en arrière…

    • Posted by Rita Manganello    09/04/2016 10:28

      I’m sorry I can’t speak French anyway I understand it. I don’t agree with Afira as far as the clip of the classical ballerina is concerned. If we focus on the storytelling alone, I do not understand what is going wrong Afira. The dancer pays the school fee dancing in a night club and HE plays for her. Music and images merge perfectly in this romantic scenario, a very emotional piece.
      This is my opinion as photographer and communication specialist

      • Posted by Fanina    16/04/2016 08:57

        May be I´m wrong! But I see here the parallel between the classic music and the classic ballet and the crossover music next to the pole dance! Both styles are most difficult to perform and have their very own beauty. So, why shouldn´t a ballet-dancer be a pole-dancer or a classic musician do also crossover. Obviously, to my very humble opinion, David wanted to show – crossover is possible in many other art-styles and it brings more people together than only the traditional “pure” style.

      • Posted by Atira    19/04/2016 22:43

        Hello Rita, I understand your position, but I remain in my judgment. This video claiming to be romantic, is not adapted to the strength of the music created by Garrett. The sequence of images is sweetish and not suited to the strength of musical creation. RP (= Rita Perraudin / Atira, painter, sculptor, language and communication specialist)

  22. Posted by Artin    19/03/2016 22:18

    i love you david

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  24. Posted by Göran Lindström    19/02/2016 11:12

    Hi David,
    Your playing is so fantastic so i must write. I am in a age of 64 and have listened of a lot of music in my life
    but never heard someone playing so sensitive. You make me cry when i listened. Never happend before .
    Now you have a new support for rest of my life.(sorry bad english)

    Yours sincerely,
    Göran Lindström from a cold Sweden

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  26. Posted by    22/12/2015 13:59

    It’s going to be ending of mine day, except before ending I am reading
    this great post to increase my know-how.

  27. Posted by Avik Bhattacharjee    24/09/2015 17:44

    hello sire!please come to India

  28. Posted by ivete rodrigues da silvca    26/07/2015 15:40

    Volte logo ao Brasil estaremos aguardando ansiosos..pena nao poder ir para o Rio de Janeiro Vë-lo..bjs…

  29. Posted by sabrina lentz    25/07/2015 15:41

    Hello David, I was at the show held in Sao Paulo yesterday, July 24, and found it just perfect.I always liked to violin, but his music is innovative and wonderful. I was even more passionate. I love You!!! Your music is the best.
    Thanks for coming to sao paulo.

  30. Posted by Adi    03/05/2015 19:27

    Hallo Dina, ich finde es ganz toll, dass die jungen Leute von einem großen Künstler wie David Garret inspiriert werden und dass du die Violinspielen lernen möchtest. So wie der Zufall will, gibt es eine neue Violinshule für Groß und Klein auf dem deutschsprachigen Markt und heißt “Dina Violina”. Eigentlich, ganz witziger Zufall!!!!

  31. Posted by Dina    01/04/2015 20:50

    Hallo !!! Ich heiße Dina, bin 15 Jahre alt und wohnt in Frankreich. Ich war gestern in die “Bourse du travail” von Lyon und habe Ihr gesehen es war einfach wonderbar, die Musik war unglaublich schön. Ich werde nie dieses Gefühl der ich gehabt hat vergessen, Ihr spielt mit so viel Leidenschaft !!! Ich spiele seit 10 Jahre Klavier aber jetzt bin ich sicher dass ich auch Violin spielen möchte !!! Also vielen Dank und ich hoffe dass Ihr wieder in Lyon spielen kommt !!!!!
    (Einschuldigung für die Rechtschreib-Fehler, vielleicht habe ich auch nicht die guten Wörter benutzt)

  32. Posted by SALINGUE    21/03/2015 13:29

    hello David … I enjoy so much your kind of music !! hope to discover you as soon as possible –
    my best regards

  33. Posted by Andressa Leto    18/01/2015 22:28

    I’m addicted to ALL music videos! I watch them all DAILY!!! 🙂

  34. Posted by Hilarysyh    11/01/2015 14:18

    Agree with Ann, please come to Beijing! You are one of the most talented and amazing musicians i’ve ever seen! I started to know you from a video in 1997, in which u just reminded me of Sherlock Holmes!^^
    Love you so much
    Hilary S

  35. Posted by Lina Robertshaw    06/01/2015 11:26

    Hi David,
    Please come to Philadelphia. We have many theater that I’ll be appropriate for your concert. In the Univerdity City we have the Annenberg theater in the middle of The University of Pennsylvsnia Campus . Love your music. I have all your album. Would like to have the movie but, the CDDVD was not playing in my Tv . Where can I get them that will be appropriate for The United States Cd/DVD player. Please come to my city
    Lina Robertshaw

  36. Posted by mari    26/11/2014 18:23

    I can’t sleep because of you… so funny:) what have you done to make people so sleepless? I’ve seen some of your videos I think you’re very talented your music is wonderful…. you really have something special inside…Mari 17 years old from Georgia.

  37. Posted by rageshnath    06/10/2014 15:38

    Hey dear I’m messaging from India. I would realy like to c u once. U are a great motivator for me. Could u like to come to India for a performance?? Whats your opinion?

  38. Posted by Kitija    13/09/2014 16:58

    Hi my name is Kitija i realy like your musik you just a Engel :*) Bless You

  39. Posted by Veena    23/08/2014 18:09

    Hello David, Firstly, apart from your wonderful music, your interviews too teach me so much and I learn so much. I feel I have become better in playing the violin by just listening to your music and your thoughts. Thank you. The scene in this video of all the colours flying reminds me of the festival in India called Holi where we put colours on each other’s faces. You have to visit many, many countries and make sure India is on the list. Love, Veena Krishna

  40. Posted by Elly kim    14/08/2014 19:44

    I can’t sleep because of you!! : )♡

  41. Posted by Inga    31/07/2014 06:01

    David Garret. How wonderful that you are in this world! my 50+ I have to say that you’re blessed with such gorgeous looks, supreme talent and I believe you’ve got warm, amazing personality. I see you as one of the few 21st Century World’s greatest violinists and virtuoso of pristine technique and a marvellous tone quality. No matter however difficult the piece of music you perform, it’s pure and fresh. Your music is breath-taking wizardry, rich, full of passion and emotion that enters deep into soul. I can’t take my eyes of screen, when you play. What a blessing to listen to your music. And what an inspiration you are for young people. I hope that maybe one day, I will be lucky enough to be able to hear and to see your life performance here in England. I wish you many years to come of continuous professional success and prosperity and to continue delight us, your fans, with your music.
    One of my favourites: The Devil’s Violinist; Caprice No. 24, Viva La Vida, Carmen Fantaisie Op 25, The Four Seasons, Nocturne.

