David Garrett


2017.07.12 – TeleMagazyn – Poland
David Garrett w Polsce! “Chcę być odkrywcą w swojej muzycznej przygodzie”

2016.10.25 – Mainpost (by Elke Tober-Vogt) – Germany
David Garrett and Julien Quentin (piano) delight listeners and critics with works by César Franck and Fritz Kreisler, among others, at the recital concert in Bad Kissingen.

“The two sides to David Garrett
The violinist who was celebrated like a pop star in the Max-Littmann Saal chose César Franck’s “Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major” to begin the evening’s chamber music program he entitled “The Soundtrack of my Life”. He took everyone aback with his utterly atmospheric interpretation that ranged from surreal morbidity to excessive passion. Ashen tones on the one side, opulence on the other, moments of poignant simplicity alternating with subtly-dosed virtuosity – Garrett demonstrated that he can fulfill his own claim: “It’s only possible to make music freely when technique no longer stands in the way”

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