David Garrett

Der Teufelsgeiger

David Garrett is “The Devil’s Violinist” – from 31 October 2013 Movies!

with David Garrett, Jared Harris, Joely Richardson, Christian McKay, Veronica Ferres, Helmut Berger, Olivia d’Abo, and the first time Andrea Deck.

Written and directed by Bernard Rose

Distributed by Universum Film


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Star violinist David Garrett embodies the legendary violinist and composer Niccolò Paganini, who was called the “devil’s fiddler”. His playing was so extraordinary that it was supposed diabolical forces behind his talent.

In this rousing story of love, power, intrigue and the dream of being famous David Garrett makes his eagerly awaited debut as an actor. He excels not only acting in the role of Paganini, but also musically with his interpretations of this exceptional artist. Along with Franck van der Heijden, he also wrote the soundtrack. “Paganini was the first rock star, an eccentric genius.” Says Garrett. “I believe that the tragic story of Paganini is timeless and it is anyone who loves music and life, inspire.”


The Europe celebrated violin virtuoso and notorious womanizer Niccolò Paganini (David Garrett) is in 1830 at the peak of his career. To his person is shrouded in a lot of secrets and his manager Urbani (Jared Harris) is doing everything possible to keep the circulating scandal alive. After all, he has every interest to market his famous clients as possible.

Only the London public has yet to be won. To move Paganini to his first appearance in London, risking the British impresario John Watson (Christian McKay) and his mistress Elizabeth Wells (Veronica Ferres) their possessions. The enterprising Urbani it finally manages to bring Paganini against his will in the English metropolis. Thanks to the enthusiastic reporting of journalist Ethel Langham (Joely Richardson), the project of success seems to be crowned. It comes tumultuous Menschenaufläufen front of his hotel, so the musician and his manager have to look at Watson shelter.

Here Paganini finds very fast liking to Charlotte (Andrea deck), the beautiful daughter of his host. About the music she and Paganini find each other. He falls in love with the young singer. But this love displeases Urbani who fears losing his hold on his protege and begins to forge a diabolical plan.

On the side of David Garrett complete Jared Harris (“Lincoln”, “Mad Men”), newcomer Andrea Deck, Joely Richardson (“Anonymous”), Christian McKay (“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”), Veronica Ferres (” Klimt “,” Rossini “) and Helmut Berger (” Ludwig “,” The Godfather III “) the high-caliber cast. Directed by Bernard Rose (“Boxing Day”, “Immortal Beloved”).

The Devil’s Violinist is a Summer Storm Entertainment production in co-production with Dorfilm, Construction film, the Bayerischer Rundfunk and Arte in collaboration with Bavaria Film Partners, Bahr Productions, FilmConfect, Sky, ORF and Filmhouse Germany. The producers are Rosilyn Heller, Gabriela Bacher, Danny Krausz and Christian Angermayer. Lead actor David Garrett also serves as Executive Producer. Veronica Ferres is co-producer. Was promoted the film by FFF Bayern, FFA and DFFF and FFW, ÖFI and FISA in Austria.

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