  42. Posted by lea pfaff campos    26/07/2014 05:44

    hallo David wie gehts? ich heisse Lea und bin 9 Jahre alt. Ich spiele Geiger, ich mÖchte wie du werden, wann kommst du nach Perù?
    Schoene Gruesse

    Lea Pfaff

  43. Posted by Maria Cristina de Oliveira Zimmermann    11/07/2014 13:29

    Dear David, come to Brazil. I’m sure your shows will be a success. Congratulations!

  44. Posted by Freida Haw...s    06/07/2014 01:15

    Love your talent & passion for music!

  45. Posted by Danitza    28/06/2014 05:08

    Realmente hermoso……..

  46. Posted by Tanya    25/06/2014 09:07

    Adore you… everything about you…your gorgeous playing…personality….you give so much light for the soul..are so inspiring and uprising…thank you a lot, DAVID…the first time i’ve regretted i don’t speak German… God Bless You!

  47. Posted by Adamczyk    11/05/2014 21:25

    Please come to Poland – we are waiting for you so long.
    I hope we will see you next year.
    Best regards.

  48. Posted by Yusim    03/05/2014 01:49

    Dear David,
    I cannot wait for your the concert in Seoul in June. I’m so happy to see you and thank you so much! See you soon.
    With love Yusim.

  49. Posted by Cristina Mascioni    29/04/2014 17:38

    Dear David, could you please foresee a wide screen with English subtitles in your München concert next Oct? Just to let Italian fans like me fully understand what you’ll be telling! I read / write German quite well, understanding is another matter, especially if the source (you) is so far. Thank you in advance, see you on 22nd October in München, with love, Cristina.

  50. Posted by Charlotte Ooi    21/04/2014 05:25


  51. Posted by Ann    16/04/2014 15:35

    if you come to Asia, please come to China. there are many people love you, but we can not to go to abroad to see you because many of reasons. I hope you can hold a concert in China. love you so much!

  52. Posted by Cristina Mascioni    26/03/2014 23:08

    Ciao David, sono contenta che tu esista…. Io sono cambiata da quando ti ascolto, non passa giorno senza. Sei un grande, resta sempre così, sorridente mentre suoni la musica dal tuo cuore. Ti ammiro, torna presto a Milano, non posso permettermi un viaggio per un tuo concerto altrove nel mondo….ti aspettiamo qui.

  53. Posted by Violinist    22/03/2014 15:01

    Sometimes in order to be successful in something, you need inspiration. I was inspired by you the day I saw you on TV, so I became a violinist. And here I am now, a violinist. I’m not good, but I’ll keep trying.

  54. Posted by Mônica Travassos    14/03/2014 17:15

    David, in this video you talk about your influences, classical and non-classical. You say that you like to play your favourite rock bands music from Queen to Guns ‘n’ Roses. The curious thing about me is that I’m a huge Queen fan and I’ve come to know you when I heard “Barcelona” special edition in which you played “How can I go on” with such a passion… You touched my soul, you know? In my opinion, you are the best!!! And you must come to Brazil!!! Brazil is waiting for you!!!! Beijos

  55. Posted by tel    08/03/2014 02:03

    David, deste que lhe descobri, todos os dias ouco suas musicas atraves de DVD,s que fiz questao de adquirir ou atualizacoes na internet. Voce com certeza, atraves de sua beleza e de seu talento, desse jeito unico fez minha vida muito mais leve e feliz. Obrigada. So falta agora vir ao Brasil!!!

  56. Posted by Martha Flores    03/02/2014 17:29

    Hi David I discovered you by internet a year ago and almost all day I hear your beautifull music, it´s fenomenal and very well played. But the most important of all, is that you feel it, and know how to transmit it. So keep on going.
    Taan in wilik a JATS UTS’ ICHO’OB.
    Mérida, México, Martha

  57. Posted by ELY    30/01/2014 23:13


  58. Posted by ALI AKBARIZADE    11/01/2014 15:56

    Hello., I recently became acquainted with you., And I’m really excited. Hopefully someday well you play the violin

  59. Posted by Kim    06/12/2013 14:40

    I saw you on TPT and loved your music. I loved your show so much I decided to become a sustaining member and I got a copy of your CD Music. Thank you.

  60. Posted by Dmitriy    04/11/2013 09:08

    David is talented, that’s a fact. But…
    Why he become to ban their videos on YouTube?
    Take the same “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.
    But the copyrights belong to the late Kurt Cobain.
    Maybe then fans of the band Nirvana to claim their rights?

    Perhaps they do not understand. I ‘m confident they don’t.
    The problem is that the music is only touching the strings of our soul, when there’s something from God.
    But God is not selling His love for money.

    Previously, a virtuoso performance of this song reminded me of the another (sacred) life.
    It was seen as a gift to all of us by talented man.
    Now it’s just a music…

  61. Posted by LISA PARKER    21/10/2013 18:59

    I Love Your Music And Live Performances. Keep Up All Of The Great Work.

  62. Posted by Patti    13/09/2013 13:41

    I love your work. I love where you’re coming from and how you maybe have brought people to classical music through your crossover stuff. I love your playing. It’s just so nice. I discovered you a few years ago on PBS. You are also very pleasing to look at while listening to your music, you beautiful talented man! I hope that you’re not tired of hearing those things. 🙂

  63. Posted by Mamen    10/09/2013 14:50

    Como española estoy orgullosa de tener el mejor tenista del mundo (Rafa Nadal), pero el mejor violinista del mundo está en Alemania, David Garrett. Al Cesar, lo que es del Cesar… Por favor !! Sigue deleitándonos con tu música, tan especial, tan sincera y tan grandiosa.!! Saludos cordiales

  64. Posted by Maria Margarida Barreto    03/09/2013 17:56

    From me you get the highest expression in the world ; Just one spanish word, only for the best among the bests : OLÉ!!!… (less “classic”, less snob…..but a MUST).

