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Stars at Sea – David Garrett is back on Queen Mary 2

Stars at Sea – David Garrett is back on Queen Mary 2

David is back on Queen Mary 2!
After the great success of his event cruise in 2017, the traditional cruise company Cunard once again welcomes David Garrett on board.
From October 27th to November 1st 2019, David takes his fans from/to Hamburg with him for an extraordinary cruise.
In addition to the stops in Oslo and Stavanger, his guests can look forward to one of three exclusive live concerts.
David and his band will be performing some of his greatest songs in a new arrangement and unplugged at the Royal Court Theater. Guests are welcomed to
a supporting programme with jam sessions, music workshops and live performances by other artists as well.
The dress code for David’s Stars at Sea cruise is relaxed. The motto is “Smart Casual”.

“I’m thrilled to set sail again with my fans and the Queen Mary 2. For me the Queen Mary 2 is a fantastic blend of tradition and modernity, which is also reflected in my music. Insofar, we match perfectly as guests and fans could experience on their last cruise in 2017,” David Garrett said.

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Anja Tabarelli, Director of Sales & Marketing Cunard Germany, says: “After the great success of the 2017 event trip and the numerous positive feedbacks, the decision to re-collaborate was very easy. David is a gifted artist and it’s a very special experience to see him performing on the stage of the elegant Royal Court Theater. We are very pleased to welcome him on board a second time! ”

Pre-sale starts for this extraordinary journey starts on 30th October!
The Cunard Reservation, +49 40 41 53 3555, will be available from 9 am to 6 pm on both 31st October 2018 and 1st November 2018 aswell.

Learn more about the Stars at Sea cruise on the Cunard website