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David's crossover-album "Music" brilliantly combines different genres and eras. This man succeeds with gripping passion and fascinating lightness in uniting genres, in transforming through musical worlds and in doing so in transforming essences of classics, whether rock, classical, pop or punk into impressive new interpretations

This is clearly illustrated by the selection of songs: From "We Will Rock You" (Queen), "Cry Me A River" (Justin Timberlake), "Viva La Vida" (Coldplay) to "Music" (John Miles), "Scherzo" (Beethoven) - David Garrett sees the challenge for a crossover album precisely in its diversity:
"With all my arrangements, I'm never concerned with copying sounds and voices like those of Queen and Freddy Mercury onto my instrument (...) You need a lot of creativity to make the spark fly and show the works in a new light."

'Music' - Track by Track (English)

CD 1

Viva la Vida

Cry me a River

Beethoven Scherzo

Human Nature

Tico Tico

David Garrett, Arturo Sandoval

Chopin Nocturne

David Garrett, David Foster

Whole Lotta Bond

Clementi Sonatina



Sabre Dance

Bach Double Harpsichord Concerto In C Major

We will Rock You

Celtic Rondo

Ode To Joy

The European Community Choir

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