David Garrett


The new Album ’14’

The new Album ’14’

David releases his new album 14, he recorded as a teenager in year 1995, now for the first time in March/April 2013.

“For me personally, ‘14’ is the link between the recordings I made as a child and the albums I’m now making in adult life. I’m delighted that the CD is coming out after so many years because to some degree, it pulls together the story of my life.”

Conceived as a virtuoso recital, ’14’ showcases the quite sensational technique and musicality of the youngest artist ever to record for Deutsche Grammophon. The album takes listeners on a voyage into the musical past of the violinist and five-time ECHO prize winner who set out to bring classical music to a young audience – and who has done more than anyone else in recent times to rejuvenate the classical scene.

Here you can pre-listen to the album

David personally introducing his new album

14 is already available for pre-order:
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