Alive - my Soundtrack (Score)


Schott Music GmbH & Co KG, Mainz

As an internationally acclaimed violinist, David Garrett combines his virtuoso playing with modern sounds and, with records sold in the millions at home and abroad, is one of the greatest in his field. With "Alive - My Soundtrack" the exceptional violinist builds on his successes and takes us on a journey through his musical life and wonderfully combines different styles of music without forgetting his classical home. It is precisely this combination that makes “Alive - My Soundtrack” so personal and lively.

Like the previous volume BEST OF VIOLIN, the accompanying sheet music edition contains 16 transcriptions for violin solo and piano accompaniment that are musically inspiring and technically demanding. In collaboration with Franck van der Heijden and John Haywood, David succeeds in creating a remarkably eclectic mix of classical, rock and pop music.


Stayin’ Alive

From “Saturday Night Fever”

What A Wonderful World

From “Good Morning, Vietnam”

Paint It Black

From “Full Metal Jacket”

Beauty And The Beast

From “Beauty And The Beast”

Hit The Road Jack

From "Ray"

Dance Of The Knights

From “Civilization V”

Enter Sandman

From „A Year And A Half In The Life Of Metallica”


From “Thriller”


From “Amadeus”

Bella Ciao / Forza Del Destino

From “Money Heist”

The 7th Allegretto

From “The King’s Speech”

Game Rhapsody

Tarantella Napoletana

From silent movies during the 1920’s


From “He Got Game”

Amazing Grace

From “Batman Vs. Superman”

Prelude C# Minor

From “Locke & Key”

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