David Garrett


“”Music”” will be released in the UK on 18th March

“”Music”” will be released in the UK on 18th March

David’s amazing album “Music” will be released in the UK on 18th March.
“Music” was already awarded with the prestigious Echo-Award as classical bestseller of the year in Germany in 2012.
It also has reached Platinum for more than 250.000 sold copies.

You can pre-order this great album HERE


Watch David’s track by track introduction on youtube:

Viva la Vida
Cry me a River

The Tracklist:
01 Viva la Vida
02 Cry me a River
03 Beethoven Scherzo
04 Human Nature
05 Tico Tico – David Garrett, Arturo Sandoval
06 Chopin Nocturne – David Garrett, David Foster
07 Whole Lotta Bond
08 Clementi Sonatina
09 Sandstorm
10 Music
11 Sabre Dance
12 Bach Double Harpsichord Concerto In C Major
13 We will Rock You
14 Celtic Rondo
15 Ode To Joy – David Garrett, The European Community Choir