David is the Soloist of the Space Table Symphony

David is more than happy to be the soloist of the Space Table Symphony, which he recorded with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra. BigCityBeats founder Bernd Breiter composed and produced this epochal, classical work together with DJ Wood and David Garrett.

The BigCityBeats Space Club Kitchen will be the first international, global and orbital event connecting kitchens and restaurants as well as the world of entertainment, music, politics and sports around the world with the International Space Station ISS. The German astronaut Matthias Maurer will prepare an orbital dish on the ISS together with the whole world. TV star chef Tim Mälzer, who developed the recipe for the unique campaign, acts as the culinary ambassador.

More infos on the website of Space Club Kitchen

Big City Beats Space Club Kitchen

A Facebook-Video of the 3-day recording from Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra

Facebook Video of the Recording

Short Video on German TV

Hessenschau 30 June 2021

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