The Cinema Event: David Garrett - ICONIC
from the antic theatre of Taormina Sicily

From 22 February 2024, David Garrett's unique concert from the Taormina Amphitheatre in Sicily will be shown in selected cinemas.

So far, cinemas from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, Norway and Poland have signed up.

The list of cinemas is constantly being updated.

David Garrett has chosen a setting of extraordinary beauty for his ICONIC Tour: The ancient theater of Taormina on the enchanting island of Sicily. Here, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Mediterranean coast and the majestic Mount Etna, the virtuoso violinist will transport his audience into a world of musical magic.

In this unique setting, David Garrett presents thrilling encores and miniatures in new arrangements that truly captivate the audience. He pays tribute to violin virtuosos such as Jascha Heifetz, Fritz Kreisler and Yehudi Menuhin, bringing their works to life. He is joined by guitarist and arranger Franck van der Heijden, bassist Rogier van Wegberg, and the Orchestra del Teatro di Messina under the passionate direction of Gianna Fratta. As a special guest, tenor Matteo Bocelli enchants the audience with powerful interpretations, including the touching "Ave Maria".

Together they create a captivating atmosphere that blurs the boundaries between classical and contemporary music and makes the audience's hearts beat faster. A concert film and musical spectacle to remember.

Overview participating Cinemas

from 22. February 2024 onwards

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