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In 2015 David Garrett's album Explosive was released. "This album is unique and can't be compared at all with anything I've done before," explains the star violinist. What makes it unique is that David Garrett's exposure as a composer is greater than on any previous album. No fewer than 11 original compositions - around 70 percent of the disc - show the internationally celebrated violinist in a new, exciting light. It is very important to him to make his fans more and more familiar with his own pieces. "And I have to say: it feels great to finally be able to present this side of me to the people."

However, the CD's first priority is not an original composition, but "Dangerous" by David Guetta: "That was a huge thing in 2014. And since I wanted to make it easier for people to access my new project, I chose "Dangerous" as opener. The piece has everything that excites me and hopefully also distinguishes the whole album: exciting modern and at the same time symphonic sounds, great rhythms, catchy melodies and exciting harmonic progressions".

Other famous rock/pop classics David Garrett adapted for Explosive include Eminem ("Lose Yourself"), Michael Jackson ("They Don't Really Care About Us"), Ed Sheeran ("Thinking Out Loud"), Miley Cyrus ("Wrecking Ball") and Metallica ("Fuel"). For David Garrett, the fact that he was able to win Nicole Scherzinger and Xavier Naidoo as singers for his own compositions "Serenity" and "How Many Times" is both the fulfillment of a dream and a recognition of his abilities.

Explosive is available as a standard version with 15 tracks and as a deluxe version with 6 bonus tracks. In addition, a limited fan box will be released, which includes a deluxe CD, a hand-signed autograph, a desk calendar and a textile bag.

Explosive - Trailer (English)

Track by Track (English)

Standard Edition

Deluxe Edition


CD 1




Nicole Scherzinger

Lose Yourself

Adventure Island

Midnight Waltz

How Many Times

previously titled Evolution

Xavier Naidoo

Unlimited Symphony

They Don’t Care About Us

Valentina Babor

Thinking Out Loud


Ritmo Español


Baroque Fantasy


CD 2 - Deluxe Version

Wrecking Ball



Nicole Scherzinger

O Fortuna


Instrumental Version


Backing Track

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