  65. Posted by SONIA    01/09/2013 03:48


  66. Posted by Giorgina Elizabeth Benavides    16/08/2013 18:29

    Eres simplemente un musico maravilloso!

    Besos, Giorgina

  67. Posted by Catherol    15/08/2013 13:58

    I saw something on baidu saying u pratice 7 hours every day when other children playing outside, yes, you got talent, but you still keep working hard, so there is no reason for me to be lazy. I know nothing about violin, but your music make me feel…touch? high? um…I am not sure about what word should I used, just enjoy your music, and I can feel better when I hear some of your music.
    SO, I’d better keep study now, especially on English, to understand all u talking about on this video haha~
    Best Wishes,

  68. Posted by aldo ferretti    11/08/2013 02:44

    brillian music plaid in a extraordinary way just continue thanks

  69. Posted by jaime orozco    05/08/2013 17:39

    Hola David
    a partir de hoy, tienes un amigo colombiano. Eres un angel tocando violin, le pones sentimiento y transmites paz y alegria al mismo tiempo. Cuando tocas el violin, tu expresión es de sensualidad y algo mas.
    Un beso

  70. Posted by Elisabet Zimmermann    23/06/2013 00:51

    Ola David.
    Esse homem maravilhoso a quem eu chamo de “Menino Lindo”,
    é sem dúvida uma pessoa muito iluminada. Pois de bom caráter,meigo, que ama muito seu violino e toca com a alma suas músicas e com um olhar sedutor e uma expressão sempre de felicidade sempre nos trazendo tantas alegrias e cativando pessoas , sejam elas crianças, jovens e adultos só pode ser um enviado com muita luz e ótimas energias positivas para alegrar nossos dias e momentos.
    Será que tem noção do quão é importante para todos nós? Será que se dá conta da responsabilidade que tem sobre nossas alegrias e emoções?
    Ha David Garrett, continue sempre trilhando esse caminho lindo que você terá sempre uma vida muito feliz e plena. <3 Elisabet Zimmermann, cidade, Balneário Camborii ,estado, Santa Catarina, Brazil

  71. Posted by Carmencita    12/06/2013 08:37

    Hey David,
    ich war gestern Abend bei Deinem Konzert in Zürich 🙂 WOW! Das war mit Abstand das geilste Konzert das ich jemals gesehen habe. Ich sass direkt hinter dem Mädel aus Lausanne, die dann auf die Bühne ging und ich war wie versteinert, als Du vorbei gekommen bist, ich bin schüchtern und war froh, dass ich nicht auf die Bühne gehen musste. 🙂 Es ist bemerkenswert, wie Du die klassische Musik modern interpretierst und Deine Version von Michaels Smooth Criminal klingt für mich besser als das Original. Das ist nicht so schlimm, dass die Nachbarn bei der Entstehung etwas gelitten haben 🙂
    Ich hoffe, Du kommst bald wieder nach Zürich,… Liebe Grüsse, Carmencita

  72. Posted by Sandy    11/06/2013 22:06

    Hi David,
    Your music and talent is truly an inspiration! The feeling you put into your music is incredible and has brought me to tears. My daughter plays the violin which has always been my favorite instrument. It would be fantastic if you came to CANADA! We would love to have you!

  73. Posted by Ali    10/06/2013 16:23

    Hi David.
    I am an iranian violinist and I love your work. you are always in my dreams!

  74. Posted by Felix    22/05/2013 19:11

    Hallo David,

    ic bin Felix und 9 Jahre alt,
    Wenn man Dir beim Spielen ins Gesicht guckt, sieht man immer ein Lächeln, Du spürst die Musik!
    Am Samstag spiele ich mein erstes Konzert im Orchester, ich spiele die zweite Stimme und bin schon mächtig aufgeregt!
    Ich war schon auf 6 Konzerten von Dir und freue mich auf alle Konzerte, wo ich Dich sehen und spielen hören kann.
    Liebe Grüße aus Hambug

  75. Posted by Susan Williams    30/04/2013 06:58

    I have a request David…
    Could you perform “Tangerine”
    by Led Zeppelin ? I know
    you’re busy. ~ Best, Susan

  76. Posted by SARA    11/04/2013 20:10


  77. Posted by lele    09/04/2013 07:37

    You are my life.I’m a italian girl and I play the violin too.You are wonderful!!

  78. Posted by emma    04/03/2013 00:45

    I’ve just become a member not for myself but for my two girls who are such HUGE fans! My six year old wants to meet you and play next to you. That is her ultimate dream. Any chance of coming to Australia? They both love your Pirates of the Carribean rendition.

  79. Posted by rafael cataluna    03/03/2013 20:00

    Sou um novo membro deste site gosto muito dele o David e um dos monstros da musica mais profissional que conheço todos os dias estou no facebook a espera de novidades .
    Gosto da pagina do face queremos o David em Portugal esta pagina esta muito pobre.
    Estou com esperança de este ano ir a Alemanha para ver o David vamos lá haver se consigo pois em Portugal isto esta mal.

  80. Posted by Monique QC    02/03/2013 00:14

    I love everything David Garrett plays, classic and rock. I bought David’s Legacy dvd and CD, Virtuoso CD and Rock Symphonies DVD. I’ve seen extracts of MUSIC live concert on Youtube, but I don’t understand German. I’m Canadian and speak French.. Do you know if the video of MUSIC will be available with English subtitles ? Or when will a video of Music be made in England or USA with David speaking English 🙂

    Everything is booked for you David in 2013 ! When will you come to Quebec-Canada or USA ? Hope to see you in concert with my all my friends. A thousand thanks !

