Alive - My Soundtrack out Now!

"My heart beats for all the songs on this album, because I have an intense connection with every single one of them. To put it simply, I carry a little piece of all of them in my heart."

Alive – My Soundtrack bursts with classics and modern songs, and presented by David Garrett with a new sound and approach. "There are 23 songs on the album, and it was incredibly difficult to make the final selection. We recorded almost twice as many songs – also because I kept having new song ideas, and was able to immediately try them out in the studio," explains David Garrett, whilst adding: "One of the last songs was ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. At that time we had actually already recorded everything from the album - the orchestra, the drums and more - so I had the idea: No, we won't bring everyone into the studio again for that, I'm now recording everything on my instrument myself. And I'm very happy about it." The result is unique, and ‘Happy’ has probably never been recorded in this way before!

The album recordings fell exactly into the Covid-19 lockdown. David Garrett decided at short notice not to record in multiple time-limited sessions in different studios, but to dive into the creative work with his long-time producer and guitarist Franck van der Heijden in his own home studio: "The whole album was created under completely new conditions for me. I had time, I could develop the arrangements in peace, I could spontaneously try out new songs; the clocks just slowed down. Since I wasn’t able to tour, we simply had more time for each song, and that was a really extraordinary situation for me," says the award-winning musician. "I had the idea and the concept of a soundtrack album for some time. After releasing Unlimited, my best-of album, last year, I wanted to open a whole new chapter.

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