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“There’s simply no market for your project. Nobody wants to hear that kind of music.” A little over 10 years ago, when David Garrett started to pitch his “crossover idea” to various record labels, people weren’t excited at all. He believed in it; he kept on trying, stuck to his plans, his original vision, and showed the same blend of patience and determination that made this incredibly talented Juilliard School graduate become one of the world’s best violinists of his generation. Ultimately, of course, Garrett was right: He released no less than 10 gold and/or (multi-)platinum award winning albums between 2007 and 2017, selling millions of records around the globe, and most importantly: He carved out a reputation as a brilliant, fearless, genre-defying “crossover artist”.

Based on a vision that knew no limits, no boundaries since day one, “Unlimited” – the title of David Garrett’s first-ever Greatest Hits album – perfectly sums up the journey so far: Comprising 21 songs (37 on the Deluxe Ed.) in total, the five-time ECHO Klassik/three-time ECHO Pop winner revisits his biggest hits since 2007 – including “Viva La Vida,” “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” “Cry Me A River,” “Dangerous,” and “He’s A Pirate” (“Pirates Of The Caribbean”). On top of that, there’s plenty of new and exclusive material: Garrett not only recorded six brand-new songs to commemorate his first hugely successful decade in the spotlight, but also added four new acoustic renditions (including fan favorites such as “Smooth Criminal,” “Walk This Way,” “Air,” and “Asturias”), plus, a newly arranged “Toccata”. See full tracklist below.

“For me, it was really important to add something to the classic Greatest Hits format. I wanted to go further than that, so instead of presenting only the hits, the idea was to add something brand-new, to record some new and unreleased songs,” says Garrett. “This album means so much to me, because it marks a very special moment in time: my 10th anniversary. Of course I wanted to celebrate this anniversary with my fans, because ultimately I wanted to say thank you with this album. It’s a big heartfelt thank-you to the fans – for being loyal, for always believing in me, as a human being and as a musician. My way of saying thank-you is presenting these new songs – half a dozen classics that hold a very special place in my heart.” Garrett’s new interpretations include “Leningrad” (Billy Joel), “The Show Must Go On” (Queen), “Musica É” (Eros Ramazzotti), “She’s Out Of My Life” (Michael Jackson), “The Best Of Me” (David Foster), and “Hey Jude” (The Beatles).

Fans who had a chance to experience David Garrett on stage know about his live show’s incredible energy: It’s always a very special, truly overwhelming atmosphere – and indeed enough oomph and energy to electrify entire arenas and stadiums. Performed live on stage, Garrett’s interpretations realize their full potential – a fact he now takes into account by giving the four new acoustic versions the kind of space they deserve. “When I think of these songs, I think of the overwhelming, positive reactions, of the incredible feedback I get during my shows – and now I wanted to present exactly these emotions in my Unplugged versions,” says the 38-year-old performer. “For me, nothing beats being able to share my enthusiasm, my love of music each night. Getting to play with my band, to share this feeling with an audience: I want to make people happy. I want them to forget everything else for a moment. Adding joy to their lives is the greatest gift, if you ask me.”

Enhancing his first-ever Greatest Hits album with a whole range of new and exclusive titles, “Unlimited” is both a trip down memory lane and a first glimpse of what’s lying ahead: “I am really excited for the future, because I want to continue to break new ground and to express myself beyond musical limits,” concludes the star violinist. “I believe in hard work. I am convinced that you can achieve a whole lot in life if you’re willing to commit yourself, if you believe in your vision,” he adds, knowing that his success proved him right years ago. “That said, I didn’t even dare to dream of a career like this.”

David Garrett – Unlimited (Greatest Hits)

is released on October 26, 2018. It comprises 6 new and 5 newly arranged songs. The Deluxe Edition (w/ a Bonus CD) includes 16 additional tracks. The song “Smooth Criminal (Acoustic Version 2018)” serves as the first digital single.

David Garrett – Unlimited (Greatest Hits)

Out October 26, 2018, via Polydor/Island

Standard Edition

Deluxe Edition

CD 1

Smooth Criminal

Acoustic Version 2018

He’s A Pirate

“Pirates Of The Caribbean”



Walk This Way

Acoustic Version 2018

The Show Must Go On



Acoustic Version 2018

The 5th


Acoustic Version 2018

CD 2 (Deluxe Edition Only)

Bitter Sweet Symphony

November Rain


Duel Guitar Vs. Violin

Hungarian Dance No. 5


The 5th (Ben Preston Remix)

Little Wing

Zorba’s Dance

Ain’t No Sunshine

Ma Dove Sei

with Andrea Bocelli

I Have A Dream


with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Franck van der Hejden

Por Una Cabeza

with Martynas

Ode To Joy

with Katherine Jenkins

Io Ti Penso Amore

with Nicole Scherzinger

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