Cinema Live Event:
One Night with David - Live broadcast from Hamburg on 5th March 2023

In the exclusive live cinema experience on March 5th, star violinist David Garrett presents the best hits from the Alive program in Rome's Caracalla Baths with "One Night with David," visually stunning and captivating in Dolby 5.1.

Through a live stream from Hamburg, you can experience David up close with your audience questions and an exclusive short appearance broadcasted in the cinema in your city!

David answers the questions of the visitors live in the cinema in Hamburg.
If you are in another participating cinema, you can send your questions to:
Email address obfuscated. Please activate Javascript.
please don't forget to mention your cinema.

David will try to answer as many questions as possible.

5th March 2023 - Live Broadcast in Cinemas
all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland

17:00 Opening

17:05 Greetings from David and presenter Axel Brüggemann

17:15 David Garrett - Alive in Rome - The Movie

19:15 Questions from the audience at the cinema.

questions sent to
Email address obfuscated. Please activate Javascript.

19:45 Short performance by David and musical accompaniment

20:00 End of show

Overview participating Cinemas

192 cinemas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland took part at this unique event. Thank YOU!

5th March 2023, 5pm

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