  81. Posted by Ehsan Askari    28/02/2013 14:34

    I’ve just became a member on this website.
    I’m Iranian.I like david so much & I wish he is succeed all the time.
    He’s fantastic.
    Hope I come to your concert

  82. Posted by rafael cataluna    28/02/2013 13:13


  83. Posted by guido    04/02/2013 09:58

    You are wonderful, David Garrett! Thank you!

  84. Posted by Cristina Silva    04/02/2013 03:52

    In your dreams… Important relationship of your soul… Connect and wait…

  85. Posted by Selina Julia Wagner    25/01/2013 11:42

    Wenn es einen Gott gibt, wird er durch seine Musik geehrt! I love “Albinonis Adagio” Lieben Gruß.Selina

  86. Posted by Selina Julia Wagner    24/01/2013 13:46

    Davids Klänge beruhigen meine Seele, meinen Geist,ja, den gesamten Körper. Danke.

  87. Posted by Just A Ordinary Girl    24/01/2013 11:09

    Hello 🙂 I just wanted to say that your playing has inspired me heaps. My family, friends over the past years encouraged me to pick up my violin again which had been neglected for almost 6 years. My favorites are – 5th Symphony, Thunderstruck, Humoresque. – Just A Ordinary Girl

  88. Posted by Ana    20/01/2013 12:05

    Adentrarse en el magico juego de David Garrett, las emociones surgen , el corazón reconoce, sumergidos en un mar tempestuoso, como en aquellas olas que regresan tranquilas , van y vienen despues de la tempesta. He recorrido un largo camino de amor por la Muscia, más convencidad, que no existe la musica en si misma, Si bien la musica Clásica es y será , la raiz …. David Garrett, ha tomado esas raices, las ha dejado crecer y su ramas se bifurcan, su frutos son el milagro de poder combinar de una forma causi insondable , la justa envotura que une lo Clásico con el resto de todas aquellas composiciones, melodias, que nostalgicamente, nos trasnporta a un nuevo Universo, Una nueva Raiz… un despertar glorioso, digno y significativo…. la recreación, el placer que tan sólo un cora´zon abierto, un alma en pie, un espiitu elvado, nos permite ser parte y artifice de su mundo. Su Musica es para todos , no existe edad, ni fronteras, ni ideologias…. Un viaje a su universo, no declina, nos lleva a navegar con él, dejandonos al finalizar en playas tranquilas, con las emociones empapadas de sus notas…. gracias !!!!

  89. Posted by Esther    14/01/2013 17:33

    wundervoll ♥
    ich kann mir das video 20mal hintereinander ansehen und werde nicht müde !!!

  90. Posted by Martha Conti    06/01/2013 13:07

    My first find of 2013 great honour… Introducing me to a great passion and talent…

  91. Posted by Jade    05/01/2013 00:14

    David, you’re incredible; an inspiration. I am mainly a clarinettist but I have taught myself a little of the violin too…recently especially, you have been a complete inspiration to me. I love music. It has helped me through every stage of my life and a world without it would not only be silent but completely empty and lonely. Some day I hope to be as great a musician as you are now. And even if I never reach your standard I will continue to love music and the way it can effect and change me…I can’t put into words how incredible I think you are. The way you play ‘Viva la vida’ shows just how much you not only play, but feel, music. And I absolutely LOVE the way you arrange your music with such an incredible combination of genres and styles! Thank you for everything, please come to the UK even more frequently…Much love, Jade

  92. Posted by judith    04/01/2013 06:05

    your prefomes are ……wow

  93. Posted by Venilda    03/01/2013 12:40

    dear David
    The instrument always liked since the violin was always small when I heard you playing I was amazed, it was the consequence? I won the Christmas present his album “Live in Music Cocert” and loved!
    I would love you to come to Brazil to marvel at his talent.
    I will wait anxiously for that day!
    A big kiss!

    With love!

    Venilda Santos
    country Brazil

  94. Posted by Daniela M    28/12/2012 04:41

    Dear David,

    I listened to your music for the first time about 2 years ago, and I have to confess that it took my breath away, I remember that the first song I heard was Smooth Criminal. I was so excited and I said: “I have to have the entire album”. Up to now, I’ve been collecting your music, and videos. Now I can’t wait for Music to be available in America, And I hope that someday I can be present in one of your concerts. Please, please come to Mexico or USA soon, actually that’s my Christmas wish, to be in one of your concerts 🙂
    The Viva la Vida music video is just amazing, magical and beautiful. Honestly, I think it resembles to you. You keep doing your magic David, you are truly an inspiration to many of us.

    Love and regards from Mexico.

  95. Posted by Katia Dahena Tovar    27/12/2012 03:43

    We want you in Mexico …….. please consider coming, you’ll have good answers

  96. Posted by Roya    12/12/2012 16:44

    that is very nice sound

  97. Posted by Mine!    07/12/2012 19:01

    David! you take my breath away! your music lead me to a world of magical colors and beautiful images! thank you very much for giving me this experience !

  98. Posted by outstanding among ten thousand    07/12/2012 10:49

    Great performance yesterday. While I watched, this word for you came in my heart: Above all else, guard your heart, – for everything you do – flows from it. You are very precious!

  99. Posted by salome    03/12/2012 11:12

    love you,love your music ,please visit us in georgia,in tbilisi.

  100. Posted by linda    27/11/2012 22:32

    Hi David
    I think you are wonderful, you are so so talented and have certainly made me engrossed in your music and violin music. I am now listening to a lot of classical music and learning all about the music you play. I adore fritz Kreisler now especially the concert in Milan on you tube.
    I am coming to see you in Berlin next year so hopefully I can come up onstage and you can play to me.
    Oh and you are the most handsome man in the world.

  101. Posted by Birgit K    25/11/2012 23:25

    Hallo Kerstin,
    Von dem Konzert gibt es eine DVD, die am 02. November veröffentlicht wurde.
    Bitte schau mal in der Rubrik “Music”, da findest du den Link.

  102. Posted by Kerstin    25/11/2012 20:58

    Schade das man nach dem besuchten Konzert, keine Liveaufnahme davon bestellen kann. So eine kleine Geige als USB-Stick mit der Tonaufnahme des jeweiligen Konzert’s, wäre als Erinnerung schon was Tolles. Einzigartiges. Könntet ihr vielleicht daran arbeiten, bitte ?

