David Garrett


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David’s brand new crossover-album “Music” brilliantly combines different genres and eras. He not only presents works, which poignantly stir the soul, but also sets new standards with the versatility of his violin-playing. With arrangements from Beethoven to Michael Jackson David fascinates the listener with different elements from the world of classics and pop.


1. Viva la Vida
2. Cry me a River
3. Beethoven Scherzo
4. Human Nature
5. Tico Tico – David Garrett, Arturo Sandoval
6. Chopin Nocturne – David Garrett, David Foster
7. Whole Lotta Bond
8. Clementi Sonatina
9. Sandstorm
10. Music
11. Sabre Dance
12. Bach Double Harpsichord Concerto In C Major
13. We will Rock You
14. Celtic Rondo
15. Ode To Joy – David Garrett, The European Community Choir