David Garrett

The Early Years

”Snapshots from my history, a bridge between youth and my adulthood, and an important part of how I became who I am today.” – David Garrett

From Beethoven, Bach and Mozart to Tchaikovsky and Paganini, this new 5 CD set documents the early classical roots of one of the most popular violinists of today. Garrett reflects upon his early recordings (from the mid-1990s) with pride: “On the one hand, I recognize things that still characterize my playing today. But on the other, I sometimes think: How at that age did I ever bring it off? One shouldn’t be too self-satisfied, but I am rather proud of my early accomplishments.”

  1. CD: Beethoven “Springsonata” – Alexander Markovich
  2. CD: W.A. Mozart “Violinconcertos” – Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Claudio Abbado
  3. CD: Nicolò Paganini “24 Capricen” – Bruno Canino
  4. CD: Tschaikowsky “Violinconcert” – Russian Natinal Orchestra, Mikhail Pletnev
  5. CD: “14”