  103. Posted by aen45    23/11/2012 23:55

    David! You are beyond Great!!!
    Thank you again for another awesome album MUSIC. Really enjoy your description of your choices of each piece for the album in english. I’m so thrilled that your repertoire includes all my favorite songs of classical and pop music. May God bless You with good health that You’ll be able to do what you love for a long time. We love your music so much.
    Thank for sharing your GIFT!

  104. Posted by teodora carunta    23/11/2012 13:16

    T’ecouter,c’est de la pure joie .Que Dieu soit avec toi !

  105. Posted by    19/11/2012 18:01

    merveilleux comme toujours!

  106. Posted by telma    06/11/2012 16:06

    Halo David, adorei “MUSIC”! Ficaria feliz se um dia colocasse em seu repertorio “GATES OF BABYLON’. Estou segura que você faria um arranjo magnífico para esta musica, assim como fez para Viva La Vida. Fica aqui a sugestão, mais uma vez. Um abraço.

  107. Posted by Andreia Costa    03/11/2012 09:05

    Good morning David!
    I’m sorry I couldn’t resist this one… I know you like to bring your music to people of all ages – and I’m sure you’ll love this one! Right now I’m teaching music and piano lessons to 2 little girls. They’re sisters and they both are very intelligent. So yesterday afernoon I was introducing them to the “world of classical” music and they were bored so I reached for my laptop – I knew they would love “Viva la vida” so I played your video for them – you should have seen their reaction: Each time a “David” would come up they knew wich one was playing :))… And then when you kind of exploded just into yourself again, they went :”Wooooooow!!” — Well I starded to try more videos with you and an orchestra, so I got what I wanted they began to ask the name of the instruments but their eyes where glued on you. I had to explain you where the soloist — But I wanted to show them a pianist playing: They kind of watched for a while and then one of them asked “Can put that blonde gentleman playing again please?” and the other one said: “Yeah he’s koooooool” – So David: you have two more fans! :DD I’ll leave here their kisses, and mine too! I sense a major hit here… 😉

  108. Posted by Andreia Costa    02/11/2012 02:34

    David: it’s very difficult for someone not to like your music and for what I’ve seen here so far it sounds great!!
    “Viva la Vida” it’s magical… The rest “it’s a kind of magic!” – and you actually recorded “Tico Tico”… I have this huge smile on my face and I’m crying at the same time!!
    I was missing your MUSIC.
    Much love – always here,
    Andreia Costa.

  109. Posted by Jessi    28/10/2012 13:16

    Danke für deine wundervolle Musik! Sie ist für mich in manchen Situationen ein echter Trost und Aufmunterung aber auch eine Inspiration und Motivation … Ich freue mich jetzt schon auf deine zukünftigen Projekte und ganz besonders auf deine Konzerte 🙂 … Als Location für ein Konzert von dir hätte ich einen kleinen Tip, Schloss Wernigerode im Harz! Eine wunderschöne Kulisse und zusammen mit deiner Musik wäre es ein Traum 🙂

  110. Posted by piciul13    20/10/2012 19:32

    How do you manage to extract the media madness?! Health!

    Cum vei reusi sa te extragi din nebunia asta media?! Sanatate!

  111. Posted by Biene    18/10/2012 23:28

    Lieber David, ich liebe deine wunderbare Musik voll großer Gefühle. Das Beethovenkonzert für Violine und Orchester in D hörte ich erstmals als ganz junges Mädchen. Ich selbst spielte damals Geige. Danke für deine CD Legacy. Sie ist phantastisch!
    Ich wünsche mir, dich bald in Hannover wieder zu sehen!
    Bye, bye

  112. Posted by Julia    12/10/2012 14:34

    Hey David,
    Das neue Album “Music!” ist wirklich fantastisch!
    Leider bekomme ich meins erst morgen…
    Egal, ich hoffe, dass das Album genau so gut angenommen wird wie die anderen auch!
    Aber noch eine Frage:
    Wird der Trailer zu dem neuen Album auch mal im Fernsehn zu sehen sein? Weil wenn ich so überlege, fällt mir nicht ein, dass ich schon mal einen Trailer davon gesehen habe…
    GLG Julia

  113. Posted by Trix    22/09/2012 09:51

    Lieber David
    Herzliche Gratulation! Das Video ist ein Augen- und Ohrenschmaus. Simpel, aber zugleich raffiniert, originell und mal anders, als bisher Gesehenes. Freue mich riesig auf die neue CD/DVD! Weiterhin alles Liebe und good luck. In love, Trix

  114. Posted by Dagmar    04/09/2012 19:18

    Hallo David,

    alles Gute zum Geburtstag.

    Dieses Jahr wirst du ihn ja nicht mit Hilfe der Datumsgrenze ausfallen lassen.

    Hast du ja gar nicht nötig.

  115. Posted by erin davis    28/08/2012 18:11

    dear david i really love your music and how you play on the violen! your music is amazing!!! never give up on your dreams. you can achieve anything that your heart desires. i love the violin because its so romantic! i hope you come out to the usa soon!

  116. Posted by VAGNER A CARDASSI    27/08/2012 23:46

    Cara, venha fazer uma apresentação no Brasil. Peça ao seu empresário para fazer uma pesquisa prévia sobre ganho financeiro e calor humano, você irá se surpreender!!!

  117. Posted by Laura    26/08/2012 21:56

    Dear David,
    I have just ordered three of your albums!
    Thank you for the JOY that you bring to the world when you play. Your face is just so joyful. We get to see into your soul for a little while.
    You have such an amazing gift!!
    Much Love

  118. Posted by telma    24/08/2012 03:27

    Alo, David Garret, creio já ter deixado uma sugestão aqui, mas não custa repetir. Existe uma música chamada GATES OF BABYLON da banda REINBOWN, que ficaria divina em arranjo de violino, voce poderia me responder se existe uma chance de voce grava-la? Voce transforma em emoção tudo que voce toca. É como o toque de Midas. Sucesso e muita Paz. Uma admiradora brasileira.

