Dear Fans

we would like to point out that we can only send you autograph cards personally signed by David.

Due to time constraints and organizational reasons we are not able to send you personal congratulations on birthdays, individual dedications, signatures on CD's / DVD's, on T-shirts or books.

Therefore we have to send back your personal belongings unsolicited and unfree.

We are sure that this is comprehensible and hope for your understanding.

Best regards

Tobias & Jörg

To get an autograph, please send a sufficiently stamped envelope to the following address:

Fanpost David Garrett
Thünefeldstrasse 5
D-82299 Türkenfeld

Please stamp the envelope (format: DIN lang) as follows:

Postal Charges – 2020:

for recipients in Germany: 0,95 €
for international recipients: 1,70 € (Deutsche Post) or International letter coupon.


Social Media

Dear fans,

here we want to list David's official social media accounts again:
Instagram: davidgarrettinsta

Twitter: david_garrett
All other accounts and contacts via hangouts, messenger and others are fake and should be ignored!


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