David Garrett - Radio Regenbogen Award - 19.04.2024 © Radio Regenborgen

David Garrett receives the Radio Regenbogen Award

On April 19, 2024, David Garrett was presented with the Radio Regenbogen Award in the category “Crossover” in the Europa-Park Arena in Rust, Germany.
Together with Franck van der Heijden, he presented excerpts from his program to the enthusiastic audience.

“When the world of the classical violin meets the pulsating beat of pop culture, his name is in the spotlight: David Garrett. The violin virtuoso has not only established himself as an outstanding classical musician, but also as a true pioneer of the crossover genre. With the violin in his hand and the world at his feet, with millions of tickets sold for concerts around the world, over 4.5 million albums sold and more than five billion streams, he has become the true rock star of classical music.

His dynamic live performances, reminiscent of the energy and flair of a rock concert, are legendary. His modern, often “rock star-like” style, coupled with his image as a “violin rebel”, breaks with the traditional image of classical musicians. His broad repertoire - from Bach to rock and pop - makes his music accessible and enjoyable for a wide audience.”

Watch the Radio Regenbogen Award show with David Garrett from 2:16:00 HERE

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