  119. Posted by sara    07/08/2012 13:18

    mr garrett please come to iran ….please …
    in iran there are a lot of violinist….
    in iran you have a lot of fan …….so please come to iran…….
    it’s my dream that I see you….
    I really love you….dont doubt mylove……

  120. Posted by Marcela Duke    28/07/2012 19:26

    Eres una de las creaciones mas increíbles del planeta, tienes mucho talento, genial !!!

  121. Posted by Malwina    27/07/2012 15:51

    Hi, my name is Malwina.
    You play beautifully on violin and I really admire you for it.
    Kisses and success
    Your Malwina

  122. Posted by Anabella    24/07/2012 05:00

    You are AMAZING David Garrett. Hope to see you Live someday… From Guatemala, Central America.
    Anabella Meneses.

  123. Posted by hoora    22/07/2012 16:34

    Hi Mr David Garratt.
    my name is hoora rafiei. Im 14.
    I love violin very very very. i see your Videos in Hran. i like you. pleas come to Iran. in my country are many violinist.
    i see your videos every night.
    i love you.
    good bye ; nice to see you…!

  124. Posted by Ana Thereza Rocha    22/07/2012 07:59

    Dear David,

    Today I bought “Legacy”. It’s superb too. I love so much the way you play, no matter if it’s rock or classical music.
    I hope to see you in Brazil .

  125. Posted by Bérénice Daigle-Ricard    17/07/2012 20:46

    Hi David,
    I receive an e-mail et it was you playing violon . What a performer you are. It was “Csardas – Gypsy Danceby
    Vittorio Monti. I sent it to all my contacts. My friends just loved it. Hope you could come in Montreal or
    Joliette – Québec – Canada. TAKE CARE

  126. Posted by farshad    26/06/2012 15:11

    I am an Iranian and a violist. I love David

  127. Posted by Udani Gunawardhana    24/06/2012 19:44

    Hey David,
    cant believe your performances,,,,, you have amazing talent from god…….. cant believe your hands working like machines & making wonderful music,,, i’m always thinking god gave a magical talent to you,,,,,,,,,,,,

    plz i’l like to see you live in Asian county……….. at least Singapore,,,,,,,, <3

  128. Posted by sara    13/06/2012 10:00

    Hi my name is Sarah. Two years that I play violin.Teachers say to me :you’re really fantastic.
    i realy want to be like you.
    I am Iranian. And am a Muslim.
    I’m 15 years old. And i really love you . I love your concerts . but i can’t come to your concerts.
    That’s why I want from you to hold a concert in Iran .

  129. Posted by Liza    11/06/2012 00:10

    Dear David,

    I just watched your Livestream performance, it was amazing! I’m so glad Legacy came out, I hope to order it soon. You are playing my favorite concerto, Beethoven’s Concerto in D Major! You are an amazing violinist and my hero and inspiration. I hope to be a super famous rock star like you one day. I hope you come to Indianapolis soon!

  130. Posted by Anabella Francisca    08/06/2012 02:35

    i Love David Garrett

  131. Posted by Liza    05/05/2012 12:59

    Dear David,

    You rock! You have a talent like no other. You have a passion for music that is like a magical gift. Don’t ever give up on making beautiful music. You bring joy and happiness to millions of people around the world and connect them with the universal language of music. I hope one day to be able to spread music like you and make so many people happy. I play the violin and have played it nonstop for 3 years. Don’t give up and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t great.

    Hope to see you live in the US sometime soon!

  132. Posted by Joni    31/03/2012 18:11

    Beautiful presentation. One can feel the passion for music which David has…it’s just contagioius! I love to play violin although it’s in it’s infancy for me..still fun instrument. If it wasn’t for David, I probably would never have picked up a violin!–Joni

  133. Posted by Tatyana    27/03/2012 17:10

    Здравствуйте David!!!
    Меня зовут Татьяна, я из России, мне 19 лет. Я прошу прощения что пишу на русском ))) Сегодня нашла в интернете ваши записи с концертов, я была потрясена Вами! Вы великолепно играете, целый день Вас слушала!!! Как бы я хотела с Вами познакомиться, но увы, этого никогда не будет. Спасибо Вам, за Ваше прекрасное исполнение!!! С любовью, Ваша Татьяна из России )))

  134. Posted by Jacqueline    22/02/2012 22:05

    OI David
    I am brazilian and I love your music !! I would like see you play in Brazil .Hear your play and feel the breeze is bringing a storm in my soul . It is as if your violin cry when touched with so much passion . The music that you make is wonderful !! And the violin with the guitar creates a sound inexplicable . Can the people deserve so much?
    Thanks to exist although in different places but at the same time . David Play , play and play always !! The world listen your music !!!!

  135. Posted by Jeannette Peairs    20/02/2012 16:22

    Hi David, I am learning to play the violin late in life – I am a woman at age 57 and it is difficult – I have played the organ in the past and learning strings from keyboard was the most difficult. I feel like you have be comfortable with holding the violin in order to play it correctly – I did see that you have a shoulder rest on the back of your violin and somewhat of a different chin rest – can you help me with telling me what I could use on my violin that could improve my comfort level with my instrument?
    Thank you for the wonderful music you create!

  136. Posted by Lori    14/02/2012 08:06

    David –
    I hope some day that you will play 3 of my favorites… “Laura’s Theme” from Dr. Zhivago; Wagner’s “Ride of The Valkries”, and “Sleepwalk” by Santos & Johnny. Every piece you play is enhanced beyond imagination! You have touched my heart with your gift as a violinist virtuoso, and you are beautiful to look at!! 🙂 Hurry back to Seattle!

  137. Posted by Bethany Lu    06/02/2012 03:02

    Hi David,
    I really like your music, you explain the classical in a different way,that’s fantastic!
    The “Rock Symphonies” shock me a lot.You’re so great! Thanks to that,I know you.
    And I’m looking forward to the Shanghai”Rock Symphonies Concert”!

  138. Posted by Amanda Johnson    02/02/2012 18:03

    I love 7th Symphony by Apocalyptica. To have you accompany them would be awesome.

