David Garrett

Rock Revolution

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Superstar violinist David Garrett is back on blistering form to unveils his brand new album, Rock Revolution. Featuring unique interpretations of rock and pop classics from hitmakers including Phil Collins, Prince, The Verve and Rage Against The Machine, as well as Garrett’s own new compositions, Rock Revolution showcases the extraordinary talent of one of his generation’s most talked-about and accomplished artists. Click here to listen to the first single, Bittersweet Symphony.

“Each and every song can be considered a ‘classic’. From The Rolling Stones, through Queen, Michael Jackson, and Coldplay – these are true masters of great melody, and the interpretation and evolution for my own musical forces on Rock Revolution is something that I am very proud of.” – David Garrett

CD Tracklist

  1. In The Air Tonight
  2. Born In The USA
  3. Stairway To Heaven
  4. Superstition
  5. Bitter Sweet Symphony
  6. Killing In The Name
  7. Purple Rain
  8. Eye Of The Tiger
  9. Fix You
  10. Concerto No. 1
  11. The Well Dressed Guitar
  12. You’re The Inspiration
  13. Duel Guitar vs. Violin
  14. Bohemian Rhapsody
  15. Earth Song

DVD Tracklist

  1. Bitter Sweet Symphony (Official Video)
  2. Superstition – RTK Live In Cologne
  3. Purple Rain – RTK Live In Cologne
  4. Stairway To Heaven – (Official Video)
  5. Born the USA – RTK Live In Cologne
  6. In the Air Tonight – (Official Video)
  7. Killing In The Name Of – RTK Live In Cologne
  8. Duel Guitar vs. Violin – RTK Live In Cologne
  9. You’re The Inspiration – RTK Live In Cologne