  139. Posted by cheryl    01/02/2012 08:25

    HI David,

    a rare human species who is so blessed with a mission to Rock n Roll the world… One major thing that unites us all is through music. And through U its possible.

    I just wish that U will give me a chance to hear ur music loudly and LIVE here in the Arab World – DUBAI -UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  140. Posted by mona    26/01/2012 13:21

    david garrett i love you so much im 17 years old and every time i practice & play violin i wanna some day become like you. every day i listen to your music they are realy great and fantastic. Please come to Iran. Iranian love you so much

  141. Posted by andres    23/01/2012 01:00

    eres uno de mis nuevos idolos de la musica y los cover en el violin son lo maximo

  142. Posted by Anais Wright    12/01/2012 01:10

    Damn you are amazing !! Please come to Mexico I would really like to listen your music on Live !

  143. Posted by zohreh    11/01/2012 22:35

    Kuesschen,,,er ist einfach toll,,,er ist a num 1 superstar,,,er ist der einzige superstar,,,

  144. Posted by Julius Manila    26/12/2011 03:14

    Dear David,
    I am also your no. 1 fan and I would like to see you also in PHILIPPINES. I am hoping that you will grant my request.
    I am so excited to see you playing your violin. I want to be also like you someday. I am also 15.

    Hoping that you will visit our country and play your violin here in the PHILIPPINES….

  145. Posted by Barbara Kohlmaier    29/11/2011 11:48

    Wann gibt es das nächste klassische Konzert in Wien? Nach deinem Tourenplan abzuschätzen vielleicht in einigen Jahren, oder? Vielleicht mit vielen interessanten, klassischen Werken, die wie du bereits gesagt hast “unter die Haut gehen”.
    Hast du dazwischen mal Zeit auch etwas anderes zu tun? Bleibt dafür überhaupt Zeit?
    Oder ist dein Leben mit deiner Violine so erfüllt, dass die Konzerte u. das Spielen auf der Violine einfach dein Leben ist?
    Schaut so aus!!!
    Dir noch eine bewusst erlebte Woche!! Viel Glück für alles!

  146. Posted by laura    09/10/2011 13:18

    Oh my God, thank you for such a beautiful people. David´s gorgeos inside and out…

  147. Posted by OLIVIA TREJO GALLARDO    24/09/2011 20:02

    Dear David I love your music, you really are very talented and wonderful, I live in Mexico and I could not buy a CD of yours at a store, I think until the end of year to travel to the United States buy your own material there. Hopefully soon you can come to Mexico and delight Contu magnificent music. A sincere hug from Queretaro, Mexico.

  148. Posted by GABIELLE    18/09/2011 05:56


  149. Posted by ARGISALONIKA    06/09/2011 16:01

    please come to balkan

  150. Posted by Cassie    07/08/2011 21:07

    Dear David,
    I would like to see You in Poland, you’ve got so much fans here!
    You’re music is incredible, fantastic, amazing in one word: the best!
    All these things you have been done give a hope for the future music and you’re so amazing artist, I love you, because you showed me another dimension of music, and I’m proud of you.
    I hope that you never stop playing violin and you’ll do another, equally good songs like in “Rock Symphonies”
    I can’t wait for next album and I really, really hope you visit Poland.. maybe next year?
    Hope you read it and you smile, because I want you to know, that I love you all my heart, you’re so sweet and good at what you do
    Love you
    Greetings from all Poland fans:)

  151. Posted by Eman    29/07/2011 22:29

    I loooooooooooooooove u david im 15 years old i wanna be like you when I grow up .
    PLEEEEEEEEASE come 2 syria all ur fans are waiting for u.

  152. Posted by Monica    20/07/2011 07:36

    Please…..You must come to Sweden!!!! I saw you The first time when you performed at Viktoriadagen and now I`ve spent severel hourers in front of my computer watching you playing and waiting fore you to give a concert here. Looking forward seeing you soon. Many warm hugs

    • Posted by Birgit K    20/07/2011 14:49

      Hi, please check the tour-list. David is performing in Stockholm in November!

  153. Posted by Ian Liuzzi    20/07/2011 06:33

    OMG, i love you *-* you are amazing! come to Venezuela PLEASE!

  154. Posted by zoe    14/07/2011 13:04

    dear david

    South Africa is waiting for you. i hope to see you soon.

    yours sincerely
    Zoe Bruwer

  155. Posted by Jaimer    09/07/2011 20:59

    Hey, for me, David Garrett is the best violinst I’ve ever seen, he is awesome with the violin, I would like to see him someday I can’t die before see him jajaja, David and all his work’s group should think about doing a Tour around Latin America, it would be wonderful because here we have a lot of David’s Fans.
    Thanks for the atention, I expect you read this.
    Greetings from Colombia. =D

  156. Posted by Aniya    07/07/2011 21:50

    Dear, David!
    Russia is waiting for you!!!!!!)All Russian fans want to hear and to see you)
    love you so much**

  157. Posted by Brianna    30/06/2011 20:41

    you should come to toronto (Canada)- – -david you should listen to black violin

  158. Posted by esther    03/06/2011 11:07

    Dear David,
    You have to come to Singapore. We need to hear your new approach and interpretation in classical music.

  159. Posted by esther    03/06/2011 11:04

    Dear David,
    You have to come to Singapore. We need to hear your fresh approach and interpretation in classical music.

  160. Posted by ___t_N    30/05/2011 11:35

    U R really coooool!~ love ur music.. is soooooo wonderful..

  161. Posted by Ms. HB    25/05/2011 01:35


  162. Posted by Amanda Cardoso    30/04/2011 19:05

    Venha para o Brasil por favor, por favor!!

  163. Posted by Romina    24/04/2011 02:51

    Dear David
    Please excuse if I have errors in writing, my English is very bad, and my German is non-existent…
    My name is Romina, I´m 26 years old and I knew you on January 1 this year by pure chance. I decided to entertain me a little looking for videos with music by Yanni at YouTube and it was when, among these, I found you. It was one of your concerts where you play the Winter of Vivaldi, my favorite piece of classical music! I was stunned, and with all due respect to Yanni deserve…sent in to the hell and I stayed with you! Since that day, I pass looking like a maniac each of your videos. To learn more about you, I was sad to realize all the years of your brilliant career that I had lost not knowing before your existence. I am as a crazy recommending you to the entire people. You are so talented and so funny!
    David, please keep in mind that the most distant of the world places and small countries which perhaps you never get to play, there are fans yours that through technology, they admire you and love you.
    Thank you for your art.
    Romina, from Paraguay.

  164. Posted by annie    18/04/2011 21:45

    Yes! Poland is waiting for your great music! 🙂

  165. Posted by agat    18/04/2011 18:45

    Your music is amazing!!!! come to Poland! cause we’re waiting for you ;))))

  166. Posted by sunnyd    17/04/2011 16:13

    David, After watching you on DWTS all I can say is WOW !! I instantly fell in love with your music. I can’t wait to get “ROCK SYMPHONIES” . Thank goodness for computers…..I can listen to you 24/7 . Please come to Pensacola Florida sometime.

  167. Posted by Cherie    13/04/2011 06:28

    I love your style and your music! Thanks to Dancing With The Stars, you have a new fan! Can’t wait to get Rock Symphonies!

  168. Posted by Magali Rose    02/04/2011 23:46

    You’re amazing! You’re the best!!! I love you David! COME TO ARGENTINA!

  169. Posted by esteffania    02/04/2011 07:46

    hola david la verdad me facina como tocas el violin
    ojala yun dia te pueda conocer,
    para que me enseñes a tocarlo.
    atte: esteffania

  170. Posted by Sunshine    22/03/2011 00:45

    WHEN will u be back in America???? Wahhhh I want to watch you play live!!!! Sunshine

  171. Posted by Chris    19/03/2011 18:19

    David du bist einfach UNSCHLAGBAR!!! 🙂

  172. Posted by Annette    22/02/2011 17:11

    I saw David in Dallas, TX in April of 2010. i’ve been to a lot of concerts in my lifetime – mostly rock and roll. His performance, ‘hands down’ was the BEST I have ever had the pleasure of attending. His gift moves me like no other musician ever has ( except for maybe my dad who was a professional guitarist.) I, as well as many others whom I have introduced to David’s music and talent, am quite disappointed that he is not coming back to the south (Texas) in 2011. Your following here has increased dramatically – especially in my little world. You should come here in the winter months and take the northern part of the US in the summer months! JUST COME BACK!!!! I am currently learning to play the violin, and watching David’s technique has been helpful and inspirational! …and for the record, David – come back to Dallas/Fort Worth and we will treat you and your band/crew to a real home-cooked Texas BBQ – the best you will ever eat!!

  173. Posted by Laura Brumbaugh    22/01/2011 02:15

    I love listening to the volin, I just wish i had the money to play it. you see, it’s been i dream of mine since i was a little girl. I just never had the money to complete my dream of becoming a a volinist. I guess it’s the hungarian in me that makes me want to play so badly. But it’s all the same. Keep playing David because i will always listen. Love Laura

  174. Posted by Becky    21/01/2011 14:06

    You need to come to CLEVELAND!!!!!!WE need you to rock our asses off!!!!!LOVE how you make your violin sing and cry!!!!

  175. Posted by Fernando    11/01/2011 03:46

    You are the best, I am a good fan of you please don’t let to play the violin of that way

  176. Posted by KristiS69    02/01/2011 19:32

    The first time I even heard of David Garrett was on New Years. I am very impressed and I am thankful for such great
    musician. Thank you for your sharing your gift.

  177. Posted by crystal11768    01/01/2011 07:59

    Please, where can I purchase David Garrett Live in Berlin dvd?

  178. Posted by Glen    24/12/2010 20:32

    Wundere dich nicht, wenn du eines Nachts in einem dunklen braunen Sack aufwachst, dann hat der Weihnachtsmann endlich meinen Wunschzettel bekommen!!!
    Frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! Weiterhin viel Glück und Erfolg!
    Lg glen 

  179. Posted by HannaViolin    10/12/2010 22:17

    david, do you ever read this?
    I know that you don’t.
    But if I meet you later, I will say you my whole opinion about this album.
    Why I’am writing in English?? Ich bin aus Deutschland:D

    Ps.: Pausbäckchen

  180. Posted by Shiyana L. Daniels    25/11/2010 23:22

    I love David Garrett my mother and I are going to his concert coming up in February and I just cant wait I love the violin and want to learn how to play I love all forms of music all kinds but rock and classical are my favorites and he found a combinations and I fell in love.And if I may add he is hot ! Very Cute !

  181. Posted by wikado    20/11/2010 18:25

    Schade das mein Englisch so schlecht ist das ich fast gar nichts verstehe. Schön wäre es doch das auch mal auf deutsch zu machen. Gibt sicher einige die kein Englisch können

  182. Posted by Connie Bach    21/10/2010 10:48

    Love love his English and German accent! Just perfect in any way!!! Love his style, especially those boots he wears! You rock David!

  183. Posted by Elaine    03/09/2010 23:02

    Deutsche Zeit jetzt 0 Uhr

  184. Posted by Elaine    03/09/2010 23:00

    Happy Birthday to you dear David. Ich wünsch dir nur das Beste. Gesundheit, Liebe, Ausgeglichenheit und noch viele weitere Erfolge. Du bist etwas Besonderes nicht nur wegen Deiner Musik. Ich spüre das und mein Gefühl hat mich noch nicht gettäuscht. Sei weiter Du selber. Und willkommen bei den Dreisigern ( bin auch grad mal dreisig geworden) Habe einen schönen Tag!

  185. Posted by Aneta    22/08/2010 15:45

    i love the way he talks….<3

  186. Posted by Michelle    03/08/2010 04:01

    David is so AWESOME!

  187. Posted by Jacob    25/07/2010 18:04

    This song is awsome!!

  188. Posted by Miracle Joyner    23/07/2010 01:43

    I love you

  189. Posted by Brigitte Greenstone    20/07/2010 17:47

    I hope there will be more videos….Bitte bitte bitte!!!!

  190. Posted by Nina    25/06/2010 20:41

    Schade, nur 1 Video…!?

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